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    give butchering a tiny chance to get rare and supreme bones like digging has. it would give people more incentive to butcher the mobs they kill and it makes sense
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    ... 3. Join whatever server is desired, establish a deed of one's own, and level up smithing skills at one's own pace. Interact with neighbors in a social stage, rather than economic playing field. Be self-sufficient in most areas & have little need for any global economy whatsoever. Be a smith by virtue of spending your days smithing for self-reliance and personal projects. Be useful to the community in that (a) you are a living person, (b) you participate in chat, (c) you are willing to interact with your neighbors on whatever level is comfortable for you, and (d) once again for those in the back, you are a person with a pulse. Your usefulness is not defined by your productivity, your material assets, or the market value of your creative time. Your character identity might be linked to an occupation, but in Wurm, that occupation doesn't need to be financially profitable to be valid.
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    Exactly. That is all I am saying. I tend to doubt. I am following the market offers on NFI a bit, and they had a steep drop of profit per ql ratio which is still going on. Nowadays, a new player must strive hard to get a place in the economy if at all. Much of the economy is already dominated by old Wurm players and their newly developped crafters and priests. A new player coming to any of the clusters has to learn a lot before "being useful as blacksmith". That includes, but is not limited to mining, digging, woodcutting, carpentry, masonry, and fighting. Certainly I left out a lot. My fresh start on the "old cluster" is not that long ago. I did not feel myself "utterly useless" a single moment, though, admittedly, I would have wished for a bit more company sometimes (sometimes would been happy if certain toxic neighbours would have vanished faster but so what). It took a year until I got connected to a fine alliance in my area. I prolly could have faster without my more hermitic attitude, but I was simply too occupied with my Wurmian learning, adventures, and tasks. As written elsewhere and repeatedly, I think that all economy centered proposals and considerations will either be failing, or game breaking. Economy is a side game in Wurm, and will never be more. Obligatory ads :
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    This is from a while back when one of the rites was cast and the sky was a different colour
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    Libby silhouetted against Valrei for a spooky halloween vibe
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    Greetings Wurmians! After consideration of the stars, consultations of the soothsayers and their omens, and whispers from the wood witches, our next update will be on the 23rd of October. This update will include the sleep bonus merge between Northern Freedom Isles and Defiance, and will also have the 10-hour sleep bonus compensation given out. To make the most of the awarded sleep bonus, make sure you are empty by that date! As for the rest of the update, stay tuned for a Valrei International coming to you soon! Regards, The Wurm team
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    like how rifts have their scout camp things, randomly spawning valrei mobs in little camp things they cant leave the area of with some reward for killing them would be cool seriously what was the point of reworking valrei ai if they literally dont spawn anywhere lmao
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    Although I know it's a graphics thing, I do like the suggestion of removing it somehow. It does ruin a nice looking spot sometimes.
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    My favorite thing about Wurm Winters, is the view from atop my lighthouse at night with all of my lamps on
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    Personally I never look at that bar, and thus for me its main and only functionality is to greatly annoy me by visually blocking a huge portion of my inventory. Please allow us to disable this. Many thanks.
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    needs picture of Elwood giving thumbs up on every successful improve or just watching condescendingly in the background
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    [06:06:39] A huge axe with a heavy head and a wooden shaft. You'll need to wield it with both hands. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. You need to polish the huge axe with a pelt. [06:06:39] You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Phedre'. [06:06:39] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [91] [06:06:39] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [75] [06:06:39] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [90] [06:06:39] Mind Stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal skill knowledge from some creatures. [87] Auction ends on Saturday, October 17th at 6PM EST. Starting Bid: 10 silver Increment: 1 silver Snipe Protection: 1 hour No private bids No buyout
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    I would discuss if rocks are supposed to be in the middle of the gates. But thanks for noting. Well pretty huge rocks would be nice decorations if we could load them and move whatever we want, that would be cool, and if we could dye them that would be even more cool. Long time ago, rocks painted in white were used as milestones in Poland.
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    Best idea evaah! +1 me like big much!
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    Tile decor has no purpose being this large honestly It’s usually an eyesore and they move constantly.
