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    alts running around with 1fs alts using farwalker stones/twigs setting them and then suiciding back to hand out to people is a pretty terrible mechanic doesn't matter if its one stone/twig or twenty make them drop on death
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    I was thinking of making this thread yesterday, but didn't particularly feel compelled as I wasn't sure how much effort I wanted to put into a post like this; but I came up with some ideas and talking points. A year ago, Wurm Online launched on steam, alongside a new cluster of servers; There was a lot of alluded changes coming to both PvP and PvE servers, how they functioned, revamped focus on them (changing how missions worked, base pvp rules, etc.) Launch was.... pretty awful! I don't blame them too much for this on a technical aspect, since it's probably the most amount of players wurm has ever had at any given time of its lifespan, and though it took days/weeks for the issues to actually be fixed properly, they eventually were. A couple months after the launch, some old subsystems were re-enabled: Missions and Valrei, as well as the unique items and rifts. From there, there have been minimal changes. Changes regarding channel grinding, favor gain and linking that lead to a change in the sacrifice system. Changes to the pvp server over time until its population more or less died off, mostly handled by 1 dev. A combat "rework" that still baffles me to this day The animal handling rework, the first thing i'd call an actual 'update' to the game, of which has been mostly negative (though if the kinks get ironed out might be okay maybe?) And in the future, we're still potentially going to see the exploration rework; There were a lot more pvp updates planned but I greatly doubt those will see the light of day given that the pvp server is more or less dead- unless focus goes back to Chaos for some reason) That's been the last year, more or less. Very few updates, most of which were awful initially, feedback seemingly rarely actually accounted for. We still barely have an idea of who, behind the scenes, is actually working on the game actively, is responsible for these changes- and to the degree they work in (Since I last bothered to check, most of the devs are part-time and there is still no full-time developer for the game). Yet on an investing level, the playerbase has doubled and is still steadily draining the banks of something around 6,000 accounts which are definitely more than enough to upkeep the servers and pay the (nonexistant) staff. It's a good reminder to most people that most members of the staff in this game (your game masters, community assistants, etc) are almost all volunteer staff- being literally paid in premium time and sleep powder to participate, minus maybe 1 or 2 (at least, i'm assuming the head gm's might get paid something? and maybe the community manager?). The game costs very little to run, and will probably remain so forever; the people in charge could literally (have? we're basically at that point) not update the game at all for months and run away with a decent profit; and it seems that's the decision they've made regarding the outlook of the game. Given, this game is the abandoned project of Rolf and most of the codebase is in a pitiful state that requires expert-level spaghetti wrangling, it's not an easy task- but it's not an impossible one, either, given that people (in our community, even) have created sizeable changes to the game in form of WU mods. So. What does that leave for the future? I'm curious on other people's opinions on the game in its current state (mostly veterans, honestly), and where they think the game will go. I have a hard time seeing wurm actually die out- other than the pvp scene. The game is tailor made to have a huge reliance on the community coming together and doing the bulk of the work required to maintain the game- and there are lots of people in this community who are satisfied with the game in its current state, and will likely be satisfied with the game staying the same for the years to come- these are the people who currently form a huge chunk of the game's core audience, and will probably perpetually feed its maintenance. But I can't see real, reasonable growth; Not in the state that updates come in, not in the state that the game encourages new players to stay and enjoy their time. Dare I say even that the dev's attempts at updating the game in what minor ways they have are consistently backfiring and alienating their current playerbase- all because they lack the proper leadership when it comes to providing good, quality changes to the game. There is little feedback, there is little vision for the future, nor an overall design vision for how the game's different subsystems should come together into one whole; The game is more or less a massive patchwork project of completely different subsystems usually headed by one inspired developer who manages their own subsystem, rather than coming together as a unified game (see: archeology, valrei, rifts, cooking, fishing, animal handling now- and i suspect, exploration in the future). In summary; I don't have hope for the future in this game ever being good, and I'll probably actively try and get people not to invest time into this game knowing what comes at the end of playing it for a month, or a year. But I'm not the whole community; I'm curious how others see this, and what hopes they have for what's to come- and more importantly, what actually keeps people playing at all (and don't say other players, or the deed you've had for 5 years- both of those are just entrapments) I am also greatly amused that I apparently put more thought into doing something for a year of the steam server's being launched than the staff of this game did.
