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    Hello, Wurmians, and welcome to another Valrei International! I'd like to start off this one by thanking everyone who has reached out to me with congratulations and well wishes. I am very excited to be working with the team and the community in this role, and I have been working on ideas for fun community events and interactions (once I'm all settled in, of course!) This issue is a bit light on the content development side of things, but by the next issue I should have some more news to share with you all! Ready Your Weapons! After some public testing, our new combat update is now live! Fighting will be more interactive than ever, with the ability to choose separate offensive and defensive stances and some new visual clues on how the fight is progressing. Some of the bigger visual changes such as floating text and screen shaking are optional, so if they're not your cup of tea that's okay! We will continue tweaking things for a while to get it just right, and plan to reduce randomness in combat. We are also working on making archery more comfortable, and useful on PvE as well as PvP. To see all of the changes in the update, check out the patch notes below! Achievements Unlocked! Also live with this update is the new achievement system! These will be available both in Steam and in-game. There are 80 achievements to earn, all accompanied by some fancy new icons. They can be found in-game by navigating to the main menu and clicking the new "Goals" button. Community Event - Easter Impalong Easter Bunny is resting up to prepare for the upcoming festivities On Deliverance in the Southern Isles, a beautiful deed has been built especially for hosting community events throughout the year. I'm very excited to share the news of its Grand Opening Impalong scheduled for Easter weekend! From April 2nd (Good Friday) 18:00 CET / 12pm EST until Easter Sunday April 4th 22:00 CET / 4pm EST. I'm sure it'll be a hoppin' good time, with lots of eggcellent festivities. Check out the details on the post below! Our team is growing! And last but not least, I'd like to announce that we have a new contracted developer on the team! They have been working hard in the code basement but are still getting settled in, and asked for just a brief announcement at this time while they adjust to the new role. That's it for this issue of the Valrei International. See you in two weeks for the next! Until then, keep on Wurming
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    Visual action chain Container display items in a grid Alliance and Village rank icons Close login client after character enters the game world so that if the player enters the wrong details the login client is still open and they don't have to relaunch the game Give content creators the ability to detatch cameras while on Freedom Isles so they can create cinematics Add save / load commands for camera position so they can return their camera back to a position at a later time if needed If you watch the new steam trailer you see it's not focused around any one player character. Players are unable to do this. It'd be nice if content creators were able to detatch the game camera from their player character to film footage at unique angles. Add chat commands for performing emotes Allow players to reference items in the chat Add emojis. Add toggle option cause Wurm has a mature audience and not everyone will like this Add Discord integration for alliance and village chats Add floating text for items on the ground Add floating names above players. Allow toggling for friends, pets, villagers, alliance members so this can be filtered. This will help us spot friends at big social gatherings, which is useful when everyone arguably looks the same. Add option to auto upload logs to Niarja if this isn't already a thing Add chat right-click search option on player name to quickly search players on Niarja System tray notifications when AFK / inactive for a duration, or if the window isn't active and the player has engaged in combat. Add sprites for various lookalike items like potions Add Wurm official twitter news feed into a sidebar in the login client so there's a frequently updated feed of new information about what's going on in the game, like uniques being slain, hota events, rifts opening, etc... Anchor points for locking UI elements into place A way to reset window (container) positions In-game music controls so we can change tracks and play the tracks we like Team GUI, fit with player head avatars and health bars Vertical status bars (health, etc) Add the ability to merge the event tab with chat tab. Better to overhaul chat to player's can customize what they see in each text window. Stop 0.0 weight cloth string being unable to be removed from BSBs Have skill tracker calculate XP/h and show estimated time till next level increase inner and outer zoom limit boundaries and remove vertical camera limit so players can look directly down at a birds eye view Allow players to select their own UI colours from a colour wheel Categorize item skins on the wiki Let people write in books Add a more accessible way to view weight Have player models crouch or something when climbing so players get a visual idea. Would also be nice so we don't just look like we're walking up mountains Chat opacity slider Better tooltips when mousing over labels in settings Increased duration for tooltips when mousing over labels in settings Let players swap between profiles in the middle of editing settings so we can compare on the fly Add a greenscreen option for content makers Show maximum nutrition food gives in mouseover tooltip Allow players to toggle the case (upper, lower) of the first letter of items in the inventory Add a ######meter. Not a QoL, I just wanna know the fastest path to somewhere and I think having an in-game ######meter is cooler than using a clock Add 2FA so people don't get hacked like that one streamer Add a PvP kill board which ranks players K : D ratio and puts the player with the most kills at the top. I don't speak for this community, its members probably hate the idea, beautiful savages. I don't mean to belittle the game in anyway, I just really want more tools for content creators because they're the ones who expose the game to the rest of the world.
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    [12:44:15] The venerable angry black dragon hatchling shakes the earth! X17 Y31
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    Would be nice being able to pick up and/or load rowing boats specifically. Not just for carrying it across a bit of land, but would be nice to be able to put a rowing boat inside a corbita, cog, knarr or caravel.
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    on the other hand we pickup ~half a ton of rock-shards at 70+ body.str..
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    This event looks real interesting to go to with my Practicing Fo Priest. I can't perform Venom or Transfer casts by the time the event starts, and I'm only at ~31 Channeling at the moment... Perhaps I could take to helping with event prep somehow, I could take to quickly growing some trees for wood, if you'd need that.
