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    Would be nice if we could be able to rotate item on all axes when trying to place them . Like my pitchfork, shovel or scythe would look nice if i could lean them on barn wall, not to lying on ground.
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    For the past couple days I've been messing around with The Big Sleep, a tool to generate images from text prompts using AI (specifically OpenAI's CLIP and BigGAN). What this means: You input a text prompt, like "a man standing on a sidewalk" and it generates an image based on that prompt, continuously trying to "improve" the image over many iterations, often resulting in something weird, possibly incoherent, and probably surreal. So, I decided to have it generate images for a bunch of things in Wurm Online! The text prompts I used consisted mostly of in-game descriptions, modified as necessary, plus a couple requests I got from users in the Wurm Online Discord server. Many of these took at least a few attempts before I got anything reasonable, and some prompts worked much better than others. Note that the text prompt listed is the only input I had; the rest was up to the software. Images themselves have been spoilered to avoid clutter and make this easier to navigate. Here we go! First, various Wurm creatures! For these, I just used the in-game description of the creatures, with no other text added. Hell Hound (prompt: "The hell hound is said to be spies and assassins for the demons of Sol") One of my favorites. The weird mouth made out of tendrils is a bit disturbing. Lava Spider (prompts "a giant spider made of lava" and "a giant spider full of lava") Prompts don't follow the given format, as I made these before settling on my methods. Vaguely spider-like, but pretty abstract. Spawn of Uttacha (Prompt: "Uttacha is a vengeful demigod who lives in the depths of an ocean on Valrei. These huge larvae are hungry and confused abominations here. ") Obviously the AI has no idea what "Uttacha" is, but the rest was enough for it to create some... fairly disturbing and grotesque images, as you could guess. You've been warned. Avatar of Magranon (Prompt: "A ferocious beast indeed, the juggernaut can crush mountains with its horned forehead") I love this little guy. He looks like a ferret with a cool mustache who got into the weight gain powder and hasn't stopped lifting since. Maybe not what I was expecting of a Magranon avatar, but I wouldn't trade him for anything. Avatar of Libila (Prompt: "This terrifying female apparition has something disturbing over it. As if it's just one facet of Libila") Presumably because of the "female apparition" part of the prompt, this mostly turned into spooky ghost photos. But still pretty neat ghost photos! I think Libila would appreciate them. Avatar of Fo (Prompt: "Something seems to have gone wrong as Fo tried to create his manifestation. The thorns are not loving at all and it seems very aggressive.") The AI had absolutely no idea what to make of this. The description doesn't really indicate that it's a humanoid creature at all, or indeed any kind of creature, so it seems to have gone with "malicious morass of bloody thorns". Sure, why not! Avatar of Vynora (Prompt: "This female creature is almost see-through, and you wonder if she is made of water or thoughts alone") This one was tough. Since the description doesn't specify that the creature is humanoid, I got a lot of weird, sometimes disturbing results resembling translucent sea creature flesh. I almost gave up, but then it struck gold, with an image of what looks like a gigantic humanoid shape rising out of the water on the horizon, with barely-visible arms and a darkened face. Sheep (Prompt: "A mythical beast of legends, it stares back at you with blood filled eyes and froth around the mouth.") Well, thanks to the jokey creature description, this was bound to go poorly, wasn't it? We've got two rather distressing images here: An abstract bloody terror foaming at the mouth(?), and what appears to be demonic blood owl resembling the Goetic demon "Stolas". Lamb (prompt: "A small cuddly ball of fluff") Now this is better. Cuddly as advertised! Has a smushed face that kind of looks like a cross between a rodent, cat, and bunny. Would pet. Evil Santa (Prompt: "Some sort of Santa Claus is standing here, with a fat belly, yellow eyes, and a bad breath") After a few attempts, I got what appears to be an absolutely feral Santa Claus stooped in the grass, doing god-knows-what. A giant tuft of wild white hair with some kind of headband up top, and a barely-visible red cloak or coat. I hate this. I hate this so much. Next, I wanted to know what the AI's interpretation of Wurm's several moons. For these, I used the in-game description, but added the word "moon" and sometimes a color, just to give the AI something to go on. Seris (prompt: "A white moon that is a haven for the dead") The first of these is pretty bizarre and surreal, with what