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    Rather than applying the dye to the entire wall as seen here It'd be really nice to be able to only dye the white paneling between the frames, by adding the option to dye them separately similar to ships with their sails. I'm sure there's plenty of other items that suffer a similar issue. Suggested here years ago as well, seems it'd be do-able from Retro's initial response.
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    Delicious things are brewing! Here's a sneak peek at coffee and tea plants, as well as some lovely new dishes coming soon to the world of Wurm Online.
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    Wurm allows you to change the land, build and make a fake life, with animals and farms, occasionally something tries to kill you, but that happens in rl too. I love the creative part of the game, I'm not really a fighter, only raised my fighting skill so i didn't have to run away all the time, but its not my favorite part of the game. It would be nice if there was more in game content, different wall, glass, flowers... more to work with, but still this game is unique. I stay in Wurm because i have created a fake world that is prettier and easier to deal with than the real world. Also, the people, most of them are very helpful and kind.
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    with 97 woodcutting and a 95ql supreme hatchet my average tree ql is 80ish, and then chopping them all into logs drops the average quality again, so not sure where you're getting this idea from. are you 100 woodcutting? quick look at merchant ads and trade chat posts on both servers shows that 95+ql logs sell for more than 95+ql lumps so dunno bout this guess chief 100ql veins don't exist, are you throwing out expectations of how you think things work again
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    Not everything will be everyone's.... cup of tea
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    Let's get together for the slaying of the venerable white dragon! Everyone will get some scale and a blacksmithing blood. I'm glad to have helped pen this beast and make it a public event for everyone together with Uszi and Kvinto. Thanks to Kvinto for spotting the beast. He will receive the dragon's skull as his reward. Thanks to Uszi for holding it until it could be penned for a public slaying. He gets to take home the rest of the body. Location: Q20 Harmony Deed name: Pearl Time: Sunday 17 October 3pm est
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    Thank you developers and graphics people who have brought us so far forward in our ability to paint things that the game can enjoy more depth and realism with the boats and furniture with dye channels that separate sections to be dyed/painted in different colors. That said, I feel an opportunity has been missed with the timber framed walls. Currently, the complete item being painted can look jarring and disjointed from the rest of the surrounding buildings of various types. I suggest implementing the two-channel painting option for timber-framed walls where the stucco and wood portions are painted separately. I think this could lead to some very interesting and beautiful villages. Imagine how lovely this could be with just the stucco painted for these buildings. Since the wood would be unaffected, the timber framed would still blend well with the top of the stone walls. What do you think? How could this option improve the depth and interest of your village? Perhaps the same could be possible for the wooden walls also. Painting just the clapboard or just the trim pieces could make some really interesting buildings and barns!
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    We could include taxidermy as toymaking and make toy rats and other stuffed animals??
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    How many do you imagine farm ql100 trees all day long? How many actually are at all able to cut ql99 or 100 at ridiculous rates.. 1 log per tree if rng gives top ql felled.. Do you read what people type or you get straight to trolling for laughs? There's actual problem where people with high skill get completely rickrolled by woodcutting skill and gather trash ql logs FAR BELOW their skill, skilling up high actually penalize you, and there was a nert to woodcutting runes and imbue effects at high ql - so you need high skill to get high ql logs.. you get the idea... two things working against you.. You have no idea how things work... You don't even know... What you wrote there is a meme.
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    After a few weeks of not seeing any suggestions I forgot you're a total mouthbreather, my mistake. Carry on.
