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    MMO characters only have 1 finger per hand for balance reasons. If they had more, they'd be too top-heavy, and they'd fall over all the time, and nobody wants that.
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    Confused? Check how many rings you can wear.
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    Sorry i got to say no map dumps for the new servers is flat out inexcusable.
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    What a dump! That's right, maps time! This is all the SFI maps as well as the Epic maps, the NFI maps will likely be released at a later date Pore all over them at your desire here! https://wurm.gg/maps Combat! Work continues on the combat, it remains still in development stage as we work towards getting it on test for you all to beat each other silly. (I may auction off a 1v1 with me for more death tab pages) Apple a day Ever want to feed an apple to a horse? Well, soon you can! We'll be tweaking and adjusting feeding for animals to provide some more alternative options. (This does mean no more feeding your dog 10 kgs of grass) For some clarification of what type each creature is, see below: Achieve your best! Achievements have been around a long time in Wurm, but with Steam, they bring a whole new meaning. So to incorporate that, Steam achievements are coming! We'll be introducing a user interface for achievements as well, with a ton of cool icons for them, here's some below, can you tell what they are? Upcoming events: Goblin King's party! A goblin leader has been sighted on Harmony! Join the slaying to receive special loot. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/182609-goblin-king-is-throwing-a-party/ That's it from us this week, we'll be back in two weeks with more juicy news, so keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Everyone is invited! If you are new to the game, Goblin King drops blood that can be turned into Mining Potions, which applied to your pick, will give you a QL boost to your mining results. The lower your skill, the better the boost. Bring as many premium alts are you can fit in your boats and carts. Non-premium alts will not collect blood. General location will be the East side of Harmony. Not close enough to water to stay in boats for the blood. I'll post a detailed map in the next day or two. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! (Special loots reserved for hosts) UPDATE with a MAP: https://prnt.sc/yfaew5
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    Shout out to all my fingers , I could always count on them.
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    I like options but I suspect it will be difficult to balance. Such a change may seem small but it's going to touch or interact with many systems in Wurm code. And that means there is risk involved. I'm not sure on a cost benefit analysis of such options would be worth it. The cost is time to make, time to balance, time to test/debug. Benefit would be more options for players and hopeful greater player attitude/retention. The only way I could see this paying off is if the benefit very much helped players who don't grind. This is because grinders are the ones who benefit most from SB.
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    It looks like the place a traitor was killed (a traitor will have a shimmering light, to make it more distinctive). Sometimes the light (or the blue glow from a tree cut down for a mission) will need a server reboot to disappear.
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    Any chance of improving the point system? I'm guessing the decision to use "how many mobs you hit "tag" = points earned" was a way to reduce server lag? Any chance of changing this to damage done? So many people focus on running around like rabid chickens pecking the rift mobs once and running off to find another. Bit silly and unhelpful for the purpose of clearing the rift.
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    When can we expect map dumps of the new servers? I've been very excited to see new detailed maps of my current homelands. Now (as an avid explorer) I am very disappointed.
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    While you're at it, you would totally make my day if you added chickens to the grazer category. I mean, they don't "graze" per se, but they eat worms etc. from the ground.
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    Huge disapointent on the lack of maps for the new servers. We worked hard on making roads etc, you plan for a hot map, and yet no mapdump? To me it sends double messages.
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    There is only a 5 minute cooldown on activating sleep bonus. If you already had sleep bonus active 5 minutes prior, then turned it off, you could immediately turn it back on again. That's not to say there isn't a bug here, there very well might be; just wanted to let you know of that fact.
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    Greetings traveler and good day. We here at Vinland are pleased to present our shop, "Vinland's Own". Your source for affordable tools and casts. Our sweaty men and women are giving it their all, resulting in the following efforts: Orders can be mailed COD via a 3 minute box or picked up on site. CoC Casts on low quality Vinland supplied items. By yours truly, viking Reverent. Lots of stock on hand so feel free to ask. Eligible items: Pickaxes, Hatchets, Water, Clay, Rakes, Carving Knife, Grooming Brushes, Mallets, Trowels, Knife (Cooking), Butcher Knife, Files, Meditation Rugs, Clay Shaper, Spatula, Lumps (Iron), Saws, Hammers, Stone Chisels, Sickles. MOST TOOLS IN STOCK - Benediction 70's CoC - 50 Copper - 3 for 99 Copper. 80-84 CoC - 80 copper 85-89 CoC - 1.4 Silver 90's CoC - 2 Silver Custom Casting on your item CoC / WoA Cast : - Benediction 94+ Channeling 70 guaranteed minimum with no charge for overages 70 Copper. (Low Chance to shatter. We will replace normal rarity items) 80 guaranteed minimum with no charge for overages 1.4 Silver. (Low Chance to shatter. We will replace normal rarity items) 90 guaranteed minimum with no charge for overages 2.9 Silver. (Low Chance to shatter. We will replace normal rarity items) (Nimb cast multiply by 1.2, MS casts, multiply by 2) Highest QL Farmed Goods: By our steady farmhand and master of Transport Snaglejr: Vegetables, Grains, Wemp and cotton, 90+QL. Inquire with Snaglejr for availability and pricing. More to come: Find us at Vinland. Located at the corner of p/o 15/16 near the canal on Melody. A short hop from Overture. Contact Reverent or post here for orders. Thank you and may safe winds guide you home.
