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    Wurm advertises itself as "The Ultimate Sandbox MMORPG", and has Explore, Build, and Survive on its home page. It has over 130 skills, free and subscription style accounts, and is player driven. Lets break this down into easily understandable chunks: Survive - our avatars require food, water, shelter, tools and gear. the environment is dangerous. Build - we get to choose how and what our shelter looks like, within what the environment allows. Explore - There are beautiful landscapes, and resources available all over the place. MMORPG - Allows for each person playing to be an individual, and make his or her own choices as to what to do in game, and who to be to the rest of the community Sandbox - Nothing is permanent unless you are there to keep up repairs. Funny thing - Wurm is analogous to Real Life: ALL FIVE OF THOSE ARE PART OF LIFE. Why do i bring up Real Life? Because Real Life is about the Experience. Everyone is an individual. that makes nearly 8 billion humans all individuals, some with WILDLY different experiences to what you or I have. Wurm is THE SAME! the game is about YOUR EXPERIENCE playing it. I know what some of you are thinking ----- BuT iTs A sAnDbOx GaMe...... That is why we pay for deeds and Deed upkeep, and why DECAY exists. or ---- bUt wE pAy tO pLaY.... Not every one will get enjoyment from the game, that's the nature of individuality. as individuals we HAVE to assume that each of us WANT to be in real life(suicide is a thing after all), but when it comes to a game we cannot assume that. that is why we pay for a subscription, to prove to the game we want to be here. its not pay to win - if it were we would be able to purchase anything and everything that has ever been in game. Wurm has a mechanics system that lets you 'experience' what real life might be like in a fantasy middle ages setting, without having to actually do the actions physically. Combat, exploration, creation, destruction, the only thing we provide to wurm is the community. So, why did i type this out? because Wurm depends on its community to survive.....without us playing the game, it would not be here. and that gives us a measure of control over the game as well, we can make suggestions, help improve the game, and help promote the game so more people try it, and possibly enjoy it. Us Wurmians are a special breed of gamer - we use all of our being when playing this game: Imagination, Emotion, reason, and logic. every bit is necessary to live life as an individual, and using them in a game is an experience that tops EVERYTHING else. Some of you may wonder why im even posting this at all - its because some of us(yes I'm including myself here, cause i have been guilty of it as well) in the community need to get our heads out of our butts and stop attacking each other, and then the whole community group together to start figuring out what we can do to help get wurm back on its feet. We are the cause of SO many issues it is unreal. Our Bickering and Fighting is what is causing the population decline....and that is because the game is PLAYER DRIVEN. Humans can help ANYTHING survive! We have done so for other humans for several Millennium, we have started helping other species survive, and have even brought some back from the brink of extinction. We are MORE then capable of helping a game survive - keeping a game alive is easier then bringing back a species from extinction - Don't the rest of you think it is about time we as a community collectively asked 'How can we help?' Besides 'shutting up', because without communication, we wont survive. TL;DR Wurm is about the experience, lets start making it a better one.
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    Celebrate the unification of Blackwatch with me. I am celebrating by hosting a party on Sunday, September 5th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. PDT: UTC−07:00 Everyone is invited to attend. Drinks and refreshment will be provided. We also have some fun events planned. Blackwatch is Located at O18/19 on Harmony, just below Harmony Bay. It is a deep water Port with Boat and Ship parking on the north shore, as well as mainland accessible by bridge. The Events: Horse Races - We will be hosting horse races at Blackwatch during this event. Bring your best Horse to the event and square off against your neighbors and friends! We will hold two different rounds for each bracket. Groups of 5 will square off at a time in our Best of Breed Brackets and the final bracket winner of each round wins a cash prize, 10s. Horse only, no equipment permitted. Feel free to bring your best tack along for our Bling Bling Brackets. Show off your fancy saddles and expensive horseshoes and see who has the best of the best. 10 Silver prize to the winner of each round's Final Bracket. I will announce the top three winners from both brackets after the fact. Directions and Information: Ship Parking available at the following locations. (These are all deep water docks). Inn and Temporary Stables. This is where the festivities will take place. Also Cart and Horse Parking. Off-Deed locations for unloading creature cages.
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    1 possible translation: What it takes to make any MMO game flourish, are the RL social skills the players bring to/refine/develop in the game. How we behave towards others, is ultimately more powerful than anything developers can code, as to whether a game succeeds or fails. Worry less about your own cares and of what developers can do to improve a game for you, and instead focus on what you can do in your own strength to help others to survive and thrive. For kindness/mercy is held to be the most laudable trait of human nature, just as harsh acts repaid with even harsher acts are held to be the least laudable of the human spirit.
