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    I find it sad that everyone I know is too busy to do something spontaneous and fun like this. (If we're not having spontaneous fun in Wurm, what's the point? But that's a topic for another day..). Currently, my dream in Wurm is to have a pal with whom I can meet up every autumn to look for white-dotted flowers, wild beehives, abandoned deeds, and maybe even dragons. I live on Xanadu but can travel to other servers. Is this an unattainable dream?
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    Do you have a hoarding problem? Too much stuff on deed? How to cope with the mounting chaos of clutter? You need a Pet Ferret. This tame animal will come to call, can be trained to seek out your FSBs, BSBs and crate racks to find any item you need, and will chatter and try to stand bolt upright like a meercat when it finds it. Also suggested alternative skin: Hoard Hunting Hamster Inspiration from: Retro, Quasiwud and ferrets originally suggested by Gawain below:
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    I already have secret passages in my castles; old school style. Just pop a tall bookcase in front of a single door
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    If you really want to find someone, could you not just ask them (in local chat) to describe where they are?
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    I'm sure that this has been asked before and I really enjoy the game but i honestly feel it lacks a variety of things to do decorations wise gib more items ples IE: more lighting options, tables, chairs etc need more roleplayer thanks
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    How hard is it to understand. FO CAN'T CAST DAMAGE SPELLS.
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    -1 Chaos +1 Freedom I would support this as a possible thought for Freedom servers, however no way in the high heavens would I suggest this for any of the PvP realms. Alongside that sentiment, I think I would also like if this were to be disabled for characters wearing no locate enchantments. Sounds great if you're just looking to find the locals, but the second fighting for a unique, or PvP comes into place, this would cause all types of hell.
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    Something I just wanted to add, the horse skeletons were very well done and fascinating to watch on a cart, but I tended to ignore my stud horses whilst they were skeletons, didn't check, groom or breed them at all. I guess I perhaps found their appearance a bit off-putting or it didn't hold my interest in the same way as the beautiful coloured horse skins. As a result I got a couple of horses that were diseased - and amazingly the diseased horses reverted to their original colours, so I was thankfully able to spot it in time and save them. Having learnt from this, I would ask that we could keep this 'feature' for future events and let diseased horses keep their original horse colours, so that we can spot them at a glance. It was actually so very helpful during this event.
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    If it is off deed and not secured, then it belongs to no one. If no one owns something then it cannot be stolen, it is free for the taking. Like it or not, it is the way the game is currently. I have seen many posts where people say that items were stolen, when in fact they did not take the actions that the game provides to secure their things. Once something is placed off deed and is left there, it belongs to whom ever assumes possession of it next. I don't own the fences off deed just because I built them. The only thing that I own is what I have on deed, or I have secured off deed using the systems in place that the game provides. Statements like the one you said are false and I wish people would stop saying them because new people read them and get the wrong impression. I fully understand the frustration involved in these situations, and I also think that something should be changed. I agree it is not pleasant and can be very discouraging. But in the mean time the game is the way it is and if you are going to advocate for change or modification of the rules, then please represent the facts as they apply in game. Using the terms of "stealing" and being "robbed" tends to give thought that in Wurm, if someone takes something that I did not secure, it is stolen and I can seek some kind of relief for this item being stolen. This simply is not the case and I believe it is better to educate people on the systems within the game that can be used to secure things that would keep any of these posts from even ever being made. Real life rules of stealing and ownership do not transfer to the game.
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    I build almost exclusively thatched roofs. Admittedly it might be because they remind me of the roof back when it just auto-appeared when you finished your house walls.
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    We have multiple Carts and Wagons on the deed with horses and bisons that belong to the deed and each horse/bison are branded to the deed. It should be an option for the Mayor to unhitch any and all animals that are branded to his or hers deed. No matter the cart or wagon setting.
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    Such a rule does not exist since many years, formerly known as "enclosure" rule.
