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    The citizens of Pristine are pleased to announce a rare Goblin Dance Party to be hosted this Saturday, August 14th with Little Gobby Lynne as the star of the proceedings! Please be sure to pick your partner in advance and axe them to the dance. We don't want any bad blood and are asking everyone to bring their most festive selves! The event is located a short ride north from R17 on the lovely Southern Coast of our beautiful island! The War Bonnet Dance Queen Tiara has been claimed by your lovely hosts, but all other fabulous prizes will be randomly assigned to participants whose fighting dance skill is 70 or higher! We hope to see you all there, but please - no unaccompanied miners. (With apologies to @Stanlee- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery because you've really set the bar for public slayings - and I've never done this before help.)
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    Hello all. First, let me apologize for the lack of communication from all of us here. The fact of the matter is that we’ve all been quite busy dealing with life issues, which isn’t an excuse for not communicating. Second, I want you all to know that we hear you. It’s frustrating for all of us, customers and developers alike. Life can hit you hard, and with how small of a team we are, we simply do not have the resources to cover things like medical emergencies and deaths of friends. Things that require time off, often times suddenly and without warning. We continue to keep a keen eye on the forums for your feedback, and regardless, we are very grateful for it. We have developers, volunteers and contractors alike, who have been working diligently on new and exciting projects behind the scenes. I can’t share them yet, but I do want you all to know that work has not stopped. Slowed, yes. Stopped? Not at all. The last thing I want to say is just a reminder to everyone that we’re all people here. I’ve seen a lot of hate and vitriol thrown at staff, some of whom have nothing to do with the frustrations at hand. I’m not saying you can’t express your feelings, but I am asking for some civility in doing so. That’s all from me, Please stay safe.
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    First off, my regrets to any staff that have suffered a loss or are going through difficult times. One of my own friends just passed away a few days ago. It frankly sucks. The last few months, I've been very hit and miss in my duties as an alliance member, rarely showing up and filling my allies with concern that I may not return. I don't always give them details on what is going on with my schedule and that leaves them pretty clueless as to my future. However, they aren't paying me to be there and my obligation is just as a personal friendship - which is actually pretty important to me. But still, I really don't have an obligation to keep my allies informed. I do log in from time to time and say hello, buy random deeds, etc, because I want them to know I haven't left. I like them all very much. Wurm employees on the other hand have a very real responsibility to keep the community informed. Information delivered sooner is almost always better than later. If we knew communications were going on standby right after horse update, it would have been better than what we all just experienced. Not really a hindsight thing here either. Just common sense. We all know how mad our parents would get when we tried to hide a bad report card, right? So I hope Wurm staff gets through all the RL troubles and irons out a plan to keep information flowing to one of the most loyal communities in MMO history. Heck, even when I am not playing actively, I am generally on the forums daily, checking for any interesting updates, which might be exciting enough for me to prem 24 more months on 15 alts, because that is how Wurm is played, right? Thank you Keenan for this update and keep them coming please!
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    For a while, I have been semi inactive dealing with issues not relating to Wurm that has kept me from being as quick and courteous as I prefer to be with people. During my semi away time a lot has happened among the people here and what I have found on my return has me seeing blood. There are those among us harassing, and attacking the Developers and other Wurm team members which I will not tolerate. If your name is brought before me I will simply cut you loose. I will not waste my time on you anymore. At the same time I have been made aware of certain illicit activities occurring while I have been unavailable. Things like exploiting ways into sealed mines via means clearly not intended. We will hunt you down and remove you. I have not been active with Discord moderation since its inclusion into our ecosystem, but I am very unhappy with the things I hear and I will turn that around. No harassment shall be tolerated there. I will not tolerate the use of inappropriate materials, harassment, or doxxing, or anything that is improper for our environment. Make no mistake folks, I am very unhappy at all that has been transpiring, but know this, I know you have been concerned about the lack of recent public updates, and all this doom and gloom is just a mood that people feel from time to time, public updates will resume when the Dev team are ready. They are very busy and have lives too ya know. They are not all machine and computer code unlike the rest of us, and I am here to help keep the game healthy and happy. While I stand here enjoying my root beer float, a number of people's names are already being inscribed on my ban hammer. So lets see where it falls as I slowly dig through my backlog of work!
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    Thank you Keenan and love and best wishes to all. I think it's too easy to think in terms of Wurm Online the product / company, but forget Wurm Online the community and 'family'. The close connection between staff and players in Wurm Online is like nowhere else, and sets it apart from other games. When this is suddenly missing for unexpected reasons, we notice, and we worry, maybe feel abandoned and fret over whatever other petty things we feel are missing as a result, but we are very poor at putting the real reasons for this feeling of loss into the right words. We are missing you all.
