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    Hello all! As previously noted, we will be doing server migrations to Cloudnet today. The plan is to do three batches, two servers at a time. We will not be taking down any other servers except the ones being migrated. First batch: Deliverance Exodus Second batch: Release Chaos Third batch: Affliction Desertion We strongly recommend that you avoid mail and travel with the above mentioned servers until the migrations are complete. We will update this post and broadcast in-game with the status of the migrations. Expected downtime for each batch is about 1-1.5 hours. STATUS UPDATES Mon Oct 05 14:49:58 CEST 2020: Starting shutdown of Deliverance and Exodus. Mon Oct 05 15:39:12 CEST 2020: Copying data over for Deliverance and Exodus. Mon Oct 05 16:19:25 CEST 2020: Final checks before bringing servers back online. Will be a little over the 1.5 hour mark when we're back. Mon Oct 05 16:41:55 CEST 2020: Deliverance and Exodus migrated successfully and back online. Mon Oct 05 17:21:10 CEST 2020: Chaos and Release offline, data is being migrated. Mon Oct 05 17:58:19 CEST 2020: Chaos and Release are migrated successfully and back online. Mon Oct 05 18:05:11 CEST 2020: Shutdowns started for the final two servers: Affliction and Desertion Mon Oct 05 18:55:55 CEST 2020: Migration underway for Affliction and Desertion. Mon Oct 05 19:14:37 CEST 2020: All servers online! Migrations complete!
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    This is something that's long overdue, and should not be too difficult considering that bridges already exist. Piling This is a heavy, rounded, wooden pole that may be sunk into the water. A player can craft a Piling from a felled tree using a hatchet. The pilling will weigh ~90% of the weight of the tree, the remainder being turned into wood scraps. A piling may be painted using Tar. Up to four Tar will be needed, depending on the weight of the piling. Pilings can be stored in bulk storage containers. Unpainted pilings and painted pilings will be stored separately. A Piling can be Planted on a tile corner that is below sea level. The weight of the piling limits the depth at which it may be planted. At the upper limit, a 160kg piling may be planted in water 40 dirt deep. If a piling is bigger than needed, any excess wood will be left in the player's inventory in the form of a smaller piling. After planting, the piling will protrude above sea level to a height of about 15 dirt. After planting, a lantern may be attached to the piling. A planted piling will decay in one Wurm month to one year (depending on quality) if not tarred. A tarred piling will last ten times longer. Planted pilings may be repaired or improved using Tar. A tile corner with a piling planted cannot be terraformed. Pier This is a flat wooden deck, held up by pilings. Piers will sit 5 dirt above sea level. Containers and decorative items may be planted on piers. Floorboards may be made into a pier on any tile that has a piling planted on each corner. Floorboards may also be made into a pier ramp, on any tile that has pilings planted on two adjacent corners and two corners that are 5 dirt above sea level. A player in a boat may Disembark onto a pier. A player who is Climbing may climb onto a pier from the water. Piers decay at twice the rate of pilings.
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    little change to the combat window hover over to help with some readability issues For Footing Height and footing aren't the same thing, you can have good height bad footing and vice versa and it'll show bad due to one of them being bad even if the other is good, but they are both represented by "footing" in the combat window, and the image looks like a height bonus, not a footing bonus, mildly confusing For distance Should show whether your target is facing you, and if you are facing your target. When fighting multiple people in pve, mobs often spin around on the spot and it can be hard to tell where they are actually facing, this would help alleviate that. Also a nice thing for pvp, where desync often has you facing the wrong way due to your target being a tile or two away from where they actually are on the server. its easy to not need this if you're already experienced with these things and know how to compensate for it, but for someone without the knowledge on these things the game telling you would help greatly.
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    How do you propose to deal with whole alliances (or a single person with alts) locking you in and putting you on KoS on all of those deeds, leaving only 2 tiles between them which are easy to be made unpassable (e.g. slopes)? Main reason for the perimeter being implemented in the first place is to systemically stop people from doing exactly this. I would like to see a possibility to completely connect allied deeds but it does pose a risk of being abused. GMs can't be running around the world all day checking and ruling on situations like that. This is why perimeter exists, this is why highways were systemized as well.
