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    I think people are just restless due to the lack of communication on new content (or even old content being added to northern servers), people are making their own content instead on the forums.
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    Today we suffered an outage of our login server Golden Valley during a maintenance restart of all servers. The host became unreachable and an investigation into the issue began immediately. It took roughly an hour and a half to discover the issue and another thirty minutes for our old hosting provider to address the issue. The issue has been resolved completely going forward and there was no data loss. This issue was unique in that it was an accounting error, not a technical one. We are still working on migrating Golden Valley to our new provider. As mentioned before, this is a complicated migration due to the shop existing next to the login server. That creates a few moving parts that need to work, and we lack a proper way to test the environment together as the test servers are not designed to work with an attached shop. We hope to have an update on this migration process soon. Thank you all for your patience.
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    It's not untouchable and I hope they make more improvements as I've started liking the new system a lot more. Some others don't because of the AFK aspect is removed, but I like the interaction and prep. You use technology and other ideas from people that have passed and they are improved on by others with the memory and recognition of the OG that started it. If was left the same, would get no updates, would no longer be used after awhile and then would be forgotten.
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    I have trouble starting new characters on Diablo 2. The only reason I start new characters on Morrowind is I don't keep the mods installed, and can never get them in the right order again. Did the grind telling myself "when I get to the top, I can enjoy the view" I'm enjoying the view
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    A beautiful winter sky in Indy.
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    left SFI and started a new, dont feel attracted to my 14 year old toon anymore,new server,new platform and new char sold it for me, i fully enjoying it.
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    I was out for a morning ride with my trusty steed, StrongWind, when something caught my eye off in the distance. Being of the curious sort, I moved in to get a better look, and there it was. Surrounded by overgrown grass and grazing horses, was a loom. . I stood by the fence wondering about its history when the most miraculous thing happen- it began to glow, every so softly. This was not just your normal, run of the mill loom. This one was different- it was a rare and interesting version indeed. Made of untreated maple, the elements had warped its frame, with dings and dents at its base. Again in glowed, this time a bit brighter, as if begging for help. It pulled to me, and I knew what I had to do. I needed to rescue this loom in distress. Contacting the owner of the deed, I arranged a deal, and he helped push the loom to the main road, and wished me luck. Taking a peak at the map, the daunting task before me fully set in and shook my head at my own stupidity. Sighing, I began to push. And push. I contacted a few friends, and in the blink of an eye it was no longer just a girl and her loom. I was surrounded by people, willing to help with the back breaking task. Across the water and through the woods, we pushed. Through the PPM tunnel we went, and some kind souls pointed out the loom wouldn't go through the guard house, and made a side exit for it. On and on we pushed, through the Green tunnel, up mountains and down the side. Winter had turned to spring, and that's when the unthinkable started- wave after wave of disconnections. We continued on as best as possible, with people catching up to the group, only to push a few times before being dc'ed again. Finally, many hours from when we started, I could see .... safety. The epic journey had finally come to an end, and the loom was finally home. I want to give a HUGE thank you to Faeran, Nzkiwi, Griphyth, Arowhun and Zaria, there is no way I could have done it with out you. To the countless people who took pity when they saw us in local, and donated their time and backs, a million thanks. It really warms my heart to know that we have this kind of community here in Deli, you guys made this ordeal a thousand times more entertaining!
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    Evening all! Some of you may know me, I played Wurm Online from 2008 and then more recently Wurm Unlimited. In short after years of playing games, like Wurm, The Sims, Minecraft, Ark etc all the same kind of genres I decided that I'd like to give it a go at making my own. So I want to present the teaser trailer to my new project 'Everstead'. Been working on it for about 2.5 months now and starting to taking shape gradually. Everstead Teaser Trailer FEATURES: -Explore the world of Prosperity and survive in its environment. -Construct buildings to enhance your world and progress from just surviving to thriving! -Collect Prosperity fragments around the world which give a variety of perks to your character. -Manage a variety of simulated player stats (Hunger, Thirst, Energy, Joy, Health etc) So yeah early days and in the new year or towards the end of this horrible one I'm hoping to start doing development logs on my YouTube, be cool if you guys could give it a moment of your time. I appreciate not everyone will like the simulation theme but hopefully I can offer something a bit fresh doing survival with simulation, and trying to offer creative options for players to make their mark on the world. Thanks for your time. Have a safe end of the year! Nytician.
