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    Some quality of life suggestions 1. Make the chat tabs not highlighted when log in. - In the profile, you can turn off show startup message for GL chat etc. I still want it to open but not be highlighted. No option for the Alliance and Village tabs, highlight seems to turn off for them when I turn off the GL chat and Trade chat. Maybe the highlight chat system needs reworking, or maybe it's just me idk, need feed back from players on this one. - It's a PITA to click them all every time, if you don't you can easily miss a pm or local message. Even worse when going back and forth from pvp to pve server on NFI, constant clicking... 2. Fix, in the new UI, satchel / backpacks on the toolbelt not showing the number of it's contents. - No I won't post this in the bug section 3. The main menu bar has a red arrow button to toggle the menu off, this button is surrounded by the quit button, if you miss the arrow button you get the quit dialog box. - Wait, you're saying you want to LEAVE Wurm Online? No, no i'm not, I want to close the menu bar you..... REEEEEEEE 4. Make take range from bsb / crate the same range as the take range of loose items from a container. - Working away getting tools and stuff, get some iron [11:03:39] You are too far away from the iron lumps now. REEEEEEEEE 5. When zooming in on the ingame map, you lose the X,Y numbering and lettering. - Zoom in on a nice feature on the NW of any map, hmm whats the co-ords? scroll across, ok F, scroll back, wait did I follow the line correctly, scroll back and check, repeat repeat, repeat with the numbers REEEEEEEEEE 6. Larger storage. Seriously... The new item specific storages (weapon racks etc) are great but opening 10x storage boxes to grab a bunch of stuff to do a task.... REEEEEE x Infinity . - Saddle racks hold like 6 saddles....really? Screw realism. Storage racks hold so0ooo little, and large items like bardings are problematic. BCU need to hold more maybe x5 - Make everything hold more, storage racks with x5 internal racks, those racks x10 the volume, with 200 item limit. - Items that won't fit in chests.. . I could go on for days about it, it's woefully inadequate, making game life frustrating. 7. Make a black skin avatar as a special prize in a competition. It would be historically accurate to have in northern Europe during this time frame, a very small number of foreign people from around the world. We can't have it as an option though cos we would end up with 20%+ dark skinned peoples in Viking style gear lol. - No other races cos just change the skin to make it easy. That is, if it is easily manually inputted by a dev for a special prize like once per year or less. 8. Make shaker orbs on NFI pve servers cost 1silver or less (I bet you would take in more silver overall). Watch the help channel you see players making mistakes or just want to change their mine layout, I've done it before, it's a huge pita to find a priest, or 3silver to fix one tile in a game, lol. Making player interactions and economy from using priests is great, but I think the costs in frustration far outweigh the benefits. NFI pve servers only, because pvp. 9. Getting stuck in freelook mode or 3rd person is a frequent problem, freelook is worse because you lose the curser. Display the hotkey or something idk. 10. Search by hotkey (what hotkey is bound to x?) 11. Make the Inventory save it's state when logging off. Or at least make groups pinable to the top. - What it looks like when I log in: - How I left it: - Not great examples, Imagine 40 or 80 items in your inventory and try to find your groups, fun times. No I don't want to sort by alphabetical or number my groups and sort name, I want to not have to click click click for days ffs REEEEE Plus if I have my tools and stuff at the top of my inventory, then materials i'm working on at the bottom, relog for any reason, maybe a crash, come back materials mixed with tools mixed with groups, mixed.... WTF why. That's it. REEEEE Omar
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    Yea i see i has to clarify ill take Galsaan with me, and Richtje takes Brownie, both priests has Benediction, aiming to fill deed bonus for some better casts ^^ but i look forward for it and if u need something over there let me know.
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    A usage for wax could be to wax a plate full of food or any food item which would make it not decay while on deed. It would become non-eatable. Than can display food on table without maintenance.
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    Idea is: large planters for trees and bushes. Sugestions: 1. Trees in planters grow smaller. 2. You may plant them inside building as decorative. 3. They need light so cannot grow underground? 4 Mats: pottery, wood, stone? Example
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    Can I please have all the banners that somehow have made their way from CLUB Market to your deed back? I am not sure how you got them, since I plant all the ones in the pens. [17:02:07] An elegant symbol of allegiance and faith. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Ch.m.a..edra.o.'. Wood colors: R=208, G=43, B=170. Ql: 34.0414, Dam: 0.0.
