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    Let's Dance Please join us for another party. Everyone is Welcome! Where: https://harmony.yaga.host/#1970,1139 Deed name: Reddragonparty (It is not on the highway) but not far from it. When: Credits: Special thanks to Aldurair, Syuffeael, Aleck, Votherheim, Rainbowtigress, Execution and Grumpylith for helping trap and set up the pen. Last but not least special thanks to Oriana for giving me a reason to get out of my workshop. Kind Regards, Master Weaponsmith Pantha
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    My suggestion is to increase the length of the ripe stage by about 3x to accommodate people’s play time. As it is, if a player misses the ripe stage by a day or two is very detrimental to their crops, especially in large planters.
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    Change: Tweaks to mixing dye Color components that are equal in each dye will never be changed in the result. In other words, two dyes with the same amount of red will result in mixed dye with that same amount of red regardless of quality level.Color components that are not equal in each dye will always result in a change in the final product, rounding toward grey (128). In other words, if 1g of RGB 200,200,200 dye is mixed into 10,000L of RGB 1,1,1 dye, the resulting dye will be RGB 2,2,2. This is a special case only applied when the change would have otherwise rounded to nothing, such as when mixing vastly different quantities of dye.Color mixing is rounded to whole values later in the calculation, resulting in increased accuracy of mixing in certain cases.
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    My pleasure. I never thought I'd ever find one but one thing was for sure, if I did I would do what's best for our wonderful small community.
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    Came to Wurm looking for an MMO, and what a MMO i've found! I am a RL Greatsword enthusiast, So I thought I could perhaps make some sort of a Blademaster/Barbarian trope! Focusing on Leatherwork (36) and WeaponSmithing (12) (yes, I know it's long) at the moment. I've been on for 3 weeks but an introduction is never bad. As I always say, happy grinding! Nicolás.
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    also lets remove all decaying of items on a deed with more than 30 days of upkeep, excluding food, perishables and some drinks, my archeology shards decaying on deed slowly and other misc stuff shouldn't be a thing at all if I am paying for a deed with upkeep
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    The fuss is more about how it is steady, and not going up and gaining new players.
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    Made a lot of different barrels of drinks like vodka, whisky, moonshine, gin, brandy and all that, white, red and rice whine. Then a thought wouldn't it be nice to be able to make [bottles] with a [glassblowing kit]. Materials for glass could be charcoal and sand, maybe a little bit of metal for different colours. Or colours of the bottles could be defined by temperature they are made also, in a [glassblowing oven] ? Glassblowing could be a skill or subskill( pottery ?) and to be able to make own bottles and fill them with beverages with your Name on them (Reskal's Moonshine)could need a certain skill level in beverages. Labels would be used in the process of making bottles also. Placed on tables the filled bottles (if clear glass) could show the liquids colour too, same for glasses. In a [bottle rack] you could store filled and labeled bottles to let them age further. Just as an idea, there are for sure more things in this to have.
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    Regarding the impending Rite of Spring on Xanadu, at least four players (and probably more) need this cast for the journal, so the plan is to organise this outside Aaedean's deed (the island at i26) with Renee making the cast if necessary. Please do not ninja this We can summon, although you might want to bring a boat instead if you can't get back. Time is looking like about 5:30pm Aaedean's time, somewhere in the US (?) or 11:30pm UK time to try and make it available to as many as possible outside of work hours. We'll confirm this, along with the date, as soon as the RoS actually occurs. So far I know Lucidia, Xheth, Janpaat, and Vynamurmir all need this, and if you need this for the journal too then please add your name below
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    What we have at this moment: - Time - Type of mailbox - Arrival time [22:39:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. What we need: - Time - Type of mailbox - Recipient (player)name (Bermz in this example) - Arrival time [22:39:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect Bermz to receive the items in less than ten minutes. This way when people who auction/sell and mail the items, the one line we copy-paste to them to let buyers know the items are sent, will include their names. This will make it much easier to search for it in Wurm Assistant's chat/log finder and also acts as a great reminder for buyer/seller. EDIT: To have it complete, include the item(s) name in the line of string. This will cover everything a mail sender/recipient needs to know: - Time - The item(s) - Type of mailbox - Recipient (player)name (Bermz in this example) - Arrival time [22:39:39] The "Iron Axe, Rare" silently disappears from the spirit mansion. You expect Bermz to receive the items in less than ten minutes. Or in the case when multiple items are sent: [22:39:39] The "small nails(iron), ribbon(copper), great helm(iron)" silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect Bermz to receive the items in less than ten minutes.
