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    Changing the PC to whispering only harms the community. No one can correct people from telling someone the wrong price, nor can anyone else see the prices from day to day. This hinders people from safe guarding others from then jacking up the price and then selling them as a profit. or lowing the price then buying up the good at a lower price. this to me is VERY counter productive on the market system and the game as a whole. The Market system itself is spotty at best, these new changes makes it even harder to sell things. please rethink your demand on sending us to PMs. Gin~
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    Well I had something typed out but it got lost in the merge. I agree this needs to be changed back. Stick to the old rule and then just actually enforce it. If people derail or it turns into chatter they get warned, repeats get muted, or have their trade chat powers removed. Yes it can be an issue sometimes where it turns into too much, but having the solution be taking out market information that could be helpful to others is in my opinion a bad solution. Aside from digging through forums to get an idea of price which can be outdated or old or hard to find or even removed (since people like to just clear their threads on sale) doing PCs in trade is one way to keep up to date on the current market. There are also times when a PC given is just completely wrong, whether it's just based on old sales or old players coming back using old information or somebody trying to change prices. There are those who give PC information not to gain themselves but to help the person looking and getting wrong information. I much rather see price checks and the odd constructive discussion on prices pop up in trade then the posts that are just the exact same post every 30-60 minutes all day every day, or for auctions and posted on the hour for a week to promote an auction etc. In the end, I think this is a bad move and should be changed back. For those who do enjoy the market aspects of the game it's helpful information.
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    I disagree with the new Trade Channel rules, in that you are not allowed to answer a PC with a PC. You now have to answer with @name meaning that nobody sees the answer. It is extremely useful for the community to see the answer to a PC, otherwise how are people supposed to learn the prices? Plus not answering publicly allows unscrupulous (or just wrong) people to give inaccurate prices. So, my suggested change is to allow public answering of PC.
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    Current: Would a change to the Trade Chat Etiquette similar to this help? Thank you all for the feedback!
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    Yeah, i think this is kinda "beyond" any solution, the market is slow and random and most of PC are just people trying to over or undervalue stuff to their own advantage or having poor understanding in general. People decide price checks either on "lowest price they have seen that item go for in history" if they are interested in undervaluing. or just some made up number if they are trying to overvalue it. At least giving a public PC was an opportunity to call BS on whoever was trying to manipulate the market or just should just stopped giving PC in general. And i swear i want to cry when i see people STILL claiming that 1k actions = 1s regardless of the item, even in NFI server when literally even DIRT is easily sold for 2s/k At this point, if you want to stop the spam in trade chat, just remove the chance to ask for a "PC" entirely and either deny them or move them to freedom chat. In most cases it's probably better to do own research or to have a non-biased friend that can try to help you determine the value of something. Having a couple of people PM you whatever their idea is, without anyone to check on that, is probably the worst case scenario we can have.
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    I agree, people should be able to respond with a price to a price check in trade chat. I personally use the trade chat logs to check for prices on items and only post a price check if I can't find any pricing. Having prices sent via PM only harms the community in general. Not only will there be more posts looking for price checks on the same items, but it will allow for "shady" people to scam others by saying the item is only worth a few copper and they will buy it off of them when it is really worth a lot more. How about getting more moderators to enforce the non-trade related chat rules instead of punishing the rest of the community by not allowing the pricing information to be public knowledge?
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    load keybind for: - felled trees / logs also? / - bodies ctrl+drag works.. requires aiming and dragging.. *UUrrgghh* try repeating that a few hundred times.. it's obnoxious this probably works best expanding the existing load function and adding 0sec load action for trees and dead bodies(if the player have permission to 'take' them), no need for new keybind etc that way.. ctrl+drag already works ok.. but it's obnoxious to make any use of it... *wonder why ctrl+drag isnt working to move crates into crate racks.. #wogic #nerf thoughts?
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    Rift located H12 , west of vrock directly opposite Fort Derringer, safe pen and road made - shamank
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    If you want to keep going with Wurm but with the idea of a perma-death run... You can always make an alt and a new run, using your current deed and possesion as bonuses from the previous round. Rogue-lites allows it... most rogue type game have a similar feature... feel free to do the same... or just stick to the game with your current character and respawn already! PS. Each death takes a toll on your skills... which is the penality imposed to you by the game and devs... There is no easy mode in wurm
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    This is a front view of my deed - work in progress, maybe 10% designed so far!
