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    Combat Overhaul public testing If you haven’t tried it out yet, make sure to go on the test server and check out the combat changes. With the intention of making the combat more interactive and readable, we’ve changed up a lot - the stance mechanics, special moves, and we gave it all a lot of visual feedback to keep your eyes away from the combat log, and all on the action. Here’s some more details on it! What about content? It's been a while since we've released larger content updates, but rest assured, we are working on some exciting things! The combat update, which we expect to go live as soon as the public testing concludes, is only the beginning. Following the roadmap we released last October, we have two larger content updates coming in the near future: First is an improvement on animal keeping mechanics, slated for this spring (so not too far off!) Second will be an exploration themed update, planned to be released this summer. Exploring the lands will be significantly more interesting and rewarding. It'll happen around Wurm's 15th anniversary, so watch out for anniversary events around the same time! We’ll release some more details as we approach the release of those updates. For a refresher on the roadmap, see below: Old UI client While we’ve always mentioned the old UI client would be going away, it’s only now that we have features coming in that won’t be able to support it anymore for future changes. You should expect the old UI client to be removed sometime between a month and two months from now. There have been many improvements to the new UI since it was released, the most recent of which addresses the issue of it being too bulky - a new “Text scale” option was added, in addition to “UI Scale” that was there previously - make sure to play with that if you haven’t yet. (Setting UI Scale to something low, yet text scale to something higher, allows you to make the UI look less bulky while maintaining readable text) If that doesn’t solve all your new UI worries, please make sure to note them in the appropriate feedback thread, so that we can have another pass of issue fixing on it before the old one is no longer available. Community Manager Role As you might have noticed, with Retrograde’s announcement, the role of Community Relations Coordinator, and related assistant roles, have been changed to simple “Community Manager”. While it’s mostly semantics so far, the intention of this change is to have a less hierarchical structure that can just focus on the developer-player communication and other aspects of community relations, as well as make the position more suited to be occupied by more than a single person at once if such a need arises. For now though, please welcome DemonaNightshade as our new Community Manager! Please go easy on her, at least until she’s hooked in for good Hopefully she’ll be handling the next news posts, and I can go back to the code basement. Meadhalla Make sure to check out Stanlee’s upcoming event, Meadhalla. Puns not optional! That's it from me this week - thanks for your attention, and keep on Wurming!
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    While I can't make specific comments, as an absolute critter lover in this game, I can confidently say the changes will be good Animal stuff has DESPERATELY needed changing for a long time. This is coming from someone who has tons and tons of critters, including a Champion zoo. Everyone always has to be so negative instead of giving a chance. There's new changes, new content, and it's going to be awesome I'm excited as heck to see where both of these updates can take us.
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    After hovering over an item in inventory and pressing alt, I see the details of the item, what is missing there is the volume of this item.
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    PST: Feb 22, 2021 10:50:15 AM Rift A new Rift has been reported! N21
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    I exptected a full combat overhaul with more of an engaging and skill based combat system
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    Introducing Wurm's newest event: Meadhalla is a social event taking place on the Last Saturday of February. It will take place at J10 on Release, Southern Freedom Isles. While we're not able to leave the house, we can still get together here! Come along, tell jokes and join in the events. We have: Mead 4 checkers tables Show-and-Tell Pin the pile of rocks on the pheasant More mead Cheesy Puns Deadly obstacle course Fish slapfights Photobooths So much mead And more! "Well what do I need to bring?" Yourself, but also a couple of items for the events, as outlined here: Cheesy Puns : When renaming regular items, there is a limit of 20 characters. Your challenge is thusly: you must make the lowest QL cheese you can manage, and fit a pun into those 20 characters (it doesn't have to be about cheese) to truly have the "worst pun." Show-and-Tell : While watching Wurm streams, I've noticed sometimes people had unusual items, or items special to them. Bring them along, equip them in your hand (do not drop them) and tell us what makes it so special! Here's your customary timer, it shows the start time but the event will run until the crowds thin out: And some disclaimers: No, this is not an elaborate unique announcement. There are no uniques here, and I have no intent to take one here. None of the events have prizes; this is by design, though there is a little something for completing the deadly obstacle course. Do not drop items you are not willing to lose, I cannot keep track of them. You're likely to get diseased coming here, but that's something the food and drink present should shake off no problem. You enter into the Deadly Obstacle Course of your own will, knowing the consequences can contain (but are not limited to) death. Drink responsibly.
