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    @Malenawas exceedingly generous and incredibly kind to gift me this lovely bit of her art, and it's simply too beautiful for me to keep to myself. With her blessing, I'm sharing with you all.
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    it was first days of october 2020, my priest Wiha has about 95 shattering skill, and i've got suicidal idea, to grind it to 100 and now, after about 10 months it finally happen [23:27:35] Channeling increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 huge thanks for everybody who helped me in that travel (too many people to write evrybody individually) a piece of curiosities: it takes from ~95 to 100: 335 sleep powders, used sleep bonus from Rite of Death 20 times, participation in 93 missions, and sleeping in bed everyday so in total about 650 hours of sleep bonus only last tick takes 44 hours and 15 minutes of enchanting I understand that I can now choose a title for that skill, so i would like to choose Volkhv (if want to know from where it comes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkhv )
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    It's beyond bizarre to me working on VR support is something that is seen as a priority when there are MUCH more important areas of the game development that can enhance the play experience enjoyment for all players not just those with VR equipment. Especially considering we're nearly in September and we're yet to see any real work on fixing May's update. I just cannot see the logic behind this choice. I love this game and have hyped it up and equally been critical of it over the past 15+yrs of playing. Right now though I have never felt greater concern for the choices being made for this game and it's future development. Disappointing.
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    It's a gimmick aimed at the shareholders of GCG, not the players, nor potential players. They're the target audience of this announcement, so comments here mean little, and is also why it's not been shared to news sites.
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    We have been building this deed for a few weeks now, its for the new players of wurm and old players too, we want people to enjoy wurm and we have made a deed that will offer security to your stuff and also enable you to be able to skill your self with our skilling buildings that are fully equipped. This was a join idea to make a deed for players who are new to show them the way in the game and maybe get them to see how good this game is and stay as a permanent player Myself and Rihanna have put a lot of silvers and time into this deed and just want to welcome anyone to it. new or old players We have been working hard to get the deed to look like this so far, and there is yet much more to do. We offer players work if they want it to be able to earn silvers in game - you can take it or leave it this deed is 100% free to live on and you can stay as long as you like. All we ask is that players tell us they are going to leave the village before they do so. this will allow us to help you move out and also help us prepare your house for another player without us having to bash items. There is no time limit on your stay the deed has getting close to 5 years on the token so its not going anywhere anytime soon.. Have a look at the current state of the deed, any new members will have a bed above the smithy/cookhouse while we build the houses to support more players Thanks for reading and i hope to see people joining our village Tell: Minixcaliber / Rihanna in game
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    Let me reiterate: VR is more than just slapping goggles on a game and calling it VR, for an actual VR experience that is ACTUALLY VIABLE AS A VR GAME you need a lot more interactivity. Sure it's fine having a monitor on your face as you play, but if you're just doing window management like always, is it a VR game, or is it a VR gimmick on a game? No motion controls, no actual VR experience, just goggles on your face. that does not make a VR game. And for the record, I do know quite a bit about it all, but that's okay, I understand that it may not seem that way from me explaining why it has so many issues when it comes to actually being viable in an increasingly innovative market.
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    I am still unsure about why Wurm thinks a 20kg lead anchor is heavier than a 20kg iron anchor. So the idea of anchor effectiveness is a bit of a waste of space as far as I'm concerned. That said, I see no harm in crafting a crude anchor out of rock shards, a net, and a mooring rope. It's a perfectly nice idea, I think it's in keeping with the spirit of the game, and if the devs had more time I'm sure they'd consider it. It fits in fairly well with my idea of the dugout canoe as an easy to make newbie boat that doesn't last very long.
