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    To clarify, this was stopping getting participation points for casting heal on players When the rift had not opened yet Healing inside active rifts remains the same, it's just stopped the bug giving points before the rift even opened
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    Hello from Northern Freedom Isles This is the event of a lifetime for those who truly love sailing, navigating, … and sand bars! Your host is again the deed Purebreds H, and after holding three succesful races we are ready to crank it up a notch! Be aware that since this is a big ship race, it’s also a long distance and will take at least 80 minutes. Corbita race Saturday Jan. 16 at 18:00 UCT Prize purse - 120 silver First place: 40 silver Second place: 25 silver, Third place: 15 silver, Fourth place: 10 silver, Fifth place: 5 silver Prettiest ship: 5 silver (decided by a jury of 3). Warmup races: 7 silver / 3 silver for 1st and 2nd. In addition, all the prize winners will be allowed to buy any horses from Purebreds H at half price on this day. The overall winner of the race can buy horses at half price forever! Location Purebreds H sales island “Treasure Island” in M13/M14, Harmony server. (Treasure Island and Purebreds H are separate deeds) Study the race map in the next post below! Contact CistaCista for more information. Rules 1) 50 QL is the highest allowed (50.99 QL is accepted, 51.00 QL is not accepted) 2) No rare ships or runes 3) No crew in your ship, one person only 4) No alts, you can only race with one character on the day. 5) You MUST be present at the main race 15 minutes before start, to have your ship inspected, get into race chat and get ready. The minutes before start are hectic, and we hope you will want to arrive hours before the main race and join the warmup races. How do I join? QL50 is standard for the race. It will not be fun if you have less than 50. You have two options: A ) Bring your own corbita you have imped to as much as 50 QL. We can imp your ship. or B ) Sign up for one of the warmup races, where you borrow one of our four QL50 ships. This is like a semifinal to get into the main race without a ship. Warmup races Anybody can join these races in their own corbita. Each warmup race or semifinal also has 4 people competing for 2 spots in borrowed ships. Just to repeat: a semifinal is mandatory if you want to borrow a ship, and free to join for others. Time: 2 hours before the main race, and 1 hour before the main race. (see countdown) Course: similar to Regatta #1 (see it here). They take 10-12 minutes. Prizes: 7 silver and 3 silver for 1st and 2nd. Qualification: the 2 best of the 4 borrowed ships go to the main race. Sign up now for the semifinal that you prefer! Even if you sign up as person number 5 or 6, you can be lucky and get a ship when you arrive. (people with own boats don't sign up). Semifinal 1: Hod, ... Semifinal 2: Taranisss, ... New players: remember you need 21.05 mind logic. Countdown to the first semifinal: Additional remarks: a) Please claim your ship for the semifinals 15 minutes before race start. After that, ships can go to the next people on the list. b) A person can race in semifinal 1, and afterwards can also be allowed in semifinal 2 if there is a slot. c) To have your ship improved to 50 QL, arrive at least two hours before the semifinals. d) The Race Official ship is open for spectators that want to sail along. e) *After* the start, spectators and other people on the server, can be invited to the race chat. f) The Race Official ship will follow the leaders, and gives general directions on the route, but it is up to the contestants to find the optimal track g) If you get stuck, you are allowed to drag the ship.
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    I'll go first. This is courtesy of Deliverance's Southport by Muse:
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    I have just been watching Dracaa's stream, and watched her lead 4 horses up to the wagon and then have to go through the process of hitching each one in turn using the menu. It is apparently possible to set a key-bind for 'hitch', but that still means at least 1 key would need to be pressed 4 times. I am just thinking it might be easier and faster if there were a 'Hitch All' option. This would mean that if you are leading several animals using a halter rope, or separate ropes, clicking 'Hitch All' (or using a key-bind for 'Hitch All') would fill all remaining empty animal positions on the wagon with any animals being led. Examples: Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 4 0 Empty Wagon Positions 4 0 Animals on Wagon 0 4 Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 4 2 Empty Wagon Positions 2 0 Animals on Wagon 2 4 Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 2 0 Empty Wagon Positions 3 1 Animals on Wagon 1 3 Before 'Hitch All' After 'Hitch All' Leading 4 2 Empty Cart Positions 2 0 Animals on Cart 0 2 I'm not the first to think of this as the following posts show!