seems like the surface of a moon with a pillar(?) and an arm(??) on top of it, with another moon-like object in the sky. The second came out fairly straightforward, as a white moon on a somewhat ethereal space background. Jackal (Prompt: "A moon flowing with the blood of the damned", "A red moon flowing with the blood of the damned") Both a bit abstract, but I think they get the feeling pretty well. The first in particular looks rather menacing, whereas the second went all-in on the blood, it seems. Haven (Prompt: "A small teal moon rumored to be where Golden Valley lies") Two different color cues confused the AI a bit, but I think it did a good job regardless! One appears to be a fresco-like painting of a shining blue moon above a golden landscape, whereas the other looks like a deep-space telescope photo of a teal-and-golden moon that appears to have had a chunk bitten out of it. Valrei (Prompt: "A large pale blue moon that is the home of the gods" (1st), "A large pale cyan moon that is the home of the gods" (others)) Got some neat results out of this one! The first looks like a painting, complete with artist's signature in the lower-right, of a pale blue moon casting its light over a strange landscape with stranger architecture. The second and third are surprisingly coherent imagery of what a moon of that color might look like, and the last looks like a landscape with Valrei rising over some mesas in the background. Bonus requests! Man digs tar on a large slope (Prompt: "A man digging tar with a shovel on a steep slope") Requested by Madnath on Discord. This one turned out better than I thought it would! I couldn't decide which iteration of this attempt I like better, so I'm including both. Resembles a slightly-stylized silhouette of a man digging tar with a shovel, on a background that looks sort of like clay or a cave wall. Sailing through a border to be left a drift (Prompt: "A man adrift in the ocean at the edge of the world") Requested by Beronica on Discord. A reference to the occasional unfortunate server-crossing player left without his boat. First result was a straightfoward image of a man stranded as sea, although the man looks glitchy and weird. The second seems to be a much more artsy, stylized rendition of the same, with an almost ecclesiastical style to it. Easter bunnies trapped behind wooden walls who are forced to relinquish their Easter eggs by greedy peasants (Prompt: exactly what it says) Requested, with that exact text, by Bunn on Discord. I don't know how she expected this to work out, but it kind of didn't! Instead, we got the Easter Bunny fever dream you see below. Extra special bonus! Seals! These are the very first Wurm images I made with the AI, and of course, being a Newspring resident, they were all seal-related. Some of these turned out better than others! Prompt: A seal screams at God under the light of the full moon. Only barely recognizable as a seal. Surreal and spooky, but we can do better. Prompt: A group of harbor seals summoning an evil spirit in a field The AI still isn't quite sure how to construct seals, but this vaguely does appear to be a group of seals on the shoreline, doing something mystical. Someone should probably stop them. Prompt: An ancient wall scroll depicting a harbor seal destroying a city This is probably my favorite in this entire post. It clearly depicts some kind of awful monstrous sea-monster seal creature wreaking absolute terror on the populace. I appreciate the city landscape and buildings on the top and left, some ships in danger on the right, and what might be a city block at the base of the seal-thing's body. The ancient-looking writing in the middle is a nice plus.
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    Considering how much stuff the Animal Update broke, new content for 2021 will probably be scrapped. From reports I've read this week the traits are a mess, the NERF to vehicles is the biggest anti-quality-of-life update in the past 4 years of the game (the last one I'd classify as the Freedom>Epic one way skill transfer that killed Epic entirely as many predicted * sad face * ) . I've tested vehicle speeds with bred horses and wild horses, fully loaded wagons and carts and the speed nerf is over 25%. Considering carts are slow anyway, a nerf like that is more than insulting considering, ya know...we have HUGE freaking maps in this game. Let's nerf transporation. Sorry but new content isn't what's needed, communication (a personality trait that's been requested by the few remaining players for years) , testing and fixing broken stuff is prioritary.
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    Can we have a break from implimenting new content to the game untill all the stuff thats broken get fixed? There is so much broken stuff that needs fixing like hoses in the most resent patch. Fix whats broken not break what works.
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    Can this be turned into an ingame tapestry?
