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    In short, players are heavily rewarded for playing on PvE servers, whilst a lot of people feel there is little reason to play on Defiance unless there is an active PvP engagement occurring. This is super unhealthy for the PvP community, and if changes aren’t made, the population on Defiance will eventually die. Some of the reasons people frequently choose to play on Freedom rather than Defiance include: More frequent rites, and therefore more sleep bonus. There are a lot more rite casts on Freedom than on Defiance due to the higher population and more concentrated number of Vynora priests. Risk free crafting. Risk free hunting. Items you make can be sold for silver, whereas on Defiance people are more likely to provide items for free. Ease of crossing between Defiance and Freedom. Instead of the Chaos/Freedom isles relationship; where you must sail between servers (which is a risk in itself), portals currently allow you to cross at a moment’s notice in order to respond to PvP. The Path of Knowledge level 11 ability which grants 25% bonus skill gain. This is unattainable on Defiance. Essentially, playing on Freedom just makes a lot of sense for the individual, but if everyone does the same, this has a negative impact on the PvP community. Usually high difficulty is rewarded in Wurm, as it should be, which is why I suggest adding incentives to play on PvP rather than removing features from Freedom: Hunting should ALWAYS be good on PvP. Right now it is terrible, particularly in the south. Spawns should be crazy high. Starter zones could be spared so new players don’t get overwhelmed. Rites could have halved requirements on PvP, and scale with number of active priests in that religion. (Or a timed cooldown, half requirements on PvP might still mean more casts on Freedom). Looting battle camps could give 1 hr sleep bonus to all in local. Valrei missions: If the Defiance server rewards are as the same on Freedom it’d make no sense, as there’s no risk to completing Valrei missions on Freedom. On Defiance, these missions should be more frequent, they should encourage going into enemy lands, and they should give lots of sleep bonus and other rewards for all participants. (My suggestion is keep Valrei missions the same as they currently are on Freedom, but buff the rewards on PvP. Note that this DOES NOT mean adding moon metals or similar to the PvP Valrei rewards.) Exclusive skins that can only be acquired on the PvP server. These could be gained through Valrei missions, HoTA rewards, or maybe as rewards for having high battle rank. These skins could be transferable to the Freedom servers to allow people to show off their pvp-gotten-gains. Some sort of penalty to using a PvP portal, a timed CR nerf or similar. Increased skill gain? Nothing as drastic as Epic, but instead a 10% bonus to all skillgain. These are just some ideas thrown out there as examples, as there are plenty of other ways to increase incentive. Feel free to add more suggestions, like, comment, subscribe, etc. It should also be noted that this thread links up with this one here:
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    I know there has been a lot of discussion about people exploiting this, or how we should track them and ban them, but it's a little bit more complicated than this. When this potential exploit was shared with us, we compared top channelling skills across all servers. We found there to be a range between the average and highest, but not high enough to pinpoint using the reported exploit. Our logging tools did not record links between priests, and as such, we had no historical information to go by either. With all this, it is impossible to identify any abuses from merely working with links to grind channelling as it previously worked. As such, we're not going to ban the highest channelling players as we do not have the evidence backing any such ban, and have zero evidence that the current priests selling goods benefitted in any such way. So to answer your questions: 1) There is no evidence suggesting any priests abused this bug; please refrain accusing any priest who sells items on the market of abusing it. 2) There were no significant outliers in our collection of data based on channelling skill at the time of the patch. 3) We will not be taking action as we are more likely to ban innocent players who used links than anyone exploiting.
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    So I was talking to some friends of mine about the follower benefits of Libila, and I realized that a huge part of the follower bonus is the use of Mycelium. However, Mycelium isn't allowed on Freedom and I'm curious as to why. I imagine it would not be hard to limit mycelium only to a deeds border, as well as only allowing Mayors or Co-Mayors to cast it on the deed. To my knowledge grass is more aggressive then Mycelium without HOTS influence. For proof of this you can look at Rifts as the Mycelium tiles spawned by them are eaten up by the grass in a matter of days. If people are worried about not having to eat while standing on the tiles, they could turn down the max amount of nutrition to keep it under 90. With these in place, I can't find a reason that Mycelium would be overpowered or being able to be used for Griefing.
