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    I am working on some no-castle but nice design of the rancher house and my deed shoreline. I am thinking about building 1x1 house inside colossus to illuminate it fully, anyone tried it? A road engineer pulling all-nighter to design a new road: View from my balcony: Platinum Marina and Vynora memorial at night.
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    Stanlee's Vynorium Emporium & The 100 Channeling Celebration Sale Custom enchants for your favourite gear tl;dr: WoA or CoC prices, assuming I can dispel: 80+ = 45c 90+ = 65c 95+ = 1s 100+ = 1s90c I'm only ever Stanlee ingame. No alts. The 100 Channeling Celebration Sale: 20% off of CoC/WoA when you get a FREE Stan-made tool! The spells: The Vynora spell list boasts a great many useful enchants. When an enchantment is "conflicting," I cannot enchant it on an item that already has a conflicting enchantment without dispelling the conflict. These spells are, as far as I can tell, listed in Dispel Order, which is a concept explained in the next section. The main spells are: Nimbleness (Nim) - This enchant makes it easier for your weapons to hit. Conflicts with Wind of Ages. Wind of Ages (WoA) - This enchant makes actions faster, while keeping skillgain/hour stable (in theory. In practice, the WoA accelerates your journey towards tempering, switching to another mining vein, or any other low-gain action, causing a net loss in skillgain/hour). Fantastic for making castles from assorted rocks at high speeds! Even lets weapons swing faster. Conflicts with Nimbleness and Blessings of the Dark. Frostbrand (FB) - Causes your weapon to do an extra, smaller, wound as frost damage. Conflicts with Life Transfer, Flaming Aura, Bloodthirst, Rotting Touch and Venom. Aura of Shared Pain (AoSP) - Reflects a portion of damage you take to the attacker. So long as they hit that specific bit of armour. Conflicts with Web Armour. Lurker in the Deep (LITDe) - Lets a pendulum locate special fishing spots, and even gives it a chance to say what special fish is at those spots. Conflicts with all other Lurkers. Circle of Cunning (CoC) - This is usually the big ticket item. For every 1 power of the cast, skillgain (not characteristics) is improved by 1% (multiplicative). This means at 100 power, it's almost like having sleep bonus active again! Conflicts with Blessings of the Dark. Mind Stealer (MS) - "Killing a non-player creature with a weapon enchanted with Mind stealer may transfer skill points to the player. When a creature is killed, the game chooses a random skill or characteristic the creature has, and if the creature has more points in that skill than the player does, the player gains points in that skill. The amount of skill gained by the player depends on how much more skill the creature has compared to the player, and the power level of the Mind stealer enchantment." This spell has no conflicts. The power and its price: When I'm able to dispel a cast, I'm able to use less ropes by using a method known as Dispel Casting - basically, existing enchants make it harder to improve a cast (though having no enchant at all is just as hard as a 100 cast). Why would you be unable to dispel? Well, when you examine an item, the spells, runes, and imbues display in a particular order. For instance, WoA is always before CoC. So if you have a 109 WoA you don't want dispelled, and you want CoC, I can't utilize Dispel Casting to my advantage. Anyway, here's the PRICES: So if I can't dispel (due to an imbue, rune, cast sooner in Dispel Order, or shatter protection you wish to preserve) yet you still want a high cast, the price must reflect that. Since if I did operate at usual prices without Dispel Casting, I'd be operating at a loss. So here's the prices if you still want those high casts, but you require that I don't use dispel: The shatters: Unfortunately, shatters are almost unavoidable. While there's a chance that your casts will go well over what you pay for (hooray!), there's also the chance the item will simply blow up (boo!). While Metallic Liquids from rifts can prevent this fully, it also means I cannot dispel CoC or Mind Stealer. And while Seryll may also avoid it, who wants to use Seryll items? Barring these methods, a shatter is rolled on every cast; so the higher the enchant I aim for, the most casts I have to do, the more likely it is to shatter. Improving the QL helps, but this is extremely minimal past QL70. There's also a rune that can reduce the chance, but this turns a 1% into a 0.9%. Here's some numbers. I have no policy for replacing items that shatter. If reasonable, I may offer non-rare variants of items at the QL given, but I also completely understand finding a different caster if something you love shatters. *The 100 Channeling Celebration Sale*: To celebrate me reaching 100 Channeling I am offering 20% off of all CoC and WoA enchants, but only if you're getting an item/resource that I am able to provide! This includes things like: Steel Skillers Oak Skillers Iron Skillers you'll imp up the moment you have it anyway High QL Rock Shards And more things that I can shatter freely with no consequence! So it does not include things with existing enchants, runes, rarity, signatures beyond my own. "But Stan, isn't this identical to your last sale" yes