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    I think it's a little arrogant to assume that others will play the game in a certain way, and that their "lonesome" feeling is their own doing by failing to do this. Good game design ensures that healthy game habits (i.e. ones that provoke retention) form naturally, not via some forced sense of tradition. Now, let us look for a moment at the concept of "player identity" or more precisely "character identity" an important concept in western RPGs (they're not just any hero, they're the player's hero). Let us say our new player wants to become a blacksmith; he's got one of two choices. 1. Join the new cluster and be almost immediately useful as a blacksmith to a lot of people, able to contribute and embrace his identity as a blacksmith. Once they set up their workshop, they're in business (i.e. can be useful to others and feel important) 2. Join the old cluster and be utterly useless, unable to really contribute and embrace his identity as a blacksmith; at best he joins a nice alliance and then realises that they already have a blacksmith who is years ahead of him (it's a horrible feeling to feel like you're a burden to someone, and if you can't contribute this is often how you end up feeling) This can be repeated with any profession upon the old cluster vs the new cluster. In essence, the inability to really help in one's desired role is going to be offputting to people; especially when grinding still doesn't resolve this due to large skill gaps. Note, don't be foolish and conflate this with wurm's economy; this is simply a matter of player experience and their feeling of agency and integration into the game world; a healthy game economy tends to provide a basis for this to happen in a crafting-centric game, but it isn't essential.
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    Sleep harder, not faster.
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    I try to help as much as possible, but I stay quiet if I know nothing about a subject. If I see no one responding a long while, I try to at least acknowledge the question. Not everyone is comfortable answering questions for others if they're unsure themselves. Also we only know when CAs are online if we're on the same server as they are. it could be a period of time when no CAs are available at all. That being said, I really feel the wiki should be pushed a little more during tutorial because a lot of the questions could be solved by it. Just my humble thoughts.
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    Another classic Stan post. You're a treasure to this community
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    Custom enchants - contact: NelsE (not forum nickname). Current Vynora priest skill: 99.38 channeling + benedition (+5 flat power) The base price depends on power of the requested cast: 70+ power - 0.6s 80+ power - 1.2s 90+ power - 2.4s 100+ power - 6.5s The final price get calculated by multiply the base price with the price modifier of the enchant from the sheet below. Cheap casts like Opulence, Mend, Demise form the sheet have independent price(if you are customer for other enchants these are for free). Utility Price modifier Description Wind of Ages 1 Increase action speed Circle of Cunning 1 Increase skill gain Opulence 4с Will make the food item satisfy your character better Mend 11с Repair item with ql cost by ratio 1ql per 10dmg Weapon Price modifier Description Mind stealer 2 Chance to steal small amount of characteristics, that higher than yours, on kill non player creature. Nimbleness 1.2 Slighlty Increases chances to hit. Frostbrand 0.9 Add frost damage to a weapon, up to 33% on max enchant power. Animal demise 16с +3% damage versus non-legendary "animal" creatures (Wild cat, brown bear, hell horse, etc.). Monster demise 16с +3% damage versus non-legendary "monster" creatures (Troll, goblin, hell scorpious, etc.). Legendary demise 16с +3% damage versus legendary creatures (Black dragon, Kyklops, Troll king, etc.). Jewelry Price modifier Description Glacial 0.67 Will increase the damage of all cold wounds caused by the player. Lurker in the deep 0.6 Locates rare fishing spot tiles Fire protection 0.3 Reduce any fire damage you take Armour Price modifier Description Aura of shared pain 0.7 Small damage return up to 30% to creature that land hit to enchanted armour part Incease accuracy (Nim) and speed (BoTD, WoA) enchants does not stuck. CoC or Woa does not stuck with BoTD Damage and life steal enchants doesn’t stuck each other (LS,Esd,FB,FA,BT,RT,Vnm) on one weapon. Exclude demise, but only one demise can be cast on weapon. Shatter chance for my current skill 1QL: shatter 1 of 51 casts (1.96353077%) 10QL: 1 of 112 (0.89561183%) 30QL: 1 of 771 (0.12956765%) 50QL: 1 of 3319 (0.03012512%) 70QL: 1 of 4588 (0.02179130%) 90QL: 1 of 4686 (0.02133788%)
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    I was bored in a long meeting today, and I remember that elwood said he wanted a wurm carpentry game he could grind to 1million carp in, so I made one. Not really balanced but if you want to check it out, link is below. It runs in the browser. http://hvergi.x10host.com/Elwood/ I may or may not update this game, it was more of a fun kill time project, but if people want to see me update it more just let me know.
