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    You are expecting too much from them just do what i do take a break enjoy life avoid forums avoid global chat turn it all off and just play and every time the devs once again ruin your plans add another strike once at 5 strikes of things you dont like just go on a hiatus it works well That aside i come back to see yet another nerf in a long line of unneeded nerfs brought to you by a team who honestly at this point in my eyes does not know what they want or are doing to the game and are to greedy in their desire to keep new players around that they will destroy the game to please them Just revert the imbue changes and while your at it get rid of the priest crap and so many other things that keep being added in for the sake of nerfing or "oh a staff member has this idea lets do this" when such idea's when a player has them fall on deaf ears I am watching the game i grew up with from my teenage years into adult years and i can say for sure the last few years have been by far the worst overall sure some good things but the amount of bad that keeps coming out just overshadows it A marketing push was said to happen "soon" after steam release to keep momentum up and going well we are waiting Steam is bleeding people left and right and stand alone client is doing just as bad numbers where really high then the fall came as expected but it never stopped it never evened out and why? promised things where not delivered work isnt put in things are left to just dry up and frankly its sad to see from a game i spend more time on then some of 2nd generation members have been alive for And that is the saddest part there are legit couples who met in wurm's early days got together and their kids started playing wurm or had babies before and got into wurm and their kids are playing there areny many but there are its such a great game yet it is just being dragged over a gravel road with no help to stay upright Just wait the "big" q4 update will come some time "later" and it will be a let down like other things are and the same people who love the game to bits will complain again and it will again fall on deaf ears as we all know it doesnt matter what we say and that is 1 of the reasons i went quiet myself Wurm staff are like that ex that keeps trying to stay in your life and you know you click with but cant be in a relationship with so you shuffle around on the edge you do stuff with them now and then then back off then get closer but every time you get closer you get hurt time and time again but you keep going back as you just love that person too much(not speaking of experience here just experience of others) The game is great would be a lot greater if some of the shenans and "nerfs for the sake of nerfs" are taken care of and things are actually improved again but alas
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    So many solutions available to encourage public slayings, many of which have been tried and executed in Wurm Unlimited with success. Yet none of these ideas make their way into Wurm Online. It's a shame, really.
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    "Wurm seems to have a whole bunch of disgruntled users here in this thread. " They are disgruntled HERE !!! Not OVERTHERE !!! Each person deserves a reply to their comment. That is what customer service is supposed to do.
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    I waited for this moment the whole my (Wurm) life: At least something happy happened to me, Vynora gave me a gift for the New Year. BTW: Happy New Year everyone, or at least, so it will suck less than this one!
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    Hear ye, hear ye! As of earlier today, I've refounded the Academy of Enlightenment. A small hint to its predecestor on independence ran by me and Dannyiron from 2009 to 2013 During its 4 years of being around the Academy was home to a several dozen players, many were tought the basics of Wurm in its crude basic form, while some quit, others stuck around becoming long term players of wurm. I have noticed during the past 4 months on Northern Freedom Isles that no such thing as a newb academy exists, or at least that I am fully aware off (correct me if i am wrong). Our goal: Help new players find their way into Wurm and earn their footing, hopefully making them long term players as Wurm notoriously has a steep learning curve and low new player retention percentage. Who am I? Most know me as Elwood from the Southern Freedom Isles, born on Jenn-Kellon home before migrating to independence to join Dannyiron as a elder before eventually moving across the servers throughout the years. I have been a CA myself so I know how important certain aspects are to new players and how to keep their interest in the game. Elder Team: Elwoode Ilyich Quelliz Allies: Genehunt Location: M-16, just off the highway east of Overture How to contact us? Either pm Elwoode ingame, or Elwood2 on the forums, if you cant wait you can head over to our discord server and file in a request and we'll try to get back to you as soon as we are able too. https://discord.gg/rZNBPDRuRk Sponsors: Shout out to Dunsel for providing us with horses! our grattitude cannot be expressed with words! Progression of the deed
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    Slaying of the White Woodscrap ..........................Unique............................ Come Along for the Public Slaying of the Unique and sort after creature.... The Woodscrap Elwoode himself found the lurking unique creature with a big supported belief ALL slayings should be made public for the community to enjoy LOCATION: Turn left out of overture and there is a road leading to the location.... looking forward to seeing you all there
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    While one might be able to accommodate with the rune nerf, the imbue nerf is insane. At 98.25 mining, I can pull no better than 98.86, even from a 99 vein, with imbue 96, on a rare pick. Another rare runed pick without imbue gives max 98.44 and a non rare runed pick unsurprisingly 98.25 . That is unreasonable. It is not that such ql does not suffice for most purposes. It is rather that imbues become worthless.
