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    Hi. Can we remove the monthly skin in store and just make it into an item that you can craft instead that has the same value as whatever item it was replaced? I think it would be more fun to have a quarterly updates with 3 more things that we can craft instead of a montly one with a skin you can buy in the store.
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    Let us rotate fences the same as we can house walls. Some fences, such as the crude fence, are meant to have the posts facing inward on a pen or yard. Sometimes we'd like a gate to swing out or rather in but cannot dictate that.
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    you answered your own question by simply saying "wu". its a no longer supported side game with no official servers and no official in game staff like there are in wo. no one enjoys servers owned by other players that have ripe potential for so much abuse of power, no anti-cheat, no guarantee your work exists tomorrow, and so forth. you can also look at how adding f2p at all to wurm improved the population vs when it was entirely p2p. you also dont have to view it in such an overdramatic extreme way, giving more incentives for f2p to continue playing the game as f2p instead of leaving thinking the game sucks doesn't mean give them everything important which i dont even know how that relates to instant gratification the difference is runescape is only able to be social IN a local way because there aren't server or global chats outside of more private clan chats. wurm makes up for the lack of the local social stuff by being able to talk to anyone on any (freedom) server at any given time without having to use an out of game method to do so
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    Yes. Also diagonal fences would be nice.
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    In the category deco, I would like to paint wooden flooring similar like painting wooden walls. Not sure if paint would look good on the other type of flooring, but on wood I think it would work well.
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    We're auctioning a Rare one of a kind shovel with multiple runes and 97 botd. Copper takes 15% more damage from use than iron, however the steel rune of Fo mitigates some of this downside. Starting bid: 12 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour
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    Yes Presto you can be in the painting too. I on the other hand took in the view of the faint rainbow and Haven. Presto did not... https://www.facebook.com/Thallspring
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    It's working! Impressive! I will link to your post from the OP.
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    I write the following as a person who loves Wurm, has played for a decade now and has paid premium throughout that time: I sometimes play for two or three hours during every evening and most of that time I see no chat at all in my server. If I was a new player just trying out Wurm I would probably give it a few days and then try somewhere else without discovering the amazing game that we have here. I also write this as a person who is not a 'chatty' person myself but do enjoy the feeling of belonging to a community. It is therefore surely evident that some things need to be tried out in order to encourage people to try Wurm and then stay. As MrGARY stated earlier and elentari expanded on, free to play characters can in fact be just as important as those like me who pay. They help create the sense of community, they help with the 'imagination' of a vibrant active world that is simply waiting to be explored. In the real world, the VIP who pays more money for a better view of a sports event is no more important than the crowd in the tier furthest away from the action who in fact are the ones who create the atmosphere at such events. What could be done? That is the great unknown but it will remain unknown until ideas have been tried out. As a premium player I receive rewards every month that I can exchange for items that benefit me in-game. I would be quite happy if that was the main difference between f2p and p2p- I am sure that others would disagree! I would also take a risk with substantially raising the levels achievable by f2p to at least 70. This would allow the 'free' player more time to get involved (hooked) in Wurm. I suspect that those who remain for longer will be more likely to invest in the premium side the further up-the-ladder they travel. Events are often a source of great enjoyment in Wurm for older and some new players and there are those players who put a great deal of time, money and effort into creating things such as impalongs and unique hunts. Most of them seem to be the sort of person who does it for the love of the game but I feel that it would be good if such people received something not obtainable by others as a commemoration of their input into Wurm. Are my ideas, comments and suggestions going to help? Quite possibly not and earlier Maiya wrote something that will ring a bell; 'Common sense- if too many people enjoy the free ride... and not enough people help pull, the wagon is not going anywhere' I would try to be a little more positive and say that if we had more people enjoying the ride some of them may be encouraged to get off the cart and start pulling.
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    Start bid: 5s Increments: 50c Reserve: Nope Buyout: Tempt me Sniper protection: 1 hour Can be delivered to most coastal places for free.
