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    I'm a Steam newbie. Just wanted to share my experience. I spent the first day looking for a spot. I knew the shores would be taken fast, so I settled my sights on a mountain in the distance from Harmony Bay. When I found the spot I wandered a little and saw some tents put up. At the time I felt I made the mistake of not deeding immediately, waiting to see what the players in the tents were up to. I spoke with one of them within a few days and they seemed interested in the area, but not overly so. I went a little further down from the mountain top and started a deed. Originally, I started with something about 20x30 going away from the tents. A few weeks in, the tents were gone but someone else further down the other side of the mountain deeded over the area. I was bummed. The mountain was fairly steep (30+) and probably 20-30 tiles down before it got relatively flat, and I really wondered what the person was thinking at first. I spoke with them some time after, and it seemed that they just wanted to abut my deed. I presumed they were waiting for me to leave. Fine. Fast forward to some time in late October and their deed disbanded. I had been checking Niaraja.com for a few weeks, and anticipated they might disband toward the end of the month. I checked constantly during those days. Finally, one Saturday, at around 6 a.m. local, sure enough they disbanded. I logged in probably a few hours after and immediately expanded my deed (I previously expanded down the other side of the mountain probably to 25x35, but this new expansion probably brought me to about 35x45). I was quite content (my 60+ mining skill,. I'd say 90% surface mining, on three alts, shows this). I spent the following weeks surface mining and getting myself set up the way I wanted. Fast forward to late November and a neighbor I had been friendly with informed me of a deed further south that had disbanded and had horses/cows. We got friendlier and in chatting with someone else about highways started working on connecting my deed to his deed and to places further toward Harmony Bay. We spent a few days getting the highway setup. My deed being on a mountain top made it challenging, but we did it. A day after finishing the highway, this neighbor started talking about connecting our highway further south to the deed that disbanded. I logged in a day later and he was already working on the highway. I joined in. As we were getting close to the disbanded deed, I realized this place had been well terraformed. It was on the water, and about 60x40. I decided to invest a bit more and take over this deed. Mind you, I am alone with two other alts. It's a lot of work. But the new deed is on the water, had a lot of clay and tar, and was easy to fix up and connect to the highway we were building. All told, I probably spent as much on the game as you mentioned, OP. During the Black Friday deal, I bought premium for 12 months (seriously, I feel like this was a steal, plus the 12 sleep powders I got with it for each of my two alts). I've bought probably 3 gold in total from the store. So, yes, I am invested. I can't imagine the first server would be the first to go, if ever. And although I am away from Harmony Bay (around P 16/17), I am happy to have two large deeds relatively close to one another. There is a lot of space around me. Local is not always busy, but I notice people either sail by or cart by in local. And I got to meet a neighbor behind me who helped me out with some animals. I feel my deeds would contribute to archeology at some point. Just my very naïve, limited experience. I'm really enjoying the game. Thanks!
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    Magranon himself is paying a visit, posing next to my deed:
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    Armor Smithing: Plate, Chain, etc - very nice! Weapon Smithing: Heads and Blades - needs work. Why not add the sub skills of: -Polearm Smithing -Sword Smithing -Maul Smithing -Tool Smithing (knives, sickles, etc) -Axes, etc.... Other sub skill too, but this creates a lot of new options for someone wanting to venture into weaponsmithing, without that daunting 5x skill modifier. I've never quite understood the way it was set up like that, when other skills (like armor smithing) are subdivided into armor types. Is this simply part of the expanding skill set that was never added into the game? Is it now not possible because weapon smiths will be so very upset if it is subdivided into weapon types? This has probably been suggested long ago, but worth bringing up again to see if there is a possibility for future changes and if not, to get an understanding of why.
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    @Retrograde, I just to give a really big and heartfelt thanks to the team (past and present) for bringing this to Steam and for making an all around really great game.