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    Where I am standing is a remnant of the natural rock level.
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    The V-Files: Sleep Powder Scandal A lot of mail filters through the Valerie desk yearly, if each letter was a forum PM it’d be a whole 15! And yet, for some reason, this particular piece of mail caught my eye. The title was bold, and jumped out instantly. “GMs DEALING SLEEP POWDER AND CREATING ARTIFICIAL DEMAND ON NEW SERVER” The full letter will not be released, however I will lay out all the evidence I have gathered during my investigation. I promise you, this scandal goes across clusters which is why it belongs as a V-File. Nowhere is safe. This post is being written from memory, for reasons that will be clear later. Evidence - Missions. Where are they? On the Southern Freedom Isles, you can complete missions for the gods on Valrei. These missions will award you some sleep bonus when they are completed, making them a constant source of sleep bonus if you can take part in them. Many players use these in order to keep topped up, as is expected and intended. However, they are currently completely disabled on the Northern Freedom Isles, depriving many players of missions they could use to get some of that valuable sleep bonus for their early game grinds. This does seem fairly innocent to start with, maybe the devs just didn’t want missions to spawn and not be completed? Players have asked the GM and Dev team on a consistent basis why they are disabled, but we never get an answer that satisfies on any level. When this source of sleep bonus is deprived, people get antsy. They get desperate. And we will explore this fact. Evidence - Trader tax reports After deciding to research the idea of sleep powder and its consumption being controlled by the staff, I decided to pull some strings with players I know to access the trader tax reports on the new servers. The six current traders have reported very low sales of sleep powder since launch, with one trader even selling a number in the single digits. I cannot give exact numbers due to the game rules, but the five other traders reported a number below 20. At this point, I felt the information could have been solid. New players don’t know the benefit of sleep powder, and old players probably didn’t feel the need to get sleep powders. PvP players probably wanted to start getting deeds prepped and towers chained, so just put the idea to the back of their minds. However for the sake of good journalism, I decided to press forward and ask some players questions relating to their trader use and buying habits. The case went somewhat cold here. Some players were happy to discuss the amounts of powder they bought, while others decided to pretend to be statues regardless of how many emotes I did to them. The players who did answer revealed that there was a lot more sleep powder bought than was reported by traders, but there’s always the chance these players are lying to make a fool out of me. And while it was a case for suspicion, the basis I had to question others was unsteady. Things would not stay cold for long. Due to my questioning, a significant breakthrough happened. Evidence - Dodgy dealings During my questioning of random players I found out word made it to someone who had a significant testimony for me. In the interest of the safety of this player, I have decided to not release their name. The testimony is as follows: “I have witnessed a GM I do not know dealing with a player buying sleep powder. It seemed the player was handing the GM coins, and the GM handed them back sacks of sleep powder from the trader, who was very clearly in on the deal. In the satchels it looked like maybe...150 sacks of sleep powder? It was hard to see, the GM modified the server time to obscure the deal as it went down.The GM vanished a few seconds after they seemed done, and the player then got on his horse and rode away. I followed from a distance, and they logged out inside a small shack I noted the location of.” 150 sleep powder is major news, at a whole 4.5kg in weight that translates into roughly 3 gold in cluster value. It begs the question, why is this being kept a secret? Is there a greater idea in play? It was clear where this was leading me. I asked the player for the location of the shack, and after greasing their palms, I had a location to head to. Evidence - The shack An artist's rendition of the shack. After a long ride to the location marked on my map, known on the Melody map as “Broccoli Hills” I finally found the shack. It was very small and nondescript from the outside, but the inside blew away any expectations I could have had. While some items seemed uninteresting, like the large stash of wheat, wheat flour, stills and ovens, tucked away in a small corner were my two smoking guns. A pile of unfinished sleep powder, guarded by a small squadron of boy statues. I knew with this evidence I had a real case to present to the playerbase, so I