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    I'd like to see information for armor related speed reduction in the client. It should be like the weight tool tip in character window that informs players of weight related speed reductions. It could be a status affect, it could be a mouse over thing in character window.
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    "What skill-specific buildings do you have on deed?" i live in 1x3 with @Miketand @Blackbeardwith everything there, thats all what we have
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    Pristine Community Map Welcome to the new Community map. Welcome your new editors: @AlmostSolitude2, @Explora , @Ohana @Sidereal, @Vannin Special thank you to @Yaga for hosting and designing. Map Link: Pristine Community Map Features 1. Map coordinates The map offers a common type of map grid (as an optional overlay), using the same denotation as the in-game map (for example "E 24"). However, to place and find locations in a much more detailed way the new map is based on "tile coordinates" (x, y), making it possible to narrow down locations to a single tile on the server! This allows us to place deeds and landmarks much more precisely than before. (Map coordinates are explained in the next post.) 2. Zoom The map provides various zoom levels, allowing to zoom in from a view of the entire server to close-ups of single deeds. 3. Layers Deeds, Tunnels, Canals, Bridges etc. are actually map layers which can be toggled on and off. You can also choose among two map types (Terrain, Topographical). 4. Finding settlements The map offers an easy-to-use search function for deeds. 5. Selecting locations and copy coordinates You are able to select any point on the map and save the coordinates for future use. Colors and symbols Map policy This community map will be using a opt-in policy. If your deed is listed here and you want it removed please post here or send a editor a forum pm. Adding Data Please post in this thread to report new or changed data. (Do not send PMs, neither on the forum nor in-game! Do not use Discord to add data either!) Please use tile coordinates (x, y) to report new map data. (Hover your mouse pointer over the location you wish to report, click once to see the coordinates in the "Selected" field, copy the coordinates.) Deeds: Please report the settlement name and the coordinates of the settlement token. Example: "Serendipity Bay [1650, 1384]" Highways: Please report the coordinates of all points describing the highway (start, "corners", end). Please use this format: "[305,1453], [305,1415], [226,1415], [226,1383], [156,1383]" Tunnels, Canals, Bridges: Like highways. These elements can also be given a name. Other: You can also report clay and tar resources, guard towers, and special named landmarks (like names of lakes and mountains, as long as agreed among the local community.) Map Development The software for this map was developed by @Substr and will be maintained and updated by both Substr and Yaga. It is part of an ongoing project. Further improvements and features will be added in future updates. I am very grateful to Substr, who did an awesome job creating the foundation for this community map project. Special thanks also go to jackjones for his original ideas and concepts, which were the basis of our previous community map and also influenced the development of this new map project.
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    I love the new inspect animal window! It almost makes possible to choose breeding pairs without having to read the event log, but is just missing a few details that are important for breeding. The event log also has a lot more text about animals now, which makes it harder to find those specific details. It's a lot to scroll through, and I have to reexamine the animals many times because it's hard to mentally keep track of the necessary details for several different creatures at once when matchmaking. I suggest adding the following to the inspect window: Gender Parents Colour With those points added it would be possible to choose breeding pairs without having to read the event log at all
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    Currently when the hay tile is done doing its thing it is still green and looks like every other tile Please make it the appropriate yellowish colour to help differentiate it
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    You Press H for Wurmpedia window and have to click the input field again to start typing. I don't think anyone or at least not many people use the Wurmpedia page to browse around. Most of us want to search for something quickly. Have the input field active already when a player presses H / Wurmpedia window loads up so players can start typing their query right away.
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    What Wurm really needs after the last year is far better communication, more open testing (on the public test server) and a better feedback loop, which comes back to communication. The latest update is a good example of that, a lack of communication and testing now has is with what looks like, and quite likely is, a big vehicle speed nerf. Now what do the speeds actually look like with max draft horses/bisons? We don't yet know as we don't have those yet, but what we do have doesn't paint a great picture. This entire mess could have been prevented with proper communication. If the above isn't fixed and they switch from new content to fixing broken stuff, then what do you expect that will happen? Will they fix things in the way the community expects, or will more stuff just get broken in an attempt to fix it? So it's not Wurm they need to fix, it's their way of work that needs adjusting.