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    That maybe the case Retro, but I think in your position in "PR" you also know how perception is important and it maybe it is a myth but one that is persisting and people really do believe it, I have heard people talk about how its impossible for 99 channelling priests to exist already without the link issue ( I have no idea myself and again doesn't effect me ) but these things grow from small seeds into overblown myths that will stick around for years, just look at the myth that Xanadu is so bad with lag its unplayable even though there's a full community that plays there fine. Hand on heart and even though I love my new home melody, if you guys could go back in time and make just 1 change, I would guess instead of melody being released it should have been Harmony and Cadence together, to split the player base between the two larger servers. Apart from that I have came across no game breaking bugs or exploits as I don't rush anyway and just doddle along in my own little world. I am having a blast on the north servers. As a side note, we on the forums are a tiny sample of the player base, I bet half of them don't even know its here ands even less post.
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    Xanadu unplayable lag is a myth imo, yes you can sometimes get the odd issue, but I have had lag spikes of some kind on all servers. Xanadu on release was some of the most fun I have had in wurm ( I did enjoy the release of release but for different reasons, the race to get through the tut to be first to step on the server and win a gift from rolf, crazy night but tons of fun ) The problems with Xanadu was the old ship travel before you could plot was a nightmare, now with that problem removed I do think Xanadu would be a good choice, feels like a world where roads are important, where as Exo feels like a tiny island, that you can cross from top to bottom at will. Having the 3 sizes is a good idea and likely 16 x 16 is the "best" size, but i think Xanadu gets an unfair bad rap imo. Main complaint I have heard on Northern apart from some complaining about the help being merged *shugs* a toxic player in help with her spamming of help non stop, is how slow the devs are, fixes came late and people have the feeling of cheat early, things like some people allowed to get moon metals and then removed so we have the haves and have nots. ( for what its worth none of these issues effects me ) I am very interested to see how things move forward next year, I expected a large drop off ( every server release does this ) and theres more good than bad, but overall I think the northern lands have been a success and with that the whole stream release has to be called a success in the main. I am looking forward to the roadmap and hope the devs have something there for us all to get excited about.
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    Weapon head smithing and Blade smithing doesnt have titles, maybe just add that
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    That is perfect. Thank you Nordlys. The map up date has been slightly delayed due to activities related to our being on RL holidays for two weeks and we have been busy with snow skiing every chance we get and decorating our home for Christmas. Warmest regards, Hughmongus Co-Administrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
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    Thank you everyone for such lovely comments Restocked with plenty of young horses and hellhorses, as well as put some stuff on some merchants today ^ ,^
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    Oak Market is a new market, situated on the Northern Shore of Crystal Lake (Map ref. 43x, 33y). The Market is still under construction, and will be opening in phases, as buildings are constructed and traders arrive. Now Open: Livestock Market The Livestock market is now operational, and features a sizable stock of 5 speed horses, available on a self service basis from out Horse Trader, Rowan. We anticipate enlarging our herd and including more bison and other livestock in the near future. The current stocklist is available below: colour age sex dam sire 5 speed Additional traits price Tammyhalt piebald pinto Young female Idachaser Walkingtails yes 50c B1 Adrianadance Appaloosa Young female Coffeegolden Wardance yes 120c A5 Calltahu skewbald pinto Young female Westfantasy Pierolf yes 120c C2 Bloodsilver silver black Foal male Pearlhard Ironstark yes 120c B4 Kissflash black Foal male Briskswift Sadwar yes 30c A2 Sadwart black Foal male Yahawar Wingtear y 30c A4 Fasthoney skewbald pinto Foal male Vanessaswift Pierolf y 120c D1 Bison adolescent male y 50c E1 Greybaron piebald pinto foal male Briskswift Haltalex y 50c B2 Flashcopper silver black Foal female Dancerain Westebony y 120c B5 Lilymountain ebony black Foal female Southkiss Sadwar y 75c A1 Osiorage black Foal female Yahawar Wingtear y 30c A3 Warclip skewbald pinto Foal female Westfantasy Dancehard y 120c C1 Wildeagle silver black Foal male Pearlhard Ironstark y 120c B3 Plate Armourer High QL Plate armour (iron and steel), with AoSP enchants, is also available from the market stall. Call in to have a look around, or contact Oakmaiden, here or in game, for further details. Check back here for news of the latest developments as they happen!
