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    Welcome to the 4th Lunalong Greetings friends, I would like to cordially invite you all to the forth Luna-a-long. Hosted by Dracaa (myself) on my deed named Kappa, on the Xanadu server, at coordinate Q-15. This is my forth time hosting an impalong. I've been working on this every year. And I have new builds each year. With work in real life only slowing me down and a 2 moves. I'm proud to say though, my impalong is almost ready. It will be this December 10th to the 20th. I hope to have the boat docks and many more things finished and ready to explore, there will be a few small events, and all the imping madness you've come to expect from events like this. This well be Dec 10th 10am GMT-4 Deed History Impalong info The Entrances Camp Grounds The Imping Facilities Materials Events Staff Guest Streamers Impers Special Thanks Past Lunalongs
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    it was first days of october 2020, my priest Wiha has about 95 shattering skill, and i've got suicidal idea, to grind it to 100 and now, after about 10 months it finally happen [23:27:35] Channeling increased by 0,000008 to 100,000000 huge thanks for everybody who helped me in that travel (too many people to write evrybody individually) a piece of curiosities: it takes from ~95 to 100: 335 sleep powders, used sleep bonus from Rite of Death 20 times, participation in 93 missions, and sleeping in bed everyday so in total about 650 hours of sleep bonus only last tick takes 44 hours and 15 minutes of enchanting I understand that I can now choose a title for that skill, so i would like to choose Volkhv (if want to know from where it comes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkhv )
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    "Hello it is I, Steropes Gob, and I have an exciting new item for the marketplace. Please come to my tech demo at Bruce's Flying Circus, X17 Y31, or N13 ingame, at the time below, to witness this exciting new technology. Below you'll also find a preview to give you a taste of what we have to show you! We will be making the world a better place through integrated technologies!"
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    Just a short slog through the swamp away, Gobblin Hut will be celebrating its Grand Opening! Prior to the slaying, restaurant owner and kitchen manager Gaffer "Saucier" Boffin will be cooking 90Q meals to fill up your CCFP and nutrition. Custom affinity meals will be made as time allows for attendees who are crafting before the fight. At Gobblin Hut the risk of food poisoning is practically negligible - we don't know the meaning of the word Salmonella! Besides, we throw out the salmon at the first sign of mold. So come on down and stuff your gut at Gobblin Hut! "It's Gobblin Good!"
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    VR just sounds terrible for this game. Wurm is just not the sort of immersive experience that needs VR. Then again, I've never seen the appeal of VR since I am horribly prone to nausea and motion sickness with those things. It'd be more important to fix what is already broken then trying to add new features onto a framework that desperately needs love. Try to make what you already have better than it currently is, and when the framework looks solid, then you might consider adding more touches and details to it.
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    I would like to see more detailed event log entries something like when you cast a spell You succeed in improving the power of the Lurker in the Woods with a 97 power cast or when you imp something You improve the horse shoe a bit to 91.234 QL You damage the horse shoe a bit doing xx.xxx damage when you breed horses say in how many days she will give birth. I am sure you get the idea. It will be awesome to work out stats How much favor did I spend on this horse shoe to get to a 97 power cast. how many casts etc how many imps... it opens up so many possibilities.
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    http://prntscr.com/1qdrfmq The Rift location as seen from the top of Crystal Mountain next to the Crystal Mtn Spike Definitely one that will be harder then normal to get to. Good Hunting or sliding to death... hehehehehee Cheers. Hughmongus
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    I agree with Ekcin. For me, who never knew a difference between moi and getting coin even existed, the drumroll while farming always annoyed me, since I had the feeling I could have been doing something else, which would benefit from the drumroll. I just want farming to have rewards when getting the drumroll, that's all
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    since the patch where 1ql = 20ql or some garbage, shield skill grinding has taken a huge hit due to the ql being curved up for shields, but the damage they take isn't, which leads you to being forced to use a 1ql shield at higher skills when in the past you could have used a 20-30ql shield that can take some hits, the 1ql will get broken insanely fast, i've had a 1ql shield go from 0-100 dmg in under 30 seconds against a traited troll. please add a way to opt out/make the skill check use the base ql not the curved ql/make the curved ql also reduce the amount of damage the shield or whatever take.
