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    A kyklops is menacing central Melody. The giant has made his home north of K15. Let's come together on Friday at 3pm est and earn the title of Giantslayer! Directions Follow the highway from overture to Pnuts Palace Take a left turn here and follow the green pointing signs
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    This is Keenan. Keenan doesn't understand this is a joke. Keenan likes the idea. Keenan implements it for next patch. Don't be Keenan.
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    As was posted earlier today on discord... Keenan — Today at 9:18 AM I don't want to step on Demona's toes, but we're working on what is primarily a bug fix patch. No new content, but fixes for things that have been brought up. I don't have the complete list in front of me though. Tentative date is the 23rd during maintenance. Now why this is not shared here, why there is continued silence on the official forums I don't understand. The issues with the log in servers today were mentioned and talked about on the discord as well, but I don't see anything here addressing them. If they want to use discord as the official place to address the community, then they need to make a channel for these things and start posting there. This idea of spreading everything all over the place is unprofessional and nonsense. Pick a medium to use and then promote it and use it please. I don't think many people care if it is the forums or discord or facebook, sure some would prefer one over the other, but I think we all would welcome the use of something and stick to it and then use it.
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    I Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: off Buyout: off Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted Happy Auction, friends!
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    I saw a rift yesterday, it was more interesting than fighting a unique mob, but I still miss something there. The easiest change, if mob is pulled too far and then after he is pulling back he changes to ranged attacks for few hits. The rift area is a square, in corners I would suggest adding 4 seals that players have to defend against mobs. If mobs are on seal, they score points (something like capture the flag, but the flag is both mob and player). If at least one player is standing on seal simultaneously with mobs, no points are added. Portal spawns mobs in each wave with random orders, they can be orders for a group of mobs or different for each mob. The order is simple go to corner 1/2/3/4. In this way, players will have to divide into 4 groups and, during every wave, balance strength of each group so that all of them can fight off mob attacks. If mobs charge all seals players lose and portal stays and spawns mobs in a fixed amount there, they cannot migrate, but players cannot receive resource access reward. Points for killing mobs are given, but lower than in the case of a victory. Also next rift will be in same area. Mini-rifts Upon players defeat, mini-rifts are opened in random locations on map, which spawn 2 type of rifts mobs (2 weakest should be enough), 1 per hour and after a few hours mini-portal disappears and spawns elsewhere. Mobs from mini-rift have an additional ability, each of their hits will impose a status on player that prevents magic healing, so LT and healing spells will not work for 20-30 minutes after mob attacks. If players fail and mobs unlocked all seals, a maximum of 4 mini-portals will spawn at same time randomly on map. If players won, but mobs managed to unlock any seal, one mini-rift-portal is spawned for each unlocked seal.
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    I hate rifts, but.... you barely touched rifts and next day got deep change suggestion for it?
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    1. "Definition: A macro is any software/hardware that automates the sending of actions to the game server without user interaction and is not permitted." You are right! There has been some wording change and I mis-remembered the wording! In this case you are 100% correct. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The wording here says user interaction, which WOULD include voice commands! @validate 2. I never said 100% attention, I said more attention than staring at a tv and not looking at the screen. "you need to be attending this with more attention than just watching tv and not even looking at the screen." I used to use Wurm assistant with a timer that would start after it received the log that I finished a certain action, so that I could watch tv while fishing(before the fishing changes). After the timer ran it would make a noise so I could make sure to press the key again. I also had a specific sound for if my line snapped and I needed to replace it. 3. The problem comes is that just because there is a disconnect between the apps, by making a separate log file that another application reads, doesnt mean it isnt "automated" BUT you are correct in that it basically has the same outcome. The only difference here is that it is scanning the log files to change the macro. The "1uy2uy3uy4uy5uy" set up for automatically selecting the appropriate tool does need to be discussed further with the GM team. Let me do some testing on it real fast and I will edit this post with some more information depending on its outcome. Based on my testing: 1. The method of "1uy2uy3uy4uy5uy" IS NOT allowed unless you actually have 90 Mind Logic. The reason being that you WILL go over your action queue. " in order to fill your in game ACTION QUEUE " When doing this method the queues will go over the max action queue if the tool needed to imp is on 4 or 5, for most players. 2. When using the "1uy2uy3uy4uy5uy" method with out having 90 mind logic(and no delay), I was consistently running into times where the commands did not go through properly and the client would not receive the last 2 sets of imp and repair. The only way I was able to get it to work consistently was with a delay, which means it is still against the rules. "without any default, built-in, or added delay timings" TLDR: The "1uy2uy3uy4uy5uy", 'u' being improve and 'y' being repair, Is NOT allowed. While the voice commands ARE allowed since the wording is user interaction, provided the voice command follows the same rules as a macro key press. Note: These are based on direct interpretations of the CURRENT rules as of 21/9/2021. Changes can still be made, as technology changes and Wurm receives updates, things may be made clearer, tightened, or loosened. If you feel any thing said in this post is not correct, please send a Private Message to Enki via the forums.
