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    Do you need the ultimate flex? Look no further than a Supreme 92QL Black Dragon Scale Jacket. Currently with 99 Aura of Shared Pain and a 10% Damage Reduction Rune. Trade up while you can is this is most likely a one of a kind item. Starting bid: 3.5G Increment (minimum): 5s Reserve: Hidden Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted
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    Five day auction: One Seafarer's Hat skin - to be delivered directly or applied to a hat of your choice. Happy to provide a hat of 70ql with the skin applied if desired. Opening Big: 5s Increment: 50c Buyout: 20s Snipe protection: 1h
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    I am implacably opposed to being able to sail back and forth from Epic, it’s a separate cluster for a reason, and should never be joined or merged. The reason why should be obvious. It further devalues Epic as a unique cluster, blithely sailing home after raiding with your cargo of ill gotten gains to sell in safety? It’s been a long lasting issue with Chaos. No. Epic needs it’s uniqueness back, not to be further integrated with Freedom until nothing is left at all.
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    The Full Novel has been removed for everyone's mental health. T.L.D.R. Summary Darwin has worn out any semblance of a welcome here as we have observed him for a long time doing nothing but intentionally inciting the community and causing headaches. He has not been an active member and simply logs in and bothers people, then logs out. We have given Darwin plenty of chances to improve his ways at the recommendation of others who had long believed he could improve, but as they say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Beyond trolling one of our public global chat channels, Darwin was also attacking and abusing Wurm Online team members who were only trying to help him avoid violating our rules even further. It was long past time to put an end to Darwin's foolish behavior with a permanent ban from Wurm Online since he has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention of actually enjoying Wurm Online, and he has zero respect for moderation or our community. Extreme T.L.D.R. Summary Darwin is a troll “Byebee” – Dotta (Bakuretsu Hunters) Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
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    Rare Pickaxe, steel 2,12ql, CoC 103, RDT Rune A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Rare: 10% damage reduction from use. Five times less likely to lose an enchant level Steel: Damage Taken -20% Starting bid: 20s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: off Buyout: off Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted Happy Auction, friends!
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    @Yserin sadly we no longer have roaming, flying or crawling valrei mobs, apart from the odd, slightly sad, trapped in caves ones, those are now so rare I sometimes consider an Epic zoo, but some have bad habits like dissolving horses, bashing walls or simply just ignoring walls at all. Gone are the days when you had to find a thin spot in the eagle spirit and drake spirit server border walls when crossing servers, that long white line that stretches as far as we could render, both ways could be terrifying. We no longer have craters or cracks, or new peaks appearing on the servers after scenarios ended, we can’t ascend and become player gods anymore, or worship those who did in the past, in short, Epic is a pale shadow of it’s former self in those respects. Don’t get me wrong, years of valrei event left Affliction in such a mess it had to be replaced with a larger and less cratered version than the Swiss cheese it was before it was replaced. Leaving that mechanism to continue on Serenity, Elevation and Desertion would have done much the same, though Desertion and Serenity still have the scars, they are not as damaged overall as Affliction. I actually like most of the terraforming additions, they’ve become old friends as I ride past them now, but they did wreck deeds and ruin mines and other projects. As for uniques, well we have them all, often there are more uniques than players, and due to population we often can’t do much more than mark them, and avoid or outrun them, or gathering a group of freedom players and loaning gear and horses to try to kill a few of the more annoying ones. They make life for new players actually more dangerous than the rare encounters with enemies. As it is now, nothing gets off of Epic at all, not items, not skills, the only thing that transfers is what’s in /balances, since that’s linked to our accounts, which is shared with Freedom (SFI). And that’s fine with me, I play both clusters, and wasn’t to bothered by the skills reduction in the one off skills transfer, since my Epic main character had next to no skills on Freedom, even lower skills than Epic was far better than what he had on freedom before transfer, and to my mind, as fair as it was possible to get, I didn’t expect a 1:1 rate, that would have been unfair considering the greater skillgain on Epic. In regard to NFI not being able to transfer to Epic, there are some technical reasons first of all, as one of those who had issues with Epic, Freedom and Jackal leaving me stranded and unable to log properly there are issues where multiple cluster transfers cause issues, as it is now I have Epic to Freedom, (SFI), and back again, adding NFI to that might cause complications where players and accounts get mixed up like mine did. It might be possible if characters couldn’t already transfer, but NFI already has a portal system, adding another is asking for issues.
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    I was able to consistently recreate the issue. When using a bridge that is attached to a multi-story house, if you go from a higher floor to a lower floor (or ground) the passenger will get launched into the air upon disembarking. This doesn't seem to happen to the commander, only passengers. I'm getting this fixed, but it is still possible there are other causes.