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    Why even type all of that when you immediately be toxic yourself lol
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    Only thing is, we are not volunteer players Wurm is just lucky there aren't any other sandboxes out there that can come even close with complexity and online world persistance, otherwise people wouldn't keep up with this volunteer excuse and would stop paying.
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    You can catch even more with *crap*.. just saying..
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    Actually something I forgot to add in my first post, but can you provide us some insight on how you plan to improve your work environment so that this doesn't happen? If you admit that this was a problem and apologize for it then the next step should be taking actions to prevent it. Otherwise, we're bound to be here again for the same reasons in a few months.
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    Well said Steve. The nastiness directed against Demona was uncalled for. A lot of folks were upset by Animal Husbandry update and pain it caused, but that is not an excuse to abuse the PR person, who's job it is to announce what she is given to announce. There is a constructive way to request the Dev's to remedy an "improvement" that is causing game wide upset and discontent, and to get them revert it back to what made the long distance travel aspect of the game enjoyable. Speaking as a Former CA Staff member, the non-constructive way of throwing a temper snit and becoming an abusive Troll, who resorts to name calling, rudeness and more deprived behavour is just NOT acceptable. We, players and staff alike, do have Real Lives. I do fully understand how RL can demand the attention of a person and cause them to set Game Playing aside. Skyefox and I are undergoing this distraction at this time as we spend each weekend moving from our old house to our new house over the next six months. Our thanks to folks who have been patient and understanding of the few delays in updating the Albia Roads Map of Indy over the past 4 months this has caused. In closing, Thank you Keenan for your response. Welcome home, Wurm's been waiting. Fraternally yours, Hughmongus Industrial Paramedic (in RL) Cartographer of Indy (in the gaming world)
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    Fur clothing would be cool to have ingame, seeing as now it seems the devs are focusing on stuff like that. There could be a fur cape that would be worn on your back and on part of your sides. For fur cloak, it would be bigger than the the cape, but not be wrapped around the whole body. For the coat, it would surround your whole upper torso. Not including neck and hear. I think it'd be good to have another use for furs. Requirements: Fur Cape: 4 Pieces of Fur, 6 string, minimum Leather Working skill of 10, created by activating a needle and right clicking a fur with a piece of string in your inventory. Fur Cloak: 7 pieces of fur, 10 string, minumum Leather Working skill of 15, created by activating a needle and right clicking a fur with a piece of string in your inventory. Fur Coat: 12 pieces of fur, 20 string, minimum Leather Working skill of 30, created by activating a needle and right clicking a fur with a piece of string in your inventory.
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    What about increasing the data size for the mine height by another bit or two, maybe even a whole byte! So we can have high ceilings in mines
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    The pose thing is still happening
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    You can link them, but not have them use the same password.
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    I'll merely bring to light an old piece of Wurm history where some forum accounts were hacked years ago and the passwords were used to access some players ingame accounts. This lead to the banhammer falling on some players I'll not name, you can check up the forums in the past when it happened. Having 2 accounts linked to the same password is .... unwise to say the least. It's better we have 2 types of account imho for security reasons.
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    I took nothing personal about it, just pointing out my view of what was said. Anytime someone advocates or suggests, even the suggestion of violence as you said, indirect or not, over words, there is a problem there and should be called out. Violence, direct or indirect should never be the reaction to words in situations such as this. His wish of harm on a group of people, regardless of how vile that group of people may be, he did to that group what that group did to staff in previous threads. A standard, once set should be maintained. If people wishing or suggesting violence on one group of people are going to be held accountable, then all should be held accountable. As I said, I think most of us understood his point he was trying to make, and I don't think the point was generally wrong, but I do think it was wrong for this situation in this context. I went on to explain that the focus should be compassion and love towards others and seeing how we can all be better moving forward. What I do tend to take to heart a little more then normal is when people try to put others into one group or another without knowing that person. Your statement that I'm either part of that group, the trolls and those that broke the rules, or I'm part of a group that missed the point, I find to be very disingenuous at the least. I feel my position was clear on the situation and what should be done moving forward, that is the group I'm in. What is best for Wurm and the Wurm community and I simply did not feel his post is what is best for that group. To say that myself or anyone else is one group or another without knowing that person, especially when you are suggesting that one of the groups is a vile group, is putting alot of judgement onto that person without knowing a thing about them or what they do for the community. There are many other view points and groups as you say then just the two you listed, it is not white or black, it is not that simple. There is however right and wrong, and I try to fall within the group of right as much as I possibly can. Est Sularus Oth Mithas - My honor is my life, is a creed that I have tried to live up to my entire life, in and out of virtual. I fail many times as I am not perfect, but it is one of many things that I strive for, regardless of where it takes me or the outcomes of such actions. Now you know a little more about me. Enki addressed the trolls and trouble makers in his post, meaning he was dealing with them. Adding fuel to the fire in any way from that point forward I don't feel is constructive to the community moving forward. We all have our feelings towards the trolls and those that treated the staff the way they did. I'm not defending those trolls, they should be removed if they are found to have broken the rules. We should show that we are better then them and not resort to the tactics that they used, especially after they have been addressed by the people in charge. Let Enki do his job.
