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    kind of amazing how they pop in "sorry for no updates, hope you guys are ready for what you've been waiting for.......... VR support!" and then just disappear all over again like, is this a prank? am i getting pranked? who in god's name thought adding VR support would be a good idea, who thought anyone would want to do this? why is there any effort being put into that on an official capacity? why would anyone think playing wurm on vr is a good idea? i can't even comprehend it. it's not like there's voip to speak in local either, you're just mute and staring at progress bars in vr? the menu wouldn't be hard to do but it's still just like. why? this is surreal. this had to be some sort of weird wacky dimension where the devs are just pranking us or using the game as a project to learn how to program random stuff instead of actually working on the game. what??????????? what a bloody joke of a game
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    Rare Adamantine Dragon Staff Details: Almost 9kg of Adamantine went into the crafting and imping of this unique weapon. Improved with the skill of Master Weaponsmith Pantha Enchanted with the wisdom of Lethyria Color Rune was crafted and applied by Volladol Start bid: 1s Min bid: 1s Reserve: Reserve Lifted No buyout No private bids Sniper protection: 1 hour Item will be sent via CoD to the winner! Happy Bidding!
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    In other words, I had a lot of Fun with this one's tether The results are in. The dragon's anaemic, and the only cure is a full blood transfusion! So bring your weapons and let's beat all of his blood out! It's on the south edge of K13. The deed, "The Pawd," is on the highway network. Getting there early is advised because even I don't know how to get there. It's not near enough the water for alts to be boat-parked.
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    My problem with "depth" in most skills is that it's just completely unexplainable unless you read wu code, fishing is a good example of the opposite of this contrary to popular belief here, with new fishing i never felt like it was trying to prevent me from doing things properly or anything that other skills do with their backwards logic and reliance on the 1-40 skillgain system which requires using trash tools for most cases, fishing you could easily find out what fish were in an area via lore, you could see the difference changing out your equipment did to the lore results so it wasn't just a "is this better or did rng ruin my small sample size", using high ql tools isn't a penalty to skillgain because it's easy to find harder fish to catch, and the game would give feedback on whether or not you're fishing things that are too hard or too easy, by catching them near instantly or always getting away. Compared to say, imping, where the best way to skill is opposite to most similar skill systems due to sweet spot imping, which you probably would never find via normal gameplay, the only reference ever to it in patch notes ever was rolf saying something obscure like "made imping above your skill better", or like, shield training which i've talked about a bit recently due to actually skilling it, something as simple as an altar of your god in the area will tank skillgains due to influence nuking the difficulty of the shield block, so if you had two different followers, both the exact same skill, grinding in an area, one could be grinding perfectly and the other would get literally no skill just because of an altar being nearby, and who would sit and think "hmm maybe this altar of my god is responsible for me losing 95% of my skill gain in a non-religious skill". I feel like if you're going to go for "depth", tools like "lore" from fishing or cooking that give you a general idea of what you're doing is too hard/easy/normal is needed to prevent it from just being indecipherable to the average player
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    To help Stanlee the dragon hunter out a wee bit, the Freemason alliance has constructed the Red Bar next to The Pawd deed. A clearing for those wanting to drop tents is available. There is lots of booze and some food there for all. Pls help yourselves and party it up at any of the tables set up. Also 2 altars have been made (Vyn + Lib), with two more needing the Bowl last part attached for Mag + Fo. If you are a follower of one of them last two, pls do that attach if you arrive on scene and they still need making. thx. See you all there o/
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    Depth and ease of use are often at odds with each other. While the best case scenario would be to accomplish both, that has not always happened here. There are areas of Wurm where the depth makes the feature hard to approach, but I don't know if that creates a more enjoyable experience for those who brave the complexities of the feature. I'm looking at you, fishing! A balance is always best, obviously. I feel archaeology balances depth with ease of use pretty well, for example. We might be able to do better on educating people in how to start using archaeology, but the actual system itself is pretty easy to use and learn. So which do you prefer?
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    First of all, cool to see the involvement! If I want ease of use, there is a billion games out there. I do not play Wurm to be dragged along an easy laid out path. I play Wurm cause it has depth, and is such an unique cool experience! Of course ease of use is nice and all, but when facing a choice, I am personally much more fascinated by depth than ease of use.