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    -1 raid windows are awful and didn't work on defiance and won't work on chaos people don't pay for this game to play in the time zone you want them to play in
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    I would have expected a wardrobe to offer some extra protection for stored clothes, especially since it's a relatively high end item to make and can only hold specific item types. It's fun to keep a variety of clothing items to rotate between, and have some outfits to use for special occasions etc. but tedious when the clothes need regular maintenance despite sitting in a specialized storage container within a house on a deed. It would also be great to have a way to organize items in the wardrobe, eg. to keep together items belonging to favourite outfits for eg. impalongs, Halloween, Christmas, etc. In this sense a large chest is actually more useful than the wardrobe right now, since it can hold backpacks to sort items with, but the wardrobe doesn't allow this. So here are my suggestions to make wardrobes more useful: The wardrobe should reduce decay on the items inside when indoors on deed, offering better protection at higher quality. Add a way to sort items inside a wardrobe, either by adding shelves or the ability to make groups (like in the inventory).
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    Why would we want to bring mechanics that was a huge contributing factor to the collapse of the defiance population. I mean it dropped from 500+ daily to what an average daily of 20 ppl just skilling on deed, 30 ppl at peak for the 10 minutes of pvp that server generates a week if your lucky???? No thank you! Why are you trying to remove content from paying customer around the world that are not in your time zone? Try recruiting ppl in overlapping time zones like every other kingdom in the history of wurm on chaos, wild, gold etc. Implement 5 consecutive drains to disband a deed, now that I can get behind!
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    Sorry guys, that's on me I didn't even think about the anniversary being an event and didn't even remember when they launched the new servers and launcher. I thought it was later in the year. That's me and my scatterbrain though, I'm bad at holidays and birthdays IRL too, lol! Lemme see if I can get something going!
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    Not a lot of people can pull off knee-high boots and a gold mini, but Enki gets it done.
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    Currently Chaos raids are happening between 3am to 8am eastern, so they are uncontested. Making defending a nearly 24 hours job. Before anyone says anything there are raids that do happen during other hours of the day but the primary bulk of raids is in the times I posted above. Taken straight from PVP Feedback thread : Deeds can now only be raided during raid windows, villages will be able to pick the time this window opens and this can only be changed every 2 weeks. The window duration is dictated by villager/alliance count and if it's located in the safe zone or not. You will be able to view the window and how long till it starts by right clicking any wall/fence on the deed from any distance. Starter villages will be 100% unraidable. Raid windows will be around 2 hours for safe zones and 6+ hours outside them. The raid windows are focused on giving players control over when people can attack so defending it is not a 24 hour job and people are not trying to find off hours to attack with no defenders. Balancing pvp hasnt been very hot on the to do list but this is mechanic that has already been tried and proven to be good.
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    This was my first Impalong and I a so glad I came! I had no idea what to expect but everyone was so nice and friendly. I was given freebies by strangers. It really was awesome and I saw we have these more often on Friendship Bay. Thank you everyone for all the fun!
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    This was my first friend/imp-along I ever attended! I am super glad I went! Made many new friends. Enjoyed all the events! Helped out where I could! I have made so many memories here! It has been such a wonderful time. I will be sad once it ends but wouldn't change anything about it! From start to finish there was always something to do! There was even a Rift close by during the event that added to the fun! From jumping off a large tower for Wurmian Lawn Dart to Racing around the bay on horse back there was something for everyone to do! I can't wait for next year! I will defiantly be coming back for more fun! Ill make sure to Bring Greg the Octopus back as well! I want to thank everyone who worked hard to make it so easy and enjoyable for all! You are all the best!! See you next year!
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    +1, also as an extra suggestion I would like to see respawn times increase exponentially upon death so the same character doesn't just respawn and suicide forever every 5 seconds...