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    Course map is below! You start by heading straight North from the start line in M13/M14 and make a round trip around the Western region of Harmony, passing through some man-made canals and other obstacles along the way. [1] You must go under the high arch of the bridge. [2] Here is a small sand island inside the great lake, you must go on the inside of the sand island and make a turn. [3] Go North around the Shoalhaven island.
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    Aske's bridge, and the route over the mountain are well worth seeing, sad to hear that it is crumbling away. It would have been well worth turning north once you get over to the west side of the mountains and travel over the mountains to see the bridges over the pass that the Ageless Tunnel goes beneath (E20). The zigzags of the old path still exist alongside the bridges, and make an interesting diversion when returning south.
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    I would like to see 1 of 2 changes. 1. For every 10 skill in AH, one random negative trait to be removed from the possibility of being bred so that by AH 80, breeders will no longer be breeding negative traits. 2. Or, for every 10 AH skill, the chance to breed any negative trait(s) be decreased by 10% so that by AH 90 there would only be a 10% chance of getting a negative trait and by AH 100, no chance at all. The exception being for related animals. At least this way, there is a reason to intentionally progress in AH.
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    I believe small buckets are the optimal container for fragments. With all space used issues, you want to find whatever container holds slightly less then 100 of your item (fragments in this case). This is so because every container will consume its full volume in the magic chest regardless how much of its space is used. Backpacks are very inefficient for storing fragments. A backpack will consume 75 L of your magic chest's available 300 L and it holds 100 fragments (containers for the most part have 100 item count cap). Whereas a small bucket will consume 12 L of the chests volume and hold something like 96 fragments. Many container volumes are here: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Container I know its very annoying that this kind of information is not right at your finger tips in game but unfortunately Wurm has some bad game practices when it comes to information sharing.
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    Cooked rice should work with either saucepan or pottery bowl from memory. The lore system will try to steer you towards recipes you don't know, if what you've got so far could have multiple outcomes, so it's likely suggesting a different recipe to cooked rice. If you put rice and any quantity of water in a pottery bowl (or probably saucepan), optionally with a salt, and then do lore on your bowl, it will tell you how much water you need (the 80g - 120g referred to above). You can then adjust the amount of water in your bowl to make the recipe (typically using the pottery measuring jug, which is designed for exactly this).
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    View from the deed aptly called "Thin Air":
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    It would be good to have somewhere to put gear so that that it is actually depicted (as it would be on the ground or a table) but is a stand or rack. You could have a rack by the door with your favourite weapon, or farming tool, visible so that you can rack it when not in use, but you can grab it directly without opening the container first. Or make it a stand, only holding one item, but allow them placed close together on a tile. Going to farm? grab your shovel, rake, scythe etc. Going mob hunting? sword & shield, bow and quiver etc. It would also allow a player to create a display of choice items in for example their armoury (or boudoir if you are into that sort of thing). It would also be a good way to have shields standing instead of either packed away or lying about.
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    It's long been an open secret that higher skill makes it harder to breed 5 speed horses. Now, using the WU code to simulate tens of thousands of children we know exactly how backwards this system is. When breeding horses you want them to have the same traits, so all below percentages assume the parents have the same traits as each other and are not related. Let's say Dobby the House Elf wants to breed horses. Say hello to Dobby: When the very handsome Dobby breeds his 5 speed horses, all he cares about the offspring is if they are 5 speed and have no negative traits, because that means the horse is ideal for riding. The odds of breeding 5 speed horses with no negative traits: Skill Parent Traits Chance of 5 speed offspring with no negative traits 50 5 76% 60 6 63% 70 7 66% 80 8 67% However, Dobby realizes after getting fired from his cushy horse breeding job that his cousin got him at the Malfoy estate that he's doing it wrong. For longterm breeding programs, it's very important to have horses with the exact same traits. Therefore, getting the same traits on offspring is preferable. The odds of breeding offspring with the exact same traits: Skill Parent Traits Chance of offspring identical to parents 50 5 56% 60 6 41% 70 7 42% 80 8 42% I'm not sure why this happens because breeding in Wurm is so complicated. But just looking at those numbers even Dobby the Elf can tell that it's not working as intended: higher skill should not result in a lower success rate.