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    3D house and deed design tool DeedPlanner is a free, open source, easy to use design tool for rapid house and deed planning for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited. Download DeedPlanner 3 Browser Version Supported on DeedPlanner Downloads Page and Changelog Want to never miss the latest release? Follow me in this forum thread, Facebook, Github or Patreon! Program features View and edit your deed in 2d, 3d or isometric perspective! Edit ground tiles, floors, walls, roofs, heightmap and decorations like trees or chests Use the program anywhere you want - desktop or web browser, with mobile version under development Load and save maps to desktop or Pastebin Hotlink your Pastebin maps, to make them just one click away! Use large database with most of the Wurm objects added to make your DeedPlanner deed look as close to the in-game deed as possible Use undo/redo to experiment and recover from mistakes View your deed from Wurmian perspective in Wurm perspective simulation mode Known issues On some browsers (reproduced with Vivaldi, please report if problem exists in any other browser) web version will instantly close "paste text" prompt, making it difficult to use "Load from Pastebin" feature. Problems, errors, bugs If you found a problem, please use the following template to report it in this forum thread (replace text inside "<>" brackets with proper text): Example: Screenshots
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    Some random guide i wrote up because the actual info around for grinding is laughable at best outside of like 2 good guides and some newbies might actually think thats correct This guide assumes you'll be using the skill grinder at https://www.dreamsleeve.org/wurm/grinder/ and have a basic understanding of how to figure out effective skill+tool ql vs difficulty for some parts, and know the basis for skillgain is a roll between 1.01-39.99 (will be reffered to as 1-40 so i dont have to type it out each time). If a skill has its own tab in the grinder, use it. Types of grinding Imping - Use high ql tools and imp one item to the sweet spot (skill x .77 +23), this will give double sized ticks when you are imping above it. If you can get someone with higher skill to give you something imped this high OR can create it high ql by default, it's a huge help. If you're imping it by yourself, you'll get about 60% ticks or so double sized when imping at this point, if you have a friend with much higher skill (or a single imbued tool) keep it slightly higher than this point 100% of ticks will be double sized. Do not let timer length go over 15 seconds when sweet spot imping as this will ruin gains. You either want to imp something you'd like rare/is valuable when rare, or whatever uses the least materials, or whatever you can create high ql without skill for sweet spot imping. CoC skillgain only effects thing being used, not parent skill. So if like you're doing fine carp vs carp, imping mallet you'd get 100% carp, but imping rope tool you'd get 100% fine carp 100% carp normally, with 100 coc it'd be mallet 200% carp vs rope tools 100% carp 200% fine carp. Sweet spot changes this to 400% vs 100%/400%. It's anywhere from 25-100% more overall skill to grind with the sub-skills than the parent skills, so if you're planning to grind both to a certain point it's more efficient to grind the sub-skill first. If you cannot make the materials required to sweet spot imp, you want to imp things that are around 15-0 under your skill, depnding on your tool ql. Tool ql equal to skill you'd want 10ql under. Use the grinder to find out the perfect spot. Creation - You want your create chance to be 75% if possible, 60-80% is fine but as close to 75% create chance as possible will get you the best skillgain. Some skills have CoC tools avaliable, some don't, some might be a little more hidden(for example, coalmaking you can grind with coc kindling+log by spamming unfinished log piles, but if you were making the actual log piles you wouldn't be using coc for the 24 or whatever logs you have to attach). By default these grind much slower than other skills due to the 33% skillgain on creation/continiung. Best skillgain is around 75% attach chance for continuing, same as creation, if you use equal ql mats to what you used to create it then that's the continue chance. Alcohol increases diff but is too much actions for little benefit here imho Creating houses is fine skillgain for masonry/carp but doesn't come close to sweet spot imping. Random skills that might not be obvious/don't deserve their own paragraph Nat subs - the potency of the cover (part 1 x part 2's potency) is the diff of the item. Coalmaking - CoC kindling + logs is best, making actual piles is worse. Firemaking - unfinished torches with CoC Tar. (thanks ping) Milling - Anything till like 70, corn after that Paving - imp catseye Prospecting - prospect with 1ql, tap w each