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    So, there I was, sailing home from the latest Cadence rift, when as I attempted to cross the server I was attacked by sharks and knocked from my ship. Not wanting to drown, nor be shark bait, I attempted to get back into my ship, and boom, I was knocked back out again. Over and over this happened until I logged out. Long story short, I was stuck and teleporting. After relogging, I was able to finally pull my ship away from the server border and regain my bearings. But my trusty sailor hat was missing, as was all my other equipped gear. Starting to panic I looked all over around me in the water, but could find nothing, not even a stray fish. To make this story even shorter, I submitted a ticket to see if my lost items could be found, then I sailed home to rest after a long hard fight at the rift. Within a few short hours I was contacted by the CM/GM team and they went to work finding my items at the bottom of the ocean (database really). So in the end, my missing items were able to be fished out of the depths of hell and returned to me, a bit water soaked but still intact! I know many times the CM/GM team are on the receiving end of unhappy players and often times it is the bad or complicated issues that are pointed out and see the light of day. I feel it is important to highlight the opposite as well, as often times gratitude is not shown or thanks given where it is due. So this is me saying thank you to the CM/GM team for rendering help when needed. I know this is a game, but so much of our lives are invested in what we do and who we meet in these wonderful worlds, that this experience of outstanding service and concern brought a tear to my eyes and a smile to my face. So I tip my hat to those that helped me and the rest of the team. You know who you are! Thank you for making a bad day good!
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    Saw this news on Reddit yesterday and couldn't wait to share with Wurmians: World's first ship tunnel to be built under Norwegian Mountains! (Wurm had this figured out in 1050 AD. ๐Ÿ™„) Lol ๐Ÿคช & Mycelium is actually a green substitute for leather and plastic! ๐Ÿ„
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    I had a somewhat similar thing happen where my ship decided to take a holiday without me and left me at the border, treading water. I put in a ticket and pretty quickly a CM/GM found my naughty ship on the other server and teleported me to it. Saved my day and I really appreciate the timely assistance! Luckily I had not died so I didn't have anything to retrieve except for myself, but I am sure they would have helped me get that back as well.
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    South west Harmony to south east Cadence? Something similar happened to me also a couple of days a go (when the slayings took part) and there is still some gear on the bottom of that ocean. A med rug with nice CoC that costed me 2s, my steel plate armour that was my first bought armour at 7 or 9 silverish.. People of Cadence were very kind to help me, and after a 3 or 4 hour search Thruin finally was able to find me... tears in my eyes when I saw his ship popping up! Initially I was getting a little mad at the CM/GM for, what was in my opinion/assumption, not helping me out. That was a wrong opinion or assumption.. CM Almostsolitude came to check on me through pm in the beginning but couldn't really do too much. Still, he told me he would keep the ticket open and I had to let him know when everything was ok again. Eventually he did contacted a GM and this one reached out to me also. GM Skade took it upon him to help us roam the bottom of the ocean.. but we did not succeed in finding my stuff. So eventually I told them we have been on it long enough already and call it days.. So in the first place I want to thank the people in Cadence, with in particular Thruin. So much hours spend in just looking for me.. Amazing person! A thank you to Almostsolitude for not ignoring it, but eventually contacting the GM's in trying to help me out! And a very special thank you to Skade because, even me being a little upset, he still took it upon him to come help us looking manually for quite some time!!!
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    Was wondering what the overall trend looked like since the start of the Steam launch. I updated the sheet I had made on the first page with all the new data up until this point. Thanks @Etherdrifterfor providing it in readable format each month. It ended up kind of ugly, so I opted to remove all the major outliers (due to updates, server restarts, etc.) to avoid them affecting the trendline, as well as adding some tick marks for notable updates.
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    Sounds fantastic! The best of luck for your grand opening!
