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    This is a request to reconsider how the merchant fees work It already costs silvers to buy the merchant contract and then you still loose 10% in fees on everything bought from the merchant. If there are no plans on removing these fees all together my suggestion is to let at least half (if not all) of those fees go automatically into the upkeep of the deed the merchant is placed on (like traders had the tax option before the changes). If the merchant is not located on a deed, the full 10% in fees is taken like it is at the moment. I think this will make it more appealing to have a market deed; help current market deeds to keep on existing; make the costs/fees more even and fair for ppl with merchants vs ppl selling via mailbox only; and allow high end items to be sold on merchants. (While 10% doesn't hurt as much on small inexpensive items it does mean that almost no one is willing to put high end expensive items on merchants and loose a handful of silvers on it.)
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    a lovely sight through my spyglass as i was sailing home from the dragon slaying on indy...
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    As title, it'd be nice to imp up the witch hats and stuff so we can keep them high ql
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    What is a rare roll? It's a moment of inspiration event accompanied by a rotating graphical aura of light display. You can only see it if you have GLSL (OpenGL's post-processing shader effects) enabled. Fascinated since I first saw one, I was at a loss as to how to describe them to new players. Wurmpedia describes it thus: "A "drum-roll" and visual cue appears when your chance to create or generate a rare item arises. The visual cue is a green halo which will surround the border of the screen, lasting a fraction of a second." I searched wurmpedia for a picture of a rare roll - so that I could examine it, but there were no pictures, so I set about trying to capture a screenshot of a rare roll to show people - and here it is! As you can see the aura is a series of rotating coloured bands made up of predominantly red and yellow - which combine and blend to give a green as they tend towards the centre of the screen. It's more complex than just a green halo I have long suspected that supreme rolls are a slightly different set of colours - go ahead! prove me right or wrong! Please post your rare+ rolls below!
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    if someone bonks goblins for 5 hours to get a witch hat to use as high quality combat gear... just let them
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    Halloween on Indy NFC Impalong
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    Dwarfs are well known as the best smiths out there so if it is made out of metal, chances are high that I can make it for you! Place your order here or ingame: Thassadhar and I will take care of it. You will find a list of my services below. Here are some basic rules that apply to all categories. Discounts for bigger orders or sets can be arranged Improving of tools/weapons/armor is possible contact me for a quote If an item gets rare during improvement, it is yours! I provide discounts of 20% for imps if the item has my name tag on it All prices are without postage Blacksmithing Weapon smithing Chain armor smithing Shield smithing
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    A mythical beast of legends, it stares back at you with blood filled eyes and froth around the mouth. The current date set, November 6th 7pm EST The skull and bone will be held privately, but do come for sheepshide and woolshearing potions.
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    I understand how you feel, grateful for the setting patch of course, but I wanted to see all the other stuff so just gritted my teeth and waited lol. Very unhappy making grooming skeletons though. I didn't enjoy the newer version on halloween as much as I always did in the past mostly because of this, but also missed the scary faces on oak trees and deer and pig as dancing trees, those were a lot of fun. Anyway, yes, good job devs but a lot of us are happy to have our horses back
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    ^ 10% off deed 5% ondeed? with 5% going to the deed upkeep? if all of it going to the deed upkeep is not an option can we at least split the difference. even the mail is a set fee instead of a percent. if you wont do the % to deed can we at least cut it down to 5% from 10%? It's punishing and even then 10% is really high when I first bought one I didn't even see that it was a thing until something sold and I was trying to figure out why it was less then I put it up for. does it tell you that it takes 10% of the transactions before you buy it? I am not in game atm by a trader or I would check. I didnt see it but I thought it worked like the trader one time purchase so didnt go looking. this is not a pay for convenience fee because no on is going to travel to a merchant or a public market when they can get it cheaper in trade even taking delivery fee's into account when it comes to high price items or bulk and the seller is not going to keep eating the fee when they can do a trade chat trade and get the profit. This is not convenient for anyone but the game to take silver out of the economy which we have many other things for such as the traders and merchants, wagoner purchse of the contracts ( feels like getting taxed twice) and shaker orbs,transmutation rods,... ect are for that too please lower the fee or adjust it to take deed or the deed upkeep into account like the trader thanks.