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    Spelling questionnaire is tough... Greetings Wurmians! As many of you may know we have our very own Twitch channel at https://twitch.tv/Wurmonlineofficial and we conduct community streams where I roam around, get lost, and waffle on for about an hour or two. The focus of this is building the Community aspect of the streams, as dev news isn't always possible, and live stream isn't always the most suitable place for it being revealed, so I want to focus these streams on other aspects of the game, and this is where you come in! Below is a form for you to submit your anonymous feedback about the streams, what you like, what you don't like, and what you would like to see more of! Feel free to fill it out in your own time and share your thoughts with us! https://forms.gle/QH7mvw4ntEfzf5edA Thank you for your time!
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    It's possible that reducing the perimeter would just result in the same arguments playing out 1 tile from a deed instead of 5.
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    I did calculations once a long time ago on distilling rates. Was xan at the time and stills suffer from lag a ton. Once went 3 days without a drop. But takes about 100 hours to do a barrel. Ql of still doesnt seem effect skill or distill ql that i could find using 20+ stills staggered in ql from 70 to 5ql. Distilled booze was normally around the ql of the input. Never checked to see if ql was skill locked. Burn time is affected by ql but mostly by less than or greater than 70ql on the still. Results in about 30 mins difference. Rare stills burn considerably longer ie a 50ql rare burns as long as a 70 and a 70 rare has maybe 30 mins on a 70 normal. You can get skill ticks from a still... just not often. At 91 skill i can get .01 if i burn 21 stills 8+ hours or atleast enough for the skill tracker to show .01 so .0055 atleast.
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    We're going to continue working through it, the first lot of tweaks were far too aggressive, and we took a bigger step in the second lot. We have heatmaps of creatures and can view spawn rates, but I will say deserts don't instantly mean more mobs, just more visibility. Lots of people hunt them and respawning doesn't guarantee spawning in the same place
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    Since shoulder pads are not dropped randomly at rifts no more but have to be purchased with rift points that severely decreased the amount of pads we can get, could we get an option to repair them? Its annoying to have damaged items that you are unable to repair. Also improving them could be added too. that would give a chance to turn them rare+ as once again, we do not get rare+ pads from the shop too.
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    Paging madnath to a beverages thread... But I will try to answer this from memory, as my brewhouses and coal piles were often mistaken for mass gatherings of lava spiders on the surface... Quality of the still DOES NOT affect burn time appreciably, though it is not something I actively measured so i cant be sure. I know that I got 2 to 2.2 kg of distillate per burn cycle Rarity of the still SHIFTS the affinity by +1, +2, or +3 Quality of the output is NOT affected by the quality of the still Skill gain from distilling is going to depend on the difficulty of the liquor you are attempting to distill. Quality of the end product affects the affinity timer AND how potent it is, requiring less to get drunk. The best method I've found to distill mass quantities is to make multiple stills and place them in a circle - this part can be a bit of a pain, but you can fit 20 stills in a circle in a 2x2-ish area. The circle part becomes important later. Once you have set up your still circles, you will need to mark each quarter of your circle with a wooden sign. I normally labeled them with the number of the still they were in front of, so 1, 6, 11, and 16. Place a large crate in the middle of circle to store wood scrap. Now that setup is done, on to the method: make sure you have enough kindling to light all the stills, as well as enough fuel for a full burn (20kg of woodscrap/still - hence the large crate) Light all the stills in order and when you come back to the first one, fuel all the stills. Now you can go do something else for a couple of hours, but you should check back periodically and refuel them when you get the appropriate low fuel message. Keep in mind that the condenser can only hold 10kg of product, so you're going to want to be sure to pick up product for storage and aging to increase its quality. And that's it. I used to run 80 stills at once and the passive skill gain while they were working was pretty nice, but its a big chore to set them all up and keep checking on them to make sure they dont go out. a burn of 3 rotations (initial lighting and two refuels) would yield 6kg of product per still, or 120kg for the entire circle - enough to fill 2.5 small barrels.
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    You would have to go back in time and suggest this in the past to have a chance of it being implemented by the time you need it. Wait, when are you from? Edit: ps if we had time travel, this is exactly the sort of thing it would get used for, tweaking games.
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    i heard theyre gonna do a mobile port after the ouya port
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    This is something many players have been asking: "Why can't I move my settlement token after the deed has been placed?" It looks like a useful and natural feature, especially since the token does not have to be in the geographical center of the settlement anymore, anyway. There can be many reasons for moving the token a few tiles after placing the deed: Fixing an accidental misplacing Redesigning the settlement layout Building new structures or removing old ones etc... Of course, some of the more sophisticated implications of this suggested feature would have to be considered, especially when it comes to PvP problems. And, of course, deed size limitations must be observed (the token cannot be moved closer to the deed border than 6 tiles away). So, after some thought and discussion, here is my suggestion: Give us the ability to move the settlement token within the allowed area, considering deed size limitations. To prevent abuse this feature should come with a cost (5s - 10s) and have a cooldown of 6 months.