time you queue up actions, if you don't you occasionally set off old anti-macro thing that stops skillgain. if you think skillgain stopped walk to another tile coz you might have set it off. Prayer - Faith gives a bonus to skillgain so want 100 faith. Exorcism - Low ql altars, a priest to heal you coz you will get wounds that can kill you. Ql of item you have activated is used as the tool. Ropemaking - imp fish keep net/net trap. fish one is easier to make, both use .5kg string to imp. Meditating - Start with like a 40ql rug and drop it over time to 1ql at 60 skill, don't meditate on special tiles as they'll mess with skillgain. you can get 11 at least a month before the timer for it if you're meditating 9x a day. Shipbuilding - small tackles are impable, 6.5kg, fit in inventory and can be bsb'd if you need to save logs, but a rare ship is a valuable thing you can sell for a sleep bonus fund so either are good. Cooking/baking/beverages/whatever uses cooking system - you want diff of thing being made to be as close as possible to 10 under your skill. Alcohol increases diff. Best way to grind is to get lots of forges/ovens/whatever, fill hundreds/thousands of items to be made, light them all at once and if using alcohol get yourself to good spot. turn on sleep bonus right as the ticks start flowing in. 30+ diff meals give the biggest skill tick size, anything less than that is smaller ( 1 toast which is 10 diff, has 1/3 the tick size of a 30 diff meal). Meat+veg for HFC, fruit bread for baking, spearmint tea for beverages. Shield bashing - you have to hit the shield bash for skillgain, if the bash does damage you chance to get another tick that's double sized. Low body control and starving mobs are easier to shield bash (most passive mobs, trolls have really low BC, can combine shield bashing training with pen shield training), so best way to grind in pve would be to pen a troll in a cave and keep it starving but not dead, as are enemy kingdom alts with no armor. PVP has a super bonus to skillgain iirc so bashing alts is the fastest way, but probably frowned upon by pvp purists. First aid - Bigger wounds - higher diff healing. should be 75% of bandages to actually heal for best skillgain, haven't tested in a while. Wounds on your hands lower your effective first aid skill which means you can use lower diff to grind. Repairing - Mallet to 50, Ring to 70, Large saddle seat to 85, chain jacket to 100 ( beaut med rugs are better 90+ but dont form piles, chain jackets are much easier to manage but you need a lot more of them). Lava is your best way of damaging to grind, 24 hours on lava gives 96 dmg so its a daily grind thing. Fishing - you want to balance fish diff vs skill+rod ql+ things on rod. Huge tick for hooking fish, small ticks every few seconds while it's hooked. When you get message that it's hooked, turn on sleep bonus then click to hook it, then turn off sleep bonus after it's caught/swims away. Balance rod ql vs fish caught so that you get around a minute of fighting on the line before it's caught/gets away. If you're catching 100% of them its too easy. Fish nets work until like 40 or so then gains drop off hard. Spear fishing is very good for grinding, but requires you to be watching the game, compared to using a fishing rod which you can set up a wurmassistant notification for when a fish is hooked. Farming - 1ql rake, potato/cotton/wemp/rye from 1-70, oats/pumpkin/cucumber/reed/barley/carrots 60-100. wheat from 70, cabbage/corn from 85. Garlic with 80+ skill 90+ql rake is good gains too but you need more land to make up for fast rake times. Anything harvested with scythe uses coc/woa for harvesting, all other plants dont coz they use hand to harvest. seed ql+farming skill = plant speed. Forestry - Harvest is best, pick sprouts if nothing is season Gardening - imp trellis Animal taming - (assuming venerable no traits) pig till 40, black bear till 65, cave bug till 75, unicorn till 95, hell horse till 100. You can combine this with other grinds like mining (queue up bunch of mining actions, when you start a mining action, do a tame, they'll both happen at the same time I think this got removed) or shield training+shield bashing. You can try all 3 at the same time if you want your apm to resemble a pro starcraft match. Animal husbandry - shearing sheep is great gains if you have lots of sheep, otherwise groom everything. Metallurgy - Brass/bronze till 60ish then electrum. Low ql lumps are a necessity. Jewelry smithing - imp iron bowls, if they go rare you can try for a rare altar vs ball which makes nothing Plate armor smithing - can imp scale which uses leather, or iron plate. Lockpicking - you want pick chance to be like 8% or so, skill + lockpick ql vs containers ql and lock ql. You can coc/botd the lockpicks but you'll break hundreds of them grinding. Lib basically gets free favor so if you have a good channeling lib botd all the picks Treb/catapault - Put treb/cata at base of dirtwall, wall