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    I'm on toolbelt slot number 1. I would like for a field to be there that I can rename to whatever I want. In this case, I chose Blacksmithing. Perhaps "Name of this toolbelt slot..." is greyed out for unnamed toolbelt slots. When I scroll to toolbelt slot number 2, I would like to name it Leatherworking so I can put the leatherworking tools in there.
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    I think a review of the goal would be a better use of our time. I'm not sure if we have a full list of names easily at that point, but I do know that it's fairly easy to modify a journal goal. The main concern I have with modifying this one is that it needs to be replaced with something appropriate, not removed entirely. There are probably suggestions out there that I haven't seen yet, maybe even in this thread as I only took a scan through and noted Elentari's plea to have it removed. I also don't want this thread turning into a feature discussion, but I feel one is needed for this, so be on the watch for that. I'm going to talk to the rest of the dev team on this before making a post.
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    Can we get another use for woodscraps, and, similar to gravel, make a woodchip paving type?
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    We have been discussing adding more ingredient options to caffeinated beverages such as cream and sugar
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    We have reeds. It would be nice if they could be used to make baskets.
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    Why bother? The way food and drink works right now, there's one "best" of each, and all the rest are pointless. I know over 500 recipes, yet I live off pizza and unfermented moonshine.
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    The Unheard Seen and The Unseen Heard. The Unheard Seen of Wurm… We see them every quiet day vainly uttering in an inaudible way. Chickens that cannot cluck Dogs that cannot bark Horses that cannot nay Sheep that cannot bleat Cows that cannot moo Donkeys that cannot bray A sad silent lot I'd say. The Unseen Heard of Wurm… We hear them invisibly invoke various vocals under a veiled cloak. Crickets that chirp Ducks that quack Frogs that croak A happy hidden lot I’d joke.
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    Best I can think of is, with apologies to the person(s) responsible for updating the list, would be to make the list publicly VISIBLE, but only editable by a select few people (staff and/or players). People can then reply a specific thread or PM those responsible to have themselves added, organizers can send the list of names that can be removed in the same fashion.
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    Allow personal merchants to buy raw resources. A UI could include a drop down of raw resources and boxes to enter a quality range. The buying player sets the price they are willing to pay and quantity desired. Coin must be added to the merchant to pay the selling player. Rares and finished products are not available to buy in this way.
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    @Keenanhow about posting the caster and linkers to Twitter? This would allow either myself (since I was mentioning the flaws with the previous list but a willingness to do it) or Stanlee (since he's tried to do it with this thread) to manually approve or tick off people as and when the casts are done. That way, we'd make sure the list is up to date, relevant and people aren't just lingering on it for months after getting the cast done "Stanlee casts rite of spring" + whatever at the end "Aided by X, Y, Z" in a separate tweet made after
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    Said it before in other conversations and will say it again. Goals or quests that require community participation in any game but that can be sabotaged by only 1 player will never be good game design. Case in point, any player with enough alts can sabotage this journal goal or he can by simple ignorance, not announce a cast and leave people angry and dissapointed. Instead of "fixing human behavior" which honestly after the events of the past couple of years, it's pretty clear there's a significant amount of selfish trashy people out there, we should fix the design of the goal itself. I am not a priest nor do I intend to do that particular global cast goal but it relies on the good will of people whilst simultaneously it can be ruined by 1 selfish as*****. It's like those games where at the end of a dungeon or raid, the game design allows one player to ninja loot all the rewards leaving dozens of people dismayed by his behavior. Selfishness aside, this needs to be solved by designing systems so they can't be sabotaged by greed or self interest. This goal relies too much on the (wrong) assumption that all players will find a way to cooperate when it's clearly not the case else the recent conversations in gchat or this thread would have never happened. Fix the goal, you can't fix the players. P.S. I'm not bashing OP's attempt to organize this journal goal. I'm simply pointing out, like the hundreds of players before me, that this is a goal that should have never existed in the first place.
