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    The Animal Update is here! Patch notes: New: Added Donkeys and Mules Donkeys and mules are intended to be effective F2P mounts that don’t require 20+ skill to ride Donkeys can be bred between themselves, mules can’t be bred. Mules come from breeding female horses with male donkeys. Mules are also as good as draft creatures as horses. New: Added new Animal Feeding System New farm tile: Hay Drying Tile can be made using a scythe on grass. Tile productivity is affected by weather and seasons. Harvesting will produce either hay or mixed grass. Yield can be increased by using a pitchfork. on the tile New Items: Pitchfork Hay Hay Bundle (Thatching) Hay Stack (Thatching) Hay Bundles and Hay can be loaded into saddlebags to keep horses fed on the road (PVE Only). Animal Behaviour Changes: Animals will now eat out of containers that cannot be locked. Animals will animate travelling to the food source and eating. Animals hitched to a hitching post will now prioritize eating out of their trough rather than grazing on the floor. New item Pet Bowl: Can be renamed to display the name of the animal on it, Animals will prioritise eating out of this. The Feeding Trough can now be created as a separate item to the hitching post. New: Added a new fluffier sheep model to help show when sheep are ready to be shorn New: Introduced new body shapes for horses. Horse body shape depends on the horse’s trait set. New: Added an option to ‘Inspect animal’ to bred creatures This displays all traits of a creature that you can see with your Animal Husbandry skill, but it also displays the categories of the traits you can’t normally see With higher skill, you’ll be able to see other details in the Inspect animal window, such as time until a creature can be bred again, time until a creature can be groomed again, or whether a creature is hungry, or age of the creature New: Traits now have categories, the majority category on a creature excluding negative and miscellaneous traits will influence how traits are passed on greatly preferring to pass on its majority to its child. Dominant category is picked from either the mother or the father randomly. The categories are Speed: These traits will increase the speed of a creature when riding on them. Draft: These traits will increase a creature’s carry weight, it will also now act as speed traits when hitched and give a very similar speed bonus to having the speed traits. Combat: These traits increase how tough a creature can be, and how well it can fight. Negative: These traits all have negative effects that are generally unwanted. Output: These traits increase things like butchering output, milk quality/quantity. Misc: These traits don’t fit any other category. If both parents have no traits all categories of traits receive a bonus to seed the initial traits Traits have point values now which influence their chance to pass on and how many traits. Players are now capped at Animal Husbandry level worth of points for creatures they have bred. Inbreeding will now cause the max point value to be divided by 1.5 There is still a cap of 10 traits per creature (this does not include traits like “bred in captivity”) Old “5-speed” horses will be the same as they were before the update, and will go the same base speed. The draft traits only increase the weight a creature can carry before it slows down, so players shouldn’t see much difference in the new 3-speed trait horses compared to what’s called 5-speeds now. Creatures will now remember who their birth parents are even after they have departed the server. Breeding time will now shorten based on your animal husbandry level instead of being random. New: Vehicle Changes Vehicles now slow down as they gain load. The vehicle itself does not add to the weight of itself only its contents this allows cart speeds to stay consistent with before unloaded. Weight of the vehicle is split evenly between all the haulers. Empty carts will continue to go the same speed, only loaded carts will see any reduction. A vehicle’s quality helps offset the weight in a vehicle, this effect starts at above 30 quality and will reduce the weight penalty up to 3x at 100 quality. The weight of the user’s inventory counts onto the vehicle’s weight now. Having all draft traits will give a speed bonus instead of speed traits when a creature is hitched. Players shouldn’t notice much difference outside wagons loaded up with tons of materials. Newly Added and Changed Traits It has very strong leg muscles (changed): movement speed bonus (speed) It has keen senses (changed) to "It seems accustomed to water": moves faster in shallow waters (speed) It seems immortal: Will never die as if cared for (Misc, Rare) It seems extremely tame: Aggressive animals become passive (Misc, Rare) It seems stronger than normal: carry weight bonus (Draft, Rare) It seems more nimble than normal: