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    With the recent change where you cannot use a bed if there are more than one is present on the same tile it would be quite important bedroom/inn design wise to have beds that are for two persons. Would be best to have a wide version of the current beds and canopy beds too - for simple inn / hut setups a large canopy one does not fit.
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    As some of you may be aware, fewer Uniques have been turning up to slayings recently. The cause of this has been an organized strike from the Uniques Union over working conditions. Conditions for them to resume include: Safer working conditions (workplace injuries and deaths are extremely common for Uniques!) Better pay (given we don't pay them, this is quite confusing) Better working environment (last year we gave them an entire lamp! Spoiled!) Better access to food (often, this is the fault of them for refusing to eat the meat we leave on the floor. If we remember to do so) While we are in negotiations over this, we have put in hiring flyers for temporary workers. To our luck, we have found one willing to work who is unaware (or otherwise weary) of the Uniques Union! Mr or Ms Forest Giant will be joining us this Sunday (as to not conflict with the 100 PAS party also this weekend), come and give them a warm Freedom Isles greeting at Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 - we're on the highway system! Turn up early or your pay will be docked. Our Unique Artist is also on strike (something about a lack of holiday hours for him to reach 100 channeling) but just imagine the front of the Circus with pickets on the floor, with a shadow of a Forest Giant cast over the whole scene.
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    [12:17:43] You successfully recreate a statue of jackal's revenge from the fragments.
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    Attention SFI: @Shydowand I would like to formally invite you all to celebrate with us on Saturday November 20th 12pm EST- 12am EST. [11am-11pm Central][9am-9pm PST] We will be hosting a sort of non-impalong party with some competitive games, a prize raffle, free food, and fancy drinks in honor of Shydow reaching his 100 Plate Armor Smithing title. He worked very hard for this and the support from the community was outstanding, and so we'd like to give back! Some very kind and wealthy people have donated their time and gifts to our prize pool. We also received some amazing ideas for games from our community. Some games you can expect to play with us: Yellow Potion hide-n-seek, and an elite Wurm-style capture the flag. Please join us for the party, the games, and some potential carnage in the Arena. @Fabricant will be joining us after 12pm Eastern to run some exciting tasks for us, WARNING: COME PREPARED!! > Release Community Map This party spans over 2 deeds on the SE coast of Release, the main deed 'Psychedelic Sanctum'[T24] will feature the food and beverages [Located at and in front of the Psychedelic Tavern and Inn and Snack Shack] this will also provide a place for our priests to hang out safely. [Sermon Circles welcome, please organize amongst yourselves]. Across the bridge from the main deed will be 'Park N Play'[S24] a place to park your boats securely on deed to avoid decay, as well as our Capture the Flag game and the Imperial Dragonsmith Arena built for sparring and potential GM carnage. All are welcome, and we hope to see you there! Discord is Live!: https://discord.gg/bsV4h7yD Disclaimer: Zero tolerance policy for people who become rude/belligerent from consumption! P.S. neither deed is on a highway
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    Hi, Decorative or both decorative and useful: hanging vines & hanging planters
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    Sourcey Sorceries has opened South of Bruce's Flying Circus next to Gaffer's Gublin Hutt. It will be open before and after the public slays, where you can: Get your bloods mixed - both new and old ones (remember to bring source salt or crystals) Get your weapons and tools imbued (remember the correct potions and bloods for this) Donate potions and bloods if you are not going to use it yourself so people in need can get it Today's Special is Woodcutting Potions, so bring hatces! I do this for free and first comes first serves. (My natural substances is 95+ and will provide higher imbue and potion rates!) I gladly take donations in the form of source crystals, source salt, potions and bloods.
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    In a lot of decorated rooms, it's the tapestry plus bed combo that's breaking beds. I can see why beds should be one per tile only - I hadn't clocked that it was possible to get around it, but why are tapestries that way? We can't use them to line both walls of a corridor either, and bedrooms are one of the few decorated spaces that people tend to want to put tapestries including in inns and taverns all over Wurm. Is there any scope for at least re-considering tapestries being part of this category? They don't provide any benefits except a little aesthetic customisation, and would avoid a significant amount of the broken bed issues players are going to log in and discover over the coming months, I think.
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    Hi @Tilda @Sidereal Rolling update for branded and cared by. Not in Mood was set only during breeding, which is currently broken and fix isn't simple.
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    Why can we make them but not sit in them?
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    as topic stated, could be wise to let us know if u want todo it or if u just had it once, many ppl talks about it but its talks no answers so Devs/GM's Owner of game how about some information? Take care ^^
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    5-speed horse with rare trait "It Is Unbelievably Fast." Not really a 'rare,' more like a supreme or maybe a fantastic. Pretty unique. Starting bid: 2g Increment (minimum): 25s Reserve: No Buyout: 5g (Yea, very high. I know. It is a 'buy out' after all) Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted Yes, I know it is a high starting price. No need to troll the comments saying so. I did do a price check first, thank you, and 2g was the lowest PC. (5g was the highest.) And, frankly, at less than 2g, I'd probably just keep it myself - starting bid/reserve, same thing. I like nice things too.
