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    Slaying of the Kyklops ..........................Unique............................ Rewards: 'Giantslayer' title + Kyklops Blood. Mixing Kyklops blood with source salt will create a potion of leatherworking. The beast is currently penned and awaiting the community assistance (PICTURE) The location is easily accessible to all. I have set the date to give 2 unique slayings on Melody within one day. I have scheduled the event later than the dragon slaying to space them out and try and facilitate more people. Please click HERE to see link for the earlier dragon slaying. LOCATION: Pnuts Palace is available on the highway from overture. The location is just before that, in the dessert to the west of the highway. Massive thanks to Arno, Sherrif + Nyest for the help. Hope to see you all there for a fun filled day of slaying. Pnut Co-hosting - Arno
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    The Steam game awards are here! Awards include: Game of the Year 'Labor of Love' Award Most Innovative Gameplay 'Sit Back and Relax' Award ...and many more awards... I nominated Wurm Online for the 'Labor of Love' Award because of the dedication the Wurm team (and us players) have shown Wurm Online over the years You can Nominate your favourite game (Wurm Online of course) here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1179680/Wurm_Online/ You can earn a steam badge (and 25XP) for completing the nomination process (simple click)
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    Thanks again for the fun free horse give aways. All horses and bison have found a home. Will post again when I have more!
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    Hello folks, im looking for another Huge Egg for next this years Pristine, Friendship Bay Summer Impalong! This egg will be hatched randomly during the event as a reward to the attendees just like last year. All loot except the corpse will be rolled to the visitors. If you know someone with one, I would be glad to pay you an extra 10% out of my pocket ON TOP of the cost of the Egg itself. This could easily net you 10 silver maybe a bit more! Feel free to PM me in game@VirusMDor Tulemees, drop a post here, or PM me on forum or discord to get the ball rolling. I am also potentially looking for a new source of Favor for this years event, Ideally id like to switch to cordage this year to cut down on the amount I need to grow. I'll need a million favor total to make sure the event is covered, for cordage that means roughly 125k unites at 55q, or 85k units at 70q. The event will be in late July as usual. If this is a job your interested in and can seriously accomplish please don't hesitate to contact me!
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    Wurm Unlimited is for sale on Steam and so only costs 6.99€ at the moment. https://store.steampowered.com/app/366220
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    Add Russian general chat pls!
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    Welcome to Shimmering Sands! Shimmering Sands is a project to recreate the sandstone city seen in the Wurm trailer. It is mostly being built by KatsPurr aka Saphireena, the Factional Fight brothers aka Gryphyth and Faeran and others in our alliance. The end result should look something like what you see in the above picture! This crazy dream will take years to build, but with each visit to the horse market, you will start to see it take shape more and more! We have recently started the building stage! To fund this project and pay for the land, we sell horses, hell horses and gear at the Shimmering Sands Horse Market. Market Info You can find us on the Northern Freedom Isle server of Melody at M9. Just a hop and a skip away from the server border to Harmony and Cadence! We also have a trader for your convenience. Good to know Horses will be between the ages of “young foal” (newborn) to “mature adult”. Once they reach the “aged” stage I will remove and retire them. We never sell animals with negative traits. Some horses might have additional positive traits. This has no effect on the price however. We are currently selling mainly speed- horses and hell horses, but we’re breeding draft- horses and hellies to be able to sell soon! The market is completely self-serve. Browse at your leisure. Once you’re ready to buy, simply purchase the matching key from the merchants. No reservations / No home deliveries Purchased horses must be retrieved from the stalls within one week of purchase. After that, horses will be put back up for sale. Prices may change depending on the market Coming from another server? You can transport your horses across servers using a ship and creature cage. We have an off-deed loading dock. Location shown in image above. Did you have a pleasant buying experience? Any kind words left in the forum post are much appreciated! *bows* If you run into any troubles or have any questions, contact me through the game (Northern Isles): Saphireena, here on the Wurm forums: Malena or else through Discord: KatsPurr#8213 Click here to check the full listing of horses + prices
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    I gather they were discontinued as people were abusing the no/reduced decay feature, but we don't need them to have that feature. It's just super nice to give people seasonal, birthday, thank you and 'just because' gifts and fosters community - and the giftwrap was a nice presentation feature that encouraged that. Would be nice to have them to use for what they were originally intended.