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    Hi, I'd like to introduce you to the developer who mulled the idea before abandoning it: Fact is, VR is such a massive undertaking, the claim that it will have no impact on development is either outright lying, or completely naïve, it's more than just strapping goggles to a game. It's a gimmick in a history of gimmicks under GCG, who operate in various grey-market zones, and thus only know how to advertise in grey-market ways, such as a campaign to follow Wurm on Twitter, join a useless discord, and play the game for ten minutes (shot of the discord) the G-Loot campaign is another example. Not in its creation or execution, or even delays (You rock DN, take your time), but in the Real Money rewards. It's clearly hoping to entice non wurm players to play for cash prizes, in the hopes they'll keep playing, if this competition wanted to be FOR wurmians, it would be in-game rewards, unique items, vanity stuff, not just a cash payout. Now we get to this post. THIS IS NOT COMMUNICATION. This is a bone thrown because players got upset enough to actually cause issues, and thus something was posted to shut us up. I'm guessing pandalet or Keenan caught wind of the issues enough to pressure this post to go out, it's nothing but an attempt to settle players down with a vague teaser about what's coming. In addition, this was only shared with us after the press release to investors, which also belies the goals of GCG, it's about increasing stock prices by appealing to investors about new tech and platforms, hoping they don't cotton on to the technical side of things. You'll notice this hasn't been shared with any of the gaming sites, because they would tear this news apart for the ridiculousness it is. The depressing thing is a solid game comes from doing what it sets out to do well. new gimmicks are pathetic and belie the fact that no one has any actual vision, instead opting to grab onto a market as opposed to define itself in its own space. Wurm is falling apart at the seams due to lack of maintenance on the game, updates go out without planning, changes are made after player reaction, and the game chugs along like some development team treating players like petulant children. The most frustrating bit for me is that communicating isn't even hard, be present on the forums, answer questions, comment on suggestions, bug posts, interact! It's about being present within the game, and building an understanding that you are around, you are actively invested in the game, and you give a %@%^ about it and the players. There's no real point in posting this, as the people who need to see it won't (prove me wrong, leave a cat emoji if you do). P.S. Anyone notice the "summer exploration update" quietly became the "autumn exploration update"? Transparent as mud.
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    The control scheme used in VR isn't the damned point being made in this thread mate. Sure, you can use keyboard and mouse alongside a VR headset, but that's clearly not all that's being implemented. The fact that they're even bothering to implement any VR functionality to begin with is the problem. This game has so many more issues that need to be addressed, but the parent company doesn't have even the slightest clue or care and would rather push Wurm into as many buzzword categories as they can to satisfy shareholders that also, clearly don't have the slightest clue of how this game (or even the industry, really) works.
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    Currently, there is the colour change in the listing and a message "It has an alternate skin applied to it." The description should identify the skin. as in "It has a 'Blacksmith's Hammer' alternate skin applied to it." Or better still "Is is a Blacksmith's Hammer." in the special colour for skinned items. Ideally the skin name should replace the object name, so instead of "Hammer, iron" it should say "Blacksmith's Hammer, iron" and leave the actual "Hammer, iron" for the lead on examine.
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    The rift is around broccoli hills and is in some very hilly terrain. (In red) I recommend you dock at K19 (Crocodile Point) and follow this path. (In blue) Follow this left path up next to the desert Continue left past the guard tower Take the tunnel up to the steppe Now you should be able to see the rift from the hills above the cave exit
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    God please let us on a test server before it goes live. And for Pete's sake, PLEASE PLEASE actually advetise on the forums and / or ingame WHEN the exploration update hits the test server. NONE of the people I know had any idea that the AH update was on the test server (for a few days I think?)
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    Craptalk. As Steveleep pointed out, it is already possible to connect the output part of VR equipment to a box and play WO with keyboard and mouse. There is no need to implement the full VR support at a time, and it is doubtful that it can be done for Wurm. And I am not sure about Java constraints. But otherwise there is not much of a point against some VR integration. After all, it is not you who has to do it. It is annoying how people obviously without the least technical background are ranting and patronizing.
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    Thanks for organizing and hosting these public events. Its event like yours that make Wurm what it is. It's truly appreciated! Should you ever be in need of anything please feel free to ask.