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    SOLD! to Dondersteen for 12s!!!!! The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Dondersteen in less than ten minutes. Thank you all for bidding, new magical ring is in the works, be ready
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    The Release hunting club is disbanded and can be removed.
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    Will join you guys in like 2 hours. Greetings!
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    There's only one bed on the tile, it must be some other item(s) blocking it. I wish it was clearer. Perhaps it should say what item is blocking it.
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    Important question: is the tension between 'ease of use' or 'depth'? Or is this really about 'simplicity' vs 'complexity'? Current mechanics that I feel have 'depth' are ones that 'unlock' later skills, which encourages focus. The obvious examples are Mining and Woodcutting (and to a lesser extent, Digging). So many other skills depend on the output of these skills that players instinctively understand the need to increase them. Particularly when the outputs have economic value. Another skill that I feel is ideally constructed is Natural Substances. Healing covers are enormously useful, so nearly everyone experiments with this skill early on - but one can choose to push deeper into the skill for things like Transmutation Liquid only to discover that things like Forestry and Beverages are now important feeder skills. One can tap out early on once the essentials are covered, but one can also see a path to greater skill and decide whether or not they wish to pursue that skill or spend time elsewhere. When I think of 'ease of use', I think of things like 'Puppeteering' or 'Yoyo' - no depth, no complexity, the path to improvement lies solely in repetition and players can decide whether or not to focus on that for their own personal reasons. And it's been mentioned several times, but I want to bring Fishing into this - this skill is arguably deep/complex in that the higher stages require several feeder skills to maximize: woodcutting, ropemaking, jewelry smithing, milking, dairy food making, etc etc etc. But the outputs of the skill at high levels have no economic value beyond checking boxes in the journal. All this to say, I believe that: Depth/complexity skills are most interesting when the final outputs have economic value to other players. Ease of use skills are not particularly interesting, except for when they provide universal needs (mortar, bricks, planks, nails, etc.) Just relishing the prophetic bit of foreshadowing, especially when contrasted with ongoing balancing attempts. No snark - just appreciation for the devs because this is a remarkably difficult balancing act! Anyone that's ever watched the impossible balancing act of any MMO/MOBA ever knows what a minefield this is.
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    Then it continues. But I'd rather it be an auction thread and not a discussion thread. Thanks.
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    Up to you 100%. It's your right as the auction holder to cancel the auction. However it's a near perfect horse, if you want to keep the auction going my bid stands. ~Ssmokes
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    1 per tile items where always intended to be 1 per tile regardless of the methods people found to bypass this restriction. People where using it to stack items that gave benefits and really needed to be 1 per tile and that is where the fix came from. I will bring up for discussion the side effects you mentioned as that was not our intended goal.
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    I made 6 passes, 3 times each direction, on a flat bridge that is 26 tiles long. Rider total weight: 54.65 No equipment/saddle/shoes on the horse. Times for the runs below: once = 30.25 2 times = 32.40 3 times = 33.12 Again, I'm not comfortable with this much discussion in an 'auction' thread. Doesn't seem right to me at all. As the only bidder, if you want to withdraw your bid, I'll just cancel the auction and forget about it until people can do testing and discuss it elsewhere in a more appropriate part of the forums, and then start over later when that discussion is done, maybe. If I don't just keep it and use it for breeding. Edit: Got someone to test it with very good equipment. Hit 49 km/h. Without the AW trait proc'ing.
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    Just found out that this "bugfix" has terrible consequences. Ok something I understand though it is crap: I had 2 beds in a single tile room for nearly 4 years, and it worked fine. The "bugfix" not only rendered both beds unusable "The area is too crowded .." blah, but even made it impossible to haul one of the beds down, same error text. I finally found out that I could haul a cart up and load the bed. What is worse, it is not possible anymore to place a bed and a tapestry on the same tile. Before, it was a nice option to separate a one tile room by a tapestry with a bed in a corner. This decoration possibility has been destroyed by the "bugfix". No idea whether it had any sensible reason.
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    yeah it's easy to sail to. O14 on release, Hillside Hideaway. Just drop them on deed and rename them to your name. It's easy to get to, there's a few canals that lead to the lake from the North, East and West.
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    we like we like to party
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    I'd even settle for a graphics pack change to altar small/large carts and wagons to sleighs, sleds, or other xmasy stuffs.
