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    Woah. Slow down, please. When I was new to Wurm, I too had some tools and items "talk a walk" without my consent. I also came to the forums to talk it out & better understand the way that the Wurm community approaches and handles these situations. Let me please share some of what I learned with you .... "Theft" is a specific thing in Wurm, there is a very specific definition for "theft" / "stealing." That is, going to a deed that is not yours and that you do not have permissions, removing items from that deed without the owner's consent with no intention of providing compensation or return of items. If ANY of these aspects is not true, or does not apply, then the act is not theft / stealing. Anti-Theft Game Mechanics To protect players against random acts of thievery, Wurm has a full set of game mechanics to employ. If ANY of these game mechanics have NOT been used, leading to the "liberation" of items, this is not an example of stealing - it is an example of owner negligence. If a player chooses to forego one or more of the available anti-theft game mechanics, then the player is considered to have consented to the risk. PVP Servers I don't have personal experience on the Wurm pvp servers - and I believe that there are some different rules or mechanics depending on which pvp island you are on. That having been said - I think #1 and #2 apply, but with the obvious caveat that, in pvp, stealing is allowed. If you are on a pvp server and you feel that agreements have been broken or items moved without your consent within your own faction/kingdom/alliance, then you should first discuss the matter within your own faction/kingdom/alliance to reach resolution. Otherwise, it is player versus player - tacit consent for these risks is assumed by the player upon entering a pvp island. PVE Servers As a game mechanic, stealing is not allowed on pve servers. As a matter of game mechanics, stealing is not allowed on pve servers. Other ways to read this information include: "stealing mechanics are disabled on pve servers," "attempts to use the steal action on pve servers will result in a warning message and the action will be cancelled,"or "the game mechanic 'steal' will not work when used on a pve server." This means that, if you are on a pve server, as a literal matter in terms of game play, the item or object literally could not have been "stolen." Because of this fact, actual incidents of pure theft / stealing on pve servers is basically zero. In Wurm pve, there is always an extra or complicating factor involved in the movement of items or objects from "mine" to "yours." The game mechanics literally do not support any straight forward type of theft in pve Wurm. That is the basic run down. More information is under the thing: I sincerely hope that this helps explain why Wurmians are very hesitant to accuse, let alone publicly shame in the forums, another Wurmian for being a "thief." For all of the reasons, because of all these available ways to protect yourself and "your" property, it is actually really quite hard to truly steal, especially on a pve server. If you feel a Wurmian has done you wrong or acted dishonorably - (1) try approaching the person directly to talk it out, (2) ask a mutual friend or respected member of the local community to help mediate, if needed, (3) consider if a different rule has been broken or line crossed - dishonorable trade dealings are reportable, as are repeated acts of hostility (ie griefing) - if this is the case use /support to report the actual violation, not "theft"... only after trying these 3 initial steps should you consider (4) start the "public shaming" at the Local level and establish a pattern of poor behavior before escalating to spreading the word around your whole server, to leaving negative reviews or comments or feedback for the player's dealings in the forums, and then finally, (5) dedicating an entire unique post in the forums just to calling out the specific player by name It sounds a bit like you maybe jumped straight from the poor interactions directly to #5 - which is why many of these topic replies will feel very swift, very firm, and very "against" your actions. It's a good learnable moment - we were all new once, and there really is no other game quite like Wurm. It takes a little bit to "learn the ropes." Good luck! ~ Lady Amata of Havensfield Independence, Southern Isles
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    if i beat you in a spar will you stop posting silly things on the forums
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    PvP is over there. "Might is right" is not something I would want implemented. If you want to gank, see point 1. More loquaciously, many of us on PVE do not want meta-gaming grief at all, and I for one would not welcome injecting them into the game itself. I have in my almost-year of Wurming lodged 4 or 5 support tickets. One was to have an abandoned boat moved away and that was the MOST like a player/player dispute issue. The others were for glitches or official requests relating only to me. I had one extended grumble about a neighbour in the fora, and that is it. I do not WANT to escalate disputes into armed conflicts because in real terms that will not resolve anything. If a players "loses" it is not because they are in the wrong but because they were outmatched. Only a bully thinks a black eye settles the issue.
