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    it was first days of october 2020, my priest Wiha has about 95 shattering skill, and i've got suicidal idea, to grind it to 100 and now, after about 10 months it finally happen [23:27:35] Channeling increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 huge thanks for everybody who helped me in that travel (too many people to write evrybody individually) a piece of curiosities: it takes from ~95 to 100: 335 sleep powders, used sleep bonus from Rite of Death 20 times, participation in 93 missions, and sleeping in bed everyday so in total about 650 hours of sleep bonus only last tick takes 44 hours and 15 minutes of enchanting I understand that I can now choose a title for that skill, so i would like to choose Volkhv (if want to know from where it comes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkhv )
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    Sadly many amazing suggestions that require minimal work have been ignored for the past year. (example : add better rewards from fishing, reduce number of rifts in journal goals, add large saddle functionality to bulls, add a better tutorial, fix parent skill skillgains for weapons, etc) If you browse the suggestion forums, it's just players talking to each other. At least in the past, Retro used to acknowledge some threads but honestly if I'd make a cynical suggestion that would be to remove the entire suggestion thread from forums. It's clear by now no one looks at it, it's being ignored, just like the bugs, just like the broken systems , glitches, etc. I am bitter as ###### right now and It will take something more than a monthly skin or a bedroll (content wise) to make me want to fall in love with wurm again. I really feel cheated that I prolonged by sub just to see an update 3 months later not fixed. Just like I felt about the fishing update. Just like I felt about the 1 way transfer which killed Epic and left 4 dead servers that only served as a reminder "it's ok to abandon" an entire server cluster... Even if VR is handled by an outside team that doesn't change the fact VR implementation is going to cost money, aka resources. Resources which would be wisely spent on fixing wurm's issues and adding some significant content. Note : I don't call adding a few in game items as significant content, such as a hay bale or donkeys, which by now by the way have ruined horse spawns and no one is looking at this crap. Donkeys are literally overriding horse spawns everywhere but priority is VR.... I don't know what else to say. I am sad as ###### as this is not the game I fell in love with which is made worse by the fact I've always seen Wurm's potential to grow into a huge game, if people in charge were actually committed to taking some risks to make it big. Example : resume support for WU but...what do I know in the end. I'm just another ignored voice on the forums, like everyone else. Note: I don't even play WU but I understand the attraction for people playing on 50x skill gains and 3x item creation / imping timers. I understand the staff is going through a rough patch...but then again so are we as paying customers. Reciprocity is how any business works. And right now, the scales tilt in the wrong way.
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    -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- DRAKE'S BANE -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- The harmonious lands of Wurm was traumatized by the Dragon Hatchlings. They created havoc, smoldering their way to Oak Hill Ranch, even killed some of their villagers! No warrior could stop them, no weapon cut through their unenterable skin. Lyndee, the mayor of the ranch prayed to FO for help. FO could not bear the pain of his beloved follower and sent Froststorm the Giving, priest vowed to serve fo in life & death. The Devout Padre along with Present only managed to trap the drakes in a old cave, but he could feel drakes trying to break out as the ground trembled. They had to find a way to kill the Drakes! The Master Weaponsmith Panth worked hard for days. Using the metals sent from Valleri, Drake's Bane was born in his forges! Nelse and his clergy along with Allari enchanted it with all their powers and finally the huge axe came to life! But who was powerful enough to wield such a weapon? Warriors & knight could not even pick it up! The drakes broke out of the caves, mayhem spread fast. Suddenly the skies turned red as blood and Libelle, the Angel of Death appeared, she prayed to Libilla to give the power to wield the axe. Channeling her power she managed to weaken the hatchlings and with a slash she cut off their heads. As their bodies fell lifeless, everyone rejoiced! You can wield this great weapon too! A huge axe with a heavy head and a wooden shaft. You'll need to wield it with both hands. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It bears an aura of Libila. It could be improved with a lump. You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Pantha'. Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [103] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [104] Mind Stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal skill knowledge from some creatures. [103] Also get a attached rune & demises of your choosing! Starting bid: 50 s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: off Buyout: off Private Bids: not accepted Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes
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    Why don't the staff discuss moderation actions then? Address this please. ------------- By not informing the playerbase as to who has been punished, you potentially subject the playerbase to associate with people who have griefed or harassed our friends, alliance mates, or even ourselves. You allow the bad people to come back and do exactly what they were punished for again. Let the players decide for themselves if they wish to associate or do business with the people that the staff have deemed bad enough to be punished. As it stands now, the staff are protecting the griefers, no matter what excuse you use to justify hiding their identity.