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    Do not let yourself being trolled. This is the thread about development update, and Darnok's ravings and trollings are completely off topic here. I hope the forum admins step in and do their "evil censorship" aka enforcement of forum rules. If you are masochistic enough to "discuss" with endlessly monologuing Darnok kindly create a thread in Town Square where we can ignore it.
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    Starting new topic, to separate Epic discussion from topic on development update. According to this post: I believe we have opportunity to suggest changes and improvements for possible Epic rework.
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    hello thatch is mine proposition. ill be first person who will play on PS5 !
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    Barber Hair and beard of characters should grow, after all, game takes place over many years. Players could get an NPC barber to change their hairstyles and cut their facial hair for a few copper coins. I know players can buy an item that modifies character's appearance, but a barber shop in a market hub would probably be a more interesting idea and code to change appearance of character already exists. Tavern I found a lot of players building taverns/inns, at moment it's more of a decoration, although maybe beds come in handy, but I think an NPC could be added to them that would sell drinks. Limited merchant that can only sell drinks, but has one more feature. This feature would be a gossip, i.e. information about event of map's history that player does not know because he was for example offline. At the moment, we have access to entire history of the map and after logging in we have an ordered list. But it can be made into a mechanism that encourages exploration of market hubs and conversations with this NPC. Each conversation would add one or more items to history events list. Characters should also be able to exchange information with each other about events that they saw while online or that they met while traveling and talking to NPCs. However, this mechanism would work better if global events did not cover entire island, but only part of it.
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    [22:18:45] Small wooden shield increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 taking title suggestions, as i think the "Can I have my other title please" that i was previously thinking of is a bit too meta for a title
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    Congratulations, Stonesolid! I'll putter across the bay later this evening and get that skin to you directly. Auction complete - please close.
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    Okay, and that's great. But why is the Brand defaulting to "Unlocked" on Deeds with Leading perms? Isn't the point of Branding to "Lock" a creature, no different than applying a lock to a Chest or Building Door. 🤷‍♀️
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    This is because at the moment there are no skills or regular profits related to exploration. I suggested adding a cartography skill and ability to selling maps, which in combination with this idea and selling history of events on map would give some profit to players who like to travel a lot and would encourage players to look for market hubs.
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    I have seen your idea of a tavern or inn work on a WU server- now sadly closed- that was advertised as 'role-play'. Players spent many evenings socialising and 'acting' and of course drinking the wares on sale there. It created a warm, cosy atmosphere and became the 'hub' of the server for many. There were also NPC staff in the bar so that even when no other players were in the inn there was still some feeling of activity. I do not see many people getting into role-play in the main Wurm servers and that I fear will be the difficulty for your idea to take-off here.
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    I'm saying it is a bad one as it's not possible. It's like saying wurm should have expansion packs or dlc, the foundations are not there for it
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    Actually, just send to stonesolid for buyout please. Posting while tired is a bad idea. I'll sort out delivery with you tomorrow if that's ok?
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    To explain a little, epic skill gain, that is the amount of skill you gain from actions, is 2x. The Epic effective skill curve is an entirely different mechanism, depending on your skill it allows you to make, or do things which would normally require higher skills, it’s intended to have a greater effect at lower skill levels, and slowly tapers off around 98 or so. For instance, a player with 36 prospecting has an effective prospecting skill of just over 60, meaning they can estimate how much ore is left in a vein. Similarly someone with 36 weapon smithing can produce weapons up to about 60-70 ql. Both the 2x skill gain and effective skill curve serve to boost low skilled players, allowing them to participate much faster than other clusters. Your skills rise faster, and what you are able to produce is higher quality than it would be at bare numeric skill levels. on top of this there’s also the faster action timers as well, each action is noticeably faster than Freedom. So, faster skillgain, higher ql, faster production and imping. Ironically this is also Epic’s biggest problem, if people expect a simple, and fair, transfer of skill from Epic to Freedom, then they’ll be disappointed, having gone through one skills transfer I can tell you, it wasn’t smooth and easy, and since then Epic has a different skilling system on top of the 2x plus curve plus timers, it’s further complicated by the difference between how you gain skill on freedom, and how it’s gained on Epic, any formula for transferring skill gains between clusters will be insanely complex, and as always, prone to errors when all of that is impacted by skill reductions thru death as well, (yes, we die on Epic, and lose skills the same way everyone else does, to PvP and silly errors with dragons etc).
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    At the moment NFI and SFI are separate, there’s no bank interaction at all, adding Epic to the mix would act like a back door to that separation. Since Epic and Freedom banks are linked, it would also permit accounts from SFI to transfer to NFI via Epic. So probably an idea with unintentional consequences, or do you want accounts with high skills setting up on Defiance after literally years of playing on Freedom, Chaos or Epic? One of the reasons NFI is a separate cluster is to make sure that as much as possible everyone started with a clean slate, not just warping in with high end crafting or fighting skills and pwning the noobs.