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    We're talking about nerfing miners with a skill above 95, not 75. Yes fine, it was OP and reduced any point of skilling beyond 75. I'm not disagreeing there, but punishing players who have skilled above 95 is a clown show. You're applying a nerf to people who actually did skill up well beyond the level that you're claiming you want to prevent. This is your flaw in nerfing as you have.
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    Elwood should go up there too as it was he who found the White Drakeling yesterday and proposed the public slaying. Pnutp should remain as a hero as he helped Elwood pen the drake. There are also far many more people who helped out but alas, I do not know everyone’s name.
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    1. Allow to hitch one animal (including a bison or a horse) - already suggested. 2. Decrease the slowdown, dragging empty cart or with light load shouldn't give any slow down at all. 3. If you drag small or large cart, and you dig/level, you dig to the cart, it is done on dredging so c'mon it cannot be hard to implement. 4. Let us load 2 rafts or 2 small crates or 1 large crate if runed. 5. Give it speed boost when dragged on fields, green tiles (with flowers, bushes or trees) and in the mines. Give us some cookie for all these nerfs. You know if you use stick an occasional carrot is necessary. I was raised in gardens, orchards, forests and fields I know very well how useful is this:
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    Guys, you really need to work things out better before patching lol Thanks for giving us back the ability to mine 100QL from 99QL vein again with top end pickaxes, even adding a bit of an extra bonus of 0.05QL
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    I see this trend, and I'm still considering if this is the trend that many players, including me, likes. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I've became a hater of this game 2 years ago, because I have too much time or I'm bored with it. No, I love Wurm and I love each and every one of you guys. But I still feel, like there's something off. It's not like I don't like new changes and features in game. I mostly love them. Also it's not all about nerfs or bad changes to the game. I can live with them, just like probably most of all those upset players. If I have, I'll just grind my way up to get 100QL ores ora I'll just buy them with other trades I got, it's not a big deal really. I've been there so many times i know what to do. Thing is, it's not changes themselves making most of the problem and not changes are making them that upset. Long time ago, I was under great impression, that Wurm is truly community based game, with community that has a real voice in creating and developing this game further and further. Suggestions forums was one of the greatest things that had an impact on our game. Changes sure, were coming slowly, very slowly. Legendary bridges that players wanted- we had top wait for them for years. But they were eventualy made. Many thnigs like runes, new mechanics, archaeology etc. Everything of these have been suggesting there and eventually at some point implemented to the game. Of course, there have been always some battles over some ideas, where part of the players wanted to implemented, and another part didn't. But that's simply how it looked like. I remember when I suggested random strongholds, battles/ siege events, and after few months, maybe over a year we received Rifts. I was like "Oh gosh, finally we have it, i dreamed about such thing!" Not everyone like Rifts now, but we can't deny, that they were a thing to everyone, once they were implemented. Now most complains are focused about Rift's journal entry, than Rifts itself. Nevermind. But now I feel, since 2018, when personal goals were firstly changed (first thing to really upset me, well second, but first wasn't game related at all, more like wurm team related), that Wurm devs turned away from this way. I know that game developement speeded up as it was needed, really i like it and appreciate it. Things in Wurm never been so solid and steadily implementing like in past 2 years. But also, at once I noticed that Wurm devs aren't really talking to players about most crucial parts and ideas. You guys are giving us lots of little good things, but also without any communication at all, you are implementing