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    Now located at Antidote To Meaning, S14 Cadence https://cadence.yaga.host/#1505,3554 Leather Working: Ships (81ql with lead anchor): Full metal statuetes 50c each: i will mail them in 12+1 pieces, you finish it with your signature. Full Masks 1s Each: Full small statues 2s each( i send all pieces combined except 1 so you can finish it with your signature)
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    Kingdom Graphics Flag/Banner/Tall banner 2.5s Military tent 5s Sold out Wagon 20s
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    Welcome To Infinite Chain! Buying (COD anytime): Frost Protect Rings (Perfect for your next Rift) Based out of Q16 Melody we aim to provide friendly affordable Chainsmithing to and Strongwall services. However keep an eye out as our list of provided services is likely to grow quickly. Strongwall: 30c per tile Chainsmithing: Full set of ql60 Iron Chain Armour - 1.25s Full set of ql70 Iron Chain Armour - 2s Full Set of ql75 Iron Chain Armour 3.5s Full set of ql80 Iron chain Armour 5s Full set of ql70 Steel Chain Armour - 5s Full Set of ql75 Steel Chain Armour - 7s Full Set of ql80 Steel Chain armour - 9s CHAIN BARDING: Can be produced at request to ql80, price dependant on material, contact me for more information Moon Metal sets can be made with your materials contact me ingame or in the forums to discuss a price and arrange (Chainsmithing Imps to 80 available please contact me in game or by message to discuss) To book a job or for any queries please contact me via the forums or Karnage ingame. We also except Moon Metals and Sleep Powder as payment: Glimmer/Addy - 3s per 0.4 lump (80ql or above) Seryll - 3s per 1kg lump (80ql or above) Sleep powder - 2s per 1 We look forward to hearing from you! Happy Wurming!
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    Phew-ee, this one sure is smelly. The Cheese is strong, so strong you'd think it was diseased. A small taste was had, and after spitting was the burning. So either it's jalapenos, or this one is a Red dragon! This slaying is sponsored by the Cheese PMK. Which is to say we found the dragon, and they decorated my deed with Cheese Gear! There's also a wagon but it's on Celebration somewhere under my name and please tell me if you see it, it's lost and I don't know where it is. They're also supposed to have put up some sales of the gear to coincide with this thread but they're really slow so it's gonna be edited in and/or a comment! Edit: here it is It's still at Bruce's Flying Circus, still at N13, still on the highway network and you should still get there early.
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    Hello everyone, I'd like to invite you all to come watch some Family Guy funny moments with me. We'll be doing this on Celebration, at approximately this location http://celebration.yaga.host/#1614,979 We'll be starting at 6:18PM GMT on Saturday, you can also check the timer below For being in local at this time, you'll all be able to laugh at these funny moments with a lovely Venerable Green Dragon Hatchling. If you laugh with him at the same clip, he'll even give you some of his blood before the almighty Peter Griffin summons him into a infinite hell of pop culture references. Now I'm not Stanlee, and I'm not quite as nice. I will reserve the tome, if it's a smoke from sol. If it's not, it's getting rolled. This is my first public slay so please, bare with me and any teething issues. I'll see you all there! I'll work towards adding the deed to the highway, but it's so close to the coast and Tap Dance it's very easy to get to. I don't think any part of the coast is local enough, so get ready to walk some alts in.
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    * currently nutty 'addicting' behavior is: * inability to drink at full thirst bar * inability to reach max caffeinated state, with given +/- for that state, problem is the impossible management of picking what you want to use 1.3 to 2.x, you get served what you can drink... poor implementation for having a choice * once you're at whatever caffeinated state, and there's a timer of lets say 27minutes.. you're in stress mode.. you have to constantly EYEBALL that timer, if you miss drinking your next dose to maintain the state, you lose power and bonus rank or multiplier for sb burn and skillgain, further weird behavior is to have T H R E E seconds between 10 power loss on your caffeine state once the 27minutes end, you just crash a plane and burn, if you are unable to maintain and raise the ranks again, your day is done, grind is gone, your game for the day is over, or wait, you can run a second premium account and client and puke "helpful", I don't know.. something about that seems really off as planning and flexibility for actions. whole concept is pretty twitchy, irritating, stress inducing, or maniacal about timers, nerve pulling and running extra game copies and accounts to make use of the else simple boost mechanic
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    i got them over the last few months and they never told me you had to do a support ticket to get a gm to confirm it, i've only gotten 1 100 shield skill since caffeine was added and i was already 99 in that pre-caffeine back in august for example
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    1G 20s send to BEASTWOLF
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    We should really slice up that muenster!
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    Not changing any of the existing mechanics involving placing tokens... But maybe have an option for a mayor to toggle the manifestation of a "duplicate" token underground if there's a space (even inside a building), merely for speedy access? Just a QoL/convenience thing.