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    Because you should have to work hard to remove reinforcement from tunnels. It shouldn't be something that some newb can come along and just remove at a whim. Time and effort went into making that tunnel, more time and effort should be needed to remove it. Don't want just anyone with a pickax able to block a tunnel that might be an artery for travel.
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    Thanks for that. Both SFI and NFI look incredibly stable the last 6 months, I am not sure what the big fuss is even about? The other MMOs I have been invested in are literally plummeting in player numbers in this time period.
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    Ether makes post with numbers, I make pretty graphs from it.
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    Nah, hard disagree. I mean, first lets reign in the scathing dismissal of the suggestion this thread was built about - (and of 'Asian MMOs') which is companion animals that aren't targets for mobs. I don't think there's anything silly about non-functional pets - where I live in the UK about 50% of households have pets; I think in the US it's more like 65% - creatures don't need to have a 'function' to add richness and value to life or to games and I can't see how other players in Wurm having a tamed dog with them when they're out riding, for example, is going to spoil anyone's game including yours. What is frustrating is a game that has companion animals in it - like dogs - that aren't targeted by anything on the map until you make friends with them when suddenly they become every mob's #1 target. That right there spoils a lot of people's games - an animal you've taken the time to bring home and care for, perhaps hand-fed for months or years, killed by mobs when they're following you just because that's how it was coded. Years ago it used to be that mobs would attack your riding horse as well as you, so if you died, you'd generally come back to find your horse's corpse too. That was horrible and a decent number of people just avoided exploration in the wilderness because it. Can't tell you the number of new players I've encountered or chatted to over the years who tame their very first dog or wildcat and then discover that it can't really be a pet for them at all, unless they lock it in a house or pen it and retame it every few hours/day til the end of time. You're talking about adjusting taming as it currently stands to make having fighting companions akin to hunters in WoW more viable, which is a different or at least an adjacent suggestion to the one intended here. Sure, I'm not averse to that even though it's not for me personally (and I find the idea of using animals as creature-shields uncomfortable anyway). The difference between Wurm and WoW is when your animal is killed it doesn't get back up, so your alternative will do nothing for the players who like to keep, collect and care for animals because if they continue to be tasty combat targets, most just won't risk it. (And Katrat's original suggestion didn't involve taming at all). TLDR - I don't want a companion cat or dog or sheep or whatever so it can nip at the heels of every mob that attacks me until I step out of its agg range and it turns on my pet; I'd really enjoy one that can keep me company while I potter around my deed building things and grinding skills and maybe take out exploring from time to time though.
