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    hello, Liberton is a known thief confirmed by GM intervention when I had reported him possibly stealing 5 rare forges, 1 supreme forge, 1 rare smelter, like 6+ other rare items and 100s of items that were inside the forges. He managed to enter a building that based off the perms he should not have had access to which forced me to redo the entire building to make sure future issues like this did not happen. he left the wagon he was using on my deed, the owner of this wagon is Telfor which means he either stole the wagon as well or that is one of his alts. He currently resides on exodus. I recruited him when he asked if I had open space on my deed because he claims his mayor quit playing the game. within 4 hours after I recruited him he managed to steal all the items above and move them back to exodus server. I wanted the community to be aware of players like this, so that others do not have to go through the torment of syphoning through event logs and chat logs just to find stolen property because of a single individual ruining the game for them. I would not be surprised if this player doesn't do other things that are abusive to the community and its growth. If you know who this player is and know what his other accounts are that are associated with him, please post them here so the community can know who to avoid in the future. Thank you for your time.
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    So we've been dealing with hardware issues with regards to Golden Valley (the login server). It's still on Hetzner, which is a temporary situation. We're in the process of ensuring that we can move Golden Valley independent of the shop - which is not ready to migrate yet - without breaking things like new account sign-ups and the like. I'll be doing more work on it this weekend to try and solidify a migration date. This migration will also be an all service interruption since it'll be Golden Valley moving, so we want to make sure we get it right the first time. Cut me some slack, the vendor doesn't give much in the way of customization.
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    By not shunning them we actually hurt the community in the long run. The reality is in every MMO out there you'll see toxic people that have no other agenda than to steal, lie, cheat and generally ###### up other people's gameplay or lives. They don't play for fun. They play to destroy and exploit. It's psychotic, it's what they get off to, it's what gives them pleasure. Sad little men in their sad little basements. Wurm online measures a player's reputation on a heavier scale than other mmos where you can spam your alts easily and change your name 100 times. It's good to know what names to look out for in the long run just so you can avoid them. While I agree name/shame can backfire, it's good we can see what players should be avoided. And if indeed someone launches false accusations, the defender can always ask the accuser to retract the statement if no evidence is provided.
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    Wurmpedia states in https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Archaeology_journal: "The amount of fragments a player may find is determined by their archaeology skill and the report's quality with a minimum of 10 fragments." "Report quality dictates statue fragment count and the quality levels and numbers of the items found within the cache." Whilst I believe this is correct, I also believe there are even more factors at play, some of which may affect the TOTAL number of (any type of) fragments found. Today I uncovered some caches from fully complete reports of varying qualities. All of the following caches were uncovered on the same day using the same toon, from reports investigated by the same toon: QL of Report Total # Fragments Token in cache Abandoned In Occupied For Name of Deed 65ql 12 82ql copper 70 years, 5 months, somewhere around the year 1029 3 months Dark Wood 75ql 12 87ql seryll 56 years, 10 months, somewhere around the year 1043 2 months Corley 60ql 14 80ql brass 76 years, 2 months, somewhere around the year 1023 7 months Siren's Call 79ql 14 89ql iron 18 years, 1 month, somewhere around the year 1081 24 years, 9 months South Plains Farm 80ql 16 90ql electrum 72 years, 11 months, somewhere around the year 1027 8 months Step By Steppe 85ql 16 92ql brass 63 years, 11 months, somewhere around the year 1036 6 years, 3 months Point Lecter I have sorted these records by the TOTAL number of fragments found in each cache. If the total number of fragments in the cache was solely dependent on the skill of the player and the QL of the reports, we would expect to see a direct co-relation between the QL of the report and #Fragments columns. This is just a small sample, but whilst there could be a slight relationship, it is not conclusive. There does however appear to be a direct relationship between the report QL and the QL of the mini token produced. We definitely need more samples, so I will try to keep records of future caches. An interesting study would be to identify the contents of the caches and compare the results including and excluding statue fragments but this falls outside the scope of this small experiment! The results do not necessarily mean that Wurmpedia is incorrect in stating there is a relationship between report QL and numbers of items in cache, but rather that there may be more complex factors involved. More Data (27 Feb 2021): More Data (02 April 2021): More Data (19 April 2021):
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    I feel it perfectly the right thing in this case. In particular as this thread seems to reveal that he did similar things to others already. A person so much lacking any decency as a fraud and thief should be made known. I fail to see the loss when somebody like this is "shunned out of the community". I fail to see any damage from it. Rather the fact that he did such repeatedly should make the GM think about a permaban for him and his alts. Stealing while being villager or alliance member should not be treated differently from ordinary scam and fraud.