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    Festival of the Veil (Samhain/Halloween festival and Impalong) October 24-30th 2021 (ended) Greetings Fellow NFI Guys and Ghouls, Its your friendly Cathedral Crypt Keeper here, I'm just dieing with excitement to invite you to one of the first Norther Freedom Isle Impalong. The Zombies and I will be hard at work getting everything ready including this post, keep an eye on this page for updates. What's an Impalong? It's a community event/festival that's hosted by someone on their deed, often times they have themes to match the season, holiday, or hold some special meaning to the host. The word impalong was created long before i became a wurmian, but it refers to the action of gathering and improving items for your fellow Wurmian, it is an event where crafters and priests from across Wurm join together to improve/enchant other players gear for free. Everyone is welcome to work on their skills at the event. In addition to the imping/enchanting, there are various other things such as games and events, prize giveaways, contests, and sometimes even GM's drop in to spawn a few mobs on unsuspecting Festival-goers. Location (where to find us) The cathedral is on the western shore of the heart shaped bay on cadence at map coordinates G23 just north of Broken Heart Bay Event Schedule (all times are U.S. central time zone) Oct 24th 12am gates open to public Oct 25th - 1v1 Tournament Begins Oct 26th - Fishing Contest Oct 27th - Scavenger Hunt Oct 28th - Rose Garden Maze opens Oct 29th Costume contest Oct 30th Bonfire and Closing ceremony The Discord Channel We use this for everything Closed till next year The Deed The Community Workshop (the impalong facility) The Pilgrim's Rest Inn Events The Rules Materials Provided (Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated) Event Staff (PM one of the people listed below when they are online or in local for refueling forges, returning your items, getting you more imping material, and check in at the inn.) more info to come soon
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    I know this is an old thing and probably posted a few times by now but still makes sailing tiring. Each time I cross over from one server to another, the game shows me swimming in the water despite the fact that the server counts me as being embarked on boat. It's one of those things that starts to gnaw at you after a while and it's a simple quality of life change that would do wonders for the sailing experience. Every time I have to disembark and re-embark again, it's not an end of the world bug, but at the same time it's one of those persistent nuisances in Wurm that shouldn't be a feature. There's plenty of such examples in the game we end up getting used to, but they should be fixed nonetheless. Any feedback ?
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    Wurm Online Monster play suggestion Hello, There is my suggestion of great thing what we could do to expand, make our life more rich on Freedom Islands, Northern and also Southern.... I'm Thinking about to add Trolls and Goblins as race that is playable let me show how I see it and how would it look a like. There was a lot of fights on pvp islands but now pvp seems dead soo... I get the idea of small rework that can change everything with low amount of work and also add something special to the game, Soo: 1. We Have Freedom Islands Kingdom - Humans 2. Horde of Forest Giant - Trolls and Goblins 1. Statistics and skills a) Trolls would be a players that will play some time as Goblin and then will be able to rise self to become a Troll LEGEND : T FOR TROLLS - G FOR GOBLINS Aggressive fighting +10% for Trolls +5% for Goblins Alchemy - Avaiable only for Troll or Goblin Shamans Animal husbandry - UNavailable Animal taming UNavailable - only dominating and for Troll or Goblin Shaman Archaeology - They didn't know what it is Archery available only for Goblins and short, medium bows Armour smithing - Trolls can ,,smith'' only Wooden armor and 2 parts of iron Axe - stays normal Axes - stays normal B Baking - debuff -30% Beverages -debuff - 15% Blacksmithing - debuff -10% Blades smithing -debuff -10% Botanizing buff+25% for goblins -5% for Trolls Bowyery available only for goblins Butchering available only for trolls +5% Butchering knife - debuff -10% Butchering knife (skill) C Carpentry Stays normal. Carving knife available only for goblins Carving knife (skill) Chain armour smithing - unavailable Channeling Only for Goblin/Trolls Shamans Climbing +15% bonus for Trolls -5% for Goblins Cloth tailoring - They Can make some clothes Clubs - +30 buff for Trolls and +10 for Goblins Coal-making - Horde Burns! +15% - but have no use becourse they are not enough inteligent to make steel Cooking +15% for Goblins +5 for Trolls D Dairy food making - unavailable Defensive fighting -available with debuff -15% Digging +30% for trolls +15 for Goblins E Exorcism available only for Troll/Goblin Shamans F Farming UNavailable they can only use foraging and botanizing Fighting +15% buff for Trolls +5 for Goblins Fine carpentry available only for goblins but not on human lvl Firemaking +15% for Trolls +10% for Goblins First