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    I have asked for flower seeds before, but didn't explain, you have veggies that give you MORE than ONE seed, but when you pick and replant a flower, you get ONE flower. --simplification -- pick 1 flower, get 3 seeds stained glass for windows, and large arches. interior walls that you can plaster, and the ability to dye the plaster with color dying carpets window with panes window flower boxes sunflowers dogs with variety Fighting is not my reason for being in Wurm, it's 7 years .. still here, still asking.
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    We dropped a Coastal Deed at Xanadu ( Crew Martynas, Richtje and and me MrCoolMan ) at M7 for fast service to community if People want to come and see what we have there, we update the merchants daily but merchant page is abit slower. We work on orders and to fill merchants. At the moment we got 12 Merchants there and we fill some more up for more and faster find between areas what is being sold. We Fill Most areas in imping and making + all things we adding to merchants we almost stopped selling in trade chat to have this as main focus to work with and the merchant page. Adding some more info: 1 Vynora Caster Channeling 94,7+ ( benediction in Journal done ) 1 Fo Caster Channeling 92,2+ ( benediction in Journal done ) Have a great day ppl and take care Added highway we built and the highway route itself, market has 2 Wagoners for communty / public to use from that point.
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    I would love the chance to sail on over and maybe show my husband how an impalong brings players together and how fun they can be
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    I think it's just nonsense at this point... I'm probably one of the players that bought/sold most items in this game throught mail and in general, and mail transactions have no fees except for the 1c shipping and they can reach anywhere in 1 minute. Merchants are already hugely penalized by the fact that they require to be physically reached from the buyer, making them very uncomfortable and restricted (along with many other restrictions) The 10% tax might have had some sense when the mailing fee was 20c, but right now i don't see any possible reason to still have a 10% tax in the current state of things. Not because taking away money from players is bad, money sinks are always needed, but that's just a disincentive towards physical markets and trade hubs, and pushing player to prefer forum or trade-chat trading. I think removing it, or at least drastically reducing it would be a good idea now, and this comes from the person that basically never used them in his wurm-life. I just recently was thinking that making a mini-market stall group would be a fun idea (fun, not even profitable), but this 10% tax thing seems way over the line right now, and just makes me want to not even list good items on them, tbh : D
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    ill never try to miss a community event where i can help out, ill bring my self and vyn with me perhaps even my mag, so i can imp and do stuff ill guess richtje is comming aswell so 😃 and as u know i got alot them imping skills if it needs.
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    The Powers That Be Sermon Circle P10/11 on Independence Whether you are a new priest, looking for a convert, or just wanting that last little bit to 100 faith Heck you can even just be somebody looking for place to hang out for a while and be a listener (requires premium) We are running a 24/7 sermon circle, that currently is getting gains in the range of .20-.30 per sermon Food and Drink provided Coastal Access If you are on Indy we can summon you right to the deed. If you are off Indy it's a easy sail to us, if you are somebody who can run the character 24/7 we might be able to sail to your server and summon you to the boat and bring you If interested you can post below, PM me on the forums, or PM me in-game on Tek All are welcome Update: No longer running at this time, may start it up again in the future but wasn't enough interest any longer to justify running.
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    It is plain wrong to continue the "business philosophy" of punishing players for not premming, worst of all is torturing them with "go prem" molestations flashing on screen once any skill or characteristic hits the cap. Not that denial of riding (ok except cows) and vehicles other than rowing boat is any better. Such "pedagogics" with the whip is antediluvial and has the sole effect of driving out non premium players. A player who is kept inside the game, even when not paying for some period of time, is more likely to stay than one permanently frustrated. A skill cap of 50, together with e.g. a characteristics cap of 30 would not hurt, rather it would help to keep and hook up more players. Whether or not f2p priests should be made possible I do not know, personally I would vote against.
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    What part I should protect if monster target my upper parts, then he swtich to center parts and never change it? I suppose that In default position you protect center, but how you back to default if you switch it once?
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    I am not sure if i can attend but if needed i can provide iron for the imping.
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    RL work permitting, will bring down my 98 Blacksmith and my 70 Leather smith. Very nice announcement page.
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    Ill bring a few priests, and a high level smith. If you need help with management I have some minor experience dealing with these things.
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    sure it's realistic ... you might have to unequip your weapon though
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    There we go, Inde is now blessed with hot rocks raining down from the sky, leaving death and destruction in their wake.
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    Replace with glassworks or taxidermy please.
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    Happy to hear the team is growing! Wish I could play my SFI account on Steam ...