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    +1 to allowing PC to stay public. I have corrected ridiculous low/high replies in Trade too many times as well as been EXTREMELY wrong myself with my own PC replies (thankfully they were corrected by some smarter individuals) to believe that people will not be taken advantage of with the new mandatory @ rule. It was never okay for people to spam beforehand as discussing in Trade was never allowed in the first place - it was just not regulated properly by the moderators - meaning it was a staff issue and not a rule issue. Keep Trade regulated with proper moderation - Keep the price checks and trade communication in the public for all to see - keep the economy healthy.
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    Oh my this thread could lead me into the wurmhole of looking through old screenshots I will resist, but one of those memorable things for me, and I suspect for most newbies, is the first times you see someone turned into an illusion by a yellow potion or a hit from a GM wand. Older players are now well used to seeing all sorts of these, like dragons, baby unicorns and even boats on horseback at events, but in the early days it was always a bit of a confusing thing One of my early encounters with a friend who liked to imbibe yellow potions Simply riding through starter town, wrong place wrong time, I got turned into something by a sea serpent, which I was totally freaked out by (think this was Astarte but maybe another guilty gm )
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    Thumbs down for censoring (the new rule that forces you to engage in secret). If you really believe the community members are incapable of managing themselves, maybe we should go be elsewhere.
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    I don't like the new rule either. As some have said before this will make ripping off newbies to trading very easy. I keep track of the trade chat myself because I consider myself as a trader InGame. And it is far more often, that only 1 person answers a PC than several people. So yes, of course there may be more answers to a PC via @<name> than just one, but as I said, for the most part people don't get an answer or just 1 answer because not everyone knows the answer. People who wanna do harm, will do it and use this new rule to their advantage. The new rule has a very high potential to crash the market, as well as harm the community and make people quit, because they found out the got ripped off - AGAIN! I have seen several people trying this before and only a quick respond from other people to that persons wrong answer prevented someone from getting ripped off. And I am talking about prices that were lower at least 50% and up to 90% even. People invest real money in this, which should be taken into consideration. On top of that: I have only witnessed 3 or 4 events where a PC got out of hand and ended in a lengthy discussion that lasted maybe 15 minutes if at all this long. So these few occasions can and should be handled different. For example with a mute or maybe 15 minute ban if needed to stop further unnessecary discussion. Further: I think it is very useful if there are some smaller discussions about prices. It strengthens the community, hinders people to harm others by wrong PC. I always felt it regulates itself very well. Which I personally find more annoying than discussions in trade are PM's asking weather one is looking to buy and if you say no, you will never hear another sound of that person. A PC is a PC and not a WTB or WTS. Cuz this behavior is practically the same as having to use the @<name>. None else sees the answer.
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    So, I'm really new, but I would like to toss my support in for keeping Price Checks public. As others have said, many other players might have the same question or just need to get a sense of what the economy is like and hiding that information behind PMs is unhelpful. Even worse if people take advantage of this to screw people over knowing no one can correct them. So full support behind keep it public, but enforce the idea of "give an answer then take it to PM" instead of "everything hidden in PM".
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    Should just say along the lines of "Answer PCs with a brief response, any further discussion should be had using @ or private messages"
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    If someone wants to respond to a PC with the correct price there's nothing that stops them from doing that - And if they only respond to pricechecks to correct others that give an "incorrect" estimate I don't think they have the best interest of the person asking in mind anyway. I absolutely understand what you're saying and where you're coming from, but the PC conversations in trade chat often drag on for ages and derail into arguments about what a correct price is and what jagoffs the others are and this and that. It's been an issue for a very long time and I'm glad it's been addressed. And again: Anyone is free to give an estimate with the @ tag, and if someone doesn't want to give a pricecheck unless they feel they need to correct someone else they probably don't have the "correct price" as top priority, but rather the need to be "right" or a need to hype up their own prices.
