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    Impromptu Christmas dinner with Bunnbunnnn, Chefpeewee, Drogos, Tuxi, Madnath and the horse version of Madnath. We had some delicious Christmas cake and horse Madnath had some freshly foraged rice.
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    There's no secret that the population of the NFI is on a constant and rather step decline, caused mostly by the abysmal retention among new and casual players. And that's mostly because both devs and veteran players are rather disconnect from the realities of the life of a new and casual player. Now, obviously, I don't have the arrogance to pretend that I can speak for all new or casual players, but being a steam summer kid myself, I can definitely talk about the challenges and struggled that I have encountered. F2P trap That's a struggle I haven't encountered personally, because I realized from the very early on that, although money are always tight when you're a high school student working part time, time can be even a scarcer commodity. But I have to say that I saw more than a fair share of people quitting in frustration over this and not only that, but they also gave a bad publicity to the game in the process (check steam reviews and you'll see that this is one of the most common problems). I know that it is possible to earn enough coins to finance your game expenses and I even met a few people that manage to finance large deeds and multiple characters this way. But while it is definitely possible for high skilled and experienced people who know what they're doing and who amass very large play times, it is close to impossible for a new and casual player that is just starting the game. Yet, the game is advertised in such a way that it lets the people think that it is possible, which makes it feel almost like a scam when they realized it really isn't the case. What I'd do instead would be to try to have a much more transparent approach about the F2P limitations and focus on the fact that the game can actually be very cheap to play with premium cost potentially going to less than 6 bucks a month. Really, just be honest about it. Wurm is not F2P game, but a subscription based game, with a F2P demo. In this regards, Wurm is exactly like WoW - it has a unlimited time demo, capped at a relative low level, and it also allows you to pay your subscription with ingame currency via wow tokens. Yet I never ever heard Blizzard advertise WoW as a F2P game, because, honestly it isn't one. Just like Wurm isn't one. Time spent which chores (maintenance) From very early on, I started to categorize all my actions as either projects or chores. And the truth is that while projects are generally fun because they offer you a sense of accomplishment, the chores are boring and tedious and they can generate a lot of frustration. Now, if you're someone playing four, six or even eight hours a day, that is not a huge issue because the chores end up taking a relatively small percentage of your playtime - you spend an hour when you log in tending your fields, grooming your horses, milking your cows, sheering your sheeps, preparing meals and repairing the odd things that took some damage over night then you can move on with your projects (grinding, building, terraforming or whatever). And in the few days when I was able to play over four hours a day it really didn't felt that bad. On the other hand, if you're a casual player playing one, maximum two hours per day, you can easily end up seeing how most of your time is wasted with all these chores and you're left with almost no time for projects, logging out without any sense of progress whatsoever. Sandbox vs themepark I love sandbox games, that gives you the freedom to choose your own patch, but in Wurm's case I really feel that the new players are left in a complete fog. I mean there are quite a few tutorials covering one's first few days in game and the progress during those days seems almost obvious... get access to clay and iron, terraform a little piece of land, make yourself a small house, get an animal or two, find a source of food (foraging or farming) and water, build a cart or maybe a boat, level your skills a bit (and boy early on they do skill fast), reach some nice milestone (being able to lead a cart, ride a horse, load items, etc). As a side note, in regards to previous point in my list, please note that all these fall under the projects category. And I really think that the devs actually did a rather good job streamlining the brand new player's experience, so the first few days in a new player's life are actually quite interesting and rewarding, so I personally doubt that the drop rate during those few days / before subscribing / before deeding is (much) higher than in most other MMOs. But, after that, you pretty much hit a wall. Things stop being intuitive. Skills start growing up much slower once you pass level 30. Milestones (like hitting 30 ML to get an extra action or 30 BS to stop being a leacher on dragon fights) seem to be miles away (pun intended). Chores start to demand a bigger and bigger share of your time. And you generally start having the feel that you're completely lost, that you're moving in circles and that you're making no meaningful progress whatsoever. Theoretically, missions and journal goals should help with this, but they're so random and they lack even the most remote notion of synergy, that they actually don't help at all. If you manage to push through this phase, things eventually