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    I'm quite saddened by the prospective "overhaul" as well. This is not an overhaul. This is a bug fix that should have happened years ago. Crits working on pve? Lets see, most games implemented....20 years ago. The fact you couldn't actually score a crit hit on a pve mob made wurm stand out ironically. What wurm combat is in modern terms is an autobattler with a click button for focus and direction. And the click buttons are pretty much useless, the only interation that matters is when do you run away from the mob/can you run away. I'm terribly unconvinced that wurms dev team will be able to balance mobs CR (rift mobs anyone), and it's been known for years that mobs had essentially infinite stamina, so you could special move them to death, it would never bother their stam and reduce their combat effectiveness on that front. These are flaws in the game play design. Simply removing the glaring flaws doesn't make it an overhaul if you don't add productive, beneficial, worthwhile player agency to combat. Orrrrrr you can remove the glaring flaws and leave wurm at it's autobattler finest (even if it tends to bug out). One of the things I find fascinating is that people like to hate on the wurm combat "log spam" and thats fine. But one funnest games I ever saw do this was dwarf fortress, because the it gave the impression it was telling a story. It was quite easy to read the log spam of a fight and feel like you were getting "into" cheering for your dorf, or watching it die miserably to a kitten. Wurm's combat logs haven't changed in the 10 years I've been playing and have afaik no actual bearing on what happens in a fight, if you glance an attack it picks from 1 of 2 or 3 "glance messages". Things like this kill any immersion for players in even reading combat logs as they scroll by because all you need to look for is green and red lines. Wurm combat is the worst in any game I've stuck with, but once I realized it was only automated combat and all I needed to do was to watch for when to run away, because mostly skill and gear don't really matter, combat made *so* much more sense.
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    Puppeteering needs a stage or a booths that the puppeteer can stand behind. Need puppet animations and audio and sounds coming from the puppeteer. The bigger the audience the more skill gain you get. This will have puppeteers lining up like sermons. Some type of happy buff from attending a show. More puppets and scripts. Any other ideas?
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    I am NOT asking the wurm devs to create/add totally fresh NEW animations and/or sound, although it is much needed. All I am asking for is to use /re-use existing elements to make imping/creating/performing actions more fun and less boring and text-based ( eyes glued to event window ). Example: You are standing in your house and imping your cloth (armor). - You see NO animation at all - No sound at all ( I know its hard in this example, maybe a scissor cutting sound? ) All we are focused on is the event window with the progress bar/timer. - Smithing -Why doesn't smithing have any animation? -Why can't we use the same animation for packing/chopping up wood etc for smithing while standing close to an anvil? That would make it look like you are actually hitting something while smithing! Maybe not the best idea since you're using 2 hands with a shovel and 1 hand with smithing but you could simply make it a 1 hand action and shorten the hit range to make it look smoother. - Mining You hit 2 times, you hear 1 ticking/mining sounds. why? Why can't wurm use a sound effect that actually makes a hit-sound when you come down with your pickaxe? this is not that hard or impossible since it is already happening with woodcutting. It looks like someone forgot the mining part and left it there. - Farming You rake, you see an animation and hear a soundeffect. Cool. Why is this left out of harvesting? it does make the same sound but suddenly it is too lazy to actually animate you raking/picking up harvest? again, it looks like a dev once made it and left it there to be forgotten until someone complains about it. - Archery Let's say you queue up 3 actions ( 3 shooting actions ) : - when you start with the first arrow, player doesn't flex it's box and an arrow magically flies over to the target. - Only with the second arrow, the animation of flexing the bow starts BUT it stops flexing prematurely before timer is over and another arrow magically flies from your top of the head to the archery target leaving you thinking that you don't need bows at all. Just fart the arrow away - Ships/Sailing You raise the anchor and start sailing with your , lets say, sailing boat. You raise the sails and go fast. Then you decide you want to go a bit slower because you are approaching something or simply want to park your boat. The boat makes the same sound effects as if