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    I'd wholeheartedly agree with Kasumi on this one. I have a market deed too because a) I like them and wish the game had more of them, b) appreciate being able to leave things on merchants for others to pick up at their leisure, and c) enjoy curating their shops. I travel regularly for good markets and I wish more people did too - but the way the system currently works, you end up with a lot of items priced above market rate on some people's market stalls to cover the cost of the merchant's cut (which puts people off making the effort to scour market places) or you do what I do and put things at below market rate on merchants to reward people for taking the time to travel rather than only use trade chat -- which means I'm soaking my own discount (which is fine) and also the merchant's tax. I don't understand why something you already pay to set up and that encourages more community interaction and player travel is being taxed and would sincerely welcome this being looked at again. I'd be happy with it being diverted to deed upkeep as Kasumi suggests.
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    Chessing it on Epic is what 99% of the community has been doing since the EPIC<>Freedom transfers were implemeneted. Remember the personal goal frenzy? How hundreds of alts and players went to epic for various goals? If you have to switch to a server cluster to do goals you'd otherwise wouldn't do it on your own cluster then maybe something is wrong with the design of those goals and 99% of people know it, conciuously or not. These goals simply are annoying as hell since at least imping 100 000 items implies I can do it in my own time. Rifts always imply I have to conform my free time to Wurm's time, as a good little puppy.
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    I have no screen, but interesting story. Once, when I was chilling in my southern Xanadu Rest when i had it yet, i had 5 Drum Rolls in matter of 13 minutes. 3x rare and 2x supreme. All successful! ......... when i was mining stone walls. Best and worst day in my Wurm's life.
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    Problem: Drunk level is only shown in the even log when it goes up. It is hard to tell how drunk you are. Solution: Add it to the spell effects window, or add an icon
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    I would not care which kind of bug tracking and processing system is used, that is up to the devs. But maintenance forums frequently make the impression of trash heaps where you may throw in a complaint to be forgotten or ignored, and only picked up and processed randomly. And there is no way to find out whether your report was correct, a misunderstanding, irrelevant, or just did not succeed in arousing attention of the devs. It is intransparent and frustrating, especially when obvious and easy to fix conditions like the MIME bug ar so blatantly ignored.
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    Hello there, my name is Brotteil and I live in Harmony! I see you stumbled upon my shop! Well, would you like to buy some high quality tools, anchors or even horseshoes? Then you came to the right place, because I can handle every blacksmithing needs. Depending on your location, I can also handle bulk/big deliveries such as nails, ribbons, lamps, rivets etc. For details you can pm me ingame! Hello! My name is Oriath. I live in Harmony, and I mainly do leatherworking! These are my up-to-date prices, but if you have something in mind, be sure to pm me ingame! Hello there, my name is Mengo and I live in Harmony, in the same village with the others! I mainly handle Carpentry and Fİne-carpentry needs. I also do bulk goods such as logs! If you want something that's not in the menu but it's Fine-Carpentry or Carpentry, you can pm me ingame. Hey guys, my name is Audrie, I'm living in the same village with the others. I mostly do the jewelry and chainsmithing jobs in the village. If you don't see something you want, but it's withing my capabilities, you can pm me ingame. Greetings, my name's Griselda, I live on Harmony and I am a highly skilled mason and an able potter!(Not a wizard) Please contact me in-game, or post here if you want anything. And if you need other services and/or items, that are not listed here - such as bridge plannings, mine doors, stone slabs or just want to haggle or ask something? I am always open for those! Just PM me right away! I don't do bricks, mortar or concrete. Coastal delivery - 1s (free if the order is higher than 20s) or pickup at P11 Harmony.
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    Three days ago inside a little makeshift mine: Lake Vrock Alliance proudly announces: Public Slaying of that fiery creature. Caution: Penning has cost us two good horses. RIP.
