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    Here I am making a couple thousand frying pans... For the hardcore smith that needs LOTS of lumps and project storage space, I propose a new item, the Foundry. Much like the Bulk Storage Unit combining BSB's, the Foundry would combine 4 forges and 2 smelters, with the Foundry itself with a capacity of 94 items, acting the same as a forge. A size of 1x2 would make sense? Add to crafting window would be the same as activating a large anvil. Selective lighting of each internal forge or smelter would allow one to have that cooling forge on hand as well. I think this would be a great addition that would allow one to smelt massive amounts of ore, then work on those already glowing lumps. Metallurgists would benefit as well, having the various lumps on hand for those long grinds. Thoughts? P.S.: This as well!
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    i bet if i start trolling the forums this badly and often i would get banned.
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    Delicious things are brewing! Here's a sneak peek at coffee and tea plants, as well as some lovely new dishes coming soon to the world of Wurm Online.
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    You really need to play PvP to understand why this is probably the worst idea you have suggested thus far. -1
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    Can we please have a coffee/tea themed shop sign to go with this amazing new feature please please please!?!?!?!?
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    What if you were premium for 10+ years and play a well developed character - and you accidentally let your premium run out for a few days? Terrible idea, Darnok! - 1
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    +1 yes i would like to transfer my surplus irl materials ty
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    I have 0 doubts in my mind these are not genuine suggestions anymore.
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    works for you i see
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    I suggest to add hability to check high of ceiling with pickaxe over corners of mine tiles. I also suggest to check ceiling slope but seems harder to make simple interface.
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    This. Hiding away a slew of alts to support your mortar / concrete / (insert other valuable production).... no thanks. Competing with the botters is hard enough as it is.
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    Not a good idea and neither is removing skill caps or changing them for a free to play account. -1
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    Hmm... if only there was an item that could create any 99ql vein (100.00ql vein doesn't exist) with 10k ore in them Oh wait...
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    Yeah, i got warned because I was less than kind about him and his suggestions, wonder if he did for making my every trip to this forum a nightmare. And no Darnok, I don't like your idea, it's downright terrible, so -1. Won't say what I really truly think, don't want to feel the ban hammer, but trust me, it's not complimentary
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    If I didn't play, then who else would renaturalize areas devastated by everyone else? This aside, I play because this is an amazing community and I've never found another like it.
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    It was a truly blissful time. The subforum was healing.
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    Seals can help meditating, but yes why not a ball or so
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    I'm surprised no one else has posted the same reasons as I have for playing Wurm. They are this: and this: and this!: The world of Wurm feels alive, organic, and full of mysteries. Vegetation that grows back over time, hiding secrets and stories. I can explore wilderness and come across fossils from a Rift so ancient, its location won't even show up on the forums. And I can look over the expanse before me and feel it calling me to explore it, salivating at what stories I could find. Edit: I don't believe I've ever played a game with this "organic" feel
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    Brewing Celebration Ale Since 1072 Lotus Imports is proud to announce it's offering Kahvesi as well as Tea. We are a proud member of the Tap Dance Merchants Association. Check out our Forum Post and Website. Shipping prices for liquids is 1c + 1c/5kg full barrels cost 10c to ship, half barrels cost 6c. Caffeine: Kahvesi Full Small Barrel 45kg (225 sips) 80ql-89ql - 3s 90ql+ 4s By the 1kg (5 sips) 80ql-89ql 10c 90ql+ 15c Tea by the Small Barrel 45kgs (225 sips) Green Tea - 50c Yellow Tea - 50c White Tea - 50c Black Tea - 50c Oolong Tea - 50c Tips for using my Coffee for best and cheapest effect! Every sip (200g or .20kgs) of Kahvesi will increase the power by 10 and reset your timer. If you hit your thirst cap you can drink another sip after 10 minutes. Once your power hits 100 switch to one of our tea options as it will give you the long timer and maintain your buff. You do not need to continue drinking the Kahvesi after you hit 100 power you just need more caffeine. Targeted Affinity Moonshine Unfermented Affinity Moonshine Full Small Barrel 45kg - 5s (225 sips) Half Small Barrel 22kg - 2.5s (113 sips) By the 1kg - 15c/kg (5 sips) All of my Affinity Moonshine comes out at 90+ ql and gives around 35h to 40h or more. You only need 1 sip for the longest buff you've ever seen!!! How to order unfermented affinity moonshine: Using a frying pan, in a normal oven cook 1 bear and 1 corn into a meal. OR post here/PM blacklotus and order a FREE taster. Post here with the full message from that Meal or Taster. In the above post with your taster information please include the full character name of where I am mailing your order to, as well as what affinity or affinities you'd like, and the quantity of each. How to get the best use of your moonshine: Drinking 200g will give you a full buff of around 40 hours, however if you use a measuring jug and drink 50g, 100g or 150g instead you can change the timer for your buff for a much more manageable grind. Only have an hour? Drink 10g from a reed pen for a small 2 hour buff. Don't spend your life savings for one barrel, try a few and get the most out of your purchase. Please note: Crossing server borders or dying will negatively affect your affinity buff. Only the very first sip that starts your buff will produce the longest timer, you do not need any additional sips until your buff has completely expired. 1 sip is .20kgs or 200g in a measuring cup. You can take a drink even if your water is full and that is the recommended way to use this product. Your unfermented moonshine will not decay however, you can use a peg to seal it inside a barrel. If you attempt to ferment this beverage you will lose it's affinity properties. You can spill an entire barrel if you get drunk enough, don't drink directly from the barrel if you intend on getting drunk!! My beverages work on the assumption you have fixed cooking affinities on, and should there be a mistake or you get the wrong affinity in one or more of your barrels I will happily fix or replace them as long as it's a mistake on my end and the moonshine that was wrong is sent back. I will do everything I can to make it right for you, however, Failure to complete any of the requested steps will forfeit your right to a refund or replacement and I will not accept back product in such cases. Written Recipes for your Cookbook Lotus Imports is currently offering a range of recipes at our Market Locations at Tap Dance Market (celebration) as well as Southport Market (Deliverance) that change on a weekly to biweekly basis. If you are looking for a specific recipe to finish out your cookbook please let me know and I'll make sure it's available at one of those two places or mail it direct to you.
