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    Waarokku passed away some months ago. I'm not close enough to his family to ask them how much information they're willing to share about it, but I can confirm that he is gone.
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    I will miss Waaroku, his humor in GL chat will be missed also, his demeanor tough but behind that but a caring ,kind individual.
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    A little while ago, it was discovered that a long-time player, one of the few who settled on Celebration at its opening, passed away earlier this year in April. I reached out to his family in hopes of confirming, but I didn't receive a response. Circumstantial evidence leans heavily to the fact that Waaroku is no longer with us. Anyone who knew Waar, knew how much his deeds meant to him. He'd never let them fall. His mother posted on her social media that she was having computer issues after her son's death and needed help in order to continue the soap business. She has also posted many remembrances of him as well. He had a tough exterior, gruff demeanor and loved to push the boundaries in all the chats. He also loved to help new players and kept a public mine outside of the spawn city of Tap Dance for this reason. He was a good friend to me. I will miss him for that. As Waaroku's last deed falls, so, too, does a part of Celebration's community and history.
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    Please add the "use" keybinding in game for items such as spyglass, pendulums and other items that have that condition. It's pretty tiring to right click every time to use certain items and we should be past the old system where we had to right click everything ad infinitum.
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    2 ribbons and a polished piece of silver sheet could make that. https://imgur.com/G4Nl5qD
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    IDK what usability testing have been done, but since we have a lot more trash traits that do nothing - fake "good" ones doing nothing and wasting points.. it's really important to mix the right 2 eggs for an omelette.. checking things involves a lot of window openings and closing.. with no keybinds for the 2 actions.. checking same animals multiple times.. and a lot more deed space to not upset the creature ratio and get cursed by nerfed results. I can only imagine what 'serious' breeders do.... they play eve online with a massive spreadsheet and filled in dated for births, cooldowns and creature names and traits.. That is not playing a game, it's accounting demo simulator. Tough part with AH I imagine was to get high skill, really hope it ends there.
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    [22:02:44] <Waarokku> what i like about me!? i really know how to dance...when i go uptown jump around think about true romance,yeah [22:02:58] <Waarokku> i keep on whispering in my ear,tell me all the things that i want to hear cause its true [22:03:03] <Waarokku> im what i like about me [22:03:27] <Waarokku> i dont know whats worse,that i sing love songs to myself [22:03:39] <Waarokku> or that i fall for them Last conversation I got to have with the big fella was him jumping in on my song spams in GL-Freedom and having a meme, instead of his usual of just calling me stupid. He will be missed, I thought I hadn't seen or heard from him in awhile. A quick scan through my chat logs and we have as far back as April this year of people wondering where he had gotten too. I say it all the time..being a spring chicken in this game, watching Wurm friends all pass away slowly from either old age or the health complications that come with aging isn't getting easier. R.I.P Waar.
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    I heard of this in GL a while ago its really sad news He will be missed RIP Waar
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    Hosehead from Strange Brew saves the day... Edit: also capes are awesome, even for doggies
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    also needs an audible reversing alarm im sick of having to make the beep noise myself
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    Welcome to Sunny coast! Harmony, i8 Send me a private message or send post here Horses 4 draft and 4 speed, Mules 4 draft: Fo priest service: Leatherworking up to 92ql: Carpentry / Fine Carpentry up to 85ql / 75ql:
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    Celebrate the unification of Blackwatch with me. I am celebrating by hosting a party on Sunday, September 5th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. PDT: UTC−07:00 Everyone is invited to attend. Drinks and refreshment will be provided. We also have some fun events planned. Blackwatch is Located at O18/19 on Harmony, just below Harmony Bay. It is a deep water Port with Boat and Ship parking on the north shore, as well as mainland accessible by bridge. The Events: Horse Races - We will be hosting horse races at Blackwatch during this event. Bring your best Horse to the event and square off against your neighbors and friends! We will hold two different rounds for each bracket. Groups of 5 will square off at a time in our Best of Breed Brackets and the final bracket winner of each round wins a cash prize, 10s. Horse only, no equipment permitted. Feel free to bring your best tack along for our Bling Bling Brackets. Show off your fancy saddles and expensive horseshoes and see who has the best of the best. 10 Silver prize to the winner of each round's Final Bracket. I will announce the top three winners from both brackets after the fact. Directions and Information: Ship Parking available at the following locations. (These are all deep water docks). Inn and Temporary Stables. This is where the festivities will take place. Also Cart and Horse Parking. Off-Deed locations for unloading creature cages.
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    Starting bid : 2.5g Minimum bid : 1s Reserve : None Sniper : 2 hours
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    Please allow abdication by willing transfer of the crown.
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    Yes, you read that correctly. We are hosting the first ever public slaying of a RED DRAGON My unique hunting group FUNK (Freedom UNique Killers) has decided that the blood from a red dragon is just too valuable, and helps the community too much, to keep this private. This has also been made possible due to extremely generous contributions by Lethyria and Luttuosaa. And was found by my good friend Heddwyn, who was instrumental in helping me trap the beast. If you don't know, the blood from a red dragon makes a rope-making imbue. Very valuable and highly sought after by anybody who uses cordage rope as a form of favor generation. Oh yea...you get some scale too!! So gather all your alts, and lets flood NFI with tons of red dragon blood! This slaying will happen at 5:00pm PST / 8:00pm EST / 12:00midnight UTC Thursday Sept 2nd. The exact location will be disclosed Thursday morning, but this will be happening on Cadence Hope to see you all there!!! DIRECTIONS: The slaying will take place at K-19. It's only about a 5 min walk from Sonata. It is located just a few tiles off the highway, between Sunrise Valley (on the community map) and Groningen (not on the community map) both of which you can route to from the Highway. It is only about 100 tiles from Groningen. There is a pointing sign that simply says "this way' pointing to a stone path...follow the path right to the fenced area. I will try to put up a pavilion where the pointing sign is, but it's not there yet. EDIT: Pavilion is up...but honestly you'll see mass people in local before you see the pavilion. Thank you to everyone who came out for this event. 500 people in local, and there would have been more, but at 500 I think the server stopped letting people log in, and lots of people were constantly being DC'ed. Anyway, I think that is a record!! Yea NFI!! I would also personally like to thank the very kind and generous people who gave me blood after the event, as I was unable to keep my alts logged in long enough to get all of the blood I needed. However, due to said kind people I was able to get enough blood to have my rope-tool fully imbued. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! and since I'll have a fully imbued rope tool, if you were one of the people to give me, or sell me blood super cheap, please contact me as I would like to offer you some free vyn enchants.