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    KangaWU is one of the longest-running Wurm Unlimited servers, with the primary map having been up since a day before the official release in 2015. Hosted in Oceania, we offer a rarely-seen lag-free version of Wurm for a dedicated community mostly located in the ass-end of the world – though we welcome players from all parts of the world. In the years since the release of WU we have been creating custom mods and alterations to the server to make it entirely unique, with some notable features like increased rarity tiers, a custom decoration system, regular hunting events and permanent rewards for killing creatures, metallic golems and a new metal type, an exploration-treasure system, and so much more. Check it all out below, or join us in-game or on Discord and say hi! KangaWU – 2048 x 2048 – PvE Only Taniwha – 4096 x 4096 – PvE Only Increased percentage of aggressive creatures All creatures are 20% stronger and 20% larger Accessible via portal from KangaWU and sailing across any border Deeds are free to place and have no upkeep costs Each character is able to have a deed on each of the maps The maximum deed size is 75×75, although players are asked to only deed the land they intend to use Each deed can have a maximum of 3 Spirit Templars at no cost The length of time a deed will remain around is dependant on the total playtime of the characters on that deed. When a character logs into the server, their deed will refresh the upkeep time from that point and will last 30 days plus the total playtime of all characters of that deed. Every few days a hunt event will spawn on each server, spawning a rare+ seryll altar and 4 godspawn creatures at a random location Finding and killing all of the godspawn creatures will allow the altar to be mined out and some rare+ seryll lumps gained Any characters that help to kill the godspawns will also get relatively large Fighting skill gains and bonus gains in some random skills Scrolls may be found when killing champion or unique creatures, completing missions, and from archaeology Identifying a scroll will lead you around the map where you’ll need to kill strong creatures to find the final location of the scroll Upon killing the final group of creatures a chest will appear in your inventory with a varying amount of random valuable rewards We have a great and welcoming community of long-term players that love to help out new people In addition to Godspawn Hunts, the community regularly organises events like unique slayings and scroll hunts Occasionally there will also be GM-run events where participants can win special rewards like brooms and pets The Adventure server is a periodic server that pops up every now and then to give everyone a fresh taste at the game, with more difficulty Everyone spawns into the server at a random location with no items and low skills, and must survive a ton of aggressive creatures The server has increased moonmetal veins and other various rewards, which you can only bring back to the main servers by escaping alive Molds can be created of any non-decoration item in the game and can be used to create pottery versions of that item for display This allows you to create a decorational version of any item model in the game, and optionally as the pile model if it exists It greatly expands the options available when decorating your deeds and buildings, ensuring items stick around and don’t decay Any decorational item can also be raised and lowered in space, allowing floating items in the perfect position A new Summon Illusion spell lets you create a short-term illusion of any model in the game to let you plan out your decorating For a quick look at what’s possible with this system, we held a competition in 2020, and you can check out the gallery here Metal Golems are tough late-game creatures that spawn across the server in 4 sizes and all 15 metal types, including trinium Golems don’t tend to hit hard, but are very hard to take down – and once they are dead their corpses can be mined for lumps of their metal Normal and Small golems can spawn across both servers, Mini and Tiny can spawn from mining while a global boon is active Trinium is a new tier of metal above seryll, glimmersteel and adamantine that contains all of the upsides of those three Trinium can be gained from trinium golems, or a small chance to gain fragments when mining any metal golem Alchemy serums can be used to turn any metallic item into another metal, including moonmetal and trinium Each creature killed will generate a kill token with a value relative to the difficulty of that creature – with modifiers like champion giving a large boost to the value of the kill token Kill tokens can be combined and used in order to gain Spirit Points, which can be spent in the adventure shop (by typing /adventure) The adventure shop provides a wide range of permanent character upgrades and useful custom items to make hunting worth your time A small selection of rewards available in the adventure shop: Worker’s Satchel – Allows you to place any item used in the imping process inside of it, then use the satchel when improving to automatically select the currently needed item from within Permanently increased levelling and flattening speeds Permanently increased action queue slots Tokens to rename items and creatures that you own As well as the vanilla deities, we have 3 custom deities available – Budda, Frost and Veshnokash – information for each is on Discord All followers of gods can cast spells when they have at least 20 faith, and followers can gain faith up to 40 with priests able to gain more There is no limit on the amount of times a day that faith can be gained, however the cooldown for gaining faith is increased to 1 hour Custom spells include: Superior Genesis – 70 favor & 50 difficulty to remove a chosen trait from a creature instead of a random one Superior Dispel – 30 favor & 30 difficulty to remove a chosen enchantment from an item Increase Size – Custom sorcery spell that increases the internal size of a container, making it bigger on the inside Global boons are timed bonuses that apply to everyone across both maps, purchasable in-game with karma and the web store A few examples of boons include: Bonus Mount & Vehicle Speed 25% Bonus Skillgain Bonus Rarity Chance KangaWU+ is a premium-style character bonus that can be purchased from any deed token for 10s per month Characters with KangaWU+ gain four bonuses: 50% increased skillgain & 50% increased carrying capacity No movement speed penalty from equipped armour The ability to combine item rarities via Smooshing Three new rarities above fantastic: Epic, Legendary and Unique Each higher rarity gives the normal increased effects of rarity and items that are at least epic cannot be shattered via enchanting Epic and Legendary rarities are available via normal rare rolls, but Unique is reserved for special rewards and Smooshing only Smooshing allows you to combine two items of the same rarity for the chance of increasing the rarity of the target item The chance to successfully increase rarity is determined by item qualities, if they are the same item, and if they are bulk items or not Smooshing is only available to characters with KangaWU+
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    Starting bid: 30 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted [19:22:23] A bronze rune of Libila has been attached, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) [19:22:23] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [100] [19:22:23] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [104] Auctioning this beauty!!! Created by Chaosmight Imped by Pantha Enchanted by Nelse Runed by Arno Give some props to these people to make this come true!