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    they recovered the items not sure if all of them, they have them in a gm storage, im rebuilding the building once im done they will return my items tonight or tommorrow.
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    Jisses why do ppl do this, destroy game for other ppls not good at all... very sorry to hear this happend to u....
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    I have 5 Dioptras made up 90ql looking to sell
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    The rift is located in the northern section of K21, in the middle of a pretty dense forest. Katrat and I chopped down several hundred trees to clear out the rift area, and Kat marked the boundary with packed dirt. The pic below shows the approximate location of the rift (circle) and the nearest deed The White Horse (point) is on the highway system.
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    I hope you all are doing well! I miss playing with my friends, it gets a little lonely out here on the lake in the middle of nowhere. I keep writing on my blog, not much else to do currently. Looking forward to the day when I can get a new PC and rejoin the fun in Wurm.
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    I live on Xan and have almost 90 archeology skill, and I didn't even know it was possible to get more than 10 frags per cache.
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    I don't think i ever discussed this with anyone, i always tought this was pretty much common knowledge and never looked at the wiki page. The age of the deed is definitively a factor, in fact, few years ago (rl years) i could almost never find more than 10 fragments on Xanadu, because all the deeds in my area were too recent. My theory is that somewhere in the formula it pretty much sums up the "abandoned in" and the "occupied for" times, they are equally important and are summed up in the "total" number, the higher that number is, the bigger the cache. This is based on my 2-3years ago experience, might have changed in the meantime With 95+ql reports and very old deeds i think i've got to at least 18 fragments , maybe even 20 iirc. edit: Also, the more fragments you find in the cache, the higher the quality of those fragments will be
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    Hello Indy! Rite of Spring has become available finally so the SFI sermon group is looking to cast it this weekend! As a few of us need the journal entry, like we did with the recent RoD we are looking to organize the cast time so others who might need the journal entry could get it as well! The casting will happen at the sermon site on indy, around P10/11 on the coast. We can offer summons for those who need. If you are interested in taking part please post below or PM me ingame on Tek to get signed up. Currently we are planning 3pm EST on Friday. If you can spread the word, hopefully we can arrange this without it getting sniped Current Casters: -Tek -Tokeito -Vynnx -Xaray -Venger -Bladeboorg -Ginko
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    He also went by Eloree or at least he did -on11/16/20 when he was kick out of our alliance on Xanadu when he stole from one of our members.
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    I've started a YouTube channel. A tour of my little home. It's been a year since I launched the vessel in Chicago. It's been a long journey.
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    Hello Wurmians Me and Davih are glad to announce the opening of The Rare Knarrs Shop. Knarrs are the best to sail around, especially in shallow waters, and the rarity increases their speed and gives them a nice glow. Our knarrs are usually made with archaeology woods; below you can see the picture of the knarrs and also an image from the wurmpedia, to have a better idea of the wood color types. Each rare knarr costs 70 silvers, delivered to any coast. So what are you waiting for? You can contact me or Davih here in the forum or in game (as Luttuosaa and Davihh); if you have any doubt, feel free to contact us. Rare Cherry Knarr. Rare Grape Knarr. Rare Oleander Knarr. Rare Hazelnut Knarr. Rare Blueberry Knarr. Rare Rose Knarr. Rare Raspberry Knarr. Rare Cherry Knarr: Archaeology wood colors: Sold.