these big things behind players backs, just stating few days before "we gonna remove this, we gonna change this". It shouldn't be like that. Also you aren't at all listening to what players really wants and needs, and I feel like you closed yourself mostly for veteran players. Stupid example is about reward helmets not being improvabvle for years, with years of asking for this. Of course this change would be for few people owning them, because outta afair 27 cavalier hlemets there's problably 1/3 of them still in hands of active players. But again, 5-7 people are often like 10-15% of daily popuilation on some of the servers. Thinking mathematicaly, you shouldn't ignore it. Small things like that would certainly make it easier for upset players, because at least in something someone would listen to their needs. I can't really right now think of any game, that would treat veteran players in such unrewarding way. People who play Wurm for 5-8-10 years are the real pillars of this game, not the ones who started on steam and left after 4 months. Perhaps you've been expecting playerbase boom after steam, but now everyone sees, that there was no boom, and steam had no such a huge impact on playerbase. New servers are halfly filled with old vets anyway. Don't turn against them, don't be deaf on their voice. Retro, you're a great long time player i know it's not easy for you to answer to all complaints, but at least I hope you know what many of old vets feel. Now you're at least in Wurm's team, so you have this privilage to know about changes- others don't. Let's say that you're in regular player position. And you hear that painting and dye creation is going to change, because new players can't exactly figure out this mechanic or this was so random and old, and now we just simply pick the color we like, craft voila. (that's only example), and let's say you don't like it. One unexpecting change, not a big deal. Second, third, alright. But then comes another, and another and people feels blind in the dark, not knowing what will change, what will be nerfed, what will be removed/ replaced soon. And you guys are hitting very core mechanics that have been in game for years. If you feel, that something needs to be demoted, i won't argue. But I'll argue with clear removal of such things. Removing features or abilities isn't good. Now it looks like: - We add some stuff - We change/ remove some stuff. Why it can be like: - We add some stuff - We want something to be demoted, so we offer something similar, more interesting. Instead of this, why cant you focus more on adding things like ingame events? You want to stop uniques drama, alright, but why instead of pushing some weird "said" rules about hunting and penning- you just won't leave it as it is, leave old way hunting for those who like it, and additionaly add regular ingame events with uniques and new loot mechanic? Why removing something that people like, when you can add something to satisfy others as well. You want to nerf imbues? First perhaps it would be nice to test out- in game, if nerfing a bit potions itself, to be faster in wearing out or to gives smaller imbue values after smearing wouldn't solve the problem a bit? Or finally if you want to nerf runes as well, perhaps that would be the best to make some sort of spell/ effect/ mechanic that would at least allow to counter this nerf. Let's say quick time events on mining to get better results for those who wants it. And just regular results without it. These ideas aren't so good perhaps, but there is always, a way to make something worse/ better without drastic changes to this. But communication is the key, really. Add more ingame events as well, treasure hunts like Seris knights adventure which was the best game experience i ever had. There's so many things you can still focus on, to make everyone happy, without upseting people. I understand it's not easy, you just can't simply make everyone happy. It's hard, very hard to satisfy all. But suddenly it's way easier to not upset someone. Also I totally understand, that from your point of view some changes have to be done. Of course, it's totaly fine. Just talk to us, give us infos and head ups. Don't do it this way. Anyway i hope, that next year will be better than previous one. I hope that Wurm will go on, and people will keep wurming, and I hope that the next year we all try to better understand each other, to keep our virtual world great for the years to come.
