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    Send it to Zaotl, I'll imp it up in an hour and send it back to you free of charge
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    Barcode Empire Barcode Empire is first and foremost a collective, utilising doctrine styles of play and fair universal laws for all. Unity, order and solace can only be maintained if a deep meaningful connection is made to the collective, it will give the drive to play and increase players desire to join in on deed run events & goals. All adding more layers of fun to the game. What do we want to achieve? A tight, long-lasting, driven community. A social group to play, interact and rely on. A group that educates players, expanding their knowledge and sharing experiences. A collectively competitive group, that combines its total skills to compete with the rest of the Wurm. Be this in PVP or PVE, we want us to be the best. Players that are committed to the idea of Barcode, that will remain part of Barcode. How do we expect to achieve this? Clear & simple expectations, No BS A fun and supportive environment. Good Leadership & Open opportunities to lead. Open-minded and honest people. The laws of Barcode These laws are the expectations and how we expect our members to play by The First Law -all members must have 1 account with a namesake that reflects the name of the empire. Your commitment is vital to the growth and identity of Barcode. Name must be 10 characters Name must contain only "i"s and "l"'s Name must start with i (capital I) and l (lowercase L) You can have other accounts The Second Law - participation, all members are expected to participate in the collective on some level. Your participation is what fuels the energy of Barcode. This can be as simple as join comms, help a fellow out, organise an event etc but participation on some level is expected. Comms is expected. The Third Law - Give more than you take. There is no simple way to quantify this so it is up to you as a member of the collective to decide if you're taking more than you give. We do not expect endless workloads or doing tasks none stop, just help where you can, the stronger the collective the stronger the support network beneath you. The Fourth Law - Don’t take on too much. This is a game, one where many people feel they can achieve far more than they expect. Don’t burden yourself with doing too much, too often. T here is no rush, as a collective member burning out only weakens us. Slow and steady. The fifth Law - Respect the Line. Personal relationships will form and develop, We won’t moderate the community but we will not tolerate meaningful harm to our members. By all means have fun, banter and troll each other. Just know when enough is enough and be adult enough to say sorry when you cross that line. If you have any questions about our Laws, please ask. No knowledge is hidden from members, If you like the sound of this and want to join start by joining the discord - https://discord.gg/a2eZZXw
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    the other titles are religious in nature; what about Crusader? 2h swordsman -> Templar -> Paladin -> Crusader
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    Running Wurm on Linux Mint here as well, no problems. Just to make sure, you downloaded the archive (tar.gz) from https://www.wurmonline.com/wurm-online-downloads/ ? Comes with it's own Java runtime now. No need to install Java from Oracle any more.
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    So I guess then people complaining about zergs, death tabs, gravestones, drain health, and Libila just want to change the game to suit their play style. They need to adapt. Agreed, Omar!
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    adding new skills would reroll everyones affinity meals, so yeah it kinda is a problem
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    I think it's funny how much people are complaining over us using a safe space. The whole reason that deed was placed there was to prevent MR (which in reality, they still wouldn't be able to do with Gaul'Kor being put down prior to all of that just east of USNP) from taking our mountain that they've been draining. We knew from the get-go that they were intending to do that. So we countered and bashed. Both MR and BL were simply out done through our tunnel systems when they all came. We knew we'd lose some people so we had to cut our losses and get out ASAP so we wouldn't wipe. In the end it was like 46+ MR/BL vs only like 17-19 JK. We were also at LEAST 3-4 locals away from our "impenetrable war deed." Not a single attempt from what I've seen was even made to wall off our mine/mine in. Let alone an attempt to even push to get our 1x1 walled off token broken into. War deeds always have been a part of the game. They're a part of the whole concept of land control, hence the /kingdoms. That's why there are raid windows, that's why there is only 5 consistent drains to remove deeds, and none of which was used by any kingdom on this server other than maybe MR atm when they did it to Victus Cong which we didn't have access to to even defend (literally unopposed). Raiding isn't supposed to be easy, it never is or should be. Also, Village is not a war deed. It is our Capitol, majority of our kingdom lives there. We moved there because we wanted to build a more defendable deed than Nuln, and it was a great location for Defending and the overall PvP aspect. If ANYTHING should be changed about it just simply remove raid windows. Or make it so you can use off deed mine doors without enemies being able to get in without bashing, but make it bash twice as fast as you can now. So you have some sort of safe space when you raid... it would make raiding actually fun/promote more PvP. I remember way before epic it was actually a thing with off deed mine doors, and you'd get good and fun PvP on a daily basis. There weren't any Zergs either. I would also recommend delaying death tabs to at least 10-15 minutes. So back dooring isn't a thing as much. Because people getting outnumbered is what is really killing the game if anything. Because what sense would it make if you want me to fight 3 people by myself? I would have absolutely no chance of even getting a hit off before I'd be dead most likely because of gank bonus. I would sit there fighting 3 on a mine door with some chance of actually giving a fight back or potentially getting even 1 kill from a mine door. You've got to look it all of this from all sides and angles before you say it's killing PvP. But everyone will sit there and complain, but BL also has a War deed named City. Was placed to prevent us from placing a tower down on our Capitol deed. But you don't see us complaining about it. We sucked it up and got some content out of it.