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    turn off your camera you big watermelon
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    Oh hey, look at this thing that happened when I took a day to take care of IRL stuff.... Okay, I'll own this one (for better or for worse). I am one of the two people involved in the contention described in the OP. And although Platyna certainly has an insight to the fuss, as a part of the wider Local area - there are additional bits of information about the fuss that are omitted from the OP... and these omitted aspects substantially change the nature of the disagreement from a question of perimeter sizes and perms.... into something a little broader, and also a little more nebulous. Just to Clarify: having a thread with suggestions about the use and abuse of perimeters is its own thing. This is not actually what the argument was ultimately about, although I can easily understand why Platyna took perimeter drama as the central issue. I don't actually have much to say about this specific perimeter discussion - other people have already made the points I would make. IF (and only if) devs were considering changes to perimeters, I would be okay with reducing the minimum size perimeter to 3 tiles (making a minimum of 6 tiles wide between to adjacent deeds). It would shave off a little, but not too much. Ultimately I really don't think this specific change would be worth making. And, overall, I definitely don't think adjusting perimeters is a big priority for Wurm devs right now. And, as I have implied above - making changes to deed perimeters would not have actually had any impact on the disagreement that has taken place between myself and a neighbor. Moreover, I agree with others that perimeter changes would not necessarily help avoid (or reduce) land & land use disagreements in the future. (( For what it's worth, Platyna - I'm thankful that you think I'm of value to the community. And I also really appreciate that you took time to discuss possible solutions to help me/us and Wurmians in the future.))
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    i don't think PMK's should be readded
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    not sure if suggested, probably has been but if you raise your weapon subskills too high, you literally can't raise the parent skills (mauls, swords, polearms) at a certain point, because the difficulty is too high for a tick im suggesting you add a few weapons that train specifically those parent skills so we can raise them, as most of us are at 95+ in all subskills and stuck at like 50 parent skill something like crowbar does for clubs
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    Sounds very fair and reasonable to me. 10 hrs sleep bonus helps a lot, but there have been many times I was not able to take advantage of a "compensation" event because I simply could not drain my sleep bonus ahead of time. It was irritating, but I lived with it without complaining. An option to chose some marks in place of sleep bonus would have been nice. In lieu of giving out marks, if a player were to be able to choose at the token when they wanted to receive their sleep bonus compensation, that would be nice as well.
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    Yeah. And they did that. And they quickly learned that griefers made the game un-fun for the majority of the players, in exactly the same way that Ultima Online revealed, so many years ago (and, honestly, had already been proven in MUDs before that). Unrestricted PvP is not appealing to the vast majority of players, because it becomes a way for old players to abuse new players, which harms player retention. That's why it says Developed around the idea. You start with an idea. Then you polish it, and remove the parts that don't work. This game has 17 years of polishing, and your ideas don't fit.
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    The QL of the dye after combining was 28QL. QL is a weighted average, so what must have happened here was a tiny amount of 99QL dye being mixed into a much larger amount of low QL dye. The final RGB value is modified by the QL of the result, which in this case was 28 QL, so rather low. Again, if you disagree with how the mechanic works, you can post a suggestions thread, but there is no bug here, and this was already documented in the wiki. I'm sorry that you lost some of the value on an item you paid a lot of in-game money for, but it was done through normal and intended game mechanics, and that is not something we can compensate for.
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    No PMKs. Will splinter the population even more. Make heal debuff a bigger deal. It's a joke how many times I can cure light myself and barely see a difference or how many times scorn can heal 50% hp back to back. I know that you want to keep LT good but im fine with it nerfing LT as well. Making one WL kingdom could be a good idea to fix the population problem but would need more discussion. Buff tangle weave. Make it cost less favor and give it a lower cooldown (or remove cool down together) Give non priests an accessible way to slow or interrupt spells outside of shield block.