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    There's hardly any toxicity at the moment. It's good to see the posts over and over again because it shows how many people share the same frustrations and how much we want change. Honestly I don't even understand why threads get locked. If there are certain posts that lead to the decision of locking a thread then can we just address those specific posts instead of shutting down all further discussion? If we don't get the opportunity to voice our thoughts and feelings then how will we ever be heard?
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    This is a business model that has customers buy in.. why does it seem so personal? Internal issues should not be an issue that us customers need to be affected or aware of. I think this is alittle untidy and comes off more as if customers are hitting nerves. (Where i do understand your focus is the community -- but thats more from a point where data/feedback is generated to ensure future updates align to customer satisfaction.) This is a business model guys -- if you guys are facing issues IRL -- guess what -- we all are?! Its about managing your time and deliverables... Sorry i dont really give a damn but these last 2 posts have nothing to do with the game... I appreciate all the hard work and effort of the team irrespective. Looking forward to timeously updates.
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    Who you trying to lag out with 15k walls? lol
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    Not really keeping it civil there, everything else you said was fine, but you are the first in this thread to take it to another level. We all know the point your trying to make, but it was not needed here, it does nothing but put fuel on the fire when the focus should be calm and looking at the way forward. As a side note, it works both ways...take those same Bikers and Red Necks in that same Pub or Bar, and have them pay for their drinks and food, then wait for 2 months and not see a staff member again...see what you end up with after that. It goes both ways, and there should be compassion and empathy going both directions, towards the staff that are struggling with real life issues and also for the players that are struggling with real life issues. As was stated in other places, many people use Wurm as an escape from those struggles, especially during these trying days...and to not know what is happening to the future of your escape, after you have paid for it can be pretty stressful itself. These issues have been addressed now, so the focus is to hope we all learn, we all move forward and grow and become a better person, especially towards each other. We are all on this same blue ball called earth together, and unless your Bezos or Musk, none of us are leaving it anytime soon, so lets all try a little more thought, love and compassion all around. Thanks for this post and the update, it is appreciated.
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    I think the frustration for me and the reason I stopped playing is, as a Dev in the finance industry, I constantly have to show my customers what I am working on and provide status updates. Even if those updates are why we are dropping the process completely due to either it not being possible or it just being to complex an ask for the value created. Small updates on what is being done, like the fort night updates go along way to giving us the feeling of inclusion and not being in the dark.
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    Agreed. If Demona is incapable of doing her job because of real life problems then there should be at least one person that can step in to give us a post like this, but much much sooner. Her not being available is not an excuse to stop updating us about what's happening.
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    Parting with this beauty seeing as I have no real use for it anymore There is a bunch of random items including gems, rares and tons of tools! Starting bid: 40s No private bids No buyout sniper protection: 1 hour Good luck!
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    NOTE: THIS AUCTION IS FOR 1 CHARGE ONLY OF THE CHERRY. [20:21:33] This giant cherry was fully ripe when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. It may take you there to join the deities! It has 3 charges left. Using the Red Cherry, you gain the Evocator Title in front of your name, along with your other 2 chosen titles. Your name will show up like so: Evocator Name [Title 1, Title 2] Description This giant cherry was fully ripe when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. It may take you there to join the deities! Usage Spell granted: Karma Bolt (Causes infection wound on target) Resistance: Poison 15% (Decreases poison damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Physical 5% (Increases physical damage taken by 5% The spell itself Causes 19dmg head wound. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted Good luck everyone and happy bidding!
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    All added thank you for your information.