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    Cadence Buddhist Monastery is recruiting! We're a fairly new deed, experienced players and new player friendly!. We offer private storage space, your very own home. We do not mind training new players and allowing them to leave to find themselves. /tell Monkollie in-game for details or send a PM on the forum!. We've a beautiful mountain deed! Though based on a RL mountain Buddhist Monastery the outside of the mountain has a strict code of conduct for it's buildings and theme. We want to make somewhere truly beautiful in wurm. on the very top of the mountain peak will be a Buddhist Temple, the only part of the deed which will be a functional Buddhist temple.. this is so that unless you go looking you won't be forced into something you're not.. you don't HAVE to be Buddhist to join us nor will we force that on you.. however.. the temple will also be a functional white lighter temple too.
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    the side have show me it was so 20 secound to late
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    sorry Baewulf it was to late your bid gz Thely
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    Rift is located on the ridge to the S.W. of Greymead. for Rift times see https://niarja.com/universes/online/rifts Access via a steep ramp directly south of Thule.
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    I would like to purchase the following: Hatchet - QL 3 BOTD 58 - 47c (iron) Pckaxe - QL 3 BOTD 55 - 55c (steel) Rake - QL 17 BOTD 67 - 88c (iron) Saw - QL 17 BOTD 59 - 48c (iron) Shovel - QL 17 BOTD 54 - 44c Stone chisel - QL 2 BOTD 59 - 48c (iron) knife - QL 8 BOTD 59 - 48c (iron) Hammer - QL 51 BOTD 57 - 46c (iron) Please COD to Elfzhen (I am posting from a different account as i cannot figure out how to log into forums with a steam character)
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    Lol, I see Blazecraze and I are both having our morning coffee at the same time. 3s
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    You can't compare WU, an experience where 1. moderation quality is extremely variable 2. population counts are split across many servers and are ALL over the place, 3. server quality is also extremely variable and 4. the mods chosen per server also vary wildly. And that's not even mentioning the game isn't even being updated anymore at all lol If WU was a single server that was modified to implement everything "everyone wants and makes free players happy" this would make sense as an argument, but what people want is a very vague concept, and there are dozens of (mostly inactive) servers, not to mention lots of people just decide to make their own server and play alone. Considering how bare wurm's actual community gameplay is, there isn't a whole lot of reason to play on a community server unless you 1. want people to talk to (which you can do over like, dozens of other programs instead of via the wurm client) or 2. want pvp, in which case all wurm pvp is dead both wu and wo, so it barely matters.
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    26s. how am i supposed to remember this 1 week away
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    +1 Also chat commands for it Such as /goodbye (player name) Assuming they are within range
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    This struck me after watching my first wurm puppet show. The entire show was in the event tab and I thought to my self... Man, wouldn't it be great if the puppet show was in the local tab so it wouldn't get all mixed up with all the event messages. Later, this made me notice that emotes were also in the event window and often I miss them because of this. My suggestion is to move the text for the emotes into local chat so that its less likely to miss them.
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    Would be nice. Especially the gates.
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    We'd like to reduce the randomness in hits and parries, and glances. With dual wielding, we are aware that it's not ideal. No promises, but we will take a look to see if we can make some improvements to that.
