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    I know this has been suggested multiple times before, but I can't find one in a hurry, so here it is anew. Larger boats should be able to carry or tow smaller boats. In my thinking the "smaller boats" are the rowing boat and small sailing boat, and the "larger boats" are the rest. The knar should be able to tow a rowing boat. The corbita and cog should be able to tow either a rowing boat or a small sailing boat. The caravel should be able to carry a rowing boat and tow either a rowing boat or a small sailing boat (the graphic for the caravel even has an on-deck lifeboat). This towing would be at either no cost to speed or very little. Every boat should also be able to tow any other boat but with a speed penalty based on the towed boat's size (something like dragging). The rowing boat on the caravel would be shipped and launched via load/unload, and all the towing would be done like hitching/leading and animal. I would be great to go directly from one boat to the other, but even disembarking into the water and then embarking on the other ship would be tolerable. This would allow "landing" or navigating through shallows. Sail the big boat as close as possible, transfer whatever cargo you are unloading to the small boat and then take the small boat in. Or take a passenger and their boat then they go their separate way at their destination. You both get the speed bonus on the big boat (less whatever towing costs in speed), but have separate transportation later (good for getting to rifts, or bring your fixer-upper boat along to an impalong). You could sell a boat and deliver it (or buy it and pick it up) without messing around with alts, friends etc doing empty runs or relying on teleports. Give people a reason to do something with their older, smaller boats that they built early on.
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    So excited for this !!!
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    Special skins for armour, weapons, etc. Additionally, perhaps make the skins transferrable to Freedom, but make it so they can't be sold (i.e. so they're bound to your account). That way it's also an incentive for people who normally play on Freedom to go over to the PvP server and participate in Valrei missions to make their Freedom character look more unique.
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    Today we suffered an outage of our login server Golden Valley during a maintenance restart of all servers. The host became unreachable and an investigation into the issue began immediately. It took roughly an hour and a half to discover the issue and another thirty minutes for our old hosting provider to address the issue. The issue has been resolved completely going forward and there was no data loss. This issue was unique in that it was an accounting error, not a technical one. We are still working on migrating Golden Valley to our new provider. As mentioned before, this is a complicated migration due to the shop existing next to the login server. That creates a few moving parts that need to work, and we lack a proper way to test the environment together as the test servers are not designed to work with an attached shop. We hope to have an update on this migration process soon. Thank you all for your patience.
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    A usage for wax could be to wax a plate full of food or any food item which would make it not decay while on deed. It would become non-eatable. Than can display food on table without maintenance.
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    Like noone needs 500+ animals on his deeds. Wildlife is gone mobs are gone. More and more people quit because of that. I see it more and more in chat. Iam fine i got my horses i got my FS but others really suffer. People quit over this and the game suffers. Just because you put a grand into the game shouldnt give you control over all animal/mob spawns on the island. If this game wants to keep a Healthy Population there should be something done about this. If this continues it will slowly trickle down to being able to pay for the servers and thats about it. This is in Dev´s hands. Edit : I would find a CAP for animals on a deed the best solution. Max 50 animals per deed total. If people want to get around that with multiple small deeds and alts warn and if continued kill their animals via GM. I get even that you want to breed a lot of them but not at the cost if eliminating all wildlife even mobs. Edit 2 : Thanks for moving it to the correct subforum iam a bit overwhelmed what is where and so on
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    The time has come to think about the type of gifts we would choose to give at the end of the year. If the SFI players could choose a new year gift to give to the Northern Freedom Islanders, it looks like it has to be a snowman statue. SFI people have been talking about them a number of times in CA_Help, and I think some of the NFI players are starting to feel a bit left out, with no way to get snowballs for the coming season. Please can you fix it so that NFI players get an extra new years gift this coming year - a snowman statue - as a big welcome to Wurm from us Southerners Thanks.