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    A few pictures of our amazing time Virus kept me very busy with Wurm Lord duties . .including running the Fish Slapping contests!! SO MUCH HILARITY!! This picture below is actually the epic battle between Greg the Ocotopus and Virusmd HimSELF! (See Gillie's tales of Greg the Champion) http://https://i.imgur.com/iFtz5Rh.png[/img Another battle . . . . But every now and then it would quiet down a bit and I could have a drink with good friends @reddragon6450Reddragon's wonderful little Booze Hut! Here is @GazmoGazmo and I ordering some pints And I also caught the RED WITCH OF MEERHAVEN @Siderealtaking a break from mixing bloods and imbuing duties to also quench her thirst https://i.imgur.com/SrLUsR0.png[/im I hope to see Reddragon's Booze hut again next year! Here is Virus the King on his throne, presiding over the magnificent Prize Hall! @VirusMD Virus and me by the chessboards . ... I narrowly beat Reddragon in a very intense match!! https://imgur.com/Xy3Wl5f Virus inspects and declares me the winner!! Later on . ... @Siderealand I had another match . . . .where I lost SORELY . . the Red Witch of Meerhaven is the checkers expert! A wonderful time was had CANT WAIT FOR NEXT YEARRR
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    Announcement? Communication? You're expecting too much.
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    Panda/TC offline raiding - thats how the game is supposed to be played, boasting about offline drains and digging down empty deeds Panda getting offline raided - game bad plz change -1
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    -1 to the way it's implemented on defiance, it definitely doesn't promote pvp.. The only way I could see this work is to make it high risk - high reward, as in.. you can either keep raids as is (I would love to see a disband on 5 consecutive drains), or you can opt in for raid window but you get a one drain for full coffers drain and deed disband..
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    +1 if I am one specific kingdom -1 if I am any other kingdom
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    looks like a bunch of madbads that pushed for the same mechanic to be removed years ago when it didn't suit them as MR were circumventing navigating the map with karma teleport to villages ??????????? am i wrong though
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    Yes, all of those players quit because wurm lacks microgames. Lmao No wonder people don't take your "suggestions" seriously. You're basically walking into a small, established business, exclaiming to its patrons that it sucks and should be some other thing entirely, then acting confused when they tell you to go elsewhere. Wurm is a laid back, barely-engaging sandbox mmo. That isn't going to change. As others have said before, you clearly don't like that, so go elsewhere.
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    This is a Rod of Transmutation with the following differences cost is 4 silver when used on a vein, transmutes it to rock cannot be used on-deed except by mayor
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    So in the process of making alcohol in real life most beer comes from a process called Malting which ferments grains before being used to make beer. What I suggest is that Wurm take up this process in addition to it's current recipes and here is how it might work: You would add in the item to be malted. Common ingredients to be malted would include: Barley, Rye, Oat, Wheat Pumpkin, Corn, Potato, Rice Any Starchy Veggie. Depending on the ingredient it could be treated in one of several ways to produce one of three new kinds of malt, for our examples we'll use grain but that could be replaced by any of the items listed above. Base malt. - Would appear as 'Grain, base malt' - Made by using normal ingredients as themselves. Fermented in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 with water for about 3 ingame days. Caramel Malt - 'Grain, Caramel Malt' These Malts are created by the same process as above but also including sugar in the barrel. Crystal Malt - 'Grain, Crystal Malt' Crystal Malts are created in a similar process as above, These are roasted wet with a 2 - 1 ratio of malt to water before being sealed in a barrel to ferment. Toasted Malt - 'Grain, Toasted Malt' Using unfermented malt in a baking stone to 'dry' them before fermenting them in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 water and malt for 3 ingame days. Roasted Malt - 'Grain, Roasted Malt' Made by first roasting the unfermented malts in a roasting dish dry then fermenting in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 water and malt for 3 ingame days. The process to make one of these unfermented malts would be as follows: Player would activate press or fruit press and 'crush' the item to be malted. This powder or Unfermented Malt would be used in the next step of the brewing process. Once malted, you would begin the process of making beer. First by mashing your chosen Malt, then boiling it with sugar and water to create the intermediary type of alcohol to be fermented in the normal way. Assuming we only use the 8 directly listed ingredients, and each malt could be made from any of those ingredients it gives a possibility for about 800 different affinity possibilities using the 20 known kinds of wood scrap. - This is if we assume only the existing system. I would suggest