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    Notice: I (Lyndee) am in the process of moving in RL, Sales Page for HORSES is now being updated starting 12/18, Thank you for your patience! Oak Hill Ranch Animal Sales on Harmony (Token is Located in the Oak Chamber (center) of the Main Hall at the top of the hill) Located at N17 - West of Harmony Bay Just a short trip up the road on the top of the bluff or accessible by boat via our new canal - Enter canal at Harmony Unified Marina. Including Horses, Bison, Mules, Deer, Cows, and Sheep Introducing Pheasants for sale. Limited availability - Inquire if interested! 1S each. Now available in Mule self service area - Output Trait Sheep! (See Mule Self Service section for more information) Dont forget to visit Erich and Hildegard for Misc goods and Kathleen for Rare and Arch goods - located at the Fountain Other shops doing business out of Oak Hill you may be interested in: AeraFashion: Shop Owner Aerathavel Self Serve Animal Sales Located On the South side of the deed Delivery available on Harmony with small delivery fee, easy highway access preferred, please ask for further information. (Cages may be available). Contact Lyndee or Mumin for further information (if not online Lyndee may be contacted through Discord) Prices are as follows: FREE PEN No Dominant Traits, 1-2 Dominant Trait and Venerable Animals may be Available in the Free Pen - Help Yourself! Free Pen easily accessible at the North East entrance to the deed - right up the road from Harmony Bay HORSES with ---- Any number Normal Traits AND 3 Dominant Traits = 50C 4-5 Dominant Traits (not Rare) = 1 Silver *Note Animals with a Rare trait will be price qualified based on traits OR Auctioned off* (If you are new to riding I suggest starting with a 3 speed horse till you can get the hang of guiding it, 4-5 speeds can go off trail and throw you if you don't corner quickly enough) SPEED TRAITS COMBAT TRAITS Fleeter Movement - +10% speed Fight Fiercely - Higher Fighting Skill Accustomed To Water- Moves Faster in Water Tough Bugger - Withstands More Damage Lightning Movement - +20% speed. More Friendly - Seems More Tame Very Strong Leg Muscles - Movement Speed Bonus Friendlier Than Normal - Less Likely to Be Attacked When Tame Other Speed Enhancement = Ebony coloration - +2.5% speed More Loyal - Stays Loyal Longer & Takes less Damage When Tame Draft Traits Strong Body - +10kg weight limit Carry More - +20kg weight limit Strong Legs - Carry Weight Bonus Easy on Gear - Equipped Gear Takes Less Damage RARE TRAIT Combat Rare /Extremely Tame - Aggressive animals become passive Draft Rare/Stronger than Normal -Carry Weight Bonus Draft Rare/More Nimble - Increased Rideable Slope Bonus Speed Rare/Unbelievably Fast - Always on Speed Bonus Misc Rare/Seems Immortal - Will Never Die Misc Rare/Chance to Produce Twins - Can (not Will) Produce Twins MISC TRAITS Certain Spark - Lives 50% longer Strong and Healthy - Higher resistance to disease Graceful Eater - Less Chance To Reduce Growth on Tile Slow Metabolism - Eats 50% Less Than Normal Looks Stationary -Will Stay Put As If Saddled Animal Price List: (Please ask about availability if none are listed below!) *Note Horses with a Rare trait will be price qualified based on traits OR Auctioned off* Bison 2 Silver Male or Female (Please inform if for Output or Draft) Cattle - Sheep 50c for draft 1S for output Male or Female (Cattle requests - please inform if for Output or Draft) Pigs 30C for common 1S for Output Male or Female Seals (Very Limited Availablility and there is a waiting time for these) 3 Silver Male or Female Deer 1 Silver Male or Female (1.5 Silver if Output Trait Dominant) Mules 50c, 1S if 4 or more Draft or Speed dominant - Male or Female (cannot be used as a breeder!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Available Animals Horses - Bison - Cows - Deer - Mules - Sheep ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE PEN No Dominant Traits, 1 Dominant Trait and Venerable Animals may be Available in the Free Pen - Help Yourself! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Self Service Pens (Updated 12/21) *Current List* (Please feel free to inquire about Horses and Babies not yet listed) *NEW* HORSE RELATED GEAR LOCATED ON MERCHANT GARRETT NEXT TO KEY MERCHANT OLIVIA Dyed Leather Bardings now Available when on Garrett or sets (Wagon and Rider to include Bridle and Saddle/Bags) upon request. Speed Draft Combat 3 Primary Traits 50C - 4 or more Primary Traits 1 Silver Keys are listed by Pen # at the Merchant P1 Maturee Hastebrisk - Male Ebony - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P2 Aged Pearlhalt- Male Gold- 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++ P3 Aged Trotcall - Male Gold - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed To Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++ P4 Aged Wildjolly- Female Gold Buckskin - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/More Friendly/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++ P5 Aged Jawehop - Male Piebald (Black) Pinto - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism +++++++++++++++++++++++ P6 Aged Zipjade - Female Gold - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P7 Aged Babesouth - FemalenGold Buckskin - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Easy On Gear/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/ Graceful