increased max ridable slope (Draft, Rare) It gives more resources: Increases output of resources such as wool and milk (Output) It seems more friendly: Easier to tame (Combat) It seems prize winning: Gives better products when butchered (Output) It looks plump and ready to butcher: Gives more products when butchered (Output) It seems to pick stuff up: Chance to dig something up when eating, drops items on the ground (Output) It has strong legs: Carry weight bonus (Draft) It seems to be a graceful eater: Less chance to reduce the growth stage of a tile when eating (Misc) It is easy on it’s gear: Equipped gear takes less damage (Draft) It looks extremely sick: Has a very slim chance to pass away when it recieves a hunger tick (Negative) It looks shabby and frail:Reduces output of resources such as milk and wool (negative) It seems to dislike steep terrain: Decreases ridable slope (Negative) It has a chance to produce twins: Chance to birth twins (Misc, Rare) It seems vibrant: Increases output of resources (Output) It has a slow metabolism: eats half as much as a normal animal (Misc) It looks more friendly than normal: Less likely to be attacked by aggressive creatures when tame (Combat) It is especially loyal: keeps loyalty to its tamer longer, loses less when taking damage (Combat) It looks stationary: will stay put as if saddled (Misc) It is unbelievably fast: always on speed bonus similar to hell horses (Speed, Rare) It has very good genes: increased amount and quality of resources like milk and wool (Output, Rare) New: Added a yellow warning message to Summon Soul accept question advising to use caution when accepting New: Added the ability to “kick” Epic Portals and PvP Portals. This will transition the portal between the two states of showing visual particles and not showing visual particles. New: Added a new item: Hay Bed This bed gives 75% of the sleep bonus a regular bed gives Uses mixed grass and a plank to create Change: You are now able to hand-pick grass using the right click menu Change: Added a new title for 100 Pottery. Congrats to Deppen! Change: 70 Soul Depth title is now “Spirited” Change: Bison spawns have been altered and the maximum bison cap has been increased Change: Improved the message given when moving items from a boat hold to inventory Bugfix: Boats will now show correctly as sunken when below quality 10 Bugfix: Capitals will now always be set as the influence chain start when it is swapped Bugfix: Cavalier Helmet can now be improved. Bugfix: Corrected a grammar issue when building an arched wall Bugfix: Corrected event messages when tile has 100 items on it and you are creating an item that drops on the floor Bugfix: Corrected a spelling error in the Switch Diety Window Bugfix: Corrected a spelling error within the journal (Slay 50 Champion Creatures) Bugfix: Correction of message text when meditating (Indifferences/Differences) Bugfix: Cost column in Marks Shop will now sort correctly Bugfix: Event message when praying at the Altar of Three will now show your correct deity Bugfix: Fixed a grammar error when entering an Epic Portal after being in combat Bugfix: Fixed a grammar error where “The” was repeated in event message ( The The venerable sly green dragon hatchling smashes the plain stone wall) Bugfix: Fixed a grammar error in the message shown when transferring bulk items Bugfix: Fixed raid window issues When a village is drained two or more times in a row, it will now display a message in Village Info letting you know how many in a row it has been Raid windows can no longer be changed until two days after a settlement is drained, the same time chain drains fall off Raid windows can no longer be changed during the window, even with no enemies nearby. Bugfix: Fixed some singular/plural errors on event message when harvesting Bugfix: Fixed a pluralization for event message when dropping Apples Bugfix: Lag on Golden Valley should now be fixed Bugfix: Locate Soul spell should no longer cause server lag when being cast Bugfix: Players can no longer cast Summon Soul on themselves Bugfix: Prevented planting of items on another player’s deed without having permissions set Bugfix: Removed an extra space in event message when triggering pole traps Bugfix: Open option on vehicles will now only show in right click menu when you are close enough to open them Bugfix: Sea creatures will now spawn correctly on Defiance Bugfix: Valrei creatures will now spawn on Defiance during campaigns Bugfix: Trowels will now correctly take damage when building fences Bugfix: Vynora priests can now plant flowerbeds Bugfix: You can no longer make slopes over 20 on a highway through leveling Bugfix: You can no longer remove highway pavement on a rock tile without disturbing catseyes Client changes: New: Added an in-game Wurmpedia window The in-game Wurmpedia can be brought up by using the context menu Wurmpedia option, or by using the Wurmpedia button in