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    Alrighty, so there is a lot going on; I was hoping for some more conclusive data before I posted anything new but with exam prep starting for my students its going to be tricky to post reliable so... First, the new data so far: And below the monthly summary! OLD NEW TOTAL GROWTH OLD NEW Date O-Min O-Avg O-Max N-Min N-Avg M-Max Min Average Max O-Growth N-Growth T-Growth Weekly Min Weekly Ave Weekly Max Weekly Min Weekly Ave Weekly Max 01/02/2021 119 209.9167 352 213 443.2083 626 119 326.5625 626 -91.1667 -57.0417 -74.1042 02/02/2021 146 213.25 287 302 431.4167 600 146 322.3333 600 3.333333 -11.7917 -4.22917 1 238.0476 531 449.256 03/02/2021 145 217.75 319 287 440.5 620 145 329.125 620 4.5 9.083333 6.791667 04/02/2021 0 209.2083 323 0 398.8333 558 0 304.0208 558 -8.54167 -41.6667 -25.1042 05/02/2021 156 230 309 274 434.56 605 156 332.28 605 20.79167 35.72667 28.25917 06/02/2021 160 261.6667 388 331 500.8333 697 160 381.25 697 31.66667 66.27333 48.97 07/02/2021 174 285.25 405 367 514.1667 672 174 399.7083 672 23.58333 13.33333 18.45833 08/02/2021 142 240.1667 334 271 433.6667 592 142 336.9167 592 -45.0833 -80.5 -62.7917 09/02/2021 163 232.9167 319 325 434.0833 582 163 333.5 582 -7.25 0.416667 -3.41667 0 239.5655 405 450.949 10/02/2021 153 235.9583 349 244 404.625 524 153 320.2917 524 3.041667 -29.4583 -13.2083 11/02/2021 1 210.8333 318 0 378.2917 565 1 294.5625 565 -25.125 -26.3333 -25.7292 12/02/2021 147 231.9583 339 293 420.625 556 147 326.2917 556 21.125 42.33333 31.72917 13/02/2021 166 274.6667 481 311 443.375 562 166 359.0208 562 42.70833 22.75 32.72917 14/02/2021 195 273.875 382 298 433.25 576 195 353.5625 576 -0.79167 -10.125 -5.45833 15/02/2021 150 227.5 347 288 396.5 521 150 312 521 -46.375 -36.75 -41.5625 16/02/2021 165 239.087 340 271 393.6087 515 165 316.3478 515 11.58696 -2.8913 4.347826 1 241.9827 481 410.0393 17/02/2021 153 236.8333 350 264 384.2917 504 153 310.5625 504 -2.25362 -9.31703 -5.78533 18/02/2021 1 223.6667 318 0 347.125 484 1 285.3958 484 -13.1667 -37.1667 -25.1667 19/02/2021 152 254.9167 350 254 388.875 512 152 321.8958 512 31.25 41.75 36.5 20/02/2021 149 280.875 410 239 402.9583 554 149 341.9167 554 25.95833 14.08333 20.02083 21/02/2021 168 258.8333 363 306 424.625 551 168 341.7292 551 -22.0417 21.66667 -0.1875 22/02/2021 131 221.5833 327 252 395.1667 561 131 308.375 561 -37.25 -29.4583 -33.3542 23/02/2021 131 211.8333 329 242 353.5833 492 131 282.7083 492 -9.75 -41.5833 -25.6667 1 241.2202 410 385.2321 24/02/2021 130 210.4583 337 234 362.375 497 130 286.4167 497 -1.375 8.791667 3.708333 25/02/2021 108 193.4167 306 192 331.5833 460 108 262.5 460 -17.0417 -30.7917 -23.9167 26/02/2021 122 215.6667 301 229 347.5 462 122 281.5833 462 22.25 15.91667 19.08333 Monthly 27/02/2021 142 244.3333 367 229 375.6667 519 142 310 519 28.66667 28.16667 28.41667 Old Total New 28/02/2021 152 265.25 496 294 395.5833 496 152 330.4167 496 20.91667 19.91667 20.41667 236.1311 674.0846 437.9536 1.010344 0.940962 % Increase/Decrease 1.034379 -5.9038 So, as we can see; the monthly population is still dropping in total on average; the old cluster is roughly stable, which is a sign of stable health. Normally a decline occurs during this period, so the evidence now suggests the old cluster has stabilised in this rather ill state. The old cluster, I would say, is no longer at a critical point, provided nothing tips the balance it may remain stable or slowly drop. The new cluster is also reaching a stable point, the decline this month is much less noted (13% vs 6%) and here too stability is apparently approaching Overall the game's health is still in decline though, its lifeblood still bleeding out. However, the evidence suggests that wurm is now nearly reaching population equillibrium; influx is now matching outgoing if both clusters are taken together. This may change in the next month, as the data indicates that the population of both clusters are still declining (averages are 223 and 227 for the last 2 complete weeks in the old cluster, and 364 and 353 in the new cluster). This decline is somewhat expected though, and may not indicate anything amiss. At current, wurm's population is about the same as the top 2 pay-to-play MUDs on http://mudstats.com/Browse; which is quite interesting in and of itself given how much of wurm's genus is that of the MUD! Getting reliable MMO data from commercial games is difficult, but compared to many other titles Wurm definitely feels rather like a "Ghost Town MMORPG" (though, that term isn't actually formally defined (which invites a paper to provide a solid set of criteria!), I will settle for the notion that one can log on for over an hour without seeing another player) at the moment on some of the larger servers. Something interesting unrelated to the data is that I'm hearing a lot about people moving to smaller servers for community; whether this is just because my sample is skiewed or because we are genuinely seeing a "cluster collapse" effect (smaller alliances/guilds fall apart and move towards one large server-wide alliance/guild) remains to be seen...
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    Agree, I don't like the idea we become weaker and we have to constantly click at directions to defend - not fun at all
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    It would be much better to see floating numbers of damage output. I don't really want see which part of body I've hit, but it can be mentioned by small icon near damage number. Also I don't want to know which monster I hit because it too obvious what is his name. Also maybe we can use different colors for different wound damage amount, and use some icon of wound type made. If your attack get glanced or blocked don't need to popup whole message as it in combat log, just little message "block" or "glance" are enough. These small change will make it pretty and useful.
