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    Examples of existing WU client side mods (which can't be detected by server owners): You can disable rendering of trees and tree collisions. You can display a server map within client: You can highlight anything you want, from mobs to items to players. You can have a compass which never has to settle and is always on, even while moving. You can change time of day and season of the year. You can automate everything, from improving to mining to crafting. You can have tooltips which show slopes, tree ages, field states without having any skill or tool activated. Imagine allowing this in WO. Totally not an advantage for people who speak JAVA and code some of those for themselves and not share with wider audience... Server admins have no way to tell who is using mods and what mods are they. Years ago there was a ban wave because people were using modified client in PvP (mini trees so they could see the enemy in deep forests), just another example of how client modding can give unfair advantage to those who know how to o it.
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    It's quite unrealistic to expect Wurm to transform into a real-time action combat system, the likes of Mount & Blade or Mordhau (since those are, in my opinion, the most exceptional melee combat systems in games these days). Wurm Online would suffer trying to implement that due to the servers being in a central location and the playerbase being worldwide. In order to achieve decent real-time performance in Wurm, you would need to split the playerbase into regional clusters (EU, NA, AUS, etc.) in order to mitigate the severe latency. Trying to play Mordhau on 150-200 ping is misery, and transforming Wurm into that would be highly detrimental to anyone not within reasonable distance to the servers. Beyond that, Wurm's current system actually has the benefit of being mostly immune to latency. Since there is very little "twitch" combat mechanics, the system makes it so players with horrendous ping are still able to play the combat with reasonable success. Believe it or not, there's quite a few people who actually like the way that they can simply stand infront of a creature and wait for it to die. And by all means, if the player is strong enough or has the equipment to do so, then that should be fine! There's nothing wrong with that! Combat currently functions in a way that is akin to a turn-based tactics game. You take your turn every X seconds based on your weapon, swinging at the opponent. In turn, the opponent also takes their turn every X seconds, taking a swing at you. Everything that occurs is mostly under-the-hood and not easily understood by players without reading a 20 page document detailing all the variables that go into combat rating, flanking bonus, glance rates, and similar. To the untrained eye, you just keep swinging at eachother until one character runs out of health. Now, in my opinion, the real goal of a combat overhaul would be to refine the current combat system to one that is more akin to modern MMORPG's, while maintaining it's high fantasy identity. This would also need to be designed in such a way that it would be mostly immune to the ping problems, and simply extend/enhance what already exists instead of replacing it outright. What would that look like? Simply put, it would be a hybrid of conventional MMORPG and Turn-based Tactics games. A list of inspirations like the following: World of Warcraft/Final Fantasy Tactics Star Wars: The Old Republic/Tactics Ogre Final Fantasy XIV/Disgaea To try and illustrate further, I'll try to make some comparisons: Stamina in Wurm would work like Mana in other games. Special moves would costs a certain amount of stamina to use, with more powerful ones costing more stamina. Certain actions might give the ability to drain or restore stamina during combat. Each weapon archetype (axes, knives, swords) would have their own set of special moves, and a "mechanic" designed around them. This is akin to classes in standard MMORPG's. Some examples: Knives might work off a combo system, where some special moves would grant combo points that can then be expended on powerful high-damage special moves. This designates a style of assassination & pure damage. Swords might have a riposte mechanic, where special moves would prepare a counter-attack when your opponent attacks you, further refining it's style as a defensive weapon. Axes might utilize a rage mechanic, where special moves or taking damage would count towards rage. Rage built would naturally increase damage taken, but also increase damage dealt. You could use special moves to maintain maximum rage, or expend it on moves to deal more damage. This refines axes as a highly offensive option, while still maintaining some defense if played towards it. Special moves would be designed with chaining/combos in mind, using the mechanics above. All of this achieves the goals marked above. Players can ignore special moves entirely, and continue with the back-and-forth swinging to determine outcome of combat. Additionally, with several seconds cooldown on special moves, it's not heavily ping-reliant. Players can safely use special moves at a mild delay and not see a significant decrease in combat efficiency. Finally, it would leverage the UI improvements made perfectly, allowing the new mechanics to be shown in the templates above the characters instead of relying on the status bar or event logs. In all, the above system could be designed and implemented in a couple months. Most of the tools required to create it already exist, and the UI improvements made would complement it exceptionally well. I doubt anyone would be mad with having new tools to play with, especially since they can ignore it altogether if they so desire. That said, I feel the need to echo above concerns that it's just underwhelming. Steam launch was 8 months ago and so far we've got the pending favor and the upcoming minor combat update to show for it. The fact that it does not touch on dual wield or the difference between priests and non-priests in combat is shocking. To a lesser extent, the fact it doesn't add new weapons (warhammer for PvE?), armour, or simply add any new content at all to the combat system is also surprising. No balance tweaks on existing weapons and armour is additionally disappointing. I originally stopped playing in November, thinking to myself "I'm going to wait until the combat overhaul to dig my teeth back into the game and figure out the new combat." With the current patch notes, I have to say I'm not excited for it at all, and don't see myself returning as a result of this update.