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    I love the dioptra as one of the few 'scientific' tools that exists in Wurm and keep wishing it did just a few more things when used to reckon location from Sol or one of the moons. Rough reckoning is the lowest level of skill, and perhaps one or more of these could be unlocked with a skill or dioptra quality: When the celestial body in question will set - "Valrei will set in 3 hours and 48 minutes." Azimuth and altitude for the celstial body in question - "Valrei is 36 degrees above the horizon, bearing 225 degrees." Height above sea level for nearest tile corner - dirts would be ideal for planning, but even a rough reckoning - "You are at least 400 dirts above sea level" would be useful Reveal your location on the map more accurately - "You reckon you are within 2 map squares of M17" Reveal your location on the map down to the square - "You reckon you are in map square N18" Reveal your location within the map square - "You reckon you are in the northwest corner of map square N18" Dead reckoning - "You are standing on x1117, y1223 at a height of 431 dirts. #1 and 2 are pure flavor and fun for those of us ofan astronomical persuasion. The rest would be useful things to know at various times - especially while traveling or building a mission structure. Many people determine location using map dumps already, so why not provide an in-game mechanism to get that same information? Stay with me, because I'm going to try and shoot some of the obvious holes in this idea: Since bridge building already creates an incentive to have a high quality dioptra, it might not make sense to also tie these abilities to dioptra quality. There's not a great skill to tie it to - Nature? An extra perk of the slow Mind Logic grind? Height above sea level is already available with a partner holding a range pole in the water Makes it more difficult to get really lost. I know I've always been grateful on strange islands for folks that the map square to the name of their guard towers or lighthouses and getting lost is always an adventure, sometimes fatally so.
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    Goblin Skull Lamps thoughts?
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    Thanks again for everything. Just a reminder: if you don't need the scale, mail it to Josso instead of selling it, making such events public comes at huge personal loss compared to do private slayings. You still get the free blood out of it, and you wouldn't have gotten either if they didn't make it public. Me and Luttuosaa gave him our 7 pieces. And yes, i am trying to start a "trend" here : D
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    I mean, are people bickering about a PC in trade chat annoying? yes, they are. Did hat happen often? not really, i'm in trade chat a lot, and that happened less than once a day. Is it the end of the world when it happens? Not really, we usually get more people spamming "pls stop / move this discussion to freedom" than the actual spam caused by the bickering, in most cases It's just obvious that different people with different ideas about a price might want a place to discuss that, and it's counterintuitive to move to another, separate chat to continue the discussion, and literally never happens. I tried that once, writing "Ok, so let's continue discussing the price of "***" here, in GL Freedom, and it just kinda felt awkward and out of place, most people didn't follow. It's also good to notice that the game is still alive enough that people are having a discussion about something like that, As several people already pointed out, trying to censor it off entirely just makes no sense and is only going to make things worse and exploiting market easier. We basically just have a few decent solutions. - Remove PC from trade and move it to Freedom GL by default - Remove PC from trade and move it to a specific PC channel - Put things back as they were, have a bit of tolerance for some different opinions and answers about a PC; and only intervene when things go out of hand or become long discussions that look more like a fight than an actual interest on determining the price of something. Noobs can learn from that, and even from the discussions, and we'll just deal with it if some "advertisements" get pushed back a little, you can always post them 30mins later, there's no need to lose our minds about that.
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    I have not seen any PC responses in Trade chat that I consider as spamming. I would sooner see a discussion on prices, where relevant, than seeing the same WTB/WTS announcement every 30 minutes. The Trade channel, in my opinion, isn't that hyper that people miss merchant advertisements amongst the discussions about price. Smart marketeers would wait until any discussion was complete anyway. What is the issue that warranted the new rule? Maybe more moderation of the channel is required as opposed to a ban on public PC's?
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    Back in 2014, quite a few years ago now, I found this place. I've lived there ever since.
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    Maybe its different on other servers but from my experience on Cadence I think the speed at which Trade Chat moved was fine. While the new changes regarding price checking does clean up the chat log a little, it does open the door to wrong (intentional or not) qoutes being given. I've already PCd items in trade since these changes came in and seen hugely, even half other quotes prices come back privately (some of which were wanted topurchase at the lower price) I also found it interesting just watching other people run price checks, if I wanted to know the cost of something I might not need to ask because someone else already had an hour ago.