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    Ah the combat update balance patch hit the server. And we get new visuel effects that is great. But over all I feel more disapointment then excitment for this. It was promotet as one of the "big updates this year" and now its waht? the patch notes don´t even contain 20 small points that direclty invove the combat. Its not that I am not happy that things are moving alonge but over all it feels like a glacial past on atacking a big subject or a lack of direction waht you even wan´t to archive so you go back and forth and change nothing in the end.
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    some random guide i wrote up because the actual info around for grinding is laughable at best outside of like 2 good guides and some newbies might actually think thats correct This guide assumes you'll be using the skill grinder at https://www.dreamsleeve.org/wurm/grinder/ and have a basic understanding of how to figure out effective skill+tool ql vs difficulty for some parts, and know the basis for skillgain is a roll between 1.01-39.99 (will be reffered to as 1-40 so i dont have to type it out each time). If a skill has its own tab in the grinder, use it. Types of grinding Imping - Use high ql tools and imp one item to the sweet spot (skill x .77 +23), this will give double sized ticks when you are imping above it. If you can get someone with higher skill to give you something imped this high OR can create it high ql by default, it's a huge help. If you're imping it by yourself, you'll get about 60% ticks or so double sized when imping at this point, if you have a friend with much higher skill (or a single imbued tool) keep it slightly higher than this point 100% of ticks will be double sized. Do not let timer length go over 15 seconds when sweet spot imping as this will ruin gains. You either want to imp something you'd like rare/is valuable when rare, or whatever uses the least materials, or whatever you can create high ql without skill for sweet spot imping. CoC skillgain only effects thing being used, not parent skill. So if like you're doing fine carp vs carp, imping mallet you'd get 100% carp, but imping rope tool you'd get 100% fine carp 100% carp normally, with 100 coc it'd be mallet 200% carp vs rope tools 100% carp 200% fine carp. Sweet spot changes this to 400% vs 100%/400%. It's anywhere from 25-100% more overall skill to grind with the sub-skills than the parent skills, so if you're planning to grind both to a certain point it's more efficient to grind the sub-skill first. If you cannot make the materials required to sweet spot imp, you want to imp things that are around 15-0 under your skill, depnding on your tool ql. Tool ql equal to skill you'd want 10ql under. Use the grinder to find out the perfect spot. Creation - You want your create chance to be 75% if possible, 60-80% is fine but as close to 75% create chance as possible will get you the best skillgain. Some skills have CoC tools avaliable, some don't, some might be a little more hidden(for example, coalmaking you can grind with coc kindling+log by spamming unfinished log piles, but if you were making the actual log piles you wouldn't be using coc for the 24 or whatever logs you have to attach). By default these grind much slower than other skills due to the 33% skillgain on creation/continiung. Best skillgain is around 75% attach chance for continuing, same as creation, if you use equal ql mats to what you used to create it then that's the continue chance. Alcohol increases diff but is too much actions for little benefit here imho Creating houses is fine skillgain for masonry/carp but doesn't come close to sweet spot imping. Random skills that might not be obvious/don't deserve their own paragraph Nat subs - the potency of the cover (part 1 x part 2's potency) is the diff of the item. Coalmaking - CoC kindling + logs is best, making actual piles is worse. Firemaking - unfinished torches with CoC Tar. Milling - Anything till like 70, corn after that Paving - imp catseye Prospecting - prospect with 1ql, tap w each time you queue up actions, if you don't you occasionally set off old anti-macro thing that stops skillgain. if you think skillgain stopped walk to another tile coz you might have set it off. Prayer - Faith gives a bonus to skillgain so want 100 faith. Exorcism - Low ql altars, a priest to heal you coz you will get wounds that can kill you. Ql of item you have activated is used as the tool. Ropemaking - imp fish keep net/net trap. fish one is easier to make, both use .5kg string to imp. Meditating - Start with like a 40ql rug and drop it over time to 1ql at 60 skill, don't meditate on special tiles as they'll mess with skillgain. you can get 11 at least a month before the timer for it if you're meditating 9x a day. Shipbuilding - small tackles are impable, 6.5kg, fit in inventory and can be bsb'd if you need to save logs, but a rare ship is a valuable thing you can sell for a sleep bonus fund so either are good. Cooking/baking/beverages/whatever uses cooking system - you want diff of thing being made to be as close as possible to 10 under your skill. Alcohol increases diff. Best way to grind is to get lots of forges/ovens/whatever, fill hundreds/thousands of items to be made, light them all at once and if using alcohol get yourself to good spot. turn on sleep bonus right as the ticks start flowing in. 30+ diff meals give the biggest skill tick size, anything less than that is smaller ( 1 toast which is 10 diff, has 1/3 the tick size of a 30 diff meal). Meat+veg for HFC, fruit bread for baking, spearmint tea for beverages. Shield bashing - you have to hit the shield bash for skillgain, if the bash does damage you chance to get another tick that's double sized until 50 skill. Low body control and starving mobs are easier to shield bash (most passive mobs, trolls have really low BC, can combine shield bashing training with pen shield training), So best way to grind in pve would be to pen a troll in a cave and keep it starving but not dead, as are enemy kingdom alts with no armor. PVP has a super bonus to skillgain iirc so bashing alts is the fastest way, but probably frowned upon by pvp