quickly nabbed a handful of the unfinished sleep powders and a sketch of one of the boy statues before I ran out of there like a new player after fighting a pheasant. But my work wasn’t even close to done. There is only one person I know with the mind to decorate an area with boy statues, and I knew exactly where to find him. Interrogation - Fabricant An oddball even by Wurm standards, his official VEN description mentions he’ll often be found playing in the dirt, complaining at rifts, starting new projects to never be finished or even worshiping Boars. I knew that speaking to him at all was going to be a challenge, and even harder to get solid, coherent answers. On the way to a public slaying, I managed to stop him and ask him the first thing that came to mind. “Do you have any idea about the sleep powder creation shack on the Northern Freedom Isles?” The reply was not what I was expecting. "What", he then immediately farted in my direction and then danced away with a bear corpse he seemed to pull from nowhere. In some cultures, dancing can be used as a form of communication. I'm not sure if Fabricant was trying to tell me something by performing a waltz with a bear corpse. Could it have been a hint? Maybe a confession? I wasn't sure. Given the failure to get new information, I knew I didn't have time to learn the intricacies of the tango. I felt I needed to return to the shack, and gather evidence of Fabricants involvement to squeeze out some extra information. Finale Upon returning to the Melody server to examine the shack yet again, it was missing. I initially thought I was in the wrong location, but upon further examination this was definitely the spot. The slopes, the landscape, everything matched perfectly. The only evidence left of the shack was the indentations on the ground from the weight of the boy statues. Wasting no time, I decided I needed to rush home, feeling uneasy at the thought of being caught snooping around. I thought I saw a white name flashing my local tab, and doors opening and closing. The thought of someone being around me didn’t cross my mind, until I realised in my own house, the evidence was now missing. This was no ordinary theft, as items like supremes weren’t taken. This is a warning to you all. There are higher forces trying to hide this information from you all, starving us all of our valuable sleep bonus. This goes all the way to the top. If I have any new developments, you’ll be sure to hear of them.
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    UPDATE POST It was a complicated weekend and, more than once, I was on the edge of quitting the game. And that was not because I didn't liked it any more, but the opposite - I got to like it so much, that it started to turn in some sort of addiction and it ended up taking more and more of my time (up to an average of four hours per day as I previously said) and masking me miss out on real life activities. However, after discussing with a few people and thinking it thoroughly I believe I managed to pinpoint the problem which was that I was spending too much of my time doing chores and not having enough time left to work on my projects, which made me feel frustrated and want to spend extra time so I can also see some progress. And now, with the problem identified, I can start to think at solutions to reduce / minimize the time spent on chores and increase the share of my playtime available for projects; and here's the point where I'd need your advice helping me identify possible chores and suggest me which ones I could/should drop. So, here's the list I have far now: 1) Repairs - checking if things need repairing every day so they don't go *poof* can be very time consuming, even on a small deed like mine, but I figured out that if they're high enough quality (think about 20-30ql) they should be safe for at least one week, so I could turn this chore from a daily one to a weekly one. So the plan is to improve any item that I craft to about 20-30 ql then maintain them at that level, and only do maintenance work once per week. 2) Meditation - the level 11 reward from Path of Knowledge (25% passive gain on all skills) sounds awesome, but trying to stick in as many meditation ticks as possible (especially after the first five) can easily become a huge burden, so I really think that for a casual player like me not aiming for that, but just be happy with the Path of Love rewards and never try to meditate above the first five ticks, might be wiser. So the plan is to stick with the Path of Love and only do the first five meditation of a day. That is still under debate. 3) Cooking (which includes gathering cooking ingredients - meat via fishing/hunting and veggies via farming/foraging) - everyone says that cooking (especially at high level) can be very rewarding and I'm sure that's very true for people with a lot of playtime, but in my case, especially since I'd have the Refresh ability from the Path of Love meditation path, I really think it might be wiser to ignore the whole food part of the game (at least for the time being). So the plan is to ignore (at least for the time being) the whole food part of the game (cooking, hunting, fishing, foraging, farming - for food items at least) and just count on the Refresh ability. That is still under debate. 