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    @Jossothank you for sending me your butchering knife for re-imp. This work is at no charge and consider it as a gift from the community for organising and sharing this unique slaying. Let's hope it helps you gather more and better things. If I don't make it to this event, enjoy and good luck.
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    Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last post and a really bumpy period. At some point I even decided to quit the game and look for greener pastures somewhere else, but since I was not able to find any game even remotely comparable with Wurm, I decided to stick around and now I can say that I'm glad I did. Also, no matter how strange this might sound, I'm also glad that I tried to quit the game and find a replacement - the fact that I failed to find any and that I realized that Wurm is a one-of-a kind game, made me appreciate it even more, like a rare treasured jewel. Another good thing is that I managed to get my playtime under control, right where I wanted it, at between one and two hours per day. I've started the year with 480 hours (20 days) of /playtime and now, two months later, on March 1st I have 558 hours (23.25 day), which means that I averaged about one hour and twenty minutes of playtime per day which is pretty much exactly the amount of time I am comfortable with investing in an online game, so I can say that I managed to find a balance, that I think I finally have a healthy relation with the game and that, generally, I'm in a nice spot right now. And, since I'm happy with the place I'm in right now, I decided once again to start sharing my adventures. As before, I know they're not impressing in any way and that pretty much everyone playing this game seriously is waaay ahead of me, but I still want to do it in order to show other new and casual players, that are just starting out, that they too can find their way and have fun within the Wurm universe, even if they're time constrained and can't afford the luxury of spending hours after hours in an online game.
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    I was macroing my prospecting skill, being on nightshift and taking a nap for a while. As i returned hours later(my boss would ban me too but he cannot detect my macro for this) to my notebook, there was a antimacroing-window popped up, asking me a question beyond my level of education. "What has no legs ?" A seal ? A stool ? And something else i could not read, my reading glasses were somewhere else then me. I clicked "a seal" i think and the macro test failed. Said something not to use a pickaxe wrong or something and that i have to log out, what i did. Then i logged back in and worked a bit around, drove with the cart around to do this and that. As i was cutting gras on a hile a hour later, the flash of anger and justice hit me. Saying something of a wrong used pickaxe and that i'm banned for 9999 days. Well, that was unexpected but refreshing. I loved Wurm, i loved the communities, the new one on the northern islands is not as bad as i thought, even it is created under the influence of the steam community. The new interface and the new graphics(the colours of the sky are way better then earlier, it was fun looking into dusk and dawn). I loved all the possibilies you have in this game. Its really special in all the things you can do, combined with your fantasy and your creativity. I loved helping, i never were the guy to have a own deed, much more to travel around and stay with people and work for them. All i was for was enchanted tools, coc, makes the life so much better. Eddie was not a experienced character but was planned to be, until i was banned, because i wanted to be able to find ore veins and especially i wanted to be able to predict how long they will last. It would be for sure a good feeling to tell how long it will take to mine this dang vein out, that is blocking your tunnel project( 1 of 37). I loved the friends and the huge game area where you could travel, settle and meet people; i forgot to say i played wurm since 2004, with long breaks between. I even loved wurmpedia, because its really helpful and fast to reach(after 15 having the option ingame, it finally worked !). And i loved mining also, so prospecting was a must for me. What i never loved and could not even stand was the imagination to stand for hours, staring at the wall and again and again for a number to raise, even without macroing it was sometimes tedious. Using no macros in some situations overwhelmed me totally. So i lost the game i guess, what had to happen, happened. Yes i knew the risk. Bye Alliance, you were really a nice bunch of peeps. I'm a real maverick, ever been, don't have friends and since im 54, the little family(parents and their relatives) i had is dying out slowly. Sleeping at day and working at night as a nightwatchman, so much time to play(and to sleep), i'm the paradigm for the guy about that players of all games laugh, because he has no life, but with you i managed to have fun in all the hi's and bye's, all the fun- crap- and smalltalk, the helping out with work or informations. Short said, i enjoyed you very much and i thank you all for that time.