start to get better once you move past level 50 in some/most skills, not only because at that point things start to get easier, but also because you manage to better understand how things work out, so you can eventually feel that you're making progresses once again. But the problem is that this phase could last quite a lot when you're a casual player, who's only able too put only one or two hours a day (and I know it, because I'm still there despite almost reaching 20 days of /playtime). And I'm almost willing to bet that most new and/or casual players that quit, quit during this phase (when their main skills are between 30 and 50). And, to be honest, I have to admit that this phase was the one that almost got me too (and I'm not entirely out of the woods yet). Needing a major in WURM to understand it I don't mind the steep learning curve and the fact that one must befriend Wurmpedia from her early days, and I honestly think that it's fair for the people that take the time to optimize their actions and play the min-max game to have the edge over the over players. But when mechanics are so circumvoluted that you have to do completely counterintuitive things, many times not even mentioned in Wurmpedia, but known only by veterans, people using third party tools (like grinder) or, even worse, people that reverse engineered WU code, then I really think that it stops feeling right. Like (and that's a very basic example) I wouldn't mind if people using the right rock type and the right pickaxe ql would get a 10%, 20% or even 50% bonus to their skill gains. But when if you mine marble at 10 skill or iron at 70 skill (just because you need them) you gain (almost) no skill gain, things stop feeling right. Like, honestly, a casual player's approach is pretty much that they should be able to do what they want to do and expect that their skills will eventually (slowly) grow over time. The problem is that in many cases they're effectively put on a halt because they didn't picked the right rock or crops type or because they didn't matched their tool QL with their action difficulty. The community Finally the community. It is marketed as one of the strongest assets of Wurm. And, up to a point, it really is a nice community, much more mature and less toxic than many other communities (not saying there are no bad apples, but they're much more rare than in other places). Yet, while not toxic, it is not very vibrant or helpful either. Actually (and I apologize if this offends any one) it feels like one of the most self centered communities in any of the games that I played, where pretty much everyone (again with a few exceptions) is only focusing on their actions and are hardly interested in what the other people are doing. I had days when I was logged for hours, with 100+ other people on my server, yet complete radio silence on the freedom chat. I had days when I was logged for hours, with 10+ people in my FL online and none of them even messaging me to ask a basic thing like how was my day (and that under the conditions that in a typical day I take care to contact everyone and ask about there whereabouts). In half a year I was never invited to do a group activity (like a group hunt or exploration or whatsoever); the only invitations I ever got was to join or at least visit someone's deed to see what a great job they did (obviously, very few of those people, ever thought on visiting my deed or check what my progress was). In Entropia Universe (which nowadays I only play for a couple of hours per week) on Christmas I sent about 10 gifts and I received abut the same amount; in WURM I also sent about 10 gifts and I received back none. So yeah, my feeling is that the community is far from toxic, but also far from friendly (as least on the public channels - maybe the things are different in the "inner" circles of friends and alliances) and at many times you can feel like you're playing a single player game and you can't stop asking yourself why still play WO and pay a monthly subscription and not stick with WU if you're still playing all by yourself. Later added because of some comments: I am a social player. I founded a rather large local alliance in the early days of Melody, which I only left when I moved out on another area of the map. I tried to found a second alliance (promoting it on forum and server chat). I am always active on my server's chat and I have a fair share of people in my friends list (and even in my discord's list) who I always message and try to talk with. And for most days, I get a reasonable response rate on both server chat and friends PMs. Yet, it hardly happens for things to come from the other people, and I eventually grow tired of trying to make these virtual relations work, when I see that the other people don't put any effort into it. And no, I don't think I have unrealistic expectations or anything, since in most other games that I played, the moment when I was logging in I was having a chain of PMs. I apologize if I offended anyone. It was definitely not my goal. I just wanted to give you the perspective of a new and casual player. I'm neither arrogant or smart enough to say that I have solutions, but I just wanted to let you know what were the problems that I faced, because I got the sense that this is a rather missing feedback. For myself I don't know if I'll be here in the new year or not (still working on my new year resolutions and debating if I should invest more time in Wurm or not), but if I'll quit, it will be for a mix of these reasons...