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    Transmuting a clay tile is impossible without tin lumps, which are impossible with no metal veins. So basically never any forges. I did get up to making iron tools at a campfire but it sounds like there is not a lot farther beyond that you can go. And with no source of iron beyond rummaging, even at a campfire you can only improve tools, weapons, armor a very small amount. (Besides which, transmuting a clay tile even under perfect conditions like fast server, clay jars, tons of apples etc is such a horrific PITA that I swore I would never do it again). So much bare rock face is great for rummaging bits of iron rock but that, plus the exceptionally jagged terrain and very thin dirt, is going to make terraforming a decent deed quite a pain also. And 10 body strength severely limits what you can carry. I think there was some sort of bug making body characteristics really hard to raise without a mod but i can recall the details there. Anyway long long time till anyone will ride a horse or drive a cart. I like the basic idea of a challenging PVE server, although it has been done before. I always love seeing new ones though. Anyway I'll continue to poke around a bit more and set up a deed and all, but do not see much future here. I am curious to see how far I might go if I depend mostly on wood spears and leather armors, and very minimal use of iron.
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    yes they tend to simply pop from undergound in a few weeks on Epic. On the other hand I've seen a blue dragon living for many months in an open mine and it did not even chase anyone outside its mine.
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    [08:19:02] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent. Enjoy!!! Please close.
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    ingame, press o, hover over tools, click more, spell effects Should look like this With the effect changing based on what shoulder pads you're wearing and the ql+rarity of them. iirc the human skull shoulder pads were 5% when i was wearing 2 rare 75ql ones, but not sure on that as i don't have any to check
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    I do not follow that, and somewhat, it does not follow. Yes, the core population of the Epic cluster is dramatically down, and still dropping, and closing the cluster, or uniting the home servers to a Chaos cluster or whatever would be a way to shut the chapter. But: Over the years I read again and again pleas for a hunting server. And here we have a number of servers with crowds of wild creatures, not few of outstanding strength and unique powers like valrei monsters. To hunt them can be an adventure not possible on any of the established PvE clusters. So why destroy what exists then cry again for hunting servers? Seems illogical to me. Only thing would be to allow some skill transfer back to the servers participants come from (should also be possible to admit NFI to Epic). It could be a raw measure at the beginning, just taking real gain (not curve), and lowering it by, say a factor of 0.90 to 0.75 * (skillgain), to make up for faster timer. The results could be observed and where necessary, revised. From my observation, the enthusiasm over Jackal dwindled fast once it became clear than skill retransfer did not work. Without some skill gain retransfer expeditions to Epic from Freedom would appear "useless" to many.
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    a shameless bump for tazerlol
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    Good stuff. Pizza was 20.88kg and 97.73ql. A single bite gave me my requested affinity for 34 hours. After a few "bites" the time rose to 2 days...
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    it's still doing 1 action to chain-destroy several constructions walls/fences that took somebody way more time to collect the resources and build it, not even putting QL into account which normally means a lot about how long something lasts.. logic will say .. wood ql1 or 100 burns all the same.. do you see the problem
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    Regarding the mistake made with the rifts at the new servers: That was the first comment asking why things didn't go as planned. And here's Retro's reply: Meaning, something went wrong, the Dev's were aware of it and have fixed it. Problem solved, let's move on to the next. Regarding the spreading out of their starting times: https://niarja.com/universes/online/rifts And I copy / pasted the table for those to laz... unable to check the link right now. Times are in CET, btw, but it's more to give an impression. The link provides the time according your time zone. As people can see there, all rifts at the old servers are starting at different dates and times. And that's despite they have been starting at the same time twice!! since the mechanics were introduced. Last time was last year, iirc. Which means that within a period of 40-41 rifts times are so different, players can easily visit multiple rifts within a few days. EVEN at the new servers where only 3 servers are available. Seeing the ones at Cadence and Melody open in the night of Monday to Tuesday; it's very likely few players will attent and thus it'll take longer for the rift to close. Which also means the next time these rifts will open, it's likely Thursday late in the morning or early afternoon. I rest my case. Thorin
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    Will try to do my best to serve you anytime soon Gimme few days
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    They will naturally spread out over time as the next one opens based on when it was closed. When they first came to SFI, they were all started at the same time. They are now fairly spread out.
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    not hard.. to have source and range. for the effect.. 3x3 area only.. or something like that based on firemaking skill.. But this makes any wooden fence/wall on and offdeed useless.. which is not good
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    This is not a game where you reach 100 rifts in 34 weeks. (3 servers once a week), listen to what the older players tell you and calm down. We had two rounds of rifts so far. It seems more normal that it takes over a year.