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    Very nicely done event page! Always nice to have more events for players
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    Deliverance Renaissance Festival will be holding our Grand Opening Impalong Easter weekend, April 2nd (Good Friday) 18:00 CET / 12pm EST until Easter Sunday April 4th 22:00 CET / 4pm EST. We invite everyone to come and join in the fun and festivities, so hop on over and check us out! Our list of activities include: Players improving weapons, armour and tools Players improving ships, carts and wagons Sermons for priest Priest casting spells on items Climbing wall area to skill climbing or just for fun Fight skill to be gained and fun to be had in our arena Games to play and prizes to be won We also offer the chance for lower skill players to come and gain skill by supplying the needed items to do so. We have a hotel with lots of rooms for players wanting a place to spend a night or two, with double rooms and a few honeymoon suites for those couples that attend. 💗 We also have a camp site next to the deed to place your tents. *Looking for high skilled players to volunteer to assist with the improving, and priests for casting, all assistance is greatly appreciated. Staff: Drogos Velvetsun Olufus Tuxi Orando Blazecraze Fossil Theshawv Subie Special thanks to:- Blazecraze - Brick Maker Extraordinaire Orando - Land Viking Sandstone Buster Bunnbunn - Bat Cave Carver Kichi - Ore Vein Removal Olufus - Sandstone Ninja Arka - Carpenter / Deforester We are located at https://deliverance.yaga.host/#1107,156 Deliverance Renaissance Festival Discord Channel https://discord.gg/8RaGbH3REX Deliverance Renaissance Festival Website https://www.wurmnode.com/drf Foot note: 💜 The idea of this deed is to create a place where players could come to hang out and meet new people, gain skill, hold sermons, get their equipment improved by skilled players. The dream for the Deliverance Renaissance Festival is a nice place to hold different events through out the year or just a place players can come to if they would like a place to get away to and hang out at any time. 💜💜💜 * There are lots of rooms in the hotel for guests who would like one, just let us know * Rules / General information *Special Thanks to Hughmongus for sharing these with us 💜
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    Ladies, Gents and Inbetweeners! it is my pleasure to announce a public killing of an aged fat green dragon. The killing shall commence on saturday at 6pm UTC on Harmony. The location is I/J 19, where the olive trees meet the desert. Big shoutout to Mechanicalcepac, Ikki and Yanbizarre who were all instrumental in this undertaking! Edit: T̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶(̶i̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶r̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶)̶ The corpse loot will not be publicly rolled. This is something we want to do in the future, but frankly, we are not prepared to do so at this time. It seems a bit daunting to distinguish alt from main on this server. That being said, we received great tips on how to set that up in the future. On that note I would like to thank Stanlee without whose valuable input we would have run around like headless chickens!
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    Please. I want to actually have dark nights again. Half the time I dont even realize my lantern is out because its so bright
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    the hats are finally real I am ecstatic.. No one know how long I've waited for this it was even long before i ever made this post, a BIG Thank You I extend to the Dev team for putting this in
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    Hi, I enjoyed reading your heartfelt and honest appraisal of your Wurm journey. I can definitely recognise some of this in my own story. I feel I have too readily focused on skill gain at times, rather than enjoying the game for what it is. I wish you well as you continue to learn about your own playstyle discovering more about what works for you given your own personal circumstances.
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    Is it? The difference in category sounds to me like a script to macro one action repeatedly vs something more complex to macro up to five different actions. The end result is the same - a skill you've gathered while not really playing.