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    [10:15:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks merry Christmas everyone,
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    Since we can't start a charity of Snowmen for Northerners, I agree with this suggestion-an extra gift at least for one year or the choice from the marks shop.
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    I think it's important to be able to choose which gift they get if they are spending earned loyalty marks, but yes that's a good idea.
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    Another possibility would be to possibly have some of the SFI Gifts as a redeemable reward in the marks shop. Either through a random gift (similar to the gift box), or being able to choose which one you want. +1 for old Christmas gifts brought to the new server!!!
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    I arrived last night! Albeit tipsy so finding my way around was funky but fun
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    Cordage rope is another item that is good for sacrificing, requires some ropemaking skill before it is efficient and farming too. It is easier to grind ropemaking on a non priest by imping net traps and you will want a reasonable skill level before you will start go get good amounts of favor (50-70 skill). Otherwise squares of cloth give a reasonable amount of favor, even for vyn despite being fo's saccing preference, if you have cloth tailoring and farming skill. With saccing the key is ql, the amount of favor scales greatly with ql.
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    Courtesy of @Kohle, who added a pull request to WA3, I'm publishing a new version of WA3. Changes from me: Popups can now be shown in the top right corner of the screen. Option can be changed in main menu -> other settings. Changes from @Kohle: Fixes for detecting Golden Valley as the current server. Added pvp version of CaHelp channel. Fixed fetching server stats for all servers. Fixed some skill dump parsing errors, cause by sections Player, Premium and Server
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    Vyn prist generate double favor from wood and pottery items. There for you look for items that don't need improving for high QL (since the priest cant improve on its own and it consumes unnecessary time) and have a good base value of this type. One of the easiest but a bit hard to storage methods are pottery bricks. (Hard to storage since the Value scales quadratic not linear with QL you don't want to even them out in a BSB if it's not necessary) They can' t fall under a Ql of 20 if the clay is above 20 and your pottery skill is above 20 what mean that every brick will give you at lest one favor. Clay is an easy resource to gether in large quanteties with 5gk/brick you need 2,5 digging action and one creating action, so they are pretty time efficient to (I will not count the burning since this is just inventory shifting and the one time you fule the kiln) Other great sacing items are Yoyos but high QL wood is often harder to come by. But the wight and storage is a lot easier to handle than bricks. At last there are torches. They are good to but in my opinion the hardest to pull off and only should be done if the others are not an option for some reason. You can counter bad wood Ql with good Ql of the other material so you don't need as high woodcutting like with Yoyos but then you need to still a high digging skill that you can also go for pottery bricks. An always possible alternative are locks. Yes only Mag follower get double favor from it but larger tunnel projects will often run into a surplus of mid range Ql iron that is nice but not great. This is perfect lock material. If you want to sac locks use door locks since they give the same Favor/Ql then the other locks and cost the least material. A rare anvil to boost the Ql helps to in spacial one that have some CoC on it would be great to since locksmithing is a creation only Job and there for is hard to skill. If you strugel to get a Item in hight enough QL don´t bother with imping it befor enchanting. Just go for mass and hope of the odd good role that you can have even at low skill.
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    Suggested additions to PvP death/gravestone mechanics; Upon death to an enemy player each item in the inventory of the deceased is individually auto rolled by the game and distributed between the participating enemy player/s and the gravestone. Loot rolls won by participating enemy player/s is spawned directly into their inventories and loot rolls won by the gravestone goes to the grave to be contested during/after the fight. Just on side note, why is it a construction sound for looting graves and not a digging sound? Change that at the very least.
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    +1 I like this! Could also add tow ropes to rope making.
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    Yeah I was thinking something like this the other day, and I'd say it's be a neat feature, though I'd say only rowboats should be loadable, to keep it as balanced as possible. Otherwise +1
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    38.87QL carving knife blade, iron CoC64 - 64 copper 74.72QL wild cat pelt CoC78 - 1.15 silver to CistaCista please
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    Cause tower guards to move to gather around the speaker.