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    I'm dreaming of a White Dragon Just like the ones I used to know Where the tree tops glisten And children listen To hear slaying at N13 I said, I'm dreaming of a White Dragon With every Dragon blood of blacksmithing May your days be merry and bright So long as you arrive on time Edit: I was gonna sing this whole post, but turns out i'm tone deaf and mixing in much-needed instruments was gonna be a bit much, but there's a link to my attempt anyway
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    Chicken coops were a fun idea, until we found out that they're absolute rubbish. Chicken lay eggs of 99 QL if just kept around and feeding them mixed grass. That's the way it's always been and I'm not questioning it, just as much as water is always perfect... it's 100 QL, there's no tile in the world where water is worse than anywhere else. The milk coming out of any udder, be it cow, sheep, or bison, it's always milk just as nature intended it to be... milk is 100 QL. Now why are eggs suddenly only the QL of the coop? That doesn't make no clucking sense. Coops can house just so many hens, as their QL permits 1 chicken every 10 QL... how does that make sense? I think eggs should be 99 QL and the coop QL should lower food and water consumption similar to something like a Wind of Ages enchant, whereas unenchanted water/lumps/or other resource has a 12 seconds imping timer, with a 100 strength enchant it's only 6 seconds. With rare, supreme, and fantastic reduces it by another chunk. Hens in coops eat and drink so bloody much, and them popping out is such a desaster, I've long given up on using them. RIP this feature. And the egg QL capped with the coop is just another farce. I'd say, 10 chicken per coop, food/water usage as horrid as it is right now at 1 QL, but reduced at higher quality levels, as well as rare state. Please. And the point that chicken in coop creatures don't count toward deed creatures is pointless, just keep 'em off-deed. Plus, you don't have any problems because they all pop out after 2 days, because they gobble up a fortune. But Ulvi, you haven't given us cold hard numbers for your claims. Right, as if the staff has ever given us any cold hard numbers for their nerfs. I don't even have to cough at imbues at runes, do I?
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    Krampus is back at it again. Help me get rid of this menace once and for all. Dec 26th 7pm EST
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    +volume rune on the chest and backpacks (-size rune) inside.
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    One can't ignore the surreal challenge and turmoil 2020 has been to each other, family, friends, and humanity across the globe. That said, it is upon us to celebrate the magic and joy of the holiday with even more fervor and intent. Focusing on the beautiful within us to elevate the human experience. May the holidays bring you endless laughter, joy and celebration with those you care about, robust health, and the strength to overcome and live purposefully your best self. May this extend far into the year to follow. With warmth, Bloodscythe
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    When buying affinity from Marks Store, it should give a player choice between 5 random affinities. That way we still have a game of chance AND a decent chance for a good affinity. As far as useless skills go: Remove the ones that do absolutely nothing, then maybe use those freed up slots in the skill library for a revamp of others, like weaponsmithing. For skills that only apply to PVP, put in some code that adds or removes them based on what server you are using. We already have other things that change when crossing between PvE and PvP, so why not these skills? Another way to handle it would be to have the skill set default to PvE based skills and in profile, the player could choose to enable the few PvP only skills, while still on PvE, for the chance at affinities on PvE that would help when in PvP. But personally I'd be inclined to only have those available when on a PvP server, using marks there. If you think about it, spending 10k for random affy and getting warhammer is the same as getting a message "sorry, no affinity for you, you big fat loser - oh thanks for the 10k marks.. haha!!"
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    I heard there have been some competitions in the past where players could compete to create game content like textures or game objects. As I'm sure most Wurmians are creative people I think it would be great if there could be some of these competitions on a regular basis. I was thinking about creating textures for decorative items like amphora's or easter eggs (are there easter eggs in Wurm?). Also very nice as collectable items for people. Or let us have player made paintings to hang in your cottage or castle. Something you could run on a regular basis.
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    As the title, would it be possible to have the ignore system cover all chat tabs?
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    This is the exact issue. CA help has constantly devolved into discussions on mechanics that aren't even related to the original question because it's being regularly steered off topic by specific players. As a result, questions are getting missed that are legitimate questions, not just hashing out opinions on some obscure mechanic. It's often excused that the discussion is somehow related to the original question, but in reality it's well beyond the scope of questions being asked.
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    As much as i love Magranon and my deed is named after him, i spent most of my time on PvE as a Fo priest. The simple reason is the utility. Fo has so many useful spells to allow you to enjoy playing it as a main priest AND is the only one capable of mining as well as digging. Which makes it the perfect utility builder priest. Even as a main priest i was rarely hindered in my deed building works because i was Fo.
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    Bought my priest Jaira an awesome outfit from Arno last night.