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    Yesterday I was a viewer in a stream on Twitch, and older gentleman who never played the game before and were a bit lost. I was actually part of a group that came over from another streamer, a new player who's been around for a bit now though. He started playing with a friend, and randomly picked the Xanadu server it seemed. They meant to play together but accidentally picked different starter towns. Although some of us tried to help them find each other via the highway system, which he easily started to use and followed (from Whitefay to Linton, about 6000 tiles to go), other "new" players suggested to re-roll and join Cadence instead. Why? Someone reasoned, all the lands on the old servers are taken, and you won't find a place there to settle. And more than one wanted them to re-roll on Cadence. That does seem to be the mindset of many newer players. Someone else started arguing, that people need to stop pulling new players away from the old servers, that this reasoning is a misconception. Which I tend to strongly agree to, but alas... that streamer's chat was not a place to argue so I kept quiet about it there and then. What happened next saddens me a bit. They re-rolled new characters and joined Cadence, running around a lively area unable to do something they were hoping to experience, because all the lands were taken, and they didn't find a place to settle. I didn't stick around for much longer though, it had been getting late. They're sticking around for now and seem very interested, but they're settled right now in a very unfortunate spot for a newbie character. Speculation but, perhaps due to the lack of finding undeeded land last night. Obviously, the new servers are more populated and therefore lively, that's definitely a big pro for a multiplayer game. But convincing new players that it's pointless to play on the old servers, that just hurts to hear. Looking at the stats of the servers, here are some of the current settlement numbers... Xanadu (8k): 993 Independence (4k): 612 Deliverance (2k): 266 Pristine (2k): 199 Release (2k): 192 Celebration (2k): 186 Exodus (2k): 165 Cadence (4k): 788 Harmony (4k): 988 Melody (2k): 504 The numbers speak for themselves, I think. There's much room to settle. Maybe there should be a stronger emphasis over the pros and cons and what cluster to choose? I'm curious what you think.
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    The journal goals are nice as gives a road to a bunch of tasks to do to get a reward while keeping interest in the game. The missions are nice as they do the same thing, but on a time limit to give incentive to get it done, but you have to rely on everyone else in the game to help complete and these missions can take too long. When I was active I would sail to each server just doing missions (mainly traitor). Was better than grinding in one spot for hours. Personal missions (or goals) per character that are from 24-72 hours time frame from a random pool of goals. They would refresh every 3 or 5 days even if in middle of a goal if not completed. Should be time frame when you know goals are refreshed too. At least 3 personal goals you get from a random pool which very on hardness/complexity. Some of these personal missions should be challenging taking you off deed on an adventure, but the 24 hours ones would be more simple with lesser reward. Some of these goals will require a lot to finish them, like traveling across the map or another server to find a treasure chest based on clues like archaeology. Some could be having to sail to another server and visit a starter deed to deliver a message to trader from another trader. Some could be hunting missions where you need to hunt and skin 20 specific animals either on your home server or another server. You'll get some store currency to use at deed token or some other incentive. Maybe after 100 missions you get a unique skin you can't buy from the store. Maybe have the incentive change every few weeks or per personal mission cycle. Edit: Was just thinking about "Team" missions also. That might be cool. As a team (using the Wurm Team function) have to hunt and kill 6 champ trolls within 24 hours. Everyone in the team has to be in local for the kill to make it count as team credit so can't just have 4 people running out by themselves hunting. Also make Teams/Groups have minimum and/or maximum people in it per mission. These missions would be available for a week, but only Teams can complete. After first kill with the Team a timer starts the 24 hour countdown to complete the rest of it.
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    I am giving this the Official woodscrapian seal of approval. +1
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    Rare Strange Bone 49.69QL [14:20:32] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. first 17s takes it. Thank you.