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    A 32x32 Server on Steam Start.....? That would have been the biggest disaster in Wurms History. Look how broken and laggy Xanadu is with a few Players..... My personal Opinion would be that Melody was a misstake, Harmony and Cadence alone would have been perfect. And yes REMOVE THAT SIGN AT THE TUTORIAL PORTAL ASAP!!!!
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    It would be wonderful if the colorful carpets were changed so that we could dye them. The colors now are rather abrupt in comparison to the rest of the game, so it makes them stick out a bit. The sizes could still be skill based, but if we could change the color, I feel these would be used far more often and they would be more appealing in so many beautiful buildings. Now that the Fine High Chair has been reworked to accept dye with a neutral base fabric, I'm bringing this back up to hopefully get some response. With object placement, we are becoming much more focused on the decor in our homes, and custom dyed rugs seems a natural next step.
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    Welcome to Gerlion's General Store and Co. Our main deed is located at Xanadu S19. We sell tools, horses, and ships - among other things. All prices are for pickup but delivery can be negotiated. Feel free to contact Gerlion in game with any questions, orders or jobs you want done. If I don't have it listed here ask anyway Horses: 5 speed horses 25c (pickup) Ships (Ql 87 Small sailing boat 1s Corbita 3.75s Cog 4.8s Knarr 7.5s Caravel 10s Imp to Ql 87 50c Tools: Too many to mention Containers: Large creates 5c Chicken coup 50c Ropes: Cordage rope 2c each or 50c/1k favour (Free delivery for 5k (favour) or over) Misc: Yellow Potion 3c - 22 currently in stock Sleep powder 95c - 0 currently in stock
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    So, All I lack is my prayer to 70 grind for the Benediction for our Priest. They are Lib so the bonus to gains. Burning sleep bonus they are getting .001 skill at just 43.28 prayer. If they keep getting the .001 and got a tick every prayer it would just take 360 hours of straight prayer grinding. Now we know the skill gains will go down. And We don't get a tick every time even using a 5 ql gold altar. If there was some gain to doing this or something more active than just queing up their 5 prayers constantly it wouldn't be so bad but this is straight cancer. Why is it such a pain to grind? Why can't preaching give some prayer at the same time or something like sermons to increase the gains. There has to be a better way than just spamming prayer for probably a thousand hours to get 25 odd skill in an ability I'll probably never really do again after I am maxed Faith and done with the stupid 70 grind. Things we could add in to affect it if you insist on keeping the 70 prayer a thing. Sermons give prayer skill as well. Converting and Confessing gives prayer skill as well. Posting annoying posts in suggestions begging for a QOL change as if you were praying to an angry vengeful god should give prayer ticks... anything beats what we have now.
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    In that case, it's also good to know this: It's actually a 7 - 2 day cycle. 7 days after the last heart is sacced the new rift spawns; 2 days after the new rift has spawned it opens. I'm sure you can do the math. Thorin
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    Can't find land? I really have a hard time believing this. I live in M13 on Harmony. Since the first week, not a single deed has been founded in L12, and M11-M13. In fact, in M12 , not a single deed EXISTS! That's right, the map tile is completely empty and it has been completely empty throughout the existence of the server, even though two bleeding highways go right through it. It consist of mainly flat land and gorgeous forests. PLEASE remove that notice, and allow new players to come to Harmony once more!