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    Welcome to Borstaskor’s Fast Food joint! Who says that fast food can't be both good and cheap? Hi! I’m a cook offering targeted affinity food with great value. The long timers of my targeted affinity pizzas makes a 2kg slice last for over 4 months if you take one 0.03kg bite every 2 days. I aim to have the fastest delivery in the industry (hence the name!) with fast baking, good organization/set up, and an instant mailbox! Pizza Menu Menu items Slices weight Price/Slice Price Non-targeted affinity Small CCFP single[1] 1 2 Kg 9c 9c Large CCFP single[1] 1 40 kg 1.5s 1.5s Targeted affinity Affinity single 1 2 Kg 40c 40c Fierce Combo[2] 3 6 Kg 35c 1.05s Greenish Combo[2] 5 10 Kg 30c 1.5s Champion Combo[2] 7+ 14+ Kg 25c 1.75s+ Specials First-time customer slice[3] 1 2 Kg 20c 20c Feed-my-deed package[4] 138 276 kg 25c 34.5s Limited time offers CCFP Pizza[5] Limited! 1 32 kg 1s 1s General Info: All targeted affinity pizza slices are QL96+, have 40h+ (1d16h+) affinity timer on first bite and will fill your CCFP. [Updated: 21-03-03] All prices include delivery cost. We only offer delivery through mailbox. All pizzas come wrapped, and when needed to be stored, are stored in a Large Magical Chest. [Updated: 21-02-09] Reference info: [1] The affinity of these slices are randomly picked. You cannot choose the affinity of these slices. QL90+, 20h+ affinity timer and Full CCFP. This menu item should not be bought for the affinities. Ordering multiple slices may mean you end up with the same affinity multiple times. [Updated: 21-04-13] [2] You are free to choose multiple different affinities, one per slice, with the purchase of any combo. [3] This discount will automatically be applied to your first order of any targeted affinity menu item. It will only be applied once per character and to 1 slice. [4] More info about this menu item can be found in it's own section below! [Updated: 21-03-03] [5] This menu item is identical to menu items with reference "[1]". Very few in stock and will not get restocked. Currently in stock: 5 [Updated: 21-05-04] New customer procedure For ordering targeted affinity Feed-My-Deed package info For the pizza addicts that wants everything FAQ Information for newer players about food related stuff and things Updates For the people curious about the changes I've made Contact NFI: Borstaskor I'm generally available afternoon/evenings during EU times and most of the weekends. I'm also extra available now due to the current world-wide pandemic
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    Rune Shop Welcome to the first Rune Shop of the North In game name: Oversixiii Send me a messages on the forum if you cant find me online im on a UTC +2 Timezone Skill 90.7 Stonecutting 90.6 Jewelrysmiting 92.45 Finecarp Soul Dep 38.76(Busy grinding) Doing all Cristal, Stone and Wood Runes Guarantee Rune attachment service 4s or 6s for 2 items I use my runes so you dont have to take the risk, no need to buy any runes If i use ur rune to attach ill only charge you 1s for succeed attachment *Moonrunes excluded in the price Crafting service I can craft ur runes for you if you supply the rift mats for 5c/QL of the rune I make. If i use ur rune to attach ill only charge you 1s for succeed attachment Price for the runes I sell 21-30QL: 1.65s - 2.75s 31-40QL: 2.85s - 4s 41-45QL: 4s - 4.5s List of runes i can craft (The Scavenger cant be crafted) Metal Fo Jackal Libila Magranon Vynora The Scavenger** Adamantine 5% less enchant decay, 5% Enchant Success 1x Random color on item 10% Less enchant decay 10% Vehicle Speed 7.5% Vehicle Speed, 5% Less decay 10% enchant success, 10% less decay Brass 5% More quality when imped, 5% higher gathering QL (QL of gathered items does not exceed skill level for mining or woodcutting) "Decent" Glow "Okay" Glow, 5% higher gather QL (QL of gathered items does not exceed skill level for mining or woodcutting) 10% more quality when imped "Slight" Glow, 7.5% more quality when imped 10% less damage taken, 10% less weight Bronze 10% Wind Speed 1x Goat Shape (Spell) 10% higher gather QL (any item) (QL of gathered items does not exceed skill level for mining or woodcutting) 5% higher gather QL, 5% less enchant decay (QL of gathered items does not exceed skill level for mining or woodcutting) 7.5% Wind Speed, 5% Vehicle Speed 10% more quality when imped, 10% less enchant decay Copper 1x Charm Animal (Spell) 5% Higher improve chance, 5% Less Decay on contents 1x Locate Soul (Spell) 5% Higher improve chance, 5% Increased rarity chance 