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    Highest skill chainsmith, low prices! I keep at least one suit of each kind in stock so orders are sent out swiftly. CHAIN SHIELDS MASONRY
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    COME BECOME A "DRAGON SLAYER" By attending this slaying you will receive: A small piece of White Dragon Hatchling Hide Blood for Salve of Frost (Mixing White dragon hatchling blood with source salt will create a salve of frost.) Title: "Dragonslayer" Location If Anyone is interested in coming over early Dunvegan has offered to allow players to stay at their Inn. Big Thank you to Ruaridh for doing this. I would suggest parking on the water at N18 if on foot so that you can easily access the other slaying. Date & Time: Wanted to have everyone aware of the Public Slaying as I feel all Unique Creatures should be killed as a community rather than for personal gain. I will ask that people not bring all of their alts to the slaying when it happens to prevent lag in the area and also to make sure the rewards are divided evenly amongst the community. Event is scheduled for Next Saturday December 5th at 11 am CST 9AM PST. Location of Event will be posted a few days prior. After this slaying I encourage everyone to hang out on Melody as 4 hours after we slay this Unique we have another public slaying for the Kyklops on Melody! (See Here)This is the perfect way to get both your DragonSlayer & Giantslayer titles on the same day. Thanks, Sheriff
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    Please add a Russian chat to the game, we have nowhere to communicate, CAs swear when we communicate (do not ask questions about the game) in the Russian help chat,
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    Many of the traits that are passed on through breeding seem to revolve around horses. I have a few suggestions for traits for not horses. Wooly - Sheep: chance at producing +1 wool when sheared Silky - Sheep: produces higher quality wool when sheared Productive - Sheep, Cows, Bison: ready to be milked again sooner Fertile - Cows, Sheep: Chance to produce twins Strong body - Cows, Sheep, Bison, Pigs: Produces +1 meat when butchered Negative traits (Can be removed with Genesis): Unproductive - Sheep, Cows, Bison: Take longer to be ready for milking again Bristly - Sheep: produces lower quality wool when sheared Bald Patches - Sheep: Takes twice as long between shearing Barren - Sheep, Cows, Bison: Doesn't produce milk
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    [22:01:53] As the Holy Crop ritual is completed, followers of Fo may now receive a blessing!
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    I went to Independence today. While the Xan community map is arguably superior in many ways to the Indy one, the Indy one has some great features that ours does not. I'm speaking specifically of named landmarks... mountains, lakes, bays, etc. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EbliOmfbWcK1zhD4t4iYU-Dc18eEr7ZB/edit Isn't it about time that we start naming more features on the Xan map? It's already generally acknowledged that we have features like Hammer Lake, Ageless Lake, etc... What about the rest of the map? Ajala
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    Hello my fav merchant.... I have another large order. Slate Bricks 3k Mortar 3k Slate Shingles 3k (if you have) Planks 4k P26 Xan. You can cod (enderman) the cost and drop off so you don't need to wait on me. when you have the chance.
