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    The Wurm. Big Brown Giga-Dragon. So big you can't actually reach it, only its four legs. The Suggestion Description: My proposal is that a new unique creature be added, but one that involves a rather entertaining event-siege. This creature is above and beyond any unique before it, quite literally, and the event itself should provide a much better sense of progress compared to the standing-around nature of Rifts. A major goal with the design of this proposal was that a large portion of the content be able to be recycled from existing assets, such as code or models. A lot of this would likely use Rift-code, for example. I envision The Wurm as a multi-part and multi-phase boss. And when I say multi-part, I really mean multiple parts of the creature. Lore-wise I see it as a cataclysmic creature that can never be truly banished, that bestows life force upon world when slain, but strips the very ground it stands on of energy when alive. Destined to regularly walk upon the world without the Ageless to keep it sealed, it is up to us to strike it down until it can conjure itself into existence again. This is simply the natural cycle. Bit of backstory on this: I first heard rumor of The Wurm on Wurmpedia back in late-2012 or so. A man named Draulius slipped in a little something interesting on the Path of Insanity page; The moment I read that, I knew I wanted to pursue the Path of Insanity, just to get a chance to see something that might never have been seen otherwise. Alas, I never did get to see it in-game, and if this ever existed for even a moment in time, it was gone by the time models for dragons were remade. I had dug through the graphical assets to see if it maybe had a texture page, but couldn't find it anywhere. Now for whatever reason, even though the above image has been on the main web page since before even that Wurmpedia edit, I never made the connection that that was it. For many years, actually. It's silly, I know. These days, I can't help but feel that at some point in time this was an actual 3D model. The wings are uncanny like that. But, backstory aside, let me sum this post up for you! TL;DR: Huge emphasis on elemental threats and countering those same threats with an opposing elemental weakness, giving good reason to use flame aura, frostbrand, venom, and rotting touch over the more common bloodthirst and life transfer, plus other damage resistance enchantments. Singular stationary boss entity with multiple body parts that can attack individually and be killed separately. The initial fight; a PVE siege vs a crudely fortified pile of crater and ruin, with new yet somewhat familiar creatures holding the line. War machines now playing an important part in PVE, there's no way to win without them. Victory alters the world for everyone collectively, present or not. New application of a couple skills; stone cutting and forestry! Oooo~ To quote Starship Troopers; Would you like to know more? The Spawn Arena and New Creatures: Similar to a Rift, forwards notice is given to everyone ahead of time that it's about to happen. The world occasionally trembles, growing more and more violent with each passing day(New screen-shake option!). After a couple real days, a crater bursts out of the world at an unoccupied location; again similar to Rifts. The Wurm stands tall within the middle of this, visible no matter where you are in the world like a beacon, towering above all. I'd actually like this crater to be able to most commonly appear in/over water, either temporarily raising an island from the sea as a non-destructive stage, or creating a giant pseudo-bridge-like-structure to walk upon, but this might be very difficult to implement. The crater isn't actually a modification of the land(like a rod of eruption or whatever it was) but a series of structural objects like building walls that only appear to be part of the terrain. The Wurm stays stationary in the middle of the crater, meanwhile the rest of the crater is structured as a sprawling labyrinth inhabited by all manner of new dragon-esque creatures. (Edit: I completely forgot to cite this, but Jackal had structure generation. So, even if it seems like placing down buildings on-the-fly might require new code, it actually already exists, and can be recycled here just like Rift stuff! ) The new critters include things like: Dracogoblins; similar to normal goblins but with an altered appearance and imbued with a random type of elemental damage and resistance, matched with an opposing elemental weakness, capable of casting offensive elemental spells and support spells. Dragon Knights; similar treatment to Dracogoblins, these are trolls adorned with draconic weaponry(usually halberds and spears, sometimes axes, mauls, swords and shields) and armor enchanted with a random elemental damage type and matching resistance plus opposing weakness. Essentially the grunts of this event, they're tough and hit hard. Beargon; half bear, half dragon, completely awesome. It's pretty big, like the size of a normal dragon, and mostly element-immune. Meant to be a very tanky and threatening presence. Occasionally a Dragon Knight will ride these, making them a mounted threat! Cockatrice; the classic tiny terror, essentially just a micro-dragon-chicken-hybrid that can be surprisingly hard to hit, and very annoying if they swarm together. Despite their appearance they don't actually do any kind of elemental damage or attacks, they just bite and peck at you. Dracogoblins summon these! Hell Pig; a mutant-pig