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    Deliverance Renaissance Festival will be holding our Grand Opening Impalong Easter weekend, April 2nd (Good Friday) 18:00 CET / 12pm EST until Easter Sunday April 4th 22:00 CET / 4pm EST. We invite everyone to come and join in the fun and festivities, so hop on over and check us out! Our list of activities include: Players improving weapons, armour and tools Players improving ships, carts and wagons Sermons for priest Priest casting spells on items Climbing wall area to skill climbing or just for fun Fight skill to be gained and fun to be had in our arena Games to play and prizes to be won We also offer the chance for lower skill players to come and gain skill by supplying the needed items to do so. We have a hotel with lots of rooms for players wanting a place to spend a night or two, with double rooms and a few honeymoon suites for those couples that attend. We also have a camp site next to the deed to place your tents. *Looking for high skilled players to volunteer to assist with the improving, and priests for casting, all assistance is greatly appreciated. Staff: Drogos Velvetsun Olufus Tuxi Orando Blazecraze Fossil Theshawv Subie Special thanks to:- Blazecraze - Brick Maker Extraordinaire Orando - Land Viking Sandstone Buster Bunnbunn - Bat Cave Carver Kichi - Ore Vein Removal Olufus - Sandstone Ninja Arka - Carpenter / Deforester We are located at https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1107,156 Deliverance Renaissance Festival Discord Channel https://discord.gg/8RaGbH3REX Deliverance Renaissance Festival Website https://www.wurmnode.com/drf Foot note: The idea of this deed is to create a place where players could come to hang out and meet new people, gain skill, hold sermons, get their equipment improved by skilled players. The dream for the Deliverance Renaissance Festival is a nice place to hold different events through out the year or just a place players can come to if they would like a place to get away to and hang out at any time. * There are lots of rooms in the hotel for guests who would like one, just let us know * Rules / General information *Special Thanks to Hughmongus for sharing these with us
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    Trade Chat is for Buying/Selling your in game goods or services or checking their prices. To use this channel use the following at the beginning of your message: WTS - Want to Sell, used when you are selling the item/s or service. WTB - Want to Buy, used when you are searching for the item or service and want to purchase it. WTT - Want to Trade, used when you want to trade the first item or service(yours) for another item or service. PC - Price Check, used when you are not sure on the cost of an item or service. When replying to a PC, respond only with a brief message. Do not use this command for discussions. @[Players name] - This will show your message in the trade window, but only to the player you input after the @ symbol. Use the @[Players name], or PM, when you are trying to talk to a player instead of using PC or any of the other lines above. This keeps the Trade Chat clear of the private conversations or deals that are being made. Doing this allows others to see other posts in the trade chat, that were posted before and do not pertain to the current listing. Using PC to respond to a Price Check is still allowed. Discussions need to use the @ command or a PM. Creativity in listings is encouraged! Keep them to a single message post and not multiples! If listing multiple items, consider making a forum post in the merchant section and listing the link in trade. If posting the same listing again in trade chat, keep a 30 minute gap between posts. Multiple posts of different listings are to be kept to 2-3 at a time. Again, this helps allow other players posts to be seen. Trade chat is for in game items and services ONLY. Posts not pertaining to Wurm Online can be moderated at the Chat Moderators discretion. And as always the normal chat rules apply to this channel as well.