the UI menus Note: This may not be compatible on all systems from the start, and we look forward to hearing feedback about the functionality. Linux compatible launcher update enabling the in-game browser will launch soon after this update is live. Note: The in-game Wurmpedia is not compatible with the client on MacOS at this point. New: Added a closed eye icon to the combat window to show when focus is not available New: Added the ability to disable the pulsating chat tabs via the UI tab in Settings Bugfix: Closing IRC chat window will no longer close all chat tabs Bugfix: Front horseshoes will now show correctly Bugfix: Hover on Skill Tracker will now align correctly Bugfix: New achievement unlocked text will no longer overlap with achievement name Bugfix: Containers in the toolbelt will now properly show item count Bugfix: Selected items will now show the item count in non-inventory container windows Bugfix: The Spell List window will now expand correctly Bugfix: Using a keybinds on mine doors will now work correctly on all door types Change: The game launcher has been compiled for better compatibility on more Linux systems, and a .deb installer for the Wurm Online launcher will be added to our website soon. Note: Most of these changes are new UI only. Note: With this update, we also announce that the old UI client will be replaced with the new UI client fully in a month – on June 28th the old UI will no longer be accessible. Note: We are also approaching some limitations in regards to our usage of JNLP, so while we aren’t announcing the date of the end of support for the legacy .jnlp launcher yet, we encourage everyone to make sure they are on the regular, default native launcher as we will be forced to stop supporting JNLP once we move beyond Java 8.
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    Servers are still down. I'm sad, because I was looking forward to crafting a pitchfork and grabbing an ass.
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    so you need 70 ah to breed the same 5s horses you were breeding pre-patch (you still need draft traits on horses as they increase the amount you can have in inventory before slowing down)? seems a bit rough
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    Since the last update I am not able to place items on objects anymore. Tried to place a grooming brush on an altar and got this: You start to place a grooming brush. After left clicking, the brush stays in my inventory. Tried this on an altar, bar table and an empty shelf, none of those let me place items on them. By the looks of it, I am not able to place anything at all besides on the ground. Confirmed by two alliance members too!
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    With the inbreeding stuff, will Bisons now get names so we actually know which are their parents, and thus which Bisons are siblings, etc? Some question for the other animals as well. Sounds like a must have, otherwise it will just say that the parent is Venerable Bison, when you might have dozens of those...
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    Blah, my cart went from 38 km/h to 29 km/h and only goes back to 31 with Draft Hell Horses....thats a pretty big change! This is with an empty cart No gear on HH except for horse shoes (8x rare with 90-105 woa) My total inventory weight was 31 I don't see how this is a good thing.
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    In game wurmpedia window is really cool. Can you add tabs please? Edit: Additionally, make it so the window saves what you are doing instead of reverting back to home.
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    Greatest hing in the update is the ability to kick out the light bulb from the portals Jokes aside, seems to be a great update at first sight - with the surprise additions included! The old 5 speed horses count as 80 total trait points but if I add up the traits it should be 70... the bred in captivity supposed to by 0, right?
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    Honestly, needing 70+ AH is probably the way it always should have been. 50 skill to be at the top of the game was just silly. What I don't like is seeing the big slow down folks are reporting. We should be getting faster than we were at 50, not magically seeing everything drop to a crawl. Most of what people do is on carts and wagons, so seeing them gimp down so much is really frustrating. Maybe do a gradual speed depreciation over the next few months, to allow folks to skill back up and replace their stock of draft animals? Either that or make the base speed for draft in the new system somewhat comparable to our current speed carts and wagons, then as we skill up and breed up the new traits, we gain even more speed improvements? Is there anyone playing that would object to going faster than we used to after reaching high AH and perfect breeds?