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    This post will probably get removed, but it needs to be said and at least brought up at some point and seen by at least some eyes even if they don’t fully agree. The game also needs to be advertised more, and in different places. You have so many easy and cheap ways to advertise the game to bring in even more players. I see very little being done about advertisements. Like the dev team should be trying to reach out through mainstream social media of course firstly. Doing YouTube updates for patch notes even. To at least show “when” they start to do updates more often and consistently. The game hasn’t gotten an update/bug fix in WEEKS. I can tell you from seeing it myself. Since there hasn’t been any updates in a while, people have been dropping off like flies because most will think that the game is just a money grab because there hasn’t been an update or patch in close to or more than a month. Or they may also see it as the devs just don’t update the game enough, you have to consider a lot of the people that play the games don’t go onto the forums to see what’s going on. I also feel like money is being put into the wrong places within the dev team. There isn’t any real paid devs that actually update the content but instead we have a paid PR person (sorry Retro)? Like a lot of things are ass backwards. I mean seriously, other than steam, how many players have joined? Also there’s a lot of bias within the moderation team, and it’s obvious. There should be a standard of some sort. Literally a questionnaire if you will for specific situations. That way everyone will be treated equally and fairly. Not for someone to go off muting someone because you can, or banning/trying to ban someone because they’re disliked. Also the whole “being toxic to the community” thing that I see people getting banned for is ridiculous, like sorry to break it to you, but the game is on steam now. You should expect it because of how it is already on the internet. There are methods to fix that within the game personally like /ignore. Or report them for harassment of whatever it is being sexual or whatever. Then you have the valid means to ban someone. But there are absolutely no standards for the devs/gms to go by. Also challenging moderation is the absolute dumbest thing to ever be in this community, it’s literally what a GM/dev says goes, like listen Linda... you sometimes needs to either appeal or challenge something if it’s obviously seen as wrong or unfair. Or sometimes the moderator/gm/dev is doing something that only benefits them... and you can’t really say anything because if you do it’s challenging the team. It’s off the rip type of moderation mostly that I’ve seen over the years of playing. And I’ve been playing for over 10 years now. A lot of things need to change if you REALLY want to see this game get more attention/get anywhere. I’ll keep playing regardless, but more people won’t come to a game like this and stay if they don’t see actual effort being put in. Like someone said, majority of these game changes only take up to 5 minutes to fix if you know what you’re doing. I won’t even start with bugs and exploits... tldr from my rant: -update the game more consistently -fix the inner works of devs/moderations aka pay an actual dev to help with the updates vs a pr guy (simply streaming for “PR purposes”, then Promoting your own personal content isn’t cool in my eyes) -set a standard for the moderation to go off of. -a lot of this can be fixed
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    @RetrogradeI think we understand that "a lot of things were going on" etc. but there several things that players suggest and complain about, many of these suggestions are easy to implement - such as one-way ticket to SFI and small QoL changes and bug fixes - we - die hard fans can deal with them and bear with them, but new players have a lot lower tolerance to such things. Black Friday sale was a good idea, Christmas sale will be a good idea too, but Wurm needs to be able to handle the promotions, and what has to change is that "everything is fine" attitude where clearly there are some problems that has to be addressed for our common good - as both the CCAB and the community wants a satisfied and huge player base.
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    I like this, it'll make weapon smithing less of a massive pain and makes a lot of sense. For those who already have weaponsmithing: Just give them spread out points in the subskills if implemented. If done well they wouldn't even notice the change. Huge: +1
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    Please bear in mind regarding the notice. the notice isn't just about player count, the amount of deeded land was a huge portion, and it's not dropped by a massive amount: https://harmony.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/villages.html A lot of land is still owned, and it still brings difficulties for new players to find land of their own. We'll discuss and review the situation for sure, but I just wanted to share that it's more than just online player count at play here.
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    I'll comment properly later once I get the most recent data off my pi but... Overall the steam launch did 3 things... 1. It got a whole crowd of new players, more than doubling wurm's overall population. 2. Alienated a lot of the old player base by opening more servers rather than directing players to existing ghost town ones. Note, while Ekcin is correct that the population of the old cluster isn't dropping and may be slightly growing, we're talking a cluster whose average population dropped below 200 here. We're going to see the Christmas bounce again this year; the real test will be January's figures. 3. It quickly alienated the majority of new players by funneling them to an overcrowded server cluster with serious lag issues. The result has been a mass exodus of players, with the number retained less than 30% possibly (can't track that with my data sadly). Remove the message aye, but also remove the flagged message on the steam board telling all players to join the new cluster as well.
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    ooooh yeah gonna totally come! sail boats, nice! ... 35minute course, oh buoy(heh heh)!