4) Animal husbandry - that's actually one of the things I really like in WURM, but it is also rather time consuming and since I live on a tiny island, I honestly can hardly justify the time investment for some horses I would probably never use much, so I really think that for my particular case, it might be way wiser to stop doing it and just keep a couple of horses, brand them, care for them and don't worry about getting traited ones (at lest for the time being). So the plan is to ignore (at least for the time being) the whole animal husbandry part of the game and just keep a couple of random horses eventually with a nice name and color combination. That is still under debate. 5) Resources hoarding (mainly via rummaging / foraging / botanizing) - spending some time every day rummaging / foraging / botanizing sounded like an awesome plan early on in order to gather resources, since it gave me access to a variety of them (iron, rock - which I would both miss otherwise since I don't have a mine yet, cotton, wemp, vegetables, sprouts, healing cover ingredients, etc), not to mention the change to start getting those elusive coins once the king's coffers would be replenished. However, I now feel that it is too time consuming and I should better spend that time focusing on gathering the exact resources I need instead of going on this hoarding approach - like if I need some wood, cut a couple of trees, if I need some iron, mine some ores, if I need some wemp and cotton, keep some fields planted. So the plan is to replace my daily rummaging / foraging / botanizing with targeted resource gathering (at least for the time being). That is still under debate. So... what do you guys think about my ideas? Good? Bad? Comments? Criticism? Observations? Looking forward for your answers... please help...
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    Maybe MR took it back to definace via the red tunnel?
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    I have been saying this for YEARS! Also a note on the eating thing, if people are annoyed that it means a lib follower doesnt have to leave to eat... You just have to remember that it doesnt give CCFP. Pizzas and some other foods will fill that in the first bite, as well as giving affinities. Mycelium wont give either of those. It shouldnt either.
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    Channeling if you're casting non-stop will be the exact same speed as other skills that don't use coc. Not to mention as retro said, they didn't track links so there was no way to know who was using the legit amount of links and who was using the exploit to have more than the intended cap of links. [2020-04-18] [02:51:33] Channeling increased by 0.0153 to 62.4381 [2020-04-24] [23:37:47] Channeling increased by 0.0012 to 89.8618 thats what 6 days of grinding with 6 links+kingdom title looks like, doing 7 links at 60 8 links at 70 got you nonstop casting even without the kingdom title it wasnt until you get 80 channeling and swapped to lurker that you'd need to stop for favor/sacc occasionally, and channeling doesn't use fatigue so if 3 people were sharing an account and grinding 24/7 it'd be way higher if anything the people on north freedom didn't grind very well coz none of them were 80+ in the 2 weeks or so they had to grind lmao
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    Currently when you try to harvest from anything in season that has been "infected" by mycellium if you click the harvest option nothing happens and no error message is given. Mycellium is sort of like the physical indicator of Horde of the Summoned kingdom influence. It is meant to be an infection that is nothing but beneficial to blacklighters but a plague to other kingdoms. If you are a blacklighter, there should be no downsides and only benefits to having it making you want to spread it everywhere. However it is impossible to harvest anything in it even for blacklighters which makes it unwanted for a forester like me due to the fact that it renders huge portions of orchards completely unusable. This also applied to harvesting things like mixed grass and flowers which is less important but still should be doable in my opinion. Before you say that this is justified due to Libila being anti-nature or something, just remember that fruit trees have a huge role in Alchemy which is very much associated with Libila. I also think that there should never be any reason for a blacklighter to want to get rid of mycellium. I think it makes sense for Libila to allow her followers to have a blessing which allows them the ability to harvest what they need from infected lands while rendering it a wasteland that needs to be cleansed to whitelighters.