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    Oak Hill Ranch will be hosting a Rodeo for a week long event! November 14 through November 20 Located at N17 - only 3 minutes by cart from Harmony Bay You cant come too late to join in the festivities. Traditionally Rodeos are week long events meant to test the Speed, Skill, and Dexterity of both man and beast. We are attempting to offer just that same type of mix of events over the course of a week for all players who can join us to have fun with. Welcome to Oak Hill - East View from the Scenic Tower Picture of the Arena from a God's prespective - Courtesy of Demona Map of Events - Hope it helps! (Please note some buildings and pens have been added since the original map was created) Oak Hill Book Nook - Please be sure to sign the Guest Register! Join us for a week of events sure to please. All premier events will occur ever two hours during the day so all who come may participate at their leisure. Arena for Premier Events including "Grandstand" with 90 available seats. Premier Events Prizes for Premier Events will be as follows: 5 Silver will be awarded to the top winner of the daily event - 1 Silver will be awarded to top winner for each scheduled run at 10AM/12PM/2PM/4PM/6PM (All times are EST) More prizes for second and third place may be announced later, but we have many events and scheduled runs so this may be difficult. (Premier Events will held on a 2 hour schedule from 10AM EST until 6PM EST - all competitors present at the top of the hour on 10-12-2-4-6 will run the current event scheduled at that time - anyone not present will have an opportunity again at the next opening) Day 1 (11/14)- Barrel Racing As pictured above the barrel race will be run in a traditional cloverleaf pattern, enter and swing around barrel #1(right), move to and around barrel #2 (left) and then finally around barrel #3 (far back center), then race as quickly as possible to the start line (entrance to the arena). There are range poles located on the side of the barrel where the circle around it is to be entered into. Due to the limited turning radius of the horses on wurm, however you can make the turn will be accepted, but the turn must be completed. This is a race of dexterity of the rider and the horse, so your skill in turning plays a large role. Practicing in advance on your chosen mount as well as at the chosen weight (armored or not) is suggested. This is not as easy as it sounds. The arena is located on the North side of the deed, anyone is welcome to come and practice on the arena grounds if they are able and would like to. No games were run and no winners to announce. Day 2 (11/15)- Pole Bending 6 Poles will be set up in a straight line the length of the Arena, competitors will weave between the poles from the entrance to the Arena to the end, and then turn and repeat the process on the return trip. Again turning radius presents the difficulty here, and skill and dexterity of both horse and rider will win the race. Rhianna is announced as the First ever Event Winner in an Oak Hill Rodeo event! Congratulations Rhianna! Day 3(11/16) - Bull riding Various Bulls of differing abilities and ages will be made available by Oak Hill for competitors to use, OR you may bring your own. Race course will be set up before the event begins. Yujene visiting from Cadence takes the day as the first Bull Riding Event Winner! Congratulations Yugene! Day 4(11/17) - Flag Jousting As we all know Harmony is not a PVP server - this presents an issue with actual jousting, as does the actual holding of a flag, so we have modified this event to meet with accepted Wogic. The course will be set up on as close to a long even plane path as we can find on Oak Hill. Competitors will race full tilt to the center where two flags will be set up. Each competitor will grab a flag (blue or green as set by Start Ends) and race to the opposite competitors start point - turn around and race back to center (will be marked as a center zone) and place the flag in the zone (not drop). First to finish the maneuver will win the "joust". Day 5(11/18) - Weaponless Bison Fighting This will be held in the Main Arena with one of Oak Hills own Bison (in the event that the bison is killed during the event another will be brought out). The fight will commence with the competitor going in weaponless and attacking the bison. Two referees will be on hand - one will watch the health of the competitor the other will watch the health of the Bison. When one of them reaches 25% of health the competitor will be told to leave the arena (a gate will be installed for this event to end the fight when the competitor leaves). A First Aid tent will be set up next to the entrance of the arena for the competitor to be immediately healed to a safe level, and the same will be done for the Bison. Once the Bison is at 100% health again, the next competitor may then enter. Time of each battle will be taken and the competitor that lasts the longest before they hit 25% health, will win. Day 6(11/19) - Mounted Racing Race Route for the races on Day 6 and Day 7 are being worked on now - The course will be set up on both 2 lane and 1 lane roads as is permissible by the buildings and land on the deed. The course will be clearly marked by both white flags and green pointer signs and will form a loose 4 leaf clover pattern around the deed. Update - The half hour before each run will be reserved for competitors to make practice runs on the course. There are many turns and hills in this course (think along the lines of a mix between a touring and rally race in cars) The course tours around the deed, but watch for the flags and poiner signs in green so you dont go off course.More information on the course will be added soon. (Each scheduled Mounted