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    In order to be able to track any progress, I should probably start by mention where I was starting from, so here's the previous report, from the very last days of the last year. What I have achieved so far - Managed to set my deed on the spot that I dreamed at ever since day one - Built four guard towers on the corners of my deed (and one more on the old deed), so I can keep the predators at bay - Crafted a set of basic tools to replace the starting ones that I dropped on day one - Crafted a set of leather armor and a weapon so I no longer walk around in undergarments - Built a small shed, with a bed inside, so I can start getting sleep bonus - Joined a religion (so I can enjoy follower bonuses), made an altar, and leveled my faith to 30 - Started to meditate, joined Path of Love and reached level ten (which means I can both refresh and enchant grass now) - Got to 21 body control (so I can ride horses), 23 body strength (so I can load items) and 30 mind logic (so I can queue three actions instead of two) - Also got to 30 body strength so I'll no longer be a leacher if I'll attend any more dragons slayings - Crafted a small sailing boat, a rowboat and three large carts (one fully equipped with rafts and another one fully equipped with large crates) so I can move freely across the map - Crafted a corbita and load it with about 30 large crates (so I left space for a BSB, a FSB and a few rafts) so I can carry bulk goods across the map - Crafted quite a few FSBs and BSBs (about 25 totally), as well as some large crates to store my mats (sorting them based on ql already) - Crafted a forge (so I can smelt my ores), an oven (so I can cook my meals), two larders (so I can store my food) and three bee hive (to capture the bees from a wild hive found on my deed) - Crafted a spirit castle and had a friend come over and enchant it - Found two pairs of wild horses and resumed my horse breeding project - improved my items as much as I was able to based on my mats ql (that was about 30 ql for wood and cloth items, 20 ql for leather items, 10 ql for stone items and, please don't laugh, 5 ql for iron items) and I plan to improve them all to 30+ Characteristics and relevant skills Characteristics (all of them): - Mind: 25.88 --- Mind logic: 32.20 --- Mind speed: 20.59 - Soul: 21.72 --- Soul depth: 25.86 --- Soul strength: 20.45 - Body: 31.10 --- Body strength: 30.22 --- Body stamina: 26.38 --- Body control: 25.92 Skills (all those above 30): - Climbing: 35.77 - Digging: 81.29 - Masonry: 54.28 - Nature: 47.46 --- Gardening: 42.95 --- Foraging: 50.89 --- Botanizing: 40.13 --- Farming: 36.46 --- Meditating: 61.89 --- Animal husbandry: 42.52 - Fighting: N /A --- Aggressive fighting: 36.08 - Miscellaneous items: 53.31 --- Shovel: 57.93 --- Repairing: 48.01 - Axes: 36.89 --- Hatchet: 34.25 - Woodcutting: 56.67 - Carpentry: 68.28 --- Fine carpentry: 33.63 --- Ship building: 33.01 Deed plan Deed plan: https://imgur.com/a/uAfMSAP
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    Some background info and early decisions 1. Being such a complex and awesome game, Wurm can easily become addictive and since I always strive to stay in control of my time and maintain a healthy balance between the different aspects of my life, I decided from very early on that it's very important for me to set some limits for my play time, so I can be sure that I don't let the game interfere with the other parts of my (real) life. I played around with quite a few different time quotas here, but in the end I decided to stick with the one that made most sense to me - play for as long (and only for as long) as I have sleep bonus that I can use, which would probably average to about one hour per day (maybe a bit more if I'll manage to get some CCFP from cooking), with the occasional weekend splurge after a global cast or something, but, anyway, I doubt that I'll ever cross the 60 hours per month mark. 2. As a high-school student, working a part-time job, money are always tight, but I know that time is even a scarcer commodity for me, so I realized that trying to play the game as a F2P player would simply not work for me. I definitely don't say that it is impossible and I got to meet a few people that succeeded in game as F2P players, but in order to achieve that you need to be able to invest a lot of time in the game, much more than I could ever dream to. When I first started I purchased the new player bundle with two months of premium time and five silver coins for €11.99 and I have to say that it is a really well thought deal which I would recommend to anyone, since the five silvers are more than enough to allow you to set your initial deed (presuming you stay within the smaller size), then later one another 20 silver for €21.99 and another three months of premium for €20.49 (in both cases that is the point where you get quite a big volume discount, without actually spending a lot of money). When Black Friday sale came, I made a rather large investment