you're boat is riding through marsh/foliage while there is NO foliage at all in the middle of the ocean ( obviously ). Either check for water depth before making the sound or simply change/remove this sound effect. - Firemaking You grab your steel & flint with a kindling in your bag and start to light the oven/forge and hear a flint hitting to light your forge/oven .cool! Now you want to do the exact same action to make a campfire but then it suddenly has a brain fart and forgets that you're using the same flint for the same/ similar action. There is no sound of you hitting any flint and a campfire magically appears. These 2 actions are exactly the same. Why does a flint make noise on ovens/forge but not when trying to make a campfire? have you ever seen survival shows? Have you heard the sound it makes to start a fire with a flint :P? - Milking: Why on earth do we hear a sound effect AFTER milking and not WHILE milking? Either make the sound effect longer or simply use another one that can be used just like any other continious existing sound effect (building, foraging, botanizing etc ) - Praying: Let's start with the positive again. You actually kneel and pray ( the animation ) ! Great! Maybe add a very low (human) mumbling/whispering noise (any random language/non-existing language )when someone is praying at an altar? This example is not something neccessary but would add something nice to the praying part
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    Has anyone seen a character make themselves Rare? My Wife recently did when she cast Oakshell on herself during a dragon kill. She didn't even realize it herself. She had multiple people asking her how she did that. https://pasteboard.co/JRBXiZs.png
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    Wurmpedia states in https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Archaeology_journal: "The amount of fragments a player may find is determined by their archaeology skill and the report's quality with a minimum of 10 fragments." "Report quality dictates statue fragment count and the quality levels and numbers of the items found within the cache." Whilst I believe this is correct, I also believe there are even more factors at play, some of which may affect the TOTAL number of (any type of) fragments found. Today I uncovered some caches from fully complete reports of varying qualities. All of the following caches were uncovered on the same day using the same toon, from reports investigated by the same toon: QL of Report Total # Fragments Token in cache Abandoned In Occupied For Name of Deed 65ql 12 82ql copper 70 years, 5 months, somewhere around the year 1029 3 months Dark Wood 75ql 12 87ql seryll 56 years, 10 months, somewhere around the year 1043 2 months Corley 60ql 14 80ql brass 76 years, 2 months, somewhere around the year 1023 7 months Siren's Call 79ql 14 89ql iron 18 years, 1 month, somewhere around the year 1081 24 years, 9 months South Plains Farm 80ql 16 90ql electrum 72 years, 11 months, somewhere around the year 1027 8 months Step By Steppe 85ql 16 92ql brass 63 years, 11 months, somewhere around the year 1036 6 years, 3 months Point Lecter I have sorted these records by the TOTAL number of fragments found in each cache. If the total number of fragments in the cache was solely dependent on the skill of the player and the QL of the reports, we would expect to see a direct co-relation between the QL of the report and #Fragments columns. This is just a small sample, but whilst there could be a slight relationship, it is not conclusive. There does however appear to be a direct relationship between the report QL and the QL of the mini token produced. We definitely need more samples, so I will try to keep records of future caches. An interesting study would be to identify the contents of the caches and compare the results including and excluding statue fragments but this falls outside the scope of this small experiment! The results do not necessarily mean that Wurmpedia is incorrect in stating there is a relationship between report QL and numbers of items in cache, but rather that there may be more complex factors involved. More Data (27 Feb 2021): More Data (02 April 2021): More Data (19 April 2021):
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    Ran into this cool place. The surface mining is like nothing I've seen before. I forgot what server I was on. Anyone know? I would love to go back and see it again. Worth checking out. Excuse the color and lighting. I had issues back then.
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    I'm probably going to look very foolish if this is already possible, but it would be nice to have an event tab that only logs important events, such as receiving money, receiving mail, running out of upkeep, premium expiring, getting banned for calling Retro a piece of ######, etc, without all the other crap about walking past a bee hive or standing too far away from a container etc.