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    Hard to top that effort! I love the name! Edit: "I love the Title"
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    Yes, because it's your response everyone's looking for lol People are allowed to voice their thoughts/opinions, even if it already echoes something that's been said by another, nugget
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    The following images are from the Wurm Unlimited Server called "KangaWU" Of course you can't put trees in buildings on wurm online but they have pots that you can make so that you CAN put them inside buildings. I think it makes the buildings look really cool.
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    The biggest issue I have with the Enki post is that it was so vague and so unprofessional. It appears from comments a lot of people are in the same boat as me and started playing after steam launch so we don't exactly have the best idea of how this game operates on the forums. So people like me who were confused by his post don't have the same wurm history in our heads as the people who have been playing 10+ years. I used to work at a game store and sold magic cards and if I ever posted something that unprofessional I would have been fired. If you are in a power position and that's how you choose to communicate with your community after prolonged radio silence you really need to self reflect and ask yourself where you went wrong. I don't think that's asking too much, it's just basic respect. Most of us don't know him so it's exectionally reasonable for people to see that weird RP and think oh no did I do a bad? Also on a side note, wtf is up with the biker/redneck comment? That just like came out of nowhere.
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    Sklotopolis - Play Wurm how it was meant to be played Website: https://sklotopolis.com/ Livemaps: https://sklotopolis.com/maps Health Check: https://uptime.dominikk.mywire.org/status/sklotopolis Sklotopolis has many unique features which remove most of the hard grinding. This makes Wurm even more fun to play. We have a Wurm Online style economy with big market places where people can sell their items to other people. There are many events where you can earn items, rare armor and coins. With our servers we hope to give you and us a fun experience playing and surviving together in the big world of Wurm Unlimited. Down below we have listed a bunch of the features our server we have: PVE: Server specs: -3 Servers -200 Slots - two 4096x4096 maps - one 2048x2048 hunting map The Team The Team is playing Wurm Online since now more than 8 years and this mostly excessively. Furthermore it also happens that both Dominikk and myself are versed in programming and specially Dominikk has already impressively shown some great features. Combined we have a service record that pretty much covers every server and gameplay aspect, we slayed Dragons on snowy peaks, fought great battles on land and see, laid siege to impressive fortresses, made a living as merchants, worked as a low level staff member for some time, hosted events and constructed dozen of villages. This experience gives us a really good understanding of how this game works, not just mechanically, but also how it can excite you every time again. Dominikk, Sklo, Engineer Everyone is dedicated to make this work and guarantee the best wurming experience. Dominikk is working as Linux and Windows server admin for a living and is determined to keep your progress save. He put down a backup plan so you can see how serious we take it. Data Safety Backups will happen every 3 hours daily and every Monday there will be a weekly backup. They will be stored local on the server in Germany and all backups are transferred to a server in Austria about 800km away too. Further more we keep daily backups up to one month and weekly backups up to 6 months. So if something goes wrong we likely can restore ingame items up to 6 months. Below you will find a feature list of implemented features, new features will be added time by time. If you got ideas and recommendations visit our Forum a give us a though there. Features: START WITH: 20 in all skills & 21 BC to ride horses 30ql Leather Armor, Long Sword & Shield Pelt, 4 ropes, waterskin, pendulum, compass, sickle, +Normal starting tools and equipment SKILLS & CRAFTING: NO skill loss on death. 