and bought a full year of premium for €47.03 (which had the biggest discount and resulted in a premium cost of less than €4 per month) and another 20 silver coins for €16.49 (again, in order to get the first volume discount, without overspending). So, all in one, I spent a total of €117.99, which is about the cost of two AAA single player game, but I'm now covered with both premium time and deed upkeep 'till the end of this year (and a bit more) and I have absolutely no intention to spend any more money 'till then. 3. Initially, I decided to stick with a small 21x23 (483 tiles) size for my deed, without a guard, since the setup cost was lower than the five silvers which were included in the initial package (exact price was 4s 83c, which included the first three months of upkeep) and the monthly upkeep cost was as close as possible, yet still below the minimum cost of one silver per month (any deed smaller than this would still cost one silver, so there wouldn't be any savings, so basically no reason for going smaller). Eventually though, my perfect spot, at which I've dreamed since day one, became available (more details about that later) and I simply couldn't let the opportunity pass me, so I overextended "a bit", yet, even so, I made sure that cost for both the premium membership and the deed upkeep stayed bellow €10 per month, which is the average cost of any subscription based MMO. 4. I made sure that I understood (and accepted) that there are a lot of people willing to invest much more in Wurm than me, both in terms of time and money and there's no way I could even dream to compete with them. That's why I decided to not even try to compare myself with anyone else, but just focus on my own place, on my own story and on my own progress, done at a pace that I'm comfortable with, and simply don't care how fast or how slow the other people are progressing. And, if you're a casual player, that's the single most important advice I can give you: hike or you own hike and don't compare yourself with other players, because, comparison really is the thief of joy; and if anyone else tries to tell you how you should play the game, simply tell them to BEEP OFF - it's your time and your money and you can approach the game in any way you want; as long as you're having fun out of it, you're winning it! My deed I decided that, despite the many inherent disadvantages, I'd really to have a private island all for myself... ideally one that is neither too big (because I wanted to keep in control both costs and required time to maintain it), neither too small (so I don't have to keep travelling back and forth to the mainland), somehow close to the server edge, with at least some rock layer and, if possible, with some clay tiles. And ever since day one, when I first saw Melody's map I totally fall in love with the small island at K25 - it was everything I could have dreamed and some more, but unfortunately, I was beaten on the land race grab race, so I could only congratulate the owners and keep searching. Eventually I found another place to call home, but my heart was still on that island and I kept checking on it and saving coins hoping that one day it would come on the market and I could afford to buy it. And, surprisingly, one happy day, my prayers were answered, the deed went for sale and I was able to grab it and ever since I'm really living my dream on my own little personal paradise. If you want to pay me a visit you're more than welcome and I'm always happy to have guests, but if you just want to take a sneak peak, here's the current deed planner export: https://imgur.com/a/0xDQlRL My play style While I definitely don't recommend this play style to other people, I decided to set some extra challenges for myself to make the game more interesting and increase immersion. I should probably not even mention the fact that I dropped all the starting tools and started from scratch, since that was represented just a minor delay, but just focus on the two big limitations that I set for myself: to never use any enchants, runes or items that I haven't gathered, crafted and improved myself and to play in a permadeath mode (so if I die other than because of technical reasons, it really is game over for me). Talking about the distribution of my play time, I realized (only after it became a burden that almost made me quit the game) that they key to make any (meaningful) progress as a casual player with limited play time is to try to minimize the time spent on daily chores as much as possible (so produce only what I actually need, not start hoarding things just for the sake of hoarding) and to not spread my resources too thin, but instead try to focus them on one mini-project at a time (which should be doable in less than a month) and only switch to a new one once the first one is completed. This way I should be able to keep reaching mini goals/milestone on a regular basis, which would give me a constant constant sense of achievement and allow me to build towards bigger projects over time.