purists. First aid - Bigger wounds - higher diff healing. should be 75% of bandages to actually heal for best skillgain, haven't tested in a while. Wounds on your hands lower your effective first aid skill which means you can use lower diff to grind. Repairing - Mallet to 50, Ring to 70, Large saddle seat to 85, chain jacket to 100 ( beaut med rugs are better 90+ but dont form piles, chain jackets are much easier to manage but you need a lot more of them). Lava is your best way of damaging to grind, 24 hours on lava gives 96 dmg so its a daily grind thing. Fishing - you want to balance fish diff vs skill+rod ql+ things on rod. Huge tick for hooking fish, small ticks every few seconds while it's hooked. When you get message that it's hooked, turn on sleep bonus then click to hook it, then turn off sleep bonus after it's caught/swims away. Balance rod ql vs fish caught so that you get around a minute of fighting on the line before it's caught/gets away. If you're catching 100% of them its too easy. Fish nets work until like 40 or so then gains drop off hard. Spear fishing is very good for grinding, but requires you to be watching the game, compared to using a fishing rod which you can set up a wurmassistant notification for when a fish is hooked. Farming - 1ql rake, potato/cotton/wemp/rye from 1-70, oats/pumpkin/cucumber/reed/barley/carrots 60-100. wheat from 70, cabbage/corn from 85. Garlic with 80+ skill 90+ql rake is good gains too but you need more land to make up for fast rake times. Anything harvested with scythe uses coc/woa for harvesting, all other plants dont coz they use hand to harvest. seed ql+farming skill = plant speed. Forestry - Harvest is best, pick sprouts if nothing is season Gardening - imp trellis Animal taming - (assuming venerable no traits) pig till 40, black bear till 65, cave bug till 75, unicorn till 95, hell horse till 100. Animal husbandry - shearing sheep is great gains if you have lots of sheep, otherwise groom everything. Metallurgy - Brass/bronze till 60ish then electrum. Low ql lumps are a necessity. Jewelry smithing - imp iron bowls, if they go rare you can try for a rare altar vs ball which makes nothing Plate armor smithing - can imp scale which uses leather, or iron plate. Lockpicking - lock ql = diff, assuming you're using 80+ql lockpicks lock ql near lockpicking skill will do well for everything past 50, otherwise calc it in the grinder. You can coc/botd the lockpicks but you'll break hundreds of them grinding. Lib basically gets free favor so if you have a good channeling lib botd all the picks Treb/catapault - Put treb/cata at base of dirtwall, wall on top of dirtwall, shoot 0.1kg lumps, lump lands on dirt wall next to you or inside building, pick it up. Winches is diff for cata, counterweight in treb is diff (25 rock shards = 25 diff) Thatching - imp thatch roof Climbing - make a drop shaft in a mine, climb up it until you run out of stam and fall down, climb up again (no fall damage in caves). Chest wounds reduce effective climbing skill which can make it easier to grind. Archaeology - diff depends on how many disbanded deeds are in the area, you'll need to test it out yourself, it can vary greatly. Each time you get a message in the middle of an investigate action that gives a chance for skill same as finding a fragment so much faster to skill up on disbanded deeds Restoration - "Unidentified Fragment" is 1 diff action, the fragments have various difficulties based on the group that they belong to, wood being low and statues being highest. <80 skill low ql chisel and brush, >80 skill High ql woa chisel fragments until they show their group and seperate those into a grinding section. weapon/armour/tool/statue fragments are higher diff, rest are low diff Weapon skills - Weapon skill is based on damage dealt, and is capped at around 50% of the enemies health dealt in a single blow, so tanky mobs that you glance a lot against aren't good for skillgain whereas squishy mobs are. You want to avoid fighting trolls scorps anacondas etc *unless* you have a venom weapon and are reasonably strong *or* they're the only thing in the area, but they won't be good skill. Venom is the superior grinding enchant as it removes glance entirely means you hit more often which means more skill more characteristics more affinity chances. BT increases damage+skillgain but often takes you well over the 50% cap on skillgain, FB/FA do not increase skillgain and their damage takes away possible skillgain you could have gotten, RT increases skillgain but also increases damage dealt to the weapon itself so not good for skilling, ED is just bad and people make fun of you for having ED. LT is a contender for best skilling weapon if you're not that strong or there is a lot of mobs in the area that your natural health regeneration can not keep up with. A good skiller would be WoA (nimb if it's a 3 second swing weapon) - Venom/LT - CoC - MS. Good ql armor and weapons, a fast horse+geared up and high Web armor casts on your armor are all massive boosts to how much skill/hour you can get hunting, if anyone tells you WA doesn't work in pve or that you should use aosp in any form inside wurm online thats not a horse barding /ignore them. Shield skills - Shield skill gained is based on damage blocked, so blocking stronger mobs = more skill. Pen training you're limited to 15 minutes per mob until skillgain stops, this resets after 4 hours of not fighting the mob. Your CR vs theirs is chance for skill tick, so there's lots of variables so you'll have to play around with it yourself to find the best way. Ideally you want something you can tank for the full 15 minutes without healing, and if you're pen training, catch some angry/greenish trolls or hell scorps for high level. Use around a 80ql shield starting out, and once you get to 90ish skill drop it down to 40ql. For grinding mobs, you want things with strong slow attacks, as you can only get shield skill ticks so often. Ideally you want to just get to 60-70ish by hunting in normal fighting and not worry about shield training until you can tank trolls/scorps for extended periods. If you get in a fight and target something else you won't attack but you can still shield