on top of dirtwall, shoot the thing, rock lands on dirt wall next to you, pick it up, reload. Winches is diff, can't remember what diff is for trebs i'll edit it in at some point Thatching - imp thatch roof Climbing - make a drop shaft in a mine, climb up it until you run out of stam and fall down, climb up again (no fall damage in caves). Chest wounds reduce effective climbing skill which can make it easier to grind. Archaeology - diff depends on how many disbanded deeds are in the area, you'll need to test it out yourself, you want average frag ql of a stack of 100 to be around 25 or so for best skillgain. Around a 40ql brush at 90 skill was good for me, but that might not be good for you if you have more/less disbanded deeds in area than me. lowish ql chisel to do restoration afterwards Weapon skills - Weapon skill is based on damage dealt, and is capped at around 50% of the enemies health dealt in a single blow, so tanky mobs that you glance a lot against aren't good for skillgain whereas squishy mobs are. You want to avoid fighting trolls scorps anacondas etc *unless* you have a venom weapon and are reasonably strong *or* they're the only thing in the area, but they won't be good skill. Venom is the superior grinding enchant as it removes glance entirely means you hit more often which means more skill more characteristics more affinity chances. BT increases damage+skillgain but often takes you well over the 50% cap on skillgain, FB/FA do not increase skillgain and their damage takes away possible skillgain you could have gotten, RT increases skillgain but also increases damage dealt to the weapon itself so not good for skilling, ED is just bad and people make fun of you for having ED. LT is a contender for best skilling weapon if you're not that strong or there is a lot of mobs in the area that your natural health regeneration can not keep up with. A good skiller would be WoA (nimb if it's a 3 second swing weapon) - Venom/LT - CoC - MS. Good ql armor and weapons, a fast horse+geared up and high Web armor casts on your armor are all massive boosts to how much skill/hour you can get hunting, if anyone tells you WA doesn't work in pve or that you should use aosp in any form inside wurm online thats not a horse barding /ignore them. Shield skills - Shield skill gained is based on damage blocked, so blocking stronger mobs = more skill. Pen training you're limited to 15 minutes per mob until skillgain stops, this resets after 4 hours of not fighting the mob. Your CR vs theirs is chance for skill tick, so there's lots of variables so you'll have to play around with it yourself to find the best way. Ideally you want something you can tank for the full 15 minutes without healing, and if you're pen training, catch some angry/greenish trolls or hell scorps for high level. Use around a 80ql shield starting out, and once you get to 90ish skill drop it down to 40ql. For grinding mobs, you want things with strong slow attacks, as you can only get shield skill ticks so often. Ideally you want to just get to 60-70ish by hunting in normal fighting and not worry about shield training until you can tank trolls/scorps for extended periods. If you get in a fight and target something else you won't attack but you can still shield bash, you can also repair your shield and cotton yourself, as long as you don't queue actions, if you do you have to leave combat to fix it. Gathering skills - using a 1ql Mining - rock(can flatten cave roof for up to 100 mines per click if you have stamina)/iron to 70, copper/slate/lead from 60- 100. you can start with silver at 80, gold at 90, sandstone 99, lower if you use above 1ql pick but since grinding mining at this point is so slow you might need to take a few pickaxes in the mine with you to keep your idea ql level, easier to just use 1ql the whole way. You'll most likely be balancing around your characteristics instead of your mining level anyway. Digging - Digging is special in the fact that 5 slope - 1 diff so you can grind to 100 digging on moss clay even dirt if you're digging at the base of dirtwalls but for this we'll assume it's flat ground coz its easier. Leveling is 33% skillgain compared to digging, dig to pile if you're dropping it into a bsb after can trigger an old anti-macro thing that stops skillgain so i'd recommend digging to inventory. Dirt/sand/moss from 1-70, clay from 50-100, tar from 85-100. Again you'll most likely be balancing around characteristics not digging and can make dirtwalls to change diff. Woodcutting - Chopping down diff is based on tree age, cutting up is based on tree type. Most common tree types are 2-10 diff, walnut 15 willow 18 oak 20, so 1-80 you can either cut down+chop up everything with a 1ql hatchet, or cut down with a high ql hatchet, load like 60 felled trees into a wagon/have dedicated storage boats for felled trees, turn on sleep bonus and go to town with a 1ql hatchet and crates nearby to chuck all the low ql logs into for coalmaking