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    Runes will become more available once rifts start on NFI. For now, a backpack with satchels inside will create a lot more space. I know some people use quivers in theirs.
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    @EkcinYep is an hour later than the usual time to allow some extra time for folks to finish up their holiday.
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    I was bored in a long meeting today, and I remember that elwood said he wanted a wurm carpentry game he could grind to 1million carp in, so I made one. Not really balanced but if you want to check it out, link is below. It runs in the browser. http://hvergi.x10host.com/Elwood/ I may or may not update this game, it was more of a fun kill time project, but if people want to see me update it more just let me know.
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    Imagine this: player A is ignoring player B, but but player B is not ignoring player A. Player A asks a question in CA Help and B replies correctly to this question. Everyone else sees the correct reply and see no reason to answer. Player A does not see the reply and perceives this as being ignored..
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    Congratulations! Madnath you won. Mailing your awl shortly.
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    All sent, except the fishing net that was, sadly, missing. Have updated stock to reflect your purchase!
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    Me! Shoot me a dm and I will follow it up
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    Most animals have some value besides being butchered ... except pigs. So to make them a little more valueable I suggest to let them search for truffels. And that would openup a whole new set of recipes.
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    I mean, it’s still literally not worth the effort to forage instead of sinking the same amount of time you spent foraging to farm and garden. Cocoa beans, Nettles, Nutmeg and Sassafrass are the only unique items from foraging/botanizing. Nettles/Nutmeg/Sassa have almost no valie. They have unique affinity numbers for cooking food and can help you add a tiny bit extra to pizza durations- but considering you can already hit 16+ hours with a relatively simple pizza, and you can always asjust other ingredients to hit affinities, there aint much worth. Cocoa beans on the other hand are used to make rum (though you can spam a different ingredient to raise quantity, problem is that the beans dump the quality) and rum isn’t even worth bothering with as an alcohol except for aesthetics/fun Likwise, the ONLY recipe thay uses dairy food making also needs TWO cocoa beans per. Otherwise, you need to spam creation which has awful experience rates due to the 66% skillgain penalty on creation tasks. Even then, cooking chocolate milk doesn’t grant a whole lot- you’ll need hundreds of cocoa beans and cocoa beans fall into the most general category for foraging so even with 20 skill its a pain to grab lots of, though multiitems help it a bit you’re still looking at spending days doing nothing but foraging just to grind a useless skill (two actually lol). To note, dairy foodmaking has no real value above 33, as product quality for most dfm recipes use 3x skill, and even then the quality isn’t a gamebreaker when cooking with low quality dfm items. The desire is purely for the titles. So yeah, definitely disagreed. The only “value” these skills have come from extremely niche uses for their unique resources that have no real purpose being unique to begin with, and the sunken loss by people who, for some reason, decided to grind then despite them being slower and more attention requiring skills to grind than gardening or farming lol
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    A small modification to my suggestion: can rare and supreme Christmas trees have no decay? C'mon if someone wants a shiny tree in their house all year long, why not? I just made a supreme Christmas tree - it is funny because it is my first ever item that I crafted, and it went supreme. I put it on the merchant because hell I am not going to let it decay.
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    A cozy evening inside at Lorewood.
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    As long as you didn't cheat or get into a fight about it, you're all good
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    Nahjo just for the name!
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    Oh, missed this one! Will try ofc to attend.
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    The Misty Valleys of Release...
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    Impressive graphic, highly styled, still recovering from the fun neon blast of the last one. I like the variety/creativity. though miss many of these, I applaud you finding and public hosting them. fun is had. I hope i'll make this one, hadn't been in wurm for a few. what better way to hail the chaotic of 2020 closure and promise into the new year by hollering Dragon DRAGON Dragon!!
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    Boxed bloods may be converted to box cutting potions, on request - assuming I can find a box-mixing corner, that's where I'll box.
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    I guess my affinity for paving is useful, just to me so much. I suggested once before and do so again because squeaky wheel etc, affinities should be selectable. Give players points to allocate to affinities of their choice and enrich the RP element of Wurm no end.
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    like half the skills in the game are useless placeholders with 1 or 2 "uses" that are so incredibly niche that there's no point actually counting them though
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    I've not actually seen politics on global for years, though it has been on alliance before. It may be more of a "new cluster" issue, but I see no reason for censorship. If you hear an opinion you dislike, don't engage and move on. If you know someone will just spout drivel why bother with them? It's not "fracturing the community" it's more "choosing who you engage with".