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    I think we need new woodscrap section for whatever this post classifies as, it's like a sentence with "sky is blue, violets are .." but the start and end are missing and whole point and TL;DR are nowhere to be found, this resembles micro blog post with sentences saying nothing, reading through them leading nowhere, "information" with no value. It's cool that you feel in a certain way, maybe you want to be a blog or news writer.. but get to the point from the start, make introductions shorter, you're losing credibility for reading fast.
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    I only know one thing about wurm that its the best game
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    Babies cry when they don't understand something. Adults often have their own unique way of communicating incomprehension. Both can cause the person who is witnessing their reaction to feel extremely stressed and experience all sorts of complex, negative emotions. But a mere thunderclap can also provoke extreme stress in sensitive individuals, and that certainly was not its intent. Fear not the thunder; even clouds 'need to' express their reaction to turbulent conditions by earthing on something. Yet no lightning-strike can happen without lightning reaching up from the ground as well as down from the clouds. ... Yeah, I know: #Whatdoesthatevenmean You can never stop all humans from expressing things that can trigger negative emotions in you, but you can always work to defuse your own triggers, with the support of friends. #Shitpostingftw
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    I'am gonna sound like an old record. We need additional developer that would take care exclusively of all those small suggestions and small fixes players suggested through last years. Quick and easy changes that would bring a big improvement in quality of life. That would bring much more joy for players then larger updates once in a year.
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    I would very much like a combat option, where the objective is to skillgain the self-control not to react to being attacked. At 1.00 skill, it would only be possible to maintain this stance against a chicken at focus_level_0 Skillgains to equipped weapons/shields would be parent-skill only, since the objective is (to know when) not to use them. Rather than cancelling a target altogether, one would choose to consider an opponent's threat level as void 🚫 in the fighting window - greying out all attack/defense change options. Combat readiness avatar pose would be replaced by normal pose, even though combat is still ongoing. No Fighting skill can be gained in passive stance. To maintain this stance at focus_level_0 at 1.00 skill, the attacker would have to miss every attempt to hit you. This gives skillgain. Should they land a hit, at focus_level_0 and 1.00 skill, stance reverts to whichever stance was previously active - aggressive/normal/defensive, and the avatar pose reverts to combat readiness. Each focus level - at 1.00 skill - is a minor hit that can be absorbed without being knocked out of passive stance. In mob-combat, after a time based on skill level et all, a non-aggro mob will stop attacking, and the chance of success in taming that mob are temporarily set to 100%. In mob-combat, after a time based on skill level et all, an aggro mob will stop attacking and become blue outline for a period of time dependent on taming skill. This is accompanied by a taming skillgain. This should theoretically be similar to intensively skillgaining when shield-training, and can equally be done anywhere, when attacking/being attacked by wildlife with more aggression than chance to win. The primary purpose for this suggestion, is to provide an all-game relevant activity to redress imbalance between parent and child weapon skillgain ratios, whilst also providing a valid, alternative taming skillgain route for non-aggressive playstyles. Few people want to injure the animal they are trying to tame, but there's no way to guarantee not doing so except by using Charm, which doesn't raise taming skill. Plus, it would be a way to avoid accidentally killing a low-level account that attacks you, without having to 'run away' from them or 'hide on deed'. It can be fun to annoy people by blatantly refusing to fight-back because they couldn't hurt you if they tried.
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    Look at the negative reviews on steam, and count how many credit the game and moderation for their issues. You're wrong in just about every way lmfao
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    And we are back on our journey, a mysterious stone walled structure catches our eye and a swim to Maple Island.
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    can't be too much pepper, even if it is pepper with chicken
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    Why did my chicken tendies give me heart burn? Answer me that.
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    Am just now watching the video from today, the one where your scout swam to Maple Island. Wonderful views, excellent capturing of the experience! It was my first experience with any of your videos and I have to say I'm very impressed. Thank you for sharing and please don't hesitate continuing the series! I'll likely never take that trip, not even by boat and hiking that trail, so I'm very glad to've been able to experience the journey through the eyes of your scout.
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    The fishing update nerfed the hell out of us fisherfolk who live on freshwater lakes. An hour's sailing to find my nearest special fish spot? Please. Maybe it's time to nerf those who live on the ocean by making seawater undrinkable. Force those lazy bastards to build a well.