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    Oh my this thread could lead me into the wurmhole of looking through old screenshots I will resist, but one of those memorable things for me, and I suspect for most newbies, is the first times you see someone turned into an illusion by a yellow potion or a hit from a GM wand. Older players are now well used to seeing all sorts of these, like dragons, baby unicorns and even boats on horseback at events, but in the early days it was always a bit of a confusing thing One of my early encounters with a friend who liked to imbibe yellow potions Simply riding through starter town, wrong place wrong time, I got turned into something by a sea serpent, which I was totally freaked out by (think this was Astarte but maybe another guilty gm )
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    Welcome to Borstaskor’s Fast Food joint! Who says that fast food can't be both good and cheap? Hi! I’m a cook offering targeted affinity food at great price value. The long timers of my targeted affinity pizzas makes a 2kg slice last for over 4 months (minimum 2600 hours) if you take one bite (0.03kg) every 2 days. I aim to have the fastest delivery in the industry (hence the name!) with fast baking, good organization/set up, and an instant mailbox! Pizza Menu Menu items Slices weight Price/unit Price Non-targeted affinity Small CCFP single[1] 1 2 Kg 9c 9c Large CCFP single[1] 1 40 kg 1.5s 1.5s Targeted affinity Affinity single 1 2 Kg 40c 40c Fierce Combo[2] 3 6 Kg 35c 1.05s Greenish Combo[2] 5 10 Kg 30c 1.5s Champion Combo[2] 7+ 14+ Kg 25c 1.75s+ Specials or limited-time-offers First-time customer slice[3] 1 2 Kg 0c free Feed-my-deed package[4] 138 276 kg ~21.7c 30s General Info: All targeted affinity pizza slices are QL96+, have 40h+ (1d16h+) affinity timer on first bite and will fill your CCFP. [Updated: 21-03-03] All prices include delivery cost. We only offer delivery through mailbox. All pizzas come wrapped, and when needed to be stored, are stored in a Large Magical Chest. [Updated: 21-02-09] Reference info: [1] The affinity of these slices are randomly picked. You cannot choose the affinity of these slices. QL99, 20h+ affinity timer and Full CCFP from one 0.03kg bite even at 70 decay damage. This menu item should not be bought for the affinities. Ordering multiple pizzas will likely mean that you end up with the same affinity multiple times. [Updated: 21-10-02] [2] You are free to choose multiple different affinities, one per slice, with the purchase of any combo. [3] This discount will automatically be applied to your first order of any targeted affinity menu item. It will only be applied once per character and to 1 slice. [4] More info about this menu item can be found in it's own section below! [Updated: 21-03-03] New customer procedure For ordering targeted affinity Feed-My-Deed package info For the pizza addicts that wants everything FAQ Information for newer players about food related stuff and things Updates For the people curious about the changes I've made Contact NFI: Borstaskor I'm generally available afternoon/evenings on weekdays and most of the weekends [EU times]. pm me in-game for the fastest reply. I'm really bad at checking my merch post! My other businesses
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    What are the chances of introducing Epic <-> Freedom both way skill transfers? Of course with proper scaling. Currently, most people do not even consider playing on Epic, knowing that their progress (skills) won't go to Freedom in any case. Not gonna lie, it's not like many players would play here if transfer worked both ways, but I have heard in past years from few players that they would return to Epic if that was the case. Also, new players are not interested. I have seen many new players settling here and vanishing, sooner or later, after few weeks. They see an empty server and just leave. Sooner or later they realize that there is no point, couse they gonna stuck here with their skills in case they changed their minds and would like to go to Freedom or Chaos. It is not for me, I'am gonna stay on Epic anyway. Wurm is all about character progress and bending world to our will, and I put too much time in both to go somewhere else. If those transfers were introduced, then maybe some players could decide to return to game or play here, thus this server could get a little more life. That's all I'am asking for. Greetings
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    Hello everyone and welcome to sSmokes' Steelworks! I can currently imp armor up to 80+QL (85QL Coming soon!) All armor that is sold and improved are done so past their QL to the next time a resource is needed to imp. (i'll imp past the desired QL until it needs another lump to imp). This results in armor that has a range of QL, often several points over the desired QL. All helm types are available. When ordering a set please advise which Helm type you would like: Full Helm, Basinet Helm, or Open Helm I only deal with STEEL in regards to armor. If you require other metals or chain, please visit Xerxzies Shop. Number of items I've turned rare by imping: 1 Rare Glove, 1 Supreme Legs! ***NEW***Archeology/Restoration! ***NEW***Meditation, Rune attaching, and Priestly things: Armor imps using your metals (including moonmetals) METALURGY SERVICES OFFERED! Currently in Stock: 80+QL Steel Platemail Set x3 90QL Steel Platemail set x1 70+QL Steel Platemail set (x1) Currently in progress:80+QL Steel Platemail sets PRICES!!! Bulk Steel sales: New Carpentry and Fine carpentry items! All prices above do not include shipping. All armor sets are sold and shipped inside of a backpack. You can either post in this thread, PM me on the forums, or in game: (NFI: Ssmokes) Thank you for your business! ~sSmokes
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    Knights of the Grizzly The settlement's goal is to create an atmosphere of merrymaking and establish a cooperative village with specialty skills and aims. Location: T20, Cadence Village Members: 9 Alliance Deeds: 7 The Knights of the Grizzly is the capital of the Western Union Alliance on Cadence. The Western Union Alliance was first founded on Deliverance many moons ago, around 8 years ago...when Wurm was young. First, we spread to Xanadu, next to Pristine, then to Release and Independence. Initially the alliance appeared in the Northern Isles on Harmony and colonized our home on Cadence. We strive to attend rifts at least once a month and have plans for additional events once deed construction is completed. If you are interested in talking with us, look in the game for Grizzlygrump, Rkjasminth or Trison.