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    Who out there has loads of useless rare slate/sandstone/round stone shards and bricks? I know I do! Who wouldn't want a rare slate forge or supreme marble oven? Please allow us to make slate, sandstone, round stone, pottery and marble forges and ovens, at least to start. This could be expanded further with more items in time and different texture forges and ovens would add many new decorating options. I believe this would be a great addition to the game and add some fun options for the community! Thank you for reading.
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    Starting bid: 50 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No. Buyout: 1g. Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted
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    I was asked this question a while back, and at the time my answer was simple: It helps me regulate. However just about any online game will help there, so why specifically Wurm? That answer is as complex as Wurm is, but I want to break it down, explain it, and possibly hear from some of you all why you play Wurm. Wurm has something very 'unique' about it: its skilling system. in some ways it is as difficult as RL is, and creating/accomplishing anything in game is just as rewarding as creating/accomplishing things in real life. I cant always be physical. RL limits things i can do, Wurm gives me the ability to have that rush of endorphins that one associates with doing real life tasks. So, Why do you all play Wurm?
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    So... players who, for example, spend all day casting spells, or improving weapons, and are thus at no risk of dying, would never need to pay premium. Interesting. I'm sure that there are quite a few people who would love the idea. Enough, in fact, for it to impact the company's profit and loss figures. And not in a good way. TL/DR: Developing, supporting, and hosting a free-to-play roguelike MMORPG is a really terrible business model.
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    That's the idea. One window like a Bulk Container Unit. Would eliminate the awkward positioning of smelters (one per tile) and the forges, making a tight, organized workstation.
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    +1 Amazing idea!!!! And it will be another masonry thing for me to imp
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    You know, I read these threads and I realise that people didn't hate my suggestions as much as I thought! I don't think even my heavily pro-priest suggestions garnered this much negative feedback! Either way, this idea isn't adding QoL, it isn't bringing anything to the game except more chores and land grabs, and it isn't nerfing something that needs nerfing. -1 from me
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    +1 to removing, or upping, the free player skillcap -1 to massive and horrific skill loss
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    prina, Stormguard level 0, prina, reward 4x sleep powder
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    A surge of alts will skew the picture. The red and White dragon slayings on NFI were widely attended by numerous alts. Some players ran a dozen.
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    cant really vote since i know nothing about how it works right now and why it does.
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    Disclaimer: I won't be un-ignoring again, so I am interpolating based on quotes and responses. It seems that the suggestion is to switch out skill-cap for permadeath on free accounts. Wurm seems to be built on the premise that a character will die, possibly quite a lot, particularly early on. In my first day or two of Wurm, I died at least 5 times. If I had to re-do my character's appearance (and only that) every time I died, I would not have done it after even the first death. This mechanic would drive toe-dippers away in droves and make Wurm a complete joke. I am an explorer and adventurer; not a hardcore builder or weapon smith or <shudder> min/max grinder. As a result, a lot of what I do in Wurm does nothing for any skill or attribute gain. By the time I started to bump into the free player skill limit, I already had a very good idea of Wurm's gameplay and what it offered me. Sure, I think there is scope to improve the free-play experience, but switching out skill limit for perma-death is not "improving" anything - it would be a terrible and foolish move. I know that to me it would feel extremely cynical and money-hungry and I would just uninstall such a game in short order. It would pretty much cap Wurm's player base at pre-existing players. Consider the case of an account that has been premium for years-on-end but for financial reasons a player has had to let premium lapse for a brief period. They would be better off not playing at all rather than playing non-premium and risking their long-developed character to permadeath should they play and somehow wind up getting their character killed. A game which incentivizes not playing is the antithesis of good game design (insert Wargames quote here).
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    What about the players that can't afford premium? And want to work hard to make some coin to get it. Just to die and loose everything they worked hard for?
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    Yea i also think it is an interesting idea. Edit: Maybe not to 90 but a cap to 40 maybe?