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    As this is literally in my backyard I thought I'd sketch up a map of the roads in the area. The tundra can really only be entered from the east side or the south side, the surrounding mountains block the other directions. If you're coming from the Harmony "mainland": Go over the crossing at Athendale Turn right (west) directly after Stay on the highway as it snakes north and west Keep going straight (west) past Timberdale until it dead ends Continue west through the cherry trees until you reach the tundra If you're coming by boat: Park on the sand spit just east of Fortress of Death Head north along the highway Turn right (east) at the T junction Go ~50 tiles, turn left (north) at the Timberline driveway Follow the one tile road through my deed at O13/Timberline (be sure and climb the tower and check the view) Follow the one tile gravel path through the mountains until reaching the tundra. Hope that helps. There are a few other routes, but I think those two are the easiest to follow. - Dalden
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    I am sorry I was unaware that was an issue I will take a look into it for next update.
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    Hello fellow archeologists. I have noticed a steep decline in my ability to finish reports of abandoned deeds. Where I would finish four reports earlier I now finish one. I wonder how that compares to your experiences after the patch.
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    If you are the person who took my two silver black mares from my perimeter deed stable, at Oak Grove (the old Nysa deed) then please would you get in touch. I know officially you haven't broken any rules, and it is my bad luck that I hadn't quite had the chance to brand my new mares, but they are an important part of my collection and I would really like them back. If you would consent to return them (maybe via a GM so your identity remains hidden?) then you are welcome to keep the other stuff you took, and I will replace them with a pair of adolescent black 5 speeds I have... Please.
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    Also, sorry for the double post but why isn't essence drain better? I feel like the whole lore for BL is they are kinda like vampires so that spell should be a lot better.
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    Alright, I'm gonna bump this. I don't understand how this is still not fixed a month later. Guys, your download does not work. Unless you know how to circumvent it, you cannot download the Linux client. And it's such an easy fix. Let me reiterate: The download doesn't work!
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    Hello all. Recently I had began a new deed after finishing the mountain one. I have been gathering slate and marble. Which isn't easy to find, especially in the quantities I wanted. While those bricks were made and stashed away, I got to making the mortar. That is when it occurred to me, why place such rare resources into a deed that isn't even that important to me and is only being done to keep me busy in game? My mountain deed had its top done back in 2016. The longest part was the access tunnel up to the top of the mountain at G 11. I still intend to build at the new deed but that idea will change as to what it is made out of. The mountain Top deed is connected on the highway network as I had hopped to get visitors but in the last 5 years, I have only had 9 people that I know of pop up there. Most of them told me they would never do the trip again :D. Any ways, I am currently up there making more mortar and will be for a bit longer. If you want to come up and see the view you are welcome to as the original design was intended to preserve the view. Normally I wouldn't even post what the deed looks like as once you do that, no one will explore it on their own. In this case, since I am about to demolish the work I have up there, I'll post what I have into a paste bin so you can look at it in Deed Planner. The satilite towers at the edge of the deed connected to the main structure via bridges was what I liked most of this design. As you can see, the deed was also some what fashioned to use the towers. The towers are there so you could get the best possible view ovedr the edge of the mountain. This is really handy when I have some kind of tree farm going, The pastebin is only good for a month from the date of this posting. https://pastebin.com/VYZyhycG
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    Not all players want to be found. Personally I will always try to say hello if I see someone nearby or I pass by someone. However I do not see the need to search said player out. There's no real purpose to it. If this was to be implemented they should allow each player to choose whether its active or not.
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    I really hate those marks, points, tokens or whatever you see in other mmos. It just makes things much too complicated. The only points that I can understand having is loyalty points. If any new points are added I sure hope they get awarded upon burying the slain mob, so that that there won't be tons of corpses polluting the landscape.
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    Could you send one rosewood shaft to Kadminty pls.