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    Upon the release of Wurm Online on steam, I decided to do something fresh: an entire makeover of how I play Wurm Online. After some time playing the game as a priest, I have found that the experience is quite different, and now I am sharing it with you. Now, for full disclosure, I am going to explain my current living situation. The Setting I started in Harmony on day 1 and was delayed on praying for about a few days when I was able to get some clay and iron to make my first altar. Other than the time spent as a follower before priesting that's the time I spent with access to imping and other non priest activities. I did not speed grind any skills at this time other than farming and played casually (about 5-6 hours a day) without sleep bonus. My account was premium and I did not purchase sleep powders, only used the ones I obtained from my prem time. Along the way I made 1 other account, and 4 sermon alts. Currently all my accounts are priests with no exception: all 6 of them. I have no characters to imp with and I have for the most part worked on my accounts exclusively. I currently do not have a crafter account. I was recently joined by my friend Yodie who is new to the game, and who picked up smithing to the exclusivety of all else. This was the bulk of what I had access to on Freedom. Where I went from there I will admit that playing the game exclusively as a priest is blyat. You will be living in a wooden house if you can even make it, and you wlll spend your time asking others for help. You can enchant a mailbox, but you can't make the damn thing to begin with unless you do some hard grinding before you priest. Freedom is full of self serving people for the most part so if you decide to live on your own you will need a lot of silver if you don't want to terraform with 1ql tools and spend 90% of your time building and crafting instead of working on your priest skills. Add to that the fact that grinding channeling is a no go for your average non-elite player, as farming consumes most of your time and it will take a legendary amount of time for you to have enough sacables to be able to grind effectively if you go that route. The same could be said about iron if you decide to make locks, but in the end the issues are the same. Your best bet is to join an already existing village and not stake it out on your own. The biggest drag is you cannot imp your own gear, so you'll be doing everything slower unless you find someone to do it for you. Defiance is a much different experience as a solo priest and completely changes your game experience. Due to the nature of PVP alliances, everyone seems to work together with a more communist mentality. Miners mine for skill and give their materials to crafters to skill with. Crafters in turn make tools, weapons, armor for the kingdom to use, who then go out to pvp with or use them for their other various crafts. The smith makes the tools for the farmer, who tends the fields for t he cook, who then makes food for everyone allowing the smith to be able to concentrate on his task and not need to farm and cook for his own food. PVPers go out and while hunting they bring back the corpses for much needed meat for the cook to use, and animal parts for the Alchemist, plus hides for the leatherwoker who makes their saddles and armor... and the priests enchant everything. It is an economic cycle in which silver never changes hands, yet everyone has what they need. The difference between the two types of playstyles for a priest is glaring, making it all feel like a different game. Conclusions Well the jury is still out on this one. Currently I have mixed feelings about playing as a priest and many times I have wanted to just quit and go back to being a crafter. The grind is slow, and I spend more time doing creation tasks instead of priest duties (casting, enchanting, etc). Being a priest main I can't just sit in front of an altar and pray for my entire game session (otherwise I wouldn't be able to play.). It is my belief that you cannot play this game as exclusively a priest on your own (without a crafter alt, the market or another player to help you) and that even if you do, you can't work on your priest skills exclusively, as they are time based. Faith is a huge one that requires you to be chained to a single spot for the span of a minimun of 2 1/2 hours a day (if you don't sermon. If you do its forever). During this time you are unable to channel grind sacrificing unless you have your own sermon alts, and you can't go too far even if you do, as you are stuck to your altar for the duration. Adding to this is the long prayer/sermon/sacrifice timers, which are some of the longest action timers in the game. This coupled with extremely long cast times on certain spells makes priests unable to do much of anything else unless they are willing to sacrifice their gameplay. The time sinks are astronomical, cutting down your game experience and your game time. This is something I did not notice when I used priests as alts, but that its glaringly obvious when seen through the eyes of a priest main. To add to the above there is the problem that other players do not understand this struggle. On PVP kingdoms you are expected to be up to par with all your combat skills (fighting, weapon skills, stance (for two or more weapons/stances) , your priest skills (faith and channeling) and to do menial task on top of that (help build towers, make bulk, gather materials, etc.). This digs into your available time to do your own priest skills, and when compared to the reality of how long priest actions take, you are left with