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    add 25% skillgain to all pvp servers and give pok something else because you can't realistically be pok with the other ones existing, just forces you to be pok on freedom for defiance/epic or use an alt on chaos why do you not just change the meditation abilities on all 3 pvp servers to keep it the same across all? i doubt anyone on chaos is clutching their pearls at the thought of meditation being nerfed/changed
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    Instead of describing Wurm as an MMO, I prefer to think of it as a Breathtaking Views Generator.
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    Hey mate can i buy Fierce combo with a slice for HFC, soul depth and beverages? Thanks
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    Oh I don't think it is people are scared of fighting, I just think that the majority of people on PvE enjoy other aspects of the game as much or more than the combat - as I say, I enjoy the rifts, I enjoy hunting, I agree that some more mobs that are "intermediate" would be welcome and even some harder mobs, designed more for the higher level fighters on the grid to challange, as yes, for some, all but the hardest are AFK kills (I know my hubby was shocked/surprised and kind of pleased when his toon afk'd a wolf the other day as he isn't a fighter at all lol) but on the whole, I would be looking for more adventure based stuff to do with other players, rather than yet another combat situation. It would be nice if we had to gather a group to say find and charm/heal a creature for rewards for example or have to build something together (yes I know we have mission builds and collosi (sp) but you CAN build those alone if you choose), which is why I think something like treasure hunts would be a big win for me.. I am looking for something to bribe my hubby off deed with, that won't involve killing something (or getting killed himself) as he really doesn't like the fighting aspect and will only fight to defend himself, not for "pleasure".
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    You got the idea on the parents info correct, as it is once a parent dies, the game wipes the name out (though it still counts against us for inbreeding) so whenever you do a smile examine after that the names are not there to be found by Granger anymore so they disappear. Edit here is some log info from yesterday regarding the care for issue. [2021-11-13] [15:22:18] You smile at the mature fat Dancecall. [2021-11-13] [15:22:20] Horses like this one have many uses. [2021-11-13] [15:22:20] She has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Hunters Moon. [2021-11-13] [15:22:20] She is being taken care of by Tilda. [2021-11-13] [15:44:03] You smile at the venerable fat Zoe. [2021-11-13] [15:44:05] Horses like this one have many uses. [2021-11-13] [15:44:05] She has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Hunters Moon. [2021-11-13] [15:44:05] She is being taken care of by Tilda. Then a new cared for done on the same day: [2021-11-13] [16:13:13] You now care specially for the mature fat Demonawebster, to ensure longevity. You may care for 0 more creatures. None of this shows up in the cared for column in granger now, the only ones that do still show up are older ones that I haven't done a new examine on in a long while, so in a way it's a bit like the parent name thing, though the game records that info it seems a fresh examine wipes that column in granger clean?
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    Sailing into the twilight.
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    First walk with kids around the town
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    Taking in the brisk cold Winter air...
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    Someone's watching the scout....
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    The Freedom Isles Society for the Prevention of Cruel and Unusual Dismemberment of Dragons, Drakes, and Creatures of Royal Lineage, or FISPCUDDDCRL for short, (Game Masters) has been closely monitoring all black market activity with regards to the sales of body parts that that have been seen coming from several chop shops that have set up in the region. After much investigation,(log reading) and many doughnut heavy stake outs,(actually this one is pretty much accurate) we have witnessed and recorded events and rituals that are otherwise impossible without the use of forbidden magics!(cheating) We have known for some time that something unusual was going on and had to assemble an elite team of mercenaries and spend a huge amount of time to collect enough information to determine what is legitimate, by the mechanics, unique hunting and slaying, and what is definitely not. Some hunting groups we could clearly tell were hunting unique creatures as intended and then there was the other group... .....yeah.... During many months of detailed work of collecting physical and logged evidence, we witnessed members of this group on multiple occasions, sail onto a server, land on a section of shore, then travel directly to where we had manually placed unique creatures for monitoring. Once at the location, they stopped, looked around for a moment, then went directly back to their boat and off server. These uniques were not at their general spawn areas and were fully protected by our team. There is no possible legal way for anyone to find these protected unique creatures with the normal client and yet more than once, this group demonstrated they could via the use of a third party cheat. Needless to say we are not happy at all with these people, using a third party hack, as we consider this to be an egregious violation of our Terms of Service as well as a despicable theft of an enjoyable part of the game that the entire Wurm Online community should have equal opportunity to access. There is still some discussion concerning some of the people involved, but a rather large group has already been permanently banned from Wurm Online for profiting from these cheats while robbing our greater Wurm Online community of natural opportunities to participate in a very fun and engaging aspect of our game. Thank you for your time, Enki (Chief Bison of the FISPCUDDDCRL Lodge) (Head Game Master)
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    Do Not Feed The Ducks! Quack.... oh i hear them near....
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    +1 and make it look like we're sitting in it, semi-reclined, not upright and uptight