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    Bulk storage bins had the recent improvement of a "Filter items..." search bar at the bottom of the dialog box. Please add the same feature to Large Magical Chests. Thank you, Vooch
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    Is it possible to have some sort of hint that there's something ready to harvest in a planter.. visual in the model, color of the planers/racks.. hovering over the rack model to show some sort of text - ANY sort of hint that doesn't just leave things only to opening a planter rack to check the status of the planters inside? Currently I find it hard to even save states for resized windows, as some do save and other do not.. leaving only possible way to check states to .. opening the planter rack and pointing over the stack of planters to see if they are harvestable or not.
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    Taking in the brisk cold Winter air...
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    Mine even has a gold rune of Fo [18:53:36] A tin rune of Fo has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) and reduce damage taken (5%)
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    I'll go first. This is courtesy of Deliverance's Southport by Muse:
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    Like many people I've been experimenting with caffeinated beverages since the recent patch. These are my fully subjective, partially speculative, non-peer-reviewed conclusions. There are two things you're looking for in a caffeine buff: Duration and Power. When you drink coffee or tea, you get a caffeine buff. If you hover over the buff icon, you'll see the duration of the buff timer. The timer is governed by the QL of the beverage you just drunk, and seems to be pretty linear. You get 3 minutes buff for every 10 QL of the beverage, up to a presumed maximum of 30 minutes. A 10 QL coffee gives 3 minutes buff, a 90 QL drink gives 27 minutes. These values hold true whether you drink the weakest beverage (legacy camellia-based tea) or the strongest (kahvesi). The quantity doesn't matter. You also see something like this: ~1.1x sleep bonus usage while boosting skillgain ~1.1x fatigue consumption rate while using sleep bonus 1.3x alcohol decay rate 10 Power The values of the first three lines are governed by the fourth. The Power is on a scale of 1 to 100. The "sleep bonus usage while boosting skillgain" value ranges from ~1.1x at 1 Power to ~2x at 100 Power. The "fatigue consumption rate while using sleep bonus" and "alcohol decay rate" values range from ~1.1x at 1 Power to ~4x at 100 Power. I assume the "~" means there's some rounding going on behind the scenes. The Power you get depends on a) what type of drink you drink and b) how much or how many times you drink it. We know from DemonaNightshade that the caffeinated beverages in order of strength are: legacy tea, white tea, yellow tea, Oolong tea, green tea, black tea, cafe au lait, black coffee, fortified coffee, and kahvesi. Each type of beverage seems to have a Power-per-sip value, from about 1 for legacy tea to 10 for kahvesi. I haven't exhaustively tested every type, but I haven't seen anything yet to dissuade me from this view. You can increase the Power of your buff by either drinking more volume of the beverage, or taking more sips. If you take the volume route, your power will go up by the beverage's base per-sip value for every 200g (0.20kg) you drink. If you start drinking at 0% water, you'll only be able to drink a maximum of 2.20kg, or 11 sips, before you're too bloated to drink any more. So to get to 100 Power in one big gulp you'll need to be drinking one of the stronger beverage types. However, and here's the first dirty brown secret of caffeine as implemented right now, drinking just 1g, as measured in a measuring jug, counts as a sip. So, if you drink 1g of kahvesi 10 times in a row, you get to 100 Power, saving yourself 2.10kg of drink at the cost of a couple minutes measuring out 10x 1g sips. A full 45kg barrel will get your buff to 100 Power 4,500 times. At 100ql and 30 minutes per buff, that's 2,250 hours or 93.75 days of buff per barrel. But you can also get to 100 Power by sipping at the weaker coffees and teas. I hit 100 Power by drinking 1g of black tea, which has a 2.3 Power-per-sip, 44 times in a row. Here's the second dirty brown secret of caffeine: Drinking 1g of coffee is also sufficient to get you your daily 10 minutes of extra sleep bonus. So if all you care about is your daily extra sleep bonus and you start sipping at a 45kg barrel (which has 45,000 sips in it) today, you won''t run out of coffee until Friday, January 22, 2145, which is almost 124 years from now. You, your kids, your grandkids, and your great grandkids will get a total of 450,000 minutes (312.5 days) of extra sleep bonus. And finally, the third dirty brown secret of caffeine: You can mix and match your bevs to get both the maximum timer possible and the maximum Power possible with the fewest number of sips at the lowest possible cost. Simply drink 1g of low-quality kahvesi 9 times, then top up the timer by drinking 1g of the highest-quality kahvesi you can get. You'll get close to the 30-minute maximum duration at the maximum of 100 Power. As I said at the top, these are all my first impressions based on non-exhaustive, non-peer-reviewed experimentation. Your mileage may differ. I welcome comments and arguments. EDIT -- From the Nov 16 patch notes "Bugfix: Using 1g sips of caffeine will no longer refresh the buff entirely." https://www.wurmonline.com/2021/11/16/patch-notes-16-nov-2021/