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    @Malenawas exceedingly generous and incredibly kind to gift me this lovely bit of her art, and it's simply too beautiful for me to keep to myself. With her blessing, I'm sharing with you all.
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    How arched walls require the same amount of materials is beyond me. Perhaps when I was young and naive this didn't bother me as much. I have always actively played PvP where arched walls are rare and I've never had the inclination to build them... until now. Please reduce the material quantity requirements for arched walls from 20 to 10 bricks and mortar.
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    If the only way you believe wurm would be a better game is to completely overhaul literally every facet of it, you are basically saying you do not like Wurm.
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    In view of your many dozens of ambitious, unorthodox and surprising suggestions I cannot quite avoid the impression that you actually seem to be designing a completely new game instead of trying to improve the existing world of Wurm Online. You have Interesting ideas... albeit many of them might not really be in line with the history, the philosophy and the general idea of Wurm Online. (You may have noticed this by the somewhat "reserved" reaction by most players, to put it mildly ) I don't mean any offence; feel free to keep them coming - but you may be more successful if you suggest useful little improvements that would fit in better with the game we all love.
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    Very nice weapon indeed!
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    I'll add some draft info from my testing to this then: The old draft hell horses I used (3 speeds molten) were able to hit around 35 km/h with a "basic" set up (basic set up being 90ql90w shoes and speed rune on the cart) pre AH changes. With the new 4draft moltens (effectively 3-draft due to gear trait being useless), I hit around 37 km/h with the same set up post AH changes. I know that @gnomegatesalso reports that hellies with the 3 relevant draft traits are faster than hellies with the old 3 relevant speed traits for drafting. Max draft animals makes carts faster now than they were pre update. Carts/wagons are not nerfed in terms of speed. This is before you even add the rare draft trait. There are some rumors going around about a certain interpretation of something they said in the patch notes (quote: "Having all draft traits will give a speed bonus instead of speed traits when a creature is hitched."). I did some testing and came to the conclusion that having all 4 draft traits does not make it better than having the 3 relevant ones. Gear draft trait is utterly useless for drafting purposes as gear on hitched animals doesn't even take damage to begin with. Tests were done using hell horses, as they keep their traits up at all times. Testing method: I juggled around my horseshoes (I got some rare/supreme casted shoes as well as a bunch of non rares) until I got to the point where changing 1 woa power brought me up/down 1 quint (=0.72 km/h speed increase/decrease). Then I tested by using a 3 draft hellie (with the three relevant traits) and compared it to a 4draft hellie. Using either made the 1 woa power still bring me up/down 1 quint. The quote about mules on the AH update patch notes (quote: "Mules are also as good as draft creatures as horses.") is incorrect. Mules are faster than horses and therefore are the best draft animals for anyone who don't want to deal with using hell horses. Mules are also about as fast as bison are for wagons, so if you ever wished you could put shoes on bison.. well, now you can. I'll have some simple numbers below if anyone is curious. Draft animals comparison:
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    Stone anchors IRL have been around for about as long as boats. They are called anchor stones, because they are essentially just a stone used as an anchor. No need for anything more fancy than that - it is a crude form of anchor, as long as there is a way to tether it to the boat (a couple of ropes, one to "net" the rock and one to tie it to the boat) the shape doesn't matter.