bash, you can also repair your shield and cotton yourself, as long as you don't queue actions, if you do you have to leave combat to fix it. Make sure you're not in the influence of your god, this will absolutely trash the skillgain calculations by putting your shield blocking difficulties into the negatives, build another gods altar at your shield training pit if needed. Sindusk goes into depth about shield blocking if you want to calculate gains properly https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DcmhFgG98O6H2tteBtDehhRcn9cdWAD0lQvIdFA69iU/edit#heading=h.rhkeoj4xtjhx Make sure you're half a tile away from the mob, if you're too close you won't get skill for blocking. You have to face the mob to block. If you need to drop your CR you can either ride a horse and have the horse face away from the mob but you face it (cr uses horses rotation, blocking uses yours) or make a nice dropshaft into the ocean to sit in. Gathering skills - using a 1ql Mining - rock(can flatten cave roof for up to 100 mines per click if you have stamina)/iron to 70, copper/slate/lead from 60- 100. you can start with silver at 80, gold at 90, sandstone 99, lower if you use above 1ql pick but since grinding mining at this point is so slow you might need to take a few pickaxes in the mine with you to keep your idea ql level, easier to just use 1ql the whole way. You'll most likely be balancing around your characteristics instead of your mining level anyway. Digging - Digging is special in the fact that 5 slope - 1 diff so you can grind to 100 digging on moss clay even dirt if you're digging at the base of dirtwalls but for this we'll assume it's flat ground coz its easier. Leveling is 33% skillgain compared to digging, dig to pile if you're dropping it into a bsb after can trigger an old anti-macro thing that stops skillgain so i'd recommend digging to inventory. Dirt/sand/moss from 1-70, clay from 50-100, tar from 85-100. Again you'll most likely be balancing around characteristics not digging and can make dirtwalls to change diff. Woodcutting - Chopping down diff is based on tree age, cutting up is based on tree type. Most common tree types are 2-10 diff, walnut 15 willow 18 oak 20, so 1-80 you can either cut down+chop up everything with a 1ql hatchet, or cut down with a high ql hatchet, load like 60 felled trees into a wagon/have dedicated storage boats for felled trees, turn on sleep bonus and go to town with a 1ql hatchet and crates nearby to chuck all the low ql logs into for coalmaking grinds or fuel or whatever. After 80 You either want to grow a huge walnut forest (takes irl months to grow to overaged) or have a fo priest wild growth oaks trees (if you're wild growth-ing you can have them all packed together, they only kill nearby trees when they age up naturally), takes like 15 casts or so to take an area to overgrown trees, chop em all down, chuck into a wagon, turn on sleep bonus and go to town with 1ql hatchet. I'd recommend getting yourself a nice wound to grind with, as getting trees to grind with is pretty hard at this point. You can also go around deforesting everything still, but skillgain for WC drops hard after 80 skill if you're cutting down birch/pine/whatever. Channelling Best way to grind at high levels is to give yourself a neck bruise wound and freeze it with a 6 healing cover, easy to get in a spar. neck wound lowers your effective channelling so you can grind with lower difficulty spells indefinitely, just get a 50-60 wound (each 7.6 damage reduces effective channeling by 10%, so a 50 wound is 65% skill reduction) frozen on neck and cast light token/opulence/morning fog until you hit your desired skill. If you're using this way you need to either sacc on a link or only sacc 49 favor at a time because saccing 50+ favor full heals you. If you don't want to grind with the wound the normal way is in the spoiler. Butchering For butchering the animal, diff for meat is parts already butchered x 3, so the first one butchered is 0 diff, the next is 3 diff, one after that 6 diff, and so forth. Around a 15 diff mark is where you'd want to balance your knife ql for. Use CoC+WoA/BOTD and be full health+stam as the butcher/filet time does not effect skillgain, only how many things you butcher. For fileting, diff = damage, so ideally you want to lava the meat to high damage and counter that with a high ql knife for really fast butcher actions. From 1-60 kill+butcher+filet everything with your lowish ql knife, past 60, butcher with a high ql rare+ knife to get the most meat, gather up thousands of it, lava it all at the same time then when you get the right diff turn on sleep bonus and go to town fileting. Pre-fsb meat can be 0.6-1.2kg whereas fsb'd meat is 0.3kg so you'll get way more use out of your time fileting meat before you fsb it ( a 1.2kg meat gives 4 butchering tick chances, a 0.3kg meat gives 1). Characteristics Characteristics work similar to channeling, you want the diff to be 10-25 under your characteristics, say you were mining rock (2 diff), you had 90 str, 50 mind logic, 20 stamina. You'd get a str tick on 1.55% of mines, a mind logic on 34% of mines, and a stamina on 53% of mines. Each characteristic does its check seperately so having super high str won't impact your stamina gain for example, but if they were that far apart you wouldn't be able to grind both at the same time effectively. For imping, the diff is equal to the ql of the thing being imped ( imping 90ql tool = 90 diff = no characteristic gain for pretty much anyone). For Melee weapons, its equal to the weapon skill (90 huge axe skill = 90 diff str check = barely any characteristic gain again). CoC does not effect characteristics, i dont care if you heard in ca help that it does because it doesn't. Best way to grind each characteristic, other ways are almost always slower/require too much input Body Strength - Woodcutting to 40(will give 2x strength 1x stam ticks when using a hatchet, but hard to use this effectively past 40), mining/digging from there Body Stamina - mining/digging always, woodcutting is equal with them up to 40 Body Control - Archery or Longsword+shield shield training in pen(requires your attention but great gains), Archaeology(afkable) Mind