aid available only for Troll or Goblin shamans Fishing available only for goblins Fletching available only for goblins Foraging - +25% for Goblins +10% For Trolls Forestry +40% for Trolls, - 15% for Goblins G Gardening only for Goblin/Troll Shamans H Hammer normal Hammers normal Hatchet normal Healing available for Shamans Hot food cooking +15% for Goblins +5% for Trolls Huge axe - unavailable Huge club - +30% skill gain for Trolls normal for Goblins J Jewelry smithing only for goblins K Knives only for goblins L Large maul only for trolls Large metal shield unavailable Large wooden shield unavailable Leatherworking available Lockpicking available for goblins Locksmithing available for goblins Longsword unavailable M Masonry +20% for Trolls Maul normal Mauls normal Meditating unavailable Meditating answers unavailable Medium metal shield unavailable Medium wooden shield unavailable Metallurgy unavailable Milking unavailable Milling unavailable Mining +30% for Trolls, -15% for Goblins Miscellaneous items normal N Natural substances Only for Goblin/Troll Shamans Nature +15% Normal fighting normal P Papyrusmaking unavailable Paving unavailable only packing Pickaxe +15% for Trolls Plate armour smithing -15% ql debuff and only some parts avaiable Polearms unavailable Pottery only goblins Prayer normal Preaching normal Prospecting normal Puppeteering unavailable R Rake -noneed Repairing normal Restoration unavailable Ropemaking normal S Saw -10% for Trolls +15 for Goblins Scythe normal Shield bashing unavailable Shield smithing unavailable Shields unavailable Ship building not such as humans Short sword onlygoblins Shortsword goblins Shortsword (skill) goblins Shovel +15% for Trolls -10% for Goblins Sickle -10% for Trolls +20 for goblins Small axe goblins Small catapult goblins Small maul goblins Small maul (skill) goblins Small metal shield unavailable Small wooden shield unavailable Smithing goblins and trolls with debuff -15% Stealing +30% for Goblins -30 for Trolls Stone chisel normal rises Stone cutting +5% for trolls Swords goblins T Tailoring not such advanced as humans Taunting +60% Trolls +10% goblins (skillgains) Thatching unavailable Thievery +30% goblins -10% trolls Tortoise shield goblins and trolls Toy making unavailable Toys unavailable Tracking +15% trolls +10% goblins Traps normal Trebuchet normal Two handed sword unavailable Two handed sword (skill) unavailable W War machines +15% trolls, normal goblins Warhammer goblins Weapon heads smithing goblins Weapon smithing goblins Weaponless fighting +200% Trolls -50%goblins Woodcutting +15% trolls -20% goblins OF course we can change it or make it normal.... But how Goblins and Trolls will build houses? They Won't do it they will have premade models like we have tents but their models will be placeable and will look just more designed for their race Those 2 races will not be able to life with efficient without selfes Trolls and Goblins will be together, they will use mostly wooden/lether armors and more advanced richer trolls will be able to have some really much weight parts on self but not full armor Tools will be mostly made using stone with different bonuses by using slate,marble or rift woods... The main weapons will be clubs or part of trees eventualy some later designed weapons... Trading: They wont be able to trade with silvers, only item for item, also players who will want to play the monster will need to pay 5.99euros for transformation, he will get his skills 20% lower and also will not be able to learn silvers by trading and earning them will be hard soo you will need to be ready to pay from your own pocket for monthly sub The only way to earn silvers will be.... SIEGES: Once a week there will be radomly choosen human city that will have to prepare for a siege of player trolls - if trolls will win they get the silvers... There will not be able to lose ITEMS for freedoom islands there will be only big item damage after death and also some statistic lose on both sides Faith: Humans have 3 gods Horde have 1 - Forest Giant - They will have shamans, human have priests GOBLINS TROLLS You see we already have models for Goblins and Trolls the method of making it come true seems easy Imagine that if you will leave like and comment you will make possibility to play as one of that two races, you will be able to create new style of ,,villages'' as someone else, smaller or bigger and also a Monster, gameplay will be more hardcore You will see humans everyday and whos can be your enemy and destroy your inventory items just by killing you, you will have to grow a enough big horde village to defend self from lot's of populations that humans are HORDE DEED Guards: Guards will be like in human version but there will be just ,,troll guards'' - starting goblins will need to know how to defend selfes right? They will need to create a tower but... it will look like catastrophy Token: A nice looking big tooth maybe of mammoth? And much more!!! LEAVE A LIKE AND COMMENT you will have a chance to win 3silvers at the end of the week! 23.10.2021
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    Hard pass from me. The lack of classes is what makes Wurm pretty unique and cool for many.