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    The piles shrink significantly with each stage and you can learn to recognize the harvest stage based on the shape instead of the colour. Freshly dried hay does still have a greenish colour in real life. The only thing that does feel a bit wrong to me is that the tiles turn to dirt after harvesting. Cutting grass for hay is basically like mowing the lawn, so if it's intended to be realistic the tiles should remain as short grass after harvest.
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    I think it was 32 per tile and you need 64 to make a stack or bundle, I canceled the bundle action but made the bale and both hay and bale went into a bsb. The mouse over I think only said dried nothing to suggest its ready other than that I didn't examine it was mostly just annoyed that it was green and not very obvious. I put some details into the bug thread but I have some tiles that have been wet/damp since patch day and plenty have turned to dirt have had about 6 tiles in total become ready. Its way too random there is nothing fun in realism.
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    We are aware, but thank you for reporting this.
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    yes please, when pressing H ingame, we already write what we search for so do like "old" wiki, let us come to what we search for direct And also make so we can copy from the page and past into game
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    I was minding my own business, enjoying the natural wildlife, when this huge one-eyed kreaton walked up and threw me!! And I scuffed my favorite shoes! I demand revenge! This will be a public slaying presented to you by NFI's newest unique hunting group. Location is K-21. You can follow waystones to KotG Mining Consortium, I'll have signs set up pointing you to the location from the highway when you get close. And remember, the next unique you find, contact me and I'll help you trap it, help you decide what to do with it, and get you the most rewards for it!
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    This one has probably been suggested already but it would be nice to have a waterway system similar to the highway system. Using buoys to help navigate to costal deeds would be a tremendous help.
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    Also the Defender's of the North Alliance would like to ask if you build a construction for this rift to please remove your constructions afterwards
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    Hi guys - Thanks Batta, you're 100% correct about the Whitelist mod Sylvanas, thanks for your interest, and sorry for the inconvenience, but OnlyFrands is a whitelisted community as explained in the main post. "To join, you need to submit an application on our Discord channel in order to be invited to play. If you don't apply, your connection attempt will be refused automatically." This is to preserve the type of community we here at OnlyFrands like best. We wish you best of luck where ever you end up next.
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    I love the last one so much. We need giant death seals, a cuddlier Magranon, that sheep demon. Please make this all so.
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    This is why having communication between devs and players is quintessential to good development BEFORE the update kicks in. imagine if two months ago ago we would have had this following convo: Demona: "Hey guys, a part of the update is that carts/wagons will be slowed down if you dont have draft horses." Players : Ok, by how much? Demona: Depends, but around 25% to 30%, even more if horses have no traits. Players : What? What about our old 5 speeders? Will they be of any use? Demona: Not really, all of them will not be that useful for carts and wagons. Players: Please see how this is a mistake and not code it in the first place. Why kill vehicle speeds in the slowest game in the world? Demona : hmmm, I see your point, I'll talk t o the team and see what we can do to not nerf vehicle speeds like this. New players might be disenfranchised the most by it. Players : Glad you see our point and thought this through, we'll await for the update when it kicks in. Demona: Our pleasure, this is why maintaning comms is important. This conversation of course is part of an alternate reality. I tried using 2 wild horses btw with a regular 50 ql cart. This is a joke. PS: I'm not attacking demona or anything, but the higher ups need to figure out how communication works and stop beating wurm to death with bad updates. It's like we're doing the same thing for 7 years now. Two steps forward, break an ankle then two steps back.
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    +1 for merchant convoy contracts and sending goods via water to other islands.
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    I share many of the concerns in this thread. Really any negative change to speeds of carts and wagons should be undone. The question really is what good does the change serve? This is a huge qol change in the wrong direction in a game that really can't afford it in my opinion. My other concern is what happened to the whole thing about testing things more on test and getting feedback and that somebody was taken onto the team to be in charge of patch testing etc? Or was that just thrown out again.
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    Point is, it was really unnecessary for there to be such a harsh nerf to carts and wagons to begin with. New players get royally screwed, and suggesting they just go and breed a full team of max draft animals just so they can have some form of reasonable use of a vehicle is just... dumb.