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    Come to slay Forest Giant You will get Blood + Source salt (using alchemy) to get > Potion of woodcuting Every PREM account will get bllod Giantslayer title Our biggy can pick up and throw players, so please dont forget your parachutes (Tents) Slay will happen at: Location (Mel) O21-O22 there is a 2 ways to get to slay place from OTHER server 1) way from R20 (! DEED there dont have a road to desert yet!) Also possible to get there from O-P25 (there channel for boats to) O-P23
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    I created a new toon for the new servers. Played there a few days. Totally lost interest after hitting the 20 cap and not wanting to premium and deed somewhere *again*. I've created a lot of toons on many games and many alts, but the slow grind of Wurm makes it less than fun to have to grind up from zero, yet again. That's just me. Some people love it and that's their favorite play style. More power to them. Everyone enjoys Wurm differently. But for me it's my deed on Pristine that, even though looks MASSIVELY different than it used to, holds the fondest memories for me. No WU server has really done that but one, and it doesn't exist anymore. New toons on a new server, new lands, are exciting for a short while, but just don't have the staying power for me that my first and oldest deed does. I know every inch of the area around my deed for 'kilometers' around, and I like it that way. It's home.
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    i dont recall it's name off hand, but the enchant you put on pickaxe to increase chance at surface mining. it is part of sinducks stuff and it over rides everything else. You could try renaming the onetilemining.properties to zonetilemining.properties just so it is loaded after sinducks stuff and possibly over write that enchant, untested as i haven't even downloaded sinducks stuff.
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    I do not see reasons against, other than that atm, the "old servers" seem to have a stable, even slightly rising participation according to mrtg logon statistics, while harmony and melody are still in decline, whereas cadence has slightly rising logons, and defiance is stable. So a pressing need is not given for the "old servers". The proposal for a one way portal to the south has been raised repeatedly, especially when the new servers were overgushing with players with not few quitting in frustration due to the stress and the lack of good places to settle. Done in time, it may have saved a number of participants. For that, it seems bit too late in my opinion. Cadence still has some room, and more places get freed on Harmony and Melody. The PvP community on Defiance is something the old environment with its worn out, disgruntled and toxic mini PvP "community" has lacked for years as far as I could observe. Still, I do not see why not, and why not allowing the exilant to take her bank account, and maybe what she can carry on her body, with her to the new "old" location. It would not crash the southern market for sure.
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    Would it be possible to give PC, WTB and WTS different colors in trade chat or somehow make them stand out from each other. It could be done just on the word or the entire line, as currently one's own server is blue and different server is white. As a slow reader it can often be quite annoying when you're looking for something on either WTB or WTS that it flies past quickly and I do believe that it would help if each category would have it's own color.
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    1ql sickle blade, iron CoC59 - 49 copper COD to Valkrr
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    Tired of spending more time gathering twigs and bark than actual fishing? https://github.com/n0ma13/WurmUnlimitedModding/releases Craft some twigs from branches and eat some seafood.
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    Nice! Since that was released after I checked for a setting, I do feel a little less stupid. But I guess I need to do more than occasionally skim patch notes! xD
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    he might be ugly as sin, but does some fine work
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    Got these two bad boys a few minutes apart a couple days ago. I love the rare mechanic in Wurm, though I wish the affects of rarity on items were more transparent.
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    "Aura" is definitely the right word (although I often think of it as a "swirl", considering the action of it). As someone who experiences sudden and often bizarre migraines, I found the first couple of aurae, especially accompanied by the drumroll sound, to be quite alarming. They still tend to cause a bit of a tick to my adrenalin, that has nothing to do with anticipation I have no chance of screen-grabbing one, because they still trigger a near-reflexive "freeze" where I basically remain still to see if I am about to tip over, or go blind, or smell burning bbq.
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    Can I get the following items COD to Hulkmccracken:- ~3ql meditation rug, cotton CoC84 - 1.74 silver 11.21QL meditation rug, cotton CoC81 - 1.41 silver 5.37QL meditation rug, cotton CoC82 - 1.52 silver 39.14QL rope tool, oak CoC78 - 1.15 silver
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    I just wanna say that this is amazing and I love it. Is there any way to change where the pop up notifications show for triggers?