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    Thanks for the start bud. Good Luck
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    come on jk all you suggest is off deed minehops and being locked out of your account for dying
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    Im new and didnt even know we could build xmas trees. But I really like the idea of different sizes for them! I can just imagine seeing a massive one in town or on a big deed and a line of small cute ones on a road or something. I like variation.
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    It is (probably) not a sex thing Ajala. It's a "roleplay" thing, not in the sense of "roleplay in the bedroom," but "roleplaying games where you actually act out your character instead of just killing things and recording stats." It's pretty common in all sorts of online game communities, many MMOs have dedicated "Roleplay" or "RP" servers for it. In the context of "roleplaying an elf," they are talking about being sensitive to nature, using "Elven" names (likely based on Tolkien's expansive work on the languages of his fantasy world), and focusing on skills that would seem appropriate for an elf. As noted above, "appropriate for an elf" might vary based on the type of elf; to use Tolkien as an example again, the Noldor were smiths and built cities out of stone (Gondolin), while the Sindarin Elves lived in forests, and tend to adopt natural caverns as homes if they dwell in stone at all (Menegroth, Mirkwood).
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    no its just a new point that was brought up. theres plenty of older points still being worked on.
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    Clever idea, bit different from the lets play concept.
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    Fixed-thanks for bringing it to our attention!
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    Tier 1 (1 player): One ressurection stone, 5kg of Seryll, 1 roll on the awesome table, cosmetic kit, 1 roll on the regular table, winner pack Tier 2 (3 players): 5 kg of Seryll, 2 rolls on the regular table, winner pack Tier 3 (5 players): 3 kg of Seryll, winner pack Awesome table Roll for one of the following: Huge egg Wand of the seas Modified sculpting wand Modification: 100ql Sculpting wand that loses 0.33ql per height removed. recharges 1ql per day. Supreme strange bone Cosmetic kit Always rewards: One random mask Two random shoulderpads of the same type Regular table: Spyglass Rare satchel with 5 rare star diamonds (WL) or 5 rare black opals (BL) of 95-100ql Rare strange bone Droppable summer hat Jackal orb. When activated it lets you pick a jackal skin of your choice. Satchel with 50 yellow potions Ressurection stone Small magical chest Droppable summer hat Winner pack: 5 sleep powder Champagne Fantastic/Supreme/Rare depending on tier. Note: a roll always give 1 reward option.
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    Home is where the heart is! Deliverance has been my home for years. Why would i give up on her now? Plus why would i leave my friends? Can't let them have all the fun!
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    Hey just logged in to see your responses, thanks really appreciate it! :) And thank you also whoever deleted that message from that guy! More than open to constructive criticism but that wasn’t that! :D I love Wurm and have spent many years playing, just decided to try my own stuff that’s all. Thanks again! :) Will try to update the post from time to time.
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    @PomonaNo problem, but as @Maiya said - this issue is around quite some time, devs should consider some "petty but annoying bug killing week".
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    I am a person who in real life enjoys the 'comfort' and warm glow that living in a place that I know and am known gives me. In my 'pixel-life' that is Wurm Online I enjoy playing on Pristine and Xanadu for the very same reason. My deeds there are my pixel-homes and I am now at the stage when I can make items that are good quality. I have made my mark on the lands and would genuinely be sad to leave them. I play purely for enjoyment and not to make money or be obsessed with skill-gain. I would suggest that some who moved to the new servers did so because they could see opportunities to make in-game money there. I also play on Mystic Highlands in Wurm Unlimited which affords me the same skill gain but gives me the opportunity to play in a different style- for example the role-play aspect. I do enjoy exploring new places in real-life but this is not possible to replicate in Wurm as travel is not allowed between the two server sets. I have therefore made the relatively easy decision (for me) to stay at home where I am content to potter around doing what feels right for that day.