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    Imagine how much work it would take to make fishing consumables (bait, etc.) be able to be stored in an fsb and make BronzeLib runes work with fishing equipment which would fix 70% of the fishing skill (It's the remaining 30% that would require extra thought and changes that would require real coding time). Now imagine the work it takes to add VR. As 1000 people have already mentioned, fix what needs to be fixed instead of treating the combat and AH (and possibly any future) update the same way you treated the fishing update; by making weird changes and then ignoring the issues until people forget about them. How is it not obvious that the priorities are backwards? With the recent track record (fishing, combat and AH update), I don't really have big any hopes for the upcoming exploration update.
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    Beautiful view of the rift beam
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    It's a gimmick aimed at the shareholders of GCG, not the players, nor potential players. They're the target audience of this announcement, so comments here mean little, and is also why it's not been shared to news sites.
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    I've been one of the many that are highly disappointed and concerned at how the game is being managed right now. But, in light of recent staff statements, I am even more disappointed. Enki, your statement on seeing red read more like a threat and excuse than anything reassuring to the community that is wondering what is happening. When you say things like the staff are not robots and "are very busy and have lives too ya know", it sounds like we, the customers, are in the wrong for wanting an engaged management. That is not wrong. That is wanting what all decent and living games provide today. We are paying customers. You are here because of us. You also say "all this doom and gloom is just a mood that people feel from time to time, public updates will resume when the devs are ready", and this, to me, sounds like Wurm is not about us, the players, but about you, the staff in the background, and what is good for you. More salt in the wounds.. Otherwise, your entire statement, including the title of seeing red comes off as very threatening and very unconcerned for the player base and where it stands. If anyone was doxxed or harassed, I never saw it, but that is certainly wrong and should be punished. However, deep dissent alone certainly is not grounds for punishment, and I hope that's not what is being insinuated. It feels that way. Pandalet apologized at one point for the lack of engagement by staff and mentioned holidays in Europe, but in my experience, significant holidays were always acknowledged by the game and its management, not a cause for total neglect of the game and its players. Demona, mentioned personal issues, and of course, I feel bad for such issues. Likewise, Enki acknowledged being away for a while. So my question is if all of the staff is either on vacation or out due to personal issues, at what point is this unacceptable? It's been going on for long enough. Then we receive this damning statement from Enki, like we're being bad children for being sick of how Wurm is being run right now. Wurm is a 24/7 entertainment and service-providing business. Like any other business that makes its money in this capacity, there needs to be regular engagement and management. No other business like this can just expect to disengage but then have a happy customer base that stays infinitely happy and loyal. Wurm is no exception. Instead, we've got a contest that was totally dropped with zero results but excuses, broken animal systems with no fixes in sight, zero acknowledgement of huge dates like the Steam anniversary, no monthly updates as promised, and very little communication except to make excuses and even threaten the player base for a very legitimate state of insurrection. If I get banned for saying all this, then fine, Wurm isn't the place for me, but I very much wanted to say that the disappointment in a game I love (and an alternative digital life I've long-loved) runs deep right now. It runs even deeper when there is no sincere apology from staff, but excuses and even threats over not just shutting up and expecting nothing but what staff wants to do "when they are ready." We deserve better.