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    To the devs, I think this is a really important point - removing public replies to PCs means more PCs, as others will come and ask the same, when they may not have had they read an earlier reply. And people who may just casually scan Trade lose out on passively learning prices that way, too. +1 to going back to public replies to PCs.
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    March 6th, 2021 at 01:00 GMT Gud'day Folks, Last September I was doing putting in a CE Hwy up the Green Ring Express to protect all of the bless street lamps in there from decay damage and I got held up by a Deed overhead somewhere who's perimeter infringed on the Green Ring tunnel So I needed the help of the GM's to get the CE's thru the perimeter of an abandoned deed that over lapped the Green Ring from above (player had planted the deed and then gone AFK for a Very LONG time). But all the GM's were tied up with the launch of the Northern Isles so I got slightly bored and decided to see where the deed "up above was" and... ... of course idle hands are the work of the devil ... and that led to making some improvements to the Dragon Fang Western Trail are and to Green Ring Way which partly circles around the Green Ring of Dragon Fang Mountain. http://prntscr.com/10e22e8 1st was the installation of a Guard Tower to give protection travellers exiting the upper Green Ring Express exit and Xagru's Mountain Top Safety Hut. http://prntscr.com/10e23ey Next came a fenced Safety Area open to all for folks to drop their tents in. http://prntscr.com/10e26bq With the help of Oakmaiden, the SW part of Green Ring way was twinned to two wide and another Guard Tower put in. http://prntscr.com/10e28cy and Oakmaiden also leveled up the cliff edge around Xagru's Mountain Safety Hut, and she put in Safety Hedges. http://prntscr.com/10e253h As the old Western path was a tad steep to say the least... http://prntscr.com/10e28zf Hugh decided to put in a 20 slope road up to the base of The Climb http://prntscr.com/10e2a3d which was "twinned" and Cats Eyed. http://prntscr.com/10e2ahu this new road ended up at where The Climb used to be but was no more. http://prntscr.com/10e2d4l ... so I planted Dragon Climbers Base Camp and put in yet another Guard Tower. http://prntscr.com/10e2dri of course it was rough living at the beginning... (grin) http://prntscr.com/10e2elf but there is now a Public Inn with free beds http://prntscr.com/10e2f7p which also doubles as a nice 11 story scenic view tower. http://prntscr.com/10e2hcm The Spiral Inn from up on the mountain side http://prntscr.com/10e2inf View of SW Indy from Dragon Climbers Base Camp http://prntscr.com/10e2jd1 View of NNW Indy from Dragon Climbers Base Camp So if you want to climb Dragon Fang, just do Find Route to Dragon Climbers Base Camp and you will soon be on your way. Or just come up and Enjoy the View!!! Warmest regards, HughMongus Cartographer of Indy
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    A beautiful and colorfully designed advertisement for this event! Always knew you had this thing for bunnies by your searching the hillsides for their gem eggs. Wishing you all many *hoppy* times there together this April. =Ayes=
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    Merged 2 similar suggestions. Edit - Can I just say this: It's not said that not more than one person can answer a PC. The rule is to avoid discussions clogging up Trade.
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    In addition to this make it so they cannot climb extreme slopes. Except maybe spiders.