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    While I'm happy for pretty much everything in the update I am really glad for this - thank you Also, whoever decided to add this in this manner rather than some settings toggle is awesome: If it could have a player animation to go with it @Saroman I'd spend silly amounts of time just kicking the things. It didn't bother or affect me in anyway before now, though I know it did for some people. This could be my new form of entertaining my remaining brain cell when there isn't a yule goat handy to pat. Yes, I am strange.
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    Thanks for all the hard work team.
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    Welcome To Yassi Carpentry. I'am Specialized In Fine Carpentry To provide Top Quality Items With Top Quality Services. Current Skill Status : Fine Carpentry - 99.xx Carpentry - 96 Services. Fine Carpentry Imps Desired Quality (-) Current Quality Quality 0-50 60 70 80 85 90 92 94 95 96 97 97+ Price 0.1s 0.25s 0.5s 0.9s 1.5s 2.5s 3.5s 5.5s 8.s 11.s 15s PM For Quote Goods. Bulk Container Unit - 1.5s . Empty BeeHive - Price Equal to imp Prices up. Chicken Coop - 50c For Creation QL . Larder - 1s . Canopy Bed - 1.5s Wagons - 2.5s (+1s For Arch Woods) . In Game Contact ( MoTeC ) Recommendations : Get Your Sharp Weapons From : A Great Carpenter With BoTD Pre-Casted Tools . Thank you.
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    I got a few positive responses on some of my suggestions in the latest VI-post, so here's one of them copy pasted with some possible modifications: Please allow people who are not mayor to rename branded animals via the permissions feature. Possibly as a deed permission. There are breeders who name their branded animals like "FM, CM" which can be very helpful. The fact that only a mayor can do so can be very frustrating for a villager who is doing the AH stuff and things on the deed. You shouldn't need to call your mayor over every time you want to rename newborn foals, in my opinion.
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    This is an auction of a rare large cart, which adds some extra speed. Wood type: Walnut Quality: 79.8 (which actually is relevant now after the AH/vehicle changes! Who would've thought!?) Trade: Pick up. I might be able to deliver it for an extra fee, depending on where you live, but would prefer not to. Pick up at M20 cadence, reachable by knarr. Rune: Tin rune of vynora (quite useless at this point. Easily replaced with a speed rune). Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No. Buyout: No buyout. I don't know what I'd set it at. Sniper Protection:1 hour Private Bids: not accepted. If you don't have a forum account, then feel free to pm me with a bid and I'll post it here as a comment, but I will include your name.
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    While fighting mobs after the update and trying to use focus, the following happens: - Pre-patch, when I engage in combat with one creature, then target another creature, I could continue to focus against the second creature (this mainly worked when you had 2 focus and after switching targets you would lose 1 level of focus ending up on level 1 focus and then you could keep focusing from that point), that is no longer working (focus on 2nd target after switching doesn't work) - My focus level is locking at 3 and will not go any higher, my fight skill is 50 (focus lock at 3) - and by locking i mean the "eye" closes and is unclickable. I made sure to check my stamina and it was fine, i even did 2 special moves after this occurred. Either this is intentional and was left out of patch notes, or its a serious (combat breaking even) bug.
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    -1. Teleportation already exists thru karma. No need to make the game easier than its already become. I always travel a day or two prior.