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    " A chain glove. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump." Its 85ql right now and 52 aosp casted. Starting Bid: 5s Increment: 50c Buyout: 15s
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    Great weapon. Well done! Happy Auction! I'll take part a little. Let madness begin! I say: 1 gold
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    for wurm? give it 3months after release and read a review first fps is questionably reasonable for vr, hopefully it's way better by vr release, have to be nearly 2x the current.. graphics are good with new god rays etc.. but that taxes the hardware a lot as it is we're yet to see the java version optimized.. or a new Unity engine alternative(?) with DirectX/shaders(?) and similar graphics to not look like a different game
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    +1 .. great work and fast imped 2 tools to 90 and was a pleasure to work with will be back
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    No, I didn't mean only for priests, I stated them as the primary target audience and quoted their forbidden actions. For 1 example: You added an unnecessary mechanic that it attack vehicles which have even 1 tick of damage on them. The result of which, if it were to be implemented precisely as you suggest, would result in it being considered a public service to annihilate this critter wherever and whenever it spawns. You made it too much of a nuisance to the entire playerbase to be allowed to be easily available anywhere to anyone. That wasn't the only mechanic I thought would be exploited, but it is certainly borderline exploitable itself. You're making these mobs too complicated. They fail to fulfil their primary function efficiently, and try too hard to appeal to a wider audience right off the bat. Calm it down. Design something very simple, very narrow focus, that does what it's supposed to do as the main event, and then add in some resistance to abusing the mechanic without overdoing it to the point where the target audience gets less back than they could be expected to put in. Don't try to include an additional 50 solutions to peripheral concerns in one set of mobs, because each single mechanic has a massive potential for bugs and exploits you can't see, but veterans can spot instantly. Don't be afraid to scrap and reinvent your earlier suggestions to fit a new purpose. What is posted in this forum is the opposite of set-in-stone, and that can be very liberating if you learn to work with that instead of against it. It doesn't matter if it's boring, if it improves lives. Because, the last but not least priority, is to leave room for the devs to add their own creative flair. It also encourages players to suggest little additions they would like to see, and that means that THEY can get invested in a suggestion, because they HELPED to suggest it.
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    I have multiple times, asking for the benefit of working through it and the gameplay loops. This has been ignored every time, and his continued work continues to show lack of thought regarding the work:reward, gameplay loops, and the goal of the mechanic at all. So with that in mind, I am tired of trying to help Darnok post reasonings and the goals of mechanics, and will instead post because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what I post, it's not taken on board.
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    The day the majority agree that having any rules at all creates injustice, you can say that enforcing those rules is the opposite of helping. Seriously, deadly seriously, do not try to ban the head of the volunteer staff from having a perfectly healthy, very human and universally understandable emotional reaction to instances of abuse of his team-members and towards those who interpreted his inactivity as license. As shocking as you may find it that someone in authority is completely human, to require such a person to be otherwise, is folly of the highest order.
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    As weird as it gets(and i am including both discord and gl here) we all happen to be complaining about the same thing, we all just have different reasons and ways to explain it: this is what we all are complaining about: we dont know, and as a community, we need to know. and not just about bans, but about other punishments as well. GameChest and Wrum Staff let US handle the 'politics' of being in game(no idea why), but fail to provide us with tools to protect ourselves from repeat offenders. the problem with telling us, is, sometimes, people make mistakes due to misunderstanding things, and its not fair to the vast majority to have a 'public' record. What do you want to bet that is the reason most 'infractions' are not reported? i would rather someone who was 'human' deal with things like that, rather then a 'professional'. a professional is supposed to disregard human imperfections, and we are all imperfect. when dealing with people, you cant disregard those things that make us human(including emotions)
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    I have got it thank you it was very late last night when this ended so i was long gone
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    If Global freedom chat or the official discord is anything to go by - a lot weirder
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    they used to have spawn messages and it turns out people only expecting to find dragons when theres a giant message/beam in the sky/whatever isn't very sandboxy and/or extremely easy for one group to dominate the content.
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    It's a general feeling in regards to the continued suggestions from Darnok that are contrary to both the general player views, the style and development of the game, and repeated feedback. It's someone shouting bad ideas from a soapbox and then dismissing feedback.
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    If the queen had balls she'd be the king. Don't take what quackery I share as verbatim truth, but it does appear to be the case from our limited visibility.
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    Hey there! I'll have these on their way in a short few. I didn't have the 82 shovel, so I'm sending an 87 replacement for the price of the 82
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    I hate LOTR, and I know you people all look the same, but even I know that's a different guy.
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    Currently, there is the colour change in the listing and a message "It has an alternate skin applied to it." The description should identify the skin. as in "It has a 'Blacksmith's Hammer' alternate skin applied to it." Or better still "Is is a Blacksmith's Hammer." in the special colour for skinned items. Ideally the skin name should replace the object name, so instead of "Hammer, iron" it should say "Blacksmith's Hammer, iron" and leave the actual "Hammer, iron" for the lead on examine.