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    Given the details provided in PM from Platyna, this is working as intended. The color of combined dye relies on more factors than a simple average of the colors of the dyes being combined. For example, QL of the dye matters, and in this case, the dye was of rather low QL, explaining why it is closer to grey than intended. This is also documented in Wurmpedia already: If you disagree with how this mechanic works, you can post a suggestion about it, but there's no bug here. We do not generally replace items that were destroyed or altered through normal game mechanics. Additionally, the purchase or creation of items created through the use of bugs is always at your own risk.
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    can you add me to this i want to feel included
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    I don't think a reduction in perimeters would reduce the disputes at all. Well, it might drive people to give up and quit, so I guess it would reduce fights that way, but is that what we want? The problem is indeed human nature: humans have natural tendency to be selfish neighbours. Perimeters are the Wurm variety of public buffer zones. The advantage of the Wurm way is that they can't actually be owned, so the inability to build etc on them is more sensible (ask anyone IRL forced to live with an easement or planning restriction about their feelings on owning and maintaining space they can't use as they wish). I see no advantage to bringing the bad neighbour closer, or even just the neighbour with differing priorities. The planting of huge walls of trees or digging 200-slope trenches/holes would not be curtailed, but could occur even closer to your home, with even less that you could do about it, because more of it would be inside the other person's deed. A 1-tile perimeter would allow the situation where there no tiles between deeds that do not share corners with those deeds. That could create severe limits on infrastructure or even basic travel. An anecdote: in a coastal community in my little corner of the world, there is a stretch of houses that back onto the kind of beaches most people think only exist in fantasy. The houses front onto a street but their backyards lead straight onto the beach (and most have a little fence with a gate). The street in front of the houses is broken into blocks and between the blocks is a small dead-end road giving public access to those beaches. Several years ago many of those residents started to resent anyone from from outside their own little neighbourhood going to "their" beach and making sandcastles, putting up umbrellas, swimming etc. They had decided that because they lived close to the public space, it shouldn't be public but part of their own domain. If only they had the place to themselves, it would stop all the disputes - no more footballs or frisbees in the backyard, no more noisy games from people they didn't know. So.... They started erecting barrier fences across the little dead-ends. Well, that stopped the disagreements and disputes. Not. Confrontations were suddenly red-faced and shouty. Because the locals had blurred the line between public access and their private ownership - and had in places quite effectively barred the public access points - other started climbing their fences and going through their yards to gain access. Part of this issue was caused by the fact that the public access pathways were small enough to easily blockade. Partly it was cause by the ratio of private access to public (prob something like 10-20 private access points for each public one). Also, the inch-mile conversion was in full effect. Another anecdote: until relatively recent times, there has been a strict planning limit in our residential zones on how much of your own land can be under the footprint of your house. Coincidentally, it was something like 27 percent. These days, we have "zero lot" areas where you can build right up to some of the boundaries and put most of your land under you house footprint. The result is not happier neighbours or fewer disputes. The result is a greater reliance on dedicated public areas. That all said, there is an issue with the "extra" perimeter, for which you pay. The issue is that you pay for it but it functions exactly the same as the area for which you don't pay (if I understand correctly). The inner part of this bit should be a reduced-perms area, where nobody can built etc - basically limited to cutting, foraging, harvesting type activities. You haven't paid enough to treat it as yours, but you have paid enough to reserve it from other uses.
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    Only premium players should get marks, non-prem could just get SB. As it is, you can't even access the marks store unless you're prem, and marks themselves aren't transferable, so not able to be consolidated from alts. Thus, I don't think that would be a huge issue. As for the economy... well, 1) maybe the economy shouldn't be based so heavily around sleep powders; and 2) many of the marks would be spent on other items. Compensation doesn't happen often enough that it should make a significant impact on the economy if it was given in marks. What if it were a choice given at a settlement token? Choose 10 hours SB or 10k marks, or something to that effect?