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    long bow, willow 70+ql - 2,00s CoD please send to ShadeDarkblade (Cadence). Please and Thank you!
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    Thanks a lot for this nice halloween dragon slaying event. That was my first dragon i have meet in wurm. And now, i'm a dragonslayer! Awesome. Thank you!
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    Rare Pickaxe, iron, 70ql, 71woa 70coc - 15s If this is still available pls CoD to Kerrav
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    I consider it highly unsufficient that bug reports in the maintenance forums are dealt with in a widely intransparent way. I would welcome if every bug reported would be acknowledged for inquiry within an acceptable period of time, not much more than one RL day. It could then be marked for being either rejected (no bug), under inquiry, marked for fixing with a severity level, postponed (being worked on later in time in case of low prority issues), or solved. What should not happen, is for example This is a minor bug but should be considered urgent as the Wurm website is a showcase for new users in particular, and faulty downloads being an embarrassment for company and community alike. But the report seems to be ignored since a month. And it is unclear when there will be worked on at all. Maybe a bug tracking system would help.
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    Looking to cheat on my partner with someone that can wield a troll club. My partner can only wield a sickle, and that just isn't enough. Libs only, no horse shoes on your horses, bison a maybe.
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    Another day Another order Trowel, Iron, 80coc - 2.5s File, Iron, 90coc - 4s Carving knife, Iron, 90coc - 4s all made and imped to 71 CoD to Fendewen Please and thank you! probably the best place to buy vyn stuff in my honest opinion
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    Huge axe, iron, 70ql, 97nimb, 97LT, 70coc, 69ms - 16s cod AncientTides Thanks
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    I imagined the collidable model would rotate so players could run through the wall while the secret passage is open. If the wall rotates at its center axis and it has the behaviour of a door, the player could walk through the door cause doors in wurm typically don't have collision unless they're locked and since it's unlocked we could technically walk through the wall. It wouldn't accomplish anything but it'll look odd. If the wall model has collision as it rotates it'd push the player character out the way I don't know what I was thinking when I animated this, sorry. Something about demonstrating being stuck. In any case it'd be a really cool thing to have in wurm. omg, imagine an entire house full of secret passages. Every wall, secretly a door. That could get crazy.
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    Hey! I just settled on the island at K25 and I was wondering who else is living nearby so I can actually get to meet my neighbors.
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    Be careful trying to interpret how the devs 'intended' you to play. The main intention is for you to have fun, and if playing without alts is that for you, then go for it. There have been many, many devs over the years, and some of them have had quite different intentions on direction, intent, style, etc. Even just looking at the current dev team, 'as intended' may be quite different, depending on who you're talking to. Given the setup, if I had to pick alts or no alts as the 'intended play style', I'd have to say the intent was generally for people to have alts. But who really knows - having a main-only village may well be a fun thing to try.
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    Nope. The NFI and SFI are effectively two separate games. I play both and I couldn't start in the North any other way than start a new character. Thus I have two characters for two games. For each game I have a main and nothing else. My signature tells you my character on each of the WO games available. They are alternate games, not alternate characters. I don't think anybody would suggest that a WU player character is an alt of a WO main character. This is the same as that.
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    As the post states auctioning the slate from this vein I just mined out. 650 x 100 QL the rest 75ish below. Crates not included No minimum No Buyout 30 Minute snipe protection Coastal Delivery Thanks!
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    There is an idea to increase the pool of SB, so maybe atheists should have larger limit than 5 hours of SB and followers have bigger bonuses?
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    Finally, leveling archaeology allowed me to uncover ancestors tombs
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    I love my deed, I love my server and the people on my server, and I don't value brand newness for the sake of brand newness. Seems like there's a lot of nice people on the new servers, but eh, I like where I am.
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    already paid for years of premium to make impulsive purchases in the marks store