5x Faster Skill Gain 4x faster Actions (including all non-continuous actions) Decreased weapon smiting difficulty. Action Timer cap during imping has been lowered. ECONOMY: Free Premium Free Starter Deeds. (4s worth of deed is free) Free upkeep for all villages. Free Mail Bounty for burying corpses. Bounty for killing monsters. Bounty just for being online. People receive coins for highway building. (1s per 20 tiles) People receive coins for building a guard tower. (5s per tower) Payer made events (will be supported with coins and GM help) No Cooldown to change Bank locations. Receive voting bounties for voting at https://wurm-unlimited.com/server/28/vote PRIESTS: No priest penalties. No spell cooldowns. Unlimited prayers per day. (every 20 minutes for faith gain) Triple favor gain. Rite of spring fixed MEDITATION: Unlimited Meditations per day. (every 30 minutes for skill tic) No more "You fail to relax" messages during meditation. You no longer need to move for meditation skill gain. Cooldown between meditation path levels has been decreased by 80% from WO standards. Meditating is now also part of the skill multiplier. TRANSPORTATION & STORAGE: You will be able to run faster with heavier weight in inventory (max speed will stay at 17kmh) Faster movement on animals, carts, boats and ships Forges will fit 100 ores. Forges work when loaded. All the different forges will produce ash now. 19 Body Strenght to load items. (crates, forges, ovens, etc.) Decreased loading timer. Increased loading radius. Crates now hold a lot more items. Moving of bulk goods is no longer limited to inventory capacity. (drag more than 100 items) Meat, Fish and filets fit into Fsb and Crates. Mushrooms Fit into Fsb and Crates. You can drop Hot items into the bsb and fsb. Hitch animals to ships to transport them Items put in Crates or Bulks will be sorted by QL level (base 10) automatically. FARMING: Crops only take 1 day to grow and NEVER rot. Decreased Sowing timer. Harvest from Cart or Mount. TERRAFORMING: ~45 mining hits per wall Digging and leveling works like mining. Surface Mining will lower the rock on every hit. FUNCTIONALITY: Added /seasons command which shows when the next fruits etc get ripe. Added a season MOTD. Added an inbreed warning message. Drowning is now completely disabled. NEWS: One week bridge cooldown due to a WU bug has been removed. Now a welcome message for new players appears in Event. CA Help is now enabled for newbies by default. Fix for characteristics skill multiplier. Fixed a dredging bug. Donation System is live. Tools can improve themselves now (hammer on hammer etc.) Dragon loot has been increased. Drake loot has been increased. GMs and DEVs no can use the powers of Zeus Action timers are fixed Receive karma for being online Animal creature ratio on deeds is tripled Lightning on player death Creature spawn bug is fixed. All kind of creatures will spawn everywhere Lowered amount of crabs KOS has been disabled Steamid bans can be issued more properly now Bulks can be loaded even if they are not empty Bulk can be used when loaded Wagon volume has been more than doubled Sheep Shearing cooldown is now 50% lower A bug where corpses fit into food storage bins was fixed Some GM commands have been improved You will now be able to obtain glimmersteel, adamantine, seryll like gems during mining Fog spiders have been disabled due to lag, they are replaced by spawning lots of horses all over the server. Thanks to nekoexmachina! A few other possible lag issues have been addressed and fixed Wooden house parts only need 10 planks instead of 20 to be more newbie friendly Buying premium from tokens has been disabled because people purchased premium by accident Move to center and move to nearest corner have been added to the moving options. Thanks to Bdew! All gods share an alchemy affinity now, which means the same double favor items as Libila Added voting bounties. You will now receive a small bounty for voting at https://wurm-unlimited.com/server/28/vote use the commando /voted to receive the money to your bank. Treasure chests should no longer spawn with locks. Creature slaying bounties will now go directly to bank. The different pauldron types are now craftable with a high difficulty. We added the Fireburntime Mod, which shows the remaining fire time. Next Event Changelog (Outdated too long for the forum.....) If you want to keep track on updates and announcements join our: Steam Group Forum
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    I got to 80 skill for the purpose of obtaining a specific set of traits in my horses since that's what their values added up to, aside from the fact that it has since been discovered that the combination of traits is impossible, I believe I have gone through enough foals now to comfortably say that it is also impossible for me to use the whole 80 points. A quick search of my logs shows that from June to now I have bred just over 6k horses, many from parents that have 5 of the 6 traits I am looking for, and I don't believe a single one of them has had a total of 80 points, a whole lot of 75 and less (often much less) but never 80 so I feel like the game is not recognising the last available 5 points at least for me at 80 but I cant speak for other totals having the same issue.