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    Again, what is says on the tin. When "compensation" is given, it would actually be more useful and more importantly feel more valuable if it was given in the form of Marks rather than straight Sleep Bonus. Some reasons are; Realistically, there will always be someone who has too much sleep bonus to receive the full amount of gratis bonus, particularly those using it the way it is stated to be intended. Not everyone values sleep bonus. Some of us are not as grind-focused as others, and sleep bonus is merely, well, a bonus. Nice to have, but not actively being sought. Marks can be used to buy sleep powder, which can be used to generate sleep bonus, so switching to Marks takes nothing away from those who want the sleep bonus. Per the previous, conversion from SB hours to Marks is a direct calculation. Marks give players the choice on how they benefit. Therefore there is no need to know what people value, as they will choose what they value most. Giving Marks actually markets the whole loyalty Marks system, exposing players to or reminding them of what they can access through the Marks store. It would be form of compensation that could be permanent in-game and therefore, again, valued more and also an additional advertisement for the Marks store. An exemplar of my mileage. 3 of my first Marks purchases involved a random affinity, a sword skin and a shield skin. The affinity actually gave me a direction for my crafting activities, which has generated additional depth of play for me as well as a small cottage-industry marketable skill. The skins prompted me to make suitable objects out of a preferable alloy and then trade to imp them (and I got free enchants on them!) and they are now as much a part of my toon's appearance as my green armour and floppy hat. In real life, I would much rather have store credit than a handful of snacks from the impulse bar.
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    It is getting harder to engage with you from an assumption that you are sincere and not trolling. This statement may be your own opinion, or may just be some nonsense you put out there to garner a response. Either way, it fundamentally misunderstands or misrepresents the entire paradigm of Wurm. Again I suggest to you the solution which you keep ignoring - Wurm Unlimited. EDIT: For crying out loud go have a look at the screenshot thread and tell all of those builders that what they have done is not worth seeing. If all you want from Wurm is fighting then go where that is and stop trying to bring it over where it isn't welcome.
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    Wait, being reimbursed was an option?
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    Please COD to Wigglewurm: 7.62QL hatchet head, iron CoC54 - 67 copper bladder CoC79 - 3.07 silver tooth CoC74 - 2.32 silver gland CoC77 - 2.77 silver 56.06QL cotton CoC55 - 71 copper lump, iron CoC70 - 1.72 silver 5.97QL saw, iron CoC83 - 3.87 silver Thank you Wiggle.
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    CODd it to Craft. Gratulations for your new tool [21:00:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
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    I understand that compensation will shutdown the SP price Compensate with Marks instead will lower much more stuff than simply the SP. Sorry man but it's -1 for me
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    As I sit with my kingdom and our enemies on the oldest server.
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    Heinlein, particularly Friday, The Roads Must Roll, and If This Goes On... - The first for having a solid female protagonist, the second for being a very interesting idea on how highways could work other than the car system we use today, and the third for opening my eyes to how propaganda works. If you had to read just one of these, read the last. Spider Robinson, for all of the Callahan and Lady Calahan books. Stories that use humor in the abstract, and essentially taught me (indirectly) that there's always room for humor, even when things are at their worst. Also for showing me that sex, including kinky sex, can be fun, and does not have to be shameful. Lois McMaster Bujold, for writing fantastic space opera, with characters that are well-developed, flawed (and, in the case of her main protagonist, damaged), and human. And for showing, far better than George Lucas did, that science fiction doesn't have to dwell on the science and technology, that can simply be one element that drives some of the stories. And, again (with Shards of Honor and Barrayar, combined in an omnibus Cordelia's Honor; and also Ethan of Athos), showed me quite well that female protagonists can be strong, competent, and confident (even if Elli Quinn isn't actually the protagonist of Ethan of Athos). Jim Butcher, for showing me that you can write some powerful stories off of some of the most ludicrous concepts (finding out the origin of the Codex Alera series is worth researching... after you've read the series), and again for having well-developed, flawed, and capable protagonists. There's been a half-dozen other writers who have entertained me over the years, but I'm out of time, and none of the others have had the impact of these four. Edit: Additional writers who have been important in my reading catalog over the years: Anne McCaffrey (Harper Hall trilogy especially; the Dragon Riders stuff wasn't as interesting to me), Robert Asprin (for the Myth series), Rick Cook* (for the Wizardry Compiled series), Terry Pratchett (all of his stuff, even the less-popular, non-Discworld stuff like the Bromeliad trilogy), and Rowling, of course (the Potterverse stuff, yes - her sociopolitical books are too dry and dull, IMO). I don't really care for some of the currently-popular fantasy big-names like Martin, Jordan, and Sanderson. Classic writers that have also been in my wheelhouse over the years include Tolkien (of course), Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, Mark Twain, and even a little Orwell. Special mention goes to DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Archie Comics for my entertainment over the years, even if they so brazenly stole their stories from themselves, thinking that the readers would never notice. * I mention Cook specifically because the Wizardry Compiled series will never be finished. Cook had some severe medical issues in 2000 that fundamentally changed him. He was looking at a half-completed book in the series, and just could not get himself into the mindset that inspired his writing. He wasn't that writer any more, and had no idea how to get back to that. So he ended up releasing the half-completed book online, and moved on with his life. It doesn't appear that he's been able to write anything else since then, either.