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    I've completed 100 rifts on one avatar and 95 on two others, and always in top 3, whenever I check anyways. It's simple, kill mobs for more points. Do it like this: 1. Invest in AoSP armour, a frost prot ring, fire prot ring, glacial necklace and Frostbrand weapon and LT weapon. Use Frostbrand whenever above 75%. Use LT when below 75%. 2. Fight in aggressive mode for maximum damage output and stay focused especially on the mages and ogres. 3. Do not rush into a group thinking it's like WoW and you'll receive the points because the mobs aggro'd you first. It doesn't work like that if kiting a train of mobs and have to leave the rift area to lose them. Instead, hang back and let them spread out a bit. Don't take on more than you can handle. If you have to run out for emergency healing, you'll lose potential points. 4. Join a group of players and burn down the same creature as quickly as possible. If there is a big group with many creatures and it's obvious that people are targeting different ones, then yes, target those around you for a second or two in melee range, but focus down the one with the lowest health and always switch to the next one with the lowest health. 5. Order of priority (weakest to strongest mob) is beasts, (summoners and casters), jackals, mages, then ogres. If the group has targeted and seriously wounded a stronger target with other weaker targets present, switch to the stronger target and help finish it off, then seek out the next lowest health mob, or if none then the weakest mob. 6. The majority of the time, the group will become overwhelmed at times, especially if fighting close to the beam while spawning. If being targeted, health is dropping, and the situation seems dire, don't hesitate to retreat to the outer edge. Find another person or small group that has also retreated and start working on outer mobs in priority order. Work you way back towards other groups. The goal is to kill mobs without being targeted so you can spend time killing rather than retreating and bandaging. The best place to do this is in the outer edges inside the rift area where there are fewer mobs. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but when you are not actively killing, you are effectively losing potential points. 7. Occasionally, a low health summoner or caster will have teleported away and may be standing by itself. If deemed safe from pulling stronger mobs, rush in and finish it off, then ride away. These are usually fast easy kills, but can be tricky to pull off sometimes if other mobs are around. Look for those opportunities. 8. Burn hearts. You gain 1 point each and they are the easiest way to gain points. I butcher corpses and collect hearts for the next upcoming rift. That way I don't have to waste time butchering during the rift and can immediately start burning.
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    Congratulations to everyone who were not able to weed out Keen Senses from their horses lol.
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    Hmmmmm isnt this why we got a test server ???????? So stuff can get live there and show if it works ??????
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    whens the server coming back up
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    It's todaaaay!!!! I'm so excited
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    Actually, my understanding for these crusades on alts is running thin if it ever existed. What exactly didn't you understand on sandbox game? If you do not like alts, do not create them. And after marks points, a regular subscriber can be swimming in LMCs, unless wastes all on tomes or what.
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    Building some racks and stuff to keep the deed in order. View from the top of the Caravel. We have pink lights now WEEH! Plan for the first castle-like house that's planned for underground.
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    Perhaps a spirit templar that is more archery focused. That would be cool!
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    For PVE only, Can we add an alternative spirit templar, one that does more damage and has better armor. Maybe have it cost a little bit more. It could have a different model, Something that is different from the normal spirit templar. There isn't a particular need for it, but it would offer some fun flavor for people's deeds that are in high threat areas that need more deed defenses, but don't want to just hire more templars or build more towers.
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    would be cool if archer towers actually functioned, too.
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    In my neck of the woods on celebration we used to have bison\unicorns and then none. Now unicorns are back but not bison. For a while we had lots of cows and sheep and now they are getting harder to find. I don't think the problem is with the amount of non aggro spawns because let me tell you everything gets killed and if that were the case some bison etc would eventually spawn in. I think the problem is they just are not spawning in period. It seems like some non aggro mobs get higher priority. I think the fix would be to allocate a percentage of the pool to each type of non aggro mob. This ensures something of each type will always spawn in somewhere on the server. Myself I will not say I will never breed cows, sheep and bison in the future to play around with the new traits but my preference is to just grab some replacements from the wild for the few of each i do keep for milk/wool. Even when hunting I have been known to groom, milk, shear before I kill em!!
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    Deed For Sale -SOLD- 73x47 with plenty of room on all sides to expand further. Has a trader on it to reduce upkeep by 20% Has full iron fence on East side, and fence on South side is laid out Connected to highway Has 2 Guard towers with 5 Guards each One mine with at least One UPMOST marble vein 83 creatures that are branded on the deed are included free of charge Has at least 10 Bee Hives with plenty of farm land for whatever you want to farm Two corbitas included (One Grapewood with Hot pink sail, one Lavenderwood) Unfinished caravel 4 finished buildings (Kitchen, 3 Storage areas) 3 Unfinished buildings (2x Stables, 1x work shop) Connected to the main water way with easy access to go either way to get out of the island Unfinished Vynora colossus Feel Free to come by and look around Located at R16 on Harmony Message Ivydash or Sylveon in game Or message on here
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    Since we can choose our pronounces in official WO discord, shouldnt we also add option to show up our pronounces next to our nickname ingame?