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    Shadows Vale Market Blacksmithing Items that turn rare will be returned to owner, tips appreciated not required prices negotiable for large orders Add 50% to price for large anvil 70 QL Tools and Imps 35c 80 QL Tools and Imps 60c 85 QL Tools and Imps 75c 90 QL Tools and Imps 1.5s Iron or Copper Lamps/Hanging Lamps - 20c EA Small / Large nails - 2s per 1k Iron ribbons - 1s per 100 Masonry 50ql Smelter - 4s Bulk Goods Order On Demand All Prices Are Per 1k Unless otherwise Stated Delivery to costal areas available 1s for smaller orders, might discount on larger orders Crates NOT Included, can be for extra cost Clay - 1s Clay 70+QL - 1.5s Mortar - 4s Concrete - 3s per 100 Can work out deals for other items if needed these are just the common jobs I have done. Message me here or in game @ShadowsKing Skills Blacksmithing - 90+ Digging - 83+ Masonry - 60+ Mining - 55+ Carpentry - 45+
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    " A chain glove. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump." Its 85ql right now and 52 aosp casted. Starting Bid: 5s Increment: 50c Buyout: 15s
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    That Enki post is extremely unprofessional, mostly due to its vague hostility. "Make no mistake folks, I am very unhappy at all that has been transpiring, but know this, I know you have been concerned about the lack of recent public updates, and all this doom and gloom is just a mood that people feel from time to time, public updates will resume when the Dev team are ready." Ok, so all the people complaining about having to beta-test an ill-conceived breeding update are just being moody? REALLY? Seeing the friends list displaying "offline" besides most people is just being moody? REALLY? Regarding the treatment of Demona, I certainly don't condone harrassment! But also let's not forget to cast blame on the people who put her into the untenable situation she found herself in. They turned her into a lightning rod, and refused to give her adequate protection, since she wasn't able/allowed to answer most if not all of the pressing questions us players had.
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    They pick and choose who gets ban threads based on severity of actions or something. It's why folk like Platyna got a thread when permabanned, but not everyone else has. I do agree with you, however. If you're going to make a thread saying punishment will be done, it's probably a good idea to also declare who and why got banned. Though they likely want to keep The Gallows as a place for permabanned users, rather than just general bans. As for why they don't, I dunno man. On one hand, the folks are volunteers likely just thrown ingame currency, items and titles for the stuff they do. Quite often you'll butt heads with someone, and you both know you'll get nowhere. Because not only are you fighting against the other person, but because one holds all the cards on the deck. And don't like it? Take it elsewhere. Doesn't matter how valid, or well versed your points are. If you think mods should or shouldn't have to deal with this is probably going to depend on how you view things. I'd happily tell people to jog on if they break rules for a couple of silver every month. Hell yeah I would. On the otherhand, we players know that moderation tends to be pretty.... I'm just going to say flexible. I'm sure most of us have been hit with the old "contact X or Y for disputes" which is funny because I've now also experienced firsthand how unlikely replies are. Your post was redundant before it was typed, even if the players in question aren't permabanned. You know The Gallows exists. It's expected in there. It's a section where bans are posted, and threads are locked so it can't be discussed.
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    Very nice and helpful fast delivery and fair prices always my pleasure thank you very much Arno
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    You just said it better and that's a perfect recipe for a crude anchor. Also, I love the dugout canoe idea. Maybe they will take this ideas into consideration someday, if it fits with a theme they are working on (maybe a "Roughing It" content theme?) who knows! I figure it doesn't hurt to put the suggestions out there, regardless.