Eeater ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P8 Aged Dashsweet - Male Skewbald (Brown) Pinto - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Fight Fiercely/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P9 Aged Materrhymew- Male Blood Bay - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed To Water/Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P10 Mature Rhymebites - Female Gold - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P11 Mature Sweetwalt - Male Black and Silver - 4 Speed - Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++++ P12 Mature Souleast - Female Buckskin - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P13 Mature Edwild - Male Brown - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/More Friendly/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P14 Aged Alexhard - Male Piebald (Black and White) Pinto - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P15 Mature Clipflash - Male Gold - 4 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/More Friendly/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P16 Aged Seazip - Male Gray - 3 Draft Strong Legs/Carry More/Easy on Gear/Strong and Healthyt/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P17 Adolescent (Adult) Macgazer- Female Grey - 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++++ P18 Adolescent (Adult) Goldgolden - Female Gray - 3 Draft Strong Body/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++++ P19 Aged Daisyhappy - Female Gray - 3 Draft Strong Body/Strong Legs/Carry More/Graceful Eater/Strong and Healthy/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P20 Aged Warriordream - Male Blood Bay - 4 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++ P21 Aged Rhythmecker - Female Blood Bay - 3 Draft Strong Body/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P22 Aged Dogwing - Female Chestnut - 4 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/Certain Spark/Graceful Eate ++++++++++++++++++++++ P23 Aged Omencloud - Female Chestnut - 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Easy On Gear/Accustomed To Water/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eaterr/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P24 Aged Dogsnicker - Male Piebald (Black) Pinto - 4 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Easy On Gear/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P25 Adolescent Gallopstar - Female Piebald (Black) Pinto - 4 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Easy On Gear/Strong and Heealthy/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P26 Adolescent (Adult) Tariheart - Female Black And Silver - 3 Draft Strong Body/Strong Legs/Easy On Gear/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P27 Aged Swiftcliff - Female BLack And Silver - 4 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P28 Aged Windsouth - Male Gold - 4 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Easy on Gear/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P29 Aged Briskpepper - Male White - 4 Draft Strong Body/Strong Legs/Carry More/Easy on Gear/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++ P30 Aged Honeyminsc - Male White- 3 Draft Strong Body/Carry More/Easy on Gear/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P31 Aged Soulblossom - Female White - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong/Accustomed To Water/More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P32 Aged Biteswebster - Female Black - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Accustomed To Water/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary +++++++++++++++++++++ P33 Aged Coffeegallop - Female Piebald (Black) Pinto - 3 Speed Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/More Friendly/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P34 Aged Ragelady - Female Appaloosa- 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed To Water/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P35 Aged Landstark - Male Gold - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P36 Aged Ajaxland - Male Brown - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P37 Aged Pepperdash - Male Chestnut - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P38 Mature Fighterelen - Female Ebony - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++ P39 Aged Flashcliff - Female Bloodbay - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P40 Aged Omenrock - Female Brown - 3 Speed Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism ++++++++++++++++++++++ P41 Aged Southsilver - Female Ebony - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P42 Aged Seasnicker - Male Chestnut - 3 Speed Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Accustom to Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P43 Mature Stronghappy - Male Brown - 3 Speed Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustom to Water/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary ++++++++++++++++++++++ P44 Aged Ebonyecho - Male Gray - 3 Speed Fleeter Moevement/Strong Legs/Accustomed to Water/More Friendly/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater ++++++++++++++++++++++ P45 Mature Zaramountain - Female Chestnut - 3 Speed Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Accustom to Water/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cows Bulls and Cows may both available for sale on request. If you need some for breeding, Output or Draft just let us know and we will see if what you need is available...JUST ASK! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bison (updated 8/28) Currently updating Breeding Stock to Draft and/or Output Traits *Note on Output - Traits affect butchering quality or quantity as well as Milk Production quantity, Age is also a factor on Milk Production in females* Gives more Resources = Increased Output of resources such as wool and milk Prize Winning = Better Products when Butchered Plump and Ready to Butcher = More Products When Butchered Picks Stuff Up = Chance to Dig Up Items such as seeds and fragments when eating - drops items on ground Seems Vibrant = Increased Output of Resources Good Genes (Rare) = Increased Output Quantity and Quality of Resources Pens 13-15 reserved for Output traited bison. Bison are available through the Merchant (Buffalo Bill) with keys for the Self Serve Pens, 2S each B1) Adolescent Aurora - Female - 3D with More Friendly/More Resources/Vibrant/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater B2) Adolescent Taranis - Male - 4D with More Friendly/Certain Spark B3) Adolescent Nelvana - Female - 3D with Vibrant/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary B4) Adolescent Buster - Male - 3D with Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism B5) Mature Mason - Male - 3D with Strong and healthy/Graceful Eater B6) Young Dustin - Male - 4D1C with Certain Spark B7) Adolescent Ivan - Male - 3D with More Friendly/Picks Stuff Up/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater B8) Aged Billy - Male - 3D with Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism B9) Aged Byron - Male - 4D with Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism B10) Aged Spencer - Male - 4D with Pickes Stuff Up/Strong and Healthy B11) Young Marcus - Male - 4D with Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism B12) Aged Branson - Male - 3D with Vibrant/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Looks Stationary B13) Aged Adam - Male - 4O with Certain Spark/Looks Stationary B14) Young Ariel - Female - 4O with Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/looks Stationary B15) Adolescent Vesta - Female - 5O with Slow Metabolism ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mules (Updated 8/20) 50c, 1S if 4 or more Draft or Speed dominant - Male or Female (cannot be used as a breeder!) Self Service Pens are available Keys are located on Merchant Sara in front of the Wood Mill Pen M1: Adolescent Daisy (Foal) - Female 3 Draft - with Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Slow Metabolism Pen M2: Aged Scruffy - Male 3 Speed - with Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism Pen M3: Adolescent Billy (Foal)- Male 4 Draft with Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark Pen M4: Adolescent Zepher (Foal)- Female 4 Speed -1 Combat - with Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater Pen M5: Young Daffodil (Horse) - Female 4 Speed - with Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary Pen M6: Adolescent Daffodil (Foal) - Female 4 Draft - with Certain Spark/Graceful Eater **2S** Pen M7: Adolescent Colby (Foal) - Male 3 Speed - with Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Slow Metabolism/Looks Stationary *RARE UNBELIEVABLY FAST* Pen M8: Young Ruby (Foal) - Female 4 Draft - with Strong and Healthy/Slow Metabolism Pen M9: Adolescent Braag (Horse) - Male 3 Draft with Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater Pen M10: Mature Pinata - Male 4 Draft - 1 Combat - with Slow Metabolism Pen M11: Young Raspberry - Female 4 Draft - 1 Combat - with Graceful Eater Pen M12: Aged Sad - Male 3 Speed - with Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater/Looks Stationary Pen M13: Young Stubborn - Femal 4 Draft - with More Friendly/Strong and Healthy/Graceful Eater Sheep (Updated 8/6) 1S for output Male or Female Pens 16 through 27 will sell Output traited sheep in both white and black, Output traits will be named for ease of the buyer in determining usage, more information on Output can be found above in the Bison Section. Pen M16: Aged Olive Female (white) - 3O More Prize Winning/Picks Stuff Up/Vibrant with Certain Spark/Looks Stationary Pen M17: Aged Jasper Male (white) - 3O Prize Winning/Pick Stuff Up/Vibrant with Certain Spark Pen M18: Mature Female (Black) - 3O More Resources/Prize Winning/Ready to Butcher with Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark/Graceful Eater Deer Now available in limited quantities and qualities. While I finish changing my herd over to Dominant Output animals Venerables may be in the sale pens. Please come prepared - deer must be tame to be led, so only one deer may be removed from the deed at a time by one player Bring grass with you for taming, I will make sure this is allowable on deed by all players for your convenience. During the changeover Venerable deer will be priced at half price. Younger animals will also be avialable if you are buying them to keep as pets, or for breeding. Start your own herd or enjoy as a pet! They make a nice meal too! Available in Person only! Many currently available to choose from - Come have a look! (Pen is located right beside the Self Serve Horse Pens) More to come soon Thank you for looking! When on deed, please contact Lyndee or Mumin in local with any questions.