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    You fail to understand why people are upset. let me break it down for you: 1. most ppl are not upset that the change was done, as it can be understood why it was needed. however at the same time everyone is upset by the fact HOW it was done a) this change made anything but outmost veins useless, while previously any vein of 75+QL could be used to get good shards. that would not be the problem if there were millions of Outmost veins around, but there are not! b) This change made it impossible to continue getting 100QL for high end skilled players with literally the best equipment there is in the game. And yes, 100QL mats are required in the game as there are ppl that can make 95+QL items, so they need mats to keep making them. c) Item rarity, imbue - that is insanely hard/expensive to get to max out, once again making the end tool the best there is in the game - they are not beneficial any more.. you get equally same results with the regular pickaxe any mid-stage character can craft. 2. yes, we do agree with your point that 70-skilled characters should not get end game materials (whether or not there actually were such ppl is another discussion, however lets say in theory there was), we do agree that the skill should matter. Those are the points in detail, why are we hugely upset. Oh and also we are upset about the LIES! Saying you want to "balance" and actually shafting everyone with a massive nerf is a complete opposite, so yes, we took that as being lied to! Once again, we waited, we didn't get upset the same time we have seen that these will be balanced, as we mostly understood the balance was needed, not a massive nerf. What to do? how to address our concerns at the same time as implementing dev team ideas? have just to think it through first and if you cant come up, ask community for suggestions before patching something. the same patch could have been done way differently to achieve your goals and not shafting the players. EG of the solution: The formula you have provided in the patch could have been tweaked, allowing players, that actually have 95+ effective mining skills to be able to continue mining 100QL shards with imbued pickaxes. OK, fine, rune just adds up 10% "average" QL up to the skill cap, but imbue, that is really hard and expensive to max out should at least give you +5QL passed your skill cap gains. Is this a lot? no!. in case your mentioned 75 skill player has fully imbued pickaxe he can only gather max 80QL. That's not breaking the game/economy or anything, as 80QL ores are really a "bulk". in fact, there would be no formulas required in general. Rune just adds 10% average QL the way it is now, but imbue adds up flat +5QL on top (obviously FLAT scaling up to 5QL depending on imbue level). Thats it, this one part is sorted, imbues are not useless, runes work as you wanted, we players know we need imbues to get 100QL. Secondly, you want the skill to matter, so do we, we also want to have what to mine rather than 5 outmost veins there are left on the server.. Solution? implement skill scaling! Every 10 mining skill we can get +2QL on the vein, capped to affective mining skill obviously. So if a guy has 32 mining, he can mine 30QL shards from a 24Ql vein. game breaking? - No. This does allow 90+ mining skill players to boost vein QL by 18 effectively meaning we can still mine 100QL from initial 80+ QL veins at least. A very simple solution that achieves your goals of making the skill matter while leaving us, the players still wanting best tools, best imbues, best skills we can get as we know we GET something from that. And lastly rare+ tools keep their +1 +2 +3 fat QL bonus as they were and like most tools are (BTW if you think that's too huge of a gain after all this, you have to remember its actually only +0.1 +0.2 +0.3 above 90QL). BOOM! patch happened, community happy. Exactly same rune & imbue principle implemented for woodcutting, so ppl can get 100QL logs too. That's what i would call "balancing" job done.