logic - Panfilling, Mining/digging Mind speed - Shield training Soul strength - Mining Soul Depth - Panfilling, Farming Grinding wounds You can freeze wounds so that they never improve/worsen might have to examine wound if you dont have high first aid its around 6-10 depending on fat layers to freeze a bad or severe, depending on your fat layers and if you're fo or not you might have to do some trial and error. Frozen wound = stamina doesn't go up past that point = longer timers = less materials used, good for things like restoration, metallurgy or anything really if you're a path of power boi. Lava gives pretty consistent wounds as does jumping off a dirt wall, so they're a good place to start one. when you're finished and want the wound gone just sacc a rare/like 50 favor worth of things and the wound will instantly heal. Wounds in certain spots reduce your effective skill, so for example, if you're 70 body strength, and have a 60 wound on your lower back you can mine rock/cut down trees for great body strength/hour. Lower back or top of back = body strength, crotch = body control, face = mind speed Rare spamming/Imping rare For rare spamming, you want as many alts as you can handle, ideally premium to get supremes as well (Premium has 0 effect on rare rolls but 4x as likely to get a supreme roll). Personally when i did it i'd run 9, as 9 64kg lumps fit in a size runed forge. Mine heaps of ore, smelt and combine it and chuck the 64kg lumps into a wagon so you can just drop new combined lumps into the forge as you use them instead of having to mess around with backpacks etc. Once you've got that set up, light your forge and heat up the lumps, while they're heating up set up your accounts in an organised fashion so you don't have to mess around with alt tabbing or anything like that to see the create button in the craft window. Set up a Wurmassistant notification for "Action Queue" With a 25 second notification delay on your first account in the lineup, with a 30 second rare window (20s default, sacrifice 5 valrei items or a bunch of decent ql cordage to get +10 on village bonus) this will make sure you hit the majority of windows while not being wasteful with materials once you factor in the craft timer. During the craft, try not to mess around ingame with your inventory, right clicking things etc as that can use rare windows, https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/183756-rarity-windows-get-consumed-by-actions-that-dont-go-through You can expect about 1 rare per 2 hours, and 1 supreme per 24 hours, per account, assuming you have 100% create chance (takes about 30-35 skill with a 90ql tool for most tools you'd want to spam). 9 Accounts would get about 4.5 rares an hour and a supreme every 3 hours on average, for example. For imping rare, put a tin vyn rune on it and imp with super high ql tools every 25 seconds, same wurmassistant thing as before. Because the imp needs to be successful, lower skill will make this easier (imping 20ql with 20 skill 90ql tool is like 75-80% success rate depending on parent skills etc, 90 for all is 51% chance). If you only want a rare and don't care about supreme, a non-premium account is best for this due to them being capped at 20 skill, therefore never leaving the perfect spot for imping rare. Otherwise, on an alt, give them high ql no enchant tools, freeze a wound at like 60 dmg for longer timers and imp away. On a successful imp with a rare window, it's 1/5 chance to go rare and 1/25 chance to go supreme (so for a 50% successful imp rate, would be 1/10 and 1/50 for example), compared to creations 100% for rare and 1/12 for supreme. Again, don't mess around with the client while imping or before imping as per that post above.
  30. 1 point
    I'll go first. This is courtesy of Deliverance's Southport by Muse:
  31. 1 point
    Hello and welcome to Pantha's Weapons! I am a dedicated Freedom Master Weaponsmith and my mission is to provide value for money, hassle free and on time weaponsmithing services. Everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy this game and as such I do my best not to charge for premium that comes with this skill. There is no job too small and no order too big. Below prices are for Iron and Silver however I do stock all mined metals including those from metallurgy so if you have special requests please reach out via in game or these forums. Service Status Inactive Goods & Services * Silver weapons deal extra 10% damage to Hunter Mobs. ** Imp cost calculation example: Cost to imp 63.56 QL Iron Longsword to 90QL is 3s - 0.4s = 2.6s I believe in providing a genuine and fair service. If the weapon/tool that you have sent me for re-imp turns rare or supreme , I will not charge you extra. So far there have been 17 lucky customers. Contact (In game) Pantha Unique Weapon Auctions Helpful Info Weapon Stats Material Modifiers Enchants Active Enchanters Thank You, Pantha
  32. 1 point
    Add the possibliity to send liquids too using wagoners, for example let the huge oil barrels be loadable onto the wagoner container. Make the pricing dependent of the amount sent.
  33. 1 point
    Auctioning AO wagon [14:30:55] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from lingonberrywood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 52.7412, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Ammar, has been etched in the stern. Starting bid =45s Minimum Increase = 1s Buyout =1g
  34. 1 point
    Welcome again to your new role! Great news having a new developer even if that shy Thanks devs to make it possible to switch off some visuals of the new combat - one idea is to perhaps add a setting to make it possible to finetune the amount of screen shake on incoming hits. The current go-live shake seems quite big and as I remember it was more subtle when I tested it on the test server...
  35. 1 point
    thanks for the work you put into the combat overhaul, but tbh i expected more. I thought after the rework the swinging animation for spear fight gets replaced with a proper trusting move into the head. Also i thought knife fight and dual wield will get some love. Only some basic fight stuff got improved, what is good, but ye...