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    Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted
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    Hello, I would like to suggest a statue of a Champion Rat which can be obtained through archaeology! Thank you for coming to this TED talk
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    Please make animal branding permissions outrank deed leading permissions. This has apparently been a problem for a while... Yesterday one of my citizens wanted to go to the dragon slaying, but discovered his horse was missing. He had left it in a pen attached to his house; branded, saddled, and ready to go. He tracked it down with Manage Animal, inside a locked pasture on a nearby deed. A very nice GM helped retrieve the animal this morning, but informed me that my deed settings allowed this to happen. My citizen has since put locks on his pen. I have "lead animals" permitted in order to sell animals from my merchant. This should not allow my *branded* animals to be taken by all of the Freedom Isles!
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    A good idea and a nice bit of QOL for such a list, but I think for any list that has some level of automation, this issue is self-solving: any system that automatically removes people from such a list (as to cull those who have quit the game, rather than letting them linger forever) will treat those that forget to de-list the same way. Also please keep discussion about issues with the task/journal to other places, such as the Suggestions forum. As Keenan highlighted, it's a good and necessary discussion (I personally believe each journal task should have 2 more goals, but still require the same number to complete: so you can pick which 2 tasks are bad for you. People complain about the 100 rifts but personally I'm at 1% of 100,000 imps. This lets tasks like this one actually stay, rather than being removed) but I want this thread to be about dealing with what we have, rather than seeking to change it - so long as we still have it.
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    Press on the coco liquor.
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    The list as it currently stands is: Lucidia (Mowglia), Gaspacho (Xheth), Janpaat, Vynamurmir, Inari (Milkdrop), Ryuugi (Jikuu), Vigilante (Quelon), Casimiro. With Galsaan (Mrcoolman) doing the cast.
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    *Raises his hand, then starts immediately talking before being called on. As usual* I'd like to be able to imp them and was confused when I could not imp them when the indicator showed me I needed a shard to imp it. If its intended to not ever be able to imp theses, then please fix the indicator column. Thanks. 🙂
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    It is actually even seems more weird somehow. For the first hour or so of slow sipping all good, at least water level does not go up. After some time though it is starting to increase for the 1g sips too and soon makes it impossible to drink any more coffee (in my small experience 16-17mins timer kahvesi is enough to allow the water level to drop for at least another sip). I have never arranged to be punched in my stomach this many times in a spar to throw up as during last week...
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    appreciate the great overture and effort at a solution. unfortunate already vandalized, precisely part of what necessitated this creation, people deliberately sniping and undermining the spirit of group effort from community towards individual goals if Players can't solve this , perhaps Devs will take note here and remedy the issue with a reasonable solution
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    I am glad people still like them! All a very long time ago for this old bear. Mind you, the other day I got a few pennies royalty for a track I wrote in 1984 for some library somewhere!
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    First walk with kids around the town
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    I thought I might get my Archaeology Skill up to 99, but fell a little short. It's 98,98 now, which is symmetrical enough to not be too disappointed. 😊
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    Planned on doing ropemaking, but didn't do any. Then was doing arch and thought I'd at least hit 50 easy, but not quite there. I guess I did bump my cloth tailoring up a little to hit 93.