grinds or fuel or whatever. After 80 You either want to grow a huge walnut forest (takes irl months to grow to overaged) or have a fo priest wild growth oaks trees (if you're wild growth-ing you can have them all packed together, they only kill nearby trees when they age up naturally), takes like 15 casts or so to take an area to overgrown trees, chop em all down, chuck into a wagon, turn on sleep bonus and go to town with 1ql hatchet. I'd recommend getting yourself a nice wound to grind with, as getting trees to grind with is pretty hard at this point. You can also go around deforesting everything still, but skillgain for WC drops hard after 80 skill if you're cutting down birch/pine/whatever. Channeling Best way to grind at high levels is to give yourself a neck bruise wound and freeze it with a 6 healing cover, easy to get in a spar. neck wound lowers your effective channelling so you can grind with lower difficulty spells indefinitely, just get a 60-80 wound frozen on neck and cast light token/opulence/morning fog until you hit your desired skill. If you're using this way you need to either sacc on a link or only sacc 49 favor at a time because saccing 50+ favor full heals you. If you don't want to grind with the wound the normal way is in the spoiler. Butchering For butchering the animal, diff for meat is parts already butchered x 3, so the first one butchered is 0 diff, the next is 3 diff, one after that 6 diff, and so forth. Around a 15 diff mark is where you'd want to balance your knife ql for. Use CoC+WoA/BOTD and be full health+stam as the butcher/filet time does not effect skillgain, only how many things you butcher. For fileting, diff = damage, so ideally you want to lava the meat to high damage and counter that with a high ql knife for really fast butcher actions. From 1-60 kill+butcher+filet everything with your lowish ql knife, past 60, butcher with a high ql rare+ knife to get the most meat, gather up thousands of it, lava it all at the same time then when you get the right diff turn on sleep bonus and go to town fileting. Pre-fsb meat can be 0.6-1.2kg whereas fsb'd meat is 0.3kg so you'll get way more use out of your time fileting meat before you fsb it ( a 1.2kg meat gives 4 butchering tick chances, a 0.3kg meat gives 1). Characteristics Characteristics work similar to channeling, you want the diff to be 10-25 under your characteristics, say you were mining rock (2 diff), you had 90 str, 50 mind logic, 20 stamina. You'd get a str tick on 1.55% of mines, a mind logic on 34% of mines, and a stamina on 53% of mines. Each characteristic does its check seperately so having super high str won't impact your stamina gain for example, but if they were that far apart you wouldn't be able to grind both at the same time effectively. For imping, the diff is equal to the ql of the thing being imped ( imping 90ql tool = 90 diff = no characteristic gain for pretty much anyone). For Melee weapons, its equal to the weapon skill (90 huge axe skill = 90 diff str check = barely any characteristic gain again). CoC does not effect characteristics, i dont care if you heard in ca help that it does because it doesn't. Best way to grind each characteristic, other ways are almost always slower/require too much input Body Strength - Woodcutting to 40(will give 2x strength 1x stam ticks when using a hatchet, but hard to use this effectively past 40), mining/digging from there Body Stamina - mining/digging always, woodcutting is equal with them up to 40 Body Control - Archery or Longsword+shield shield training in pen(requires your attention but great gains), Archaeology(afkable) Mind logic - Panfilling, Mining/digging Mind speed - Shield training, Hunting Soul strength - Mining Soul Depth - Panfilling, Farming Grinding wounds You can freeze wounds so that they never improve/worsen might have to examine wound if you dont have high first aid its around 6-10 depending on fat layers to freeze a bad or severe, depending on your fat layers and if you're fo or not you might have to do some trial and error. Frozen wound = stamina doesn't go up past that point = longer timers = less materials used, good for things like restoration, metallurgy or anything really if you're a path of power boi. Lava gives pretty consistent wounds as does jumping off a dirt wall, so they're a good place to start one. when you're finished and want the wound gone just sacc a rare/like 50 favor worth of things and the wound will instantly heal. Wounds in certain spots reduce your effective skill, so for example, if you're 70 body strength, and have a 60 wound on your lower back you can mine rock/cut down trees for great body strength/hour. Lower back or top of back = body strength, crotch = body control, face = mind speed if you comment below just to argue rethink life
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    Really compliments the chin. https://imgur.com/a/nxKiszx Goat helm is clipping from same area, but not even nearly as much.