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    I will start by saying that I understand that this (uniques penning and private killings) is something that is totally legit, so I don't accuse the people doing it of breaking are rules or doing anything wrong. Yet, the whole situations doesn't really feel right... there were ten dragons / dragons hatchlings kills on the NFI. From these, two were public and eight were private within the same group of about 10-12 people (plus alts). I really think that the way things work right now is destroying the community, splitting it between the rich (who keep getting richer with every kill) and the rest of us, the plebes, who can't feel any other way than being completely left out. Although I do have some ideas (like rules changing from the devs, general acceptance for people once they match certain transparent criterias - like get to 70 FS and weapon skill and you're in, or some kind of embargo where the rest of us would stop trading with those people), I can't say I really have a solution of what either the devs, the elitist jerks group (*), or the rest of the community as a whole could do, but since I don't feel that this is right at all, , but I mostly wanted to open the subject, maybe other, smarter and more experienced people, can actually come with some ideas about what we could do to solve this problem and reduce the gap between the elite group(s) and the regular players... ----- (*) that's mostly a joke related to an old wow site, not really thinking they're jerks; in fact I have three people from said group in my FL and, except this, they're very cool people
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    You are absolutely correct in that this change should have happened a long time ago, we fully agree with you there. As the old proverb says, the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is now. You'll see a trend as we have gone through the past year of addressing flaws within the game by making painful decisions to bring old abandoned mechanics into balance. It's not easy for us to make these changes, we don't take a thrill from upsetting players who came to use and rely on these mechanics, but with the prospect of adding them into NFI, we were left with three options: 1) allow them in their unbalanced state on NFI, and lead to a disruption of the organic skill growth of the players on that cluster 2) Create a system where they behave differently on both clusters, leading to confusion in CA help, wiki articles, and in general advice and understanding 3) Bite the bullet and make the tough change that should have happened a long time ago, meaning they are far more balanced and the same across both clusters, giving everyone the ability to work with them equally. We chose to do the third as despite the disruption now, it's better for the game in the long term. We'll be tweaking some aspects, as we're aware the current system limits actual 100 players from getting 100ql ore, and will continue to adjust if need be based on observations and feedback.
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    how cute is the christmas version of the wagoner!! https://imgur.com/a/rQsCcbr
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    Here you go. This is Oak, not sure does other wood have different textures. Shape is much more humble compared to gift, which is great Toymaking. I managed to make it with 20 skill
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    Can we have the most feared monster of medieval times come along to wurm. It could also be another monster that allows the collection of Cochineal. That and also could create a shield out of the shell. It could also award a humourous title when you slay one of them. If you want to make them more dangerous, you could give them slime power which makes the attacker lose some focus or hit rate and also make them more rare then other monsters.
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    I will start by saying that I understand that uniques penning and private killings are totally legit, so I don't accuse the people doing it of breaking are rules or doing anything inherently bad. I still think though that it's rather selfish when a certain group of people decide to do that for personal gains. Again, being selfish is not against the rules, just that it is... not nice. In opposition we have those nice people that are acting selfless and are sharing their findings with the community as a whole and I decided to start an initiative to recognize their merits and give them the very unofficial title of "community heroes" (the very transparent condition for being listed here would be to have organized at least a public unique slaying and not participated in any private slaying). So, without any further talking, here's the public list of community heroes that I have far now (please let me know if I missed anyone): People that listed events: - Battlewall - Gofs - Pnutp Thank you guys!
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    So, looks like is going pretty pointless keep this rune on my pickaxe. Is any other nerfs in plans?
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    todays fix on the QL rune has made everything work perfectly as I would have wanted. having 100 mining you can now achieve 100ql results from a 90ql vein again. thank you
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    Hello, I would like to see an option to turn pets into a passive mode basically they will act like a normal horse, "can't attack and can't be targeted" by hostile creatures (PVE) only. It's so annoying when you ride an unicorn,hellhorse... and millions of creature chasing you, every pet is like a target magnet for hostile creatures they instantly target your pets from miles away ignoring you completely. To avoid quick changing mode abuse, you should only be able to set it if only there are no creatures around or you have not been attacked recently, just like sleeping and /lotimer.
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    No matter what they announce or don't announce this is our collective reaction when reading the patch threads: So as you can see no matter what they do they cannot win so they might aswell do what they think is best for the game and not let the forum teary reactions influence their resolve.
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    so.. give +2 ql scaling to 50 skilled, +4ql to 70 skilled players or make an extra 80 milestone, add another 90 or 90-95 milestone for last 4ql boost to runes.. making 90-95 remain with same playstyle.. and not lose the functionality for ql90 veins.. last patch renders anything sub utmost ql vein to be useless for end game We read that the game wants to preserve the skill as something important.. but this is not scaling to skill it's a total nerf returning the game -10ql or more below what was known to be normal to get for years.
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    Likely because the timers started at server launch, meaning when they actually started it thought it had to spawn. We addressed that and they will spawn regularly and properly now
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    There is the ignorance of skill level.