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    What are the chances of introducing Epic <-> Freedom both way skill transfers? Of course with proper scaling. Currently, most people do not even consider playing on Epic, knowing that their progress (skills) won't go to Freedom in any case. Not gonna lie, it's not like many players would play here if transfer worked both ways, but I have heard in past years from few players that they would return to Epic if that was the case. Also, new players are not interested. I have seen many new players settling here and vanishing, sooner or later, after few weeks. They see an empty server and just leave. Sooner or later they realize that there is no point, couse they gonna stuck here with their skills in case they changed their minds and would like to go to Freedom or Chaos. It is not for me, I'am gonna stay on Epic anyway. Wurm is all about character progress and bending world to our will, and I put too much time in both to go somewhere else. If those transfers were introduced, then maybe some players could decide to return to game or play here, thus this server could get a little more life. That's all I'am asking for. Greetings
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    I heard there have been some competitions in the past where players could compete to create game content like textures or game objects. As I'm sure most Wurmians are creative people I think it would be great if there could be some of these competitions on a regular basis. I was thinking about creating textures for decorative items like amphora's or easter eggs (are there easter eggs in Wurm?). Also very nice as collectable items for people. Or let us have player made paintings to hang in your cottage or castle. Something you could run on a regular basis.
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    Starting bid: 2s Increment (minimum): 25c Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not Accepted
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    Giant forest floppa damaged my fence but will never ever do it again. Guess why? We will slay it!!! When? Friday, March 26, 6 PM EDT Where? Harmony, 10 minutes walking from Harmony Bay The easiest way to get here is to use the highway system to Hoverlyelle and then follow the screenshots. Rules Please try to cut as few trees as possible. Do not cut Oak Trees!!! Do not dig!!! Do not mine!!! Once I open the gate, please, do not enter the slaying territory with wagons and hell horses. Do not forget to collect all your belongings after the slaying. P.S. I am hosting the slaying alone. In case of unforeseen situations, all changes will be posted here.
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    A fix for this will go out with the next update!
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    Lot A - 10s 50c Lot C - 1s Lot D - 1s 50c Lot E - 5s 25c
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    +1 Should have been done in the first place.
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    You couldnt even both aim and defend before so saying it's the same makes no sense.
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    guess it will be yours soon if nobody else bids
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    it was always key to winning a fight, most people just brute force pve content because it's not very interesting and very few people actually did any of the proper targeting and stuff for pvp. i didn't say they didn't change the numbers, i said it's about the same as it's always been. comparing my logs of hours of fighting with proper aiming and such vs previous logs of proper aiming (against people who most likely weren't using the aimed defence at the time) and WU simulated combat there's very little difference.
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    i hate to break it to you but before this update you could block in directions and it'd make you harder to hit, it just added a little ui prompt thing for it, and from my testing the change isn't as massive as the patch notes make it out to be. Being able to defend and attack different regions is beneficial for the person getting ganked as they don't have to sacrifice dps to try and keep themselves alive by blocking in a direction with the new change. ganking isn't as effective anymore as all shields are basically the scale of lib now with the reduced restrictions on blocks/combat round, but ya know if you've got multiple people attacking you, maybe you were just meant to die? all in all this patch decently increased how long the average person survives in pvp (in the last few fights i've been in people have been running out of stamina because they block so often now lol), if you're dying to groups of people more often than normal try not walking into groups of people so often
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    Sorry for the download problems, i never was working with github, so because this, the file is a little bit hidden I try to find out, how other modders uploading files. Eject
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    I am unclear on your opt-out policy. You say "DO NOT POST DEEDS THAT AREN'T YOURS OR HAVE APPROVAL TO POST BY MAYOR. IF you find your deed has been added without consent, please post here." but later on you ask people to report all settlements that aren't on the map without needing consent of the mayor who can then ask to be removed by PM to Yaga providing a reason.
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    You're probably on someone's land (their village or deed) and they don't allow other people to chop their trees down. Examine the ground tile to see if it is owned. It will say "you are in the village of..." or "you are in the perimeter of..." for owned land and "You see a part of the lands of Wurm." for unowned land where you can chop trees down.
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    Who wants to be a log hog. The point is to celebrate it as it happens.. Not search hours later for an event which is cool. Not like a 3 second green text is going to hurt the game but increase the immersion.