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    Hello Wurmians! As we haven’t had a proper summary to the Steam launch yet, let’s start with that - the player counts since that time have been just unprecedented, and we are very excited to see how lively Wurm has become. Now that has also brought an extreme load to both our dev team as well as the entire staff, hence the initial hiccups - but it seems we’re well past that point and almost back to normal. (almost, since we still have some unresolved things to handle) The surge in popularity has definitely exceeded our expectations and it seems like it can give us some headroom in expanding the development team, which should help us increase the development pace of both new features and bug fixing. Most of you might not know this, but we have had very few hired or contracted developers for quite a while now, much fewer than you would expect from a game of this scale - but we’re well on the way to fixing that. (and if you are interested yourself in becoming either a volunteer developer or a contractor, feel free to contact me with the relevant details at samool@wurmonline.com ) I ask for your patience in this part, as it might take us a while to actually get to that point, and the recruitment and training itself might be taking some time away from the direct development in the meanwhile, but after that’s sorted out we will be going ahead faster than ever. And obviously, any new developers will be put on the mandatory bug duty first, fixing those pesky recurring bugs! In addition to expanding the dev team, we’re expanding our marketing efforts as well, which we’ve already started on - we haven’t been great about that before, but we have a lot of ideas in store for promoting the game now and in the future, and you might’ve already seen some Wurm ads around the web. Now, the thing most of you are here for - what are we doing next? While we’re happy with how the improvements to the new player experience and the new tutorial have turned out, it’s obvious from the feedback that there is still work to be done there. As we continue to have plenty of new players joining the game, that will be our focus in the upcoming weeks - the tutorial will be getting some polishing, and we’ll be introducing additional in-game tips and tools to help the newer Wurmians learn the ropes and perhaps not get too frustrated by constantly digging through the wiki. (though we do acknowledge that at some point that might always be a requirement) This will also include further UI improvements, which should make the UI more comfortable to use for everyone and bring some of the requested features and tweaks. I’m sure that’s boring stuff to most of you reading though - worry not, during that time we’ll also be working on finishing up a large combat overhaul! This was something that was meant to be there for the Steam launch, but we have decided to postpone it to give it the attention and polish it deserves. The goal of the combat update will be to increase the interactivity and engagement of combat, by both providing much better visual feedback (significantly reducing the need to read combat chat) and changing certain mechanics, like making special moves more prominent and useful in PvE. This will be put to public testing before it goes live. We have done decent progress on this up to this point, but it still needs a good bit of work to be ready for us to show it to you in full. Once we’re done with those first two focuses of ours, we have multiple major content updates planned out for the upcoming months - those will be released along large marketing pushes to bring even more players to the lands of Wurm, and should bring a lot of content for both newer and older players. Included in those updates will be a large exploration focused update, intended to make the wilderness of Wurm more interesting to explore, with different random encounters to be had around the world. Something we are looking at as well is a unique creatures rework, as well as some more chances to brush up on some less used skills. This update overall should provide a less grindy alternative to other features of Wurm, and in general make PvE gameplay more varied. We also intend to expand further on the construction features, adding both new building elements and decorative items and features. One of our desired features that we’ve been playing with are docks, which would allow you to create structures on water. On the decoration side, a popular suggestion (as well as something we want to see in the game) is hanging items on walls - we’ll be looking at how we can add that. Animal keeping is another feature that we feel has much more potential to be realized. We’ll be working on expanding that part and making keeping different animals a more varied and in-depth feature, with perhaps a new animal or two thrown into the mix. Other than regular content updates, we plan to continue improving the visual side of the game as well - certain elements of Wurm look aged compared to others and we want to fix that soon. One of our desired upgrades has always been an overhaul to how the characters look - while it might be a bit far off right now, we will be looking at improving the character’s appearance along with better customization options. Along with any visual upgrades we’ll be working further on optimizing the game’s client, as we have identified some causes for the high memory and GPU usage issues that some of you may encounter. Since we’re now talking about the client side of the game, another thing we want to tackle is the sound design, which is something we have to admit is quite lacking at this point. That will include adding more sound effects to creatures, as right now, your