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    About that... there's not exactly abundance of utmost iron veins.. How was it not an option to keep the boost but scale it to player's skill.. so if you have 99 mining you could make that ql90 iron vein still into ql99 iron or "very good ql91" iron vein into ql100 iron, instead we have absolutely useless runes and imbue now, same for rarity.. Do you think that this makes much much much.. more sense than what we received instead .. being 100 mining/wc and struggling to pull such ql resources after the changes..
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    @RetrogradeNerfs rarely work. It is truth as old as the oldest MMORPG. Most successful is balancing by introducing new features not nerfing old ones. And introducing new features usually causes praise and happiness among the community not outrage and anger. A quick example: increase the probability of popping out QL100 item (or skill+QLX) that increases with skill, imbues are expensive and hard to get even if you have money, I bet fewer people would take them if there are such ability as most of the people do not require enormous quantities of QL100 materials.
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    Copied from before: As the old proverb says, the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is now. You'll see a trend as we have gone through the past year of addressing flaws within the game by making painful decisions to bring old abandoned mechanics into balance. It's not easy for us to make these changes, we don't take a thrill from upsetting players who came to use and rely on these mechanics, but with the prospect of adding them into NFI, we were left with three options: 1) Allow them in their unbalanced state on NFI, and lead to a disruption of the organic skill growth of the players on that cluster 2) Create a system where they behave differently on both clusters, leading to confusion in CA help, wiki articles, and in general advice and understanding 3) Bite the bullet and make the tough change that should have happened a long time ago, meaning they are far more balanced and the same across both clusters, giving everyone the ability to work with them equally. We chose to do the third as despite the disruption now, it's better for the game in the long term. We'll be tweaking some aspects, as we're aware the current system limits actual 100 players from getting 100ql ore, and will continue to adjust if need be based on observations and feedback.
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    Wurm seems to have a whole bunch of disgruntled users here in this thread. Why wasn't there a staff member here replying to EACH and EVERYONE one of them, addressing their concerns? You have released an update that doesn't sit well with many of your customers, yet you let them stew here without replying to them individually. Some blanket reply after you believe things have "calmed down" isn't customer service. It's called sticking your head in a hole in the ground hoping the problem goes away on it's own. This is ridiculous and the staff here should be ashamed of themselves.
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    *edited* This post was an introduction to a WordPress plugin I created. All the details can be found here now:
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    I don't mind the changes. I think that the more we can encourage people to go out and explore the better the game can be. The way I view them, they could be like the meteorites that drop, you can find them at random while out traveling and exploring. They have a limited amount of resources and then that location is gone. The issue comes in with balance. Don't make them so rare that no one can ever find one, or so plentiful that people just pass them up. More reasons to get people out into the wild and seeing the beauty that Wurm offers is a good thing!
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    I'd fully endorse this message. This message has been approved by the council of woodscraps
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    I think, that this never should be the case, to refuse something offered, just beacuse at some point in the future it might get nerfed. It never should be like that in any game that claims to respect players, to remove (i mean remove ability to mine much higher ql up to 100 with just an imbue, not removing entirely) outta nowhere something that has been in game for years. Even if something is to be removed, devs should point it out at least half a year before. And what's even the same important, such changes should be made slowly, step after step. To check out every possible way of balancing without such drastic changes. It's not like I, as a player should refuse something because it's too good, and perhaps will be nerfed. No, game gives me possibility to do somethig, offers me this and that, so I will use it. And it shouldn't be removed after so many years, theres no point. It's not like imbues and runes became "op" yesterday. Any changes like this, should be made immediately after first implementation to the game, when players had first chance to notice, that the change is just too good. If something stays in game for so many years, this mean in normal game, that the change is pretty much ok. Sometimes other changes might of course impact this particular thing and somehow force it to change accordingly. But devs should never say, that something is broken after so many years. Inability to implement features properly, shouldn't never ever impact players.
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    Sounds like a great rework which will promote and reward exploration. Will take some time in game to see the actual results of course.