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    [15:32:02] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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    FFS, make up your mind, will ya? No, you don't. Yes, yes you can. This is exactly how it works. In real life and in Wurm. Win what exactly? The tiles of grass?
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    Everything sent out, sorry for the delay. I didn't get any forum alerts for some reason
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    Pickaxe, Iron, 80coc - 4s daddyrage
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    The several enchants that I had received were phenomenal!
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    Got a Rare shovel enchanted with WoA.... Very fast and reliable service Galias
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    One of these days I will get to one of these. Time zones and real life - quite a conspiracy.
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    According to my almanac, apple harvest on Release should have started a few hours ago. However, no apples can be found on any apple trees. This seems to have glitched because the apple harvest started DURING the server migration. Please reset the apple harvest!
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    8.60QL hammer head, iron CoC51 - 55 copper 8.63QL hammer head, iron CoC52 - 59 copper 5.94QL knife, iron CoC50 - 51 copper lump, iron CoC58 - 83 copper 74.36QL whetstone CoC59 - 87 copper 71.94QL whetstone CoC52 - 59 copper cod Bearclaws pls
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    I’m not hoarding, I only need a few more and then I’m done. I would already be done but other people have won other ones. That’s what actions are for. Atleast im not buying stuff at low prices and selling them to make a profit like some of the other people on here, I’m buying to use.
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    Why? the cost to run the servers is still paid for big time by the amount of players playing and the "core" staff group's operational cost isnt that high anyway and if it comes down to it im sure they can just stop reimbursing @Retrogradehis energy drinks on late nights or early mornings and it should be fine
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    it's under sniper protection still i think
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    please cod set 3 to my wife Ladywoods on melody
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    I made this cute rose and azure barding for a princess today!
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    Yes I get what you are saying having it in game would be very nice! I am always an advocate for more content being accessible in game. But it's easy enough to figure out what works just by trying different things. And the list is not so extensive that the usable items can not be remembered. If this an issue you know you can make a hard copy and keep it by your PC.
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    By leveraging remote gaming technology and making a custom Wurm GUI designed for phone/table (yes, a challenging task) it would be possible to do this today. We wouldn't even need to wait for Wurm devs to do it, at least I'm pretty sure this type of setup would be fine as long as your controlling the toon. Downside with this is Wurm would have to be running on a machine somewhere and have access to good upload/download internet speed. Although, many tasks in Wurm are slow. I'm pretty sure a phone 3G connection would be enough to click create every 20 seconds or so.
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    I think you want to reread the rules, because it doesn't say what you think it says. You are either ignoring important words, or inserting additional meaning that isn't in there. You've been here long enough, you should already know the answer to this. You don't own your perimeter. People trying to enforce their will, and doing it maliciously, will end up with them being stung by GM rulings. Or you can just use the rules as they already exist, and instead of trying to get the rules changed to make two deeds really really close, instead just join forces, share one deed together, and voila, no perimeter between you at all.