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    Recently while struggling to locate some lead to make an anchor for my new boat, I had an idea for a kind of slap-dash emergency anchor. What about stone anchors? (I'm thinking like a boulder or cluster of stones, not a literal anchor shape.) Ideally, for me, they would be 100% efficient, BUT decay quickly. (Due to low quality, not stone decaying.) I am sure there will be plenty of dislikes, but I think the idea makes sense....
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    The control scheme used in VR isn't the damned point being made in this thread mate. Sure, you can use keyboard and mouse alongside a VR headset, but that's clearly not all that's being implemented. The fact that they're even bothering to implement any VR functionality to begin with is the problem. This game has so many more issues that need to be addressed, but the parent company doesn't have even the slightest clue or care and would rather push Wurm into as many buzzword categories as they can to satisfy shareholders that also, clearly don't have the slightest clue of how this game (or even the industry, really) works.
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    I happened upon Oak hill ranch today and was amazed. I purchased an ebony 4 speed. Lyndee was extremely accommodating!. I will def be back Strongly recommend!!
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    Seryll Huge Axe Seryll Huge Axe 88.77ql ( Nimb 100, LT 102, CoC 102, MS 101, Monster Demise ) Bonus Properties Of Seryll - 5% added attack speed, 5% added damage inflicted, -50% damage taken to tool, -50% decay damage, 100% Shatter resistance, -10% repair speed Starting Bid: 30s Minimum Increments: 1s Buyout: Offer Sniper Protection: 1 hour imp'd to 92ql for accepted buyout offer
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    Ya, I helped out to clear one of those recently. 2 of us were able to do it - though we had to back up and heal a couple times. The one we did had 6 mobs, 1 of which was an ogre. When we killed him we got the message something like "the camp is cleared", not sure if it was because he was the last or the biggest guy though. There was 1 rift: tree, stone and crystal we were able to clear afterwards.
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    I'll most likely be there, but just as imper; nothing else. Thorin
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    next attempt worked , [11:49:36] The venerable fat champion Tearlaverna and the venerable fat champion Ebonyamulius get intimate.
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    In fact anyone able to cause AoE effects (and that means priests in Wurm) will get more points as any target hit (be it mobs with damage, or players with healing) counts towards participation. The reward in rift points is not proportional to the participation points visible in /rifts chat command. And ShenjiWurm is right, priests are very useful at rifts, and much welcome.
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    To be honest, I am aware that there is a difference between creation/attachment/imp MOI on the one, and rare coin finding on the other side. Anyway, from a mere players' perspective, they appear with the same text and drumroll. And while creation, attachment, and imp sometimes create rare items (even in foraging and botanizing), farming MOI does not produce anything except frustration, or at best mild amusement (in my case). Thus a change to give it a chance to produce something seems a legitimate request to me whatever the necessary steps for are. Maybe the chance of coins would have to be reduced, that would be left to the implementors, and easily to test on the test servers.