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    My client closes unexpectedly a couple of times a day. No particular actions trigger this (tested with walking, mining, digging and idle). It can crash just one client, while there are two open and the other one continues to run. It is not consistent with being the active or inactive client window that crashes. System Console.Log
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    We need more PVE stuffs like Bandit camps rather than just event bosses like dragons and rifts we need small scale every day or other day spawns randomly across the map make wurm more interactive! PLEASE!? was talking with a few other people and friends of mine and Gavias mentioned the Bandit camp thing to me and i thought what the heck thats a great idea!
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    Iโ€™m sure the new combat overhaul made everybody think about what they would actually want to have. Before getting any fancy stuff, I suggest fixing the basics by: - Simplifying: Remove unnecessary or needlessly complicated features - Clarifying: Display more numbers of what things do Some of the mechanics that seem to unnecessarily complicate the game: Auto block, combat rounds, weight affecting parrying, alcohol for fighting and many more that most people donโ€™t know about. Another mechanic that sounds neat but has issues in practice is positioning in melee pvp (as in standing behind someone). It doesnโ€™t work in practice as server delay, ping and desync make everyone have a very different view of the battle. For example, when chasing someone both players will think they are ahead. One of Wurms greatest strengths is to be able to play with people all over the world. Combat stats should be displayed in the character screen. The single most important thing in Wurm is to watch progress as your character skills up. Having vague displays isnโ€™t immersive as it just makes players having to seek out this data outside the game. Often, they will even find wrong numbers considering how complicated systems and spread-out information is. You want to see the damage difference easily when improving your weapon 5 quality. Attack speed, dodge chance, block chance, damage per hit and so on. How much damage your body strength gives you. Same goes for display by looking at weapons, shields, tell us exactly what they do and with a number. Thereโ€™s no reason to display a line of text when the number would give actual more info such as this: Currently there is a lot of information missing from combat and clearing up some of these mechanics should result in - More meaningful player decisions - More noticeable character progression - Much more accessible for players Some more conceptual pictures:
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    I looked it up the other day, seven years since I took on the name of Retro, helping out as a PR assistant under RedBaron, I didn't realise it had been so long. And it has been long; it's been a significant journey with all of you, team and players alike. We've seen bridges come (!) as well as underground houses, rifts, and the launch on Steam, seriously too many events to cover all of them (Have you ever tried to make a big deal about being able to place things on tables in a press release?) It's not just about what we've done too; it's about what YOU, the players have done as well. Countless impalongs, events, more than one piece of fanart of me (seriously), and years of good times and some bad puns have passed. With that said, it also feels too short, like it passed in the blink of an eye, and realising that it wasn't last month that Tich told me to "F$%k off" when I casually suggested more stair types, or that Grifo has been calling me Bluto for near two years now, it has been fun. I'm sure by now you're all aware of where this is leading, but I've decided to move on from Wurm and find greener pastures to cause havoc on. My replacement will be the lovely @DemonaNightshadea well known and bright member of the community. She is excited at the opportunity to work with you all to build a cheerful and optimistic community together. I'll be around until the end of March as we work on handover and getting Demona up to speed, and I'll still be playing, roaming Release and other servers while I hunt for bug guts and various bits, so if you do see me around, make sure to say hi. As always, keep on Wurming Retrograde.
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    When a Wurm player decides or is unable to play for a long period of time, we often see animals hitched to carts and wagons starving away, trapped to the vehicles they have been hitched to with no escape. In these cases, as the animal progresses from fat to starving, it would be nice if there was an increasing chance for the animal to become unhitched. Perhaps some other modifiers could also be used as well, such as when the cart/wagon was last used, or when the animals were last groomed.