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    There are a whole bunch of threads asking for various new decor items and me, personally, I'd love to see them all in game. But, I know there are other priorities right now and making entirely new things takes time and work when there's other work that more urgently needs doing. Middle ground solution: pretty pretty please let us use beeswax to render an item functionally useless but without/with drastically reduced decay when on deed. Converting the item in this way prevents the mechanic being used as an exploit to get around decay on items, but means that we can make better/any use of some of the beautiful models the art team have created for us that never get seen. For example: A couple of bales of waxed wheat can sit in an animal enclosure to make it look more farm-like A waxed fruit pie can adorn a dining table as a centrepiece without vanishing in a couple of days Archaeology finds in nice metals that will never be used can be waxed and put on display in a museum Your very first weapon that you have a sentimental attachment to but will never use again can sit pride of place in your house A fisherman's prized catch can be displayed on a shelf A couple of books can be left by an armchair or on a side table in someone's cosy library A basket (pile) of waxed fruit or vegetables can sit by a farmyard door A marketplace deed can put different items of clothing or jewellery on display on counters and shelves (without needing to go and repair them every month or so) Starter towns and newbie recruiting villages can be decorated in such a way that makes them look vibrant and alive and full of the possibilities of Wurm with examples of some of the systems and items that so rarely get 'seen' - like cooking, fishing, archaeology, even basic tools that you don't know exist til you make them or discover them, and so on and so on. The effort and resources required to wax items should mean that it isn't so overused it creates a clutter problem for the server, it would give additional uses to beehives which are woefully underused, it would present a lot of legitimate new decor options for people who like to decorate without requiring a heavy load (or any load) of work for the art team to create new models and it would finally allow us to make good use of all the hard work already gone into making models of items than never get placed anywhere, in practice, because of decay.
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    I believe small buckets are the optimal container for fragments. With all space used issues, you want to find whatever container holds slightly less then 100 of your item (fragments in this case). This is so because every container will consume its full volume in the magic chest regardless how much of its space is used. Backpacks are very inefficient for storing fragments. A backpack will consume 75 L of your magic chest's available 300 L and it holds 100 fragments (containers for the most part have 100 item count cap). Whereas a small bucket will consume 12 L of the chests volume and hold something like 96 fragments. Many container volumes are here: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Container I know its very annoying that this kind of information is not right at your finger tips in game but unfortunately Wurm has some bad game practices when it comes to information sharing.
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    View from the deed aptly called "Thin Air":
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    I'm sure this has been visited repeatedly, but here goes: Hunting is lacking the excitement of discovery. There's a thrill when you kill a humanoid and get a recipe. That same thrill and hope could be applied to other creatures through Wurm in small ways in order to create a greater level of excitement around killing creatures. Yes, this also introduces TAXIDERMY, a skill that should be a new subset of tailoring. This involves several changes, I'll separate into spoilers so this doesn't just look like a wall of text. Random Drops Lore and Skill Journals with Alternative Crafting Recipes Taxidermy
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    location: Melody T-16 Can mail logs! Logs: 80+ ql = 2c per log 90+ ql = 4c per log 99 ql = 7c per log 100 ql = 10c per log Iron 64kg lump: 99ql 2s
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    Due to the lack of population on Epic, Uniques have begun to torment the lands, and are becoming a large, near unkillable plague. So I just suggest perhaps making them about 15% easier to kill on Epic, to compensate for the low population, which as it is makes organising a slaying a bit harder. In addition it could also perhaps include a 5% extra hide / scale drop, due to the fact that slayings don't happen often at all, infact they are more of a rarity.
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    Looking to auction off this pair of Challenge Statues. The one on the left is a Marble Statue and the one on the right is a Silver Statue. The auction is for both of the statues. Starting Bid - 30s Minimum Increments - 1s Snipe Protection - 2 Hours Buyout - Pm an offer Reserve - Hidden (I will say when reserve is met)
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    Auctioning this pretty shiny armor of mine. Gives +10% damage reduction due to rarity. Served me well during rifts. This auction comes with a lifetime free imping up to 80ql. Its color is purple. If you do not want the color, you can remove it using metal brush without damaging the armor. [19:50:29] A heavy and intricate set of metal plates, together covering the top of the body. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Colors: R=225, G=48, B=225. It could be improved with a lump. Comparison by Damage Reduction (DR): Better than regular steel (+5% DR) of the same quality Better than regular drake hide armor (only faster move speed) of the same quality Better than regular dragon scale armor (+5% DR and faster move speed) Advantage: Cheap to improve, in this case, free lifetime improvement You are shining from head to foot Starting Bid: 30s Increment: 2s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Reservation: Yes Buyout; 1g Auction Ends on:
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    [10:48:51] <Grumpled> [16:47:37] The bees get angry and defend the wild hive by stinging you. [10:48:09] <Grumpled> we have to do the smoker thing? [10:48:30] <Armyskin> what, they made it a requirement? [10:52:17] <Armyskin> [10:52:02] You heat the air around the birch tree. [10:52:41] <Armyskin> now why would that not remove the bees? Just wondering if having the tile engulfed in flames could remove a hive.