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    Really nice post! The plan of improving things will absolutely aid in the sense of decay. If it's a major issue/distraction to what you want to achieve, you may want to look in to underground housing as things in houses in caves decay even slower. You probably already know that no structure on deed with over 30 days of upkeep will take decay damage, but I'll mention it anyway. The meditation confusion between Knowledge and Love is a moot point in my personal opinion. Sure, 25% extra skill gain may seem like a great boon. And it is, do not get me wrong! But getting to 70 meditation will take you a long, long time. For a casual(-ish) player, Love is perfect. With the refresh at level 4, you practically negate the need for cooked food (beyond affinity meals, when those start to become cheaper) since you can starve once and still stay over 70 nutrition (which means no skill gain penalty). And you won't need more than that if you play two hours per day. Adding on to that, level 7 of the path of Love is optimal for your pens to keep your trusty steeds fed without having to worry too much about starvation. Don't get me wrong, the animals can still pack it and force you to re-do it, but it should be a relatively rare occurrence. Continuing to build on the point of Refresh vs Cooking, as I mentioned earlier, I wouldn't bother too much about it unless you really like to do that kind of a thing. If you decide to not pursue it, though, it may be worth looking in to purchasing a Small/Large Magic Chest (paid items, caution) at a point in the future to keep heavy and affinity-specific meals for a long time without decay - otherwise, it's not very worth to purchase specific affinity foods. Building on a small mention in your first post about clay not being on your initial island - this is something you can remedy as a player with the player transmutation system. It's going to be quite pricey starting out, but should settle down to a few silvers over the span of a year or two, hopefully. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Transmutation_liquid_(Feature) --- Adding on my personal notes, I would sincerely encourage you to keep up with the foraging / botanizing / killing creatures for fight skill / burying corpses. Even if you don't get the rare window of opportunity often that provides the coins, it's a free amount of extra coppers and silvers that will make a difference over time for little extra effort if you're doing it in passing. Something else you can do, if coins is something you look to accumulate without paying real life currency for them, which is selling items to your token. Be very careful with this though, once sold, even we GM cannot get the item back, and we will not intervene except in exceptional circumstances. You sell the item you have activated by right-clicking the token and selecting "Sell". It's a paltry amount of coin you get, and it is 1 iron coin + 1 iron per 10 QL of the item you are selling. You will be capped to a low amount of money that you can sell per time frame (sorry, it's late and I don't recall specifics), and it's quite click intensive. It's up to each and every one to decide if it's worth it. I personally admire the discipline to stick to a fixed number of hours per day and budgeting it towards things you enjoy, and I hope you manage to maintain it. I wish I had your fortitude in setting limits the decade ago I personally joined, but here we are today with a recent relatively large landmark of my own; [00:16:38] You have played 701 days, 13 hours and 19 minutes. Yeah. Not getting that time back. Wurm is an expansive and extremely open-world game. I sincerely admire people that can find their little niche and stick to it, just doing what they enjoy. Thank you for providing this perspective on the game, it's truly a valuable thing to get insight into how someone fresh to the game views the world we aim to provide. Even though it has its ups and downs, I hope you will enjoy your stay. Best of luck, and happy travels. J
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    My concern is less that they didn't ban people but more that it sounds like the entire channeling nerf crusade was perpetrated on a lie. If no one was exploiting then the problem is simply that they didn't like the rate at which players were gaining channeling. Fine, say that upfront. Don't make excuses, rile up the community then go "oh no exploits we just felt like nerfing something and not being up front with why". Again, I could be totally off but that is how I end up feeling after all is said and done. if this was meant for someone else, forgive me. Continue.
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    There are people who were not able to abuse priest linking who are also already dominating the market. It only gave the select few who abused it a few days at most compared to those who did not. I originally was in the camp crying for roll backs, but in the grand scheme of things, it did not give that much of a head start compared to those who grinded their channeling legitimately.
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    South Land Located in Harmony T15, if it's BlackSmithing, I can do it [23:37:22] Blacksmithing increased to 99 Prices are likely outdated, if you need something we can work it out. Cavemannn's BlackSmithing services: Blacksmithing Tools and Prices: High End Items for sale: No price listed, PM if interested 90ql Rare iron sickle (92 BoTD) 40ql Rare iron Maul (Blank)
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    StrongWall Enterprises Order Status: StongWall StoneStrike Surface Mining Are you in the need of some adjustments to your mine? Did you open a mine entrance on your deed and want it to be moved? StrongWall Enterprises is now accepting orders to come collapse your mines and help with flat mine entrances without the need for concrete and shaker orbs. We are also offering Stonestrike pickaxes. Prices: StrongWall Casts: 30c per tile StoneStrike Creation QL Pickaxes: 1-89QL 2c/ql Cast 90+ Casts Starting at 3 Each Custom Casts: 90+ 5s 95+ 6s 100+ 8s StrongWall Enterprises looks forward to serving all of your mining needs! Contact: Sheriff We Will Never Charge You For Travel! Tips Appreciated!