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    With the skill gain extension the next thing on my list after 90 sickle was 70 fishing to try and get my Journal goal ticked off for 75kg fish. From 50 to 70, feels good man. [16:14:05] You have just received the title 'Angler'!
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    I’ve used this feature for the last decade or so, calling 2 guards, changing target and calling another 2, I’ve found it quite good at breaking up mob trains. On normal towers, with over 50ql you get 5 guards, so you can call 3 times. That can be the difference between life and death if you have more mobs than you can handle, you just have to keep running, retargeting and calling more guards until you have 3 tied up fighting, then clean up the rest, or get the heck out of there with your skin and tools intact.
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    Someone's watching the scout....
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    Finally managed to hit 70 ML by cooking an insane amount of tea to get my beverages up!
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    Does not seem much when compared against some achievements listed here, but finally reached 50 in pottery. This stimulation was of course due to the tea / coffee update which required lots of pottery planters, mugs, pots and things!
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    Hah! I heard about that but missed the fun (as usual!)! Some more recent things : Slow spider from back in the day The slaying of Steve on Indy, 2014 (I had some good air time that day, sucker sent me flying a number of times!) Old knarr model One of the first bridges built on Indy after bridges were released - the bridge that leads to Black Dog Isle Rift on Pristine, 2016 Misty days on wurm have always been beautiful to me Double Trouble (gm's having fun at a public slaying) April Fool's prank 2017, player models turned into giant gnomes! Was a fun day! Hah! Me, from 2011 (terraforming the world even back then....) This cracks me up for some reason That's not a real nogump but a HoTA statue of one, they used to have those models. Scared the daylights out of me the first time! The world of Jackal
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    Your Wurm character's name: Klaa, chief among other names used over the years. What year you started playing Wurm: Spring 2006 - Last couple of months before Beta ended. What Wurm means to you: One of the better mmo sandbox environments, especially on pvp servers as a thief (allegedly). Your favorite Wurm memory: There has been so many good and bad times over the years, especially relationships formed. Libilian Outlaws with Zerobyte and family. Empire of Mol Rehan with Horton and crew. Too many old mates long gone and dead, Tich and Oracle, to name just a couple that are particularly missed. The strangest one was many years ago (between 2007 and 2014?) with the devs half-implementing a certain breeding feature, due to a "miscommunication amongst the team" as we were later told. It was to allow for players to be able to breed with each other in the same way as animal breeding already worked. There were even models for the human children already on the test server. Unfortunately this was so far back that only one image currently exists afaik: The actual version that was implemented live used a resurrected human zombie to breed with a female player character, who was usually a BL priestess. The resulting offspring would be titled "Son/daughter of <player name>" and would have a spider model. My first experience with this ingame was after being offline a couple days. Logged in just minding my own business when a spidery Son of Glory jumped me. Fellow sort of took after his mother. The shenanigans lasted barely a week before devs yoinked it all out. Course this barely scratches the surface. I can go for ages on subjects such as zombie cheese... weaponized water... water swords... gold water... Selfie made upon request for the Summer Hat wiki entry https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/File:Summerhat.png
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    1. Your Wurm character's name: SmeJack 2. What year you started playing Wurm: 2010 3. In one or two sentences - What Wurm means to you: Wurm to me means hanging out with family and friends having fun 4. In one or two sentences - Your favorite Wurm memory: Favourite memory would have to be tied between becoming a god and dying after being hit by someone whos corpse was in my inventory. 5. Please include a screenshot of your character's head: I'm lazy so heres an old one Now for some of my favourite shots over the years Not my pics but need to be added
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    Disallow Moments of Inspiration for non-premium characters.
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    occasionally when I log back in on my private server it leaves me on the first floor, but most times it spits me to the ground floor. Im guessing to you guys first and ground are the same thing lol