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    This is one of the most respectful 'I cheated and was caught' threads ever. There is nothing but love for the game here. You did the wrong thing, but you for sure have the correct attitude about your departure from the game...not even attempting to hide what you did... You will be missed mate, hopefully you will find love for another game like you loved Wurm, and if you do, hopefully you can refrain from breaking the ToS to enjoy it. o/ Best of luck.
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    It's been a while, but JK is recruiting for some new fresh blood! Everyone is welcome to come join Jenn-Kellon! Send me a message if you're interested to learn the ropes of PvP.
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    Yeah, sorry but that's simply not realistic in any way. What's also not realistic, is the amount of time taken to work on this "overhaul," if it can really even be called that. It begs the question; what really has been going on for the last 8? months? What plagues this games development cycle so extremely that what boils down to a UI + mechanics improvement takes months? Have contractors been looked into since we received the roadmap? Is there a lack of volunteers? It's genuinely worrying considering the amount of money spent by players, and it's nearly been a year since that influx began.
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    Possibly, but don't disable manual. There are situations where it is useful to manually control (like sliding down a mountain).
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    While I can't make specific comments, as an absolute critter lover in this game, I can confidently say the changes will be good Animal stuff has DESPERATELY needed changing for a long time. This is coming from someone who has tons and tons of critters, including a Champion zoo. Everyone always has to be so negative instead of giving a chance. There's new changes, new content, and it's going to be awesome I'm excited as heck to see where both of these updates can take us.
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    A few ideas for archery. I'm still just a beginner archer so please forgive me if some of these thing are already part of the game. First: Adjust the UI so that archery parallels melee combat. - If I have to equip the bow don't make me also activate it. - Ranged button in the combat window turns on auto shooting. - Ranged button reveals aimed shots (once skill allows) like melee, selectable with num pad. - Focus effects archery Second: Bows mounts and movement. IRL short bows are short because they are easier to use while moving around. - Mounted archery skill, used whenever shooting while moving. (On foot or mount) - Short bows: Can be used on mount while running or on foot while running. - Medium bows: Can be used on mount, not moving or on foot while running. - Long bows: Can be used on foot, not moving. Third: Some other ideas. - Additional arrow recipe that uses feathers. Increase accuracy and/or damage dealt while taking more damage. - Stealth SLIGHTLY increases damage. - Allow bows to fit into quivers. - Rare+ arrows never or nearly never break. - Add leather to bow recipes for handles. - A quiver that contains arrows will appear to contain arrows. - ALL mods either run or charge when shot at. - Foraging highlights arrows in the area - String break message on screen - Better representation at Rifts
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    After hovering over an item in inventory and pressing alt, I see the details of the item, what is missing there is the volume of this item.
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    Hello, this has sadness me the most in this game; right after taming a unicorn, I was not be able to equip my unicorn with a mount barding. Please give some love to Animal Taming thanks.
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    I would love it if we could plant all the different sprouts into planters to get small version of the plant as decorations. I think it would also be a nice use for excess sprouts. Another idea that could go along with it is the ability to prune the plants for sprouts, much like a bonsai. The mechanic could work like herbs in herb planters except that you harvest sprouts. I personally would prefer they be decorations that don't need to be tended, but I could also see people wanting bonsai orange trees.
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    I am constantly forgetting to snuff out my lantern cause of how bright the nights are. And to answer the inevitable "Why do you light your lantern if it's so bright?", caves are actually pitch black without light.
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    How many times have we seen those message "why is my stamina not comming back fed and watered only 50 weight in pack" "My stamina is not refilling what would cause that?" "hello! Any idea why my stamina remain 0, when my food and drink levels are ok and I am standing still and not working?" "has anyone ever had their stamina run out and not regenerate at all" "My stamina is not renewing. What could be the reason?" It's very confusing for newbies anyway and I think it's about time to add auto climb and get rid of that toggle option. So basically upon walking slopes that are too steep it will automatically drain your stamina, I would like to see a new animation when climbing as an indication like the combat UI.