brimming with power. Engulfed in flame, crackling with ice, slick with acid, or spined and drooling with venom, this beast is essentially meant to be a very dangerous glass-cannon that causes pain if not dealt with quickly. Anything else fun you could think of? All of these essentially being some common monster or wildlife that's been warped. In actuality, this is so that new assets don't need to be made from scratch, but instead existing models can be morphed to reduce the time needed to create them. Economical! The Fight: The entire fight plays out as an offensive siege, building war machines like trebuchets and catapults and knocking holes through the labyrinth while moving forwards into it, fighting off the threats that retaliate within. Some of these threats, such as Dracogoblins, sit atop the crater-like structures out of reach from melee. This makes them vulnerable only to spells, bows, and ballista-fire(Or you can just catapult the whole wall down). When pushed through to the center, The Wurm now attacks. It is massive. The body is too high up to be damaged, but the legs standing upon the ground are vulnerable. Each leg is individually targetable, and has its own health pool, but cannot be damaged by normal attacks. Instead they can only be damaged by war machines, ballista and battering rams in particular, giving incentive to use them on Freedom. Until the legs are defeated, The Wurm attacks at range from high up with various constantly-changing elemental AoE effects(breath attacks, tail swipes, and throwing a bunch of people at once with wind gusts), encouraging spreading out and regularly switching legs, lest ye be nuked under its concentrated might! Once its legs are sufficiently damaged or crippled, it falls, clearing away most of the labyrinth it was standing above. The proper fight can now begin; Its head, each wing, and its tail are now targetable and damageable by normal attacks, and each attacks players separately. The wings will occasionally move to protect the head, the tail will occasionally stun en-mass, and the head will occasionally drench the area around itself in a chaotic mist of constantly-shifting elemental damage. Otherwise, the parts attack like normal; the tail bruising, wings cutting, and the head piercing and biting. The Wurm is of course stationary all this time, it's far too big and would probably take too much effort to program it and all its parts to actually move in tandem anywhere. It's meant to stand there and fall there, relying on its different body parts to attack at different angles from itself. The Rewards: Throughout the battles, priests are rewarded with small increases in faith similarly to how fighting skill is gained; doing damage and supporting allies. The gods watch from above with glee! Once concluded, with The Wurm slain(it evaporates on the spot leaving no corpse behind), the crater-structures now begin to decay within days and the world is blessed by its incarnated blood spilling forth, causing various effects to happen: The entire battlefield temporarily blooms into a beautiful flowery meadow(if this happened on-land). For a short time water collected from wells/fountains from the battlefield, or waterbodies within the battlefield(or the local area of sea if over the sea is possible) is temporarily transmuted into a new special type of water that can be collected; it restores thirst like normal but also restores stamina like alcohol! Decays and eventually turns into normal water after some time. All over the world random trees advance in growth and spread, crops immediately advance to ready-to-harvest or increase in yield otherwise, random non-reinforced cavetiles collapse and turn into an ore vein of some kind, tamed and branded creatures older than mature age are bumped down a stage(venerable horses become old for example), and other such world-wide benefits! Anything else you could think of? As for actual loot, The Wurm itself grants a golden-colored dragon scale to everyone in local(its earthen-brown now tarnished... in a weird way), and leaves behind large dragon eggs that can be harvested for their moonmetal shells and primordial fluids, similarly to how Rift materials are harvested; using forestry skill and a bucket(since harvesting fluid would be most similar to harvesting maple sap) and stonecutting skill with a chisel(for cracking away at the shell). The moonmetal explains itself(I dunno if it should be all of them at random, seryll, or an entirely new material?), the primordial fluids can be used for a couple things though: It decays quickly like food does, so it needs to be used within a short time. The first possible use is applying it to a creature(all of these effects combined unless stated otherwise): It reduces creature age down one stage but no lower than mature. The creature is instantly fed and fattened, and does not get hungry for some period of time. If it is a dominated monster, zombified creature, or tamed/charmed animal that naturally hunts; It is given an effect that makes it quickly regenerate health for a period of time. If it is a horse(or anything else with variations in the future), the user is prompted on whether they would like to spread it over the creature's coat/skin/whatever, if so they may choose a non-special color/variation or select an option that randomly changes the color/variation but has a chance to be any sort of faster/special color/variation too. If it is a female creature; It will be given a temporary effect that prevents miscarriage for a large period of time. If it is