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    So, All I lack is my prayer to 70 grind for the Benediction for our Priest. They are Lib so the bonus to gains. Burning sleep bonus they are getting .001 skill at just 43.28 prayer. If they keep getting the .001 and got a tick every prayer it would just take 360 hours of straight prayer grinding. Now we know the skill gains will go down. And We don't get a tick every time even using a 5 ql gold altar. If there was some gain to doing this or something more active than just queing up their 5 prayers constantly it wouldn't be so bad but this is straight cancer. Why is it such a pain to grind? Why can't preaching give some prayer at the same time or something like sermons to increase the gains. There has to be a better way than just spamming prayer for probably a thousand hours to get 25 odd skill in an ability I'll probably never really do again after I am maxed Faith and done with the stupid 70 grind. Things we could add in to affect it if you insist on keeping the 70 prayer a thing. Sermons give prayer skill as well. Converting and Confessing gives prayer skill as well. Posting annoying posts in suggestions begging for a QOL change as if you were praying to an angry vengeful god should give prayer ticks... anything beats what we have now.
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    this isn't about the skillgain, it sucks that it gives no skill but as retro told me it's not intended for skill- that's fine but for god's sake make it less awful. Still quality doesn't seem to impact burn length nor distilled quantity over a duration, making it a pain in the ass to distill any decent amount of alcohol. Above, the whisky is one full run of distilling, the moonshine is a full run -~.2kg as we were drinking from them as it was distilling. It's bad enough that mead and wine are awful for getting drunk (requiring something like 8kg to get drunk as opposed to less than 1kg for moonshine), but the fact distilling is such an annoying task makes it all the worse either up the rate that stills distill, up the duration they burn- or base either off the still quality pls and ty
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    I also don't think original hota should be added. Would be nice to see a weekly event that promoted pvp on a larger scale, but original hota was bad and really defeats this whole "land control" style of gameplay like Chaos used to be. On chaos it meant that a good 85% of the map was useless to deed, hold and live in. Slap a hota in the middle as is, probably not so bad. Slap a hota in the middle and then decide a year from now you're going to allow PMKs, when the server has developed, and there's no room on the edge of hota, because the meta is just deed the edges, then you have a pretty stupid problem that's already happened before. Oh, but except instead of making established deeds almost not removable without overwhelming numbers, it's completely impossible without it.
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    Exactly. And the cost for extending your perimeter beyond that is a fraction of a cost compared to extending your actual deed - all you're doing is declaring more land that can't be claimed by anyone, keeping an extended, unowned distance away from you. The best use of this is to ensure that, sometime down the road, you CAN extend into that extra space with a guarantee that someone else's perimeter won't prevent you from doing that.
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    No, that change would muddy the waters further. I agree that the current wording is a little hard to understand, but that line is solely about the ability/right of people to remove themselves from the highway, not to remove the highway from their deed. For best clarity, you'd want to make another list point, not add to that one. One of the lesser-known bits of the Highway system is that, with only a few key, specific exceptions, nobody can remove a Waystone except the person that put it there. And if it's in the middle of an active highway chain, you can't even remove it, you can only replace it with a Catseye. Imagine this chain: X-X-X-X-Y-X-X-X Xes are Catseyes, the Y is a Waystone, and this is an excerpt of a fully-activated Highway - there's more Catseyes on both ends of that. Other people can connect to that Waystone. Nobody can remove it except the person who placed it. If I choose to remove that Waystone, I have to replace it with a Catseye as a single action, I can't just take it out. AFAIK, that Waystone is completely indestructible, like the paved road underneath it. The Catseyes are destructible, but it's difficult to do when they're connected, and doing so without having an alternate route that keeps everyone "down-chain" from being disconnected is potentially a GM visit waiting to happen.
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    Your idea would not prevent dramas nor make our community healthier. It would change what the arguments were about, and how people were abusing the rules, but it would not fix anything that's currently broken, and would add new problems.
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    I am telling you, i had highways made by people i never heard of in my perimeter. This is why perimeters exist.
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    This would be a problem, who will be owner of this tile border row? IRL it also causes problems, when e.g. one neighbour wants a different fencing style than the other.
