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    I hate when someone just type "lol" in post instead expand his thoughts, but.... lol
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    No thanks. If a game is too boring to play without botting maybe it's time to play something else?
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    The ability find your position on the map. New items: Sextant (Previously suggested here: Traied by: Like meditating, but no cooldown limits. You need to move to a new position 20+ tiles away from your last observation to have a chance for skill gain, but you can take multiple reading at same position right after each other at low skill to manually estimate a more correct position. Effect: Will give a single dot on the map. The game would draw a virtual circle around your position with a radius based on your navigation skill. The dot will be placed at random position within the area of the virtual circle. Higher skill would mean a smaller radius for the circle. Note: This skill should not be confused with potential cartography skill, but could be used as a support skill for it. This skill will not help new players get to know the game world, find place to deed, etc. So, existing suggestions for better maps and cartography skill is just as relevant with or without this skill.
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    I work a second job in second life , I get paid 20 cents an hour, my time is valuable respect the hustle
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    Your forum account is 8+ years old, that makes you a VET. You sound very hypocritical to me. As for your suggestion, I would like to add this too it: Note to staff - Don't you think it would be a good idea to make note of this persons active accounts AND all his Friends list buddies active accounts, then screen them for macro'n and maybe RMT. Buddy is doing you a favour, exposing himself and his friends with this suggestion. I'm sure his buddies will appreciate him even more now, after this. PS. LOL
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    It's a computer game. Of COURSE it was wasting your time! That's partly the point. As to macroing, that's a hard pass. It's a sandbox, not an idle leveler.
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    Hiya Folks, Welcome to my Smithery service that is on Deed Dragonien in South West Harmony (Coords S12). All your Tools and Weapons are made with Love and you are welcome here to enjoy the Quality of my work for a fair Price. With my Blacksmithing Skill 100 and Weaponsmithing 93.5 i can provide you a high Quality Service. QL Tools: Horse Shoe Set: Larg Anvile: 50 25c 60c 35c 70 35c 80c 60c 80 65c 2s 1s 90 1.5s 5s 2.5s 95 3.5s 8s 6s 96 5s 11s 8s 97 7s 98 10s 99 15s Weapons Iron: Weapons Silver*: QL Carve/Sickle/Butchknife All others Carve/Sickle/Butchknife <2.5kg 2.5kg> <50 10c 30c 20c 40c 50c 60 20c 40c 40c 60c 70c 70 30c 50c 50c 80c 1s 80 75c 1s 1s 1.5s 2s 85 1s 1.5s 1.5s 2s 2.5s 90 2s 3s 3s 4s 4.5s 92 2.75s 4s 4.5s 5.5s 7s *Makes 10% extra damage to Hunter Mobs Imps cost example: Cost to imp 63.56 QL Longsword to 90QL is 3s - 40c = 2.6s For my Service PM in Game Achillis! !!!From 24.09.21 too 15.10.21 i will less Smithing. So in this time i only take PM Orders and really no rush tingys!!! Thx for understanding your Achillis And now i wish ya all a nice Wurming... thx for all your Achillis Get ya leather Goods from the best: Get the finest Carp and Fine carp Thingys from: Get your best Service in CoC/WoA Enchants from my Mate: Get the Best and Highest Libilia Service on Cluster from: Get ya Archstuff from the best Frag Hunter:
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    Considering how difficult it is to make, the alchemist's cupboard is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. It's somewhere to store all your valuable liquids, where they will be easily accessible and... not protected from decay Remember, any liquid can be preserved 100% by storing it in a barrel sealed with a peg, or for the extravagant, an amphora sealed with a wax sealing kit. It's my position that a specialist, hard to make storage cupboard should be slightly better than a small barrel in terms of its preservative properties, and considering the minuscule cost of a wooden peg, the only way for it to be better would be for usage to be free. I'd like this thread to be a place for suggestions to fix this. In order of cheapness, here are my ideas: Just change the code so that there's no decay in an alchemist's cupboard in a building on a deed. As above, but require the cupboard to be Blessed. As above, but require the sacrifice of a chicken or something, just so that people can say there's a real cost.
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    title says it all. simply add a drop down menu. Yes i know this has been suggested a few times allready
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    @FicikThank you for doing this. Maps should be based on "Hey I found something at this location". Ideally Wurm would just document it all and release a map but they don't. Thus, something like this is the next best thing. I hope you ignore the naysayers and realize they can't stop you.
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    Would be another fun option instead of Rift's. On Xan can have wagoner transport high value of items (something fake and have wagon model look like it's overloaded with chests and coins) from one starter town to another and have to protect it. Have a time limit of 24 hours and if not enough people helping the wagoner dies and mobs take the loot. Other servers with single starter town could go from starter town to ocean to meet up with a trade ship. Make a server buff or small percentage of sleep powder if wagoner is able to complete their mission which would be some kind of incentive. Each time is a random destination and know one knows where.