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    Welcome to Sunbury Sales - N22 on Harmony. We are now connected to the highway. Find Route to Sunbury Wagoner deliveries available with the request that you return the crates. Message Carla, Fatherben or Vorlox in game to see what we have, leave a message here. Bulk Building Materials Stone bricks - 2s/k - 1k in stock Sandstone Bricks - 3s/k - 1k in stock Marble Bricks - 4s/k - 500 in stock Slate Bricks - 4s/k - 1.5k in stock Colossus Bricks - 2s/k - 2k in stock Mortar - 4s/k - 4K in stock Small Nails -2s/k - 500 in stock Large Nails - 2s/k - 500 in stock Ribbons - 1s/100 - 100 in stock Fence Bars - 3s/100 | 100 in stock Sand - 2s/k - upon request Dirt - 2s/k - 4k in stock Clay - 1.75s/k - 5k in stock Shafts - 2s/k - 1k in stock Planks - 2s/k - 2k in stock
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    Hello fellow Inde Wurms. Our Scout has arrived in your lands and we have to say first reports are damn impressive. The spectactular mountain that dominates is noted many times.It appears our Scout is in awe of this particular landmark. Anyway we hope to see more of your lands, if our Scout does not perish, or is lead astray by nymphs! Please say hello if we meet. Scout Deaths so Far
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    Here I am making a couple thousand frying pans... For the hardcore smith that needs LOTS of lumps and project storage space, I propose a new item, the Foundry. Much like the Bulk Storage Unit combining BSB's, the Foundry would combine 4 forges and 2 smelters, with the Foundry itself with a capacity of 94 items, acting the same as a forge. A size of 1x2 would make sense? Add to crafting window would be the same as activating a large anvil. Selective lighting of each internal forge or smelter would allow one to have that cooling forge on hand as well. I think this would be a great addition that would allow one to smelt massive amounts of ore, then work on those already glowing lumps. Metallurgists would benefit as well, having the various lumps on hand for those long grinds. Thoughts? P.S.: This as well!
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    Would make sense, since we get coins while burying or fighting.. I have gotten several moments of inspiration while farming, and it's no fun! Probably has been suggested already, since it seemes natural alongside mentioned coin-makers
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    Delicious things are brewing! Here's a sneak peek at coffee and tea plants, as well as some lovely new dishes coming soon to the world of Wurm Online.
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    * Rare Iron Axe - 90 QL* - Mind Stealer 103 - Nimbleness 95 - Circle of Cunning 96 - Monster Demise Excavated by Bermz Improved by Achillis Enchanted by FreeLikeTheWind Starting bid: 10s Increment (min): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Private Bids: No
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    But the benefits were terrible. He didn't even have dental! So lets just kill him instead! FUNK is proud to present to you another slaying. This time of a Goblin Leader. A Goblin Leader has not been seen on NFI for quite some time, so this should be exciting!! In case you don't know, the blood from a Goblin Leader makes a mining imbue, However, so as not to overload the server like we did with the Red Dragon, I'm asking people to not go overboard on the number of Alts. Thank you. This slaying will happen on Friday Oct 22nd at 10:00pm EST. I"m releasing the location early, so people have time to get their alts set up...but again, PLEASE do not go overboard with alts. The location is around L-21. There is a wonky 1-tile path between two hills that runs roughly in a NE - ,SW direction that has guard towers on either end of it. The deed is just off the path, a few tiles from the guard tower on the SW end. I was scouting around, and found a MUCH easier way to get to the slaying sight. What you want to do it get to K/L 19 and head NE until you hit the main highway....or even just park right at the bridge at K-18. route to Dragon's roost. Just East of Dragons roost, at the bottom of the big hill is a waystone that has a flag for Pnuts Palace (515) and Cev's Deed (204). east from that waystone is a 1 tile path. take that path and follow it for quite a ways. the path ends briefly with a few tiles of tar right in front of you...go south east just a couple tiles and the path will continue and will go into a cave. follow the cave around and you'll find the path again on the other side. you're almost there!! Keep following the path until you see a guard tower. just past the guard tower on the top of the hill to the NW is the site!!
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    All done and send [23:37:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. have a nice Day my friend
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    Rare Large Metal Shield (Zinc) -2.00% Damage Reduction +2.50% Movement Starting bid: 3s Increment (min) 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Private Bids: No
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    1x 90QL iron huge axe, please! CoD to Baeowuf. No rush
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    In my opinion, there should be a way to remove reinforcements in some way. Especially that reinforcing a tile takes just few seconds. Not saying that it should be easy, could be very tedious but should be possible. Casting disintegrate for 100 times or deeding, to remove just one wall is too much.
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    This is not a bug. In fact, in many cases it is essential when connecting mine tunnels. Wurm players have been using this handy feature for decades.
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    I must ask ....why do we loose affnitys while cross server ????? And since soo many know about it ....why do we still do it ?????