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    Greetings, fellow Wurmians of the Freedom Isles! I have a suggestion to offer that I have considered from time to time since my early days in Wurm. My thoughts have returned to the idea as of late, and I figured it might be time to lay this down in the forums for consideration. The suggestion is to offer something new to the PVE side of the game- Their Majesties' Favor. I've long wondered why the king and queen of the Freedom Isles are so uninvolved with their subjects. We pay taxes in the form of upkeep to obtain ownership and protection on our deeds, and the king kindly places guards in guard towers wherever we deign to build them. Those two things alone are quite helpful, but the king and queen are otherwise resigned to abiding in their castle somewhere secretive and we never otherwise here from their majesties. The Freedom Isles are a vast and wondrous place, and their subjects are quite faithful and creative across the realm. I would think any king and queen would be proud to rule over such a kingdom, and might strive to reward in some way those among their subjects who are the most inclined to support and defend the lands so as to encourage more of the same in others. Thus I would request the king and queen that they consider bestowing their favor on those of their subjects that would seek it, and if I may be so bold as to suggest some ways in which the king and queen could offer to bestow favor on their subjects, I would humbly offer the following: To obtain their majesties' favor: Let the king or queen place bounties on various creatures in their lands from time to time. If the land is overrun with unicorns, let their majesties offer favor and perhaps a small bit of coin to those who would slay them and deliver their unbutchered corpses to one of the kingdom's cities. When the king or queen hears word that goblins are run amok, let them offer a bounty on them, allowing citizens deliver their unbutchered corpses to one of the kingdom's cities for a small price in coin, and favor from the king and queen. Does her majesty desire some tamed animal from the wilds to place in her gardens or the queen's forest? I am sure one from among her subjects would be honored to provide, if she were to make the desire known. Does the king desire some number of beasts for a tourney? Be it bears or wolves, hell-hounds or crocks, I am sure his subjects would take up the challenge to tame the beats and deliver them at his request! Let the king and queen also make it known to their subjects when there is a need for various items or resources, from building supplies to food items. If the king requires supplies for building from time to time, let his subjects know so they can serve the kingdom by providing what is needed. Be it brick and mortar, planks or nails in bulk, or any other thing, let those who might seek their majesties' favor have the opportunity to provide what the kingdom requires. If the kingdom's food stocks should need filling, let their majesties make known to their people the need- be it wheat, barely, corn or any other thing that might be stored for the kingdom's security in times of need. Do their majesties' require cotton or wemp, woven fabric, wool, or leather? Should the king or queen have need of it I am sure their subjects would make their offerings if the king or queen were to make their wishes known. Choice wine or other drink for king's winery, or choice meats for his larder- let their majesties but ask, and those who would seek their favor will provide what their majesties require. For those who rally to defend the lands from the rifts that occasionally plague the lands: Let the king offer favor to those that attend, offering their swords and their blood to repel the invaders, not forgetting those that stand in support providing aid and healing to those that take the brunt of the assault. Let the king and queen also consider offering quests and missions to subjects and to settlements, when the king or queen has special requests to make or when they desires to personally test the resolve of their subjects. Let the king or queen send notice to a player or to a settlement that a quest or mission has been offered, and if they accept the challenge, give the details needed to fulfill the quest. Much could be offered here, and their majesties imaginations could, I am sure, envision many tests and challenges for their subjects, with favor and other rewards for those deemed worthy in the completion of a task. With regard to the favor earned from their majesties, I humbly suggest the following: Let the favor that the king and queen grant to their subjects be counted toward the subject that has earned it. Let all the favor obtained by all of a settlement's citizens be counted toward the settlement where they dwell. Let the king and queen take into consideration the total favor earned by settlements that are in an alliance with one another. Let the king and queen grant benefits, titles, and privileges to players, to settlements, and to alliances based on the amount of favor that has been earned. To the subject: Give them the challenge of earning the title of "Knight of the Freedom Isles", granting them their own coat of arms that they and they alone can create and wear in the form of a customized tabard. Also allow for the subject to craft a coat of arms plaque(s) to be displayed on walls or atop a suitable pieces of furniture. Their majesties can provide a list of images, color and design options that a subject can choose from in the creation of thier personal coat of arms. To the settlement: May the king and queen allow various blessings to the settlement that have earned enough of the king's and queen's favor. This can be in the form of slightly increased skill gain in a chosen skill or skill set, slightly faster creation times, slight increases in the rarity window, or other similar benefits. The king and queen should choose at random to bless a settlement with one or more of these benefits for a limited time in a random way at their majesties' discretion. Let these benefits favor anyone working within the boarders of a settlement while the majesties' blessing is in effect. Grant settlements the right to create their own customized wagon covers. Customized wagons should be craftable only by the mayor of the settlement, and require a fee paid from the settlement's coffers into the majesties' treasuries. Their majesties should provide a list of images, color and design options that a mayor can choose from in the customization of their settlement's wagons. Also grant the settlement