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    Trickster, the only thing in my logs that I have is you saying that it was fine for someone to take items from your docks, but they had to ask first. Do you think someone who was not a villager might of come along and taken it when the perms were glitched out? Or maybe you misplaced it? Or maybe it decayed away but I don't expect so since you said it had high ql. I don't know if anyone else is new. I've got some of my rare items on my bed over at tiki, would be a shame to see them taken. Though the building has perms on - Though if it glitched or bugged out > . < yeah, I would not be happy either. Hopefully you can get it sorted out and find out what happened to it
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    Been meaning to update this info for some time..... First the Crimson Highway as we dub it....three segments here to mark highway that we've completed, it does go actually a bit further south of the canal, but that was done by others and tied into the highway that goes all the way to sonota, which is connected at least to the canal by catseyes. [596,2140],[596,2043],[624,2043],[614,2011],[614,1683],[814,1683],[814,1703],[916,1703] [814,1683],[814,1600],[727,1553] [614,1683],[614,1591],[565,1549],[565,1193],[621,1193] Next some guard towers Guard Tower at [612,1681] Guard Tower at [600,2048] Guard Tower at [810,1660] Lastly the deeds. Deed: Crimson Bay Canal [600,2068] Deed: Crimson Cabal [900,1675] Deed: Crimson Landing [950,1640] Cheers
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    Bunbunn, you're doing awesome! This is a lovely thing to do for folks in Wurm who are trying to find horses and can't find any out their front door as easily as some. Keep it up!
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    carving knife blade, iron, 51,30ql, 73coc - 1,05s saw, iron, 12,10ql, 64coc - 0,72s Can you send these two to CistaCista please.
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    Wurm and ping doesn't matter that much, you can play almost fine even with a ping between 50 and 100+. Where are you from? Which ping values do you get?
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    Hello again, Looking for a couple more things CoD to Sussermans please. butchering knife blade, iron, 56,15ql, 71coc - 0,95s needle, iron, 31,47ql, 66coc - 0,78s Thanks
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    Road names? The road from summerholt to the east to the large (unknown named) mountain in G25, then north where it no longer is a highway to the little lake by Svartskard, then east to the ocean has been called the Diamond Way since it was made (lots of signs on it, and it has diamonds in the pavement).
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    I don't think "bug" means what you think it means. This is an intentional, programmed action, not a bug. It doesn't matter what you consider it to be, it isn't a bug. It is NOT based on population but on the extent of "claimed" (i.e. deeded) area on the server. This was instituted not only due to the huge lag and related problems but to make sure that new players could actually experience one the major elements of the game, settling a deed. You CAN make your own decision where to go, the popup gives you something to consider and then you make your own decision. I notice you don't mention the second part of the message, "or picking one of the Southern Freedom Isles servers." Harmony is a lot fuller than the SFI servers but you don't seem to have an issue with that.
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    Also went with “Sit Back and Relax”. Wurm was always the best way to catch up on a podcast!
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    Hey guys! The deed was happily sold to a very kind person for a reasonable amount. He shares the same things I like in the game...some farming and some priesting Now I can try to settle the new kitchen somewhere smaller and nice! Thanks a lot! Cya soon! *The topic can be closed.
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    Oh hell yeah, i was so disappointed when i found out that there are no instruments at all. Imagine the future community events this can bring! People could make music nights, concerts ect. Overall this is an amazing idea and i hope that this will end up appearing in game.
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    ToolPurchaser update Download Added new pricing options. In MaterialPrices.properties, you can now add flat rate prices for specific materials. Add entries in the format flat<id>=price. For example, flat7=100 for a flat rate of 1c on gold items. This can be combined with price modifiers, so you can have a flat rate for a material and multiply the price at the same time. In EnchantmentPrices.properties, you now add a flat rate for the number of enchantments on an item using flat_rate. You can also list enchantments you wish to be excluded from pricing altogether using ignored. Ignore multiple enchantments by separating ids using commas. All prices are in irons. Done.
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    Russians have nowhere to communicate on different topics! Add a chat where you can flood
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    Russians have nowhere to communicate on different topics! Add a chat where you can flood
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    It is nice to see people building bridges to connect the world / area they are in better. A concern I share with@Kierkegaardis: can you travel with a boat through there? If I were to live in that area it would be nice if you could not only physically but also visually fit the boats through there.