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    ack.... that horrible thing about perimeters.... really... if you want to do a good thing, dev-team, then put a restriction onto the perimeters! as an example: only foraging and botanizing are allowed. nothing more! and only if you really want to expand your deed then you have the permission. okay... roadbuilding should be doable. but only the deed-owner should have the permission.
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    1 tile perimeter x2 is not wide enough for a highway; people attempting to "thread the needle" will not be able to get past them without either going around or getting explicit assistance from one (or both) of the two Deeds. It might even be impossible to do without both deeds changing default permissions related to planting roads and catseyes.
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    Add optional 0 perimeter, it would be nice to plant deeds side by side without perim gaps in which ppl can bash&loot your stuff.
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    I'm not sure I grasp your diagram, but you can't have any tiles of a building (completed or not) under a bridge. You can connect 2 or more buildings via bridges, but they still remain individual buildings.
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    On the tool belt I saw that the almanac had a white number on it showing the reports in it. I'd like it if the halter rope (or reg. rope) showed the animals being led the same way. It would help if you missed the event saying the animal got off. Or if you forgot you were leading one! I usually use a wagon so it's out-of-sight, out-of-mind for me when leading animals. On the boat, it would be reassuring to know the horses were still on without having to turn around every so often.
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    lingonberrywood Shaft plz, CoD to Volladol Thanks
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    Yes, indeed, thanks to Katrat and the work she did in preparation. Actually, this rift was under not that good auspices as it clashed with the black dragon slaying on Release. And though I sailed through all the way I only managed to arrive short before end wave 2 bringing a few free horses I picked in the lakes inbetween, and (fortunately with my priests with me) managed to summon three other players. And it was a pleasant rift battle though. Katrat had indeed done a nice job with camp preparation. Rift habits change over times. I cannot say that I am so sad that the utterly crowded rifts where you struggled to get an attack slot on an opponent at all are no more, or at least rare. One should also mention that preparation needs have changed. One safe camp is completely sufficient now as the rift creatures do not stray beyond the area anymore targeting any creature, hitched horses in particular. So it is ok if people arrive in time as long as they arrive at all. And that has changed towards better compared to last year. During my more intense rift activities I repeatedly had rifts with only 3 or even 2 participants (hello Kgorski, Wulfmaer ). This year was considerably better, even under the unlucky situation of a public slaying occurring concurrently.
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    they were gonna be upset anyway cmon you should know this by now come chaos and stream you doing new hota so you can be the undisputed undefeated champion of both hotas
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    Good point, guess it's not possible today. Guess ill have to travel farthur into the future
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    Looks like you're going to be a wood elf
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    Laptop running Macintosh (or whatever apple is now, sorry I last used in 1993) or windows will run it fine. The components in many tablets or smartphones just can't handle the stuff wurm throws at them. I run CrossfireX two radeon 8gb RX580 red devil graphics cards both overclocked and an 8-core 4.2ghz processor with 32gb RAM and still get 40 FPS with shadows on in this silly game. There's no way an android device on the market today is going to run this game with more then 10fps imo.
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    Rumour is Wurm Online 2 in 2021 will be platform free.
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    Start doing 25-50% increased skillgain weekends on PvP servers
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    Bro you're a dev now, has this change been made?
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    If you like the game, don't quit. Villagers come and go, and there's more to the game than just being around other players. Ten is not a bad number for a village, especially if everyone is active.
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    Or let us craft shoulder pads... and capes? I mean we can make ships and wagons and castles, but no simple armor parts, really?
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    Let us mass transfer items from mass storage containers into non-mass storage containers like smelters, forges and such. Any tips on how to make this less painful atm are welcome, I'm doing drag, wait for pop up, enter. I've heard about shift dragging but that just adds 1 extra pop up for me and doesn't help at all. Sorry if this was posted already.
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    Some screenies from one of the public slayings on Release a while back Everything's normal, nothing strange to see here.... The adorable baby seal squad will kill you with cuteness
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    a simple fix would be to make it so that 70-100 there are points to hit where you no longer breed certain negative traits. For example, at 70 you no longer get hungry horses. at 75, different leg length. etc with inbreeding being at 100
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    Thank you I just returned to WO after a 4 year break and was looking for this
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    Well the pandemic hit. Without enough information about how bad it would be, I have been staying on water on my way to a lake for the summer. I am currently restocking supplies for my stay on the Kentucky lake for a while. At least until the end of hurricane season. Today I picked up more fishing equipment, a machete, knife and hatchet. Noob starting gear? I plan to find a cove to set up in. I will have to find a good location and set up a Wurm Offline deed. Then I can start writing up my adventures once I find a spot I want.