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    I seem to be in the minority here as I don't mind the delays and such, hell I back Star Citizen and if they ever do finish that game it'll be a couple DECADES late. My issue is with priority. Prior to the breeding changes, I made a post stating that it seemed weird and backwards to prioritize changing a perfectly functional and enjoyable system that we can already use, for something that is likely to be buggy and problematic, when there are far more important things dev time should be spent on in my opinion. Here we are much later, and though most people seemed to disagree with me at the time, the breeding changes have proven to be a huge problematic time sink and instead of fixing THAT the priority seems to have shifted to VR. Your players had some awesome suggestions for the breeding thing, but you went your own way. Your players keep telling you that your priorities don't make sense for the health and longevity of Wurm, but you go your own way. This has been the case as far back as I can remember. Originally I figured Rolf's vision was overriding player opinion, but Rolf is long gone. Now it is clear that they've made a habit of reading our opinions, occasionally responding to one or two, and then going off and doing whatever completely different thing they want regardless. I can't say for certain that this is really how the process goes, but it is certainly how it looks from player perspective. MANY MANY mistakes and problems and bad decisions over the years could have been avoided if you'd just listen to your paying customers. Not just hear them, actually listen. Imagine if further updates all became collaborative. Imagine if we got to vote and decide, as players, on dev time priority and implementation of new features. I'm pretty sure the game would be far more playable, and have a much easier time keeping new players. I do realize this is a double edged sword. My favorite MMORPG, EverQuest, was ruined because the devs listened too much to the loudest players and made the game too easy and removed every bit of challenge and risk from standard play. So I get it, I really do. Wurm's high difficulty staying difficult is one huge thing in its favor. However, at this point the remaining players are comfortable with this difficulty and aren't asking for an easier game. Maybe some QOL updates to remove some tedium, but I have seen very few suggestions aimed at reducing the actual challenges in the game. Please, work with us instead of against (or in spite of) us.
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    it may not be necessary for you but thats information a lot of players are looking for and when its not on the wiki that just means cas have to remember it for every item to answer the questions about it that happen all the time. and 13% isnt the important information anyway, what you need to get 6%(the minimum) is more important.
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    The Staff of Dragons, adorned by a tiny little replica of its namesake, has arrived! Available through the month of September in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to a metal staff to give it a unique and fancy look.
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    omg no, lol this sounds like something needslessly complicated and atrocious to participate in.
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    Hey there! Two areas of catseyes with waystones have been added near Bela Areo. I have annotated them in yellow. Thank you!
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    I have to somewhat agree here, in case somebody cannot pay for premium because of real life issues he still will instantly loose premium once his premium time runs out. I also have to make sure that every project I work on is doing well even in my absence. That generally applies to every company. It also looks problematic since every developer currently seems to have real life stuff going on, hardly see any devs online nowadays.