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    I missed the rowboat race, but I will be there this time. It sounds like fun!
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    Because they open 9 days after the last heart was sacced to close the previous one. And if the previous one takes a long time to be closed, yup, times can be inconvinient. But that happens to players all over the world, so I'm pretty certain at some point one will open at a more convinient time for you. Thorin
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    [10:14:32] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. And thank you!
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    I checked the disbanded deeds on the map. I know the Niarja.
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    I have "Rags" and "Damien". Damien was born on the same day that I also had Raindance arrive in the pen beside him: That day IRL their was flooding rain locally, perhaps Damien and Raindance were an "Omen"
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    Here's a shot of an eclipse on Harmony yesterday.
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    I went over to Epic today and explored some of the Elevation Server. A wild, rough and cruel mountainous land. I was roaming through the woods in the middle of nowhere and a road appeared. I followed the road and then a massive bridge with a deed on top appeared, along with what might of been the only other player online, on the server. I also came upon the gory bone altar. I actually thought that I was heading towards the White Altar and got a shock when I came face to face with impaled bodies Finally, I was again running through the woods and I saw some rift stones + a crystal. What was near by? Some rift monsters! I've never seen them before alive! I ran as fast as my little legs could take me:
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    Actually I've seen Mob Clusters spawn in real time in front of me many times on Epic. Northern Desertion contains a huge steppe where people often hunted. After a couple of players cleared the steppe you could roam it and sometimes see how 20 sheep spawned on 1 tile and started roaming in different directions. I wonder if the code is still the same. And yeah I know Deliverance doesn't have much steppe either. I think the devs could hit 2 birds with 1 stone if they fixed mobs so they can't climb high slopes over the 40 value, which applies to players and riders as well. That way mobs can be prevented from getting stuck on huge mountains no one can reasonably access and more passive animals can be encountered this way. Sailing around Deliverance and Desertion for some time now has shown me hundreds of passive mobs, bulls, cows, sheep just wandering on the side of mountains near the ocean. A brief cure-all solution would be to : 1. Fix the code so mobs can't go over 40 slope. 2. Implement a kill all mobs on server for passive / aggresive mobs NOT on deed. *Note: Mobs underground but on deed should be killed as well because a lot are stuck in collapsed caves. As long as they are up top they should be fine. 3. Give players a month of time to make their adjustments. 4. Push the button. 5. Begin respawning animals with the new code. 6. Obviously this is made on the assumption it would first be tested on an empty server or the test server to see how it pans out. I also agree that swimming mobs such as horses / bears shoud have a max stamina limit to how much they can swim at which point they should try to make their way to an island or some such. Player led horses on boats should not count obviously. Basically make the map make more sense. Seeing bulls on 3000 slopes doesn't do much for immersion. Looks more like a bug than a feature.
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    Huge NO to the OP. I'm not even going to read all the other BS. There is a mechanic in the game, deed ratio, that will sicken and kill animals if you have too many of them on your deed. Other than that, who are you to suggest that me wanting to be a rancher and keep as many animals so I can grind AH as fast as i can is wrong? Maybe I want to make lots of milk and wool. Who are you to tell me that I can't have more than X number of animals. The game already discourages too many animals on a deed. You want to play on a crowded server? Go ahead. But just like IRL, if you crowd one area, then your resources per person will be diminished.
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    I did, and it doesn't, it will create an absurd police state. This is what we call playing the game...there is a horse, first come, first served. Later than me? I do play this game 8 months, and I do not complain there are people richer than me and I do not call the administration to make them equally poor as I am. I do compete with them on a free market. You are more than welcome to join us on SFI - a lot of land to take, a lot of animals, nice prices, PMK stuff, uber weapons and armour, come and get it. I wonder where exactly did I twist anything you said. They do care, they breed horses, and they sell them, buy or offer some services in exchange to get a pair or two of horses and then start breeding them yourself. How about instead of calling for a police state and dekulakization of the successful and wealthy breeders you would communicate with them and make some nice deal to get the horses from them? Even new players can be of useful service. Exactly, in Wurm everything is gained through a lot of effort, so do not complain that you can't have an instant gratification.