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    Appreciate the response guys, it just had me confused to why it completed the "create a rare item" log in my journal, when in the past few weeks when attaching materials and getting an unsuccessful rare roll has not done this, just specifically for a "small barrel". cheers
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    I have several affinity pizzas. Each morning I take bites from the ones I plan on using for the day: Main uses at least three pizzas each morning when I log on. Priest alt uses two. Today I noticed one of my mains eats gave MINUTES of affinity, where before it would give hours. So ate the normal ones with my priest: Channeling and ropemaking. Normally a couple bites of each would cover me all day (14+ hours). Today several bites gave 4 hours. It appears the time on the affinities has been cut by roughly 80%. There is no decay on the pizzas. They are the same ones I've been using for roughly a month. Is this an intended change or a bug?
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    Count me in!! (Wait, where are we going again?)
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    Using flatten I've been able to make smooth, non-flat, natural looking terrain out of terraces or other unsightly landscapes. If you let 'flatten' go until it stops, then yeah, it makes the other tiles around it look weird, but used correctly, it can remove spikes, humps, weird depressions, etc. Takes some experience and trial and error to get it right, but it's doable. What you're suggesting is a fully automatic way to get that look, which is NOT what Wurm is about. There should not be anything automatic about this game, especially terraforming. If you want the landscape changed from the the way someone made it, put in the work.
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    These are the specific to reach the place with screens, it is a bit tricky to found u.u I parked my knarr on the shore where there was The Temple of Fo deed on the map, from my knarr follow the highway going south: Continue to follow the highway until you find this waystone, then still go south: Until you reach this sign: Go south few tiles then head south/east: Until you reach that sign: Follow the cobblestone path and you'll reach a deed called Dwag's peak: Follow the cobblestone path that continues south/west of it: Once you'll reach the end of the cobblestone path go just a bit south/west, you will see a guard tower: It is Eagle's nest deed, you have to go south of it, but be careful to te slopes: At the end of it you'll find a marble path going up; follow it until the end: At the end of the path you'll see a lonely mailbox: Now south/east, on the top of that mountain and from there you'll see the location
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    The original suggestion by myself was to allow for us to load a rowboat into larger ships. This wouldn't have the issue you mention. The original suggestion is something already doable, probably just needs a field checked yes somewhere.
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    Grimshaw, Stormguard level 0, Grimshaw, 4 x Sleep Powder Edited. I guess I am mentoring myself. *I hope I don't go blind!
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    I totally agree with HawkHawk. And if you are ever passing through by his deed (Tavernia, Cadence L11), I highly recommend you take a walk-through. Their town is most impressive! :)
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    If I didn't play, then who else would renaturalize areas devastated by everyone else? This aside, I play because this is an amazing community and I've never found another like it.
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    Rather than applying the dye to the entire wall as seen here It'd be really nice to be able to only dye the white paneling between the frames, by adding the option to dye them separately similar to ships with their sails. I'm sure there's plenty of other items that suffer a similar issue. Suggested here years ago as well, seems it'd be do-able from Retro's initial response.
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    Not everything will be everyone's.... cup of tea
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    I know the wiki says the protractor is the basis for the creation chance but what quality was your sight when trying to make it because something doesn't seem right to me. Update: Upon trying to make a Dioptra using a 24ql Protractor and a 24ql Sight I had a success chance of 38%, when I improved the Protractor to 50ql doubling it, the success chance with the 24ql Sight was still 38% and hadn't changed. So, I increased the quality of the Sight instead, with a 30ql Sight, and the previously improved 50ql Protractor my success chance is 43%. At 50Ql Sight my creation chance became 54%. I will go ahead and update the wiki. Thank you!