7.5% Higher improve chance 10% Higher improve chance, 10% less QL loss from repairing Electrum 1x Reduce creature's age * N/A N/A N/A N/A ? Glimmersteel 10% skill level bonus 5% skill level bonus, 5% more quality when imped 10% usage speed 5% usage speed, 5% skill level bonus 5% usage speed, 5% more quality when imped 10% usage speed, 10% shatter resistance Gold 10% chance to increase yield by raking (tending) or forestry harvest 10% reduced size 5% raking/harvesting, 5% less weight (any item) 5% reduced size, 5% less weight 1x reveal creatures (Spell) 10% less QL loss from repairing, 10% less damage taken Iron 10% less fuel usage 5% raking/harvesting, 5% less decay (any item) 1x light token (Spell) 1x sunder (spell) 5% less fuel usage, 5% less decay 10% reduced size, 10% less enchant decay Lead 5% less QL loss from repairing, 5% usage speed 10% less volume 5% reduced volume, 5% usage speed 10% less QL lost when repaired 5% less QL lost when repaired, 5% increased volume 10% reduced volume, 10% usage speed Seryll 10% enchant success 5% enchant success, 5% less QL loss from repairing 5% shatter resistance, 5% less QL loss from repairing 10% shatter resistance 5% shatter resistance, 5% enchant success 10% enchant success, 10% shatter resistance Silver "Okay glow", 5% skill level bonus "Okay glow", 7.5% increased volume 5% increased volume, 5% less decay on contents 10% increased volume 10% less decay on contents 10% increased volume, 10% less decay on contents Steel 5% less decay, 5% less damage taken 10% less decay 5% less damage taken, 5% wind speed (any item) 5% reduced decay, 5% more wind speed (any item) 10% less damage taken 10% less damage taken, 10% less decay Tin 5% increased rarity chance, 5% less damage taken 1x refresh (Spell) 5% increased rarity chance, 5% higher improve chance 1x mole senses (Spell) 10% increased rarity chance 10% increased rarity chance, 10% higher improve chance Zinc 1x morning fog (Spell) 5% less weight, 5% vehicle speed (any item) 10% less weight 5% increased size, 5% vehicle speed (any item) 1x mend (Spell) 10% less weight , 10% increased size Free Blacksmith 80QL imp if you get ur items runed with me using the Guarantee Rune attachment service
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    Hello, this has sadness me the most in this game; right after taming a unicorn, I was not be able to equip my unicorn with a mount barding. Please give some love to Animal Taming thanks.
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    Transmutation liquid Prices per tile for transmutation on your own deed (tiles not on your deed require ~50% more of liquid): Prices per tile: To buy from stock To order from your solids To order urgent creation In Stock Clay tile creation 5s 2,5s 7s 3 Clay tile removal 5s 2,5s 7s >6 Peat tile creation 8s 2,5s 10s 1 Peat tile removal 5s 2,5s 7s - Tar tile creation 5s 2,5s 7s - Tar tile removal 5s 2,5s 7s - Tundra tile creation - 2,5s 7s - Usually people order creation from their own solids, just keep in mind it could take 100-300 solids per tile. If i do not get required amount/quality of transmutation liquid - i will continue with my own solids/juices at no additional cost. So you are kinda protected from wasting thousands of solids for single tile. If i do make enough liquid from single try (100 solids) - i will return leftovers of your solids or can take it as part of payment. Discounts for amount ordered are available, and could be up to 20% for 4 tiles. Trading for some materials is available too. /tell Coppachoppa ingame to talk about availability/discounts/other terms. Materials used to make transmutation liquid: Liquid type Solids used Juice used Used on Clay tile creation Tin lumps Apple Sand tile Clay tile removal Zinc lumps Lemon Peat tile creation Charcoal Lemon Grass tile Peat tile removal Moss Cherry Tar tile creation Iron lumps Cheery Steppe tile Tar tile removal Lead lumps Apple Tundra tile creation Copper lumps Orange Moss tile Fruits/Nuts /tell Coppachoppa ingame to talk about availability/price. Quality groups: q70+ q80+ q90+ Price per 100: 0.9s 1.2s 1.5s Oranges q72 q83 - Green apples q76 q86 - Lemons q73 q85 - Red cherries q79 q81 q99 Chestnuts q74 q84 - Walnuts - q86 - Pinenuts q78 q80 q96 Raspberries q75 q86 - Price per 100: 2,5s 3s - Blue grapes q71 q83 - Hazelnuts - q87 - Different price: Sap q79 is 1s per small barrel, or 70c if you provide your own small barrel. Beverage service I also offer Juices/Oils creation (except olive oil). Q71 Olive oil is 2s per 1kg (enough for 5 compasses). Q65 Olive oil is 1,5s per 1kg.