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    BAN them, stealing on pve is .. make them read the ToS
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    Hey, The Canal to the Dvergfjall mountains is complete, as is a preliminary road to be catseyed for a highway to the Small Steppes Alliance area and beyond, I will plot the Highway accurately then send that later. Canal is as follows It can fit a knarr and will be dig deeper and wider. From 3517, 1478 To 3517, 1572 Kind regards,
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    Phobia mode is in to avoid arachnophobia, not to avoid anything looking scary.
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    Thanks once more, Stanlee and friends. Will almost certainly come.
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    I've purchased many rare and supreme tool improvements through Cavemannn. Quick and trustworthy source for high QL Blacksmithing improvements. Highly recommended!
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    Why do I keep seeing this posted by JK and MR? I must be missing some inside joke to hear it echoed so many times. this is drain health damage on a horse. it has a 3 second cast. if this spell is losing you fights (its not), try shooting a horse with a bow and decent skill and compare the damage. if 5 seconds isn't justifiable for the damage done compared to drain health, try throwing some 50ql weapons(++if they are RT) at a horse and see how much that does. (instant) you'll quickly realize this is a non-factor for the argument it's being used for. Definitely a top spell, but I don't know why people are complaining about it being used on horses. WL's single targets (shard of ice does like 25-35%) are arguably better in most cases in the situations that people are whining about. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk.
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    Felt like they where a bit to often for how much running around they took was a point I took away from feedback, if they end up being to long we can always reduce it we want to keep tweaking this till it feels right.
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    Posting you 3x rare mortar 1x rare stone brick 1x rare shaft
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    you know you can brand animals to keep them safe off deed, or expand your deed to hold more animals. the animal ratio is there to combat animal hoarding, if you do weird workarounds to get around it and your horses get stolen, that's on you for not securing them properly. No rules against taking unowned things that are off deed.
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    I am not in favour of a THIRD in-game currency. We already have mirons and marks. The chief difference between them is that for marks there is really only one way (with 2 slight variations) to acquire them, which is spending other currency and only one place to spend them, and a select market of purchases you can make with them, some for only a short window of time. Mirons can be acquired many ways, and can be spent on pretty much anything in-game, and can be transacted in many ways, or even just given away or even dumped/dropped. We already have rare coins, which despite being rare are only worth face value. What would be good if rare coins were not ONLY (or even necessarily) in-game currency but objects with their own value, able to be traded. In that case, fantastic and supreme coins would be great (if they are not a thing already). I have my "complete" collection of rare coins, which I value more than their collective face value. From when I decided on acquiring a complete set, I specifically hunted and foraged to find rare coins, but now that my collection is complete that is no longer a motivator for me (currency is a nice bonus, but not sufficient reason to spend an hour or two fighting or foraging).
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    I think you missed my point. Even the "two" timezones you invoke already span inconviently wide timezone differentials, so the "problem" (it's not one) is not even amenable to the "solution" (it's not one) that you suggest before even considering all of the rest of the players that you exclude from your proposal. You are essentially saying "The problem is that I currently miss out so the solution is to make sure I no longer miss out." Making a concession to others by proposing, what, 12 - or is it 24 - separate forced schedules for uniques would abandon the notion of a sandbox game in favour of a spoon-fed hunting/fighting game. No, thank you. I miss out on uniques because I don't go find them therefore I don't set a time convenient to myself for the event.