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    I get it. Things aren't supposed to work a certain way. Changes have to be made. Yada, yada, yada... I'm just sick and tired of it. Everything is an exploit now. Someone finds a halfway decent method to skill something and ban, nerf, hotfix, can't have the players having any fun. Ya'll taken away being able to sell anything for money on the game (not that I have sold anything for money. You can check that) Keep making arbitrary changes to priests b/c not working as intended when it's been there for years. (No I never made a priest armada for unlimited favor. Can check that to in logs or where ever) Everything lately is to work with Steam. It's nice to go be nostalgic on new servers. Oh this reminds me of being a newbie... But what have we actually gotten that is new. The interface lift is nice but that was more to update the game so it didn't look 2000ish to steam players. What skills? Last big skill updated was fishing in 2018. Not something meant for steam but... what I am about to say may be blaspheme, I hate the fishing changes. So leaving me with that bad taste in my mouth everything gets ramped towards steam. Jackel was a neat idea but I was burned out at that point and missed it. What have we actually gotten in the last couple of years? Just let me sit in my yard and be a crotchety player that yells at everyone get off my lawn. Stop arbitrarily deciding things. Maybe put out something new and fun instead of taking away all the fun. For what little it is worth, my two cents, Merumbra
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    I think the pvp server should be connected to the pve ones so there is an actual market on the pvp servers. Since skills cross I think items should too. It would balance out the pvp server a lot too because if a kingdom is lacking in a certain area like weapon smithing, they could pay a pve player to provide them weapons. This could also incentivize pve players coming over and giving pvp a shot if they could bring their gear. Early on in the pvp server someone made a rare forge and struggled to sell it for anything. At around the same time I sold a rare forge on harmony for 25s instantly. Because of stuff like this it doesn’t make sense to grind on pvp because nothing has value.
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    If cheaters got an 11 day advantage then suspend them for 11 days. They can return after their unfair head start had been leveled.
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    Congrats on the cast. This is worth every penny my friends.
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    Remember you can surface mine to -24 depth. Might be worth the effort if you want it to look clean and neat.
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    the way i see it is the market is RUINed, wipe ALL priests and delete all enchanted item or put back the long standing ways and let everyone use the "exploit" goes and plays dual universe and forgets about this crappy game
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    +1 more yes sth zan please more anything but grey horses n unicorns we have hundreds
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    Because the method to grind channeling was extremely effective and they wanted to get the change in before too many people used it, simply put. Most vets know of the method, they understood it was the way to grind channeling since it had been for years- it wasn't under the radar until the devs were investigating an exploit tied to the method (that you could go above the maximum amount of links).
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    The change was made because the devs decided they did not like the fact that the best and most optimal way to grind channeling was creating several alt accounts and spamming spells that way. The problem is that people definitely still benefited from that method, even if it was not an exploit, and there was no change made to make non-linking grinding much easier. But that change is in progress, as seen with the feedback thread they put up.
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    If there was no evidence of any abuse why the nerf to linking at all claiming it was due to this being exploited? Just fix the bug and call it good.
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    I am a very happy customer who not only saved money on the price of a shaker but also got some great support in working out what my actual problem was and fixing it. I had been unable to mine this wall: Error message: That doesn't make much sense with what I am trying to do, but that weird slope may have been causing the problem. By collapsing that entrance tile, we were able to mine out that wall and make sure the slope was more even before mining the entrance again.
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    While I agree that streams of the new servers would be interesting, it wouldn't showcase "what can be done" as the vast majority of players simply aren't there yet. I think the stream would be a whole lot of wandering around looking at 2x2 houses with no roofs or tents surrounded by wooden fencing. That said, given Retro's comments that these streams should not be on a boosted/unnatural account (I agree with this), what would be your idea of how it would be done? Do we chain Retro to a new server until he has a toon that can ride a fairly quick horse and not be eaten by every troll he encounters? Does he make a boosted account that doesn't fit with the natural server progression?
