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    After some Devs decisions with balancing caffeine and drinking coffee mechanics, I came up with an idea that might make an agreement to both sides. As we all know, salt have too few uses these days, so why not use it as a factor of control on the water bar. We have such control on stamina bar by walking around with climbing toggle on. Basic mechanics is to each salt unit player eat, some % on water bar is lost, as salt is known for making ppl thirsty. Let me know, what you think on the subject.
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    Here's a Wurm expectation vs Reality for you. Hope ya like it. The challenge is on to see if anyone can best this one. Good luck, I know I set the bar very high. Night time shot
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    In the 15+ years that Wurm has been around, how many players have reached 100 channeling? (2 incase you were wondering) Regardless of if Stan was the first or not it is an insane achievement that many will never reach, and the amount of time and effort that he put in (as well as those that helped him with ropes) is nothing to look down upon. Please, if you have anything negative to say keep it to yourself. Thank you, and again congrats on an insane achievement Stan!
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    Who doesn't love rare ponies!!!!
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    This still should be a thing for bridled and branded. I never ride a tamed mount since mobs target tamed creatures.
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    On 2021-11-25, at 16:12:42 server time, this message appeared in my Skills tab [15:12:42] Channeling increased to 100 "This could only mean one thing," I felt reasonably certain, "I might have reached 100 Channeling" I reached out to CMs and GMs and Devs, and they confirmed my suspicions: I have indeed reached 100 Channeling. Upon not receiving a title, I gave my suggestion for one: Shattered For it would be fitting that such a skill that has brought so many shatters (Rest in peace you two supreme oak rope tools and one supreme huge axe) and left me truly shattered so often would leave this mark upon me. Alternate titles for consideration were Favored, for incomprehensible amounts of favor I have consumed utilizing this skill. Magic Man, for truly I am now (and I'm an Adventure Time nerd). Volkhv, to honor the fallen. I appreciate the hard, hard work of Nineol to provide me with so much I needed, without him this grind would not have been possible. And to the rest of my alliance, without whom I would not have sought to do this silly, silly feat. In other news, some distant engine stirs What could this mead? mean what could this mean?
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    Blood of the Angels (one charge) Starting bid: 1g Minimum Increments: 5s Snipe Protection: 3 hours Private bids: None Reserve: None Buyout: None Buyer must use the charge soon after the purchase, and return the remaining charge
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    Get yourself a Red Tome of Magic, it grants the "Sorcerer" sorcery title and Fireball karma spell. It also provides 15% fire resistance for 10 % internal weakness. The red leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has one charge left. Start bid: 1s Min Increment: 1s No Buyout No Reserve Snipe protection: 30 mins Sold please close
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    I almost missed it, but I got in! Thank you. Bought 10 more years between my alts. Looking forward to next year!
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    I can do that. I left it as unfinished because I know some players want their tag on them. I will finish it and send it over later.
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    Reputation in Wurm is probably the most hard earned currency you can get.
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    Hey, I've sent you the black. Good luck with it.
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    +1 would also give more value to salt since it's easy to find and acquire.
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    Unfortunately, that's the risk we take bidding on a horse. 1.15g
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    1.1g I must admit that I have a horrible track record at keeping my horses alive. Is there a such thing as Wurm Animal insurance? Should this shiny pony die of natural causes, negligence or be mauled by a dragon it would be good to have some kind of loss cover.
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    oh sorry Crimson.. didnt see your post here. i am glad you came to pick it up
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    No thanks. Cooking has a lot of depth for those who want to dive but those of who don't want to dive will not appreciate being forced to anyway. For those who just want to keep functioning, this would be an enforced extra level of fiddly grind for no good purpose.
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    Currently, whenever we log back into the client our character faces North. This can be highly disorienting, especially when logging on in an unfamiliar place, when crossing server borders, if the client relogs whilst travelling, or even in the middle of foraging/botanising and investigating tiles. If the facing direction of the character is stored on the server, please let it be be sent to the client when the client loads. Failing that, if the facing direction is *not* held on the server, please can we instead output the current facing direction held by the client into a read/write file on log out, which the client then reads back in on log in? I am hopeful some solution to this QoL request can be found.