farm animals are a bit too creepily silent, but we also plan to have another pass at the general action sounds. I realize this post is a bit short on the PvP side of the game - for more information on that part, you can see Darklords’ newest thread on our plans and ideas for the Defiance going forward. There have been quite a few questions and suggestions regarding the future of Jackal. While the first iteration of that has been quite fun, it does require a ton of work and changes to make it worthwhile to run another edition of it, and that is not something we’re interested in - we feel that work is currently much better directed at improving the base game, and not the extending “episodic” content. Generally, you should not expect another Jackal run for quite some time, as we prefer to focus on the other things we have planned. But, never say never! Since the questions about the status of the Northern and Southern Freedom Isles clusters keep appearing, we do want to reiterate that at this point we do not plan on a merge, and it will be a long time before we will start considering one (it is not guaranteed in any case). We’re happy with how both of the clusters are working out and there seems to be a healthy population on both of them. While our promotion of the game with the launch focused on the new Northern Freedom Isles cluster, the future promotion we do will most likely focus on all of Wurm, so that all servers should have new players joining them, depending on each of the server’s qualities rather than our own recommendations. The final thing that I want to announce today is that we're also currently working on a long desired and requested feature which is a complete account system, the main purpose of which is to consolidate character ownership into a single account, improve the security of your accounts and ease the management of them. This will also help us with adding some more features that you could manage about your characters without logging into the game, improve account recovery methods and more. We'll reveal more details on this soon. This should cover some of our plans for Wurm and hopefully makes things a little bit more clear. I want to mention though that this is not an exhaustive list of the things we have in store, and there are plenty of other features and changes coming to the game soon, many of which stem from your suggestions, so make sure to keep those coming! For now, keep on Wurming!
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    Rather than only having the option of +100% skillgain, perhaps the player could choose to focus the mental freshness that we call "sleep bonus" in different ways: increasing the skill gained by performing an action (just so we're clear that this options remains, and will indeed be the default) increasing the speed of item creation (since burning sleep bonus is broadly similar to Circle Of Cunning, allow an option that has the same effect as Wind Of Ages) increasing the quality of created items (instead of an item being created at 20% of your smithing skill, perhaps allow it to be created at 25%, or 30%, or 40%.) increasing the chance of improving items (perhaps halve the chance of failing an improve action) increasing the chance of creating items (perhaps halve the chance of failing a creation action. This should not, I think, allow creation of items that would otherwise be beyond a player's skill) None of these are going to severely impact the game balance, I don't think (with the possible exception of the last). Obviously there are decisions to be made about how effective each boost should be. But it should be easy enough to find a percentage that has roughly the same value to the player as x2 skillgain.
  20. 1 point
    While blessed lamps planted do not decay, buoys do. This is in no way sensible as it adds chores for those creating lights in tunnels and waterways. One may restrict no decay to paved areas if deemed necessary which would at least limit the amount of maintenance work.
  21. 1 point
    Auctioning this 90QL Adamantine Staff Enchanted with the following: Nimbleness 93, Rotten Touch 98, Circle of Cunning 98, Mind Stealer 100 Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: Yes (Hidden) Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted
  22. 1 point
    I loved when surface mining for the QOL to allow mining while targeting the borders. So great! I've now grown so used to it that I constantly find myself targeting the borders inside of caves and wondering why I can't mine. Check my pick - active. Hmm... On yeah, it doesn't work inside! lol. Anyway, I would sure love to add that feature for inside of the cave
  23. 1 point
    Hey, I can join you on my priest with 76 faith. I could use the journal entry.
  24. 1 point
    75 faith, 59 channeling. I need a journal entry and I will arrive. The priest's name is Brown
  25. 1 point
    Thx 4 the Heads up, will be there
  26. 1 point
    more options would be nice. would have to have some serious math going on tho.
  27. 1 point
    Greetings! 81 faith, 52 channeling and I need the journal entry. I plan to be there!
  28. 1 point
    Ordered 4 items out of the blue and had them in my mail within 15 minutes! Great service, great price. Thanks Reverent!
  29. 1 point
    Thank you. My friend and i will be there.
  30. 1 point
    Imagine having 5 rings per finger. Way too OP in any game. There is always a reason you chose "X" number of item slots in any game. Some have 4 slots like Chest, legs, Left hand and Right hand other games go into 20 different item slots (kingdom come deliverance did this I recall?). Always about balance. < Insert photo of russian dude carrying 50 rifles on his back and dozens of kg of munitions > .