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    I don't see the harm in it.
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    What scares me most is that they do not seem to have an idea about how complex VR implementations are. Not something you just do as a small side project. That poor soul that has to implement all of this and make it so the performance of the VR client is playable.
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    Hi, I'd like to introduce you to the developer who mulled the idea before abandoning it: Fact is, VR is such a massive undertaking, the claim that it will have no impact on development is either outright lying, or completely naïve, it's more than just strapping goggles to a game. It's a gimmick in a history of gimmicks under GCG, who operate in various grey-market zones, and thus only know how to advertise in grey-market ways, such as a campaign to follow Wurm on Twitter, join a useless discord, and play the game for ten minutes (shot of the discord) the G-Loot campaign is another example. Not in its creation or execution, or even delays (You rock DN, take your time), but in the Real Money rewards. It's clearly hoping to entice non wurm players to play for cash prizes, in the hopes they'll keep playing, if this competition wanted to be FOR wurmians, it would be in-game rewards, unique items, vanity stuff, not just a cash payout. Now we get to this post. THIS IS NOT COMMUNICATION. This is a bone thrown because players got upset enough to actually cause issues, and thus something was posted to shut us up. I'm guessing pandalet or Keenan caught wind of the issues enough to pressure this post to go out, it's nothing but an attempt to settle players down with a vague teaser about what's coming. In addition, this was only shared with us after the press release to investors, which also belies the goals of GCG, it's about increasing stock prices by appealing to investors about new tech and platforms, hoping they don't cotton on to the technical side of things. You'll notice this hasn't been shared with any of the gaming sites, because they would tear this news apart for the ridiculousness it is. The depressing thing is a solid game comes from doing what it sets out to do well. new gimmicks are pathetic and belie the fact that no one has any actual vision, instead opting to grab onto a market as opposed to define itself in its own space. Wurm is falling apart at the seams due to lack of maintenance on the game, updates go out without planning, changes are made after player reaction, and the game chugs along like some development team treating players like petulant children. The most frustrating bit for me is that communicating isn't even hard, be present on the forums, answer questions, comment on suggestions, bug posts, interact! It's about being present within the game, and building an understanding that you are around, you are actively invested in the game, and you give a %@%^ about it and the players. There's no real point in posting this, as the people who need to see it won't (prove me wrong, leave a cat emoji if you do). P.S. Anyone notice the "summer exploration update" quietly became the "autumn exploration update"? Transparent as mud.
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    Yes, because it's your response everyone's looking for lol People are allowed to voice their thoughts/opinions, even if it already echoes something that's been said by another, nugget
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    You have vivid imagination, but should not overcomplicate things so much when suggesting. For the love of god, do us a favor and either move to some other game, or play this game instead of constantly suggesting, overcomplicated, ridiculous and unnecessary suggestions that annoy most of the players. It's ok to make suggestions but you are pushing it to far. Be honest? why are you doing this? can't you see it's pointless? you want to troll us or you truly believe your ideas are good and would benefit this game and be liked by players?
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    Absolute quote of the month!
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    Pics of Botany Bay after the Decoration Upgrade - come and check us out.
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    I'm surprised no one else has posted the same reasons as I have for playing Wurm. They are this: and this: and this!: The world of Wurm feels alive, organic, and full of mysteries. Vegetation that grows back over time, hiding secrets and stories. I can explore wilderness and come across fossils from a Rift so ancient, its location won't even show up on the forums. And I can look over the expanse before me and feel it calling me to explore it, salivating at what stories I could find. Edit: I don't believe I've ever played a game with this "organic" feel
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    Darnok: There are no horses! Brattygirl: Um, I found a horse Darnok: No horses! It's a zero sum game!
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    Delete Elevation and the skill curve/gain. Bring Desertion, Serenity and Affliction over and connect them to Chaos.
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    I think that everybody is aware that it could not be 1:1 skill transfer.