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    Introduction Hello. I am Christos, that's my in-game name and real name to. I am looking to put my skills to some good use. Current Skills: Cloth Tailoring: 60+ QL Leatherworking: 40+ QL My Location Server CAD on need Stillwater Coves http://cadence.yaga.host/#1599,1232 Services I provide All prices are NEGOTIABLE! I can Create, Improve and Repair items. Just send me a message at Christos. I can send items with mail with 8 minutes delivery time. Cloth Tailoring Items 30+ QL 40+ QL 50+ QL 60+ QL Beautiful Meditation Rug 20C 25C 32C 40C Bedroll1 80C 1S 1.2S 1.4S Big Square Sail 25C 30C 37C Cloth Barding2 40C 60C 80C 1S Colorful Cotton Cloths 40C 60C 85C 1.3S Colourful Carpet3 15C 20C 28C 35C Cotton Cloths (Set) 35C 55C 80C 1.25S Cotton Sheets 10C 25C 40C Dyeable Cloth Barding2 40C 60C 80C 1S Exquisite Meditation Rug 30C 35C 42C 50C Fine Meditation Rug 15C 20C 28C 35C Fishing Nets 2C 4C 9C 15C Large Colourful Carpet3 20C 25C 32C 40C Meditation Rug 10C 15C 23C 30C Satchel 2C Small Colourful Carpet3 10C 15C 23C 30C Small Square Sail 20C 25C 32C Triangular Sail 20C 25C 32C Wool Cloths (Piece) 1C 2C 4C 6C (1) Bedroll, when placed within 2 tiles of a tent owned by you, is a portable source of sleep bonus, functioning like a bed, but only providing 75% the amount of sleep bonus over time. If you do not have a tent, I can ask a friend to create a one for you. (2) Cloth Barding is Armour for your Horse. (3) Can not be send via COD. Leatherworking Items 20+ QL 30+ QL 40+ QL Almanac 20C 25C 35C Animal Rugs1 20C Archaeology Journal 20C 25C 35C Backpack 10C Bridle 10C Brown Bear Helm2 25C 30C 35C Leather Adventure Hat3 8C Leather Armour (Set) 20C 25C 30C Leather Barding4 1.5S 2S 2.5S Saddle 15C 30C 50C Saddle Bags 10C Studded Leather Armour (Set) 25C 30C 35C Toolbelt 10C 20C 30C Waterskin 3C (1) Animal Rugs are: Black Bear, Black Wolf, Brown Bear and Mountain Lion Rugs. (2) Brown Bear Helm's protection is equivalent to Studded Leather Cap protection. (3) Leather Adventure Hat is a decorative hat. Does not provide armor protection. (4) Leather Barding is Armour for your Horse. Farewell Thanks for visiting my humble store. Feel free to contact me in game at Christos or leave a message here. See you soon.
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    Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to create a sleigh for wintertime in Wurm? A one horse, (or two!), for those cozy winter days. A two person.
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    My suggestion is simple and I hope easy to implement - let people with higher Misc items skill level to create bigger Christmas trees, like each level gives you an extra centimetre or two added to be base height.
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    Is it possible to make a wand (or any handheld item really) that applies an effect to a target? Just wondering if you could have something like a wand that could heal or damage a player. Thanks! Matt
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    Through science, it has been proven that the Valrei board is biased towards Magranon winning. I think Alexgopen made a few posts on it some time back.
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    Anyone who has the talent, drive and creative ability to create games like these has my total respect. I will keep 'popping in' to hopefully hear news of you new world and how it evolves. I feel sure that the development will not be smooth or straight-forward but just keep flattening any bugs that you come across and keep moving forward. Good luck with your dream!
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    It doesn't surprise me that it's rather deserted now. Back in the day it was the central location on that server and there weren't any other servers around. These days the borders of a server are far easier to reach for way more people, thus it's now in a terrible location for a market.
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    Go big or go home - Cram capybaras into the hamster wheels!
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    Do you use an engine? If yes which one?
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    all hail the push to production skipping testing movement
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    If you approach some buildings in the distance, first visible things are banners, crate racks etc., secondly after some distance, buildings. For one, it looks very bad, secondly, it shows where people have storage areas etc. First approach: Dozen tiles closer:
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    @SamoolShould we start panicking? Wurmaggedon 2.0? Whatever with drake armour and Macedon wagon...but all that surface mining...and paving...and digging... http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/
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    @Finnn yup, that would be me!
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    I understand your idea, but it has no place in Wurm. Living this far from civilization if a players choice. They have their own benefits doing so. In Wurm travelling is a very important part of the game. This is the same reason why good horses are so expensive (on freedom). The second important part of Wurm is that everything is to be player made. If that market does not work, then perhaps the idea needs working on. Not to mention: A market one can just teleport to is not exactly going to do much good for your local crafter. Mailboxes already do this in a sense and it pushes the game towards a high ql standard much faster. I feel that we should avoid pushing the game in this direction any further. -1 for your idea.
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    Another thing would be to balance Valerei gods so they’re all equal please. I still see that Magranon is basically going to win majority of the scenarios and receiving bonuses. It should increase the str and everything else when you do missions. Make it strictly mission/karma based.
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    Eden Bazaar on Xanadu ( H-23 ) is small active market with 4 merchants and bulk self service stalls, 1 merchant selling rares and collectibles Bazaar is right on the highway from Summerholt to Whitefay near "Eden Passage" bridge and Eden tunnel. Be free to visit us to check goods we offer !