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    Working on the connection from my deed to the ocean and while swimming in my lake decided to take this.
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    Out of curiosity, can you guys from NFI xfer your gains on Defiance to the rest of NFI? The specific problem we have on Epic is gains only go from Freedom to Epic, and are effectively deleted going the other way. The only reasons I go to Freedom to skill (which after 7 years I just started doing) is because I lose the gains on Epic anywhere other than Epic, Epic is a small community, and Epic's long term future is highly and ever-increasingly uncertain. Personally speaking, 25% gains from PoK would not be enough to tempt me to go and skill on a PvE server. Of the players I know on Epic all use SotG, but only some bother going to SFI to skill. The skill differential is now so large it would set some players back so far it's just not worth it. I suppose NFI is a different story being such a new cluster.
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    November News Hello everyone o/ My apologies for the radio silence the last little while! There has been a lot of stuff going on, and that ended up getting more of my attention for the last little bit, along with the usual life stuff. For the most part, those of us at the Academy have been working on various projects or honing our skills. Hoseph has been doing some nice work, I keep meaning to get some photos and post them. Stay tuned for that! We are definitely still accepting recruits, feel free to get in touch with me here or in-game if you are interested in joining the Academy!
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    Thanks for coming buy, glad I was able to help you when needed Looking forward to see your future adventures!
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    Please note our map of stalls has changed slightly. I will be updating it once the new one is ready. We are seeing some great changes at TDM including the addition of new merchants on a regular basis, we have a new merchant of the week, congratulations goes out to Pandylynn for her merchant being chosen this week. I will be updating things soon, as well as I'm happy to announce I will be adding a website for virtual shopping... sort of. You'll soon be able to open the site and see what each merchant had at the start of the month, find something you like before making the trek!
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    Now I got prem till 2024. Hope I'am not too optimistic.
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    What is this madness. I just want a horse! 17s
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    Sounds to me like you didn't think about it strongly enough. There's multiple things you need to think a about if you do this. One is that the structures will decay so you have to continously improve and repair. Another is that building any structure of a decent size takes a lot of effort. There is a lot of land. Third one is what was mentioned above, that if someone does deed up next to your structure and put it within a perimeter, you're basically stuck with a structure that will eventually decay and you can't repair it or do anything about it. This, in combination with the above point of building any structure of a decent size taking a lot of effort, will not make it very attractive to do so. The current system isn't prefect, but what is. The current system doesn't have nearly as much problems as you make it sound like it. Let's have the devs spend their time fixing actual issues instead.
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    It would be nice if I had riding permissions on my horse (or other mount?) and he was branded, saddled, and bridled, to have the option to "Embark" without leading first, as I do on a cart.
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    no you dont understand, its not about new players, anybody can own offdeed buildings for any reason, doesn't matter if it is because they are working on some big project and use it to store things or just because they can. anyone who builds a structure does own it, unless they give it to someone else or do it on someone else's deed., no matter what your definition of ownership is. people can build off-deed for any reason and accept the risks of doing so.
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    What's with all the "give us +25% gains for free", lol? You want +25% gains then go PoK, that's what it's there for. The only issue regarding meditation is SotG/Insanity being overpowered in PvP, but that's easy to fix. It's already been scaled back once, so just scale it back again until players are genuinely undecided about which path to choose. Simple. Regarding players going to Freedom and using PoK (or not) to skill, this is a direct result of there being no two-way skill transfer between Epic and Freedom, and it will persist until this is addressed. There is a two-way portal between Epic and Freedom, yet the gains only go one way. Obviously addressing it is not easy given there are now two skilling systems, but we are where we are. This thread addresses what could be done to attract players back to Epic: Until something is done concerning player activity then there can be no two-way skill transfer, and ultimately nothing will change. I can't speak for Defiance as I've never been there, and can't go there. But specifically regarding balancing meditation abilities on PvP servers, just uncap them and then nerf SotG until players start to balk and choose other paths, problem solved.