Race will consist of 2 heats - First heat will be Untacked, Second Heat will be full Gear - 3 competitors may run at the same time - in the event there are more than three contestants per heat - multiple runs will be run until there are no more competitors in that heat class - during this event only Horses/Donkeys/Mules will be run - if a player would like to run the race but has no mount there will be select mounts available for use for those players courtesy of Oak Hill. Prizes and course to be announced soon.) Day 7(11/20) - Cart and Wagon Racing (final race Mounted alternative mounts!) We are requesting advanced sign ups for the Mounted Alternatives race so we know how many pens to prepare, please leave your advanced sign up in the comments below. Spirit Guards will be Agro disabled for the week A bear is already entered for the Alt race! Sign up now with your mount! Rules for the above events will be announced as we get closer to the Rodeo date Events and activities that will be ongoing throughout the week will include: (Ongoing events will be offered at all times throughout the week for your enjoyment at any time day or night - these are fun only events and offer no awards for placement or competition, but are offered by Oak Hill as a courtesy to attendees of the event. Please feel free to try one or try them all at your liesure and as many times as you like.) Livestock Auction Will be held on the South side of the deed near the OH Horse Sales area. UPDATE: All players attending are welcome to bring animals to sell at the Auction. All animal varieties will be accepted in the Auction ring. Bring your low level animals for auctioning to players without much to give, and/or your higher quality animals for those that would like to get something really good and come ready to pay for it. Bring your farm animals, bring your alt champs if you wish to sell them. Auction is being held in a section of the deed that will not be "local" to Premier Events so bids may be heard "read" in local chat. Seller will accept final bid that comes in when no other bid comes in within the time it takes the seller to reasonably type: "Going Once! (pause), Going Twice! (pause), SOLD!". Pumpkin Chunkin Punkin Chunkin Wurm Style Bring your own catapult with you or use one of ours (three Oak Hill catapults will be available for use) - but either way, lob a pumpkin and see how far it goes! Lots of fun to try. Due to deed perm limitations of non deed members not being capable of using the catapults, this event is being moved to our off deed water area. Pick a Pile This is a fun only event but every pick is a winner - some are better than others. The idea is simple, stand behind the line, and pick a pile number, then you can go open the pile and take the "prize" under the grass pile. The grass pile will be restuffed with a new "prize" for the next player. Have fun and enjoy! Items range from nails to coins to gems - you wont know what you get till you pick! Checkers Tables Waiting for another player! Tables and boards have been set up in the Scenic Tower for use at players leisure Prayer Circles Prayer Circle will be set up in the Monestary Central Chamber drop your priest alts and enjoy the festivities! Oak Hill Fo Monestery Fo Genesis Healing Fo Healers in attendance so far will be Sylrona, Pukaria and Kerym. Cooking Competition Competitors will be given products to work with and cooking tools to use, 5 different varieties of food must be produced (including one simple beverage). Different varieties is not three types of pizza - qualifying dishes will be different dishes only (pizza/sandwich/paella etc). This competition is for fun only, we MAY come up with small incentives to enjoy the game, but this is not promised. Pit yourself against your friends, come up with new dishes, and enjoy! (All food produced will be moved to the Tavern dining hall for all players to enjoy) Vendors currently planning to attend include: (Please let us know if you have any special needs that we can prepare for you) Guest Cottage for vendors Aleck (Adventuring Gear inc: high end compasses) Achillis (Blacksmithing/weaponsmithing/misc. high level goods) Bearclaws (Various goods) Chuckwagon Food Vendor Toxa - Chuckwagon Pizza vendor Bring your animals - Bring your friends and come for a day, an event, or the whole week. But come to have fun! Should you decide to stay for the week we do have Lodging available at our Tavern, (5) beds will be on rent in private rooms, but food will be offered for free at the Tavern. Free beds (6) for those that cannot afford better accomodations will be available at our Communal Boarding house. There will be chests available for stashing gear in at the Boarding House, but they will not be secure so please only use if needed, and name your items if you put them in so you can retrieve them later. Oak Hill Taven Oak Hill Public Boarding House (more information will be added as the event nears) Anyone interested in becoming a vendor (craft or food) for the event either including imp availability or not, please contact me. We will have housing available for vendors during the event as guests of Oak Hill. Vendors will be able to place a merchant either on Merchant Row in front of their Guest Cabins, or at various locations around the ranch. I am also looking for Fo Priests willing to offer services of Gen Healing of animals during the event. We have three Fo stations in our monestary, so we have plenty of room. Any other priests wishing to attend or lead Prayer circles are also welcome to contact me, we will have prayer circle locations set up around the deed for your needs. Contact Lyndee in game, or you can reach me here through comment or message. Oak Hill Ranch More pictures and updates to come weekly check back for more information!