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    So. This is a HUGE feeler post, but I've been part of the game since steam launch, racked up over 1k hours, currently part of a very small village who's numbers have dwindled massively, I've had a very brief idea of performing what I have dubbed "The Great Reset" Basically, my aim would be to gather as many of the current active player base, and move into a suitable area on one server, as many of us as possible. I believe (and many others) that the servers are too big for the population of active players. Like I said this is a feeler post, and it would require people that want to "start fresh" and create a more vibrant community. There are many ways of going about it, whether it be one deed that everyone can chip in for, or a large area where people can place personal deeds, but I'm just thinking it would be cool to get everyone closer together This could easily fall flat on its face and disappear into the shadows of the forums, but let me know what ya think!
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    Goblin Skull Lamps thoughts?
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    For praying we could have Gregorian chanting
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    I would love it if we could plant all the different sprouts into planters to get small version of the plant as decorations. I think it would also be a nice use for excess sprouts. Another idea that could go along with it is the ability to prune the plants for sprouts, much like a bonsai. The mechanic could work like herbs in herb planters except that you harvest sprouts. I personally would prefer they be decorations that don't need to be tended, but I could also see people wanting bonsai orange trees.
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    Well, no, it is an option. Not your preferred one, obviously. Maybe objectively suboptimal so not for min/max play but from an RP approach a perfectly valid choice. Or maybe it isn't even athiest so much as "none of the above".
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    +1 tie it to a new skill could be tied to some form of map-making JS
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    Yeah, that's precisely what gave the wrong impression. Turning Wurm into non-target where you have to actually attack something in physical space using collision is what I was originally implying would be unrealistic. I still stand by that statement. However, it sounds like your intention was much closer to grounded in reality, so I apologize if it felt like I was attacking your post without reason. Transforming Wurm Online's combat closer to what actually works in MMO's is exactly what I'd like to see as well. We could spend hours debating the finer details of what to define Wurm's current combat system as. Turn-based attached to real time? Tab targeting without the ability to tab? There's a lot of different ways to describe it... which is exactly part of the problem. It needs to have a clear design and meta-game. Right now, it's a very passive system which doesn't require nor encourage user input during combat. I'd like to see something that allows players to have some agency over their combat experience, and I think that's what you're asking for as well.
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    When typing in chat, hitting the Escape key removes your cursor from the text field, allowing you to use keybinds again immediately. For the sake of consistency and usability, Escape should always function this way when the cursor is in a text field (the two most important contexts, in my view, being inventory filtering and the crafting recipe window). When you’re filtering items in inventory/bsb/crate, or searching recipes in the crafting recipes window, the Escape key currently clears whatever you’ve typed into the text field, but leaves the cursor in the field itself. If you then try to use a keybind (which I invariably do), you instead end up typing in the text field. To start using keybinds again, you have to switch to the mouse and click on something in order to get the cursor out of the text field, then go back to the keyboard. This process is cumbersome, and runs counter to user expectations of how the Escape key will function. Hitting Escape should *always* allow you to use keybinds again immediately, eliminating the need to switch from keyboard to mouse and back again. If users need to clear text from a text field, they can do so easily enough with the Delete key (which is a more familiar and therefore more intuitive choice anyway). Having essentially the same functionality assigned to two separate keys is redundant and unnecessary. And the fact that Escape produces completely different effects in separate (yet similar) contexts does not make sense from a usability standpoint. Thanks for all your work, and for considering my suggestion.
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    also these should look more like
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    Yes please! Wouldnt mind table lamps w/ candles either!
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    Current: Would a change to the Trade Chat Etiquette similar to this help? Thank you all for the feedback!