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    Having a quick look at what I haven't slaughtered today it could be that its both some missing and miscommunicated or just all miscommunication I would guess your unbelievably fast is what was advertised as "it is naturally fast" I cant guess what a graceful eater should be though
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    Ive ordered skiller tools from this dude time and time again. Every time he delivers very quickly and has reasonable prices. 100% recommend you come to him for tools!
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    Playing 11 yrs and still learning a ton. Thank you for your post ,I knew a little about this food thing but not all that wow. I’ll be ordering soon. And I just got my hot food cooking to 20. So one day I’ll make my own.
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    I do like that they used a realistic colour. And at least for me, the size and mouse hover text is enough to know the state.
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    the rift is located 80 tiles east of Cradle at 2686, 1568 on the community map the beam is directly in the middle of the highway on top of the hill map coordinates J-20
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    they said once they have plans for working on hanging stuff from walls, i hope they didn't abbandon those plans.. but yeah, plus one, just wanted to hang my pithcfork against floor near my hay tiles instead of dumping it on floor
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    My friend had put a meal in the oven and the pig i brought for him ate the meal right out of the oven, Twice before we realized what was happening. so after we realized what had happened, and stopped laughing, we decided to do a few things different until it can get fixed. 1. Keep Animals and or Storage Containers separated either via fence or buildings, All my animals except for the saddled animals are kept in separate area from my main house area 2. Saddled horses or diseased creatures brought to the main area will be hitched to the hitching post or a vehicle on enchanted grass for healing if needed 3 all containers with anything an animal might find tasty will now be locked in a building 4 my fsb's in my farming area will now be moved from the fence line to leaving 1 tile space from the fence to the closest fsb, if i cant reach it then they shouldnt be able to either ...crosses her fingers... and im hoping these little fixes will prevent my animals from eating me out of house and home.. Now, when it comes to saddled horses running off the second you dismount, without being able to select lead, then thats a big issue for me because i love to explore but as long as i dont dismount the horse away from home im ok, on the downside, if you happen to get disconnected while riding a saddled horse in an area full of recently spawned extremely aggressive mobs, that could be very very irritating and your death is coming quickly. Please fix the saddle issue, because they bolt before you can even select lead from the menu. or maybe its time for an option of "Dismount and Lead" Maybe ill start bringing an extra mount with me while exploring until this can be addressed
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    QL 100 BOTD 91 - 4s (wild cat) QL 99 BOTD 92 - 4s 72c Bearclaws Pls.
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    Super friendly and filled my order fast. Thanks so much for the GREAT service .... A++ cook in my book !!! : )
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    I was just trying to get it to render "A cave painting of a man cutting down a tree with a shovel" but I think I ran out of Google Colab processing quota, so it'll have to wait a day or so!
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    Seems like another typical 'We're the devs, it's our game, who cares what the players think' kind of move.. Sad that this game has so much potential but so little care for the QOL of the community. Wonder how many players and potential players we're going to lose over this one..
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    Actually I have lava tiles nearby, luckily to the east and not south
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    Whitelisted means it has the whiteList mod. Players have to apply to the GM to be put on the whiteList before they can join the server.
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    Be nice if /balances showed all currency that can could be possibly spent like rift point, karma, bank, whatever else there is. Might have currency in something you didn't realize you could spend.
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    -1 Fixing bugs helps to ensure an enjoyable and reliable gameplay experience, while adding new content gives players things to look forward to, to try new things with, and helps show that the game is still actively evolving and growing. Both are very important to the longevity and health of the game, and neither is mutually exclusive. It's a bit strange to believe that the devs aren't also working on fixing bugs, particularly a number of the new ones that cropped up. As players, it's our job to help the devs out in this regard, by reporting bugs in a constructive manner in the appropriate sections of the forums, so that the devs can see and better keep track of them, and appropriately prioritize their efforts. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/6-maintenance-buildings/ contains the relevant bug reporting areas
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    Very pleased with the Imp service and the quality I found here. Great price, awesome service and fast turn around. I will be back for future needs!! Ty very much!
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    We just released a new software version for our map engine. This one now has a new UI and should work much better on small screens. Check here: https://deliverance.yaga.host/
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    Add He/Him, She/her, and They/Them as title options!
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    Town Hall at night, to the Mayors delight, as it is a sight! TADAR!!!!!.... "Quack"... who said that....