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    Count the Tomatoe to show up. and im hearing whispers of the entire Sermon Farm showing as well. more priests for gains.
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    The Powers That Be Sermon Circle P10/11 on Independence Whether you are a new priest, looking for a convert, or just wanting that last little bit to 100 faith Heck you can even just be somebody looking for place to hang out for a while and be a listener (requires premium) We are running a 24/7 sermon circle, that currently is getting gains in the range of .20-.30 per sermon Food and Drink provided Coastal Access If you are on Indy we can summon you right to the deed. If you are off Indy it's a easy sail to us, if you are somebody who can run the character 24/7 we might be able to sail to your server and summon you to the boat and bring you If interested you can post below, PM me on the forums, or PM me in-game on Tek All are welcome Update: No longer running at this time, may start it up again in the future but wasn't enough interest any longer to justify running.
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    https://i.imgur.com/5qwQUIP.jpg Starting bid: 14s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 30 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
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    sounds like high ping, packet loss or something similar. check if its just wurm having issues or any other international stuff is also affected might not be wurm, might not be you but could be anywhere in between you could use something like this to check latency : https://www.cloudping.info and packet loss: https://packetlosstest.com you could use a tracert to check where the issue might be and contact your ISP, see if they can solve it now that you have all this data right click start, execute : CMD/powershell and type: tracert google.com just as an example or wurm server address : tracert jenn001.game.wurmonline.com more servers: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Server_types#Server_Information_Links
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    This kind of falls under suggestions and town square related. However, please allow client side modding, this allows something that in the future instead of the devs dealing with some simple visual thing it out sources it to an external modder. This way the dev team can deal with more important things like fixing bugs etc... I'm sure plenty of us here who do programming or have ideas for visual client side only features, but don't want to bother the devs with them; we could do them and share them with others. I understand the concern with not wanting to deal with people trying to do macro'ing but as a start, just make it where you can't activate an item with a client side mod and that would solve the issue (in my opinion), and see where it goes. 1 example of a mod I would create is adding a counter to stacks, so instead of opening up a window, it displays a number somewhere on the screen of a rock stack that I'm mining, or number of items in a tile. ( see my point, pointless for the dev team to implement, just a nice to have that I could throw together with a client mod in my free time... etc...)
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    Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last post and a really bumpy period. At some point I even decided to quit the game and look for greener pastures somewhere else, but since I was not able to find any game even remotely comparable with Wurm, I decided to stick around and now I can say that I'm glad I did. Also, no matter how strange this might sound, I'm also glad that I tried to quit the game and find a replacement - the fact that I failed to find any and that I realized that Wurm is a one-of-a kind game, made me appreciate it even more, like a rare treasured jewel. Another good thing is that I managed to get my playtime under control, right where I wanted it, at between one and two hours per day. I've started the year with 480 hours (20 days) of /playtime and now, two months later, on March 1st I have 558 hours (23.25 day), which means that I averaged about one hour and twenty minutes of playtime per day which is pretty much exactly the amount of time I am comfortable with investing in an online game, so I can say that I managed to find a balance, that I think I finally have a healthy relation with the game and that, generally, I'm in a nice spot right now. And, since I'm happy with the place I'm in right now, I decided once again to start sharing my adventures. As before, I know they're not impressing in any way and that pretty much everyone playing this game seriously is waaay ahead of me, but I still want to do it in order to show other new and casual players, that are just starting out, that they too can find their way and have fun within the Wurm universe, even if they're time constrained and can't afford the luxury of spending hours after hours in an online game.