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    Think the only real purpose is to row from the ship to land when the ship isn't able to reach the shore itself (which is incredibly common on NFI as people seem to only make docks for shallow water boats). Wouldn't really be able to do much outside of that though I don't think Edit: Also doubt it'd be incredibly difficult to actually add to the game. Would think you would just add the rowboat ID to the list of items that can be loaded to the large ships. But I'm also not a coder so what do I know
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    I'm surprised no one else has posted the same reasons as I have for playing Wurm. They are this: and this: and this!: The world of Wurm feels alive, organic, and full of mysteries. Vegetation that grows back over time, hiding secrets and stories. I can explore wilderness and come across fossils from a Rift so ancient, its location won't even show up on the forums. And I can look over the expanse before me and feel it calling me to explore it, salivating at what stories I could find. Edit: I don't believe I've ever played a game with this "organic" feel
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    At this point after more than a decade i think the most honest answer i could give is that im stuck in an abusive relationship. In the beginning things were amazing, sure he broke things from time to time but its only human and we were great together. We built and crafted and we changed the world together, traveling to wonderful far places meeting great people we were in love. Then it started with a broken promise and throwing away my belongings like they were nothing, he kept taking and breaking and then would say that he was sorry and would try to be better. There would be promises of things to come that never did while still breaking and taking things away. He started driving all my friends away and isolating me so that all i had left was him and eventually i couldnt be alone anymore, i snuck away to find greener pastures. While i was gone i still saw him in small pieces but regularly, i was just afraid to completely let go and thats when he made the grand promise that this time things really would be better and different. I came back and once again im back in the loop of things being broken with empty promises and once again all my friends have been turned away and i am alone, with him, afraid what will be broken next.
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    Bulwark Shield, Large Metal Shield, August 2021 skin
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    Hiya, Luv'd your first episode. Sorry to have missed you travelling through my neck of the woods . Was great to see you tour a few of my deeds (Port Onody, Cluedo, Fight Club, Zed Zed Nine Plural Zed Alpha, Dragon Fang Market) , as well as my closest friends and neighbours places. (Freedom Harbor, Atrestos, Sandie World). We've been neighbours for many, many years, and are all still active. You just happened to go by the one night I / they were not online. A little info to go with your tour. The champ deer and champ unicorn, I breed and set free to run loose around the area for decor and atmosphere. They're pretty much confined to the end of the peninsula, where a few of my deeds are. Occasional they make their way out into the wild. Cluedo is a working copy of the board game from childhood. It's currently in the testing stage, with plans to open up in the near future. I really liked the game as a child, and thought it could one day soon host groups to come and play. Dragon Fang Market is a project that will never end for me (it's actually my mining deed). I've lost track of the number of dirts I've added to the southern face. But it's a place I can go to pass time experimenting, or what ever. The HotA dragon there is a tribute to the black hatchling I baby-sat on Xanadu server for approx. 5 years, by the name of Charcoal I. She was hatched from an egg by Zalifear and it was my honour to house and feed her. She escaped from her pen a year+ ago and eventually met her end when a couple of hundred dragon slayers gathered to do battle. It was very impressive. I carry a small piece of her hide with me. DFMarket also has the Deathscalator. It's a horse/cart path shortcut down to Crystal Lake. And a slide down for those on foot, like you're on an escalator. The "bridge" you were trying to cross that originates at that temple in Sandie World (Diddyness and Sandie live there), traverses 3 deeds. As such it crosses two gaps where the perimeters touch. Unfortunately the flooring at the top of those towers in perimeter that connect the bridges, do wear out due to off deed decay. We try to keep them in place. Sorry it's not been fixed in far too long. Will get on that tho. The Sandiway connects the Temple in Sandie World, to the bar at DFMarket, for after mass gatherings. The construction design and main builder of the Sandieway, was Diddyness herself, and is a tribute to the ancient Roman aquaduct. Best of luck with your tour, I'll def. keep an eye out for you in Local. Stay safe.
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    Our hapless deed was in dire need of some strongwall casts. The shape of our mountainside was horrid, appalling, I tell you! But this kind warrior of light has saved us from certain aesthetic peril. With his swift casts, he has saved our day and spared our eyes from beholding the abominations of our own creation any longer. 10/10