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    @Stanlee new style
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    It is interesting to note that WU servers offer almost everything being proposed to make wurm free players happy, and yet those populations are not exploding. Why? Free deeds? Check. Fast skill rate? Check? No riding restrictions? Check. QOL improvements? Check. No priest restrictions? Check. It's almost like there is no easy answer to this issue and simply pandering to free players isn't a silver bullet. Maybe allowing the "base" skills like carpentry, masonry, and farming to be uncapped and allowing 0 speed horse riding for free would help, then gate the "advanced" skills like shipbuilding, fine carp, and AH behind membership. Runescape, everyone's favorite ftp example, does this. Also, maybe changing the initial deed cost to 1s and 30 days upkeep will make it easier for new players although without a code change that "under 30 days upkeep" stuff will immediately got into effect. Many players I have known and experienced in the FTP games I have played are not committed to the games but are really just surfing their steam library looking for something to pass the time or are exploiters looking to min/max the rules, economy, and content. If the game fails, they just move on without a care in the world. Wurm being a long-term game isn't setup for instant gratification and as such will have a tough time drawing in steam library surfers, and it certainly isn't setup for free min/maxers exploiting the economy. This isn't to say Wurm is perfect, it isn't and does have many areas for tweaking but any change needs to carefully balance the existing game with new ideas. As a cautionary tale, think back to what Sony did to SWG as an example of what listening to the immediate gratification crowd can do when dealing with long-term crafters and an invested playerbase.
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    what people really fail to realize is the free players populate the world which in effect keeps more players, as its very common for people to leave a game because it feels dead or empty. one of the core reasons i dont play anymore is because theres no one to play with, i cant stand this game as a solo game, i started 11 years ago and back then the game despite being absolute dog crap compared to now with all the fancy bells and whistles was so much more fun because i played with people. i log in to epic to disband a deed and see no one in the only alliance on the server. i port back to independence to log off in the biggest alliance on the second most populated original freedom cluster server and see no one. if there was even just 10 f2p names playing in those lists as sad as that is that would make things actually feel alive in the steam launch discussion thread i suggested a f2p model like runescapes and rolf liked it. runescape allows f2p to get skills to max, just some are locked behind p2p and f2p lose access to the best skilling methods and the best gear. and yet as i write this there are 130k players online across osrs and rs3, and according to an article from jan 2020 they have over 1.1 million members. im sure its safe to tell the anti-f2p people that more f2p won't kill the game, but rather something far more obvious that has already been doing so for many years
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    so big overhaul means meaningless changes? damn
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    Simple update guard tower models to reflect different brick types. Sandstone/Slate/marble etc. Would be nice to have Sandstone Towers with your Sandstone fortress. Not sure how hard that would be art wise but heck give it a +1 all. Joyful Resort !!
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    I'm quite saddened by the prospective "overhaul" as well. This is not an overhaul. This is a bug fix that should have happened years ago. Crits working on pve? Lets see, most games implemented....20 years ago. The fact you couldn't actually score a crit hit on a pve mob made wurm stand out ironically. What wurm combat is in modern terms is an autobattler with a click button for focus and direction. And the click buttons are pretty much useless, the only interation that matters is when do you run away from the mob/can you run away. I'm terribly unconvinced that wurms dev team will be able to balance mobs CR (rift mobs anyone), and it's been known for years that mobs had essentially infinite stamina, so you could special move them to death, it would never bother their stam and reduce their combat effectiveness on that front. These are flaws in the game play design. Simply removing the glaring flaws doesn't make it an overhaul if you don't add productive, beneficial, worthwhile player agency to combat. Orrrrrr you can remove the glaring flaws and leave wurm at it's autobattler finest (even if it tends to bug out). One of the things I find fascinating is that people like to hate on the wurm combat "log spam" and thats fine. But one funnest games I ever saw do this was dwarf fortress, because the it gave the impression it was telling a story. It was quite easy to read the log spam of a fight and feel like you were getting "into" cheering for your dorf, or watching it die miserably to a kitten. Wurm's combat logs haven't changed in the 10 years I've been playing and have afaik no actual bearing on what happens in a fight, if you glance an attack it picks from 1 of 2 or 3 "glance messages". Things like this kill any immersion for players in even reading combat logs as they scroll by because all you need to look for is green and red lines. Wurm combat is the worst in any game I've stuck with, but once I realized it was only automated combat and all I needed to do was to watch for when to run away, because mostly skill and gear don't really matter, combat made *so* much more sense.