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    You can't disable OpenGL Wurm requires it to display the game. Your Radeon RX 5600 should be able to support OpenGL yet you have a message saying the driver doesn't. There's not enough information to know what the problem is but some possibilities are :- if you bought your PC off-the-shelf it may have customized or old graphics drivers that don't support OpenGL - in this case you can update the graphics drivers for your RX 5600 from the amd website. you may have a CPU that has an integrated iGPU that doesn't support OpenGL which may be being used instead of your RX 5600 - you may need to change the HDMI port your monitor is plugged into, or update the iGPU driver to one that supports OpenGL if it is capable of doing so and you want to continue using it, or disable the iGPU in your BIOS settings. I found a post on Reddit with a similar problem that might be useful. Your graphic control software may be deciding to use the iGPU for Wurm because it thinks java programs don't need high performance graphics hardware, this can be a problem especially for laptops that are prioritising power saving. You can override this in the graphics control panel to tell it to use the RX 5600 for all java programs or specifically for Wurm. If you need more help please post here your most recent Wurm console log from wurm\console.Daisy.log which should have more useful information.
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    It's trivial I know but: How about making enchanted trees 'evergreen'? Snowy enchanted trees look a bit weird in winter when surrounded by bright green enchanted grass. Or, considering age is frozen for enchanted trees, perhaps retain/freeze the colouring from the season they were made? That way the player could choose how they want their enchanted trees to look all year round.
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    I want to point out that NFI does not have access to epic at all. so there's a chunk of people right there that's already by design isolated from it as well. help chat gets kinda chaotic when people ask questions and NFI people have to keep reminding them we dont have choas or epic. Often with angry people on both sides because they are right and the other person is not getting that there are exceptions. I think this will get worse as things get more complicated xD how do you incentivized epic without basically turning it into choas? ^ ignoring that how do you incentivize people to play on epic when our population over all is small enough that people moving will make the people staying feel isolated? this would need addressed too. This would need to be part of the solution. my only contribution on the actual how to get people playing there for reasonable amount of hours to the point that they want to stay full time : do a monthly skin earned exclusivly from epic that they can transfer or buy from any token assuming you can get the item database to play nice. except instead of weapon/tools maybe make it animal renaming tags and/or runes to apply to horses/sheep to get specific colors instead of weapon skins. Tie things like the deed contest to epic instead of keeping it isolated. Maybe have contests for wagon skins instead of deed layouts reward points that can be spent so people can target something they want but make it apply able to any cluster that has/had access to epic. ( rip NFI ) make them more points for common to rare for the animals if you need to. if you don't do the skill transfer then make the skill gain work in favor of being worth staying its a convenience set incentives that take advantage of that convience. use the mission system this is such an under utilized tool! Do more targeted missions maybe one extra on top of the normal ones with the current rewards. Have it reward points similar to premium rewards but with dif rewards.Have that extra mission be like a 3 part series each harder then the last scale rewards with how far the server as a whole gets so everyone has a chance to participate not just the established players. have them reset monthly with different or even the same objective- something.help get people onto epic thats the hard part, getting them there. Having a goal to work towards every month or so will help keep them there lot of people have a hard time or see it as a hassle to travel that much they may stick around to the one they care the most about give people a reason to care about epic. Do points similar to rift events so people can work towards things they can buy at their home tokens( wherever home token is epic deed or freedom). We know the PMK wagons are worth mint on freedom you could do the carts for the mission skin reward instead for epic rather then a graphic maybe just having it so it has a pattern? for example ( this is a joke example) give a skin that lets you have racing stripes. have like 6 skins and have them rotate if you dont want to keep designing them. you dont need jackal in its entirety you can use parts of that system that are not the skill transfer. Have the missions you work towards spawn the mobs/trees across the server in smallish quantities for the final stage completion let people use the crafting recipe's form jackal this way. I know its a pvp environment but sometimes you need goals that everyone can work on so if one side has more people its not tilted into their favor to the point the rest of the server are not bothering to try. Justify the rewards by the fact there is more risk since pvp is a thing. this could work on non epic servers but the goal in this thread is to incentivize epic. I cant remember is epic the one that has roaming valeri mobs? if not add them as spawns have the mission system work for you to have the server kill X amount to work towards the skins( or whatever reward) the mission system has the ability to be an awesome tool in this respect. Have a mission to collect so many body parts from farm animals or donkey's since they are taking over the world ( amount would need balanced) then have one for a fishing challenge ( fish x fish for low points then another mission for double the fish for moderate points ect... keep it generic fishing not specific types so the newer settlers can have a shot) have the gm's or CM's make an arena and hold a monthly public unique kills ( the items would remain on epic not transferable this idea is from the amount of people pointing out that the uniques usually outnumber the players on epic at this point.) even with rolls on the items that are not tied to being in local do a raffle after let players donate to it on top of any other rewards so it has some variety( this should be on all servers imo there are several WU servers that do this very well). I think even one of those would go a long way to at least feeling like there is a reason to go, and monthly incentive to stay. this is rambly and my coffee hasnt kicked in. so if this wasnt what you were looking for sorry. there is going to be typos sorry.