pregnant, the baby's development is accelerated and the mother gives birth with no chance of miscarriage within 1 real-life hour, in addition to the miscarriage-prevention effect. If it is a male creature; It is given a temporary fertility effect that causes breeding with it to be more likely to pass on its traits/characteristics(champion for example), as well as making it extremely likely for there to be more than one offspring to develop(twins or even triplets being born). These effects wear off after some period of time or from a certain amount of breeding. The second possible use is as a cooking ingredient: Used in anything like salt, it gives the resulting recipe an effect identical to Oppulence while still being able to stack with the actual spell, causing it to be more filling and also have higher CCFP fill, and also increasing the resulting dish's weight by some predictable amount. Something that should only make a 2kg meal actually results in 4kg, for example. Magic! And it of course provides the same effect as salt. The third application is when mixed with source salt: It creates a potion of course! This stops the fluid's accelerated decay, but it can no longer be used for the above purposes. The potion can be applied to anything that Mend can be cast on. If it's a tool/weapon/armor; It is imbued to have negated or massively reduced enchantment drain(so the imbue fades over use, but the enchantment doesn't). If it's a material(like a log or lump), it doubles the weight but halves the quality. Of course everyone and their grandmother will use this to double their seryll, or whatever new material if any from the egg shells. Otherwise most of the loot would come from the draconic defenders: Beargons can be butchered for hides which create a unique type of leather or studded leather armor which provides very effective elemental resistances for future Wurm fights(essentially introducing different hide properties similar to different metal properties). Cockatrices can be butchered for draconic-feathers which can be used to create elemental arrows for bows. Draconic weapons dropped by Dragon Knights which are impressively powerful but decay quickly like shod clubs and take a lot of damage with use(can't be repaired or mended of course), and very robust yet brittle Draconic armor pieces(finally, dragonscale helms! ...if only for a short time...) that protect very well against very specific types of damage but leave you vulnerable to other kinds. Very small amounts of random-colored dragon scales from Dracogoblins. Elemental meat from the Hell Pigs which when eaten imbue you with a natural breath attack for a short time! And other such thematic things! Also, fun fact; there exists a texture in the files for golden-dragonscale armor. If you were curious what the golden-scales drop might look like when used to make armor: All in all, I hope this or something like it could be implemented in the future when the development roadmap starts touching on things like the unique rework and PVE-focused content.
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    You have a great imagination and you obviously love this game, however I am not so sure if your ideas would be implemented into Wurm. The reason why I say this is because some of your ideas are very (maybe too) personal / prescriptive and quite complex. I would however, agree with your idea that with a game called Wurm, there should have been the opportunity of developers adding a creature named The Wurm as an additional unique rather than merely bait for fishing! I congratulate you on the detail of your proposals and it is always good to read ideas of people wanting Wurm to achieve its full potential.
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    I sent a message to Yaga about getting the Xanadu map moved over to their engine. Unless there are any super strong objections, I'm thinking this is the way to go.
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    During the RMT sellout I had purchased a bunch of old 50kg anvils, with the goal of reuniting them with their creators (Also was hoping to get a rare or supreme one). Providing of course their creators still play. A bunch had the same name, but I took out the doubles and below is a list of the anvils and they are renamed with their creator. If anyone knows if these players are still around and can direct me to them, or if that player can see this and respond. I would appreciate that. The anvils will then be mailed to the creator free of charge. And thanks to some professional level imping from the one and only @Gumbo Also in an effort to find more Anvils to return please see the below thread.
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    Looking to sell off some stuff I have sitting around. I do not have any set prices in mind so feel free to pm me either on here or in game with an offer. I am also looking to purchase a few things. Possibly trade some of what I have below to offset the price. I am looking for the following Items - Gold Hota Statue of a Stag - Rare Trowels (made of unusual metals) - Fantastic Trowel - Also willing to accept Sleep Powder in trade Let me know if you have any of the above items for sale and want to work out a trade / purchase. Thanks Merchant Shiny Merchant Jingle Bells Merchant Imbue Merchant Misc Merchant PMK Furniture & Decorations Carts, Wagons, Boats I now have added some stalls on my deed. My deed is located at O-14 on Release. The deed name is Hillside Hideaway Some of the items above can be found on the merchants.