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    No, you’re not. Didn’t you hear what Darnok said? You’re getting 100ql trees. Please catch up.
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    New items are always good for the game.! Wagon skins Pls Red ,Blue, Black So on.
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    with 97 woodcutting and a 95ql supreme hatchet my average tree ql is 80ish, and then chopping them all into logs drops the average quality again, so not sure where you're getting this idea from. are you 100 woodcutting? quick look at merchant ads and trade chat posts on both servers shows that 95+ql logs sell for more than 95+ql lumps so dunno bout this guess chief 100ql veins don't exist, are you throwing out expectations of how you think things work again
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    That reply was high quali-tea!
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    Not everything will be everyone's.... cup of tea
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    Please god, tell me this comes with work, or tweaks to beverages too to make them much more worthwhile. I've been waiting like two and a half years, praying for it to be made cool as heck.
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    Wurm needs more events so the content doesn't become too stale. Other than the occasional impalong we don't have much going on. Content updates have been sparse recently and if we don't get huge updates (the AH update was a bust objectively which didn't alter the gameplay for the better, it's just...a different experience) at least give us some monthly events. Maybe scavenger hunts, easter egg hunts, puzzles, coop server goals, group challenges, something to liven up the atmosphere. The kingdom chats are pretty silent these days and gchat is as well. Hope some steps to boost the population through new events are considered. Our population is dwindling fast.
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    I've really enjoyed the Streams so far and its fascinating seeing the hard work thats gone on around the server since its launch. Parts of Cadence are starting to look really impressive and theres still a huge amount of potential keeping in mind it is still a new server.
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    That is perfectly ok... impalongs aren't great for skill-grinds, you go there with different purpose in mind. I improve items with woa tools at impalongs. 30% skillgain for ~6days, you can burn all fatigue in ~2-3 days, then burn on fumes What I wonder is if.. small suggestion focus somewhat includes the one to fix affinity food management, removing existing buffs, resetting and taking first-bite buff timer, and having nibble option rather than maniacally pumping escape button like a savage when eating to get affinity buffs; also wonder what happens with the bug report from obi and gorski that code ruins rarity windows when we right click or do some other kind of server sync action(this probably needs to happen if/when rarity system is reviewed and made to be actually engaging rather than bott spamming creation to print money as it is currently); additionally could be nice to get a woodcutting buff.. as getting only 1x ql100 log per tree if rng allows the player to get a good felled tree is just sad and completely unrewarding end-game, the 100+ rolls just return junk log qls and whole grind for high skill turns into a penalty. Unsure how much that applies for mining, but guessing it's the same and 100+ rolls harm the resource gathering(judging by mining iron with supreme runed 97ql pickaxe and getting avrg ql90.50 with 99.86 mining skill.. sure there should be some "salt", rng or whatever but.. if the tool and skill are high.. so should be the results.
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    But if they go to 0 or negative, they can no longer post, they use up the allotted points to post. The only way to get more would be if people actually "heart" liked posts thus earning more points to spend while posting. At least that is how I saw the suggestion.
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    My concern is if it increases the bandwidth and data use requirements of the program even if VR isn't used. As well as whether the current forgiving nature of high latency will continue. My machine is more than capable of handling it. But I'm on satellite internet. High latency, slow speed and data caps. By choice, yes. I was an avid gamer for decades (yes, I'm old - no, my generation didn't have computers when we were growing up. So we invented them. You are welcome). But when I moved to a rural location, I had to give up gaming since most games will not tolerate satellite internet. After a friend pointed me to Wurm and I found out it is VERY tolerant, I've started playing again. Be a shame to lose it once more. Especially for something that I am pretty sure most people won't use. While 'my' machine is more than capable and it is my internet that is the limit, I know a LOT of people in-game whose machines will NOT handle VR. Implementation to isolate it so that it doesn't drastically change system requirements would be essential. From experience, that isn't something I'd anticipate happening.
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    When I first started playing Wurm nearly a decade ago, I thought it was tedious and boring, much like Minecraft but with better graphics. I stayed because of the people I met in the alliance I joined, and over time, I found that it was a great creative outlet. I did leave the game for a while when life became too busy and money became too tight, but I found myself longing for the community and the beauty of the world I left behind (and my husband started playing Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, which made me feel surprisingly homesick), so I came back. I pretty much had to start over, but some of my allies were still playing, new allies had joined, and they welcomed me back and helped me find a place to call my own. I founded my new deed, participated in an impalong, and felt some of my depression melt away as I created something new that was fully mine. (My ex introduced me to Wurm, and I took over the deed he built after he left. When I came back, I founded a new deed and built everything myself rather than expanding on someone else's ideas.) I also get to live out the fantasy that hard work and determination will allow me to own a house. Wurm isn't perfect, and there are a lot of areas where it could be better, but to me, it's home.
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    While most other mmo try to hold your hand all the way, Wurm offers the most freedom of creativity I know about in any mmo. Also, I am not a fan of fighting. In Wurm that is not the main focus of the game.
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    Bending game world to our will. Not many games have that. Most focused on characters and conflicts.