little time to do anythng else, or sacrifice your priest skills at the expense of everything else. For example, you cannot pray to grind Faith at the same time you're out hunting. You either do one or the other. However, as a priest you are expected to do both, so prepare to get rid of your social life and live, eat and breathe this game to be able to be on par with the others. How can this be improved? Here is a list of my suggestions on how living exclusively as a priest can be improved. Eliminate the need of altars for faith gains. Priests are already able to pray without an altar, but are unable to get any faith from doing so. This is a pretty restrictive requirement that serves no purpose other than to imobilize an account. You can even increase the prayer timer to 1 minute without an altar as to still retain the benefit of owning one. This would be a huge QoL improvement for priests and would unchain them from the altars they have to live on. Keep sermons and saccing as they work right now, but free prayers so we can actually play the game. No one wants to spend their entire game life on deed doing nothing but praying. Reduce Sacrifice timers. Half the timer, or if you want to get technical, tie it to altar quality and enchant like any other tool. Simple. Why do they need to be so long? This is a huge QoL for priests. Channel grinding is tied to quantity of materials already, I don't understand why another time sink for them is required. Remove the Alignment Gain from Sacrificing. Why is this even a thing? You are a priest and because of this one thing you cannot channel grind while participating in a sermon group. What? Why? So now not only am I required to be chained to an altar for my entire game session for weeks on end, but I cannot grind my channeling skill at a moment which I have plenty of free time to do so. New Priest exclusive skills. Give priests something more priest-like to do. An inscription skill that allows priests to put some spells to parchment should be interesting. Things such as a Mend, Strongwall and Genesis could be sold by priests with the ability to make them. Tie the inscription to the quality of the cast (90 cast on the parchment = 90 cast on the inscription) limited to the inscription skill. A 50ql scroll = 50 cast ql max on the inscription. Being able to mail a Genesis would increase the QoL of priests. You can also pick and chose which spells would be allowed for this skill. Continue tweaking spells. I know there has been many changes to the spells usage and within reason. However, right now the sole reason for a priest to become a priest is to use spells, yet most of the spells a priest can use on the go take nearly the entire faith bar. What's the point of having spells you can't use? I know there are balance issues with this and I understand is a still ongoing process, but please don't forget about this fact. Add more QoL spells that allow priests to have a much easier time. Things such as lighting a furnace, falling trees (for fo), removing dirt (for Mag) and increasing food/water bars by means of spell can mean an incredible boost of QoL for a priest. Temporarily increasing the effectiveness of skills (increasing the timers of non tool skills such as forage/botanize/pottery/etc) could be a good spell that can be activated on the body instead of the item, thus making priests adept at these skills. Favor usage is a good compromise to what would be normally done by a mining action, but that now goes against the priest's diety. There is much more than can be done and I have not included here, but these are my experiences and I thought I'd share. Good luck to those of you who decide to follow the path of the solo priest. It is an arduous road.
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    I love the ideal of a priest being able to make and sale(mailable) spell scrolls. Makes paper more valuable, lets players not have to wait for a priest to come to them.
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    My hat goes off to you Angelklaine; you've survived the gauntlet so to speak. It's a very different way to play wurm, but I always found it rewarding in its own way. There is a lot of potentially good content that could be added to priests; especially "household" spells for QoL. You could easily just have papyrus making as your inscription skill which opens a rather delightful possibility of giving priests different ways of using existing skills.
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    I cannot see a single benefit of nerfing healing. Like Retro says, back in the days you couldn't target the body to heal. You know what else happened back in the days? Boat Captains could easily regain stamina, there were no healing debuffs, and there could be multiple Fo champs on the same boat, among other things. You are mixing the inability of a boat Captain to survive a fight now with the inability to properly heal said Captain during a fight. This is ridiculous. You are ruining boat fights. I won't even comment on how this ninja patch came to be, given how suspicious it looks considering it was not discussed with the community at large, but with a very small group of people who are not representative of the community. 2 out of the 3 currently prevailing kingdoms are telling you this is dumb. You should rethink this change.
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    [10:40:38] You successfully attach the rune to the saddle sacks. [10:40:53] A small rune created from resources on Jackal and infused with the spirit of Magranon. It can be attached to any item and will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%).