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    Okay, wow, you've got a lot going on & its definitely making all the little problems join up into one big, giant, ugly problem. Let's get that sorted out for you, mmkay?... Slow Down. Wurm is a play-for-years-to-get-to-level-1 kind of game. You can jump right in and start Day 1 with just about anything you want... but it wont be days, weeks, or even months to get established and stabilized as a player. It will take 6 months to any number of years. So, with some patience, I'm sure we can get you back on the right track for a more enjoyable experience. PvP - go where the action is, but requires a brand new start This option is best if you prioritize active PvP play above all else, are willing to make an entirely new character, and would rather be poor where people are than rich but relatively isolated. If you are dedicated to the idea of playing PvP in Wurm, it is important to go where the other PvP players are... unfortunately, it sounds a bit like maybe you jumped right in without asking around or checking in on forums or wiki, etc. That means your pick of where to PvP was totally random / uninformed... and sadly, you went with a bad pick. Currently, the "new hotness" are the Northern Islands - and the PvP is happening on Defiance. I do not have the server population data off the top of my head, so I don't know what kingdoms, if any, are still active on Chaos. All islands have their own subforum - I would recommend asking around in the various subforums to see who is active & where they are. Also, be sure to check out the Village Recruitment Center subforum... literally a whole subforum dedicated to people talking about where the action's at. As I write this, one of the top posts is currently a post all about PvP activity on Defiance. Probably lots of good information there for you! Kingdoms?? - maximize on your investments & play with your friend, but see less action This option makes the most of your current settlement and investments, you and your friend will be playing PvP content together, but the level of activity on your island will rise-and-fall from time to time. If you want to play with a friend on a PvP server, you will need to both be "on the same side" - that is, in the same kingdom. I might be wrong, but I really can't think of any other PvP game out there that handles things differently. If your avatars are on opposite sides of a war, be it player v player, faction v faction, or kingdom v kingdom, it is generally understood that "the other guys" are not going to be able to visit you in-game in a PvP setting despite being friends IRL. You should have known that from the start. And if you didn't, you must be very new to gaming overall. Welcome to gaming; now you know. If you want to both play together in PvP and fight each other too, then be in the same kingdom for PvP play, and duel or spar with each other when you wanna fight. If one or the both of you are seriously dedicated to the kingdoms you are in and don't want to switch... well that's something you'll need to discuss with your buddy and work out for yourselves. At this point, considering your investment in a settlement, your best option is probably to have your friend convert & join your kingdom. PvE? - just get around other players as quickly and easily as possible, screw the action and the deed This option is good if you don't want to make an entirely new character, are flexible about playing PvP or PvE, and want to get involved with active players with the least amount of hassle. From Chaos, you do have the option to switch to a PvE island - take a look at the Southern Freedom Isles and poke around the SFI subforums to see if any seem active and/or interesting to you & your friend. Even if you do not have a boat of your own, it is possible to ask around in-game, or on forums, and arrange transport with a kindly soul who owns a boat. You would be disbanding the settlement on Chaos and starting anew on a different island - but you would be able to join an active village or make a new settlement in an active neighborhood basically right away. Hey, Big Spender!... slow down. I can appreciate that many, many MMOs and games these days are pay-to-win. And even if they aren't pay-to-win, cash shops abound and are basically the normal thing these days. Wurm is not that kind of game!! For the future, please do yourself a favor and wait to earn these sorts of items and perks without dropping quite so much RL money on them. Many of these items you've purchased are optional, or intended as rewards for playing this game for years and years. A new character is not expected to have top QL equipment, or a Rod of Transmutation, or a Farwalker stone. These things are considered major Quality of Life Perks, earned by long-time players who have first done things "the hard way" and are ready for a little reward to make things easier and nicer. Spirit templars are a smart investment for a deed....if you can afford them! Having a nice, fat balance in your coffers for upkeep and resizes, etc - that's optional. That's a goal to work towards. Your spending decisions are your own responsibility, but we're invested as a community in helping each other make wise decisions & keep the game enjoyable for everyone! In the future, consider asking around for advice and assistance before making in-game purchases that might be a little overkill or otherwise unnecessary. Also, as a play tip.... you will earn greater skill gain from improving a low QL item, than with using a high QL to directly craft and harvest items that are high QL to begin with. It is very common for high level, long time players to have a full set of low QL tools, resources, and crafting materials - in order to craft Low & imp High. (Imp = improve). Imping is a time honored Wurm tradition, the best activity for skill gain, and means that low QL materials and resources will never be "under level" and therefore useless, like in other games. I genuinely hope that some of this information helps you get a "fresh start" on your Wurm experience. ~ Amata, Lady of Heartsease Vale, Independence
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    did your friends start on a different server/kingdom or something Maybe don't spend 160$ on a game before you understand what you're doing
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    Congratulations. I have played on another WU server for almost four years and I understand just how much work goes in to create a successful server. Your players are fortunate to have you and your team looking after them!