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    +1... but i want brighter nights because it's pitch black on my laptop >_>
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    I've asked for this before, but I figure I may as well try again. It's been over 10 years after all. Would love a "mostly" desert biome "hunting server". All protected tiles, no building, only tents allowed. Super dangerous would be great! Perhaps even increase the difficulty of mobs? And/or include Valrei mobs with no loot...
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    I just wanted to thank you for talking about this, I didn't know there was a minimum of 1 silver and that the default 11x11 is way below that! I just expanded my deed to be 20x25 (500 tiles)! I think this thread will be very valuable to new players or those interested in Wurm and worried about how much time they will need to invest to get things done.
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    Resources are plentiful (trees, clay, ores, tar, etc). Slopes are mostly gentle for easy travel and newbie terraforming, yet hilly enough to support mines even for waterfront deeds. Lots of waterfront and interesting terrain for boat travel, highway making, bridges, canals etc. Feedback welcome, to help me learn for future maps. Files Download How to install custom maps (video) Map: Screenshots:
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    if you want a 1 ql tool then just make one, why waste the materials it took to imp a tool up in quality in the first place. I see no reason to make it easier to lower ql of an item when so many people are trying to keep it as high quality as possible for faster actions and better quality material gathered. Just make a new tool. its not much easier then that.
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    This looks really nice! I find permanent snow tiles to be really ... jarring I guess? ... in Wurm maps though. Not a fan of snow.
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    To start with: This is not the place to discuss if naming and shaming is the right thing to do or not. So please move that discussion to another topic. As for the starting post: I seem to remember something similar happened a while ago at the Lunar Order Academy. Knowing some players who were around at that time, I'll ask around as that may as well show the name of a possible alt and / or original player name. Thorin
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    I am definitely looking for a combat overhaul and curious about the animal rework. I hope we actually can breed "neutral animals" if they are raised by their owner. A domesticated lion wouldn't need to be tamed constantly in wurm if it was bred by a player and raised with care. Or a wildcat. Or any other animal. Hope something like that is in the works. Would love to have a neutral/ friendly housecat that jumps and sleeps on the bed.
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    Item from loyalty store that, when used on an animal, "brands" them on every single server to your name, instead of deeds, so that their permissions work like carts/boats do, much more convenient than having to brand to however many servers there are deeds just to have a horse you can take anywhere and not worry about losing it or whatever
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    Why not indeed. +1 this barding on unicorns idea. Confirmed this day , 26 Feb 2021, can not put cloth barding onto a tamed unicorn: "[00:04:42] The venerable fat unicorn 'C0r f20180319am' can not use that."
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    THIS! Breeding and keeping exotic animals is my favorite part of Wurm! I love the mechanics of how it all works, from my 5 speed champion Croc to my 5 speed champion Unicorn and many others, this is my niche! I realize it's not the most popular part of Wurm, but I love that about it too! Please don't change it. Small bugfixes would be appreciated, but please don't do a complete overhaul of how it all works. It's a great system!
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    when you spend much time traveling i believe most experience lag to a degree that requires a relog, often i have chats and windows open that would be hard to get back when i relog. i propose that it would be convienient to have a relog option opposed to having to quit and log back in, where i lose all windows. so a relog option that keeps your chats and windows as they were when you log. hope that makes sense
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    Or a little from column A and a little from column B. Or in the old money; "Belt and Braces". A work around may be significantly more likely (quick, cheap, easy, etc) so rather than put up with it for a long time while waiting for definitive fix, it becomes a lesser nuisance much sooner.
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    What you do =/= how worthwhile the system is. Excuse me while I enjoy my full CCFP benefits, long affinity timers and bonus to stamina for being above 95% food or whatever. Otherwise Nomad really said it best. As useful as the system actually is, it's just very boring to work with and adding more fluff and tiers to it isn't going to actually help the system at all. Cooking is fine compared to beverages which is a lot more broken.