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    Deliverance Renaissance Festival will be holding our Grand Opening Impalong Easter weekend, April 2nd (Good Friday) 18:00 CET / 12pm EST until Easter Sunday April 4th 22:00 CET / 4pm EST. We invite everyone to come and join in the fun and festivities, so hop on over and check us out! Our list of activities include: Players improving weapons, armour and tools Players improving ships, carts and wagons Sermons for priest Priest casting spells on items Climbing wall area to skill climbing or just for fun Fight skill to be gained and fun to be had in our arena Games to play and prizes to be won We also offer the chance for lower skill players to come and gain skill by supplying the needed items to do so. We have a hotel with lots of rooms for players wanting a place to spend a night or two, with double rooms and a few honeymoon suites for those couples that attend. ๐Ÿ’— We also have a camp site next to the deed to place your tents. *Looking for high skilled players to volunteer to assist with the improving, and priests for casting, all assistance is greatly appreciated. Staff: Drogos Velvetsun Olufus Tuxi Orando Blazecraze Fossil Theshawv Subie Special thanks to:- Blazecraze - Brick Maker Extraordinaire Orando - Land Viking Sandstone Buster Bunnbunn - Bat Cave Carver Kichi - Ore Vein Removal Olufus - Sandstone Ninja Arka - Carpenter / Deforester We are located at https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1107,156 Deliverance Renaissance Festival Discord Channel https://discord.gg/8RaGbH3REX Deliverance Renaissance Festival Website https://www.wurmnode.com/drf Foot note: ๐Ÿ’œ The idea of this deed is to create a place where players could come to hang out and meet new people, gain skill, hold sermons, get their equipment improved by skilled players. The dream for the Deliverance Renaissance Festival is a nice place to hold different events through out the year or just a place players can come to if they would like a place to get away to and hang out at any time. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ * There are lots of rooms in the hotel for guests who would like one, just let us know * Rules / General information *Special Thanks to Hughmongus for sharing these with us ๐Ÿ’œ
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    i think its been long enough now since dragons have been rideable... the large saddle has no use anymore except to annoy players who make them on accident thank you for your time
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    QL 85 Stonestrike 84 BOTD 85 - 4s 31c (iron) COD to Valkrr pls. Is Roselina doing custom SS casts? @me to discuss if she is. Thanks!!
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    Great vendor ! Very fair prices for great items ! Highly recommend purchasing your goods from Beaowulf & Roselina ! โค๏ธโค๏ธ
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    When in third person and using spyglass, you can see the spyglass. It actually blocks quite much of the vision: Same view but in first person before using spyglass:
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    All done! That is a legendary cast . It made imping much quicker for me so I did some bonus imps for you. Thank you very much.
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    I tried to eat a slice of Alchemy and then eat my broken alchemy pizza. It went from 1d9h on the buff to 1d4h. Since eating consecutive bites normally only give 1/10 of the timer of the first bite, it'd make sense for my broken pizza to reduce the timer by ~5h assuming my broken pizza would've reached around 50h fb timer which I'm fairly certain it does. Meeeeeh, I wanted to push it and see how far I could get. Now I have to play chicken race and get as good of a timer as possible without breaching the ingredient cap because if I do reach it then the pizza becomes a dud (rip lots of high ql ingredients). Not the most fun game mechanic to play around, in my opinion. Please remove the cap and let me have my fun! ;(
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    From my understanding, as soon as you pass 128 ingredients or "complexity", it rolls over to negative, and will actually reduce the current affinity timer of the associated skill. The maximum timer length from a single bite, should be approximately 44.8 hours, if made perfectly at 127x127
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    Right click the desktop icon, properties, "open file location" should take you there or navigate and check in : Drive:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Programs\Wurm Online for any "hs_err_pid#.log" file and paste the latest one i guess or all of them, using spoilers
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    I do like the idea of having some more fighting actions than just hunting mobs or participating in Rifts which is not an option with my fighting skill atm. Also love the idea of connecting that to archaeology. But I do see how having bandits all over your deed just because your neighbor decided to disband his/her deed could become a nuisance. So why not have these bandit towers in another dimension, aka the past. What if you could find 'special tiles' by doing archaeology, that would open the gate to that other dimension so you could choose to enter and fight the bandits. Or you could make an event of it by inviting friends/fellow islanders and defeat the bandits together. This way the 'here and now' wurm would remain unchanged, but Wurmians could 'relive' the past by defeating the bandits and getting some loot. The number of bandits and their strenght could be disclosed on discovery of the tile, so the person that discovers it could decide wether to enter on their own of call for backup and enter the portal together. To make it accecable for noobs like me the strenght of the bandits could even be tailored to their current fighting skill, or for a team event to the fighting skill of the team. Once the bandits are concurred the tile will disappear and after a certain time (a week?) the portal will also close to be discovered again at a different location. Difference with pvp is that the worst thing that could happen here is that you loose your life and some skill. Like when fighting normal mobs. Difference with rifts -> accessible for new players, especially if the opponents (and loot) could be tailored to the players fighting skill -> player (finder of the tile) decides on the moment the portal will open which nice for people in different time zones or with limited time to play -> player gets to decide if it will be a solo or team event
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    Was out in the woods digging. Looked behind me and saw a nice sight.