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    Free " I made this one" bump.
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    Over a decade of wurm experience is causing this. I got 11 alts to take care for my horses, sheeps, two pairs of cows and 2-3 champion meows. Guess i start making gravestones for my beloved horses i got since 10+ years and my sheepherd.
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    Combat Overhaul: What about a filter option for combat spam so that I only see messages related to me (what i dish out and what i have to take) and not BS of all other players? Aside of being able to see messages really relevant to me it would especially in Rifts prolly cut down massively in server bandwidth needs? Animal Keeping: I'm not aware there have been any issues with animal keeping at all? I'm keeping a lot of animals including a champion troll without any problems and have no issues there. How about making a few new wall types or something else people really want? For example arch-type walls that combine what people nowadays build as arch+(high iron) fence including a gate/door type of that kind?
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    Exploration themed update sounds lovely, excited for this!
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    Yes, critical hits will be enabled on PvE with this update. The balance of those is still up for tweaking, but critical hits are now a damage modifier, dealing 150% of original damage (that was missing in that changelog, will add it now)
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    Hi, we'd like to invite you all onto the test server to check out the combat overhaul that has been in the works for a while now. With this combat update, the defensive and attack stances have been separated, special moves have been overhauled, and the visual feedback has been increased to a point where for most casual PvE combat, it should no longer be necessary to follow the combat log. At the same time we did not want to overload the player with information, so certain less relevant information such as glances or parries will stay in the combat log (but you will be able to follow those easily by sound effects) Auto fight has been reworked to fit the new combat mechanics, and it will now attempt to switch both the attack and defence stances when it makes sense to do so. However, it will be significantly slower than changing the stances yourself. The AI of the creatures will also use the new auto fight mechanics, but the swiftness of their reactions to your stances will depend on their strength and skills. Public testing access Changelog Things to look out for during testing We’re looking forward to your feedback from testing the combat overhaul. Other than general feedback, this is what we’d like to hear more about: Accuracy of the displayed creature difficulty - green should be easy, red skull should mean it’s not a fight you can win. When you find a case when it’s not at all accurate, please report it here with details of your skills, equipment and what the creature is. (also, the creature’s condition) The effectiveness of using auto fight (compared to not using it) Any other visual feedback that would be useful, or information that could still be moved out of the combat log into a better place PvP related balance concerns Please note that the details of this are still up to change and the general balance will definitely be tweaked. See you on the test server!
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    Description: Magranon needs you to sacrifice 100 decent small small signs. One "small" too many in the mission description
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    CLOSE Please
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    Please tell when bidding which veggies you bid on. Starting bid: 1 s Increase: 50c no reserve, no buyout and no private bids Starting bid: 1 s Increase: 50c no reserve, no buyout and no private bids Starting bid: 1 s Increase: 50c no reserve, no buyout and no private bids Starting bid: 1 s Increase: 50c no reserve, no buyout and no private bids Starting bid: 1 s Increase: 50c no reserve, no buyout and no private bids Starting bid: 1 s Increase: 50c no reserve, no buyout and no private bids Starting bid: 1 s Increase: 50c no reserve, no buyout and no private bids Starting bid: 1 s Increase: 50c no reserve, no buyout and no private bids Starting bid: 1 s Increase: 50c no reserve, no buyout and no private bids Pickup at Cadence server S 10/11 Deed: Weed Control map: https://cadence.yaga.host/#782,3412 Happy bidding Dessie
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    Start bid: 25s Min bid: 1s No reserve, buyout or private bids Sniper protection: 1 hr [12:26:35] A hammer with a thick head made entirely from wood. Normally used to bonk other wooden things together. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. [12:26:35] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.os.o'. [12:26:35] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [103] [12:26:35] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [105]
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    Perhaps. I'll have to check with the gentleman that configured that.