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    Welcome to Sunny coast! Harmony, i8 Send me a private message or send post here Horses: Fo priest service: Leatherworking: Carpentry / Fine Carpentry:
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    Howdy lovelies! So for those that have seen it, Heartland area is sparse of larger trees and is mostly surrounded by orange trees. In an effort to help newer players and bring a bit more variety to the area we are going to be planting a large amount of saplings are asking for donations from those who are willing. Message me here, or PM Glowbaby in game! Trees Desired: Birch Cedar Maple Willow Fir Linden Oak Pine Walnut Chestnut Undesirables: Apple Cherry Lemon Olive Orange
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    The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black was one of the largest, oldest, and wealthiest pure-blooded wizarding families. It is time to bring the glory of the House to Wurm! The House of Black is my latest project and expected to be about a year's worth of work before it's hit an acceptable point. I've made the mistake not to document my projects in other cases and have always regretted that, so here is my progress report for my deed: House of Black The main goals of the deed: ♛ Cave Entrance Decoration ♛ Boat Cave ♛ Castle Outside ♛ Castle Inside ♛ All Meditation Tiles ♛ All deities altars ♛ Marketplace There will be a House of Black market eventually. When this happens, I'll post the link to it here. Thank You To... ...Antirg, who helped me set up my 3-tile mine entrance ...Mrbobby, who leveled the tiles I didn't have the skill for for free Photos! Day #3 in this spot.
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    Pictured is Kadmint's Whisperfell castle, on Release in the Southern Isles! Hello, Wurmians, and welcome to another Valrei International! This one is a very exciting one for me because I get to introduce our newest critter that will be populating the world of Wurm. I've been dying to tell you guys about them! The devs have been hard at work implementing some changes for the upcoming Animal Update, and there are some exciting things on the way! There will be several new traits added into the game to improve animal husbandry and production, and provide bigger benefits to keeping and breeding critters of all kinds. These will also make having higher animal husbandry more helpful rather than detrimental to breeding like it has been. In addition to that, we are getting an adorable new creature… Allow me to introduce the donkey! These cute little critters will be available as a mount for non-premium characters, so say goodbye to the days of slowly plodding along on cows. In addition to new traits and donkeys, we are going to bring a bit of personality to your herds by introducing slight variations in body shapes for horses. Who knows, with these little guys running around your fields and pastures, you might also find a bit of a surprise once they’ve mingled and gotten “comfortable” with your horses… In-game Wurmpedia and UI fixes Another project we have been working on is finalizing some finishing touches and fixes for the newer UI, addressing concerns that some have had with it before removal of the old UI. This includes an update to make the Wurmpedia more accessible than ever, with the entirety of its information conveniently available in game. The screenshot above is just a concept, and it will be adjusted to fit visually with the UI by the time it is added in. The removal of the old UI will be announced when this update goes live. Stability Issues As you all may have noticed, Golden Valley has been having a bit of trouble getting situated after the migration, but today’s update will work on some stability issues and reduce the lag we have seen on all servers lately. That’s it for this week’s Valrei International! If anyone needs me, I’ll be busy expanding my stables and preparing my pastures for the adorable herd additions on the way!
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    At the moment, wurm is a very static game. Barring trees slowly eating meadows and stepped and grass at war, not much happens without player intervention. Here are a few simple ideas to make the world feel more alive. 1. Make flowers prevent bushes/trees spawning adjacent (and over) them, unless a tree/bush is already adjacent. This helps preserve meadows, while still allowing forests to grow back over time. 2. Give steppe's more features: seasonal flower variants of their own as well as changing their mob movement priority to high in spring/summer but low in autumn/winter so critters leave surrounding forests in the warmer weather and retreat back in the winter 3. Differentiate between 'beach sand' (10 tiles away from a salt waterlogged tile) and 'desert sand'; the former spawning shells and palms with a higher spawn rate of seals and crabs, the latter scattered cacti and a new set of mid--high tier forage/botanist opportunities to offset the risk of dangerous critters. 4. Cliff-hugging plant species that yield useful resources for climbers who reach them. More so, mountain plants that only grow above a certain elevation to better reward people living far inland. 5. Fern tiles, an alternative to grass that does not impede dense tree growth; offering denser and more dangerous forests in return for faster tree growth rates. Slowly spreading once an area has a thick enough forest. 6. Allow moss to spread inside caves, near entrances to mines and near underground water sources. Let us plant it and bring some green! If a mine tile has a tree planted overhead, give us some roots that can be cut back if desired. 7. Allow swamps to spread more easily far from trees, but make swamps easier to remove. Give swamps their own trees (mangroves) and allow reeds to grow into swamps to provide more resources. 8. Give abandoned (unused) roads a 'mossy' texture after a while; moss clearing once 3 people walk over a tile in 24 hours and only occurring on road tiles that are not highways.