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    😄 Don't worry, I always intended a rewrite. Just wanted to make sure my silly-error didn't derail the topic by leaving it there as bait for other posters to focus on. Given that there is no PvP mechanics, this wouldn't destroy itself within the year. It could have no other outcome with PvP enabled; because raiding, piracy, theft, and inability to defend a deed in a no-return cycle, would lead to a monopolisitic tyranny in short order, on a open-to-all-Steam cluster. Given that deeds defend themselves, and given that being on a one-way cycle would be fiscally compensated to fund upkeep of pioneer deeds simply by being logged in on such servers, the zero-monetisation is now the most important part - since financial gain is also a form of warfare. Without this restriction, the cluster would again destroy itself, by forcing players to pursue their own gain to the extent of ignoring others as rivals in the logistics of their own goals, instead of working together to overcome the huge environmental challenges. Without either form of warfare artificially dividing player goals into personal rivalries for resources in scarcity, the enemy instead becomes bad organisation/information. The cyclic nature of the system means that accounts which are 1 server ahead in the no-return cycle, can warn/inform players who have yet to travel there, that more of x resources need to be shipped along with them. I (still) feel that this would be a good use of premium time for those who have found progress on their home cluster to have stagnated and are no longer playing. A chance to meet new people and enjoy an ongoing adventure together. The challenge of logistical organisation is the most fundamental aspect of PvE gameplay, and this is often lost in prettying up a deed that - apart from the endless hours spent grinding skill and earning the money/silver to buy things, actually took little effort to create. PvE beyond newbie days is more about artistic creativity, than any challenge in gathering resources. Commerce makes it all too easy/difficult. It can make it very pay-to-win. This sounds much more like a truly worthwhile expedition, to tame the environment and transport resources on a scale that would sustain the entire populous in a seasonal cycle. Though, I feel it might need to be periodically upscaled for WO, to keep the tourism novelty fresh. How would you feel about designing something more like this, where which corner(s) will open is not (blatantly) known in advance, nor what one might always encounter there:
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    What you have, is a peculiar definition of the word "Improve" The nastiness of these suggestions is matched only by the ignorance of existing mechanics
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    aggressive runs out of stamina against anyone using a shield in the other two stances and loses unless they rng into a couple of hits at the start of the fight. Enki's lost spars on a 99 every skill 99 every characteristic toon while using all fantastic scale and a fantastic huge age against people running shields. it's a chance to do 133% damage based on your agg fighting vs their cr (against a unique aggressive will do no extra damage compared to normal fighting, and can only happen once every 10 seconds), the swing speed is only for two handers which are balanced around trading defensive stats for aggressive, and you need 70 aggressive fighting to get 1 cr which is basically nothing (if you had 50% hit chance in normal you'd have 51.6% chance in aggressive). you're really overselling aggressive fighting, people only use it for pve because LT is broken and you can just back out and slap a sheep to full heal/cotton if you ever get wounded.
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    Grats and why not Aegis?
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    hiya i need a steel sickle and hammer with 90 botd if u can pls also could i also have them runed...tyvm Beaowuf ---as always not in big rush
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    I have to point out that people who don't like this idea are entirely irrelevant to whether it should exist. It is like a PvE player giving a -1 to the idea of a PvP server. But feel free to let me know you don't like it anyway.
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    I haven't been able to resolve the BoH casting onto magical chests, even with the Server Tweaks setting. However, Expand (from Spellcraft mod) does work and achieves the same purpose.
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    And out of those 2% what 0.0005% would be interested in Wurm 😛
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    What scares me most is that they do not seem to have an idea about how complex VR implementations are. Not something you just do as a small side project. That poor soul that has to implement all of this and make it so the performance of the VR client is playable.
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    It's beyond bizarre to me working on VR support is something that is seen as a priority when there are MUCH more important areas of the game development that can enhance the play experience enjoyment for all players not just those with VR equipment. Especially considering we're nearly in September and we're yet to see any real work on fixing May's update. I just cannot see the logic behind this choice. I love this game and have hyped it up and equally been critical of it over the past 15+yrs of playing. Right now though I have never felt greater concern for the choices being made for this game and it's future development. Disappointing.