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    Make press, make paper, make pen, make ink, make mailbox, enchant mailbox, hope the other person has an enchanted mailbox, write letter, sell junk for 1 iron, send letter using clunky UI. OR Send them a message on discord. When a mechanic is vastly less convenient than metagaming that mechanic is going to be utterly ignored by your players save for novelty value.
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    The COD cost on a piece of papyrus/paper is 1 iron, Just send them a letter
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    what do you expect us to do if BL not only outnumbers us but also has the optimal priest and feels the need to team up with MR yeah i know that priest "discussion" is still going on, but anyone that has half a braincell can see why it is the best choice, anyway wrong thread... if you are in JK and suddenly wake up to MR bashing 5 towers of yours, drain disbanding 2 deeds right next to a mountain pass that we use to get up into MR lands on the daily, realize they are about to deed the pass and secure it for their kingdom, then what would you do? i'd react, and thats what we did we bashed their newly built towers, put ours down again and secured the pass our own given the fact that MR didnt want to fight an even fight right next to their deed and instead called BL in to almost outnumber us 3:1 tells me that we were right we were reacting sorry for that i guess...?
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    i noticed a distinct lack of music instruments in a game about creating items and learning to fool around with them (yoyos anyone?) how about some classical medieval instruments for us to play with? using the fine carpentry skill we can carve: Lute body, strung with tailoring or ropemaking skill. Flute. used single, or several combined with string or wemp fiber for panflute. Harp body, strung with tailoring or ropemaking. Drum body, with hide streched over it using leatherworking. finally, once created you can perform with each instrument, gaining music skill, and possibly even skill in each instrument type. higher skill allows for better playing. lower skill causes more bad music and screw ups. much like early puppetry or yoyo skill, you'll do more messing up then playing for awhile. to take it even further, we can have the number keys represent notes once you have an instrument ether equipped or highlighted. pushing a number will attempt to play that note on the instrument. low skill will cause off key or wrong notes. high skill will allow people to play songs in game. multiple players masters different instruments could put on concerts, or form entire medieval symphonies!
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    Currently, characteristic checks on melee weapons use your skill in the weapon as the diff, which means that unless you're already an uber strong account, or constantly swap weapons+use low ql no coc (which you can only do a limited amount of times before you run out of weapons to grind) you're going to blaze past the optimal skilling zone and face ever decreasing characteristic gains, which is kind of weird as it penalizes you for only using one weapon, and it's not like weapon skill does much past 50 anyway. Ideally, i think it should work one of two ways 1. Use Characteristic - 20 for the characteristic skill check, making it work like how skilling weapon works, you just want to hit and kill as many things as fast as possible for the best possible characteristic skillgain 2. Make the diff based on the CR of the mob you're fighting, so at lower levels fighting easier mobs is the best skillgain, whereas at the higher levels fighting strong mobs, as well as conditioned/champion versions would be your best characteristic gains, rewarding hunting down stronger mobs instead of just clearing areas of mobs entirely.