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    Well, i sold my accounts and bought as well. I am not the person i bought the account from, the person that got my accounts is not me. Didn't get a chance to get any of my accounts back before RMT and to what accounts my "reputation" is tied to now? It doesn't even make sense to be overly paranoid around names after so many account sales and after 95%+ of population doesn't even play anymore for years
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    Hi, Could you send this to Cevan please, Thanks.
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    Hi, Could you send this to Cevan please ? Thanks.
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    I'll be happy to help if you need more favor (90 faith + 60 faith + 65 faith) but I already have the journal entry so please prioritise others. There are so many rites nowadays that you should be able to get one per week or two if you are changing religion holy crop is very useful for people who don't have fo priests, and helps farmers too so I'd suggest just getting it done.
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    Not really unfortunately Are you talking about WO or WU?
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    Use terrain association. Like in the real world. You have a map use it. Don't ask for GPS instead of learning a skill.
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    Also this one, an obnoxious and damn intelligent thief, stealing 100.
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    A bed is a very difficult item for new players to make! I suggest adding a simpler version of a bed that would be easier to craft when starting out, providing a small amount of sleep bonus, eg. half the amount of a real bed. Wagoners have a straw bed in their tent which would be perfect. It could be created using mixed grass and maybe some rope or string. This way it still requires some tools and steps to create (a sickle to gather grass and a rope tool/spindle or wemp/cotton), but would be much more accessible for new players than sheets and furs. Maybe they could be used either in a house or with a tent, and decay quickly when left on the ground off deed so they don't create clutter the way carts do. This would also serve a secondary purpose as a wonderful decorative item for stables.
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    Such a fantastic idea! I love it! And for those who don't know what the straw bed looks like (something that is indeed a separate 3d asset as I've spawned these as a GM in Wurm Unlimited), this is how it looks:
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    I am the one who is currently editing the Xanadu map, however I am not the creator, nor can I make a new layer of data show up on the map. I edit the spreadsheet that contains deed names and coordinates as well as separate sheets for bridges and tunnels. Those are then laid over the map dumps provided by the devs on a yearly basis. The creator of the map, and the one who would be able to add in a landmark layer is @jackjoneswho is not currently playing regularly on Xanadu. If he wants to take the time and effort to add this feature in, I'd be able to add landmarks via the existing Xanadu Map thread. One of the potential issues I see with this is that people would have different names for landmarks and the like. Getting a consensus on naming features would need to be done outside of the aforementioned map thread, as I don't want that discussion cluttering up that thread. Another issue is just the overall cluttering up of the map. If people start naming every lake and mountain or hill on Xanadu, it'll be hard to find deed names amongst all the clutter. But, if you can get Jack on board to add that feature, and work out a system for consensus in naming features, I'll be glad to add them.
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    Questions have arisen regarding whether the company and its parent company Game Chest Group are behind Black Lives Matter. The company will not use Wurms forum to express their political views, nor discuss or express anything that is not related to Wurm. This is why the company is by default silence in such situations, which we want you to understand that we are for a good reason. However, we believe that this is about human rights, and we do not want the Wurm members to get the wrong picture where we stand on the issue. The company and its parent company Game Chest Group, stands behind Black Lives Matter and are strongly against any kind of racism. // Robin Bäcklund CEO of Game Chest Group AB (Parent company of Code Club / Wurm)
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    I am rather new to this game (only been playing 2-3 months now) and I have to say I am very impressed with the level of GM and staff continued relationship, interaction and growth of the game. I have seen and played other games (sandboxes specifically) that the GM relationship to the games stagnated, leading to stagnated games. The length of time this game has been running and the continued support, updates, activity and interaction is awesome. I am very thankful and impressed to have found Wurm. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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    I would like to be able to store fat and bladders in the FSB since it is part of cooking.
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    -1 I lived in the pre-ratio Wurm, and it was nearly impossible to go near some of the breeders. FPS would drop to single digits as soon as the mass of animals was rendered (and the lag didnt help either). The creatures limit was small too, and finding wild animals was very rare too, I think that getting rid of the animal ratio would revert the game to that state, but with bigger numbers.