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    As of 11 May 2021, the map is now being maintained by Fraskesa - please see ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have taken over management of the map from Akaryd. If you'd like your deed added, please post here with your deed coordinates (with an image of exactly where your deed is if you wish). Map: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ox9aubpjn8c9os3/release map.png?dl=0 Updated Map Dump (Jan 2021): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/hdf1lnoq3pbwfkj/release map_dump.png?dl=0 General Instructions Just post the following information. Please only post settlement locations that you own. And do not PM your update requests. Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads, bridges or tunnels then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as imgur.com and enclose the image link in [img.][/img.] (remove the periods).
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    In a celebration of old videogames that paved the way to Wurm, I present: Form a party and take on the Venerable Black Dragon Hatchling! In this epic 2006-era game you can team up with your friends and take on this incredible beast! Your party will get armoursmith blood and hide (100% drop rate) with a chance of getting the Bone, Skull or other parts! This world event will be taking place at this time: Be sure to get there early to not miss out! Also given how well it was received last time when I accidentally put the time an hour later, I'm considering a general change to a new time. This hunt uses the usual time (7pm UK time), but I have a poll to see if moving it an hour later would be a popular choice. The time for this slaying will not be changed by the results of this poll, instead it may change future ones. Edit: yes, the poll does close at the time of the slaying
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    I decided to have a little pvp fun on a quiet cadence with a prize. therefore I invite you fighters to try your skills in the tournament. Time: Sunday at 4AM GMT map Location: Cadence C15/16 near the cost. It is in the middle of the highway between the Crimson Lake and the Hollow Enclave. There will be signs and lights to guide you. Rules: Only sparring, not any duels.we do not need death, but still grab the tents if the mechanics suddenly fail. Free use of Magic and Enchantments inside the arena during sparring. Spectator assistance is prohibited. recommended fighting skills level 70+ Prizes: 1st: 3 silver 2nd: 2 silver 3rd: 1 silver Tournament Style: Single Elimination contacts: either here on the forum, or in the game nickname alneverbrim. also a discord server for cooperation https://discord.gg/ZKAFS7ckeb
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    Implement a system that once you own a Deed, you (as mayor) could join the wurmpedia and edit your deed page. Once done, make sure that all deeds go towards one page that shows all server's deeds. What the page could look like... 1. All Cadence Deeds 2. With build-in option that once a deed switches from "Not-Recruiting" to "Recruiting" that it will be on top of the pages list, automatically. Show this page towards the people that have just finished the tutorial (when wurmpedia gets implemented again to the game) That way they can contact with other people and learn the game better. Potentially having people stick longer in Wurm as well... As a result.
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    Ordered a 90QL suit - and 3 separate 70QL suits. All delivered in under 18 hours. Impeccable service.
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    90ql steel set please... cod to FlairMinamoto. Thanks
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    Hi i'll take a 80ql set with whatever helm sent to Lemlox ty
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    WOuld be hell to implement and test out to get rid of the bugs and balance everything but this is the type of content that would actually make me want to add more months of subbing. Love it. Also had a similar idea some time ago but was too lazy to post it. It involved a dragonic invasion planned a long time ago by Wurm that would be an event taking place during a period of three months across all servers at once. Players would be forced to construct citadels at pre determined GM location to ward off the invasion. Within the citadel, a unique item called "Godheart" would spawn , said item will have an HP bar attached to it. Wurm desires those items to weaken his enemy gods. Players must defend those items at all costs. Lizard underlings, servants to dragons would be the first wave assaulting the citadel. The next wave would be small drakes, smaller than dragon hatchlings but deadly none the less, similar to drakespirits or eaglespirits. The 3rd wave would be based on a few hatchlings attacking at once + all previously mentioned mobs. The final wave would be a huge champion type dragon that spawned additional mobs throughout the fight. At the end, kills would be monitored and based on kills / construction materials provided / materials donated (such as cotton, food, supplies) / priest support offered, rewards would come in the form of dragon scales, magical unique items, etc. Would finally get some wurm server cooperation to set up defences, plan logistics, have people work together towards a common goal. I'm probably day dreaming but this is the type of content that would band wurmians together and foster cooperation.