that beverages be slightly different. It's all about brewing after all. My system is as follows. There would be 8 new recipes, Lager, Ale, Stout, Porter, Pilsner, Bitter, Beer and Sour. The ingredients chosen from among the malts, would look something like this: Cooker: Oven Container: Cauldron, Sauce Pan Must have: Malt (any of the malt types) (one or more) Sugar (one or more) Herb ( Exactly one ) (this would determine which recipe is produced.) Optional (zero or one) Fruit (zero or one) Berry (zero or one) (This would give an added affinity list possibility but is not necessary) Finally, when the recipe has 'cooked' into it's unfermented alcohol, it's color will be determined based on which malt had the most influence on it. So you could get: Pale, black, brown, blonde, golden, clear... (for example) It would need to be sealed in a barrel for 3-5 days with a woodscrap. I really wish the booze remembered the ingredients through fermenting to the affinity wasn't tied to the woodscrap used but there are so many possibilities. Why this suggestion? The problem with the current beverages alcohol system is that the final product lacks any complexity in it's recipes with the exception of moonshine. The end result is that no matter how good or bad you may be at the skill, you're limited to how useful the beverage is because the timers just don't go above 1-2 hours maximum. I feel this is a way to begin fixing that problem by adding in complexity to the recipes without needing to rework the entire system. Please, give me your honest thoughts and opinions towards this idea. What do you like, what doesn't make sense, what seems broken. Would you start doing beverages skill if it was implemented? Thanks for reading.
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    A complete set of rare iron plate, be shiny and deadly Starting bid: 45s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: No
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    I'd like to see some feedback in the forums from the development team of what they are trying to do, even if they aren't always succeeding in their attempts to make the game better. Threads can be read only - no comments - as long as likes are still enabled. Can use a custom forum account to post such topics, so as not to skew the forum mechanics for community likes, but still allow positive feedback to be offered from the community. I personally don't think this would be inappropriate, as it's not sharing information on upcoming additions to game content.
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    Try to Dev even 1 WU mod yourself. Even if all it does is change the spawn rate of flowers, or change the render scale of a particular mob. Trifling changes that are hard to mess up. ANYONE who is not prepared to do even that, has massively less than zero right to judge what is worth the time of a programmer. They may politely and even avidly suggest, but they may not condemn another for failure to act upon a suggestion they wouldn't lift a finger to attempt themselves.
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    Final Lawn Darts! Have to get your telescope out to see the little person on the way down
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    All done and sent. Thank you very much. Cheers. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you. I hope to see you again in the future.
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    This Has Been the Best Impalong!!! loved it .... cant wait for the next...
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    agreed, I always wanted to see some cap on pmks so they cant expand like crazy. To allow new comers to have a bit of space to settle in as well.
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    Id absolutely be for this if there was a deed limit attached, because we lack some of the mechanics that exist on the other server to stop deeds from being built as crazy monstrosities. So +1 with the amount of deeds a kingdom can have being limited in some form.
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    I joined Wurm on the 18th July and died on my first adventure out into exodus. Through that death I met Stinboi and Denully who sailed me to my very first impalong in a beautiful Knarr. Little did I know what I would get upto whilst my basic newly made tools were imped by some awesome people. I joined in arena fight, fish slapping contest, musical chairs jumped off a huge tower even though I have real life vertigo and had so much fun meeting and chatting to everyone. My gratitude can’t be expressed but the hard work put in by organisers and everyone involved is so much appreciated. Sadly my stay was cut short by a rl vacation starting on Saturday and I couldn’t stay until the end. I so wanted to stay. As I glided away from friendship bay in my own newly won Knarr I felt sad to leave all my new friends but have hope the next impalong won’t be too far into the future. Thank you for making a fabulous warm memory for me and I’ll see you all soon
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    If Granger could record all the traits this would be very useful even without Breeding Assistant being able to make useful breeding recommendations. Maybe colour code the trait backgrounds in Trait View by group ? Speed green, Draft yellow, Miscellaneous brown, Output pink, Negative red something like that. Thanks for all your hard work Aldur supporting this program for so long.