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    yeah, virtual desktop is just a curved monitor strapped to your face. if you relax, it's very, very cool when you try it with WO but.. it is in no way native or truly immersive. turn your head, the scene doesn't respond, you're just looking at another part of the heauge curved screen. worth checking out, definately fun but.. it isn't the experience. There is of course VorpX which does.. help many non-vr games feel almost like native vr but i've never bought it and can't speak for it. it certainly doesn't have an injection template for wurm. To my knowledge this is the first mention of VR since way before the move to steam. You'll have to forgive the fandom, it is a good dream but as emoo re-iterated.. it shouldn't be the priority.
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    "Hello it is I, Steropes Gob, and I have an exciting new item for the marketplace. Please come to my tech demo at Bruce's Flying Circus, X17 Y31, or N13 ingame, at the time below, to witness this exciting new technology. Below you'll also find a preview to give you a taste of what we have to show you! We will be making the world a better place through integrated technologies!"
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    Good summary of how corporations handle products they don't know anything about.
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    Oh, than I might have three pelts for everyone
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    I agree with Ekcin. For me, who never knew a difference between moi and getting coin even existed, the drumroll while farming always annoyed me, since I had the feeling I could have been doing something else, which would benefit from the drumroll. I just want farming to have rewards when getting the drumroll, that's all
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    Dunno if we ever talked in game, but I started Wurm on pvp servers in 2012. Somewhere in 2013-2014 I went to MR on Desertion and I loved the people there. Over time I turned my deed into a newbie friendly deed and recruited many rookies. I had everything designed specifically for newbies, new plots of lands, barracks, workshop, food for them, mounts, links to useful info, created and updated spreadsheets that offered a better tutorial than what we have in Wurm with FAQs, made sure allies were ok, helped people recover corpses, organized many unique hunts to make them as fair as possible, (also often taking the flak for not being able to accommodate everyone's timezones, I apologise to our australian / new zealand wurmians) etc. I won't ever claim I was a "king" but I did take it upon myself to helping out people whenever I could, whether it was by offering free armor or gear to people, advice or a helping hand. 90% of those people eventually quit when Epic became stale, the rest 10% moved to freedom with the epic skill transfer. Time and time again I saw people whom I've done my best to make their time in Wurm enjoyable eventually quit, and over time it took the toll of me becoming a bit more jaded, less enthusiastic when I saw people quitting en masse. I felt that it was pointless at a certain moment to bother helping out new people because I knew that they wouldn't stick around more than a few hours and sadly I was proven more right than wrong over time. Did I ever run a kingdom? No. But looking through my deed logs, I saw that somewhere in the span of three years, I dedicated my time to help out around 100 different people giving them a home till they figured out what they wanted to do ingame. I don't care if they logged out with some high values items, those can be replaced and Epic was full of them anyway. I care that they didn't login anymore. My point is I do know what the needs of some players (at least newbies on epic) were back then so I'm not exactly myopic when it comes to what a group of players want. I won't speak for the playerbase, but honestly, how many of us "need" Wurm VR right now? So many questions have been asked on this forum about X mechanic or Y bug, or Z imbalanced system. Wipeout made a list of things that should be ingame by now. the list is obviously not comprehensive, it can't cover all but it would be a damn good start before we get any VR thing going. With Wurm player population on the decline, this feels like the old Serbian / Romanian saying (rough translations " The country is burning while the old lady combs her hair".
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    That's what many players said, but it was never correct. We had 8 good traits in the old system: - the old 5 speed traits - spark in eyes (longer life) - tough bugger (more hitpoints) - strong and healthy (more resistance to disease). These 8-traiters would be the perfect horse in the old system, needs AH skill 80+ and it was totally possible to breed them that way. Source: Me. All my pre-patches horses have these 8 traits. It's the new system that punishes players with high skill while the old one never did.