  36. 1 point
    When you get 50 Body Strength you should be able to carry a rowboat over your head. Not realistic but a good idea
  37. 1 point
    i saw it was alot of them that wasnt there, like get uniqe blood, it had added me to killing dragon / drake, but no blood ( killed alot uniqes in my days ) ride a brown bear i aswell did had i know i done that i used one as a raft once when lazy, so ye look on it.
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    I'll note that CPU is heavily leaned on in my exp. I'm running CrossfireX RX580 8gb cards, both are overclocked and give around 200+fps in most games... yet in Wurm if I even think about turning shadows on I get 40fps. My CPU is a now aging FX8350 8-core 4.2ghz, which tbh should be plenty fine for a game like this... I'll never figure it out.
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    Possible, no idea what my neighbour are up to.
  41. 1 point
    70 FS and plate? A baby spider? I'm never leaving my deed, if I ever log in again at all.
  42. 1 point
    Could we get warhammers on freedumb or just remove the dumb skill?
  43. 1 point
    this new aiming stuff sounds super dumb for group pvp
  44. 1 point
    Ran into this cool place. The surface mining is like nothing I've seen before. I forgot what server I was on. Anyone know? I would love to go back and see it again. Worth checking out. Excuse the color and lighting. I had issues back then.
  45. 1 point
    I'm enjoying this server quite a bit. Friendly community. Room to build and grow.
  46. 1 point
    Id probably spend some more time on Epic if i could get a portion of the skills gained there with me back to Freedom. Right now it kinda feels like a waste, somehow. Much like the OP have spent time getting engaged with Epic, ive spent time getting engaged with Freedom. Everything i do on Freedom boosts my character.
  47. 1 point
    +1 Since they did a transfer in 2017 it shouldnt be difficult to make this happen.
  48. 1 point
    I agree on that one. Free accounts should be modified a bit to make the game more enticing. maybe a re-modelling of the subscription concept would be best.
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    I'm not afraid of hard work, and thats ok if you love fixing the world to make it look better, im happy to do so as well! Everything decay in this world, but not the dirt walls, thats wrong! I still see walls that was built and abandoned more that 7 years ago! No one care about these walls, thay just still there and make this world looks weird. Here no any reson to save such things for years, it should decay completely, may be to something differend from defaults terrain. Erosion of the terrain will take alot of time, so, many people who cares about theirs walls now, will left the game before erosion happend and never they think about their dirt walls again, but in original way other new people should look at this wairdness for ever, or level theirs skill to 80+ just for fix it? If they don't want wait erosion, they will level and fix it by self, and this is great! But if no one care about this for years, then such unrealffs things as high dirt slope will be disrupting beautyness and naturalness of this world and grow with never stop, thats worng! That why everything decay in this game, for make it clean for new players, from things abandoned by players and such terrain are not exclusion, so terrain erosion its not agains the game, its about the game! And i'd also like to have some story about the land! Erosion doesn't mean all turn back to defaults! Even more, i really hope there will be some high quality buildings will left with about 99% of damage for longer time, but not for ever, so it does't hard to clean and funny to exlore for NEW players and expirienced as well, even for someone who left that place before, because he can repair it or remove it and build from scratch! I have digging 85 (97 effective), mining 82 (96 effective), so i did alot in this game which i can lose as you if we implement this. All my bouildings decaed by past 7 years, but not the terrain or reinforced parts of the mine. I also have something to lose if we talking about terrain, but i come with reasonable choice, there was no any reason to save my work that long. That was funny to find after years, but im ready to lose it, for make this game better. If i realy care about my dirt slopes, i won't left them careless and won't let them being affected by erosion, if some feel usefull with my tunnes he will sustain it rainforsed, but it should't stay careles for ever. Even i lose them, terraformed parts of the land or mine caves, i build them again, because i don't afraid of hard work and in same time really care about future of this game, and new players, who shouldn't see such things: "you can't mine this way because some one 7 years ago reinforsed that cavewall and most of tiles around aswell, but sadly it was abandoned and collapse all entrances, so you must place deed in the mine or get incredibly high skills to remove it by spells, but you still can't mine it out if the tunell is far above of you, so after you remove reinforcement you must wait for years and hope on callapse happens with that tunnels..." OR "you can't go there or even climb, because there is a Dirt Wall with unreal ridiculous high slope wich was built by realy hard work alot of years ago and saved just for story, it was used just for PVP btw, and abandoned for ever and no one care about this more than your age in real, so don't be picky you piggy newbie, which don't care about legacy Walls, choose over way and level up your digging skill to 90 to fix it!" Guys, realy? xD If you ask what growing like cancer in this game, i tell these terrain, only one thing in this game unaffacted by time and still stupidly growing by waird ways. As I told, I seen some of the abandoned walls in 2013 as new player, and it was realy sad to have that experience with, and now exactly these walls still here and abandoned, no one fixed it, and more, here alot of new pvp walls which doesn't really protect from experienced raiders, it protect you only from new playes being even see your place because they turn around and go away, even dont touch your unbreakable walls for low skill. So that only stupid things which you just want to see in this game and even can't imagene that you loose it, because there is only reason to save it is your "hard work" in past. Here in this huge mistake like high slopes forever, it's nothing about natural, and even more, it against of the rusles of the game, because everything* decay in this game by expected reasons from the begining of devs this game which you don't see or don't want accept.
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    get back 20c for mailing cost ;D and 10c in the same server
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