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    Ok, so this one is a bit contraversial but hear me out. At the moment; Botanise is 100% a stub skill. It has been entirely supplanted by gardening save in the rare emergency you need to find cover ingredients out in the wild. Even then, foraging for cotton is usually more of a priority! Forage was always a bit wobbly near farming, but it is useful for getting essential early game resources; but as soon as you have a farm up it's pretty useless. Once you can farm mushrooms, it is only marginally more useful than botanise for esoteric recipes and emergency cotton. Given that these two skills are stubs, combine them into one skill (giving both sets of titles upon completion). Call it something like "wildcraft" (just set it to Max(forage,botanise) to avoid controversy). Why do this? To make it marginally more useful to level, and to open up a nice skill slot that we can use for something else such as glassmaking.
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    I personally like "Highlander" as well
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    Ok, I managed to run it. I had to switch off GLSL and FBO support. Unfortunatelly, my old deed, that I lived on and off for the past few years has been taken :(. I guess it's time to start a new adventure. Thx for your reply
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    Congrats! Said you were close
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    Vice Grip or something like that Heavy Hands.... Berserker....
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    as the title says I suggest to be able to leave a message in game as it will ease the communication between people, and it give the ability to leave messages to someone's who is offline. even though some will say you can use the forum to leave a message there, I still find it tricky as it is not always someone is on the forums and if they are, not all have same names there and in game. that come from my experience; I have taken a commission in game, when I have finished it I tried to contact the client to no avail and he was not in forums with name. so it stayed like that till he got online. I hope it is feasible to do so, as it will definitively be helpful.
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    For Village and Alliance, set by mayor(s). Reward options to include tick(s) in random skill. For Kingdom, set by X Kingdom title. Reward options dependent on Kingdom (Freedom, MR, JK, HotS)
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    [12:15:23] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Done. Big order. Added 10% discount. Thank you so much)
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    Not sure what you mean with "a safe space" it's several safe spaces. If you dont understand the difference between the "VK" deed and the "Aggresive Expansion" one beeing far more advantageous then your to ignorant for your own good. If MR wanted to put down a deed on that location or a location nearby they would already of done it after they bashed the towers. But some people dont feel the need to have a deeded minehop or wait. "A safe place". And yes "A safe place" like that is actully killing PvP/Roaming. People dont wanna go in to JK anymore and i understand them it's a struggle. 3 deeds smacked in a small cluster+several guard towers. Like you could see this morning/evening And yes "Village" is the Capitol of JK but the purpose of that location was to push BL back with "a safe place" beacuse we couldn't keep up with BL in open fights.
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    Hello, rake blade, iron, 31,84ql, 81coc - 1,52s hatchet head, iron, 31,22ql, 73coc - 1,05s rope tool, oakenwood, 45,45ql, 84woa, 58coc - 2,46s saw, iron, 12,10ql, 79coc - 1,30s knife, iron, 41,79ql, 95coc - 3,30s awl blade, iron, 31,37ql, 80coc - 1,40s leather knife blade, iron, 32,45ql, 93coc - 3,02s sickle blade, iron, 31,85ql, 76coc - 1,20s CoD to Sussermans please, Thanks! Amazing shop!
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    +1 One for delayed Death tabs
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    This is a feedback and discussion thread for gameplay changes.
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    Have you heard of the sims medieval? In that game you could send messages to other npcs with a pigeon. It had its own little pigeon box for sending messages. Also another game that I used to play that had a mail function in game was called Perfect world. In that game you could send messages to people through the mail box and it would show up as a new message when you went to check your mail at this certain location in the game (I think - I can;t remember fully) The messages in the mail box, I think they only lasted for a few weeks. Was a great feature for if you wanted to send a message to someone who was offline and you could even send them items through the mail along with your message. Also the suggestions from others, not just you, to use the ink and paper...ect to send a message to someone offline, I have this to say: I am lazy and if I want to send a message to someone offline, I would not be bothered with skilling up and learning new skills just to send a letter through the mail box. That and also having the mats around to do it. I did not even actually know that such a feature was even around either. Oh and I have only wanted to send a message to someone who is offline on very rare occasions. going along with my lazy attiude, I would prefer some cute little pigeons or something like it, to fly off with my mail to the other person. maybe a small fee to pay as well for the service. like it currently is to send mail.