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    One example could be that normally guards can be quite far away from each other so if you want to fight a monster or lure a monster towards them, you normally have to run around in circles before the guards finally hit the beast and stop it following you. If you could gather all of the guards together into one spot/tile then you could lure a monster around to where all of the guards are gathered, say the word "guards!" and then two guards would auto jump onto the monster right away. Since the guard command calls two random guards over to the monster. If they are all gathered together then any two guards will auto attack it right away with no running around. You can always do this anyway with a weaker monster already but.....eh.....options? Another use could be roleplaying. Calling the guards over to you but er.....roleplaying is much better with real people then just yourself..... Another use could be screenshots maybe...yeah....
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    Correct I'm taking it as a positive sign, that you merely can't see an application for it as yet.
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    So as an update... The Encore Bay Bridge has been completed and the Highway from Encore to New Haven has been activated! A special shout-out to east-coasters for helping lighting it up, install the guardrails, and pave the islands!
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    @Dracaa I will be there from 13th, I can help with random or affinity based meals/pizzas as my other skills do not compare to the other impers. (80HFC) If you are happy for another chef alongside Bratty I can help out. Otherwise I'll be attending anyhow.
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    seriously, obviously salty we had to watch the ass of zekes shiny horse and didnt manage to hit but can you please, for the love of god, remove the RNG on speedtraits on normal horses? at least on pvp? @Darklords
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    Yeah but its not that suddenly a horse will appear in your deed when we still have wild animals and mobs. You still need ropes/deed/build a fence and all that stuff. I just liked how it was a month ago.. you maybe had to look for a few hours but you found horses. Also lots of dangers out there monsters. Now its empty. I see people talk less and less. More and more getting annoyed that they have issues because of that aswell. The reason i made this whole thread even comes from there. One very patient and new guy was very angry he was trying to get 2 bulls for his cart at least and had to venture far to search for them. In that time he ran late for bed for the next day ( not even finding some ) he died on the way searching for horses. Because he had no deed and his tent decayed he respawned in sonata. Had to search his stuff for way longer than he wanted. All simply because of this issue. Name me anything that would be an issue limiting super breeders besides them losing a monopol ? Also were only talking about a handfull of people. Doest it become a bad game because of this ? I see no reason besides mild inconvienience for a very small portion of the community.
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    ^ did you miss this part perhaps? OP is fine and has the horses. It's the new player who might not be vocal about it, might not be comfortable to speak english, might have many reasons to try to do it on their own. They find themself in a situation where they simply can't get a horse because there are barely any in the wild. Now, go tell every introverted newbie who would love to play the game but gave up after having to drag their cart for miles, died multiple times because of that as well, that they should move to SFI. It's a quest i award you, report with the results next week. This isn't about you or me or OP, we all have all the horses we need and more. It's about the new player who can't find a wild horse to save his life. This is an issue which needs addressing, not necessarily by limiting the number of animals we can have but something to look in to.
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    Yes. Hatred against the devs should be justified because their choice of materials does not fit our taste. I hereby request that a dev have a one on one conversation with every player before releasing content to ensure that we are not offended by this content upon release. Oh and God forbid that you are required to go elsewhere for your choice of materials. Every deed should have all the veins in existence under them to avoid these types of situations. While we are at it, I would like to express my displease at how terrible travel is. Everything should fit in a mailbox to be sent, and there should be a portal in every deed so I can go there when I have to send bulk items. Instant travel. Also, devs, please make sure you understand the discomfort you cause us when we can't find people to sell our materials to. Make sure than only my deed has all the valuable materials in existence so I can sell all products to everyone else at a markup. Make these corrections quickly so the game can be more balanced... Towards me.
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    Not sure the level of outburst matches the severity of the issue here. Baking stones for bread are a thing too btw, and have been used for centuries
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    What if i tell you a marble baking stone is OFTEN used in traditionnal baking? Okay, not to cook stuff, but to prepare dought, chocolate, sugar based products and the like.
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    Among the hustle and bustle of Wurm, wonderful little love stories and unfold...