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    Or we could probably do away with Thatching all together and instead keep the skill slot reserved for something else. Realistically everything thatching related could be sent over to "carpentry" as for "weaving" that can be turned over to tailoring. I'd rather Thatching become some other more interesting skill such as "Cartography" , " Navigation" , "Science" or perhaps " Taxidermy".
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    Is this related with Animal Taming, it really needs more love.
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    Definitely some solid ideas. Would be great if rare+ arrows were unbreakable or at least had a much greater resistance to breaking Archery needs some love overall, honestly
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    There's not enough in the way of new tactical decisions and no sense of "style" to be gained from the new special moves. The split of offensive/defensive stances was a step in the right direction. However, the special moves are sorely lacking. Combat is already split into 10 second intervals. Every special move should have a maximum cooldown of 10 seconds to allow one use per combat round. Some might even deserve cooldowns that are even lower. Additionally, the effects of the moves (outside of potent ones like stun) should last ~30 seconds to allow for combinations between special moves to optimize your fighting style. Think to turn-based tactic games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy genre, where you would do a form of armor break then attack the opponent. For example: Start with a special move that reduces the target's defense. Then use a special move 10 seconds later that deals increased damage to swiftly slay them. Useful against weaker targets. Start with a special move that reduces the target's CR. Then use a special move that drains their stamina. The stamina drain would hit more reliably against the reduced CR. Useful against tough opponents where you might not win by raw health, but removing their stamina might change the outcome. Upon getting into a dangerous situation, use a special move to reduce the opponent movement speed and break combat. Having 20-50 second cooldowns shared between all special moves means you'll very rarely get the chance to use them tactically. Their effect not lasting long enough also means that you cannot apply a combination of potent effects. Additionally, this was the perfect opportunity to implement tools to mitigate the difference between priest and non-priests in combat. Instead, there is no sign of any moves which interrupt casting, hinder casting, or are limited to non-priests. As of right now only the stunning moves are potent to stop casting, but they are available to priests anyway and are useful beyond simple interrupts. I'd like to see the special moves have shorter cooldowns, longer effects, and thought put into the way that they might combine to create interesting combat situations.
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    Pierce has some cool sounding specials, but the fact that there's no 1h pure piercing and all the slash+pierce weapons use slashing specials is kinda eh Cooldowns seem absurdly long, up to 50 seconds, whereas before you're just capped by stamina The mob seems to always try and attack where i'm blocking (or is it still just completely random?), making testing blocking the wrong place really hard to do Difficulty thing for mob seems to always be a skull except for passive mobs, even when i set myself to 90 skills. Other players showed the skull too. Special moves didn't seem very strong to me, compared to their timer length, a special was doing like 1/10 of a swing worth of damage, the 50s cooldown bleed did like 1.5 damage to a scorpion in total Glance sound is very odd, thought i had like some website open in the background making that clicking sound - CR should probably have an indicator like stun/bleed do, i didn't see one Trying to swap stance and block direction at the same time bugs it out Getting "you are still swapping stance" for like 10 seconds after swapping stances and trying to do specials
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    No one hunts on Epic due to the absurd fact that skillgain from Epic doesn't transfer to freedom, yet skillgain from freedom transfers from Epic. I really don't get it WHY a mechanic to transfer skillgain both ways isn't added. Implement some skill transfer formulas and be done with it for Christ's sake. A lot of people predicted that due to the skill transfer being one way no one will play on Epic. And it came true. It's such a direct fix it's still mind numbing why it hasn't been implemented. As for having a pure hunting/exploration server, that's also pretty easy to implement. Spawn a medium sized server and you're done. Maybe add 4-5 safe zones (starter towns?) so people can log off and you're all set.
  50. 1 point
    Instead of spreading players out even MORE, I'd love to see some innovative ideas to encourage new players to join up to the older freedom clusters. There's lots of space (hi, 10 players on celebration...) and offering a handful of perks or some encouragement could go a long way instead of (yet another) server.
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