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    It's quite unrealistic to expect Wurm to transform into a real-time action combat system, the likes of Mount & Blade or Mordhau (since those are, in my opinion, the most exceptional melee combat systems in games these days). Wurm Online would suffer trying to implement that due to the servers being in a central location and the playerbase being worldwide. In order to achieve decent real-time performance in Wurm, you would need to split the playerbase into regional clusters (EU, NA, AUS, etc.) in order to mitigate the severe latency. Trying to play Mordhau on 150-200 ping is misery, and transforming Wurm into that would be highly detrimental to anyone not within reasonable distance to the servers. Beyond that, Wurm's current system actually has the benefit of being mostly immune to latency. Since there is very little "twitch" combat mechanics, the system makes it so players with horrendous ping are still able to play the combat with reasonable success. Believe it or not, there's quite a few people who actually like the way that they can simply stand infront of a creature and wait for it to die. And by all means, if the player is strong enough or has the equipment to do so, then that should be fine! There's nothing wrong with that! Combat currently functions in a way that is akin to a turn-based tactics game. You take your turn every X seconds based on your weapon, swinging at the opponent. In turn, the opponent also takes their turn every X seconds, taking a swing at you. Everything that occurs is mostly under-the-hood and not easily understood by players without reading a 20 page document detailing all the variables that go into combat rating, flanking bonus, glance rates, and similar. To the untrained eye, you just keep swinging at eachother until one character runs out of health. Now, in my opinion, the real goal of a combat overhaul would be to refine the current combat system to one that is more akin to modern MMORPG's, while maintaining it's high fantasy identity. This would also need to be designed in such a way that it would be mostly immune to the ping problems, and simply extend/enhance what already exists instead of replacing it outright. What would that look like? Simply put, it would be a hybrid of conventional MMORPG and Turn-based Tactics games. A list of inspirations like the following: World of Warcraft/Final Fantasy Tactics Star Wars: The Old Republic/Tactics Ogre Final Fantasy XIV/Disgaea To try and illustrate further, I'll try to make some comparisons: Stamina in Wurm would work like Mana in other games. Special moves would costs a certain amount of stamina to use, with more powerful ones costing more stamina. Certain actions might give the ability to drain or restore stamina during combat. Each weapon archetype (axes, knives, swords) would have their own set of special moves, and a "mechanic" designed around them. This is akin to classes in standard MMORPG's. Some examples: Knives might work off a combo system, where some special moves would grant combo points that can then be expended on powerful high-damage special moves. This designates a style of assassination & pure damage. Swords might have a riposte mechanic, where special moves would prepare a counter-attack when your opponent attacks you, further refining it's style as a defensive weapon. Axes might utilize a rage mechanic, where special moves or taking damage would count towards rage. Rage built would naturally increase damage taken, but also increase damage dealt. You could use special moves to maintain maximum rage, or expend it on moves to deal more damage. This refines axes as a highly offensive option, while still maintaining some defense if played towards it. Special moves would be designed with chaining/combos in mind, using the mechanics above. All of this achieves the goals marked above. Players can ignore special moves entirely, and continue with the back-and-forth swinging to determine outcome of combat. Additionally, with several seconds cooldown on special moves, it's not heavily ping-reliant. Players can safely use special moves at a mild delay and not see a significant decrease in combat efficiency. Finally, it would leverage the UI improvements made perfectly, allowing the new mechanics to be shown in the templates above the characters instead of relying on the status bar or event logs. In all, the above system could be designed and implemented in a couple months. Most of the tools required to create it already exist, and the UI improvements made would complement it exceptionally well. I doubt anyone would be mad with having new tools to play with, especially since they can ignore it altogether if they so desire. That said, I feel the need to echo above concerns that it's just underwhelming. Steam launch was 8 months ago and so far we've got the pending favor and the upcoming minor combat update to show for it. The fact that it does not touch on dual wield or the difference between priests and non-priests in combat is shocking. To a lesser extent, the fact it doesn't add new weapons (warhammer for PvE?), armour, or simply add any new content at all to the combat system is also surprising. No balance tweaks on existing weapons and armour is additionally disappointing. I originally stopped playing in November, thinking to myself "I'm going to wait until the combat overhaul to dig my teeth back into the game and figure out the new combat." With the current patch notes, I have to say I'm not excited for it at all, and don't see myself returning as a result of this update.
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    Just had to throw in a couple more screenshots. Well, I imagine everyone has a rainbow shot, but this one about blinded me at my old deed. (I'm still learning how to take screenshots, so plz forgive my mistakes) This is from the old Wonderland Alliance deed I visited July 14, 2020. The colossus and tower are rare and they still had old signs up designating the workstations for it's members, everything else was long gone. I thought it was rather sad but beautiful as well.