  30. 1 point
    Will definitely be making an appearance, fire them forges ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Easter Shamank got 1k 80ql iron in my boat if ok to use WS , PAS, JS LW skills
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    you know you can already starve the horses and then they die and you get the loot anyway
  33. 1 point
    Just a not because that upsets me every time, the alleged "outdated" or "clunky" graphics. This is the babble of technically inept and intellectually challenged persons without any clue about technology, and with questionable taste. Obviously there are a lot of them as often as this babble occurs, and sadly it is even repeated by people who should know better. Wurm is a high resolution graphic environment where you can place thousands of objects at your own decision, where you can shape the environs at your will, and where scores of items like trees change over time and seasons. It is more detailed, despite that, than a lot of other MMOs, not so many of them seamless open world. Any comparison with single user games with their nearly photorealistic, but almost totally pre cooked and invariable, carefully shaped graphics, even movie sequences with real actors, just reveals lack of understanding. I compared Wurm to most popular MMOs, recent as well as older, and fail to see where its graphics are backwards. And, btw., if "unmodern" graphics were an issue, why is WoW classic a success, why Valheim?
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    Plus 1 for something like this. I like Yng's idea above. I know I know they are only pixels, but it always bothered me seeing horses left on carts and stood there starving for years sometimes (cared for maybe) or just a few months before dying.
  37. 1 point
    +1 it's a shame to see good horses starve to death because they can't escape a wagon or cart. Why not change it to you can't hitch starving animals to a vehicle or hitching post. And if a hitched animal turns to 'starving' it will unhitch automatically. Same should be true for animals with a saddle. Can't ride a starving animal and a starving horse with a saddle will no longer stay in it's place.
  38. 1 point
    +1... branded horses etc would still follow their deed permissions so een when unhitched thy won't be looted. I can see it as a win win.
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    Really damn excited for this. And I rarely get excited about anything
  41. 1 point
    Don't remove large saddles. Make them usable for bisons. If nothing else, it'll let us force bison to stand still when being unhitched..
  42. 1 point
    Would be nice being able to pick up and/or load rowing boats specifically. Not just for carrying it across a bit of land, but would be nice to be able to put a rowing boat inside a corbita, cog, knarr or caravel.
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    super mega cat videos of all times part 2 https://imgur.com/gallery/YeFoejm what can you do.. when it's all videos.. and forums have no way to post such.. https://i.imgur.com/mdG8IxD.mp4
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    WTA - Crow Kingdom Set Looking to auction a Crow Kingdom set of PMK Gear. The set comes with the following items, 1 - Crow Kingdom Wagon 1 - Crow Kingdom Flag 1 - Crow Kingdom Tall Banner 1 - Crow Kingdom Banner Starting Bid - 70s Increments - 1s Sniper Protection - 4 Hours Buyout - None (but feel free to shoot a pm) Reserve - Hidden (I will announce when it is met) Reserve was Met
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    For me currently it is the best game. There are other games that are better for shorter periods of time, but I always come back to this one, not to other games. Saying that the game is serously flawed is just wrong. It has some areas that are, PvE combat mostly, creature spawns are pretty strange, getting into the game as a new playert is tough etc. But it has many things that are great an completly unique too and for me they outweight the bad ones. Doesn't mean that it shouldn't be critisized. It's totally understandable that many people don't like it, it's very niche. But seriously flawed no, it's just not for everyone.