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    I love how your reaction to your perceived view of how I see PvE from a PvP perspective, is EXACTLY what I am saying the playerbase reaction to the staff looks like. So the players think the staff are elitist and condescending, even though they don't know them as people, and all this drama is widening the divide with rudeness. Thank-you for summarising my point so well. Maybe there was misunderstanding from both sides. To be honest, though a fervent enemy of tl:dr I regularly stop reading Drayka's posts simply because I lost track what his point is during reading. I don't exclude that SmeJack just misunderstood, and/or Drayka expressed himself unclearly. I definitely support mutual respect between PvE and PvP players as both playstyles are legitimate and relevant for Wurm. Mutual bickering is a reality though, often by oversensitiveness from both sides. There is some reason to consider ascriptions of the kind "carebear" or "Freedumb" as arrogant and condescending, but also it does not take in account that more rough conduct between factions in PvP is simply part of the game. Mutually, sometimes accusations exist that development favors or neglects the one or the other side. It is hard to decide, or even to know, how much of this is true, or just consequence of an overworked development team (ok, Epic is neglected indeed, still hoping for something in the pipeline). As to the dev team, none of us is in the position to call them "elitist", that is just rubbish. They are "elite" insofar as they have - quite legitimately - access to the managenment's decisions and the authority to plan, shape and influence such decision making. That they should listen to the community, and uphold and improve communication and transparency, to their own, the game's, and the community's advantage, is another story.
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    I wish to buy QL 3 BOTD 81 - 1s 62c (iron) Horrible regards *smirks* Queen of the Underworld
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    WHOOT! I will be there. either ill be dead 3 times or my 6 months will be up, so see you all there!
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    @ArchaedCould you please explain the difference between a RCO and a MOI when fighting/foraging, to facilitate the answering of your own question?
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    Rare coin opportunities are not moments of inspiration. Are you asking for the rare coin system to be added to farming, or for moi farming to give a coin?
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    Please add Grimmhelm @ 1288, 1262. Thanks
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    Ajala, what are you doing with a picture of me? As for those beasts, I doubt they're from a rift. However, there's this rift scout event that fires randomly and would spawn certain rift monsters. I can't remember how the full event was, but I think that over time the more dangerous rift beings may spawn if the first party isn't destroyed in time. So it may be you encountered that. Thorin
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    While the 4 waves have been much criticized, it is generally glossed over the fact that the old 3 waves were not considerably shorter. The old wave 1 usually took as long as waves 1 and 2 together now, wave 2 very similar to wave 3 now in type of attackers, wave 4 only harder in the sense that the warmaster got tougher. Also there was no or much less scaling with participant numbers. Also, a lot of nuisances have been removed. Traps are completely gone, the rift mobs do not attack other creatures anymore (meaning that mounts and hitches off pens are safe). Even the "feature" that champion beasts agroed horses with their AoE has obviously been removed. And, to my experience, even players finding themselves inside the new wave spawn are not pursued by all, but only a limited number (5-8 afaik) of mobs. Also the automatic giveaway of mats on rift close has been improved and seems to comprise of more and more diverse mats, at least two of the three types. I am not happy about all changes. The old style ogre mages were more interesting, dangerous with their harsh internal wounds, but also ways more vulnerable (could hurt, even damage with a sickle) and with less hp. Some of the mechanics like teleporting of casters and summoners seem to have been nerfed though I found them ok (they also frustrated the so violently hated "taggers", after all).
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    I hope to be back soon and when i do this is will be on my to do list...which in Wurm years could be some time. More pics on the FB page
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    like no one cares about yours
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    When people say PvP died, well.. they're wrong. It just moved here to the forums.
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    Absolute quote of the month!
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    Yes it is accurate according to my tests. If you read further in the post it explains why and what the water trait actually is. Please test for your self.
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    I love this game. I'm happy it's still here.
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    Having not played for more than maybe 60 hours total for over the last 12 months, bit of a disappointment to see this. I played Wurm religiously between 2006 and 2012 for sometimes up to 16 hours a day, took a break and came back when Epic was released and again played 6+ hours a day until those servers grew stagnant as all servers eventually do because it is the same product it has been ever since certain people have moved on. Surely there's better things to work on than VR which caters to an extremely small amount of people. Exploration update was teased months ago, and yes I understand life happened to people and it's extremely sad to hear. The player base grows less and less each week and your great idea is VR. It took Defiance all of 2 months to stagnate, the NFI servers are no better than SFI was this time last year.