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    wtb 90-95ql large anvil with 90-100 botd please. cod to mosss
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    I like it. The Red Queen's Gambit: https://imgur.com/gallery/aRko3Tg
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    hello 1st of all I want to thank all of the devs for the great work they do, and making Wurm a great game, But here is my beef, I play on steam on the Cadance server, before we add new animals to the game, how about fixing what is wrong 1st on that server i travel over 3000 tiles just to fight any critters ( either low or no respawn areas), and cannot find any Bison. Wild horses or female sheep in the wild. If i want them i have to buy them at a high price from players, So from my point of view the new addition of a Donkey would be the same. and what would their purpose be. I mean let us be practicable would they carry extra supplies as a pack animal / pull a small cart/ let noob ride them. just saying it is wonderful for the new animal but i would love to see more wild horses and sheep and bison, before got more of the same, having to buy from players if we want them
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    Getting some pre-steam release vibes here. We need some major content to keep players engaged. We don't really have diversity in that. The grind is the same for most skills. We need stuff to do that isn't a grind, stuff that's fun (and fast paced maybe?) and engaging. Waiting on timers not sure if people are really into that.
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    Why can we make them but not sit in them?
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    It's getting fairly difficult to see recent developments with high accuracy due to the the duration of the graph, so here's one that starts in March.
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    Awww. WTB, that slightly husky horse. I love its furry legs.
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    Bards!, that's what we need .. um, or not
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    I won't comment on the actual speed/strength mechanics, however from the visual standpoint, what you describe is pretty much exactly what the above already is, only simplified :). (so instead of having all the world's breeds, arabs and other nimble breeds have been packaged into the "hot blooded" body type, morgan's, clysedales, shires etc have been packaged into "cold blooded" etc) If you look closely, you will see that the hot blooded model is pretty much an Arabian. The cold blooded is meant to be a draft horse shape etc.
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    You thinking it's a bad goal is subjective. I think it's a great goal, also subjective. It's right in-line with the other lengthy goals: imp 100K times, perform 500K actions, get a skill to 99, etc, all skills that should take time to complete. People can find time for Rifts if they really want to. They cycle in time and day and only last around 1.5 hrs in SFI. https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/rifts Rifts on Epic home servers stay open for a good while. From experience, Serenity's is around 2-3 days. Niarja says the others are >2 days. There are opportunities for everyone in SFI. Edit: You can literally show up in the last 20 minutes or so in wave 4 and earn enough points (25?) to complete the journal goal.
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    Grats, KillPrada. "[15:37:23] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes."
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    We need different permission settings for food. It's so difficult to feed people at public gatherings. I suggest at the very least to add a permission setting on larders and other containers which will allow anyone to eat (but not take) from them, overriding building and deed permissions. If this setting could also be added to tables, and even plates bowls etc it would drastically improve our experience with hosting public gatherings in a practical sense as well as for immersion and roleplay. We could be having so much more fun with community events if we could make use of the many beautiful food models we have available. I had a lot of fun preparing this snack table for the Easter impalong, only to find that people couldn't actually eat anything due to restrictions which were sadly necessary to prevent theft. Food shouldn't need to follow the same rules as other items. It's a central part of most gatherings and is key to making any social space feel cozy and inviting, but it's not very motivating to do something like this if everything is just going to sit and rot, and guests are made to feel like thieves for trying to take a bite I wish I could have just right clicked those tables and changed a setting to allow anyone to eat from them
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    I'm not sure if this was mentioned but Maybe this helps? I never tested this but if i understand this correctly, it allows eating but disallows taking out the food due to denied pick-up permission?