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    I do not see how this is relevant at all? SO because other servers have died and continue to die, we should ignore defiance and just let it die because its inevitable its going to die? Thanks for the defeatist input, real big help and I'm sure that will encourage the forever dying PvP servers to grow....
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    I will do my best to feta this in to my busy schedule - sometimes, you just gouda be there!
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    Hi Wurmians! Welcome to “Howling Eagle Brewery” Your supplier for all your coffee, tea & alcoholic beverages! We are a starting bussiness, so the ql will increase over time. How to order: 1. Send your request via this thread or by forum DM or in-game to Radulfus 2. Order a beverage that is in stock, if not in stock I’ll check if I can make it for you. 3. I’ll send your drink by COD, just taste and tell me what affinity you get. 4. Enjoy your drink and hopefully a usefull affinity! Established in the year 1105 All drinks will be send by COD Current skill level 82+ Recommendations: Kupferlisa's Pottery and more Shop Mandalor`s House of Armour - All Armour Types and Shields available in premium 95+QL /Blacksmithing 97+ Achillis Weapons 98QL+ Tools 99QL+ Jewlery 90QL and up to 90QL Bowyery Wurmian Vintage & Antique Market - Archaeology Specialist If you wish highest ql beverages, I recommend Robboeny’s “Southern Shore Brews” Info about the extra effects of the drinks: Caffeine info Alcohol info Current stock (updated: 29-01-2023): Caffeine drinks Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) ql In stock (small barrels) White tea 10c 30c 80c on request Yellow tea 10c 30c 80c on request Green tea 10c 30c 80c on request Oolong tea 10c 30c 80c on request Black tea 10c 30c 80c on request Black coffee 10c 30c 80c on request Black coffee 25c 52 2 Café au lait (on request) 20c 40c 90c on request Kahvesi 20c 40c 90c on request Beer Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) ql In stock (small barrels) Ale 10c 40-64 18 Pale ale 10c 45-54 2 Brown ale 10c 45-54 2 Pilsener 10c 66 1 Stout 10c 67 1 Beer 20c 60-70 8 Liquor & spirits Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) ql In stock (small barrels) mead (year 1105) 40c 50-54 1 cider (year 1103) 5c 15-19 1 cider (year 1105) 40c 50-54 1 mead (year 1114) 50c 65-69 11 mead (year 1114) 60c 70-74 1 Wine Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) ql In stock (small barrels) red wine (year unknown) 1s 85-89 1 red wine (year unknown) 1s 80-84 3 Caffeine info Alcohol info
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    This Auction Is For : Horse Shoe 90.33ql - WOA 102 Horse Shoe 90.33ql - WOA 106 Horse Shoe 90.39ql - WOA 105 Horse Shoe 90.42ql - WOA 105 Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increment: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 30min Delivery - COD thanks to @Baeowulffor the imps.
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    In my first auction i offer you a nice large cart: pickup: Independence, inner sea. coastal delivery possible for a small fee. for questions you can PM me ingame under "Joschua". good luck ... Starting bid: 50 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
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    Rare large anvil, iron 25,13Ql Starting bid: 10s Increment: 1s Reserve: No No buyout Sniper Protection; 30 minutes
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    Rare unfinished altar 1Ql Starting bid: 10s Increment: 1s Reserve: No No buyout Sniper Protection; 30 minutes
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    After some discussion with alliance breeders, it seems there are different ideal skill levels for draft and speed breeding. Rather than having folks that skilled up AH really high feel cheated for the efforts, how about a little breeding skill limiter that we can choose for each breeding attempt? So someone with 90 skill can choose to only use 55 skill if they want. Or, it is Game Chest's attempt to get breeders to make two premium alts to manage speed and draft breeding? That would be pretty evil.
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    Hello, i want to buy 1 tall banner and 1 banner. Is possible COD or delivered to Mountain Retreat (Independence)?
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    majority of uniques are killed in small groups, this is not a personal lan server.. the game needs events for everybody, not purse focused groups stealing events from the majority, alts are another problem.. premium is premium.. if somebody wants to get more - let them, they pay just the same.. just make events that let people participate.. level the rewards by caused damage or w/e do or dont nerf some of that if some buff on spells etc as certain casts will improve hit and damage, lower rewards for alts that literally do nothing, but still they are paid premiums so.. give something to everyone.... reward the people actually doing something.. and rework the event into something everybody can participate rather than keeping the small group nonsense for few more years, every year it's the same.. tens of threads opened with same issue over and over again and nobody learning from it
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    look at niarja.. anyone with high mind-speed is pen-fighting to gain shield, stance, characteristics passively with same grind.. fighting mobs normally is trash for skillgains in same skills in comparison to what penfighting returns, rest is "fun and giggles" with some math and wu code to min-max cr/dr/ql/skill/opponent for the sweetspotting and gaining gains more often being present or afk for a while
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    The rare draft traits don't add to base speed, so there's the explanation. I assure you most people still prefer horses (or hell horses or bison), so the addition of mules has actually been well thought out and implemented by the devs.