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    No no no to any kind of merchant network, at that point its just another "shop" or "auction house" This would kill any kind of marketplace interaction. I set up a market on south Harmony over a month ago, currently there are 23 merchants there owned by 7 different people. I have people that come buy just about every day, sometimes with the goal of visiting the market, other times they are sailing by and stop when they see the market. The interaction between players this way when I am online, and I am online much of the time, would be killed if the ability to buy items on a merchant from any other merchant. It defeats the entire purpose of a market place. The coin bag if just a QOL/Cosmetic change I'm all for. More cool things like that could be nice. There are other ways around it of course as others have stated so there is no true need, but as a novelty would be cool.
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    I agree with you Finn. It would be much easier to just +1 things when everything has already been said..but sadly its been said by staff, included even in retros thread, that +1s and -1s are outright ignored.
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    Over 65 you get quite a lot of 4-drafts. It's not "consistent" in the way breeding was in the old days, but it is not dissimilar to what you get for speed traits. Regarding the "other" traits, I stopped doing statistics because devs said they would change the mechanism - a change which we are still waiting for. But the statistics from me an others indicated differences in the categories, in particular Combat traits are near-impossible to get passed, while Miscellaneous traits are quite easy (at least some of them like USH). Edit: as explained below, this post is about the situation where you have speed or draft as primary category and you are seeking to pass another additional trait.
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    no need... merchants are normally ondeed, and deeds have tokens, especially markets / deeds with merchants.. have open access to the token(normally..) you can pull money from any deed token bag imo is pointless
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    Thank you all for the messages of support and understanding. We are all anxious to see bugs and issues resolved, we are players too. I personally look forward to continued improvements to the game and am very excited to be involved our continued experiences.
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    I can see a few problems here that I haven't previously addressed. If you can't take back anything other than your ship, what happens to items that are in your ship? They are destroyed? They prevent you travelling? They are stored in limbo until you return? This is a significant development effort (with the attendant risk and cost) for a debatable benefit, and depending on which "solution" you choose, it will piss off players to a greater or lesser extent. Silver can be transported freely between NFI and SFI? I think that the silver present in SFI was one of the key arguments against merging the economies. Still, this is less technically problematic than attempting to prevent silver leaving the server, so there's that. It feels weird and arbitrary. Items can move, but only one way. Ships are an exception. Are you trying to annoy people? And don't get me started on the whole house-of-cards idea where it interlinks with other proposals that people don't want.
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    LOL / probably true.. idk, I have a shelf with tea types.. I still burn trough coffee cans faster...
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    so we others don't have ability to read a post and understand what it means? Dude, to most of players in current situation post is very offensive, and Enki's crypting roleplaying style like he usually have doesn't help here either. I love the guy, but his posts can be quite unclear and ambigous because of his style of phrazing and weird sense of humor which is not always great for situation serious as this. Not all of as knows Enki that well, not all of as worked in stuff to read beetween lines. The post may be about griefers but to regular Joe out there, it sounds, you complained, now i'm pissed and you'll pay for it, with very threatening tone with no means to distinguish to who is directed. It's simple as that. Now you can convice yourself that all of us have your outstanding ability of understanding, but it doesn't make it true. It's not importan what you meant, it's important what others meant that you meant.
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    No, I am not. I am specifically referring to someone other than a community manager. Or at least other than our community manager. We have ONE community manager, and it is not fair to that one person to expect that when their world is tilted that they be the one who has to come here and explain that they are currently unable to come here. It is commonly called contingency planning - a part of risk management that is vital to continued enterprize.
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    All should consider that Enki as head GM is also a role the person behind is playing, a sometimes bizarre, sometimes humorous one. The reaction when finding a mess (cheating in PvP, inappropriate conduct - mainly in discord) was just what was to expect. Enki as head GM is not the one to woo the community, and it would be sad if he were forced to do so, or to apologize. We would lose a part of Wurm by that. In the recent tense atmosphere this was, to my impression, just misread as an "official" reaction on player protests. I think that was and is a misinterpretation. Anyway the blame is with the company, no an understaffed and overworked development and communication team, no matter whether paid, full or part time, or volunteers. And there should have been a statement from the management earlier on. -- Conversation between a player and a team member: [22:47:18] <######> Just for fun, I inspected Enki at the impalong. He is also a wild creature. [22:48:06] <########> I can say that this is true!
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    I am 100% against any connection between SFI and NFI. Ever. I am also 100% in favor of Darnok not posting another thing in this forum. Ever.
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    I find it humorous that folks like to pass this off as a grandiose adventure map, when in reality it's just a map to enable raiders to destroy a fallen deed within hours... even before the friends and allies of the deed owner have a chance to reach out or help. Call it what it is guys, a scavengers treasure map.
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    Dragon scale cloaks anyone? For when you're just too badass to wear something mammal. +1