that has earned enough of their majesties' favor the ability to choose a customized settlement banner. Require that the settlement's banners can only be crafted by the mayor of the settlement, and at a reasonable fee that the settlement pays from her coffers into the majesties' treasury. To the alliances that have earned enough of their majesties' favor: May the king and queen allow various blessings to the settlements of alliances that have earned enough of the king's and queen's favor. These blessings could be along the same lines as blessings that could be granted to individual settlements, and could possibly stack with any other "blessing" that their majesties have bestowed on a settlement at the time the alliance also receives a blessing from their majesties. These benefits would also apply to anyone laboring within the boarders of a settlement belonging to the alliance during the time of the event. Grant alliances the right to create their own customized alliance flag. Alliance flags should be craftable by mayors of settlements within the alliance, with coin paid from the settlement's coffers into their majesties' treasuries. Grant alliances to choose a personalized crest that appears at the top of all Freedom Kingdom tall banners placed within their deed's boarders. These crests would not appear at the top of any tall kingdom banners placed off deed or on a deed not part of the alliance that owns the crest. It should not cost the alliance anything to craft these banners, it would be a small benefit granted by the king and queen to the alliance that has earned the right to display their crest on all Freedom Kingdom tall banners placed within their alliance's settlements. Something to consider: A settlement and/or an alliance should have to continually earn the blessing of their majesties in order to receive the random settlement/alliance bonuses or any other such temporary blessing. To this end, the ability to acquire an such blessing from the king or queen should be tied to a favor pool that degrades over time. One should not be permitted to earn their majesties favor and then simply ignore them. The chance of any blessing or bonus from their majesties should come to an end. This could possibly work by having two ways of recording favor a settlement and alliance have. There should be a pool of "active" favor (called something else if necessary), that fades a bit over time just like deed bonuses the deities provide through the sacrificing of certain items. This favor level would determine if a settlement is eligible for random bonuses, quests, or rewards as the king and queen seem fit to bestow. This active level of favor is also what would be tallied from the settlements in an alliance to determine if an alliance is eligible for these rewards. There should be an overall record of all favor ever earned by a settlement and by an alliance, and this overall record would determine when a settlement and an alliance are eligible for the customized heraldry items. A settlement that joins an alliance would not have it's overall record of previous favor added to the alliance- only new favor generated by that settlement would go to the overall favor an alliance has earned. If an alliance is ever disbanded, the recorded favor of that alliance disappears forever. There should also be some penalty to the overall level of favor recorded for an alliance if a settlement leaves, but I can't address at this time exactly what that should look like, but it should be taken into account. Humbly submitted for their majesties' consideration, ~TH~ Thalius Duke of Oakheart
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    All Good. I didn't see it here. 3s for wemp
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    Thank you I have done this now, I hope this can be solved as I would like to play the game.
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    You can contact the GM team by emails at gamemods@wurmonline.com
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    [14:10:57] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. thanks
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    Thanks for your update Mthec. I am not sure if that fixed It first or me replacing my 7 year old asus did but we are good now. Yeah the map I think was just rough on older computer combined with that issue. Tested on another map and did not have same issue. The desert map I am not sure yet on just a oasis island or building little oasis areas around the water in the desert. Not sure if it will ever end up in use online but the npcs you made give us the ability to add a lot more depth to a single player map.
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    Thanks guys, all added. We are now over 200 deeds on the community map, and still growing!
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    raspberrywood shaft, also one grapewood and one lingonberrywood peg to Chocolat pls
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    So I was thinking about new decorations and thought why not have some "bone statues" So using Archaeology skill why not let us find fossils, which could be gathered to build "bone statues" could be creature's from a by gone age ( think dinosaurs ) or the bodies of the unique creatures ( iirc you can get the skulls already ), so when you add the skull to the gathered bones bingo unique statue. I haven't really tested the archaeology skill out yet, so cant comment on the ins and out of the best way to make this idea work, so just a general thought for you to consider.
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    100% think anyone with manage perms to that branded animal should be allowed to add/change a name not just mayors.
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    I like these ideas Would be very useful.
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    There is a lot to like here; one quick point: If you limit the creation of an item to the mayor, and the mayor happens to be a priest, that might be a little problematic. Might be better to make it the mayor or their designated crafter (just an extra drop-down menu in the deed list). Otherwise, this is pretty much what freedom needs right now; as in this should be the pure focus of the devs at this moment in time.
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    Random Wurmian passes by in local and asks if there's any work to be done. "Yea sure, can you dig this 10x20 all down to rock?" Laborer agrees and Mayor applies title token to just that area. Deed roles/perms unchanged and remains protected. I like it.