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    I sent the shovel & clay, just gotta re-cast another 90+ coc med rug, will cod when done ty
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    Indeed not. It should be removed immediately. The problem remains that space for planting deeds on adequate locations is extremely short, worst on Melody, and Cadence at best slightly better off than Harmony. Population (in terms of simultaneously logged in players) Melody usually fares better than Release (as the most populous 8x8 on SFI) with figures of 30 to 80 during workdays but is a shadow of the beginnigs. Harmony fares between 150 and 250, and Cadence around 150 to 350 (similar to recent workdays' averages of all SFI). Given those figures, it still seems advisable to players looking for a village to join to go to any of the NFI servers (ofc for all wanting PvP Defiance even more than Chaos or Epic), as well for those wanting to stay in close contact with pals of their steam friend lists. For players interested in exploration, untouched nature, mob combat, and larger terraforming and building projects on their own are certainly better off on SFI. Also there are not few settlements recruiting on SFI, with growing success. Any hint where to settle should reflect the situation as described. I doubt that another NFI server will be launched on the short range, and would consider it a bad idea anyway as it would most probably only dilute population there.On a longer range the situation will probably normalize, with an either stagnant or slowly declining/rising population on NFI, and deed count adapting to it. At the moment, there seems to be not few deed hoarding and real estate speculation on NFI to my impression.
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    I agree so maybe no need for the message anymore?
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    Hello! id like to get an 80+ set of plate with a Basinet helm "CoD to Fendewen" please and thank you!
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    What about Christmas tree gets a revamp, because is small, ugly, old and petty, and there's no difference if you have it in a house, in the middle of the deed, in the open or in a starting town? The Christmas tree should be a joy not only to have, but to look at it, not only a mean to get your Christmas present and spare a trip to a starting town for it, but a nice, sparkling, colourful and magnificent symbol of - perhaps - the most loved celebration in the world! And while we're at it, could we please please PLEASE have the gift wrappings back? Years ago they were removed because people were "abusing" them, and wrapped a pelt or a rare log (game breaking, I know!!); nowadays, people give away free 100 ql, enchanted pelts, and we still didn't get them back? Why? Why this stuborness? Every single year since they were removed they were asked back, and every single year (or almost) we have been told (IF we got an answer) No! and that was it, no context, no explanation, just "no". Suggestion: redesign the Christmas tree and make it nice; more than that, make it sizeable with the tree age - use a mature pine for a smaller one, am older, very old or overaged for bigger and bigger versions, so it can fit and match any place, from a humble hut to a castle, or a deed center. Bring the gift wrappings back. Prevent abuse by making them disappear the day Winter Holidays symbols (Santa, starting town Christmas trees, julbords, light beams) are removed. Both are easy and simple solution, not making anyone happier than other, not turning Christmas into a business; Christmas shouldn't be a show off of skills and wealth, but a warm, friendly celebration, when we remember we're all humans, we're all the same, we came from the same place and will go to the same place after some time spent here. Happy Winter Holidays!
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    Yes of course. You are "luring" which indicates intention. So your intention is to bring hostile creatures to the tamed one with the intent to kill it. Notice what myself and others have stated: intent. The intent is what matters. Griefing is an act that always requires intent. You can't just accidentally grief someone. If there is no intent present then it is no longer griefing, its just a mere accident.
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    I see no harm in this, especially if Finnn's approach is taken.
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    Ok, do it.. let anyone be able to craft the standard model.. also let the skilled players have a perk for the spent time and efforts
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    Since this is just visual i do agree this should be locked behind skills as everything els in wurm. When that is said i also do wish for more craftable christmas decoration.
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    something doesnt go jks way >please remove it @dev @dev @dev REEEMOVEEE AAAH also add off deed minehops so we dont even have to pay coins for our 30 wardeeds aaah something goes jks way crickets
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    would love some events like this on SFI to, sounds like fun, good luck, i will be there if they decide to merge the servers.
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    Rare rolls are a matter of luck and statistics that's it. No one "contributes" anything to it. A noob imping a knarr could turn it fantastic in his first two months of playtime whereas a player playing for 8 years has never turned a knarr supreme. It's just how life is. And yes, that's one of the unwritten rules of Wurm. If you agree to imp something for someone and they give you their item, if it turns rare, it's still their item. If however you agree to Create something for someone using your own mats, then yeah you could keep it, as long as you still kept your word to create said item. From my experience, I have turned more rares from commissions to imp people's weapons and armor than when I upgraded my own gear. Such is Wurm.
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    Way back when, when rares were first introduced, my first was a rare tree stump, that’s almost certainly the most useless rare there ever was. (It even glowed)...
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    Winter sunset, Meerhaven, 1096
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    Out exploring Indy today. The landscapes in Wurm never seizes to take my breath away, like this view!
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    I understand what you mean. I really do, Alkhadias
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    I've been waiting long time for new people in Wurm. I love to see this extraordinary game more alive. But i strongly feel, (personal opinion) that older players are pretty much discarded and. Steam release just deepen this feel. I've no intention of leaving everything behind, especially my toon that I've been working. I find it kinda insulting, to be placed before a choice of: get into new, fresh community, land, people or stay with your toon separated from new lands, new friends. I didn't play for such a long time to find myself in this position. So I'm gonna stay, do my stuff where I belong. Where I have to in fact.
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    Thank you for a good word! well yeah, my proffesion irl > designer of interior