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    Maybe, when your premium runs out you shouldn't be dropped to 20/30 for skills/characteristics, but to the average of your prem levels and the non-prem caps. That way going non-prem is still a hit and therefore there is incentive to stay premium, but there is still incentive to stick around for a bit post-premium so it is still good to play, but better to premium. This way, post-premium free is good but with premium subscription is better.
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    Absolutely. I drafted but didn't post a bump about a day ago, to this and to hanging things on walls. I have my "specials" stored and I make sure they aren't decaying but I want to DISPLAY them. And yes to racks and storage reducing/preventing decay. IRL we put stuff into storage systems to protect it, so the storage system takes the damage first. If the storage system is protected due to deed upkeep, then that mechanic is simply working the way it should. At that, upkeep is like paying someone else to look after the upkeep on buildings and other elements, so they really nothing should should take any decay type damage on a paid-up deed unless it is in a rubbish pile.
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    I'm guessing 20 planks, 6 shafts, 5 small nails and at least 60 in Fine Carpentry.
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    Also - there is a guard tower on Galahad (not pictured) - it's on the southwest corner of the island.
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    Removing Order, I thought one of the items was used for something different D;
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    Hello! Can I please get this? You can CoD to Kookiepop in game! QL76 Rare mallet, oak c83 w72 (22s)
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    i think this is a great idea that maybe should have its own post in suggestions, as for the OP's idea that superbreeders are the cause of lower spawn counts is hogwash and i will say it again here as i said in game, bury your kills...read again, Bury Your KILLS. this will do more to speed up respawns than getting rid of superbreeders or big deeds. i have a huge deed around a bunch of other huge deeds but i can step off my deed on a daily basis and find both animals and monsters to kill within 50 tiles so i believe it is hogwash
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    I'm very sorry for the huge delay, we haven't played for a while and we were thinking nobody was buying from here anymore, i sent them out with some discount, if you still need them feel free to either accept them or return the mail if you don't need them anymore : )
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    [20:44:44] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks! : )
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    Hiyas, can I get the following item please? Thank you! QL 70 Knife, iron w57 c65 (3.35s) CoD To Volladol please!
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    [12:40:44] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. I'm sorry, the trowel was already sold i sent you the rest
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    I don't understand why people defend the way it "works". For the vast majority of players a horse is all about the five speed related traits. With your 90+ AH take two pure 5 speed, no extra trait, horses, breed them and you'll get extra traits. Excluding corrupted there are 13 other traits which have the possibility of being introduced. Of those 13 traits, 8 are negative traits. That's 8/13 or 61.5% chance that the first newly introduced trait will be bad and 3 of those traits directly affect speed, that's a 23% chance that the first introduced trait will affect the speed negatively. Then of course there is the chance that RNG may lose you one of those speed traits anyway. Don't even try it with 8 trait horses that don't fully match, I gave up with that when breeding the new horse colours way back. Regularly getting 3 and 4 speed horses only contributed to my butchering skill. Now try breeding that pair of 5 speed horses with only 50 AH, you only have RNG to worry about as no extra trait is going to be introduced. You are regularly going to produce a foal that is better than that produced by the poor sap with 90+ AH. Bug or bad game mechanic? Having worked in software development for 30 years before becoming a publican I can't think of a single customer who would have been happy with such a "mechanic". As for my customers now! Let me see, I'll put your beer into a larger glass and there's a chance you'll get an extra trait to make it tastier, but there's a 61.5% chance that something's going to taste like crap as well.
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    People are not (usually) trying to get 8 traits or whatever maximum. They're trying to get 5 speeds, the same 5 speeds as at 50 skill. But from the table in the OP, at 60-80 skill there is a lower chance to get 5 speeds than at 50 skill. I was joking with a friend that AH is "the" skill you don't want to skill up. Or I wasn't joking.
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    You should not be penalized for having a higher skill, in fact I think we should be able to pick traits you want, or genisis be more flexible that lets you get rid of traits you do not want in your animal, rather than just the 'bad' traits.
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    This are bad and i are not like information in OP.
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    While yes, getting a 90qlitem is harder than 50, he's pointing out that at 90 skill it's harder to get a 50ql item you want than at 50 skill