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    -1 for the following reasons: For everyone needing larger amounts of resources, such scattering would be a nightmare. Usually you place your smelter, then start to mine, putting the lumps into backpacks to sort ql later. This would be impossible. Even worse when one starts to grind mining skill on higher difficulty resources like silver, gold, and sandstone. For that, large amounts are a prerequisite. For tunnel builders, resource veins removal is natural, and if the amount of resources remains the same in a region, it would not help, even make it harder to create an exploration tunnel in the general direction of the project. Moreover, large and useless resource veins may be nuked to lava with erupt/freeze. That would be close to impossible with 5 to 10 times more veins. @Darnok: You appear like a non player who does not like Wurm much.
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    If so, I've forgotten which ones. However, there have been quite a few which I approve of wholeheartedly. I generally spend all of my spare time playing this amazing game, not trying to figure out how it might be better, but I keep an eye out for things that will mess up my enjoyment of the game and object to those.
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    is this neighbourhood like the detroit of wurm or something sounds like a warzone
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    So ya did nothing for the 1 year anniversary of the steam cluster Could we at least get the map dumps now?
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    I'll do 45s to start
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    Thanks a ton @VirusMDfor this amazing Friend-A-Long, this was actually my first "A-long" I've been to on wurm and it's been such a great experience, filled with thrills. My favourite event has got to be the Wurmian Lawn Darts, what great fun! It's likely you'll see more of me next year Thanks to all the priests and impers helping to make this all possible! I rate Wurmian Lawn Darts a 1000/10 - absolutely marvellous. I never died once as I am clearly immune to fall damage
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    Rummage. Unrealistic - In Wurm, ore deposits are reasonably simulated as vertical, to compensate for the inability to mine in 3D voxels. If the end-goal is to make the creation of canal or highway tunnels less painful, I personally would suggest that you focus on petitioning for the addition of mechanics that would facilitate this specifically - such as a new type of deed/writ that would make ore veins act like rock veins (50 actions to mine it out) - as opposed to collaterally affecting the entire sandbox.
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    This was the best week ever! I had so much fun while I was here! I took a few pictures. I hope they make some people happy. X3
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    This was an amazing event!!! I had Never seen a sea serpent before this event and they look amazing ( hopefully I wont see one on the way home) . Want to thank VirusMD and everyone else that helped imp tools and the priests for all their wonderful and appreciated hard work. The games were fun, wurmian lawn darts, that was hilarious to watch, what an amazing four days of fun, Oh i almost forgot RedDragon was an Amazing Barkeep. and someone rared my fishing net for me, Amazing thank you. cant wait for the next one.
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    I remember vwhen this was the norm; and given the massive speed nerf to travel, it is reasonable for it to become the norm again I would say. Either that or add in a fo spell to reverse aging (like you should have done instead of locking it behind a rune).
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    ingame you have to sit perfectly still to archer with a shortbow whereas real life mongolian horse archers and even larger bows like the yabusame archer above could fire while riding a horse, an english longbow has an effective range of about 320 meters but ingame longbows can only shoot 100m or so, one would figure it's not based on reality, just because it wasn't recorded used in warfare doesn't mean it's impossible. "it's different in real life" isn't a very good reason for an anti-qol change when we have magic and dragons and caravels that weren't made until the 1500's being built by the same shipbuilders that make viking knarrs
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    Well done Spolmit! And yes, I think that the 'skills be damned, just play the game' approach is much more conducive to long-term enjoyment of the game, rather than the min-max, meta-gaming grind that I see so often. Keep it up!
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    Another order Could you sendd a couple of the saws to moteandbailey please? QL 70 BOTD 66 - 86c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 66 - 86c (iron) Many thanks
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    Ok, this just part of idea and it can be removed, while werewolves could be normal mobs, but spawned only during night, if some people thinks they are too strong or something.
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    Solution It has nothing to do with the update. I found the solution. I branded the unicorns after breeding them for a test. Obviously branded animals count as "citizen". And "charm" spell is an attack. And since a branded animal counts as citizen charming seems to be an attack on a citizen. So I had to add "Attack Citizen" permission to my citizen role. With this perm set the fo priest can charm now branded animals. Pure wogic but works.