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    As the title says it .. I am wondering, probably others too, but in the past few days or week(s), I've seen people mention to others that they can't login their alt or can not cross server borders or can not relog on their main and had to wait x minutes to reconnect successfully. Is anybody from the staff aware about this and can it be fixed? Is it temporary, new standard, etc.. Questions start to arise. p.s. beautiful css color theme and pink scrollbar
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    Starting bid: 6s Increment (minimum): 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
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    I think the biggest issue is trying to explain what has taken players years to master. Sindusk has made an excellent attempt, but it's a lot to digest: Postes has also made a guide for the basics of PvP, which also apply to PvE (sticking to a single weapon, how to grind up your FS and some other nice links). There should also be some recent videos showing off people fighting, which will at least give you a good chance to see what experienced players do in combat in terms of positioning, aiming, focusing, spell casts and changing stances: I hope that's at least of some help.
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    Just had to throw in a couple more screenshots. Well, I imagine everyone has a rainbow shot, but this one about blinded me at my old deed. (I'm still learning how to take screenshots, so plz forgive my mistakes) This is from the old Wonderland Alliance deed I visited July 14, 2020. The colossus and tower are rare and they still had old signs up designating the workstations for it's members, everything else was long gone. I thought it was rather sad but beautiful as well.
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    Very interesting read. Thank you Muse for taking the time to document all that. I really have been enjoying archaeology and having more insight in it can only help make it more enjoyable.
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    It's not that far for me, feel free to contact me in game when you've got time. I might not be on all that much the next few days, but just give it a shot a few times and you'll hopefully reach me. Name's the same as here on the forums
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    I am definitely looking for a combat overhaul and curious about the animal rework. I hope we actually can breed "neutral animals" if they are raised by their owner. A domesticated lion wouldn't need to be tamed constantly in wurm if it was bred by a player and raised with care. Or a wildcat. Or any other animal. Hope something like that is in the works. Would love to have a neutral/ friendly housecat that jumps and sleeps on the bed.
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    Item from loyalty store that, when used on an animal, "brands" them on every single server to your name, instead of deeds, so that their permissions work like carts/boats do, much more convenient than having to brand to however many servers there are deeds just to have a horse you can take anywhere and not worry about losing it or whatever
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    Wow great idea, branded to my name... maybe 1 animal branding available per letter in ur name? or 2 per letter? … oh no better yet. One perm animal branding, plus one per full year since ur first day in Wurm. This way u can have a branded animal, even if u are deedless, I like this idea. So far. Also support including a cross server care for option too.
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    Wiki says only starter tents cannot be mended. Nothing about pmk/military tents. Not sure why this doing this unless some documentation is missing?
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    Updated with timer of when we will be casting
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    Thanks Neo, you can COD Sugarfoxx Please
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    Congrats @SugarFoxx! Which toon do you want me to mail it to?
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    Added to the list, thanks for the report.
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    CodeClub is located in the Northern Hemisphere, so it goes by those seasons. It should not be too hard to advance it by 2 seasons. Spring -> Autumn, Summer -> Winter. I get why they don't use months ( too specific ). They could use quarters. In that case, it would likely be Q2 for update 1 and Q3 for update 2. I'm looking forward to all of these updates! Maybe the changes to animal keeping will actually get me to keep animals, but I doubt it.