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    We are now basically ready to open up to the public! Harmony Bay Market is a deed just East of Harmony Bay (literally the next tile after perimeter's end) We are not looking for villagers, but for traders that want to have a place to set up their merchants! We offer 2 options, both are 100% free, neither of those require you to be a villager, you can have your own deed or belong to any other village. 1) Market stalls - if you don't have much stuff to sell, you can ask to us for a spot in a market stall, or maybe even 2 of them. 2) 2x2 Buildings - Our 2x2 buildings provide space for up to 4 merchants(at least 2 , please), and have an upper floor where you will have a bed and other furniture(on request, until we make them all), we can Rename it as you please and we will give you structure's permissions,so that you can also do other stuff in your house. Summoning with a priest is also often an option if you live far and don't want to travel all the way to here. The deed is currently still a work in progress, but we can already offer several spots, and it doesn't require too long to add even new ones!. What we will offer in the future: - A temple with all the altars - A structure to provide food for everyone - Maybe sermons if someone is willing to run them - Decorations and stuff - Please note that this is not intended as a "village experience" We will not give citizenship or free tools, we might appreciate help in continuing to build it up, but we'll need to discuss it first, and we will not give deed's permissions for most things - Please remember that merchant contracts are a strictly personal item, we couldn't lend them even if we wanted, so you'll have to personally buy all the merchants contracts, and they will stay yours, we can in no way take possession of your merchants or items even if you stop playing. Here follow a few pics of the deed at its current state and a deedplanner 2D and 3D plant of the finished project: Deedplanner finished idea:
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    bind H "toggle wikisearch" I used to hit this button when I needed a reminder, type in the word(s) that would take me to the correct page on the wiki(without having to use the mouse), then read it on my second monitor. After the in game wiki was implemented you have to use the mouse regardless and it takes longer to find the article you need. I miss the old way and would love for it to be added back as an optional way of searching the wiki.
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    The person who merged them should be required to index them. Honeslty, I have Darnok ignored, but I certainly don't condone vandalizing his posts by chucking them all together in heaps. One of the issues I already had was the problem of too many related but separate suggestions accumulating in one thread. Instead of being more intelligible these would now be less intelligible. I do wonder if one person systematically posting into every Darnok suggestion they could find and thus carpeting the first couple of pages with them has led to the false perception that Darnok posted all that stuff at the same time.
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    I'm going to agree with Madnath on the lack of reward from fishing but as I recall there were craftable fishing trophies added with the fishing update but they were bugged somehow and got hotfixed out - never to return. Being able to display your best catches would go a long way to making fishing rewarding.
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    I think the issue with fishing is more complicated. It's a very neat system but the added depth leads to it feeling bloated when about half of the options aren't very good or don't offer much. Fishing in general doesn't really offer a whole lot of reward which is where the complaints stem from, and it's why I suggest just skimming the fat of the system away but keeping a handful of parts to create an easier to use, but still pretty in depth system. I will always go with depth, because without depth we end up with situations where things like HFC is incredible, but beverages is lackluster and really needs some work. I think I generally trust the devs to get that balance right. It's never been perfect, and animal husbandry was went down like a lead balloon so far, but I feel like I can trust you lot to get it to a good point. I will once again point to the favour regen thread. It's a system every priest will use, so conversation was made in that thread about an idea proposed that was, frankly awful. They took away that feedback, and came back with the new favour system that we have now that is leaps and bounds better in every way. I think my point I'm saying with this paragraph is: I trust the devs for the most part to get the depth vs ease of use ratio right, but I do think systems that have much more heavier use need actual player feedback on ideas before they get put in. I think that's been the issue with some system updates, a lack of playerbase input on what should be changed and how.
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    this and what tristanc said, dont force everybody into "features" that are helpful for a tiny minority and screw up the rest (like the search bars and filters everywhere in the new UI that cannot be turnned off.)