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    Would be nice if Thatching be came a more diverse skill. Possible Recipes. - Straw Hat - Straw Basket -Lobster trap -Fish Trap Would be nice.
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    Well dammit. Sorry to see you go Retrograde. Hope everything works out well for you in your greener pastures. One day you appeared on my cart when I was lost out hunting, is one of my more fun memory moments in Wurm when I had stumbled into one of your old haunts. Also, I am very happy to have found one of your stashed small chests (very very late, much damage on it) is another good memory moment for me. Good to have met you and fun to see you in game, and thanks. Thanks all your work those seven years. I've only been here just over 5. So I'll thank you mostly for those five, lol. Welcome DemonaNightshade o/ Hope all turns out well for you with your new Wurm position.
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    There is a reason that Wacky Woody has countless positive reviews. He's professional, friendly, reliable and competent. If those are qualities you value in a supplier, don't look any further. I'm happy to give him my full recommendation!
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    Or we could probably do away with Thatching all together and instead keep the skill slot reserved for something else. Realistically everything thatching related could be sent over to "carpentry" as for "weaving" that can be turned over to tailoring. I'd rather Thatching become some other more interesting skill such as "Cartography" , " Navigation" , "Science" or perhaps " Taxidermy".
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    Thanks for the trade! Soon there will also be self-service point on Market with selected offers. Greetings from Newspring o/
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    Oh - maybe pets quit escaping underground locked doors? and gates? .. would be nice. Also, pets stop attacking you when they are on other building lvls, another nice ish animal keeping thing would rock. So ya, there is room for improvements here, I guess. Like maybe grazers stop all moving toward the same darned corner of a wider area. I am a little worried if you all start messing with the caring for mechanic, and accidently kill a bunch of cared for animals b4 u get the bugs worked out.
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    Quick and easy service! worked out a great deal i couldnt pass up! even delivered it and gave me a receipt! Awesome, I would highly recommend services!
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    Know of any densely populated mob areas? PM me! Especially looking for any Greenish mob spawns! Decided to head to the new rift area today and hunt on the way there. Apparently others had the same idea sooner than me. Harmony 20210222 (O20 to Q22): https://imgur.com/a/4A1Kao0 Decided to head up to the North West to do some hunting. I'm seeing a trend here. I found a few sheep and cattle in the forests though. woo hoo! Harmony 20210224 (G11 to D14): https://imgur.com/a/RWpa7gY
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    Agree very much. I don't get how to manually control the fight system. Would it be that hard to give us a chart that informs what action we need to take to best counter the opponents action? Blocking seems obvious, block where ever opponent aim. But what about stances, where should I aim given where opponent is blocking, factor in damage boosts from things like head and crotch hits. All this complication is now compounded given the the AI will make mobs try to find optimal.
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    Is this related with Animal Taming, it really needs more love.
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    This has been suggested countless times, endless variations on possibilities to fix this have been suggested over the years. Almost everyone agrees that changes are overdue. The point is: just do something, even temporary, until a more solid and structured rework is ready. SO MANY years have passed since this was first recognized as an obvious problem for the game and the community, and we still have dramas all the time, people that quit the game over said dramas, and a generally negative feeling surrounding the topic. I don't know if a rework is being planned, or if it's near to completion, or anywhere in between. But there are so many possible "simple" fixes that could smooth out things a bit until the supposed rework is ready. Like: - Don't split a fixed amount of hide/scale between the players, but give a fixed amount to everyone present instead. - The corpse leaves a lankmark that stays there for 24-48+ hours , cannot be enclosed, and anyone who wants to "grab a piece" if he wants to (maybe 3+ total months of premium requirement if not present during the event?) - Any, or even a portion of the other countless suggestions that have been made regarding this topic - literally anything that prevents those events from becoming "private pens" that end up creating drama and hard feelings between players, because the last thing we need in this game right now, expecially after the imbues have been re-introduced in this game are this kind of sour feelings that are inevitably coming back to the community.