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    While I can't make specific comments, as an absolute critter lover in this game, I can confidently say the changes will be good Animal stuff has DESPERATELY needed changing for a long time. This is coming from someone who has tons and tons of critters, including a Champion zoo. Everyone always has to be so negative instead of giving a chance. There's new changes, new content, and it's going to be awesome I'm excited as heck to see where both of these updates can take us.
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    Any chance we see Archery, dual wielding, and weaponless fighting get some love. Even if just for ###### and giggles
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    Patch for the combat changes was released on test just now, changelog below:
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    I exptected a full combat overhaul with more of an engaging and skill based combat system
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    Hello all wurmians of the world we call wurm online. I've been around close to a bit of 15 years, i've been merchanting for almost just as close to that. after a few months on NFI and neclecting my SFI account i came to realization , well, i can do something back to the community. and by that decree i proclaim , Elwoode (NFI ) and Elwood (SFI) will imp any blacksmithing tools to 60 and 70ql respectivly for free, just cover mailing fees! if you wish to remain private, feel free to forum pm me. before sending out the item, please rename the item to your ingame name! happy wurming! ---Elwood/Elwoode
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    I ate them all. The box doesn't disappear. [11:04:59] Sadly, the box is empty.
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    All prepared for this year's alliance Valentines get together!
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    January 31 - 23:30 - Celebration - (Winner = Fabricant, Madnath, Masterentaro)
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    I once heard a wagon noise and thought it was a player, so I went to the PC to see what is happening (I was "semi-afk"). I was pleasently surprised to see a wagoner travelling on the hwy, and was surprised to find out that they actually travel when they have to do a delivery, and it's not a simply a matter of a timer going on until the goods reach the destination. The most amazing thing was the game itself. Had a few false starts before, when there were no animations, no armor models, only single storey houses etc. When I came back for another try like 7 years ago on Serenity, was amazed on how far the game has improved, and remained a player ever since.
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    I would love this but I do agree on caring for having to be included in some way. I love collecting special named creatures from the holidays, and champions. My very first ever named holiday creature was a deer called "Great Horned Geese" from Christmas several years ago, and I loved that deer. When I moved to Inde last year, it immediately died the moment I opened the crate and I was heartbroken and literally cried a little bit lol. If it had been any other it wouldn't have hurt so badly. I know it seems silly, but I remember being so proud of taming that deer as a noob and caring for it and having it for so many years. I still have a few creatures on Release I'd love to move but I just don't want to lose them. The sail once I got to Inde was a 5 min sail from the border, and the deer was cared for until crossing. It literally died the second I opened the crate.
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    if only we could jump in general then i could jump off my roof every time i get a rare roll but no rare
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    +1 especially for the remove the RNG on meditating. RNG also needs modifying throughout the game, to properly take into account skill level, ql of tool used, etc - for example reaping fruit, with high nature and forestry skill and high ql sickle should not result in produce ranging in ql from 1ql with dmg thru to 99ql = ridiculous. I know of at least one v.long term player who is battling to find skills to work on now, having over 30 at the 90+ level... so yes new skills are needed and old ones, like milking and cheese making, milling and making of woollen items all need to be looked at and improved or continued. Cooking is a farce atm and new recipes for higher skills are needed that work, e.g. risotto is awful. Dead ends, like red mushrooms and kelp need attention too. There are plenty of new skills that could be developed, e.g. glass making (using sand and kiln) and making of pipes (both water bearing ones and perhaps even smoking ones) and brewing of beer, which would need hops to be grown and/or foraged for. We have marble items, but what about wrought iron items? We have some clay items, but no clay pipes to transport water to decorative fountains for example, this could lead to a plumbing skill, which might also involve paving skill, as the pipes would need to be buried in trenches. Then how about brass taps into basins, making another use for brass and maybe another skill. Papyrus and use of reeds could be developed with larger printing presses for newspapers and books, leaflets, etc. The list is endless as to possibilities....