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    Starting bid: 1 s. Increment (minimum): 50c. Reserve: no Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
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    Thanks, Galatyn for that summary which matches my observations. Just to note, I nearly never care a lot for high scores. Usually I score around or below rank 4-8 depending on the number of participants, and get between 220 and below 300 rift shop points, and MM ql 83 to max 93. I am content with. My main objective is to contribute to fast rift closing, and preventing player deaths where possible. Further on, I take the opportunity to improve my shield bashing, and taunting, and of course FS and agressive fighting. That way, I am enjoying rifts instead of staring at scores.
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    According to the wiki, pairing among siblings is also inbreeding.
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    Lol, yep! Good thing I'm not the one typing up the in game stuff I was in a hurry to get all the patch notes in there
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    my cart hellies were "super horses" to me ...just sayin...
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    TwinSssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hello, Wurmians! I'm excited to bring another sneak peak along for this issue of the Valrei International, introducing few new items being added in with the upcoming Animal Update to make feeding your pets easier. Maybe you live in a dwarven-inspired underground village, and your grazers are unable to find grass tiles to graze on and need to be fed with piles and in hitching posts. Or, if you are a creature collector like I am, you're probably tired of hand feeding your non-grazing critters or throwing their food into piles on the ground. Countless times I've been swiped at by my hostile pets (Didn't they ever hear "Don't bite the hand that feeds you?") while trying to drop some tasty morsels into their pens. I'm happy to say that those days have come to an end! Get ready for a much easier.... Feeding Time! Introducing Hay Stacks, Pet Bowls and Feeding Troughs! These handy containers are perfect for popping into pens and enclosures to make sure everyone's well fed for a longer period and (bonus!) the ground isn't cluttered with food piles. Hay stacks will be perfect for your underground and indoor stables and grazer pens. Bowls and troughs will hold any food items edible by animals, so you can feed meat eaters, herbivores, and omnivores with one container. These new feeding items also have a fancy new mechanic to keep your pets from gathering on the same tile around them. When creatures get hungry, they will walk to the food container, eat, and then return to their original position. This can be seen in the video below: Better Breeding As mentioned before, there is a rework to traits that will provide more benefits to careful breeding of your creatures. 23 new traits have been added, and traits now belong to particular categories with changes to how traits are passed on and calculated. Parents sharing a majority of traits in one particular category increases the chance for all traits in that category to be passed on. Speed trait parents are more likely to have speed trait offspring, draft parents will more likely produce draft traited offspring, and so on. The categories are as follows: Speed - Giving ridden creatures a bonus to their riding speed. These no longer increase the speed of vehicles the animal may be hitched to. Draft - Allowing creatures to carry more, and providing speed bonuses to vehicles with hitched animals. Heavier loads will slow vehicles down, but draft animals will increase speed of the vehicle they are hitched to. Bison will have a large natural bonus on top of draft traits. Combat - These traits focus on combat bonuses, reduction in damage taken, and improving taming. Creatures with these traits can be easier to tame, and stay tame longer. Resource - Effect output for things like wool and milk, as well as the quality and quantity of butchered products. Miscellaneous - General traits with a range of effects like preventing creatures to roam even without a saddle, reducing food consumption, and reducing the chance to pack tiles. Negative traits - ones which have effects that may reduce usefulness. A few rare traits have been added which won’t be seen (or passed on) as easily/often as normal traits. These have wonderful effects like making aggressive creatures permanently passive (hello, house cats!), the ability to produce twins with identical traits when bred, and riding up slightly steeper slopes. Creatures may only have one rare trait. Traits will no longer directly be capped by your Animal Husbandry level. Each trait is now worth a certain amount of points, and you may have points up to your Animal Husbandry level. Rare traits will cost no points against your total. This point system will be explained further once the update is ready to be released. EDIT: There will no longer be negative point traits as mentioned previously due to the idea that priests and inbreeding would be mandatory for breeding the best stock. Shaping Up