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    So... having read and possibly understood much of the above I have this to ask; Where exactly is it that I queue up for this free scale set to which I am entitled? I mean, I couldn't possibly kill a dragon, but I would gladly hold somebody's coat, except I can't be bothered organizing my days around times that would work, and don't even ask me to go find a toasting-lizard myself, but if I can get a bunch of scale anyway, then yeah, I am all over that.
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    Call it whatever, as long as it's a "hunting server" with all protected tiles, no building, only tents allowed and skills transfer. I'm all in. EPIC, Valrei, Jackal, Hiena, puss in boots, whatever.
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    rarity adds no bonus to ql that high (itll still add to average ql as most cordage wont be at ql cap) and imbue is capped at material ql still
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    @roarkindrake @Xor If I get any more skins I don't have an immediate use for I will let you know. Skins rule.
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    I guess technically these would fall under weaving. Could just add wickerwork/weaving as a sub skill to thatching? But then I've always thought weaving should be a sub skill of tailoring.
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    Hello all wurmians of the world we call wurm online. I've been around close to a bit of 15 years, i've been merchanting for almost just as close to that. after a few months on NFI and neclecting my SFI account i came to realization , well, i can do something back to the community. and by that decree i proclaim , Elwoode (NFI ) and Elwood (SFI) will imp any blacksmithing tools to 60 and 70ql respectivly for free, just cover mailing fees! if you wish to remain private, feel free to forum pm me. before sending out the item, please rename the item to your ingame name! happy wurming! ---Elwood/Elwoode
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    New player here... I am on Xanadu and while exploring, found what I thought was an abandoned deed since there was decayed pottery on the ground. I took some paws, teeth, and sprouts from a BSB, and when I tried to drop something I didn't want, I received a message that the guards won't allow it. I "then" checked and found it was an actual deed. I couldn't put the stuff back so I went to the deed's perimeter and dropped the stuff there. I checked Niarja for the player/deed and it looks like they just deeded it this month so they are probably new too. Like me, they may have thought an unlocked BSB on a deed is safe. It's possible someone else will pick up what I dropped on the perimeter. It wasn't anything valuable, but I feel bad. I now know that an unlocked BSB doesn't mean it's abandoned, but I feel bad since they will think someone came to steal their stuff. They weren't online, and I wondered if there was a way to send them a message. Any way I can send them a message or should I just not worry about it? Thanks all!
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    Not sure if wasted or not but once i got a fantastic 5 copper coin. I asked around if it was worth more than 5 coppers. I was dissapointed. (happened through foraging)
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    Thanks Ekcin and Muse - I wish I felt like a good person, but can't help but wonder what this poor new player will think about losing the creature droppings they worked hard for (or if they find them on the perimeter, I hope it's before they decay). Lesson learned for me - always check the ground before assuming it's abandoned. On another note, I sent them flowers, but it didn't give me the option to write PM Cynndahl or write anything. Now they may wonder who their stalker is!
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    I think that it just enters the decay function, when on deed or in magical chest it just exits the function without updating the last decay tick date in item - common programming method, simple as that. Just update the last decay tick date before exit and it would be ok. As for faster decay of items off deed - I'm not a fan of destroying items. Normal decay should be enough. Just think about adding a decay to locks - if a off-deed locked container decays to less than 10 QL or 70 dmg - when the secure protection fails then also the locks could fail - this way old carts, abandoned containers, old bee hives could be reused by other, not littering many places till they decay completely as this sometimes takes forever.
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    Not tried mead before, but doesn't seem like a bad time to start
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    I think we also need the ability to build a floor (ceiling) under the roof, and that could allow us to create attic spaces within larger roofs.