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    This was quite exciting! I'm glad so many people came. Here is a screenshot an alliance member took:
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    i like zanadu the way it is ,not fussed about comings and goings il still be there
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    Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last post and a really bumpy period. At some point I even decided to quit the game and look for greener pastures somewhere else, but since I was not able to find any game even remotely comparable with Wurm, I decided to stick around and now I can say that I'm glad I did. Also, no matter how strange this might sound, I'm also glad that I tried to quit the game and find a replacement - the fact that I failed to find any and that I realized that Wurm is a one-of-a kind game, made me appreciate it even more, like a rare treasured jewel. Another good thing is that I managed to get my playtime under control, right where I wanted it, at between one and two hours per day. I've started the year with 480 hours (20 days) of /playtime and now, two months later, on March 1st I have 558 hours (23.25 day), which means that I averaged about one hour and twenty minutes of playtime per day which is pretty much exactly the amount of time I am comfortable with investing in an online game, so I can say that I managed to find a balance, that I think I finally have a healthy relation with the game and that, generally, I'm in a nice spot right now. And, since I'm happy with the place I'm in right now, I decided once again to start sharing my adventures. As before, I know they're not impressing in any way and that pretty much everyone playing this game seriously is waaay ahead of me, but I still want to do it in order to show other new and casual players, that are just starting out, that they too can find their way and have fun within the Wurm universe, even if they're time constrained and can't afford the luxury of spending hours after hours in an online game.
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    @polarbear - I appreciate you'd like mods to be supported and disagree that the concerns I flagged are real and/or strong enough reasons against them. I think others have given really good examples to support the concern around exploits. It feels like you're taking disagreement with your suggestion personally and I don't really see debating whether it would allow exploits as being very constructive. I think the devs are in a better position to judge.
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    You can get a list of files called anything the user wants them to be called. Are you going to analyze every file every user has? in WU i am using about 20 mods. I can call those files "red_borsch.jar" and WO staff will have to analyze every single of the 4 thousand files which people will create just to mess with them, if clientside mods are allowed. It does in PvP. Separating PvP and PvE and policing this just by rules is simply not doable. Not without the skill and not to the extent a mod does it. 20 tiles away i can see that the tile is flat, grass is tall, tree is harvestable and has sprouts and it's overaged and i can see elevation above sea level on corners and slopes on borders and so on. All in one tooltip, without any skill. I don't know where you got that from but here is one of the lists of clientside mods made by just one person, includes compass mod. There are multiple modders with really nice albeit "cheating" clientside mods in the same forums section: Even if you read only the descriptions of public clientside mods and imagine applying those to WO and not see a problem with that, we must be playing 2 different games. There are also mods which people made for them self and never released like auto moving + hunting mod (effectively a bot). What you are proposing boils down to "ok, we'll let you mod the client but you have to promise that you won't do bad stuff".
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    Found these buoys in a lake. I noticed they had names of towns on them. I thought they had to be some kind of weird joke. There was no way I wasn't going to try and see if they worked though. They did. It was a bit of a journey to go back and get my ship but was worth it .
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    Our apologies for misinterpreting your original post. We have fixed the error. Skyefox Co-Administrator of the Albia Roads map of Indy
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    Blood vignette effect seems to strong too early for me. An idea: why don't you put out a ton of strong mob spawners (troll mounds etc) so we should not rely on GMs for testing material?
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    Happy Valentine's, fellow Wurmians ^ ,^
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    I can definitely say that such a deportation and wanton destruction of all I created in over three years would spell the end of wurming for me. And I am quite certain that same would apply to most of my friends and allies. I do not deny that many would enjoy more players close by. But many would detest it too. I made the experience of a toxic neighbour once, and am not eager for any repetition. I love the width and freedom of Xanadu, and even when the clusters will eventually be merged, cannot imagine to live on NFI, even with the already reduced population. I would love more players, but not more congestion.
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    more DF screenies With Julie nad rising Sol With Tich at Teeebomb's fountain. Drop ur tent, take sandwiches. U may meet hungry mobs on a slope.
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    We have a july DF Party. They made a camp just at DF Mountain Hut, so if you planned to get the top of DF - its a good time. After that may join to party! U may meet many Wurm VIPs there. Just talk with Julia in the way at Freedom Market