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    Since you will not be having enchants on your weapons for some time, I would say that it would be best to mitigate the damage that you take buy using a shield and some 1 handed weapon. 1 handed weapons are generally faster and miss less than 2 handed as well, especially at lower skill. You may take longer to kill mobs but in the end you will die less with better protection from the shield. I now prefer a longsword and shield and no longer use my 2 handed weapons but of course mine are enchanted for healing and better skill gains. If guard towers are near just call the guards and let them get aggro while you stay back. Then you can attack and still gain skill at a slower rate because of sharing the killing with them. You can shield bash too for gains then. =Ayes=
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    It's quite unrealistic to expect Wurm to transform into a real-time action combat system, the likes of Mount & Blade or Mordhau (since those are, in my opinion, the most exceptional melee combat systems in games these days). Wurm Online would suffer trying to implement that due to the servers being in a central location and the playerbase being worldwide. In order to achieve decent real-time performance in Wurm, you would need to split the playerbase into regional clusters (EU, NA, AUS, etc.) in order to mitigate the severe latency. Trying to play Mordhau on 150-200 ping is misery, and transforming Wurm into that would be highly detrimental to anyone not within reasonable distance to the servers. Beyond that, Wurm's current system actually has the benefit of being mostly immune to latency. Since there is very little "twitch" combat mechanics, the system makes it so players with horrendous ping are still able to play the combat with reasonable success. Believe it or not, there's quite a few people who actually like the way that they can simply stand infront of a creature and wait for it to die. And by all means, if the player is strong enough or has the equipment to do so, then that should be fine! There's nothing wrong with that! Combat currently functions in a way that is akin to a turn-based tactics game. You take your turn every X seconds based on your weapon, swinging at the opponent. In turn, the opponent also takes their turn every X seconds, taking a swing at you. Everything that occurs is mostly under-the-hood and not easily understood by players without reading a 20 page document detailing all the variables that go into combat rating, flanking bonus, glance rates, and similar. To the untrained eye, you just keep swinging at eachother until one character runs out of health. Now, in my opinion, the real goal of a combat overhaul would be to refine the current combat system to one that is more akin to modern MMORPG's, while maintaining it's high fantasy identity. This would also need to be designed in such a way that it would be mostly immune to the ping problems, and simply extend/enhance what already exists instead of replacing it outright. What would that look like? Simply put, it would be a hybrid of conventional MMORPG and Turn-based Tactics games. A list of inspirations like the following: World of Warcraft/Final Fantasy Tactics Star Wars: The Old Republic/Tactics Ogre Final Fantasy XIV/Disgaea To try and illustrate further, I'll try to make some comparisons: Stamina in Wurm would work like Mana in other games. Special moves would costs a certain amount of stamina to use, with more powerful ones costing more stamina. Certain actions might give the ability to drain or restore stamina during combat. Each weapon archetype (axes, knives, swords) would have their own set of special moves, and a "mechanic" designed around them. This is akin to classes in standard MMORPG's. Some examples: Knives might work off a combo system, where some special moves would grant combo points that can then be expended on powerful high-damage special moves. This designates a style of assassination & pure damage. Swords might have a riposte mechanic, where special moves would prepare a counter-attack when your opponent attacks you, further refining it's style as a defensive weapon. Axes might utilize a rage mechanic, where special moves or taking damage would count towards rage. Rage built would naturally increase damage taken, but also increase damage dealt. You could use special moves to maintain maximum rage, or expend it on moves to deal more damage. This refines axes as a highly offensive option, while still maintaining some defense if played towards it. Special moves would be designed with chaining/combos in mind, using the mechanics above. All of this achieves the goals marked above. Players can ignore special moves entirely, and continue with the back-and-forth swinging to determine outcome of combat. Additionally, with several seconds cooldown on special moves, it's not heavily ping-reliant. Players can safely use special moves at a mild delay and not see a significant decrease in combat efficiency. Finally, it would leverage the UI improvements made perfectly, allowing the new mechanics to be shown in the templates above the characters instead of relying on the status bar or event logs. In all, the above system could be designed and implemented in a couple months. Most of the tools required to create it already exist, and the UI improvements made would complement it exceptionally well. I doubt anyone would be mad with having new tools to play with, especially since they can ignore it altogether if they so desire. That said, I feel the need to echo above concerns that it's just underwhelming. Steam launch was 8 months ago and so far we've got the pending favor and the upcoming minor combat update to show for it. The fact that it does not touch on dual wield or the difference between priests and non-priests in combat is shocking. To a lesser extent, the fact it doesn't add new weapons (warhammer for PvE?), armour, or simply add any new content at all to the combat system is also surprising. No balance tweaks on existing weapons and armour is additionally disappointing. I originally stopped playing in November, thinking to myself "I'm going to wait until the combat overhaul to dig my teeth back into the game and figure out the new combat." With the current patch notes, I have to say I'm not excited for it at all, and don't see myself returning as a result of this update.