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    I'm just here for the picture - it's pretty!
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    I don't use WA for much, although I know of its amazing uses. I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for all your work on it. It's always been amazing to see the support for the community in it, and how it has enriched so many peoples game
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    [12:17:43] You successfully recreate a statue of jackal's revenge from the fragments.
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    The Lackey is here to hep if you need rescuing when Kiama is busy with real life. Grochar, as usual, is here to help with information and pointers, with an open and friendly manner that I for one cannot replicate.
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    We have finally reached £15/month on Patreon! The £15 community goal, The Haven, will be added next month so that all Stormguards get to vote for the Haven map this month. I have decided that, from now, new Patrons can only choose the £1 tier. Eventually, I would like all Patrons to be at the £1 tier, but for now the two people who have pledged above that have enabled me to add the Haven, so they can keep their higher pledges and rewards until we have enough total Patrons to maintain £15/month at £1 each. Note that Patreon takes 10% so we would need 17 Patrons. Thank you for your support!
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    Done Thanks It wouldn't be as immersive if you had the equivalent of GPS to show you where you are on the map. You'll soon get the hang of it and start to recognize landmarks and relate what you see in-game with the maps. Finding your way around with old-school maps and your memory is part of the fun for me
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    So read this twice, and I'm unclear what you're trying to say. I have three priests, and one is always logged in doing something. Usually I have my Vyn logged on making cordage. Last week I had my Mag logged on a ton doing surface mining. Now that my cordage is *finally* well stocked my Fo will spend a lot of time on making string and cloth. I think what you're failing to see is yes, these are alts. They're working AS ALTS. If they weren't, I'd go crazy doing such boring tasks for hours on end. This would NOT be good for the game. People already complain that so many tasks are boring/reptative. So handing those tasks over to an alt is not a bad thing. People who complain that their priests have nothing to do aren't using them correctly IMO. Train them to do something besides channeling. My Vyn is 94 ropemaking. My Mag is 80 mining.. you get the drift. Those boring tasks you don't want to spend hours on are perfect for priests, plus you get the added bonus of having the priest to cast as needed.. Just my two cents.
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    aosp reflects damage based on how much damage you take, if you get hit for 5 and you have 100 aosp, the mob takes 1 damage, or 0.2% damage reflected per power for 20% at 100, which is like nothing. You're probably overkilling mobs, so say you're hitting for 30% per hit, even if it's hit you a bunch it's not doing 50% of your life to take 10% health to drop it under the threshold for -1 hit, so you're still taking 4 hits to kill it regardless of aosp'ing. Even if it did break this threshold for you, you're most likely killing mobs for skill anyway, and it's taken away a hit of skill from you *if* it's actually done something, but it's practically never going to do anything unless you wear cloth armour. It's also hard coded not to work on uniques if you're fighting them, so at best you might reflect some damage onto a champion troll or something Web armor, on the other hand, when hit, it reduces the speed of their next swing with that weapon by 0.05 x power seconds, so if a troll hits you with its club, its next club swing will take 11 seconds instead of 6 seconds, but its bites and punches will be the same swing speed unless it hits you with one of those as well. the reduced movement speed doesn't work on mobs, thats only for players and mounts. Due to how parrying/blocking works in wurm (the longer you've gone without parrying/blocking the more of a chance you have to parry/block) it's a massive increase in effective health, and lets you afk kill multiple mobs, as well as actually working on uniques. It's infinitely more powerful than aosp for basically anything other than barded horses in pvp
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    [21:48:46] <Jacobacon> (Cel) WTB Scroll of Binding [22:20:37] Jacobacon slain by aged champion Scorpion, Defeated Foe #1 [22:21:00] <Oblivionnreaver> if only you had scroll of binding