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    +1 to all this and Katrat's thread and yesss!!! New skills plz!
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    omg i want to say to soon for 104s lol grants on whoever. 15s
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    Just wondering. What's wrong with just using a bed?
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    Thank you for your input Spolmit. You are of course talking about Mystic Highlands. I used to watch quite a bit of Valiance's streams back in the day. I really love what you guys have going on over there! As for the stream, you can see the export of it here:
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    Update: We've received a lot of good feedback in this thread, and as the thread appears to have run its course, it will now be locked. Several valid concerns were raised with the proposed changes, so we'll definitely be making some adjustments to them. We promise that these concerns will absolutely be taken into consideration prior to any changes actually being implemented.
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    If people feel the necessity to make alts (sermons to grind, channeling grind, etc) then the system isn't good. Faith is too slow. I wish it would give you access to all the spells sooner, but your success rate/cast power was what you had to grind, instead of both as it is now. I dislike how little item enchantments mag has, and even his best one (stone strike) is not even worth the favor to cast it. I would like it alot more if that enchant got buffed 2x-3x at least.
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    It doesn't, this is what you get when you try to use /me e.g. on Freedom Chat: Quite unusual thing in an RPG. In the journal there is a way too much of fishing, fighting and meditation. And meditation requirements are the most painful - I have to get to at least level 70 to complete the journal. * Platyna throws the meditation rug in the ditch going along the highway and sits down on the stone slate slab wayside, touches a cold stone and contemplates the long shiny row of catseyes vanishing in the distance...she thinks to herself...damn I managed to escape violin lessons, but this is not going to be that easy...
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    What wonderful responses everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to give your ideas, thoughts and input to this thread! Thanks for chiming in Elminster. I absolutely love what your village has going on, and I hope to see more of it in Wurm! I think the huge amount of attention and interest that your guy's "secret cult village" has generated so far, only goes to prove how utterly parched we've been for some RP in this game and shows the potential for more of it. It's no coincidence that you guys have everyone excited with what you're doing! Yes I agree! If I think back to all the years I played WoW and whether or not I would have played as many years of it without those roleplaying servers, I doubt I would have spent as much time there without them! Some of my most magical player interactions I've ever had in an MMO happened on those RP servers. Absolutely! The new overhead speech has been wonderful! Same here. Even though I consider myself a roleplayer, I certainly have days where all I want to do is log on and play the game. Roleplaying requires emotional effort. And it's not every day we have the emotional reserves or strength to engage in it. Goodwin I know I know how you feel. I have to wonder just how many else are out there who would love to do it sometimes, but feel nervous or wary to do so because they can't know who is and who isn't a roleplayer. It would be very cool if we had some way to show other players that we're up for some RP. Nice to hear that when you played on RP-PvP servers in WoW, that the PvPers there actually roleplayed as well! But yeah, I guess since we don't have dedicated RP servers in Wurm, it explains why there has been very little visible RP. I see people RP on the PvE servers once in a while though. If Wurm every became a larger game, maybe then at least one RP server might be an idea, but until then, obviously not. Oh that's wonderful to hear! Just goes to show that it -is- out there, even if in small doses. Which makes me wonder... if someone set up a deed and advertised it as a RP hotspot, I wonder how many would flock in for a good bit of roleplaying? Most likely, to avoid griefing, it would have to be a locked area and only set permissions for access through the front gate for whoever is actually there for the right reason. Almost makes me want to try something like this! I agree wholeheartedly! I guess the only minus side to this, is whether it would also attract griefers to come and crash those parties. And does Wurm staff have the resources to deal with those situations... That is such an excellent point. It does feel bad to "spam" others in the local range with RP chatter. It really would be nice to have a smaller proximity range textual chat. Yes! It was such an excellent point that Faerran reminded us of in that stream! Using IRC to create a chat just for an event or for RP related situations was a great idea! Haven't seen it used that way. I think I will try this with the kingdom city once it gets finished. A great idea, that would be so awesome to give a little bit of flavor to our characters. Thanks for chiming in with your input Platyna! As for /me, I do believe that works in the Wurm chat tabs. To be fair, only tried it in local and alliance. Not sure if it works in the global chats etc. That's an excellent point! It would be cool if you could choose a certain path. Just like we have journals customized for a normal character versus a priest, have a few more that offer journal tasks more matched to the route you want to take in Wurm. I like it.