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    I'm imagining a scenario with this auto-climb, I'm a -1 on the OP btw. A noob is walking along, hits a steep mountainside, decides to keep walking, doesn't notice his auto climb is on so higher and higher he goes til he's out of stamina and wheee down he falls to the base where he promptly dies. yeah, i'll take a hard pass on the idea.
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    I just wanted to thank you for talking about this, I didn't know there was a minimum of 1 silver and that the default 11x11 is way below that! I just expanded my deed to be 20x25 (500 tiles)! I think this thread will be very valuable to new players or those interested in Wurm and worried about how much time they will need to invest to get things done.
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    I haven't even bothered to try the test server, it feels like it's a huge let down from what everyone else thought it'd be. I would've thought the rolls and whatnot would've changed, make it more skill based, changed the meta up. Help zerg prevention or something. But instead it's just visuals, which yeah it isn't bad, but that's 1000000000000000% not a combat overhaul.
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    [starts wall of text] I don't have a nice training video, but here's what I've learned over the past (6) years: 1) Don't use the auto fight option. Switch to manual, as you may be able to defend and attack better; 2) Get yourself a height advantage. Not just by moving to higher ground, but also from horseback. Riding L-carts or Wagons does give you that advantage, but also give you an increased difficulty, so avoid fighting from those until you're at the higher ranks. A good way to check is to attack something from a L-cart and see what colour the arrows showing what you are attacking at the oponent are. Green means you will most certainly hit; white means you may hit or miss in the same rate, orange means you may occasionally hit and read means you will miss most of the time. 3a) Don't call the guards until you really have to. Guards - both the tower guards as the spirit guards - give you a reduced FS gain compaired to solo-ing a monster. Therefore it's better to postpone calling out to them, as to immediately call out on them while you may be able to defeat that monster you're facing. 3b) Related: Running away is not a sign of cowardice, but a sign of common sense. Running away from a monster means you may gain some distance to enter a safe area, to heal up and to get into the fight again. There's no need to fight 'til the end, if you know that end is more likely coming for you earlier as it is for the monster. Considering only Trolls (afaik) are able to regenerate, healing yourself up gives you that edge you may need early on. 3c) Also related: travel light. Especially early on. If that means you need to drop ###### because you're under attack, drop it. After that monster is defeated you can pick is up anyway. But when the monster defeats you, you're left with almost nothing. Which is a lot worse if you can't remember where you got killed in the first place. 4) If you have one, drop your tent, then try to lure the monster away from it. You got 3 optional spawn points in this game; your tent, a starter town (or multiple at some servers) and your deed (if you have one). USE them. Drop that tent, lure the monster away from it if you think you can't defeat or outrun it and try to kill it. If you got killed, you will spawn nearby and with some luck close enough to get the items of your corpse, without agro-ing that monster. 5) Don't ditch the starter gear for something better. This may be a controversial one for some players, because of the "higher qlis better" mindset, but it doesn't always work like that. Each and every new player start out with a nice 50ql longsword, a nice shield and 50ql leather armour. While 50ql doesn't seem much, it's basically just as good as 70+ ql items made by players because as a new player you got no skill at all in the use of it anyway. More important, when you - as a new player - die, all starter items are on you the moment you respawn. Which means you will respawn near your tent, on deed or in a starter town (depending at which option you choose) with your full gear and full health. Which also means that you're able to attack that monster again, without having to worry you will loose your gear. Now, imagine you're a new player who's bought that 90ql rare huge axe with all those high 90 - 100 enchants on it, as well as 90ql Drake armour with Web-armour or AoSP at it and you got killed in the middle of nowhere by a bull and you can't remember where...... I'm certain a player stumbling over your remains 4 days later will be very, very happy. Another reason why it's controversial: When this game was released, players started with no weapons and armour at all. Later that got changed to being equipped with a 10ql small wooden shield and a 10ql (I think it was) short sword. With the current equipment new players are a lot safer as they used to be. 6) As for gear: Stay away from plate until you got at least 40 body strength. Plate offers more or less the best damage reduction, but it's so heavy you almost need an engine in it to move forward. Not to mention, because you can't move fast, your dodging is terrible A lot of players are still using Studded Armour, even at higher levels and the reason for that is that studded is one of the best armour types for both offence and defence. Studded armour has a better defence vs both piercing and slashing damage compared to leather and is certainly better when being confronted with the blunt damage troll clubs do. Drake is basically Studded Armour on steroids, but it's expensive. (Dragon) Scale armour is plate on steroids, but expensive too. Don't buy these two, unless you intend to play this game for a long time. Chain mail armour has the best defence vs both piercing and slashing damage - which is done by almost any monster - however, when fighting a troll you will end up with lots of bruises. 