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    I love my VR heaset. I've done some work-arounds before to try it out in Wurm, and while not having native support damaged the experience a bit, I found it to be quite awesome to actually walk around my deed in VR and feel like I'm really there. It was a fantastic experience, and VR in Wurm is something I would very much like to have. That said, I've been bumping my bug report on the bug forum for literally YEARS and even when a dev told me a long time ago it was being worked on, it was never fixed. I was also very against the AH changes BEFORE they happened, and while lots of people argued with me that it was going to be great and sorely needed, I maintained that there are both far more important priorities for dev time, and that I lacked confidence that the changes would be better than what we already had. I'm not trying to say I told you so (though, I mean, I totally did), just want to say that while I absolutely love Wurm and still pour hundreds of my hard earned dollars into the game, please start listening to your own freaking players. WE are the ones opening our wallet and giving you money. WHY DO YOU REFUSE TO LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE PAYING YOU???? VR? Yeah, would be great, but no. Spend some time fixing issues and addressing the concerns of your paying customers, THEN implement the gimmick that will cause the small financial bump before the numbers revert to normal. If you don't, your gimmick might LOSE you players/money in the longer term as player confidence is fading quickly. I apologize if my frustration is starting to show. EDITED TO ADD: I also want to point out that as someone who started this game on the Epic Cluster, I was there when a badly considered change was implemented despite the ACTUAL PLAYERS ON EPIC all telling you it was a terrible idea, and now my home cluster is a dead wasteland. I want to point out that DESPITE my home server and my home and my friends ALL being eliminated due to badly thought out changes and failure to listen to the players, I am STILL here and giving you my money. Please stop making me feel like a sucker, or like I'm in an abusive relationship just waiting for the abuser to finally change and stop abusing me. Listen to your own freaking players.
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    Plan B doesnt exist in Wurm, not Demona`s fault but to have a contest ended and hanging in the air for a couple of months is not good, same with updates, where other devs normally use the days after to fix bugs etc, wurm just leave a broken update for months, some for years. im on now to pack everything away and get ready for a longer break(permament if things not getting better) As a paying costumer i just cant accept this anymore.
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    Shadows Vale Market Blacksmithing Items that turn rare will be returned to owner, tips appreciated not required prices negotiable for large orders Add 50% to price for large anvil 70 QL Tools and Imps 35c 80 QL Tools and Imps 60c 85 QL Tools and Imps 75c 90 QL Tools and Imps 1.5s Iron or Copper Lamps/Hanging Lamps 50ql - 20c EA Small / Large nails - 2s per 1k Iron ribbons - 1s per 100 Masonry 50ql Smelter - 4s Bulk Goods Order On Demand All Prices Are Per 1k Unless otherwise Stated Delivery to costal areas available 1s for smaller orders, might discount on larger orders Crates NOT Included, can be for extra cost Clay - 1s Clay 70+QL - 1.5s Mortar - 4s Concrete - 3s per 100 Can work out deals for other items if needed these are just the common jobs I have done. Message me here or in game @ShadowsKing Skills Blacksmithing - 90+ Digging - 83+ Masonry - 60+ Mining - 60+ Carpentry - 45+
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    Hello all! I thought I'd record some of my experiences with output traits and their effect on milk and wool output. I have a herd of sheep I'm trying to breed output traits into for personal use and sale. For full disclosure, these are the results I get with 48.88 milking and 91.32 animal husbandry. For shearing I use 85.80ql iron scissors with 75coc, and I use a 46.98ql cedar bucket with a volume rune for milking. The traits I'm looking at today are: It seems vibrant - Increases the output of resources It gives more resources - Increases output of resources such as wool and milk It has very good genes - Increased amount and quality of resources like milk and wool I'm not taking into account other traits, whatever category they are from. First lets look at some control sheep. Happysheep is an aged ram with no output traits. He gives me 0.40kgs of wool, and on this shearing the ql was 92.90ql, normal for me. Apple is an aged ewe with no output traits, and gives me 2kgs of milk each time. Now sheep with 'it gives more resources'. Ambrose is another aged ram with tha trait. He gives me 0.44kgs of wool which today was 100ql. I have found that my output sheep consistently give 100ql wool more often than non output sheep. 'Vibrant' sheep next. Banjo is an aged ram with only the vibrant trait from the output category. He gives me 0.48kgs of wool, and this shearing it was 97.28ql. I lack adult ewes with only 'vibrant' or 'gives more resources', but I do have ewes with both traits. Pinkie is one such ewe, and is also aged. She gives me 2.60kgs of milk. Her wool output is also increased, giving me 0.52kgs which this shearing was 100ql. Finally, my best sheep. Rosalind is aged and has the 'vibrant' trait as well as the rare output trait 'it has very good genes'. Her milk output is a huge 4.40kgs per milking! And she gives me 0.88kgs of wool, this time at 100ql. All in all, output traits are definitely worth breeding for if you want more milk for that cheese grind, or better ql wool to imp your tapestries. I haven't looked at any traits that affect the output of butchery items, because I refuse to kill my beloved sheeps, or butcher them after they die. Honourable burials only! I assume the above traits affect cows and bison the same way. And if anyone is breeding output cows, please pm me! 😄 EDIT I have a sheep with just the 'vibrant' trait old enough to be milked and sheared. She's an adolescent ewe called Sunflower. Today she gave me 2.40kgs of milk, and 0.24kgs of wool at 92.96ql. I also have a 'gives more resources' ewe now, adolescent Freyja. She gives me 2.20kgs of milk, and 0.22 kgs of wool, this time at 98.41ql.
