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    This is a request to reconsider how the merchant fees work It already costs silvers to buy the merchant contract and then you still loose 10% in fees on everything bought from the merchant. If there are no plans on removing these fees all together my suggestion is to let at least half (if not all) of those fees go automatically into the upkeep of the deed the merchant is placed on (like traders had the tax option before the changes). If the merchant is not located on a deed, the full 10% in fees is taken like it is at the moment. I think this will make it more appealing to have a market deed; help current market deeds to keep on existing; make the costs/fees more even and fair for ppl with merchants vs ppl selling via mailbox only; and allow high end items to be sold on merchants. (While 10% doesn't hurt as much on small inexpensive items it does mean that almost no one is willing to put high end expensive items on merchants and loose a handful of silvers on it.)
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    a lovely sight through my spyglass as i was sailing home from the dragon slaying on indy...
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    As title, it'd be nice to imp up the witch hats and stuff so we can keep them high ql
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    What is a rare roll? It's a moment of inspiration event accompanied by a rotating graphical aura of light display. You can only see it if you have GLSL (OpenGL's post-processing shader effects) enabled. Fascinated since I first saw one, I was at a loss as to how to describe them to new players. Wurmpedia describes it thus: "A "drum-roll" and visual cue appears when your chance to create or generate a rare item arises. The visual cue is a green halo which will surround the border of the screen, lasting a fraction of a second." I searched wurmpedia for a picture of a rare roll - so that I could examine it, but there were no pictures, so I set about trying to capture a screenshot of a rare roll to show people - and here it is! As you can see the aura is a series of rotating coloured bands made up of predominantly red and yellow - which combine and blend to give a green as they tend towards the centre of the screen. It's more complex than just a green halo I have long suspected that supreme rolls are a slightly different set of colours - go ahead! prove me right or wrong! Please post your rare+ rolls below!
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    if someone bonks goblins for 5 hours to get a witch hat to use as high quality combat gear... just let them
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    Halloween on Indy NFC Impalong
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    Dwarfs are well known as the best smiths out there so if it is made out of metal, chances are high that I can make or improve it for you! Place your order here or ingame: Thassadhar and I will take care of it. You will find a list of my services below. Here are some basic rules that apply to all categories. Discounts for bigger orders or sets can be arranged Improving of tools/weapons/armor is possible contact me for a quote If an item gets rare during improvement, it is yours! I provide discounts of 10% for imps if the item has my name tag on it All prices are without postage Blacksmithing Weapon smithing Chain armor smithing Shield smithing
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    A mythical beast of legends, it stares back at you with blood filled eyes and froth around the mouth. The current date set, November 6th 7pm EST The skull and bone will be held privately, but do come for sheepshide and woolshearing potions.
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    I understand how you feel, grateful for the setting patch of course, but I wanted to see all the other stuff so just gritted my teeth and waited lol. Very unhappy making grooming skeletons though. I didn't enjoy the newer version on halloween as much as I always did in the past mostly because of this, but also missed the scary faces on oak trees and deer and pig as dancing trees, those were a lot of fun. Anyway, yes, good job devs but a lot of us are happy to have our horses back
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    I'd wholeheartedly agree with Kasumi on this one. I have a market deed too because a) I like them and wish the game had more of them, b) appreciate being able to leave things on merchants for others to pick up at their leisure, and c) enjoy curating their shops. I travel regularly for good markets and I wish more people did too - but the way the system currently works, you end up with a lot of items priced above market rate on some people's market stalls to cover the cost of the merchant's cut (which puts people off making the effort to scour market places) or you do what I do and put things at below market rate on merchants to reward people for taking the time to travel rather than only use trade chat -- which means I'm soaking my own discount (which is fine) and also the merchant's tax. I don't understand why something you already pay to set up and that encourages more community interaction and player travel is being taxed and would sincerely welcome this being looked at again. I'd be happy with it being diverted to deed upkeep as Kasumi suggests.
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    Chessing it on Epic is what 99% of the community has been doing since the EPIC<>Freedom transfers were implemeneted. Remember the personal goal frenzy? How hundreds of alts and players went to epic for various goals? If you have to switch to a server cluster to do goals you'd otherwise wouldn't do it on your own cluster then maybe something is wrong with the design of those goals and 99% of people know it, conciuously or not. These goals simply are annoying as hell since at least imping 100 000 items implies I can do it in my own time. Rifts always imply I have to conform my free time to Wurm's time, as a good little puppy.
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    I have no screen, but interesting story. Once, when I was chilling in my southern Xanadu Rest when i had it yet, i had 5 Drum Rolls in matter of 13 minutes. 3x rare and 2x supreme. All successful! ......... when i was mining stone walls. Best and worst day in my Wurm's life.