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    I saw him aimbotting hell scorps
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    Thanks! I added a placeholder for the Kingdom's Cheese, and Knights of Valrei. Awaiting definite date of founding, and kingdom template info, then it'll be done properly.
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    when resizing your deed into water, the markers are underwater and not really visible, they should float so you can actually see them
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    Quick queso-tion, will this loot brie public or will those cheeseheads havarti the loot?
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    The change mentioned - setting all path level 11 abilities to the 25% skill gain bonus of PoK - would take about 10 minutes to implement for Defiance specifically. That's what's being recommended. Fixing broken mechanics "properly" and solving the underlying problems with them takes a lot of time. That's being recommended against. I don't think anyone is asking for a miracle. They're asking for 10 minutes of time for a game they pay $10 a month to play. If the development team does not want to implement the PoK bonus to all paths on Defiance, all they have to do is say so and explain why. I figure that would also take about 10 minutes.
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    Starting to look like a proper party. Im in.
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    speaking of Celebration I've heard I have a wagon there if anyone finds it please direct me to it
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    It's an inherently bad idea that fails to address ANY issue that the current legendary system supposedly has. It does not stop private slaying groups, and does not address hide distribution, and it also doesn't stop entitled people think they have a right to turn up and get loot for it. And to add on, "that should take a single day of dev time" is ridiculous to the point of laughable.
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    statue walk... at night they move, I swear.
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    I think I have the maul, I'll check and get back to you shortly
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    Still no resolution for over the top nerfs? Like insane water filling by coffee drinks, and placing certain items on one tile?
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    No they were banned for using hacking tools https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/186503-fispcudddcrl-news/
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    really don't want the original med paths 11 on defiance to ruin it ive had a toon as every iteration of these broken mechanics, power champ, hate champ, sotg champ, sotg, power70+stam, and pvp'd as pok on chaos and epic against a solid group of players and not just some randos. sotg is an absolute necessity and its only viable to not have if your enemy is brand new to the game or just straight up dumb, sorry. power doesn't work unless you are a player with the scale of lib (and know which direction to face your shield and what stance to be in etc) or are a champ, or just have so much of a better account than your opponent it wouldn't have mattered either way. 25% skill bonus pok was requested because it literally does not affect pvp whatsoever. Hell you could do with a titrate upwards as a scaling bonus like sotg was done for insanity and just do it for all paths as a secondary bonus at this point i'd rather see the game improved in reasons to be on defiance including qol changes for it rather than having really horrible mechanics added back into the fray. whats next, the highly balanced imbues make an entrance to defiance? (just joking here for anyone that doesn't realize it, they're broken and everyone that pvp's hates them) the only people that are really wanting to add these "great mechanics" are people that 1. already have them on chaos and are playing there and just don't care what happens 2. haven't experienced them personally ever in their life and want to feel cool and feel like they've missed out on something but don't want to play on chaos 3. play on epic, which im sorry is considered a pve cluster at this point due to the plethora of broken pvp mechanics on elevation and low population due to one way skill transfers 4. just don't understand the actual flow of gameplay or a combination of these four points you're likely to see the loss of more players(is it even possible after we have went almost 12 months with no pvp changes since launch?) with these changes added, really no matter how you do it than you are anything else, anyone saying "oh thats just a small amount of DR LOL I'll take my pok over that any day!" are straight up people who don't pvp
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    the map is now up to date, bring on the info.
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    Brython's Pretty Patties Apprentice Carpentry, Cooking, and Dyemaking! Situated in Bay of Twelve (E15), Harmony, right off the northern Heartland highway, Brython's Pretty Patties is here to help with any carpentry, cooking, and dyemaking orders! While less skilled than your standard shops, I have a heart filled with gold and determination, and will give an exceptional experience at a price that works for you! I take commissions for the following skillsets: Carpentry (Lvl 46.72) Fine Carpentry (Lvl 35.84) Hot Food Cooking (Lvl 50.01) Cooking (Lvl 23.33) The following skills are in progress and also for sale, but likely not the quality you desire: Natural Substances (Lvl 16.24) Beverages (Lvl 10.20) (Last Updated: 2021-12-13 at 13:48 EST) Prices for work are negotiated with your budget and wishes in mind, and not from a pre-defined list! Please contact: Brython (Usually on Afternoons and Evenings EST) If you cannot reach me, please reply on this thread with your character name and desired work, and I will try to get to you as soon as possible!
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    Yes, the map is still being updated, I have fell into an illness and am finding a part time person to update the map for me, as I am drained from most of my energy for this. Please just bear with me and the map will be updated soon.
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    I usually will “mine up” so there is a 20 slope up, then I walk to the top of the slope and mine the ceiling as high as I can. Then mine the floor flat. This gives decently high ceilings to start. If you want it higher, then you mine the floor down.