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    I have to say I am a bit sad how minor the changes seam to be (can´t say if its really the case since we as players cant see the code and its hard to say how much work it really was so fare. I talk about what we as players can see). I don´t expect a exceptional combat with real-time elements. Wurm combat is more turn based and this make it work well for a game like Wurm but over all we could really need more depth and remodeling some of the features. In the current system I would joke that all weapons are not more distinct than in Skyrim where every weapon is basically a baseball bat in different skins. And in Wurm that you swing in metronome like intervals this bats For PvP one change I would like to see is the removing of the windup time for the first "combat" round. Currently the fastest horse win because the one with the faster horse will catch up and are the one that can manipulate the swing timer by breaking combat more easy. On top its some time problematic with server lag that one party can already hit while the other is not close enough for combat. At the moment its like you Target an enemy, run to it and then draw your weapon and get read to fight. This don´t feel natural or like a good combat opening flow for PvE to. Some love for Dual wielding and a more direction for the weapon types would be great.
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    Please. I want to actually have dark nights again. Half the time I dont even realize my lantern is out because its so bright
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    As long as going darker isn't forced (I personally find it dark enough and even too dark at times; I find I have to close the curtains irl daytime to play wurm nighttime), I have have no objection. I do find it interesting how different our perceptions are. I have a large rose-bush garden (about 120) that I'm farming for sprouts to complete a hedge maze and find it really annoying to do this daytime irl when it's nightime in wurm if I don't light my lantern. That said, I'm running macOS and understand we don't benefit from a lot of improvements for graphics (e.g., I don't see text on signs and water is still old-style). I wonder if things are also darker on macs because of this? I always get jealous of the graphics when I watch Factional Fight or KatsPurr on YouTube.
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    Bought a couple of times already. Perfect service! And fast... very fast!!! 10/10
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    Sorry for the confusion. The location will be announced today, the kill is tomorrow. This is a first time effort for almost everyone involved in this event. There were voices urging us not to disclose the location too soon, so we opted for for caution. Reading the rules for uniques, this might be overkill, but we thought better be safe than sorry.
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    You can get a list of files called anything the user wants them to be called. Are you going to analyze every file every user has? in WU i am using about 20 mods. I can call those files "red_borsch.jar" and WO staff will have to analyze every single of the 4 thousand files which people will create just to mess with them, if clientside mods are allowed. It does in PvP. Separating PvP and PvE and policing this just by rules is simply not doable. Not without the skill and not to the extent a mod does it. 20 tiles away i can see that the tile is flat, grass is tall, tree is harvestable and has sprouts and it's overaged and i can see elevation above sea level on corners and slopes on borders and so on. All in one tooltip, without any skill. I don't know where you got that from but here is one of the lists of clientside mods made by just one person, includes compass mod. There are multiple modders with really nice albeit "cheating" clientside mods in the same forums section: Even if you read only the descriptions of public clientside mods and imagine applying those to WO and not see a problem with that, we must be playing 2 different games. There are also mods which people made for them self and never released like auto moving + hunting mod (effectively a bot). What you are proposing boils down to "ok, we'll let you mod the client but you have to promise that you won't do bad stuff".
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    +1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes I DEMANNDDD the darker nights! My lantern is virtually useless now, and my purple kingdom would look so much more appealing with darker nights again! I've tried to adjust the brightness setting in game - but that also effects the overall lighting system so it just doesn't work!
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    +1 I would enjoy client side modding for the visual aspects. The current direction the game is taking in regards to UI and Graphics, such as wanting to move towards floating text and fatter, thicker styled UI is disappointing ..and the removal of the old UI is already bad enough - for me to properly mimic the previous UI, I need to shrink my scale and raise my text size and its still not good enough. I'd love to see some visual mods that allow us to adapt the games visual style to suit as when the Dev team moves in a direct we don't like.
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    I am constantly forgetting to snuff out my lantern cause of how bright the nights are. And to answer the inevitable "Why do you light your lantern if it's so bright?", caves are actually pitch black without light.
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    Best and likely only way is to just create the unfinished item normally. As it requires a lot of data, as well as some being bitwise iirc.