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    ~1ql scissors, iron CoC72 - 2.02 silver COD to Stimpack, please. Thanks, always! 5.95QL knife, iron CoC83 - 3.87 silver This as well!
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    We will be posting a list of changes for people to discuss before anything is final.
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    Hiya - Can you please COD 5.97QL small anvil, iron CoC65 - 1.29 silver to Wisaku? Thanks!
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    This is something that's long overdue, and should not be too difficult considering that bridges already exist. Piling This is a heavy, rounded, wooden pole that may be sunk into the water. A player can craft a Piling from a felled tree using a hatchet. The pilling will weigh ~90% of the weight of the tree, the remainder being turned into wood scraps. A piling may be painted using Tar. Up to four Tar will be needed, depending on the weight of the piling. Pilings can be stored in bulk storage containers. Unpainted pilings and painted pilings will be stored separately. A Piling can be Planted on a tile corner that is below sea level. The weight of the piling limits the depth at which it may be planted. At the upper limit, a 160kg piling may be planted in water 40 dirt deep. If a piling is bigger than needed, any excess wood will be left in the player's inventory in the form of a smaller piling. After planting, the piling will protrude above sea level to a height of about 15 dirt. After planting, a lantern may be attached to the piling. A planted piling will decay in one Wurm month to one year (depending on quality) if not tarred. A tarred piling will last ten times longer. Planted pilings may be repaired or improved using Tar. A tile corner with a piling planted cannot be terraformed. Pier This is a flat wooden deck, held up by pilings. Piers will sit 5 dirt above sea level. Containers and decorative items may be planted on piers. Floorboards may be made into a pier on any tile that has a piling planted on each corner. Floorboards may also be made into a pier ramp, on any tile that has pilings planted on two adjacent corners and two corners that are 5 dirt above sea level. A player in a boat may Disembark onto a pier. A player who is Climbing may climb onto a pier from the water. Piers decay at twice the rate of pilings.
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    I use the top of cupboards for this.
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    Let the dead horse die Gumbo
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    Hi. Im the player Andru is mentioning. I didn't intend on committing any wrongdoings, and rather felt this was a recurring instance of him taking advantage of my kindness to him and manipulating me. I quickly agreed to send him a 89woa dredge for 35c and apologized. I was enchanting an item for him regretfully after he refused my rule of a max cost of 2s. I tried to be cheap and offer 1s max. He refused, and wanted to pay 50c, not silvers.. So we agreed to mail the dredge for a few casts at 35c & any enchant is fine. We agreed on a high ql dredge, and I received a low ql dredge. So i hit 89woa on his dredge, my best cast ever. I made a replica to replace the dredge. Andru saw me sell the dredge in trade chat. So he demanded it for 35c and I mentioned I can't do that, I wish to conduct fairly. Well he quickly goes to trade chat and makes a scene before we can even discuss a resolution. He broadcasted that he wouldve tipped 3-4s when he refused 1s which I thought was more than a fair compromise between two friends that chat regularly. One time he paid me 1s to travel and load crates. Some days later, i ask if he's ready, and go. He didn't have the crates prepared, so I made them for free and spent hours helping him. He messaged me regularly to chat, yet treats me like this and jumps to threats and manipulation instead of a fair agreement. Looking back, i shouldve said no. TDLR: I feel like this excellent manipulation of an unexperienced player. He refused all my rules for my safety.. I thought we were friends and agreed to it but he jumped straight into threats without any attempt of compromise and got 89woa for 35c. I see now how I violated an agreement, and have learned a lot in this mess. Im not mad, just sorry and upset he did me like this.
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    Hello all! Your neighbourhood friendly Ohpee! I asked around in Freedom and apparently there was no community discord for Cadence. I have come up with a solution! I made one! It is still under renovation because I am converting it from an old twitch community discord. Accepting moderators at this time! Accepting anyone with good discord server knowledge as well to keep things spicy! If you wish to have your deed or alliance to have their own voice channel private or not, that is 100% possible! Feel free to join up! Once we have moderators and all set, it will be smooth sailing from there! Hope to see ya there! https://discord.gg/erNKuJX
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