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    Rolf has not been involved in many years, the game has been sold to the "Industry business" folks that you mention. Your statement reads, at least to me, that you are supporting the very thing that you don't want. Wurm being sold and bought buy a business that is in the business to make money will do what they think is best for their asset. Some of us don't agree with the direction while others like it, that is up to each of us to have our opinions and voice them if we so desire. The next step is to start talking with their wallets if things are not going the direction that is desired. Its not good or bad, it is just simple facts of life. I don't think that we are near that point yet, though I know some have already made that decision to take their money somewhere else. I love Wurm and hope to see it around for many more years to come. When Wurm was young and Rolf was still in charge, he could have that "to hell" attitude. That is no longer an option for a business that wishes to keep the doors open. There is always a point where ownership/management cannot have that kind of attitude anymore. It is my thought that Wurm is no longer in the position to say "to hell" with what anyone else wants or says, at least not if they wish to have any kind of growth. With that said, I think it would be nice to know how much imput to decision making the current dev team has when it comes to the short term and long term goals of Wurm. How much influence do the "suits" have and what direction they wish to see Wurm go. I don't like the VR addition, I don't think it will bring in many new players or retain players. But I'm not against VR if what was shared is the case. That the work on it will not hinder the work on Wurm that needs to happen. Though if that is the case one could assume that they are hiring / have hired new people to do this VR work. If so, it is my opinion that the time and money spent on VR could be put into other aspects of the game that have been needing to be fixed or added for years now. That is just my two cents.
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    Even I thought I was joking...
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    Well said Steve. The nastiness directed against Demona was uncalled for. A lot of folks were upset by Animal Husbandry update and pain it caused, but that is not an excuse to abuse the PR person, who's job it is to announce what she is given to announce. There is a constructive way to request the Dev's to remedy an "improvement" that is causing game wide upset and discontent, and to get them revert it back to what made the long distance travel aspect of the game enjoyable. Speaking as a Former CA Staff member, the non-constructive way of throwing a temper snit and becoming an abusive Troll, who resorts to name calling, rudeness and more deprived behavour is just NOT acceptable. We, players and staff alike, do have Real Lives. I do fully understand how RL can demand the attention of a person and cause them to set Game Playing aside. Skyefox and I are undergoing this distraction at this time as we spend each weekend moving from our old house to our new house over the next six months. Our thanks to folks who have been patient and understanding of the few delays in updating the Albia Roads Map of Indy over the past 4 months this has caused. In closing, Thank you Keenan for your response. Welcome home, Wurm's been waiting. Fraternally yours, Hughmongus Industrial Paramedic (in RL) Cartographer of Indy (in the gaming world)
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    Just want to send love to you all. And thank-you for maintaining and updating this great game, we all appreciate what you do.
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    Well, it was 10 years ago today that I took the ‘risk’ of loading all that was needed to play Wurm after reading about it. I will not mention all those who helped me in the very early days- they will know who they are- but after a decade playing and enjoying Wurm I feel that I have a reasonable excuse to make a few comments about my perception of Wurm. 1. I play for pure enjoyment and have never really bothered with improving certain skills over others. I suppose I would be called a jill / jack-of-all-trades but definitely a master of none! I feel that it is this that has allowed me to continue to play almost every single day without needing a break from ‘the grind’. I love playing after a long day at work, when the weather is not great or simply as a form of relaxation and attempt to catch up on the latest gossip in the forum. I often smile at the humour that is so prevalent in chat. 2. I know that some more vocal players criticise the way that development on Wurm has evolved or is evolving- and I fully respect that right, however, I simply wish to thank every single person- developer or otherwise- past and present who has contributed in some way towards the amazing improvements that I have been witness to during this decade. I feel that what we have here is a game that is simply unique. 3. The community in Wurm is usually second-to-none. Every person I have met in-game has been helpful, amusing or kind. Perhaps I have been fortunate but I feel that Wurm is blessed with people of all ages who usually have a mature attitude to difficulties and problems. This is something that we should all be proud of. 4. Is Wurm without faults / problems, of course not but for most of the time these do not affect my enjoyment and so I shall give my trust to the development team to work on any issues and leave me to improving my standard of Wurm life. The future? I have never got involved in the religion aspect and that is something that I may be missing out on. The other thing is- to my shame- I have never been to an impalong as I always feel that my skills are not high enough. I must push myself to attend one! I am sure that the developers will also have some ideas that most folks cannot even imagine. One thing is certain and that is I hope to be playing Wurm as often as I can during the next decade and hopefully for longer. Thank you all. Spolmit / Malenkimit / Kalmit
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    The ability for marsh It was added at some point but I have tested it on Cele keeping dirt tiles in shallow water and next to shallow water and it did not spread at all for the months I watched. Which is sad - marsh should be possible to be recreated, I have some areas where I tried to restore the natural look of abandoned areas but failing with marsh.