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    I'm imagining a scenario with this auto-climb, I'm a -1 on the OP btw. A noob is walking along, hits a steep mountainside, decides to keep walking, doesn't notice his auto climb is on so higher and higher he goes til he's out of stamina and wheee down he falls to the base where he promptly dies. yeah, i'll take a hard pass on the idea.
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    the hats are finally real I am ecstatic.. No one know how long I've waited for this it was even long before i ever made this post, a BIG Thank You I extend to the Dev team for putting this in
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    There wil be an option to launch the new UI in the low memory setting once the old UI is gone.
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    Conditions : 1. Desertion rift 2. Solo participant (there weren't any players around) 3. Used a longbow. 4. Targeted a rift summoner about 12 -13 tiles away. 5. Killed him using only arrows, no melee. 6. No rift points awarded.
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    I was macroing my prospecting skill, being on nightshift and taking a nap for a while. As i returned hours later(my boss would ban me too but he cannot detect my macro for this) to my notebook, there was a antimacroing-window popped up, asking me a question beyond my level of education. "What has no legs ?" A seal ? A stool ? And something else i could not read, my reading glasses were somewhere else then me. I clicked "a seal" i think and the macro test failed. Said something not to use a pickaxe wrong or something and that i have to log out, what i did. Then i logged back in and worked a bit around, drove with the cart around to do this and that. As i was cutting gras on a hile a hour later, the flash of anger and justice hit me. Saying something of a wrong used pickaxe and that i'm banned for 9999 days. Well, that was unexpected but refreshing. I loved Wurm, i loved the communities, the new one on the northern islands is not as bad as i thought, even it is created under the influence of the steam community. The new interface and the new graphics(the colours of the sky are way better then earlier, it was fun looking into dusk and dawn). I loved all the possibilies you have in this game. Its really special in all the things you can do, combined with your fantasy and your creativity. I loved helping, i never were the guy to have a own deed, much more to travel around and stay with people and work for them. All i was for was enchanted tools, coc, makes the life so much better. Eddie was not a experienced character but was planned to be, until i was banned, because i wanted to be able to find ore veins and especially i wanted to be able to predict how long they will last. It would be for sure a good feeling to tell how long it will take to mine this dang vein out, that is blocking your tunnel project( 1 of 37). I loved the friends and the huge game area where you could travel, settle and meet people; i forgot to say i played wurm since 2004, with long breaks between. I even loved wurmpedia, because its really helpful and fast to reach(after 15 having the option ingame, it finally worked !). And i loved mining also, so prospecting was a must for me. What i never loved and could not even stand was the imagination to stand for hours, staring at the wall and again and again for a number to raise, even without macroing it was sometimes tedious. Using no macros in some situations overwhelmed me totally. So i lost the game i guess, what had to happen, happened. Yes i knew the risk. Bye Alliance, you were really a nice bunch of peeps. I'm a real maverick, ever been, don't have friends and since im 54, the little family(parents and their relatives) i had is dying out slowly. Sleeping at day and working at night as a nightwatchman, so much time to play(and to sleep), i'm the paradigm for the guy about that players of all games laugh, because he has no life, but with you i managed to have fun in all the hi's and bye's, all the fun- crap- and smalltalk, the helping out with work or informations. Short said, i enjoyed you very much and i thank you all for that time.
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    Is it? The difference in category sounds to me like a script to macro one action repeatedly vs something more complex to macro up to five different actions. The end result is the same - a skill you've gathered while not really playing.
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    Wurm, when played by itself can be tedious. This is known. It's a little known fact, but Netflix moved to a streaming service solely because the CEO was a Wurmian and couldn't stand staring at a timer for 4 hours without distraction. If you don't have a second screen, get a cheap tablet, or prop your phone up next to you while you play. Don't cheat, it ruins it for everyone else who has spent countless hours getting decent skills (whilst watching Netflix) to have you pop up seemingly overnight with something comparable. The community is special because of things like the grind. If we all followed your footsteps everyone gets top Weaponsmithing skills etc without effort, grows bored and moves on to another game. Sorry you can no longer play, but at least you owned up to it so points there.