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    I adore RPing, it's something I've done ever since I was a Forum RPer as a little boy. RPing is all about being able to get into a character, and enjoying the game through a level of depth you can't normally get otherwise. I've never seen anyone RP in Wurm, but I would love to. At the same time, it does take people to truly make an RP community. In most MMOs, I've seen RPs tend to happen in taverns which makes sense because they're hotspots for people to discuss and drink their woes away. We could even build a community or a village that can have RP being its focus. Locals that regularly go to the bar after a long day of work, travelers that visit for random reasons, traders selling their goods, guards helping to defend the village from monsters, and even more nefarious sorts of people like thieves, bandits, and black market peddlers. There's a lot that we can do. I would also like more clothing options for cloth tailoring, we can definitely have more outfits to go through.
  32. 1 point
    That's pretty depressing to hear someone say. A few of them had some pretty good arguments about the game. Not all of it is just spam or review bombs. And the numbers we gained from launch didn't stick around. Their complaints have some merit, and until we address that, no matter how much we advertise this game, we will keep bleeding people out.
  33. 1 point
    I don't think advertising will necessarily fix things. It's important and relevant to look at why people are leaving and address it. We had a large number of people when Steam Wurm started, the ads worked, but they didn't last. That will just keep going, they might get drawn in, but unless we can fix what is pushing them away, it won't last.
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    +1 This is what happens when you have a door under your bridge. I couldn't target him until I got in that little room under the bridge with him. Granted a lock would have helped keep him out but still.
  35. 1 point
    I'd love to have 5 rings per finger, cause then I could justify having multiple spouses in Wurm and we all know that's where this is going anyway.
  36. 1 point
    Shark. No, really im with the staff gang.
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    moAr advertising, moAr content, MOaR client & server optimization.. not in that exact order, fixes and optimizations are somewhat high prio if another bigger content and advertising are planned .. just not to surprise the new kids with glitches, lag and wogic As for decreasing player count.. wogic and bugs or latest content cuts aren't welcoming to neither old or new players, content additions/news are slightly irregular or so it seems, new players probably expect the regular content you'd expect to get as updates every few weeks; by new player understand typical mmo player, not old timers who have invested time/money/friendships into the game to have hard time leaving it for another game. That aside.. huge number of the initial "players" were probably alts.. to transfer deed ownerships, priests, sermon alts, alts for timed promotions like xmas & etc gifts, normal to lose a lot once most are irrelevant to keep premmed or online.
  38. 1 point
    Thorne's Retreat will be there.
  39. 1 point
    As we shared earlier, we feel the servers are too new in their development to begin showing every pixel of land. They will be shared at a later stage, just not in this release
  40. 1 point
    I'll take "Things Retrograde says often" for £300
  41. 1 point
    Have the NFI dumps been taken already? If not, will there be some kind of heads-up beforehand? Also, any chance we can see dumps of the original NFI maps? Please : )
  42. 1 point
    There is a sound.jar archive you can open, it should be located in your steam files at \steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\pack\. For some people this is located in Program Files or something, it depends where you installed Steam. Mine is just in D:\Steam. The sound files are mostly in OGG format rather than MP3. I normally extract the files into a /sound/ subforlder using WinRAR then play the files using Media Player Classic, but any media player that can handle OGG format should do. If you are mostly just interested in the music files, in addition to finding them in the sound.jar there are also playlists on youtube, I tend to turn off ingame music and play them from here while I play instead since ingame music is a little erratic:
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    the current rate is 20s down the drain pipe... lmao In general it's "1 / (total parts count of the item)", so for a fantastic knarr it would be 1/1240 chance
  46. 1 point
    gamble failed because devs didnt roll the dice. Q4 update happened to be a total disappointment. almost 0 new content since steam release. is it abandonware, or "proper mmo"? it looks like nobody really knows what should be a next step, and instead of real changes we are getting promises only.
  47. 1 point
    since the mechanical pig and broken cello sounds were added it seems a lot of others have been wiped, such as I cant hear myself hitting a hell hound there's no whimpering, I don't hear myself getting hit there's no awkward female noise and I cant hear my horse getting hit there's no distressed neigh
  48. 1 point
    Three waves total, exactly like it was before the "four wave rift" updates, four waves take too long to finish. Stop rewarding people for hitting a mob once and sitting back so others tank and kill the mob. Those who tank and kill should win the rifts, not those who hit once and run off. Healing should get higher rewards given you heal a heap of people at once. Third wave with warmaster, but allow smaller number of people with lower fs to actually kill the beast by adapting his skill to smaller groups as well. Allow some way to stay with current mob instead of being taunted off constantly.
  49. 1 point
    Inde warmaster seemed fine with 7(?) people. Most of those were hypercompetent though.
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    Quote from player who cannot post themselves