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    Oh my this thread could lead me into the wurmhole of looking through old screenshots I will resist, but one of those memorable things for me, and I suspect for most newbies, is the first times you see someone turned into an illusion by a yellow potion or a hit from a GM wand. Older players are now well used to seeing all sorts of these, like dragons, baby unicorns and even boats on horseback at events, but in the early days it was always a bit of a confusing thing One of my early encounters with a friend who liked to imbibe yellow potions Simply riding through starter town, wrong place wrong time, I got turned into something by a sea serpent, which I was totally freaked out by (think this was Astarte but maybe another guilty gm )
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    Yeah, sorry but that's simply not realistic in any way. What's also not realistic, is the amount of time taken to work on this "overhaul," if it can really even be called that. It begs the question; what really has been going on for the last 8? months? What plagues this games development cycle so extremely that what boils down to a UI + mechanics improvement takes months? Have contractors been looked into since we received the roadmap? Is there a lack of volunteers? It's genuinely worrying considering the amount of money spent by players, and it's nearly been a year since that influx began.
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    I am a sucker for server launches, its always interesting to see how they differ and how they are set up. Best of luck with the relaunch, looks very much like a labour of love!
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    I just hope that my pet one day stop being a target magnet from aggressive monster when I go out with it. It's so annoying when a player runs at you with hell horses hitched to it's large cart and kills your pet, I wonder if devs really thought about this stuff... it just makes me want to smash my keyboard. Same for monsters that completely ignores you and focus on your pet from miles away.
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    I am definitely looking for a combat overhaul and curious about the animal rework. I hope we actually can breed "neutral animals" if they are raised by their owner. A domesticated lion wouldn't need to be tamed constantly in wurm if it was bred by a player and raised with care. Or a wildcat. Or any other animal. Hope something like that is in the works. Would love to have a neutral/ friendly housecat that jumps and sleeps on the bed.
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    Wurm has traditionally NOT been a game that holds the hands of players and leads them down the path of gaming bliss. The roadmap is mostly about bling. Not about content. So as always it's a sandbox game. The players themselves are extremely limited in the content they can create themselves. Always been that way. Unique hunts (typically restricted to the fs elite), imp alongs and other 'stuff'. The people who stick around are those who are good at entertaining themselves or others.
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    link them and make cheaper the fees .people will hold and come back to accounts if there cheap ,gamers game around
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    I doubt that average counting a little bit. It is taking hourly samples which have a lot of randomness. Niarja live graphs (based on 15min intervals, and available server wise) show how much they may miss both peaks and downs (beneath that averaging peaks over the week is creating a statistical artifact of questionable relevance). Though the mrtg statistics on server level are created rather shortly, and have an irregular artifact begin of September, I consider them more reliable. According to those, the southern cluster accumulated logons are as I described: slightly rising or stable on South Freedom cluster, also somewhat on Cadence, dropping on Harmony and Melody, and widely stable on Defiance. Unique logins for all of Wurm have gone considerably down from a 28k maximum short after steam launch to 7.1...7.5k recently, yet to see whether stabilizing or dropping further. The sharp drop in the months after the launch has decelerated considerably, though.
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    I do not see reasons against, other than that atm, the "old servers" seem to have a stable, even slightly rising participation according to mrtg logon statistics, while harmony and melody are still in decline, whereas cadence has slightly rising logons, and defiance is stable. So a pressing need is not given for the "old servers". The proposal for a one way portal to the south has been raised repeatedly, especially when the new servers were overgushing with players with not few quitting in frustration due to the stress and the lack of good places to settle. Done in time, it may have saved a number of participants. For that, it seems bit too late in my opinion. Cadence still has some room, and more places get freed on Harmony and Melody. The PvP community on Defiance is something the old environment with its worn out, disgruntled and toxic mini PvP "community" has lacked for years as far as I could observe. Still, I do not see why not, and why not allowing the exilant to take her bank account, and maybe what she can carry on her body, with her to the new "old" location. It would not crash the southern market for sure.