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    This I agree with. And if politics is ok, then why not religion or any other subject that could potentially cause dissension and intense feelings in some people? And especially at a time when passions are running high, like in today's political climate, I feel it has no place in a "game" that I'd wager most play to escape from the intensity for a while and try to relax. Methinks that's why politics and religion are usually lumped together when certain topics are excluded from "approved" topics on forums, because they both evoke intense feelings in some people and can lead to some pretty brutal verbal confrontations. Yet for some reason Wurm decided at some point to remove politics from the rule but not religion? I didn't know that. I thought it was still not allowed. I really have to wonder why. Sounds stupid to me. If people want to argue politics or spout their ideologies, Twitter and Facebook are that way ------->
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    These two posts have changed my outlook on this. Sack off penning, I want to watch 100 accounts without even 50 fight skill to bumrush a dragon and get absolutely nae nae'd into the sky Team Rocket style because they have 0 idea on what to do, how to do it and the lack of skill or communication to do so
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    13 public slayings m9 theyre on the forums and all
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    instead of wasting your time whining on the forums, get off yer ass and go find a euniqe yourself
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    -1. Nobody is entitled to content. If you want in on it, put in the work.
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    If they're already finding them all with only a few spawns, giving more spawns will just give them more loot and lead to the devaluation of end game items because they're overabundant (they already are even with the current spawns) Making them public only excludes people who enjoy the smaller fights against boss mobs, those with older computers that can't handle 200+ in local and people that prefer to stick with smaller groups of friends instead of dozens of random strangers. It's a bandaid fix that lowers down the game to the same generic ###### you see in every other mmo "go do this quest for the 100th time to get your exalted reputation and your shiny armor/mount/whatever". It also incentives spamming alts for loot, as with the current average of around 150-250 people at a public dragon slaying, you're looking at around that many drake/dragon slayings to get a set. Each server spawns a unique around every 21 days or something iirc so thats about a unique every 3 days or something if you exclude xanadu because xanadu has a bunch of unfound uniques that are messing up spawns. So like, a dragon every 8 days on average, times 150-250, that's many years of going to public slayings on a single account for a scale set. I'd like to say i'd benefit from it since i keep a whole bunch of accounts prem, barely search for uniques anymore and have no problem taking a knarr of alts for imbues, but i'd rather keep the much more enjoyable small private slayings ty.
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    theres no secret to how the 'monopolies' work, theyre just large groups of friends that work together to look for them and share their finds with each other. these are communities within the game and acting like they're only out to control the market and don't simply enjoy killing uniques is a bit weird. put in the effort to look for uniques, join a group of people that do, or make your own group with friends. don't be expecting free top tier gear while putting in no effort.
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    That's not buying it with real money. That's using silver to buy it - obtained many other "free" ways. Put in the work to earn silver to buy, or put in the work to find uniques. Everyone has as equal of a shot as possible
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    It's a reward the hunter get for putting in the time and effort. Put in the time and skill needed and you shall be rewarded, it's the same with everything in this game.
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    sorry, -1 It is up to everyone to hone the combat and other related activities and strive to get into one of the unique hunter groups, or even search on her/his own, and call for support from seasoned hunters on success. I even learnt that they are acting very generously in such cases (not myself but a guy I met who had spot a drake). Granted, I was too lazy so far to roam the servers for uniques, too much to do else. But I am sure it would not be impossible (other than all loathe me now for my rallying for rifts ) to get into a hunting group when patient enough. If you spend all coins you earn for premiun and are not willing to spend a single RL penny on Wurm I fail to see why you "deserve" a unique armour. I am paying my upkeep out of my earnings, pay my sub for me and my priests in RL money, and am saving for a scale ingame. It is feasible and in no way unfair. If it would be that easy to get unique resources they would not be unique anymore.