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    Saw this, thought of Wurm, wanted to share. https://gfycat.com/bouncydistantblobfish-bridge or https://gfycat.com/bouncydistantblobfish-bridge.gif or https://giant.gfycat.com/BouncyDistantBlobfish.webm boo, no video embedding.
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    Thanks for this overview. Your numbers inspired me to collect the number of players (at peak time, yesterday) as well, and I prepared a table and some diagrams, showing the number of deeds per square kilometer and typical number of players (at peak time) per square kilometer: The results are quite interesting. Surprisingly, the second oldest PvE server (Deliverance) is second in deed density, while only 6th in population density. Not surprising: the new servers definitely show the highest player density.
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    I love the Wurm music. There's a particular part of the soundtrack that's pretty ominous. Every time I hear it my senses go on alert and I start looking for trouble in the area, even though I know it's not there. But this got me thinking that it would be really helpful to players if the soundtrack WAS tied to the activity in the environment. For example, if a big baddie enters within 10 tiles of you, that ominous music starts to play to alert you - just as your senses would work in your normal environment to clue you in on things outside of your vision and hearing. Something that could be done is as your nature skill increases, the radius of alert increases. When there's nothing in the area, it plays a more happy, upbeat tune. Just a thought.
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    Another one delivering myths and FUD. When looking at niarja, I find 22 to 30 players several times of the day on Exo, the higher numbers on weekends of course. Xanadu has peak figures around 100 to 120 which means that Exo has a higher density. And yes, peak simultaneous logins on all Freedom servers together seldom exceed 260. It is therefore easy to feel lonesome on the old servers if one does not take precautions. For newcomers it is a good idea to look for a settlement recruiting, there are some on most servers. After that one may look for an active alliance, there are also some. The lower density also gives more opportunities, and less quarrel for resources. Ideal for individualists. The advantages of the old servers are obvious. Easier access to good equipment. There will be an impalong soon (Halloween at Independence) offering quality gear to new players Much lower prices for much better stuff. Comprehensive and well maintained traffic systems, highways as well as canals/tunnels. Access to developped mines with plenty of resource veins. Access to runes and moon materials. After some combat training, opportunity to participate on rift combat. Regular public slayings of legendaries. This is in no way to badmouth the new servers. Many players are happy there for good reason. Still I would prefer a one way portal to the South for emigrees.
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    Actually -100 for forced item decay. And wrong "analysis" again. There is no such beast as a "balanced economy", it will be evolving all time. Items already do decay and are lost. Destruction on death is a PvP ##### idea. Obviously, those owners are still logging on on that server, and their structures are of stone, sandstone, marble etc., and quality of 70 and beyond. Maybe they are even repairing here and then. That is game working as intended. A low ql wooden structure will decay ways faster.
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    Good points on the decay rate, but it is a tightrope the devs try to walk. As it stands now, I have seen buildings in my area (or perimeters and in wild) that are still standing after close to a year with no repair. While this is great for the owners of said buildings, it stifles any further development of the land around it. With even slower decay I'd think we would see all available shore and most desirable inland areas littered with old buildings nobody can do anything about. Given that, the devs need to tune the decay so players feel like they can make a go at off-deed housing while simultaneously keeping the land from being "locked" with old crap.
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    We had skill decay for years and people who got to high skill begged none stop for it to be changed as it lead to such a point where people had to grind hours a day to keep 3-4 skills at the same level let alone progress then skill decay was set to 90 then 70 and then it was decided to just take it away as it didnt add to the game it only meant people had to play more or get punished for not being able to play Same goes with item decay the game is all about long term playing not 1-2 months or a year max skill gains now days are so much faster then what they used to be because people bitched that it was to hard to catch up to those who had spend years already playing Imagine the year is 2005 and the highest skill is some guy who lives with tich who has 55 blacksmithing and is charging 5s for ql 50 blacksmithing tools with no enchants and 30-40 enchants would cost 2s a piece extra there is no mass storage no wagons no horses no boats and only 2 servers the cost of a guard tower is 15s a tower and no one is crazy enough to mass make them Back then going away for 2 weeks meant if you had 50 skill you could come back to 49.20 or less even it was horrible and people who got to 90 where basically forced to spend all day doing that single task or risk loosing their 90's easy You do not want skill decay as it adds a chore to the game that is not a fun gameplay loop you want the game to be more enjoyable and last longer find proper fun gameplay loops to add to the game not reintroduce mechanics that where taken out because they where hated by everyone
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    That's... it's... There are no words!