7) Make sure you always have some cotton (strings or pieces of cloth), healing covers and farmer's salve with you. Those three items are able to heal you up, but also can turn a severe wound into a light or medium one. Which means your chances to survival are a lot better 8 ) As mentioned earlier, in manual fight you're able to choose where to attack your opponent, as well as where to defend. And this is most likely the only spot ingame where a left handed player has an advantage over a right handed player considering you can use your right hand to pick the numbers from the number pad, or the cursor keys to move. The combat tab shows you where your oponent is planning to attack you; meaning you can use the number pad of your key board to defend yourself into that direction. Using the number pad, you can also choose from one of the 9 options where to attack your oponent. 5 is the default setting, meaning attacking the body of that monster. 1, 2 & 3 are the lower parts of the monster 7, 8, & 9 are the top parts of the monster, including its head; 4 & 6 are the left and right side of the monster. Leaves the "0" (zero); which is meant to focus; which will give you a small edge if you increase it during the fight. What I usually do in a fight is picking a spot to attack; i.e. left arm; and move 3 positions clock wise or counter clock wise over the number pad to switch my point of attack. For instance:5 (starting position; 4 (left arm), 9 (right shoulder / upper arm), 2 (lower body / crotch?), 0 to focus, 7 (left shoulder / upper arm), 1 (left leg / foot - and breaking the pattern; 0 to focus; 8 (head), 4 (left arm - 6 step pattern); 2 (lower body / crotch - to break the pattern again and going into counter clock wise order) Usually by then the monster is dead; unless it's a tougher one like a champion or one having a certain condition. What I don't do, is using the special attacks. Those consume lots of stamina; which you will need if the fight is going on a longer time. 9) Then we have fighting stances; The game got 3 different stances, all having it's (dis)advantages. For "sword (or maul, axe) and board", using defensive or normal fighting stance works best. The shield will add a bit more defence and resistance to you anyway, however you won't hit as often in defensive stance as you would in normal or agressive stance. In agressive stance you will hit most often, but you are also more vunerable to being hit by the monster. It's not something I would reccommend to new players. However, it works quite well when using a L-maul, huge axe or 2 handed sword. 10) The easiest way to train FS is by using your starter longsword and cut down trees. It works to get your FS up to 20-ish skill, while also training your longsword skill. If you intend to use another weapon later, use that one instead. No need to skill longsword and swords (parent skill), when you are going to use a Large Maul later. Another way to train FS is to create yourself a training dummy and release your agression at that one. Just keep in mind you need to repair and imp that dummy every once in a while. 11) Last but not least: Choice of weapons. Like in all games, each weapon has its (dis-)advantages. Small weapons swing fastest, but do smallest damage; normal weapons have an average swing time and do average damage, while large or 2 handed weapons do most damage but swing slowest. On top of that the swing rate is also depending at the kind of weapon, meaning swords are faster as axes, which are faster as mauls. And there are staves; which are somewhere in between and considered as the meta by some players. Dual wielding weapons can be done as well, however don't expect to do much damage with the off hand weapon as the current fighting engine isn't really suited for that. As for bows, using them in a fight is a very long process which can be trained at PvE, but you will most likely need to train it a lot before you're even able to do lots of damage compared to melee. It cerainly isn't something I would reccommend to do as a starting player. So my advice, choose the equipment and combat style that you think suits you best and stick to it. Don't switch weapons when you see others doing more damage with something they use, because FS isn't the only skill helping you with that. Each weapon got their own skill and parent and the only thing you achieve by switching out weapons is starting from scratch and dealing less damage because you aren't less trained in it. [/end wall of text] Thorin
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    And people who work for this company....
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    If only a Chat Moderator's opinion mattered. That would be so cool.