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    A wagoner must travel a cross the highways of the land, and they expect to be ambushed along the way by brigands — goblins, or trolls, or human outlaws. To be clear, this isn't a regular wagoner delivery being ambushed. This is something special. Players within 20* tiles of the wagon are counted as defending it, and their numbers determine attacker numbers. Brigands will attack the wagon en route to the destination. They must be distracted before they can damage or destroy the wagon itself. At some point near the end of the route (away from guard towers and deeds, assuming that such a spot can be found) a brigand leader will appear with a horde of followers and attack in one last desperate battle. Slaying the leader will give everyone nearby a small amount of blood, but nothing fancy like a tome or strange bone. The idea is that these missions can be spawned more often than unique creatures, because the battle will be easier for smaller groups, and the rewards less. (Of course, if a hundred players show up, the battle will be epic.) A beam of twinkly blue light ascending into the sky alerts people to the presence of a wagoner mission. The journey will commence when at least six* people are defending the wagon. The wagon will wait up to 24* hours for volunteers. If after that time enough people haven't arrived to escort the wagon, it will disappear and reappear somewhere else after a few hours. *numbers can be adjusted as needed
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    This gets a No from me, if I wanted to play a cowboy simulator I would go find one or become one in real life. Your simply adding in more randomness and difficulty for what reason...just because?
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    If this is a separate Wagoneer then ones carrying goods for delivery from a player then I could see it as a possibility. The first thing that came to my mind though is that this is an escort quest....and escort quests are some of the most hated quests in all of gaming. If it is more of a defending quest, locals and travelers just protecting a random location (the wagoneer) for a period of time or until mobs are dead then that could be interesting. Once mobs are killed off the wagoneer rewards those that protected it with a little coin or some trinket or something and then goes on its way. I like the idea of random encounters to engage in as one travels across the lands, gives hunters something to look out for and could add a little spice to travels.
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    OMG If I owned a company that owned WURM and you told me the above quote that you were happy with barely 200-400 players per Cluster and that was a healthy player base. Your ass would be hit by the door so fast on your way out.
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    bind H "toggle wikisearch" I used to hit this button when I needed a reminder, type in the word(s) that would take me to the correct page on the wiki(without having to use the mouse), then read it on my second monitor. After the in game wiki was implemented you have to use the mouse regardless and it takes longer to find the article you need. I miss the old way and would love for it to be added back as an optional way of searching the wiki.
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    Explorer's Guild Cadence Map [Beta] http://wurm.crazykrewe.net If you want to hide the location of your deed, let me know. This is an "interactive" map. After you register, you can add new deeds (more to come) you find on your travels. After someone adds a new marker, it is hidden under the "Show voting" button, where registered users can vote whether the information is correct. This way, the map should be more dynamic and up to date with current events on the server. Let's get exploring! Planned features: - Voting to remove deeds. - Highways and tunnels. - Towers - Different servers in case there is a demand. Bit of backstory: When looking at the community map, I got annoyed at how outdated and empty it is. Having one person updating all the maps is not optimal. Also with the rule that you can only add your own deeds, and towers, it can never be too great. Some people do not know the map exists, and therefor can't add their deed even if they wanted, some don't care and some don't want to bother with registering and posting. That is why I think this way, where a bunch of explorer's can keep the map updated, is much better. Also it is going to be opt-out instead of opt-in, making it more accurate.
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    Hi, heard really good things about your service and you have the best weapon auctions! I'd like my rare silver maul improved to 90 ql for enchanting purposes Please CoD to Kruber when done!
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    Looks like sniper protection activated, approximately 4̶5̶ ̶m̶i̶n̶u̶t̶e̶s̶ -0 minutesremaining! Edit: Auction looks like concluded!
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    Banker update Download Fixed turning towards players. Updated customisation, you can now customise the model and remove Give-n items as with the other mods. Removed the Changer face menu item and added an Appearance button in the Manage menu as with the others. Done.
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    +1, why is this not a thing already?
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    Blood Sands Arena, and the new Beasts Gate entrance.This is where the runners lead the poor mobs in to fight whoever stands in the Arena. More info on the FB page
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    Very good smith! Reliable and active player.
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    OP's idea seems more in line with the other suggestions regarding cartography and player map making. Which would be a cool skill and asked for about 100 separate times by now.
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    That would work. The wagon could stop while there's any combat going on.
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    Private deeds themselves are a minor inconvenience because they appear as an empty spot on the map, so it's just not true that they don't affect other people, but the argument isn't about whether or not people should have private deeds. It's about basing the entire community map system on the assumption that people by default want their locations kept secret. This means that every single deed owner is expected to make the effort of submitting their location data on the forums and keeping it updated, whether they care about the maps or not. There are a lot of people who just aren't interested, or aren't aware that they should do this, never get around to it, or maybe prefer not drawing attention to themselves by making an announcement in a public forum. If a player doesn't engage with this system, the assumption is that they actively do not want to be on the maps so their deed location is never added. I don't care about people wanting private deeds, but assuming that everyone who doesn't make the effort to add their location actively wants to stay off the maps is wrong, and the result is that the entire community is missing out on having complete and updated (aka useful) maps. If you as an individual want to do something that inconveniences the community as a whole, you should be the one putting in the extra effort to do so.