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    Rare rolls are a matter of luck and statistics that's it. No one "contributes" anything to it. A noob imping a knarr could turn it fantastic in his first two months of playtime whereas a player playing for 8 years has never turned a knarr supreme. It's just how life is. And yes, that's one of the unwritten rules of Wurm. If you agree to imp something for someone and they give you their item, if it turns rare, it's still their item. If however you agree to Create something for someone using your own mats, then yeah you could keep it, as long as you still kept your word to create said item. From my experience, I have turned more rares from commissions to imp people's weapons and armor than when I upgraded my own gear. Such is Wurm.
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    If someone sends you an item to improve, it is and continues to be their item. Even if you Fantastic it, it is still their item. They are paying you for your skill and time in improving their item. If you turn their item rare, they will most grateful and will sing your praises. If you switch it out, or ask for more money, you are reneging on the arrangement and THEN there might be a ticket.
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    Visited this place today. I gotta say, it looks really amazing! Didnt really need anything, but the merchants there had some interesting stuff, so i left a few coins.
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    gonna bump this, did the huge mistake to start grinding this at 100 faith, now with 30 prayer it takes 3h with sleep bonus for 1 skill and i guess it get mutch worse, without calculating it seems like i will prolly spend the next 5-600h pushing one button.
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    Yes But more seriously, just invert the impact faith has on prayer difficulty. Nice and easy.
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    I think people still don't understand the grinding method doesn't make sense. Unless you want your grind to take twice or three times as long, you must grind it with very low faith. This means you have to use stupid tricks like go from Defiance to a PvE server or the other way around, if you are a high faith priest on one server. It being slow is fine. Having to use non-sensical tricks is not fine.
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    Id like to join alliance i have my own village i 10/11 central xanadu
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    Hooray! I love marketplaces! I'll pay you a visit soon, too - well done Demona!
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    Hello Wurmians, I'm very happy as Lightningswift has returned to me after almost 7 years of my absence in Wurm Huge thanks and gratitude to a special person who gave him (her) a happy and secure home for so long I'm still searching for someone who gave new home to Warsilver. Directions from animals management point to west side of Inner Sea, near Equator. Please msg me if Warsilver is with you. Yours sincerely Jaquari from Brotherland
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    Yes, we would have quite liked some warning too. Unfortunately, in this case, it didn't work out that way.
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    universally remove the 3x smaller skilltick on creation-only skills ( including, from how I understand it, prayer skill operates ) (optionally) allow CoC on altars easy fix, and you still have your grind. almost every skill is "easy" if you just consider hitting the same button easy. It's hard in terms of skillgain, and in the "3x smaller ticks" category arguably a bit broken.
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    Wurm is supposed to be a slow, yet rewarding game. Teleportation doesn't belong in it, and especially not permanent portals. This would, as far as I'm concerned, make several bridges, tunnels, roads, ships pretty useless. If travelling is such an issue, settle closer to others. That is what has happened on my server, where most folks are concentrated around the starter deed. Anyone who settles further away has to build roads and bridges, breed horses and equip them. If I could teleport, all that would be completely useless.
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    Guys, if u want to teleport around just play Skyrim for 10 hours, get bored of it and come back to Wurm. This isn't the place for that ######
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    Hi Wurmies! It's been a whole week and I've still been grumbling and groaning at the sight of my 'then' joke appearance - only to realise I can only use the hand mirror once .... *glad I didn't choose bald.. * Not that being bald is a bad thing ... *coughs* Why is it that Wurm Online has decided to distance itself from custom character creation or change of appearance? In every game, we aspire to look the best, better than the dude that lives across the lake! My suggestions are: Either allow the re-creation of the hand mirror through crafting If the whole change of complexion and colour is unrealistic then maybe an addition of hair comb to only allow those features that can be changed in reality, such as hair/facial hair I hear people are creating alts just to get around it and pass the hand mirror on to change appearances. Shows there is a demand for this suggestion! It seems like a quick addition. Devs please add! <3