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    That video should be on the Wurm FB page. One of the biggest events in Wurm history and not a peep on FB. It was a great event and a special thanks to those that organized this moment in Wurm history.
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    So tragic, he was a very wonderful guy. I didn't know him that closely when I was in the same alliance on Cele with him. However he was always kind and humorous. May he rest in peace
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    Legendary event! I took the liberty of recording some clips and patched together a video for it. Thanks goes out to all who participated. Very impressed to see the sheer number of caravans migrating in and out of the slaying spot! I have a plot nearby and it's been a river of travellers through. Certainly a very special moment in Wurm for many. It was something like 50L of dragon blood that was generated, worth at least 25 gold.
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    So....any news? Been two weeks again....
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    Thanks for making this available! Really a once-in-a-Wurm-lifetime event for many!
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    I met Waaroku when on my other toon, delivering some goods to someone on Cele. Waar spotted me in local and we started to chat. Such a gentleman! Polite, courteous and helpful, and full of positive stories about helping new players, and living near the spawn on Cele. Waar was a pleasure to meet in person, and, as I am sure others will agree, in person, he completely turned around any impressions left by GL chat. I also saw the 'real gentleman' Waar when he used to help new players in CA Help, where Waar was polite and helpful and always gave completely straight honest answers in a patient manner. Taking the time to understand him better, definitely improved my opinion of him, and so I had a lot of time for Waar. I'm very sad that he's gone. He will be missed.
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    Received, Thanks guy for the great speedy service Sun 💜
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    I didn't know him that well, but I did talk to him a few times and he seemed like a good guy. He will definitely be missed.
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    I'm really sad to hear. Waaroku was definitely a one-of-a-kind - not that I ever liked the "favella" area but that is a personal aesthetics issue of myself only. Still will miss the seemingly forever lasting and infinite length fences and much more the occasional greetings and little chats when riding around.
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    i lived in 4 or 5 diferent places around celebration for the first 2 years of the server or so and remember his fenced areas very well. i havent talked to him in years but its sad to know he is gone.
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    Lived next to this guy for years when we built TapDance market... he was basically a member of our village when we lived there.. sad times Have a lot of good memories of our exploits
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    Maybe with Wurm Unlimited released, CCAB will get all that money for advertising.
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    If it was added that a PvE server could become PvP by vote, I would quit the game immediately. I would destroy everything I owned and leave.
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    I've said my piece really, the data shows what it shows and no amount of poorly conceived PR spin is going to change it. I very much doubt "wurm is dying", mostly because wurm's diehards are also its whales which is what most MMORPGs live on. However, the evidence firmly suggests wurm is a good contender for the status of "ghost town mmo". There are flickering fires of civilisation to stumble across, and sometimes they have people active when you pass by, but these are the exception rather than the rule. These flickering clusters are gathering, though, in various locals, as deeds and alliances wink out. We're past "candle-light clusters" and well into "cluster collapse".
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    If I do not log on to facebook for a long time, I get such e-mails... but my e-mail automatically puts them in spam. If other people have similar settings I don't know if this will improve anything. The idea with better communication is good, but spam like "you don't play, we want you to play" is not fashionable anymore. Other games send messages about monthly updates... if Wurm has a new skin every month, I would suggest sending information and a photo of that skin instead.
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    Message sent work in progress 👍
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    Thank you Wilczan and Elentari, I really appreciate you both for taking time out of your day to show me how to consistently recreate the bug. It seems caused by being in the passenger seat when using bridges over deep gaps. I'll look into this further on the test server.
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    It's because of ancient history from 5+ years ago. People got into bad habits from bad situations and haven't been able to break those awful habits ever since. Source: Sparta was a settlement on Chaos in 2014 which was raided. When that was first mentioned (2 years ago), I had no idea what Sparta was nor any of the "fallout" that was mentioned. In fact, the only story of it online comes from an obscure Life is Feudal forum thread talking about Wurm. Posted by Arowhun in that thread: Of course, players who were directly involved with the event at the time have much stronger opinions of the events that unfolded... However, that's ancient history. It was 7 years ago. Discord didn't even exist in 2014. These communication policies are old and spoiled. The fact that they haven't been revised and improved is mindboggling. They should stop using ancient history as a foundation for how they communicate, and instead use more recent history like the past year since Steam launch.
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    I agree to that. I never experienced the GM and CA team other than helpful and pleasant, and all criticism of recent changes should not obscure that the dev team does good work, and released a respectable amount of changes even in the few (3.6 ca) years I am playing. Of course, in the PvP world, there are more unpleasant occurrences, especially when a kingdom member is caught cheating, and a whole team is suspended until their involvement has been found out the one or the other way.
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