Beautifully These trait categories bring us to the addition of new shapes for our equine friends based on the traits they posses. This will bring more variety to the look of your herds and provide visual clues to the best use for each particular animal. Malena has made some wonderful images to show the changes, and provided a great explanation of the different shapes. Hot blooded horse: These will be your riding horses, with speed traits. Warm blooded horse: This is the default that we have in the game now (an "all round" horse with no qualities that make it especially stand out more in one category) Cold blooded horse: Stronger and able to work more efficiently. These will be your draft trait horses. Below is Malena's original suggestion post explaining the thoughts behind these new shapes and images of the above body styles in each color of horse: In Game Wurmpedia Polished Remember that peek at the in game Wurmpedia a few Valrei Internationals ago? Well, it's been polished and is looking quite pretty! Here's an image of how it fits in to the look of the new UI: It scales nicely as well! Community Event: Friendship Bay Summer Impalong And last, but not least, here's a shout out for the 4th Annual Friend-a-long! Hosted in Friendship Bay on Pristine in the Southern Freedom Isles. Only players on the Southern Cluster will be able to attend. Here's a link to the forum post for more details: I would love to feature some Northern Isles community events, so if you Northerners are working on one please let me know! I've been watching, hoping to see one to feature. That's it for this issue of the Valrei International! I'll leave you with a picture of the adorable donkeys and the first sneak peek at mules! We do expect to have the animal update released by the end of this month, so be ready to plan out your breeding programs and animal living areas! Happy Wurming everyone!
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    Personally, dislike microtransactions that fix issues the developers purposefully created. If they agree more bank space would be good and wouldn't break anything (i.e., the original reason for the limitations), they should simply increase bank space full-stop, not introduce it as a microtransaction.
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    yep. They could even have storage tokens in the shop. "Storage token small increase by +5 items = 9.99 EUR" "Storage token medium increase by +10 items = 15.99 EUR" "Storage token large increase by 20 items" = 29 EUR " "Storage token gnome banker level + 35 items = 50 EUR" (spitballing prices, devs can work out other models, but you get the point). Magic chests are cute and all but they are static, tied to a certain deed, if a player leaves, the chest stays there if I recall, and if it's locked I doubt the lock drops off it (needs confirmation on pve).
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    Map updated Added: Dreams' Charge
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    While you are busy reworking the whole system... Can you make a system where I can teleport into the rift and teleport back to deed. The travel distance is tedious for any non hardcore player as it already is. To my opinion the moment that you travel and do stuff at the rift. No matter how big or small. Is already insane to me. Anyone that thinks it's worth to travel 3 hours in total is hardcore in my mind. Not to mention that the rift itself can take hours upon end. Hell if that is the main content Wurm provides, no wonder this game is only played by niche amount of players and dropping... You all are actually insane and pros in my mind. I paused playing mainly for the insanity you have to go through with this game.
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    I have never done this tagging nonsense, fought fair and square and usually ended up at the very top behind the priests (and Volladol :-p). I don't quite see the issue.
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    +1, current system just seems like lazy coding. With how strong the rift mobs are, did they really intend for an unarmed noob with starter leather who gets a swing off to get the same points as someone who dealt 100% of the damage to a mob? Those doing the work should be rewarded more, if I were starting today, it would worry me more if the current system was their actual intended philosophy. Working towards something is a big part of this game IMO. Granted, actual abuse of this system is probably minimal, personally I'm not bothered by those who do it. If they want to keep the rewards system as is, so as to not disenfranchise "new players", fine, but at the least, make a more meaningful leaderboard with damage dealt, healed, taken, etc, maybe separated by waves. Other games have this. Could you imagine a popular game like DoTA or WoW where at the end of a pvp match, the statistics board only showed who hit the most people one time? Bottomline, when you go to a rift, you should be spending time to help complete the rift. In whatever way you can/want healing, fighting, supporting, etc, because that's what's fun. Going to a rift and having to worry about running around and how many mobs you can tag is silly.