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    Kinda agree on all those points, the sad part is that all of them could be fixed in a years time if we reallly wanted to go in that direction. 1. Lack of community goals...yep...definitely. We as a community don't really have goals. We kinda have rifts but people participate in those out of selfish reasons not selfless reasons (journal goal + rift mats). Uniques are another thing about selfish reasons, we all want hide/scale. We have some impalongs but those are all player created with some GM assistance and interaction along the way. Other than that, no true content to bind us towards a common goal. Last time I remember the community working together was a semi-cooperation to help each other complete our personal goals before they got removed. 2. Yeah this game is maintenance crazy. In order to reduce it you'd have to either make an alt on path of love to enchant grass so your horses don't starve or pay someone to enchant your grass. Other than that , a deed itself can protect most things. But paying silvers is a form of maintenance. Other than that, smaller deeds are always more manageable. Big deeds will be a headache to maintain. 3. Lack of content. As a vet I agree. The same content you get at 50 skill you get at 90 skill in most things. The numbers change. The experience doesn't. Players realise it's just the grind and they quit. We need to change the game so content reflects skill gained. Example. At 90 Weaponsmithing you unlock the ability to : Apply a 72 hour buff to a weapon , for example 25% more damage (or 25% more parry rate?) to a longsword. It would have a 7 day cooldown. Esentially it unlocks a perk. I would totally support skill perks you can choose as active buffs. Another example : Carpentry. At 70 carp you can unlock "Plankmaster" = 30 min buff where you have 50% faster plank creation timer. Cooldown 72 hours. Only one buff would be active but it would give the game MUCH more depth in terms of skillgained. You'd be able to use buffs for various things but only 1 buff could be active per skill at a time. This would give variation and a true RPG sense of the game since WUrm does market itself as an MMORPG. 4. I agree. The archaic things need to go. We have em for 10 years. Let's ###### face it. They sucked. Not having interactive maps is a gimmick that doesn't work anymore. Don't give me any of that "muh immersion" ######. Remember how FUN it was in 2013 to not have maps and instead we had to go to online sources to create our own maps based on other player created maps? It was...stupid. Any game that forces you to link to 50 different external resources in order to play it and enjoy it needs to have that crap fixed. Hell keep the archaic things if you want immersion as a "settings toggle". "Toggle interactive maps. Yes or NO". Don't want em? Fine. LET THE CUSTOMER / PLAYER DECIDE. It's not hard to give players options to configure their own playstyle. As a former Epic vet, I often had to guide players to their own corpses because the map didn't help 90% of the time. I didn't mind it, I enjoyed talking to people while we hunted for a body. But it sucked that you had to rely on others to recover your corpse from the troll infested forest. Wurm can be so much more, depth wise if we really wanted to. It is indeed not that much engaging and sadly one of the core issues is its design. It really needs to be faster. Guys come on we can't expect people to literally pour years of their lives into this game. It's not sane. Timers need to be faster, the grind needs to be made more bearable. If we refuse to do this, don't wonder why people keep leaving. And for what? The "but muh market crowd?" Yeah I'm sure those 200 people will keep the game afloat for years. But that's about it. Keep it afloat, nothing more. What else? "But i invested so much time in this game, It's not fair someone should invest only 90 hours of their entire life to grind wep smithing to 90 when I invested 400 hours. It's not fair!" I grinded wep smithing to 90. I don't wish that on anyone. Or do we want people to waste their time as much as we did ours? Dunno, the game needs to change. Maybe I got older and sort of got into the mentality that "if i pay for a game, it also needs to respect my time too". Might be an aging bias. But I can see how this game seems to have so many barriers to new people at this stage.
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    I just wanted to report that I have actually gotten the latest version of Wurm Assistant to work with Wine on Arch Linux. :) I was originally running a virtual box in the background, which worked pretty well actually, although I couldn't see any of the pop up notifications because they were popping up in the VM window. So I used Lutris, to create a Wine environment, I then installed .NET using the instructions found here (the manual method, using the download link you provided in the OP) and then I installed Visual Studio, and I was able to get Wurm Assistant running. :D It does seem a little glitchy visually, but I was getting those visual glitched in the VM as well so I'm not sure what is causing that. The only issue I've run into so far is that, after restoring my backup, it's not able to play any of the sounds I had added previously. I get a "value can't be null" error. New sounds seem to work fine though, so I wonder if that may be an issue with the backup. On the VM, I had WA running from the local directory, but with Wine I don't. This all isn't to say that native Linux support wouldn't be greatly appreciated though, but I thought it might be useful for you to know that it IS possible to run on Linux without too much hassle. :D Here's a little screenshot, I left the visual glitch on Granger to show what kind of glitch I get, sometimes I also get blank windows that reveal buttons when I mouse over them, but those glitches seem to correct themselves when I minimize and restore the windows, so not that big of a deal. :)
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    We'd love to see some of those ideas in, some might be more involved than the other ones to implement but they fit the exploration expansion part of our roadmap well. We'll definitely look into adding some of those into the game.
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    Doh, my bad - corrected.
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