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    A word about the VR rants: It is the decision of the company to do so, and that developers mulled that long before GC invested in Wurm shows that it is nothing unthinkable. Of course I see the problems correctly pointed at that low frame rates, lags and desyncs make VR a nauseating experience that VR requires high performance client hardware, especially graphics controllers that software has problems too, e.g. AMD supporting VR better than Nvidia, for Linux in particular that "full VR" may not make sense for WURM: I imagine a Wurmian standing in tha middle of the room during a rift battle, jerking and appearing like suffering an epileptic attack for 2 hours, then breaking down in exhaustion that VR support most prolly means SteamVR, so not available to all wurmians On the other hand: With a background in unix OS and driver development, and system administration of multi tiered IT ecosystems, I see VR as just another IO device and protocol stack, nothing really extraordinary. I fail to see it as an impossible task to integrate it to just another application layer and C/S environment. So why VR: Ok, VR users make 2.6% of steam users, which spells several millions (steam users are 140-500m iirc). It might be a way to tap into that potential of technically interested users. It seems that GC is allocating funds and manpower to develop in this direction. I am not sure whether VR would prolly require a client on its own, or may be included into the existing one. Integration of VR, the one or the other way, will require quite some mopup of the code and the protocols, thus being in favour of the game.
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    You have vivid imagination, but should not overcomplicate things so much when suggesting. For the love of god, do us a favor and either move to some other game, or play this game instead of constantly suggesting, overcomplicated, ridiculous and unnecessary suggestions that annoy most of the players. It's ok to make suggestions but you are pushing it to far. Be honest? why are you doing this? can't you see it's pointless? you want to troll us or you truly believe your ideas are good and would benefit this game and be liked by players?
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    The citizens of Pristine are pleased to announce a rare Goblin Dance Party to be hosted this Saturday, August 14th with Little Gobby Lynne as the star of the proceedings! Please be sure to pick your partner in advance and axe them to the dance. We don't want any bad blood and are asking everyone to bring their most festive selves! The event is located a short ride north from R17 on the lovely Southern Coast of our beautiful island! The War Bonnet Dance Queen Tiara has been claimed by your lovely hosts, but all other fabulous prizes will be randomly assigned to participants whose fighting dance skill is 70 or higher! We hope to see you all there, but please - no unaccompanied miners. (With apologies to @Stanlee- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery because you've really set the bar for public slayings - and I've never done this before help.)
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    That pretty much feels like a big f- off to me lol. Thanks for caring about all the time your current player base put into this game over the years. Edit: I do hope wurm does well but I'm annoyed I won't be there to see it.... Never gonna reskill in wurm.
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    Typically "on the spot" firing is for people with power to screw stuff up or people they think will cause problems. I work as the head IT person in my office. I'm fully aware that if the company decides to get rid of me, I will be escorted out and my desk will be cleared out and mailed to me. That is because I have the ability to literally delete all of the data the company has.
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    Unknownorganism was banned using the "toxic player rule" over a comment on discord. As much as I dislike the guy, its concrete evidence that he was banned by saying something out of game. He wasn't avoiding a ban by creating more accounts, and his in game account had no known warnings. He was simply banned for saying something innapropiate publicly, and not even in game. That shows that what Carmichael said is true. But sure, the GM team would say to this "There are more things that influenced this decision." But the fact is your statement of what the rule is its false.
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    I can't tell you how much I agree with what you just posted here. In my 2+ years of playing the game, I can't tell you how many times I have tried to bring up an issue to the staff, only to have been ignored, chastised or simply warned to stop. the common practice is to shove things under the rug and let players deal with the problems themselves. My account is banned at the moment, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, as there is no proper channel to appeal the ban. I belive the community as a whole deserves to be treated differently. Guys, we are not your enemies, we are your customers. Both staff and players have something in common: We all love this game and would like to continue playing it. But you guys make it darn difficult by throwing us away like an old rag no one cares about. Part of your job as a service provider is to explain to me why you took my money and did not provide me the service I paid for. But more than that we are -your- community, and you should be there for us when we come across a problem only you can solve. As for you Sindusk, I think this game will never be the same. You gave us a taste of what good development feels like and we got addicted to it. I can only pray those who stayed behind learn from your actions and we will continue to see great things. Peace, my friend.