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    1. Thank you for staying on topic (commenting about if you agree/disagreee. Why/why not. Suggestions of changing the suggestion, etc.) 2. Your suggestion is not bad at all. My suggestion was based on the fact that it's probably very easy to change a few numbers/remove a few lines of code or whatever and it (presumably) wouldn't take that much coding time to throw in with the AH update. If people are ok with the devs putting in even more time/effort to revamp the speed bonus and add the bonus elsewhere, rather than spending that time on something else then I'm all for it too. Edit: Some extra ideas to add to your idea: It's probably fine to not have an AH restriction on it but maybe make it so the speed bonus only applies to your own cared-for animals. AH level would give you the benefit of being able to care-for more creature, potentially using 4 care-for slots to add speed to a full wagon or things like that. It'd also counter the people who would create new f2p alts to care-for animals for this particular purpose (your main wouldn't get the speed bonus from your alt's cared for animal) and it'd also give the +1 care-for slot purchased with marks a tiny bit more value.
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    Double moltens, according to the excel calculator, raises the speed quant by ~0.7. Single molten for me is enough to push it above a speed quant threshold but having mismatched horses looks even more scuffed so I'm running double molten. 0.7 increase in the speed quant does actually push it above the quant threshold for the majority of hell cart setups. Granted, for a regular horse cart, the quant increase for double ebonys is only ~0.5 but it still is a coin toss if it makes a difference for you or not. A speed quant threshold raises the speed by 0.72 km/h. .. Sure, the 2.5% isn't more potent just because the speed of my cart is higher, which means my wording is quite (a lot) wrong in the OP. It does make a difference of hell horse vs horse tho. Still, your comment is entirely off topic and has no point at all relevant to the actual point of the post. If you want to have a discussion about how much those 2.5% does, then we can have that discussion, but elsewhere. Actually, I'd prefer if you found someone else to have that discussion with as it's not a discussion I'm that interested in having nor is it the point of this post. If your point is something similar to "just use a different color. It's not like that speed increase matters that much anyway..", then I'd prefer if you realized that peoples mindset and what would make someone else feel bad about something might be different from you. There's plenty of min-maxers/meta gamers who simply feels bad about not using the min max option and this is a post that has a point adressing that. If your brain doesn't work this way then good for you, more power to you! But the fact that ebony/moltens are more expensive is clear proof that there are people who do and that I'm not alone in that regard. Not sure why I had to spell it out for you (which apparently I had to do, since you seem to have missed the point), but spelling it out for you is my passive aggressive way of telling you to please comment something related to the point of the post or don't comment at all.
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    k looks like h i, j and l could also do with a touch up, but none so much as h... I mean k.
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    Some changes in the north: Highway section at 35x 7y has been updated to a diagonal, removing the two sharp turns. a LOT of old pavement along the highway from old deeds has been removed, from PingPong's Folly to the above mentioned area.
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    A new server will only make things worst, IMHO.... but... in case the devs would do that... Why not try a small server, extremely harsh environment and fauna, no connection with old/new clusters, no possibility of skill transfer, no portal... completely separated from the rest. So you need to create a toon and survive a very difficult challenge in terms of mobs and terrain. Skilling and rest would be same speed 1x like the others. But, just to incentivate players to play there, they could introduce moonmetals veins, or some other kind of tweak. And of course would be PVE or PVP... I don't mind cause I would never play there... but maybe some would like to try it... Byez
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    I'm feeling polite so I haven't even added a weird joke to go with the picture; The most offensive thing here is my face (please don't erase my face, I need it for buying alcohol).
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    Got directed to your deed today by a friendly local and I just had to come say I was blown away I went through being speechless to being in awe, to feeling totally inadequate to being completely inspired An absolute masterpiece - well done!