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    yeah, gonna go -1 on this idea. if you're looking for some veggies you forage, if you want herbs you botanize. if you combine them you'll end up with a bunch of pumpkins when what you really wanted was belladonna
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    I can see the point you're making here, but I'm not entirely convinced. I dunno if "consolidate/combine" is the solution ... but, honestly, I can agree that it might be time to take a look at the range of nature-related skills & sort them out a bit better. Farming and gardening, and forage and botany. Where does one end and the others begin? Are each of these individual categories robust & fleshed-out? Can some be given a little love? What are ways to provide gardening, forage, and botany (and forestry, even!) the same breadth of content and "end game" goals that farming has? Katrat may be correct that skilling up forage and botany is considered by many to be a solid return on time investment... but that doesn't mean it couldn't be even better. I have mentioned some of these ideas & brought up wildcrafting before.... Here are some ideas for fleshed-out "end game" content for these skills... and then also here is where I talk about wildcrafting for fun and profit health. Love everyone's ideas, as usual ~ A
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    +1 I wholeheartedly agree!
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    Yes, please. In fact, there is a ton of stuff that IRL you can do sitting, so should be able to do sitting in Wurm. Crafting actions in general need a quick rethink regarding whether you should be required to be standing on the ground to do them. EG: blacksmithing & carpentry, standing pottery, leatherwork, tailoring, sitting ok filleting & chopping, sitting ok.
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    Unique corpses cannot be buried. Added to the list, thanks for the report.
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    Probably 'owned' by somebody who will kill it with alts or a small private group. Love wurm content, good times!
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    Any idea on when a map dump for Northern servers may come out ? Thanks ..
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    Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can't they do both?
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    Would love this, then I can become a traveling bard - especially if it allowed my midi guitar or midi keyboard input
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    I discovered that if I place a light source on top of a magical chest the light source gains almost triple the brightness. The basis of the scientific method is repeatable results. I have tested this out in a few locations with different items. I was wondering if any of you would like to share your results as well. And maybe we can figure out what kind of voodoo is being done here. Looks like it works on Golden Altars as well.
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    last work at tundra camp, then marble garden
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    Sneak peek on Wurm Assistant 4. Hi folks! Whomever managed to cling on till now, anyway. I've been smuggling minor crumbs about working on new version of WA, other about it going slowly and yadayda. Today I'll write a bit more about this whole thing, so you can prepare for the future. Wurm Assistant 4 is not just an update to WA3, it's a complete rewrite. I've had to go this way, because of two things. First of, it was the only feasible way to add certain often-requested features: Linux Sync of all settings between computers Crappy user experience, this does not bother power users, but everyone else is struggling to figure things out. Heck I am when going back to using the app after a while (yes I'm using WA myself while playing Wurm). Better ways of dealing with multiple installations (we now have wurm online and two versions of wurm on steam) Second very important reason, even if only to me, is that I need a more modern looking project in my portfolio. I could make yet another blog engine but... no. Seriously, no. There are few other benefits: It's now over 5 years since I've build majority of WA3. In the meantime I've moved between many projects within 3 distinct software houses, learned a ton. I can use this knowledge to the fullest only when building fresh. It will be easier and faster to make updates. It will be easier to find issues, submit feedback, even collaborate! It will be possible to integrate with other tools, for example the amazing Deed Planner of Warlander. It will be much easier to add new features and improve existing ones. But there is no rose without a thorn. The interface of WA will change majorly. I will do my best, so that: every current feature to still be there WA3 settings and data can be easily imported every change to be present in such a way, so that it's easy to figure, how to use it the new way I know such drastic UI changes may drive some of you away from moving to WA4, so WA3 will still be there. And in every such case, I'd love to hear just why moving to WA4 is not ok, sometimes fixes are really easy. Thanks you and please stay tuned! In meantime, WA3 will get some much needed and mucher overdue updates.
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    Hi @Zao I'm going to release a little update soon, where popup can be moved to upper right corner. I wanted to make the choice of position totally free, but it was considerably harder to do. So something simple instead. Please let me know after update, if alternative position is good enough.
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    Don't suppose it'd be possible to add 10% create ql bonus, 10% ql rune and 10% skill bonus runes to the calculator?