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    It feels like your replies are all rather obvious given the question, but I love the feedback and find it interesting all the same. The benefit of asking a question like this is that we're not discussing a specific feature except in using as an example. Instead, we're discussing a philosophy, and the feedback can help guide us with design and implementation in the future. It is especially helpful with the examples being made, as it helps teach us where we went wrong versus where we went right. Thank you all!
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    Of course, I'd prefer a balance leaning in favor of Depth but not forgetting ease of use as well. The system for Archaeology is a very good example of one that achieves this, I agree. The new (relatively) Fishing system is an example of going to extreme with Depth but I'm pleased the later adjustments offered balance so it's not as bad now as it was at first upgrade installation. Perhaps the most important factor is the user interface. Let there be a relatively easy means of learning by having shortcuts available, but please don't replace the options for players that wish detailed adjustments and decisions available as well. Perhaps toggles in the settings would enable players to choose which view they prefer, but please don't force a 'dumbing down'. Footnote: One frustration existing with the Archaeology system is the volume and weight of fragments required that needs to be added/stored before the final item is complete. If there was some sort of bin that could hold these fragments with noticeably lessened or no decay on an upkeep prepaid deed, that would remove about the only critique I have of Archaeology in Wurm Online. PS: Thank you for posing the question to the Community, Keenan! Such interaction and input can only lead to a better game and enjoyment.
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    Why not both? **Easy to learn, hard to master
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    imo I think learning curve is the main thing thats neglected. Archaeology is a good middle ground because it has a lot of cool neat deep features but you can also completely(for the most part) pick it up without having to read forums threads for three days of unconfirmed theory or derp on the wurmpedia every time you want to do the task/skill.
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    Deeply saddened to hear of this. I haven't been around ingame for some time now, however he's one name I don't think I'll ever forget! Humorous in many ways, eventful to deal with as a staff member in global chat, and a rather interesting fellow to chat to on a personal level. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
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    remove RMT... add RM rewards... welp, what can i say except i missed that post the first time...
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    sent you the one leftover from my project
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    95QL Supreme Small Anvil, 100 BoTD and 10% Damage Reduction Rune A small but heavy metal anvil. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [100] Start Bid: 30s Increments: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 Hour
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    The problem with "depth" is that it'll most likely end up cryptic and unexplained (examples: everything), Just Random™ (example: breeding), or half the feature broken (example: archaeology). I can work with cryptic, but if you can avoid making it be the other two, then depth is what wurm is all about.
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    we need taxidermy keenan, I want to stuff my dead horses and put them in my house
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    For me, it is almost always depth over ease of use as long as there is some balance with it. Depth will typically allow for more learning and feeling more accomplished. However that depth should not be to hard to figure out either. It should not require deep delving into the code of WU to figure out how it works. Your example of Archaeology I think is good, it has some depth and it is fun and not hard to figure out. Not everything needs to be reveled at the start, as long as there are clear ways to figure out the details of the skills. Thanks for the poll and asking the community this question, it is one that I'm sure will have some interesting results! Keep up the good work!
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    [10:38:54] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. All Done. Thank you. I will be glad to see again)
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    There were already many topics about vehicles/ships cluttering the servers. Many people do not want increased decay for abandoned vehicles/ships neither ability to lockpick them after some time, couse they afraid that if they come back to game after a few months, it will be gone. On the other hand, many people do not want tons of those cluttering many places, especially starter towns. Those two matters can be combined. Void mechanic (PVE only): - player is inactive for some time (let it be 3 months or any set time) - his vehicle/ship is off-deed or in starter town in that time - given period of time passes -> vehicle/ship goes into void, thus being removed from server and left in database (with everything inside) - when player logs in and tries to manage this vehicle/ship, he gets message like "Due to your inactivity, your vehicle/ship went into void. Do You wish to summon it right now?" - when player click yes, it will spawn at his current location It's only for PVE and hard to abuse, couse it needs a long time to despawn the vehicle into void.
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    So no gambling, no rmt, etc. But there’s a tournament for real life money.
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    me again please COD to zalidate on harmony trowels x4 QL 70 BOTD 61 - 61c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 62 - 62c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 62 - 62c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 63 - 63c (iron) thank you.
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    Ana (German Shepard, left) and Max (Husky, right) proudly posing next to one of many escape attempts (hole under the fence).