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    I think that by default in game map we should be able to see all deeds.
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    Been into many games, esp MMOs that use botting and macro and i hated it. Just too many players just doesnt know how to enjoy it and earn it, rather than ruin it. Did you know using macro can cause the game unstability?
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    Would be fun if there was any danger associated with sailing as it was in medieval times. Pirates sailing and targeting your ship would be one. Or maybe a monster that would chase you. Having leviathans similar to Valheim would also be a cutesy and frightening experience. Imagine some giant tentacles suddenly reaching for your boat and all you can see is just a giant shadow under your boat. The creature never really surfaces, it simply uses it's tentacles to stop your boat and tries to damage it. Your only chance to escape is to attack its tentacles so it moves on to easier prey.
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    Unbelievably fast trait is (I think) a speed trait that is always on, not all traits always on, and adds about 5kph base speed to horse.
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    This is the worst suggestion
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    Yes I agree it absolutely would!
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    7 out of 7 horses left with killer trait "extremely sick" dead by the time young adult. "very slim chance to pass away" seems to equal an absolute certainty over a relatively short period of time. You get this trait, and a Fo priest is your only choice it seems. Again seems to also be a balance issue, with Lib not having access to a way to cure this trait. I find this trait excessive on a non-inbred foal, the only place where I deem it might be considered a just penalty at all. So much not to like about this update, and this rates as one of the worse decisions in my book.
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    You could catapult yourself into KJ too buddy
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    cod to Tianxia Rare Butcher Knife 91ql - 102 BoTD / 10% Gather Rune / 30s
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    You remind me of a new manager a local business had for a while. Came in with orders from on high to go 'upmarket' and 'get rid of the riff-raff'. Business lost it's long-term customer-base, new trade never turned up, manager got moved on, old customer base returned.
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    You're the one posting websites chief with the supposed data without checking them first chief, you go find a proper one.
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    If we're all wrong, why do you have any interest in getting involved? If we're all-wrong, we're going to stay all-wrong, and nothing you say is going to make a blind bit of difference because all you have is your certainty that we're all-wrong. If all you see is discouragement, why are you ignoring that and trying to impose some new game on a playerbase you clearly don't understand? You are one of the ones who rejected this entire game. Why should the entire game change to win your approval?
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    You speak as one who feels they have experienced all that Wurm has to offer, and found it to be inconsistent, insufficient and defective. 6-7 years ago I stopped playing Wurm. Last year I came back, and decided to play it differently than I had before. And because I did, a lot of things that were hidden from me have not only become visible, but self-evident and clearly essential. I am now a priest main, and I do have alts, though I didn't create them originally to get around the restrictions, but to explore other aspects of playing. I log them in less as I am starting to get the hang of Wurm, as I feel it was meant for ME to play it. As I find the right place in the community for me, and gain confidence in that. Because the mechanics are only 10% of this game. And those bare mechanics still offer more opportunities to the average player, than RL does. Maybe I will use my alts more in future. Who knows. But it won't be because I am discontent with the mechanics and limitations applied to my main account. It will be because there is so MUCH in this game, that just 1 account isn't enough for me anymore to have the full Wurm experience. Not the bare mechanics, the entirety that is this sandbox experience. There is SO much more to this game, than that which can be measured in an account's stats and skills, achievements, balances and digital possessions. This is Wurm, and I've only just begun to discover what has always been on offer to all of us.
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    Darnok you are wasted on the forums - you should be in politics! A lot of your ideas are based on actual real world practises, and would therefore have merit in an accurate simulation or a more industrial themed application, but I think in all honesty the real world is exactly what many of us come to Wurm to escape.
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    Maiya is absolutely right. Players should not be required to opt out. The burden should be on *you* to obtain consent from mayors before publishing a deed's location. The majority of Cad deed owners will not even see this thread, and will have no idea that you've taken it upon youself to make their location public without their consent. There are plenty of reasons people don't want their deeds on a community map. One is that if a player takes a break from the game, gets distracted by RL and forgets to add upkeep and the deed falls, other players will consult the map the moment the disband is announced, head over, and grab everything that is not nailed down. If someone wants to try and avoid this type of situation by keeping their location private (or if they have other reasons for their decision), that is their prerogative. Please don't mess with it.
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    Closing this as the issue is resolved
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    I appreciate the offer, Woody I might take you up on it some time, but for now we are good where we are.
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    Hey guys might consider joining a closer alliance? i am now in one that spans from myself down to linton and some even over at blacktyde and the area let me know and i can try to get yall in
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    More like a plane crash
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    Sailing around Xanadu and saw this! I was certain noone would believe me what I saw, luckily I had a camcorder with me at that time.