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    I decided to resign from the Wurm Online development team. This was not due to any specific event, but instead a much longer sequence of events and general disagreement with deep-rooted policies in place for the Wurm Online team. I joined the team to make progressive changes for the game, and fix long standing issues with existing systems. The priest rework was a major accomplishment in that regard, overhauling a major system of the game into a much healthier state. However, I truly feel that the most significant issues with the game cannot be fixed through code. The common theme between everything that caused my resignation can be traced to one aspect: Communication. The first part would be development communication to the players. Certain features and development goals are kept secret with poor reason. Major changes can be implemented with players reading about them during the patch notes while the server is down. Without going into detail, Tower Chaining was one such feature that was nearly mishandled in this regard. This type of secrecy in the development leads to anxiety for players. What is the future fate of Epic? Should players continue playing there? If they place a new deed on Elevation, is there a possibility of the map being reset shortly after? How much heads up will be given? All these questions stem from the fact that there is no official statement for plans on the future of Epic. Everything is being done behind closed doors and leads the community to speculate. The players don’t know if there’s a plan for Epic at all. Making sure that content is complete before announcing it is one thing. Leaving the community in a state of anxiety without giving them something to look forward to is a whole different beast. There doesn’t need to be a set date, there doesn’t need to be a specific timeline. If something gets delayed, there was a reason. State the reason and trust the community to support it. Everyone in this community just wants the game to get better, but get kept at arm’s length due to fear of having them bark up a storm when something doesn’t get done. If you communicate clearly, and speak to your players like you’re having a conversation with a human instead of calming an angry consumer, you’ll see a much better response. The second part is an extension of the first, which is constraints imposed on staff when it comes to communicating with players. It was very recent that I received a discord PM regarding someone wondering who they should contact in order to report someone. I asked in the general staff channel if there was anyone around who could help this player. It got resolved, but not without it being made clear that type of communication to players is frowned upon. The expectation, being a developer and not someone who handles moderation, was to not respond to the inquiry at all. This is just a recent example, but this dates all the way back to when I first started. My communications with players seemed to have gone under incredible scrutiny. I remember instances where I was urged not to join specific chat channels or discord servers. I remember getting an absolutely insane amount of flak for appearing on stream without proper notification ahead of time. I remember reporting an issue and being told I shouldn’t even be bringing it up because it’s not part of being a developer. I remember having an exploit reported directly to me, bringing it up in the development chat, and then being chastised for having handled the bug report directly instead of redirecting them to the forums. These events all added up seemed to have painted me as hostile in the team. Like I was somehow breaking the natural order of things or overruling someone else’s duty. If someone comes to me with an issue, I shouldn’t have to judge whether I should attempt to resolve it or not. I shouldn’t be expected to ignore the message entirely and give the player no direction. Players have no interest in jumping through hoops to get something done “correctly” - it should just get done. These artificial restrictions, whatever purpose they serve, do nothing but harm the players in the long run and make players reporting issues excessively difficult. The final part is communication about GM actions to the general public, and even the players who are subject to the actions. This has nothing to do with GM rulings themselves. Instead, my primary point of complaint here is the communication to the players and general public when rulings are made. The lack of communication allows the players on the other end of the ruling to spin the narrative to paint corruption and bias into the decisions, even if they are not present. This dates all the way back to when Propheteer was banned and there was only the single statement made about it. From the GM team, there was no general statement as to why one of the most prominent players in the game was banned. Instead, it was handled behind closed doors and Propheteer was able to release his own statements to the player base, spinning the narrative to suit his perspective. If a clear, informative statement was made saying “Propheteer has been banned for this reason and this is the evidence we have against him” the whole situation would have gone much smoother. This translates to all decisions. When a PvP ban or raid ban is announced, it’s just announced then lifted some time later. Updates on the progress and expected timeframe would help settle the minds of players. Updates similar to “The bug has been found and fixed, and will be patched in the next update. When the update is live, we will ensure the bug has been fixed and lift the ban.” You can even provide non-committal ballparks for when that is. “We expect the update to go live later this week.” If it doesn’t happen, again, like stated before: You have a reason, just state your reason and trust the community to back it. Finally, this should extend to investigation process. Both sides should be heard during a dispute. Too many times have I heard of a player being punished without anyone listening to their perspective of events. Truth can’t be known until both sides are heard, and you can figure out the actual events that happened. For some reason, the players being accused are considered hostile and are never contacted to hear their side of events. GM’s should serve as mediators between players, not executioners of justice for those who do something suspicious. With all of that said, these aren’t the only reasons. Certain events that I’m not at liberty to discuss were also part of my decision. I truly respect the current development team and feel they have the best interests of the game in mind. However, improving the communication and winning your community back to supporting your efforts should be of paramount importance. I wish the best of luck to the future of the game, and hope players enjoy the content I’ve worked on. It’s been a great experience and it pains me to leave, but I feel that the work I do was being consistently tainted by policies and decisions outside my control.