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    With 99.999 mining and a supreme pick with max imbue and a gathering rune, QL99 tiles are yielding QL99.58 shards. QL98 tiles were maxing out at QL98.91 or so. The practical effects of this change are that QL100 ore no longer exists, and we've gone from the majority of tiles being worthless to almost every single tile being worthless. With imbues and runes like they were, QL75 and higher tiles still had value at the high end because they would yield QL100 ore. With today's update, only the exceedingly rare QL99 ore tiles can yield QL99 ore, resigning everything at QL20-98 to grinding characteristics, grinding the mining skill itself, or mass-produced fodder like iron for ribbons and pans. This also puts all metalworking improving skills in a place where you can't properly grind them to legendary skill. Normal sweetspotting falls off at ~99.99, since you hit a point where QL loss from repair outpaces the miniscule QL gains from improves, but that at least gets you halfway there. With metal going no higher than 99.58, you'll have to swap to slower grinding methods at 99.45 skill. Smithing skills without wooden items to bonk on are going to suck that much more, now. This also means that items like whetstones can't pop out at QL100 anymore. Smiths really got it bad in this update.
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    So just wondering, why did just those two get trampled to mud, but 100ql apples and oats are still a thing. Feels a very politically bribed nerf. There's now a group of people with 5319 crates of 100ql logs and lumps and they will be the sole market suppliers for years to come? I agree that gathering nerf was long time coming, but it should've been like 50% and not down to mud and useless.
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    Unfortunately, the hamsters were imbued and are running at a much lower efficiency now.
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    return everything as it was please (about runes)
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    I would not call this an UPdate. feels like a downgrade to me. So there is no Q4 update
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    Can we please finally choose which perk we wanna dispel from the tools then? EDIT: Because..... [14:52:57] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [95] [14:52:57] A bronze rune of Libila has been attached, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) [14:52:57] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [86] [14:52:57] It has been smeared with a potion of mining, so it improves Mining max QL [98] And you always can remove from top to bottom only
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    Good idea but only if its toggleable or tied to noob buff. I Wouldnt want such beam to ruin good screenshots.
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    As to the moving, the decision was certainly up to Pandalet, though I would not have felt it necessary. But shifting to Suggestions is not "burying". Some of the most lively (and sometimes severely derailed) debates happen in Suggestions so the always drama loving forum community certainly looks here. As to the subject: The first unique killing at all, a private Green Dragon Hatchling slaying, occurred October 16 on Melody, followed by a public goblin leader killing on October 25 on Cadence. Next, also Cadence, were two public ones, Kyklops November 2, and Black Dragon November 11. All in all there have been 17 unique slayings in ten weeks, 8 of them public. That is nearly a public slaying every week. Even though we had a great upsurge of public slaying on SFI, much by the initiative of Stanlee, Ehizellbob and friends, we not always have a public slaying on all of SFI every month, and I cannot say that I am discontent with. Organizing a public slaying is quite some work - I know that as our alliance organized two in the last 3 years, me participating in creating one of those events. A public slaying every week is likely to burnout the organizers. So I would suggest to stay patient.