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    more chat customization, filters, etc. just like any other game add/remove tabs, right click tabs for settings, etc
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    Time flies when you’re dying to mclovin. Dang 7 years, you make me feel old. You’re leaving the uncontested winner of hota, that’s better than anything else you could list. But in all seriousness you were the bridge for many ideas getting to the devs, especially when big discussions around towers and PvP general updates and mergers were being hot topics, many you were apart of and spoke for or against but passed them on none the less. I see @Darklords is the PvP dev now And in some ways I hope he continues to be that bridge where hot topics are spoken about and he can join in, though it’s been a while since one was actually needed. demonia has a big hole to fill and an high standard of communication to uphold so you’ve left no easy task. Good luck for the future, take slow mode with you for good
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    Would be stupid to pay 1 copper when I cod it to you I'll bring it to your deed later on. Ps: This service is not for everyone.. Reflen lives 1 minute away from me
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    This alone has already made combat more engaging and I love it. Especially if I hotkeyed everything I needed for combat. Would love to know if players are now penalized for not blocking in the correct directions or if combat is just easier if you do. Having the shake and blood splatter vary with the amount of damage taken would be nice. A little speck causing a hysterical amount of visual damage is off-putting and numbs you out, so you don't notice the big hits. Would love a way to move this UI element around like everything else. Couldn't find a way to do so. I would love to see the defense stance take on the same form as the attack stance http://prntscr.com/zt5trc . As it is now it kinda feels like it's a buff or the enemy is in "defensive stance". It's only when the shield rotated to the side where I was attacking did I realize it was just the direction it was defending from. I think moving this up to the left of the sword and giving it a border and background would clear up any confusion. If the enemy is not blocking in any direction just put a red line across it. I second this. I feel like it needs more of a hit and then bounce off sound. Like the shield. I believe this is a typo for Pierce. I think I'm cool with the variable cooldowns that special moves have, but I don't think they should all share that cooldown. At the very least if I use a 50sec cooldown I should be able to use a 20sec cooldown move in 20 seconds and not have to wait the full 50 seconds. I think this would create a lot more engagement with special moves. EDIT: Used, Tattoo twice, a 30 second cooldown, but had to wait 40 seconds. Seemed pretty random to me, but I'd love to see mobs actively attacking away from the direction I'm defending just as I am to them, so that I'm having to engage more on my defense. This also applies to players. We have no way of knowing if the debuff is applied to us until it wears off and we get "regains concentration". The attacker knows only when it applies, and the defender knows only when it ends. -Have special move dialogue in the same place. Pierce: "caused X to start bleeding." in event log. Slash: "X loses concentration." in combat log. Crush: "X is stunned." in combat log. -All specials apply guaranteed effects. There is no way to defend against them and stun is the only one that gives you a resistance buff. Seems broken and unintentional. ESPECIALLY for PvP. As for their damage. Crush: Goes through all forms of damage negation (Blocking, Evading, Parrying, and Glancing) Pierce: Gets negated. Slash: Gets negated, but due to multi-attack moves you aren't likely to negate all of the hits which is probably fine. -Having the focus button and special move buttons only enable once you've been in combat long enough along with all their other checks would be great. Hate just spam clicking focus until it suddenly works. -Auto fight seemed to work fine. For those that aren't super invested in combat and being engaged with it I think will find it enjoyable. Could perhaps also make it work better, but at the cost of less exp. -I will say when autofight is enabled I think it'd be nice for the combat menu to still display my distance and height with the opponent so I can still adjust that. -I'd love to see the bleed debuff stack. Would be a good tool to counter armored enemies. As it is now it's just a bit of extra damage and can only be used in 1v1's. Stuns stack and it seems like the CR debuff stack. -Crush appears to apply 2 damage rolls from any of its specials even though it's only one attack. http://prntscr.com/ztk4m2
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    MMO characters only have 1 finger per hand for balance reasons. If they had more, they'd be too top-heavy, and they'd fall over all the time, and nobody wants that.
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    Yes, this should be available. Weight and volume are both used so both should be displayed.