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    Here's the funny bit about players who have high AH : The old system actually punished players who had high AH since say if you had 90 ah pre-may patch, you'd get horses with a ton of negative traits or useless traits. The sweet spot in the old system was having 50-60 AH max so you could get 5 speeders reliably. Source : ask any breeder. This new system also punished high AH players when it launched since now again you can get irrelevant traits that have to fill the trait slots based on your AH (aka 90 AH = 90 trait points or 80-85). Granted it was slightly updated so the chance to get negative traits was lowered, but it doesn't change the fact that if you browse through the horse thread feedback posts, you can see people breeding 3 Draft horse + 3 Draft horse = 4 Misc traited foal. Old system was idiosyncratic since you were punished for having a high skill by throwing RNG in your face.... New system still throws RNG in your face, now you just can't bypass it. I won't quote his full post but... ^Hire that guy.
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    Yeahhhhh, I'm gonna assume Wurm VR is something the team is being pushed to do by Game Chest. Surely you're not so out of touch that you can't realize how poor of an idea it is. The obvious issue being that Wurms gameplay in NO way supports VR interaction. Ever play a VR game that has the main gameplay focus be interacting with menus and watching timers? No, you haven't. If it was implemented as an option in the launcher for people to walk around and admire deeds, castles, mountains, it'd be fine. But it's being done with the intention of marketing the game as an actual VR MMO? You're kidding, right? You're really expecting a VR user to browse Steams VR section, find Wurm and play it because it's in VR? All this is going to do is result in even more negative reviews from people expecting an interactive VR MMO, but instead they get a menu driven idle game that hardly engages players that're sitting on their ass at a computer screen. Please tell your parent company, there's a reason it's been a joke.
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    Well, the example under discussion is no attempt to overcome distortion but to extend and amplify it and convince people it is no distortion at all. It was Disney corp's complete lack of humility in "Saving..." that really stood out to me. They completely disregarded the author's intent and wishes but later, when she is no longer around to argue with them, they double-down and try to paint a picture that she liked what they did with her work, when the opposite is true. Avoiding distortion is indeed what we should all be striving to achieve. That is what "overcoming" it really entails, not using creative license to add further distortion. Pretty soon signal:noise approaches zero otherwise.
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    More like a parent who just hasn't come home for the last few months finally shows up and when the house is OF COURSE a mess and the kids are OF COURSE getting unruly the first thing they do is promise to find out who has been bad and kick them out of the house. I found nothing reassuring in it at all. It was to me the opposite to being a sign of caring and investment; it seemed to me to completely lack any empathy for how we have been experiencing being completely ignored by staff. There was apparently an issue that a small proportion of players had with another even smaller proportion of players, and THAT was the focus instead of the growing dissatisfaction that more and more players were experiencing. Thankfully, a couple of other staff spoke up with appropriate communication.
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    I'm sorry you had to go through that but I'm not sure how it relates to anything that I brought up.
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    Hello all. First, let me apologize for the lack of communication from all of us here. The fact of the matter is that we’ve all been quite busy dealing with life issues, which isn’t an excuse for not communicating. Second, I want you all to know that we hear you. It’s frustrating for all of us, customers and developers alike. Life can hit you hard, and with how small of a team we are, we simply do not have the resources to cover things like medical emergencies and deaths of friends. Things that require time off, often times suddenly and without warning. We continue to keep a keen eye on the forums for your feedback, and regardless, we are very grateful for it. We have developers, volunteers and contractors alike, who have been working diligently on new and exciting projects behind the scenes. I can’t share them yet, but I do want you all to know that work has not stopped. Slowed, yes. Stopped? Not at all. The last thing I want to say is just a reminder to everyone that we’re all people here. I’ve seen a lot of hate and vitriol thrown at staff, some of whom have nothing to do with the frustrations at hand. I’m not saying you can’t express your feelings, but I am asking for some civility in doing so. That’s all from me, Please stay safe.
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    Ok, but we can have only either 1:1 skill transfer, but no 3x kill gain. I would be fine with 1:0.33 skill transfer too, but not the fuss from last time.
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    I lived at your place wayyyy back when! Before I had ever deeded my own place, like in 2011 or sometime in there! Unfortunately I have no pictures of that time, but I have many memories! Thanks for starting me off on the right foot here in Wurm, Sam!
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