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    I do not think anyone is judging you. Many liked your posts a lot and are sad that you are leaving. See it as the affection and respect you earned in the community even if not everyone found the right wording. Anyway, it is clear that RL takes priority. Take care and be well whereever, and I think many here hope you'll come back some day.
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    Along with the implementation of the new UI, the combat window has changed. The new design fits the general theme of the new UI nicely, so there is nothing to criticize about that, other that it is felt a bit "fat" like several other parts of the new UI. But that is matter of taste and not on topic here. There are some real improvements in the new combat window, the focus bar at the side of the focus section one of the best of them. Also very nice are the sections showing footing and distance, and the possibility to dock the target window, which also has been improved and allows untargeting by a click, and works when changing from surface to cave, now. Having offensive and defensive stances grouped more closely to one another is an improvement as well. Still there are serious missing functionalities which are impairing the usability of the new combat window. First and most serious of all is the missing of the special attacks. Those may, especially in PvE, not be that extremely useful or urgently needed, but are adding fun and variety to the otherwise very much RNG driven if not often outright boring combat. Shield bashing in the new UI is always displayed the same, no matter whether there is an opportunity to bash or not. On the old window, the shield symbol disappears, it should at least be greyed out in the new UI. Also, the chances (percentages) to take stances are not shown anymore. Further on, the effect of being stunned, by opponent's action or own fumbling, is not shown anymore. The combat window getting red and opaque in the old window was a great indictator and alarm sign, please bring it back. More a nice to have would be a small size option as in the old window. It may be that this cannot be done easily with the new window, and it is not pressing. But the disadvantages mentioned above make it advisable if not necessary to shun the new UI when doing more serious or more extended combat. And that is a shame given the efforts and progress with the new UI. Please consider action soon as the new players, who mostly do not know the WurmLauncher -c possiblilty deserve to experience and learn the full extent of possibilities of Wurm combat (imperfect as it may be).
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    @KelodyNo one says developers has to answer all suggestions and instantly and be on our every call. But they could be more active in the Suggestions section and a bit more talk to us about important changes before they make them. I know games where developers were doing everything community wished for and it wasn't good either. Something in between would be amazing.
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    Hi, I don't want to bear the bad news, but it can't be denied that Ind is very laggy since yesterday, and I am pretty sure it started since it was move, I ruled out my internet connection to be an issue and many other people on the server chat are complaining.
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    Best friends, adventuring in the night
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    pls new players come to Dead_Server#11! I need slaves to dig dirt for me. Also you get to see cool buildings that are all locked away from you because i would never trust you anyway. Oh and also you will never run into people ever because theres 12 players on in a 8x8km map. But please join!! I'm totally not in denial that everything i worked for is slowly but surely being thrown into a bin because the new administration is moving the game towards a more open and casual approach.
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    Meanwhile in the Thallspring mine..... More at https://www.facebook.com/Thallspring/
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    There is a xenophobic bunch based just outside of the Grand Steppe (Independence) who constructed a low stone wall around an area roughly 100x100 in size around their 3 small deeds located on the main road. The construction of this fence perimeter is completely off-deed and blocked off/destroyed a new and unmapped public road that we created a few months ago. You also can not see their deed from any corner of this stone wall. Recently, a passer-by told me that they were using me as a scapegoat, accusing me of killing off animals around their "territory" even though I no longer live in the Grand Steppe and were using this argument as a way to justify the construction of that eye-sore of a stone wall. I personally don't like it when people build massive walls around areas off-deed (eg: Private hunting grounds, giant tree farms, etc). It's almost as bad as people fencing around clay deposits and locking it up. It's land-grabbing in it's simplest form. Even if it's not maintained and starts decaying, it still destroys the landscape and beauty of the area and makes all other neighboring deeds look ugly and displaced around it.