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    +1 Would like a half barrel version too.
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    Saw this news on Reddit yesterday and couldn't wait to share with Wurmians: World's first ship tunnel to be built under Norwegian Mountains! (Wurm had this figured out in 1050 AD. ) Lol & Mycelium is actually a green substitute for leather and plastic!
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    Hear, hear. That’s what I assumed you were suggesting in the first place - a proper UI element for a player to quickly and conveniently take notes, not a rp method for characters involving crafting, activating, using consumables, adding encumbrance and bringing risk of loss. I currently use the map for this, which is really mind boggling. Why not /t? Because 1) I use different computers based on which room I’m in when playing and 2) some notes are for more than one session and I don’t want to have to refer to chat logs. Yeah, I can use cloud-based notes, but I’d still need to tab away from the game. I’d love to be able to pull up a simple in-game notepad without leaving the game at the press of a hot key to jot down a few reminders. +1 to the suggestion as intended Edit: I'm not against a craftable and editable journal, it's just that I think that an an in-game notepad and a craftable journal serve two different purposes and the notepad is something I would personally use regularly while the journal is not.
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    Will definitely be making an appearance, fire them forges Happy Easter Shamank got 1k 80ql iron in my boat if ok to use WS , PAS, JS LW skills
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    Has anyone seen a character make themselves Rare? My Wife recently did when she cast Oakshell on herself during a dragon kill. She didn't even realize it herself. She had multiple people asking her how she did that. https://pasteboard.co/JRBXiZs.png
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    Oh yes! I'll be there! I'm back and so happy Velvetsun that you guys are doing this I'm super excited! Will help out anyway I can!
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    Its no surprise there's always a "boost" when a server is released, seen it time and time again over the years, why is that I wonder? Could it be that the server feels alive and has people active that drives the boost and people really want to play with others in the main part, soon as it starts to go quiet people go back to old deeds or quit. My personal time in wurm I have found the "new server" times some of the most enjoyable I have had but each new server has killed wurm a little more and more. A true paradox maybe its time to try something different than new land = new players.
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    when mining in cave and file is full, it should start "mining to inventory", as it happen at digging. in some cases that will prevent sad situations like that one: [02:39:44] You have a moment of inspiration... [02:39:44] There is no space to mine here. Clear the area first.
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    Looking forward to hanging out with you guys again Arka is planning to join us as well
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    ill never try to miss a community event where i can help out, ill bring my self and vyn with me perhaps even my mag, so i can imp and do stuff ill guess richtje is comming aswell so and as u know i got alot them imping skills if it needs.
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    We hope you are able to make it and your offer is amazing and we greatly appreciate it. Sun
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    I am not sure if i can attend but if needed i can provide iron for the imping.
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    RL work permitting, will bring down my 98 Blacksmith and my 70 Leather smith. Very nice announcement page.
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    Ill bring a few priests, and a high level smith. If you need help with management I have some minor experience dealing with these things.
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    Cool! Ill make sure to bring a toon or 5 to have fun. Congrats on this to the hosts!
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    Wintersolstice passed away some time back.
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    can mail to Vlada or Kochinac. thank you. its very interesting surprise, I did not see this coming
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    haha my old anvil. Damn, that is an old anvil, got to be 8+ years now. unfortunately Wintersolstice has passed away
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    yeah im accualy still around, nice idea heh
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    I stumbled upon the deed of a very well known Wurmian... known to help anyone that asks and for his specialized high QL wares. I was amazed by his deed because it was extremely frugal, small, simple, remote, and unassuming. Essentially a small cabin in the woods with a small fenced-in yard. I know this doesn't sound epic, but I was still amazed.
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    There's so much beautiful food it would be great to see it displayed more often
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    The object to be smolten has to be glowing hot, it may even rest in a lit forge. The smelting pot must be in your inventory, and must be activated. Right clicking the glowing hot object should then show the option Smelt. Mind that the furnace, usually a forge, must not be at the end of the fuel consumption, or the glowing hot object not on the verge to cool down. It may be that the forge still shows "The fire burns steadily .." and the object glowing hot, but the temperature is not sufficient for smelting anymore and the option Smelt not shown. In that case refuel the furnace.
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    What the? I thought this was a serious thread about runscape? What's all the ork excitement about?