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    I think it's about time to seriously consider a full merge. The markets will be unstable for a while and will then settle down. Prices will probably fall, on average, if only because all sellers and buyers will have access to one another. I can see why certain players would feel unhappy about their lucrative NFI businesses losing profitability, but I don't think they have any moral basis for deserving sympathy. At the end of the day, the advantages of having a unified player base ought to outweigh the disadvantages of... eh... a larger play area with more old deeds.
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    I have restrained from posting in these long enough That said, -1, it just doesn't fit Wurm Online at all.
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    31y 18x is pretty close to where it is on Indy catseye map. Boat Parking Options: East Exit of Garfius Cave Canal, 182 highway to slaying North End of Equator along the Samling Way, 200 highway tiles (start out heading west to 1st waystone) NE of Fog Lake, 300 tile highway to slaying (seemed like the most gentle slope up, but you still have to go up to same height overall)
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    Damn sad news indeed. I first encountered Waar when i was a CM and damn he was a pain... always dancing back and forth on the limit of the acceptable in the public chats. But the man behind the keyboard was someone else when you learned to knew him. It's with great sadness that i learn the loss of another friend and wurmian. Rest in peace Waarokku.
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    Rolf has not been involved in many years, the game has been sold to the "Industry business" folks that you mention. Your statement reads, at least to me, that you are supporting the very thing that you don't want. Wurm being sold and bought buy a business that is in the business to make money will do what they think is best for their asset. Some of us don't agree with the direction while others like it, that is up to each of us to have our opinions and voice them if we so desire. The next step is to start talking with their wallets if things are not going the direction that is desired. Its not good or bad, it is just simple facts of life. I don't think that we are near that point yet, though I know some have already made that decision to take their money somewhere else. I love Wurm and hope to see it around for many more years to come. When Wurm was young and Rolf was still in charge, he could have that "to hell" attitude. That is no longer an option for a business that wishes to keep the doors open. There is always a point where ownership/management cannot have that kind of attitude anymore. It is my thought that Wurm is no longer in the position to say "to hell" with what anyone else wants or says, at least not if they wish to have any kind of growth. With that said, I think it would be nice to know how much imput to decision making the current dev team has when it comes to the short term and long term goals of Wurm. How much influence do the "suits" have and what direction they wish to see Wurm go. I don't like the VR addition, I don't think it will bring in many new players or retain players. But I'm not against VR if what was shared is the case. That the work on it will not hinder the work on Wurm that needs to happen. Though if that is the case one could assume that they are hiring / have hired new people to do this VR work. If so, it is my opinion that the time and money spent on VR could be put into other aspects of the game that have been needing to be fixed or added for years now. That is just my two cents.
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    No. If you haven't visited a place, why should just automatically know exactly where it is? I am all for a mapping skill, and a mapping process. But before satellites the making of maps involved actually surveying the area to be mapped. I am one of the Wurm explorers, and the only real reward that we derive from exploration is a sense of discovery. It's bad enough that the game itself has no system to reward exploration. A Wurm automap would be just terrible.
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    Currently climbing have very low (or even not existent) effects on character, here is a suggestion to make it more useful: Make max slope we can stand on, regain stamina and not fall down when standing on it or coming up depend on climbing skill, following rule "1 more slope every 5 skill" or something similar (so up to about 44 slope at 100 skill, 34 slope at 50) - I think this rule seems reasonable as it is rather hard to get to 50+ climbing.
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    January 17th - 17:30 - Xanadu - (Winner = Quelon) February 13th - 17:00 - Deliverance - (Winner = Haslador) March 17th - 19:03 - Xanadu - (No Winner) April 43rd - 22:00 - Chaos - (Embolism, Evadaly, Foxfire, Hiroi, Lyft, Nightfall, Salempl, Snoo, Spyte, Wilca) May 31st - 23:30 - Serenity - (No Winner) June 30th - 96:00 - Pristine - (No Winner) July 31st - 20:00 - Independence - (Skyefox) August 29th - 17:30 - Affliction - (Widow) September 23rd - 01:00 - Xanadu - (Arize, Clifford, Kgorski, Melloyello, Strawberrieluvsu) October 81st - 02:00 - Celebration - (Demonix, Madnath, Silakka) November 53rd - 19:00 - Chaos - (Michaelfurst, Williamwierd) December 31:00 - 00:00 - Xanadu (No Winner)