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    good thing, now it gives motivation to grind skills to 100
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    Hi everyone, Nirav here with another I love Wurm post, this time about PvP. One of my toons has lived on Chaos for three years as of this week, by herself. I am pretty thrilled with that accomplishment honestly, and was told it was not possible when I set out to live there. I know some of you right now are thinking why in the Hell would Anyone want to Live on Chaos Alone?! Yes, Chaos is terrifying. Yes, you are way safer in a Kingdom for the most part...I'll get to that. Yes, it is darn near impossible to protect yourself or keep large farms or livestock. But I love Chaos. Nirav started on Chaos. That is how I started the game, and Everything has been easy compared to that first two weeks. I love being more scared for my life than I feel on the PvE servers. I love seeing weird creatures that aren't in PvE, though I have not seen those wonderful things for a long time on Chaos either. And I love helping people, which is why I live there. Hrig is in the Gold Coast area, but before any PvPer gets really excited, she does not have anything worth taking, and doesn't have a paid deed to drain. She isn't trying to start a Kingdom or conquer anything. She is there to help new players get to a kingdom, or off Chaos to PvE, though fewer come into the game now via Gold Coast. She has one affinity and her skills are really low. She can take a troll now, which is a good thing. It's rough out there. So, what are those terrible PvPers like? Well, they have shot my two or three horses through the fence, stolen the boat it took me ages to make, killed me because it was easy, chased me through olive trees while shooting my horse from under me, and knocked walls of my house down. What else have they done? Given me armor, horses, supplies, met with me to help new folks, helped me out of situations, invited me to help them do things, killed a unique with me, made treaties with me to ensure that I stay in the West coast area and am never spying for anyone, and they keep from killing me. In other words, my experience as a whole has Not been the bad stuff. That was very few and far between, and one of those people who did those things has since been banished, not for any reason having to do with me. PvPers are helpful, kind, courageous, honorable, territorial, strong, giving, understanding and for the most part, Do want to see new folks make it in Wurm. While Chaos is not really a great place for new players, most PvPers do not want to terrify them and make them want to quit. Many will go that extra mile and help them. I have another toon who tried to do the Kingdom thing for a while. I loved that Kingdom and would like to do that again, but my skills were too low to contribute the first time. Playing in a Kingdom is an investment that pays off Very well if you have the time and skill to put into it. It also makes you a target. People from another Kingdom will assume, most of the time rightly, that you are absolutely a threat, and will try to kill you before you kill them. There is a lot of hypervigilance on PvP. It is scary in a very fun way. Kingdoms could raid others at any moment, and there is a part of you that is always in fight or flight mode, especially if you have to travel outside the deed. If that is your kind of fun, think about joining a Kingdom and trying it out, but make sure you have the time and skill to contribute. Keeping a Kingdom going and defended takes everyone's hard work. Living alone on Chaos is easier in some ways than living in a Kingdom. You are not necessarily seen as a threat if you are in Freedom Kingdom, the default Kingdom everyone gets put in if they go to Chaos for the first time. It is not really a Kingdom. All the PvEers are also considered Freedom Kingdom. Your time investment is your own, and taking months off doesn't matter. Your skills can be whatever they are. However, one of the main ways Kingdoms find things out about other Kingdoms is by spying, and a spy is often someone who comes through one of the starter towns to run around and find deeds with the expectation of getting killed eventually. It is Very difficult for Kingdoms to know if someone just out of a starter town is a spy or not. It has taken Hrig years and many conversations and treaties to assure the other Kingdoms that she is not one, and will not help any Kingdom with information about another. This is one of the reasons she is in Gold Coast. New folks are in great danger because of the chance of being seen as a spy. If they did not plan to do PvP, or realize that they really do not want to, it is important to get them off Chaos and to safety quickly. And every once in a while, someone like Nirav comes along and wants to try the tutorial on Chaos, and Gold Coast is not such a bad place for that. So there it all is. PvPers are pretty great. You can live alone on Chaos, but be honest and open about who you are, and don't play Kingdom politics without being in a Kingdom that can protect you if you put yourself out there like that. You will die. What I learned in the last 3 years on Chaos could not be contained here even in this novel sized post, but I will say this: It is a wild ride, and if you do see someone, I can guarantee you, they are just as terrified of you as you are of them. Offering a sammich instead of a sword might allow you to live one more day, and make some friends. And if you see me, and you need help, let me know. Hrig has never lifted a weapon towards a single human being without being attacked first, and has for sure never killed a soul. So fear not, and say hello.
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    We can all agree that Wurm Online just looks so splendid. The landscape, creativity of shapes and decoration, building... Makes everything look so nice and unique. I stop every now and then and just admire the beauty of it. Truly beautiful screenshots.
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    And the fact that such a powerful creature waits in one place to be slaughtered like a sheep is very sad.