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    Problem: Drunk level is only shown in the even log when it goes up. It is hard to tell how drunk you are. Solution: Add it to the spell effects window, or add an icon
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    I would not care which kind of bug tracking and processing system is used, that is up to the devs. But maintenance forums frequently make the impression of trash heaps where you may throw in a complaint to be forgotten or ignored, and only picked up and processed randomly. And there is no way to find out whether your report was correct, a misunderstanding, irrelevant, or just did not succeed in arousing attention of the devs. It is intransparent and frustrating, especially when obvious and easy to fix conditions like the MIME bug ar so blatantly ignored.
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    Hey! I just settled on the island at K25 and I was wondering who else is living nearby so I can actually get to meet my neighbors.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.... The Lakeside! Hello! I am only kidding about the slaves part Well, mostly. Here recently we went from a steady 7 unique players, some of us who had and still play alts, down to 4. Whether it was burn out and quit permanently or are just taking a break, we are now down to half of the amount of players we used to have and it feels like the few of us that are left are actual slaves with the amount of work we have had to take on. So! I figured it would be a good idea to ask here and see if anyone was interested in joining us! There is usually at least one of us on at all times, save for a few hours in the very wee hours of the mornings (EST). We have two current players left who are on EU time, and the other two of us are on CST and EST (US) Anyway, we have a mine going with access to lead, iron, silver, rocksalt, zinc, tin, and of course LOTS of rock Access to good hunting grounds: 2 steppes and several deserts less than 10 minutes away. We also have 3 total deeds: an entire deed dedicated to farms and another dedicated to trees in addition to the main deed. We have a few professions covered with the few of us that are still around: we have a high miner (unsure of actual skill, but we get 70QL ores, will update when I know exactly), a high cook that supplies us with affinity food and CCFP food, woodcutter at 40+, Blacksmith at 60+, Carpenter at 60+, Chainsmith at 70, Platesmith at 50, Animal Husbandry at 50, Shipbuilder 48+, Farming at 60, a Fo priest and a battery, a Vynora priest and upcoming battery, a Libila priest and an upcoming battery, and a Magranon priest with which we hold regular sermons! So as you can see we have a few gaps in professions such as a leatherworker, tailor, and such. But we are by no means restricting anyone to any of these should they decide to join. You don't need to be a veteran to join, we don't mind helping and teaching newcomers, you will find we are quite friendly to both! If interested in joining, reply to the forum post here with your ingame name and available times or contact us in game @: Baeowuf, Roselina, Pingster, or Azai and one of us will be happy to send you an invite! Anyway, enjoy the photo dump!
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    Hello there, my name is Brotteil and I live in Harmony! I see you stumbled upon my shop! Well, would you like to buy some high quality tools, anchors or even horseshoes? Then you came to the right place, because I can handle every blacksmithing needs. Depending on your location, I can also handle bulk/big deliveries such as nails, ribbons, lamps, rivets etc. For details you can pm me ingame! Hello! My name is Oriath. I live in Harmony, and I mainly do leatherworking! These are my up-to-date prices, but if you have something in mind, be sure to pm me ingame! Hello there, my name is Mengo and I live in Harmony, in the same village with the others! I mainly handle Carpentry and Fİne-carpentry needs. I also do bulk goods such as logs! If you want something that's not in the menu but it's Fine-Carpentry or Carpentry, you can pm me ingame. Hey guys, my name is Audrie, I'm living in the same village with the others. I mostly do the jewelry and chainsmithing jobs in the village. If you don't see something you want, but it's withing my capabilities, you can pm me ingame. Greetings, my name's Griselda, I live on Harmony and I am a highly skilled mason and an able potter!(Not a wizard) Please contact me in-game, or post here if you want anything. And if you need other services and/or items, that are not listed here - such as bridge plannings, mine doors, stone slabs or just want to haggle or ask something? I am always open for those! Just PM me right away! I don't do bricks, mortar or concrete. Coastal delivery - 1s (free if the order is higher than 20s) or pickup at P11 Harmony.