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    i think we should add aliens, who can craft spaceships that enables us to air-ride to jackal and other wurm moons...
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    Horses blessed by Libila priest are corrupted so that they will not graze from grass tiles, but are able to be handfed. Normally they would graze of Mycellium, but you can't create that on PVE servers. Fixed with 28oct2021 patch, Patch Notes 28/OCT/2021 - Page 2 - Website News - Wurm Online Forum
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    sounds like a great idea however why not maybe elves and dwarves Elves for enchantement and range weapon, jewelery smithing perks dwarves for blacksmithing and weaponsmithing/ battle machine perks Just an addition to the thought process. Very well layed out in detail!
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    I'll stay on my current server cluster, this doesn't appeal to me at all.
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    I like the idea of different races, but not necessarily goblins that turn into trolls. I would prefer 3 separate races: humans, goblins and trolls each with different skill buffs. Trolls and goblins buildings can be built just like humans but with different textures and maybe they should require different materials. Trolls couldn't use vehicles like carts or wagons, but they could carry trees or heavier items in backpacks or over their shoulder. As for metal armor, I like the Lord of the Rings trolls, maybe they weren't very intelligent, but in Wurm they could have a bit more abilities and forge their own armor and weapons. A one-handed metal troll weapon would be a two-handed weapon for a human, but for goblin it would be too large to be used. Trolls would be slow but very strong, human in the middle and goblins might have great attack speed, but their hits would be weak. If we had any larger animals like rhinoceros or mammoths, trolls could use them as mounts with a big saddle and big saddle bags to recompense the lack of carts and wagons. Goblins should be able to tame/breed wolves in such a way that they become non-aggressive to them all the time and use them as mounts. They could use carts and boats, but not wagon or ships.
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    Haven't seen fog like the picture you posted in the couple of months I've been on Freedom, As previously mentioned when I was on Epic the fog was immense but I have only just come back after a 5-6 year break. Wasnt sure if it was related to being on the coast or not now, as there has seemed to be a few tweaks since i stopped playing Only time i've seen anything even remotely similar was the cloud cover fog you can see across the map when you go above a certain height on Xanadu, was a shame to see its not really a thing anymore. would be interesting to find out what graphics settings adjust it
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    Hand mirrors can now be dropped, placed in containers, and traded.
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    paranoid much? i was a forum mod for a short while in 2013 or so( with this account not a secret one) and havent done it since. but sure just keep imagining things. maybe im actually secretly rolf.
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    Frankly, the timber type should be reflected in the "base" colour of the wall, anyway.
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    New items are always good for the game.! Wagon skins Pls Red ,Blue, Black So on.
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    Cod to Tyrail Thanks @TKerrWhat we don't do for the look in wurm
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    1700,1528 Long home of Roundabout 1923,1770 Cherry's needle, Trial of Strength, Long home of Shame (Ashensgate Keep)
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    DONT WORRY DUDE.. WE GOT THIS NERF COVERED you have no idea how bad woodcutting is.. at 99woodcutting I get completely ridiculed when I try to cut a tree with 99 skill and runed rare hatchet ql95(lazy to imp higher), it's pointless anyway (mods, not trolling, there are several bug reports on woodcutting and ql of chopped logs and reroll mechanic for rolls over 100..)