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    Hey everyone it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I thought it would be a good time with the ongoing sale. I'm looking to sponsor two people who are interested in PVP, playing on NFI, Defiance in the Kingdom of Jenn Kellon. I would like someone who is mature and is active at least a few hours a day. My main focus is on finding someone interested in crafting and PVP. I’m also open to sponsoring a group of up to 6 people. I’ll be paying for your premium in silver. You’ll get 2 months of prem. All I ask is that you stay with me for the first month. After the first month if you would like to join another kingdom or make your own village you’re free to do so. Building and crafting is a major part of the game even on PVP. By sponsoring I would like to encourage more players from PvE to come try out PVP. My past sponsorships have worked out pretty well. People who thought they wouldn’t like the Pvp community ended up liking it a lot. New payers, freedom veterans, NA and EU can take me up on this offer just send me a PM.
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    No, I haven't changed my playstyle and it is clearly mentioned in my application that I don't want to take part in PVP combat (not even defending the deed), but I only want to be a support character, living entirely behind the front lines. Despite that, I still have a strong attraction towards PVP servers because there you feel like you actions actually matter and serve a greater goal, not only represent mindless grinding. Buildings, walls and even dirt walls actually serve a purpose. Horses die and need to be replaced, while weapons and armors are lost and need to be replaced too. Also, maybe I'm a bit naive here, but I think that on the PVP servers there's a stronger sense of camaraderie, because everyone works for the same goal, while on the PVE servers many times things got reduced to an ego contest - everyone wanting to have the highest skills, the largest deed, the biggest castle, just so they can brag with them. Obviously I don't say that's the case with everyone and I was blessed to meet awesome people (like you) here on Melody, but still, at the end of the day, it's pretty much every man for himself. I hope on the PVP server things are different.
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    I love the idea of more decorative features. Better tables please! the wooden one is HUGE, can we have some tables that better fit in with tile sizes/chairs. Things you can hang on walls - YES looking forward to that! how about paintings! made with dyes perhaps? Soft furnishings...we have rugs and carpets, why not curtains we can weave? cushions? just would be great to furnish my house a bit more than i can currently. Bookshelves...so empty! Bookmaking with papyrus? that you can write in with reed pen? gift wrapping for presents. tablecloths. just some ideas creatures? catch a fish, make a fish bowl to put it in? ah we don't have glass.... parrots on perches? RED squirrels. peacocks would be great bring back the GNOME! In the meantime, it all sounds exciting, can't wait to see what new things come along.
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    Does this mean I will soon be able to build my Log Cabin on my Ostrich Farm? Seriously people asked for Log buildings over 8 years ago and the texture already exists with Palisade gates just turn them sideways and add windows.
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    Give us more tailoring options and clothing variations! Please
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    I think we could use some "really useful" uses for Wool - like, why can't i use wool to make strings and why can't i patch wounds with it? Fo needs to accept is, aswell with a good favor per QL of Wool! Tapestries etc. is just so limited to have around. We just dump wool on the ground and wait for decay so far How about Wool Blankets for the bed that can be removed in the summer and added in the winter? Wool Coats and Ugly Christmas Sweaters?
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    bump im not gonna let this die
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    i dig the idea of ship speed bonus, and i didn't want to get to stereotypical or ridiculous, however a eye patch the shoulder pad parrot built in, wooden leg, hook glove(silly and cartoonie) tho the cutlass short sword skin i like
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    I would love a pirate hat. Put one on, get in the crow's nest of a cog, and start yelling drunken pirate nonsense. Arr!
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    He's not suggesting that additions to the game don't increase file size. He's pointing to the fact that you're irrationally concerned about small cosmetic additions negligibly effecting your gameplay because other people may use them in an MMO. Customization is literally one of the main points of this game.
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    As a fan of anything that adds customization, +1 from me--but it needs to not remove our hair when we put it on. (I'd like some more medieval hats and veils, too!)
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    i see your point CreZ but one of the selling points of the game is its diversity of creation and customization.
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    It's not even really a bug, just unfortunate consequence of wurm's color model (and well color theory in general) Wurm's color are multiplicative, and since pure white = 1 - multiplying anything by 1 doesn't change the color. They could for example change to an additive model but then black doesn't work. Or make it average which lets both white and black work but you can't get really vibrant colors and everything looks pastel. There isn't really an easy solution. Moreover any change will also affect how already painted items look which will piss everyone off...