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    Life Transfer Weapons: Huge axe, iron, 71ql, 81nimb, 60LT, 73coc, 82ms - 7s Huge axe, iron, 71ql, 91nimb, 64LT, 79coc, 78ms - 8s Huge axe, iron, 71ql, 86nimb, 70LT, 83coc, 71ms - 9s Huge axe, iron, 71ql, 93nimb, 71LT, 76coc, 78ms - 9s Huge axe, silver, 71ql, 77nimb, 65LT, 78coc, 79ms - 6s Small Maul, silver, 71ql, 74nimb, 69LT, 73coc, 61ms - 6s Small Maul, silver, 71ql, 76nimb, 64LT, 83coc, 97ms - 9s Longsword, iron, 71ql, 95nimb, 66LT, 71coc, 69ms - 8s Longsword, iron, 71ql, 98nimb, 78LT, 91coc, 84ms - 12s Longsword, silver, 71ql, 81nimb, 61LT, 76coc, 61ms - 7s Longsword, silver, 71ql, 89nimb, 61LT, 97coc, 83ms - 10s 2h Sword, silver, 71ql, 71nimb, 69ven, 71coc - 4s 2h Sword, silver, 71ql, 79nimb, 61LT, 71coc, 98ms - 8s Sickle, silver, 71ql, 91nimb, 63LT, 85coc, 61ms - 9s Spear, iron, 71ql, 63nimb, 64LT, 74coc, 61ms - 5s Spear, silver, 71ql, 75nimb, 92fb, 88coc - 4s Spear, silver, 71ql, 81nimb, 61LT, 86coc, 62ms - 8s Spear, silver, 71ql, 87nimb, 79LT, 97coc, 100ms - 13s Spear, silver, 71ql, 81nimb, 79LT, 73coc, 70ms - 8s Spear, silver, 71ql, 77nimb, 62LT, 80coc, 76ms - 7s Spear, silver, 71ql, 70nimb, 70LT, 73coc, 70ms - 7s Staff, iron, 71ql, 90nimb, 65LT, 95coc, 72ms - 10s Staff, iron, 71ql, 79nimb, 75LT, 86coc, 77ms - 8s Staff, iron, 71ql, 73nimb, 63LT, 81coc, 96ms - 9s Staff, iron, 71ql, 72nimb, 60LT, 80coc, 87ms - 8s Staff, iron, 71ql, 72nimb, 60LT, 82coc, 76ms - 7s Staff, iron, 71ql, 78nimb, 62LT, 88coc, 89ms - 8s Staff, silver, 71ql, 77nimb, 68LT, 77coc, 60ms - 6s Leave a post or pm Zaotl ingame
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    Three days ago inside a little makeshift mine: Lake Vrock Alliance proudly announces: Public Slaying of that fiery creature. Caution: Penning has cost us two good horses. RIP.
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    i dont recall it's name off hand, but the enchant you put on pickaxe to increase chance at surface mining. it is part of sinducks stuff and it over rides everything else. You could try renaming the onetilemining.properties to zonetilemining.properties just so it is loaded after sinducks stuff and possibly over write that enchant, untested as i haven't even downloaded sinducks stuff.
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    They added the option to turn it off shortly after it was added in the setting before you launch the game:
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    kindly mail it to mobboss, thanks! Edit: super fast response and mailing, 2 thumbs up!
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    Hi @Sindusk! We've noticed that treasure maps generate well over the max distance set in the properties file. I think I have the solution, could you check on github?
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    No, its either link the servers or don't What about new players who started on the SFI and now think that was a bad idea, should they be allowed to move to north 1 time only transfer and if not why not? We need a fix not half arsed band aid ideas. so -1 for me.
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    I can honestly say, I'm more burned out by grinding prayer than I ever have been doing rifts. Note: I live on Xanadu so rifts are a 2--4 hour commute (round trip) for me. "Improve items 100000 times" - so priests can't even complete this journal even if they do 100 rifts unless they cheese it with epic.
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    Got these two bad boys a few minutes apart a couple days ago. I love the rare mechanic in Wurm, though I wish the affects of rarity on items were more transparent.