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    [07:41:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    hello i want a hatchet coc 85-89 thank you IGN : Tokeii
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    Sounds great, but will beverages be worth the effort compared to just drinking water all the time? Unlike food, and (ab)using them for stamina while climbing, they seem a bit useless. I'd love for them to be worthwhile
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    Oooh exciting!!! Can't wait to replace my brass oil lamps with actual tea pots Curious to see what kind of effects coffee will have. Fingers crossed the new dishes will come with a way to preserve food as decoration. Those muffins look delicious!!
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    WTB Wurm pizza delivered to my (real) house.
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    i've gotten more fantastic bones than i've gotten fantastics from crafting/imping lol, could do with an actual reasonable chance to make them. something 1/1000 for creation and like 1/500 for imping (imping is only 20% to go through so that'd be 1/2500 windows) or something sounds pretty reasonable
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    I agree with this. It doesn't just happen when wrongly trying to sail off corners, but even in a regular plotted-course sailing from server to server without being near the corners.
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    Hi Wurm Forum Staffers, I've noticed that Northern Freedom Isles servers haven't been added to forum Accounts avatars profile pages. You might want to update that, guys and gals.
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    Excellent thank you Cam I was sure I should know where it was.
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    The Full Novel has been removed for everyone's mental health. T.L.D.R. Summary Darwin has worn out any semblance of a welcome here as we have observed him for a long time doing nothing but intentionally inciting the community and causing headaches. He has not been an active member and simply logs in and bothers people, then logs out. We have given Darwin plenty of chances to improve his ways at the recommendation of others who had long believed he could improve, but as they say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Beyond trolling one of our public global chat channels, Darwin was also attacking and abusing Wurm Online team members who were only trying to help him avoid violating our rules even further. It was long past time to put an end to Darwin's foolish behavior with a permanent ban from Wurm Online since he has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention of actually enjoying Wurm Online, and he has zero respect for moderation or our community. Extreme T.L.D.R. Summary Darwin is a troll “Byebee” – Dotta (Bakuretsu Hunters) Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
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    That is complete nonsense. There are many NFI players who started playing Wurm there, and would be curious about new opportunities to explore, and to travel. There are "old" SFI players who settled there while mothballing their old characters, disbanding or shrinking their deeds. Not few of them already migrated back, acting likewise. A merge could be made an interesting series of events, attracting new and reactivating old players. Still NFI is possibly in some albeit much reduced decline. Having new lands to explore, even the Epic cluster, could be a strong incentive to continue, or come back. Granted, the profiteers will cry.
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    I'm surprised no one else has posted the same reasons as I have for playing Wurm. They are this: and this: and this!: The world of Wurm feels alive, organic, and full of mysteries. Vegetation that grows back over time, hiding secrets and stories. I can explore wilderness and come across fossils from a Rift so ancient, its location won't even show up on the forums. And I can look over the expanse before me and feel it calling me to explore it, salivating at what stories I could find. Edit: I don't believe I've ever played a game with this "organic" feel
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    I don't remember exactly how long I've actively played... It has to be at least 5 years because I have the 2016 Bear Helm from Shrimpiie's Impalong. I play wurm because it's kind of cathartic. I can login and tend my farm, make some materials for a project or whatever else needs to be done & it's all on my schedule. I don't have anything pushing me to go faster other than myself. I find it very relaxing after my day job ( tight schedule ), caring for my grandmother, keeping the house semi-livable, etc. I can just login, chat with some fine folks ( and a few trolls ) and just relax. I don't have anything in the game that I *need* to do so if I login and literally do nothing but chat for an evening, it's just as productive as a night where I make materials and build a whole new building on deed.
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    I like being creative with my village friends. Building houses, terraforming deeds to look great and so on. I would really enjoy more types of house walls and such to be able to build new types of structures.