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    Hi, I would like the 4 for 1s CoC tools offer: Carving Knife, File, Mallet, Stone chisel Leather knife, awl, needle, metal brush Thanks in advance. Send to Timmmehhh by mail.
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    Yeah, sorry but that's simply not realistic in any way. What's also not realistic, is the amount of time taken to work on this "overhaul," if it can really even be called that. It begs the question; what really has been going on for the last 8? months? What plagues this games development cycle so extremely that what boils down to a UI + mechanics improvement takes months? Have contractors been looked into since we received the roadmap? Is there a lack of volunteers? It's genuinely worrying considering the amount of money spent by players, and it's nearly been a year since that influx began.
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    Hello Guys Rares and supremes are nice decorations, some of them can give advantages (like forges and so on), but especially they GLOW :3 Unfortunately I noticed that while using high graphic details on the new client/rendered I can barely see the glow, on some items I can't see it at all because it is way too weak. I know that for many players glows could be anoying, so it would be nice to have the possibility to choose the level of intensity. So my proposal is to add an option in graphic settings, where the player can set the Glow Intensity between Low, Medium and High; in this way every player would be able to choose his favourite intensity without being annoyed by it
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    I streamed the event; a recording of it will remain up for about 2 weeks -- https://www.twitch.tv/gafferboffin/video/930647185
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    I agree: All Hail Seedlings!!!!
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    All hail the Mighty Seedlings.
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    The great and mighty Seedlings has heard your request and like a genie, made it happen.
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    Haha yeah I personally use something like this, and have it turned off globally and just on for specific sites. It'd just be nice to have the option is all.
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    MY EYES. If you want a temporary fix check out a browser called Opera GX. It has a forced black mode and many other features designed for gamers. Made my wiki experience so much better. #NotSponsored
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    It has been suggested years ago, I fully support this! +1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
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    There's not enough in the way of new tactical decisions and no sense of "style" to be gained from the new special moves. The split of offensive/defensive stances was a step in the right direction. However, the special moves are sorely lacking. Combat is already split into 10 second intervals. Every special move should have a maximum cooldown of 10 seconds to allow one use per combat round. Some might even deserve cooldowns that are even lower. Additionally, the effects of the moves (outside of potent ones like stun) should last ~30 seconds to allow for combinations between special moves to optimize your fighting style. Think to turn-based tactic games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy genre, where you would do a form of armor break then attack the opponent. For example: Start with a special move that reduces the target's defense. Then use a special move 10 seconds later that deals increased damage to swiftly slay them. Useful against weaker targets. Start with a special move that reduces the target's CR. Then use a special move that drains their stamina. The stamina drain would hit more reliably against the reduced CR. Useful against tough opponents where you might not win by raw health, but removing their stamina might change the outcome. Upon getting into a dangerous situation, use a special move to reduce the opponent movement speed and break combat. Having 20-50 second cooldowns shared between all special moves means you'll very rarely get the chance to use them tactically. Their effect not lasting long enough also means that you cannot apply a combination of potent effects. Additionally, this was the perfect opportunity to implement tools to mitigate the difference between priest and non-priests in combat. Instead, there is no sign of any moves which interrupt casting, hinder casting, or are limited to non-priests. As of right now only the stunning moves are potent to stop casting, but they are available to priests anyway and are useful beyond simple interrupts. I'd like to see the special moves have shorter cooldowns, longer effects, and thought put into the way that they might combine to create interesting combat situations.
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    Congrats Gawain on your engagement! All the best to you both and your future.
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    Gonna contribute with my pink hat. I know it's dope
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    Me but with a goatee I drew on so I would fit in
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    I'd just be happy if we could get crossbows I dun even care if it just copy/pastes archery stuff at this point to accomplish it.
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    Meh. https://imgur.com/a/itEkSv4 https://imgur.com/a/blX0WZI Darkprince/Werwolf