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    Rare altar is 1% more faith, supreme 2% and fantastic 3%. Alignment gain is 5 with rare, 6 with supreme and 7 with fantastic - where its 4 when sermoning on a normal altar.
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    Visit me at R20 Ind - Platinum Ranch at West Elysian Bay shore, I am a well known hell horse breeder. But you will need animal cages to transport them (I do sell these too).
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    Yeah they all been premium characters, just wish there an options to delete them when ask. I find some very interesting names on that generator, glad i found it some years ago. Glad you like it
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    Thanks for the explanation... it's been a year or more since I've mined much, due to having thousands on hand. I guess it's been changed for a while and I never noticed XD. I never recalled the rarity part scaling before, odd, but I guess it is what it is.
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    past a certain point the effect of rarity lowers, it's normal to not get the full +1.00 QL boost you do get the +1.00QL at lower ql mined shards.. but at some point at high QL shards.. that effect fades and drops below +1.00ql.. - it's rarity 'issue', which is not related to the rune For example at ql98.x mined shards, a supreme pickaxe gives ~+0.40 ql boost only, not +3.0ql the ql you can mine now is capped at your mining skill +some boost from the rarity +imbue(if you have any); get used to mine trash ql -5-10 ql below what you used to mine before the nerf as the boost of the rune alone used to give up to ~+9QL (based on vein's QL)
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    You can, and whilst embarked they wont attack, however when on the ground, they may attack. You can't attack them back (On Freedom atleast) whilst hitched, so have no worries. I usually just embark on the cart when they intiate attack with me, as it takes you out of combat, to which you just no target then get off again
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    CoD the following to Craft pls: Huge axe, iron, 71ql, 75nimb, 94LT, 95coc, 62ms - 14s Large Maul, iron, 71ql, 84nimb, 91LT, 72coc, 100ms - 16s Staff, iron, 71ql, 85nimb, 74LT, 78coc, 83ms - 11s If you could also make the following with 90+ casts of Nimb, LT, CoC, & MS (70+LT will work but prefer 90+ if possible): Iron Small Axe Iron Small Maul Iron Short Sword Oak Long Spear Iron Halberd
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    They would need to be tamed to ride however, unless you are a Fo Priest with like, 50 favor, to which the hell horse will be passive to you, and won't attack.
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    Nah, fortunately they don't need to be tamed to hitch!
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    the indy maps thta gets updated often mght help you find a place https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EbliOmfbWcK1zhD4t4iYU-Dc18eEr7ZB/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VXUlm1dnPAy4mcp7-thzVoPcrJaN4Rv8/view Welcome to indy .)
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    [11:38:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. thanks
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    This was exactly the kind of reply I was hoping for! Thank you!!
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    This is not a game where you reach 100 rifts in 34 weeks. (3 servers once a week), listen to what the older players tell you and calm down. We had two rounds of rifts so far. It seems more normal that it takes over a year.
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    3 months in the making now, surely these videos have to be pretty impressive in quality to have not even released one yet? Especially since they're not even meant to cover advanced topics. Polk released several over the course of a couple weeks on topics as advanced as pvp. Or has the plan changed?
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    if not all been preem then stop log them in and they go poof but yah its long time, 90 days that looks like a good name generator too ty
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    Hehe, I know, and I liked the suggestion. I was merely mentioning that, despite how good some of these suggestions are, it's sad that there's no clear response if any of them are even considered "in the works". I'd be happy with a reply like "we could add taxidermy in 2022 in the spring". But the lack of any traction is what bugs me
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    Hi just making sure you have the same name as forum name as in game?
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    the problem here is that "dying" to you doesn't mean what it means for others: if you're satisfied with 200 total accounts, many of which could be alts, being online across the what, 8 different servers in SFI (and i'll ignore epic here too) then i don't think "dead" means anything to you beyond "game shuts down" if the game hits pits like this, the game is dead. If it maintains this way, the game has no hope for improvement. The only people playing with it are the people satisfied with the status quo- the only fine thing about that is the fact that so little money is actually required to keep this game running that it can potentially keep running with just that many people basically until the end of time lmao. Steam wasn't a gamble. It was a play to raise money and impress investors. I'm waiting to see what they do with that money, now. I question how much 'dev time' actually was needed to create the steam servers. The most complicated aspect of it seems to have been managing the database, but the devs that existing have very different jobs tackling different areas of the code- and again, we have no full time contracted devs. It's the same excuse as always- for one reason or another (and maybe a good one, maybe not) the devs can't seem to actually commit much time to make many changes.