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    Can I get the following items COD to Hulkmccracken:- ~3ql meditation rug, cotton CoC84 - 1.74 silver 11.21QL meditation rug, cotton CoC81 - 1.41 silver 5.37QL meditation rug, cotton CoC82 - 1.52 silver 39.14QL rope tool, oak CoC78 - 1.15 silver
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    My apologies, I need to correct myself here, my test environment was running the Wurm Unlimited Server with the default values - which has a 10.0x Skill and 10.0x Action Timer set in place. So after changing these values to 1.0 and fully redoing my whole simulation here are my new results: I've been running a simulation how long it would take a 5-speed horse to reach a SoulStrength value of 31.11 which is about a 65% trait activation chance. Using the Wurm Unlimited skillgain routine, on average I needed 26785 cycles to reach this value. 26785 cycles * 20 seconds for each cycle to happen => 535700 seconds = 148.8056 hours (6.20 days) of riding with your horse. This is how long it would take a 5-speed horse to go from 52.30% activation chance to a 65% activation chance on a normal Wurm Unlimited Server using a 1.0 skill rate. Now we don't know how this routine looks like in Wurm Online or how the skillgain translates to Wurm Online or if horses can get a SoulStrength skilltick on Wurm Online in the first place (Question of this Topic), but I've modified the code to run a simulation using this skillcheck call instead: sstrength.skillCheck( 20.0, 0.0, !moving, 1.0f, false, 2.0 ) Instead of the Wurm Unlimited routine, this will then use doSkillGainOld(...) with the parameter times also set to 1.0. On average I needed 158032 cycles to reach a SoulStrength value of 31.11. 158032 * 20 seconds for each cycle to happen => 3160640 seconds = 877.9556 hours (36.58 days) of riding with your horse. I'm trying to find out and understand how your simulation ended up with the result "24/7 for 3 or 4 months", maybe you can share your insight on how you got to this result or update your comment above?
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    I just wanna say that this is amazing and I love it. Is there any way to change where the pop up notifications show for triggers?
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    Hello, may i ask for Silver huge axe ql 70+? With Nimble 90+ and Venom 70+ Cod to Munchkin, Ty!
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    Hellp may I please get these fine items Cod to ShadeDarkblade (Cadence) Huge axe, iron, 70ql, 68nimb, 73LT, 83coc, 68ms - 10s Large Maul, iron, 70ql, 69nimb, 66LT, 91coc, 80ms - 10s Meditation rug, Cotton, 52coc - 50c Thank you for the fine items and quick response!
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    long bow, willow 70+ql - 2,00s CoD please send to ShadeDarkblade (Cadence). Please and Thank you!
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    Another day Another order Trowel, Iron, 80coc - 2.5s File, Iron, 90coc - 4s Carving knife, Iron, 90coc - 4s all made and imped to 71 CoD to Fendewen Please and thank you! probably the best place to buy vyn stuff in my honest opinion
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    Huge axe, iron, 70ql, 97nimb, 97LT, 70coc, 69ms - 16s cod AncientTides Thanks
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    Hi Everybody. Four years ago, I was real new, and was whining in chat about never seeing a Dragon. I said if I ever did see one (in PVE, of course - Kingdoms would make this complicated) I would tell everyone, and we would all just kill it. Oh, how people laughed at me. They told me of how greed makes people go sideways and if I made any announcement like that someone would come take it, and all the servers would be in an uproar trying to get there, and I had no idea what I was talking about, and what I suggested was laughable. Over the next four years, I came to understand that it isn't so simple. I learned that if you are going to do a public slaying, you gotta give people time to prepare. I learned those who host them are incredibly generous people who spend hours and hours setting these things up, and it is a Huge undertaking. But I never learned that people are greedy and awful. Wurm is full of really amazing people. We all come to the servers and help build an imaginary world together that is made of generosity, teamwork, really hard work, cooperation, laughter, adventures. People have spent years of long hours creating massive Impalongs that were endless days of joy, friendship, competition, and generosity. This last couple weeks, there was a beautiful Impalong that was so completely amazing, it felt like real life. Vooch and his staff were generous and kind to an extent that staggered and amazed me. And yesterday happened. Yesterday, I found a Dragon. First I contacted my alliance member and spewed a stream of all-caps uncontrolled excitement and explosions of glee that were mostly incoherent, but he dropped his anvil and came to help immediately. Then I phoned a friend in the alliance who dropped everything in real life to come help me. Then I contacted two other friends in the game who respectfully explained they were too busy. They kept quiet and didn't tell a soul. When it became apparent a couple hours into this that I was in over my head by a hundred feet or more, I pmmed Stanlee who sat in pm with me for hours helping with how-tos. He agreed to host the event, but we needed to pen it, and I found it in a friggin bowl of dirt on Inde, and after the 4th attempt to mine something suitable for a holding mine, we were 6 hours into the project with nothing but messes to show for it. We needed more workers. So I pmmed people I didn't know that well, but had interacted with enough to like them, and they dropped everything and headed over. Meanwhile, another friend had finally awakened in another time zone and she logged on and sailed over to help after reading my likely incoherent joy-bomb of a forum pm to her. These people put in anywhere from 4 to 12 hours of solid problem-solving and various levels of impressive skills. No one talked. No one tried to take the dragon or get greedy. We finally opened a mine and tried to get the