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    Wow, everybody said he is fast - but that fast!!!???!!! And so good. And affordable. I will buy again, that is for sure.
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    Once upon a time, Rolf conceived Epic as a standalone PvP cluster, with Unique mechanisms that only Epic had, partly as an enticement to play there, part of the concept Rolf had in his mind. Terraforming events, triggered by Scenarios, which were influenced by player interaction via missions. Unique Valrei monsters, also triggered by missions and scenarios. The ability to become a Player God, and have priests with different mixtures of spells than the standard 4 gods of Freedom. And for a while, things were good, Epic was different from Freedom indeed, but slowly and surely those unique Epic only things were leaked to Freedom, devaluing Epic's uniqueness, some features were removed altogether, such as Valrei monsters, terraforming events, and player gods. in the end, Epic has become standardised, with only some of the skilling and player progression mechanics in place. Now it's all that Epic has, the slightly faster skilling, and different skillgain mechanism, which is frankly mot enough to make Epic unique really, it's more and more like a WU knockoff clone of Epic now. What Epic needs is true uniqueness, things that Freedom does not have, something to once again give Epic a reason to play on. Rather than those who play there feeling they are haunting an old cluster with reminders of what we used to have, in the form of old overgrown craters and cracks, and the occasional Valrei mob huddled in a cave waiting for the end to come, alone now, because it's brothers and cousins no longer visit Epic either. Epic need players, players need reasons to come, and stay. We don't need reasosn to visit so we can take our skills back to Freedom, we don't need to be able to take our old and worn out tools and weapons back, we don't need skill or item transfers to make Epic life better, we need an better life IN Epic. Ask not what Epic can offer Freedom, rather ask, what can Epic offer me that Freedom cannot.
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    Oh, and yes please to the "production line" type option of adding one of the current component to each incomplete item in the stack. The current method feels kind of like a slow motion bubble sort.
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    So, were talking about how to fix a dead cluster and half or more of the Wurm population can't even access it? Not saying it would fix it, but it certainly seems it wouldn't hurt.
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    Honestly, I think a big problem right now for epic bringing in new players is that they they have no idea what it is. Myself, I'm still kind of unsure. The wiki doesn't say a lot about it and there doesn't seem to be a lot when starting a new account guiding you that way. There's not a lot of discussion you see about it, other than it's a dead cluster and no one knows what to do with it. What about putting out some information of the appeal of epic and holding some competitions/challenges that are unique to epic to draw more players in? Can toons from NFI go there? Again, I'm not incredibly familiar with it so my suggestion may be ridiculous.
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    I note that the conversation seems to keep coming back to what do freedomers bring BACK from going to epic. I'd have thought the question would more often spin off into what can we give players from freedom when they go to epic to encourage them to try it out. Its another world through a magical door where you can live and play without consequences or losses in the "real" world. This already does interest people. Then they arrive iun a new world with no goods, no tools, no friends, and no home, get bored/overwhelmed, and unless they're trying to complete personal goals and "Win the game" or are jsut trying to bank sleep bonus without having to find a bed... theyre gone again back to freedom to talk smack about how dead and pointless Epic is to help ensure it stays that way. So I ask rather than how can we exploit Epic for the betterment of Freedom characters, how can we make Epic more accessible and enjoyable for people who want to step away from the grind and the chores so they can go enjoy an afternoon of fantasy and fun and bring back stories to encourage others to do the same? (and without losing their prized fantastic purple dragon scale armor they like to flex in while fighting wildcats and hellhounds)
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    Congratulations- you must have worn out so many mice by now. A legendary achievement to reach more than one maximum. Perhaps we need one or two new titles or insignia for multiple maxima players like Oblivionnreaver?
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    [15:06:12] You have just received the title 'Fearless'! Thanks!
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    agreed. i would be a priest main if it was a 'viable' playstyle for a single toon.
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    Awesome Pizzas and CCFP food. Best QL on Server Cluster and more important really nice and kind Player. i can recommend to everyone Greetings Achillis
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