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    You call it 'bad game design' - but rifts are spawned based on when players closed them last, they're not purposely coded to happen at the same time - so you (players) can technically adjust this if you want to hit both. Either hold off going after one together, or stretch them out so they're not lumped on top of each other. It WILL spread out over time. It just happens that right now, you're finishing them at the same time on each server.
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    Picture the scene.... You've come back to wurm after a long break. Your deed is gone, everything in it is gone; you friends list is empty, or almost empty; your horses are dead or stolen; your cart is either heavily decayed or gone. You might have a boat lying around, but everything in it rotted away. You've got 20 skill in everything, except stats, and those are capped at 30. You're probably going to die very shortly if you lived somewhere remote, within the first 20 mins of returning usually. Do you stick around? I'm going to guess most people wouldn't; and here I think is a big issue in wurm's design. The re-entry barrier. So, here are a couple of ideas on how to get over this: 1. Give every player a PvE server a free summon corpse good for 1 month after rejoining (granted if a deed you own has dropped after existing for more than 2 months, and if you have been inactive for over a month) and no death penalty during the first 24 hours of logging in after a period of inactivity. 2. 24 hours of free premium time if the account has been inactive for over 2 months 3. Link skillcap to amount of premium paid in the past. +1 to the cap for every 1 month of premium a player has paid. These three ideas are quick and easy fixes for long-term absence. (3) also rewards long term subscribers.
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    I posted some of this in the "rebalance f2p" thread but it also belongs here. Maybe, when your premium runs out you shouldn't be dropped to 20/30 for skills/characteristics, but to the average of your prem levels and the non-prem caps. That way letting premium lapse is still a hit and therefore there is incentive to stay premium, but there is still incentive to stick around for a bit post-premium so it is still good to play, but better to premium. Someone with, say, 80 FS while premium would drop to 50. A player returning after a long absence would not instantly be fodder for everything tougher than rats and cats. A 70 skill would drop to 45, which a player who is used to their 70 would definitely feel, but is still not too shabby. The game already tracks your levels while on premium in order to restore that when you re-prem, so it should be a doddle to programme (he says blithely). This would allow people returning after a long absence to not feel like they are starting over from complete scratch. I am even wondering about "restart packs" for returners. A backpack/satchel or something with basic starter-level equipment. The fact that when they stopped they may not have had starters in their inventory could mean they re-start with less gear then when they originally tried the game. Even players could be doing that bit. I have plenty of salvaged basic wood-working tools and basic weapons, even basic armour (I also had a large collection of anvils large and small, but melted them down). If I could guarantee zero decay I would be happy to make up packs and put them in our town inn. None of it is really marketable, so theft wouldn't really be a huge risk. Or maybe stock a merchant with this stuff at very low prices (low enough that a bit of selling off of foraged stuff could finance some basic equipment). It would be better to have an actual game mechanic for it, but I think some players (myself included) would be happy to supply this if the game offered returning players a teleport to a deed that had such a provisioning facility. Hell, provisioning stations (or any trader/merchant) could be provided at starter towns a bit like the bartender, but instead of counting total playtime, count the playtime in the last 7 days or something.
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    I really like that you're thinking about this. As it is, Wurm is definitely not a game that a player could set down for an extended break (for whatever reason) and feel like they'd be able to jump right back in later on. Very smart to take a break from all the speculation and brainstorming about player retention, and bring this up. I like addressing the "you're probably about to die" issue. A free summon corpse is good - but what about not ending up as a corpse to begin with? What about giving returning players a free teleport to a spawn point & 24 hours of the newbie buff(s)? Someone coming back into Wurm might have knowledge and some skills, but without assets and resources, that's not going to do much initially. Get 'em to a spawn point or newbie town, give them 24 hours of glowing (they won't have a lantern or candles anymore), let them access the bartender for food/drink for 24 hours. I'd rather be too generous for returning Wurmians than making it rough and have them all feel cut off and hopelessly left behind.
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    It is somewhat tedious (and, depending on body strenght, even not possible to get a felled tree on a wagon, cart, or ship. One has to pick up the tree (maybe two trees at one time depending on str and items carried), and move them from inventory to the vehicle. Instead, it should be possible to use the "load cargo" option.
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    I had the same kind of thought last week, when I dropped another 10 skulls in one of many piles. Don't even need a fence, just a simple skull on a stick decoration, as we already have flags and banners.
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    I think these are great ideas, though preferably as long as we can avoid the taxidermied creature silliness that hit WU where deeds all over the place were piled with preserved champion creatures... +1