thing into it in order to run a public event, but it wouldn't pull that far. When I say 'opened a mine', I mean we needed five tiles strongwalled, reinforcements, and dirt wagonneered to put all over for the surface. This was not a group of inexperienced players At All. This was in a huge area that appeared like it would be real easy to find a place to pen it, and after digging 200 slope down, still couldn't find rock, and when we did, it was reinforced, or snaking caverns. We went to pull it. We pulled for an hour. By this time, me and a few others had been awake 5 hours into the wee hours of the night past our bedtimes, and had been there for up to 10 hours. I said That's it. I'm doing it. I am going on Freedom Chat and telling everyone to come kill this little monster now. And they came. And when I told them to wait down by the water until everyone was there, they waited. And when I told them to put their tents down and wait by a guard tower and listen to my rules and my plan, they waited. And when we fought it for quite some time, because we were not a huge group, and it died, no one grabbed the corpse except the person I told to grab it. Nobody was greedy. I'm not naive. I know there are bad people out there in the world. But most people are good, and Wurm has a ton of really really good people. We all interact with each other in a little chat box in the bottom of our screens, and in that sacred space, friendships are forged, grand plans are hatched and carried out, ideas are debated, and generosity abounds. I really wish I could have given Independence a big public slaying with time to prepare and a beautiful Stanlee set-up with bells and whistles, or a wonderful Demonanightshade set-up likely with amazing lighting and decor, or that any of us last night could have done that with this dragon, but it wasn't to be. And when I just went on Freedom chat and babbled about a dragon in a sleep-deprived absolutely run-out-of-ideas stupor, y'all were there, and you were all wonderful. You make Wurm awesome, and I Do love everybody. Thank you all.
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    Be careful trying to interpret how the devs 'intended' you to play. The main intention is for you to have fun, and if playing without alts is that for you, then go for it. There have been many, many devs over the years, and some of them have had quite different intentions on direction, intent, style, etc. Even just looking at the current dev team, 'as intended' may be quite different, depending on who you're talking to. Given the setup, if I had to pick alts or no alts as the 'intended play style', I'd have to say the intent was generally for people to have alts. But who really knows - having a main-only village may well be a fun thing to try.
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    +1 to the suggestion but....I can't support the idea of PvP oriented potions. The entry barrier to being effective in pvp is pretty high. People with pvp knowledge are already way ahead of the regular crowd. Having to add a new meta to pvp is just too much, not to mention micromanaging everything on top of making sure you packed your 50 pvp potions with you. These are insane bonuses in combat : • chopped green mushroom + chopped red mushroom + potion + ground troll club (powder) + secrecy powder + (inside Cauldron) > cook on fire to get Bersekir elixir, that will provide you +2cr. count as the battle elixir • chopped brown mushroom + ground troll club (powder) + ground goblin skull (powder) + lye + tannin (inside Cauldron) > cook on fire to get hell strength elixir, that will provide you +5% of body str. count as the battle elixir • chopped black mushroom + charcoal + tar + lemon juice + tannin (inside Cauldron) > cook on fire to get Coca-cola, that will give you possibility to regen stamina while fighting (max timmer 20sec, 5m CD). battle elixir • chopped blue mushroom + ground troll club + stone powder + blueberry juice + lye (inside Cauldron) > cook on fire to get Guardian Elixir, that provide you x2 parry rating (max timmer 25 sec, 5m CD).
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    Nope. The NFI and SFI are effectively two separate games. I play both and I couldn't start in the North any other way than start a new character. Thus I have two characters for two games. For each game I have a main and nothing else. My signature tells you my character on each of the WO games available. They are alternate games, not alternate characters. I don't think anybody would suggest that a WU player character is an alt of a WO main character. This is the same as that.
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    Champion Zombie / Hell hound Happy Halloween !
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    As the post states auctioning the slate from this vein I just mined out. 650 x 100 QL the rest 75ish below. Crates not included No minimum No Buyout 30 Minute snipe protection Coastal Delivery Thanks!
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    I tried the new servers. I found them a bit over populated. Too hard to get horses, etc when so many people take so many. Also, I do enjoy exploring the world and see deeds that people have worked on for years! On the new servers, everything is pretty much the same. On the old servers we have a nice deed, and when we deeded on the new servers, someone deeded all around us so we are left with no way to expand. So, in essence, guess I feel there is more freedom and more to see on the old servers. I do hope they merge them tho!
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    I love my deed, I love my server and the people on my server, and I don't value brand newness for the sake of brand newness. Seems like there's a lot of nice people on the new servers, but eh, I like where I am.
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    already paid for years of premium to make impulsive purchases in the marks store
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    Sorry for the delay in the update i have had some personal issues over the last week or so, i will be getting back to work today so i hope to have more news shortly.. thank you for your patience. KaZ