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    Please make adventuring on Freedom more exciting by adding the rare encounter with a son of no gump, or eagle spirit, or drake spirit, or spawn of uttacha, etc. This was one of my favorite things about living in the epic cluster as a mostly carebear style player. Let them trigger on a pendulum that can find legendary creatures. Would add another dynamic to unique hunting, as you'd need to handle the valrei creatures attracting your pendulum before knowing if a dragon is just a bit further.
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    This would mess up so many things - just think of all the almanacs!
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    This was such a beautiful skin that I felt compelled to dish out my points and buy it. Absolutely love it! Good job Saroman! ❤️
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    what do you win or lose from the mess, beside it bothering you somehow, it's obviously working perfectly fine.. it's an event with spawns that a group of people fight, it's not strict like the dumb blizard raid systems.. that's a bless and a curse, but it works. bigger difficulty and same or worse rewards.. sounds like a nerf no thanks 3. I'd hope to one day see rift gear improveable.. but so far it's junk that is not.. socket system that is wasted and only used on few items that are questionably reasonable to use, unless you're determined to have and use them on few nonmaintainable items, by mending and placing gems until they are completely spent.. only to then smelt them for mm lump. So far the suggestion is ridiculous, it's the usual format of solving non existing problem, with no problem to solve, just replacing something because a random thought have happened and turned into a forum post that suggests mechanic replacement with alien to the native game style into something different and questionably fitting this game universe. without changing the rewards into something epic... there's 0 reason to put more effort into rifts... ppl already hate the vent because of the time sink that it is.. and the low usability for the rewards
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    Thanks for the wonderful animals Olaf.
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    I'll bid 10s. Ship to ssmokes please
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    Love this! We need more cuteness, every month. More hats, more clothes, anything like this please!
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    Oh Independence how ye captivate me.
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    you really need to separate what you are quoting from what you are writing. to make it easy you can just press enter a few times to make some empty lines below the quotes before you copy them and use those empty lines below to keep writing. my opinion as someone who has both been a chat moderator and a forum moderator, has received forum warnings for staff bashing and trolling and has been accused of all kinds of insane things is that you should focus less on how the rules could possibly be used if they were interpreted in the worst way possible and more on how they are actually used.
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    We really, really, really like this deed! So to whoever owns it, we are glad we visited it in our travels!
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    It's unfortunate that one of the most interesting things made for the game in recent years had a bullet in the head because of a handful of issues that can absolutely be worked out
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    I tried 3 breeding cycles the answer is no. you general get vibrant, picks stuff up, friendly and stationary. you loose dom category down to 1 trait if you are lucky. none if you are not. -- my experience may not be everyones experience and this is from before I logged out and refused to log back in. others might have better stats to offer you.
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    What? Wurm finally has a proper Minimap?
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    You know something is borked with the system, when those two appear on the same horse and are not mutually exclusive.
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    I think about 16, both figures speak pretty loudly 😛
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    In the two weeks since the patch went live i have now killed over 500 foals, imagine how mad i am also. Not sure at this point why i bother trying any more.
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    This image sums up my breeding experience as hots fairly well I think
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    The more time goes on, the more I agree with this. The home servers will just absolutely tank playerbase if you start closing them. Bringing back Jackal and making it a rotation does exactly what is being presented from the get go. Sadly, it seems current team sees no point in bringing back Jackal. The players gave negative feedback because there was so many aspects of it that didn't work, but absolutely could be ironed out. It's a waste to think of all the things created for Jackal which are now just being wasted because, well, who knows?
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    If at all. a Jackal revival would be the way to go.
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