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    Hello, Wurm Online team! I write it message behalf of a Russian language community. I want to thank you for creating Russian help channel on chat. But we faced a problem. Many members of Russian community want to communicate on distracted topics that are not related to the Wurm in game chat. But we are bound by the limitations of chat rules - "Only help and looking for group". Given the above, could you consider the chat mode and allow discussion of topics not directly related to the game in the indicated channel? We hope for understanding. Respectfully, Russian player of Wurm Online - Shatality.
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    what if to become king the person with the highest battle rank in each kingdom becomes king for 2 months and every 2 months it updates who the king is. this would make it so the person who deserves to be king of each kingdom becomes king and it gets passed around a little bit over time instead of it staying on 1 person forever. also becoming king currently takes a long time due to the amount of premium players on the pvp servers. people would be more motivated to go around trying to do hota and fight people for battle rank to become king. it could be argued that people could farm accounts for battle rank but that could be disallowed just like how farming for champs points isn't allowed. what yall think?
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    good move, for me I like a half wild server to go explore, having the whole server covered in deeds takes a lot away from the game for me
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    Lamps in progress! I'll update if I need more. (Probably will!) Okay, not that bad. I need a bunch of lamps and want to fund some newbies at the same time. I can pay in cold, hard silver, unless you need to trade for something else. Comment here or PM. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Iron_lamp 20 of these, made from iron, at 40ql. Paying 15c each https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Hanging_lamp 20 of these, made from iron, 40ql Paying 15c each Warning: this will take a while and a bunch of iron, so make sure you want to do this! If you can only promise part of the order, that's fine. Please be an actual newbie looking to skill. No offense my fellow old timers.
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    THIS IS ONLY A SUGGESTION FOR DEFIANCE - THE PVP SERVER @Darklords so, now that all the people that wanted to "immerse" themselves in the game with foals and ###### actually saw how long it takes to get decent horses on defiance, can we please skip the whole foal stage? like it takes literal 2 weeks until we can breed, kind of killing early pvp, could be even more pvp on defiance without this ###### thanks
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    Hey folks! I'm a brand new player looking to officially get into the Wurm Universe. I'm still looking into exploring around so I haven't settled on a server yet, but currently fiddling with the Steam version if that makes any difference! As I'm new, I'm still doing my best researching the game, and learning things from the wiki & tutorial videos on Youtube. Otherwise I'll have plenty of silly questions as I explore and learn the game as I can, and hopefully commit for a long time! I'm looking for a fairly active PvE village that is more on the small-med size of things for a tight-knit sense of community. I'm looking for more of a team-oriented group where some solo play is nice, but preferably having us all work together towards a common goal. I'd love any type of crafter/farmer/rancher sort of duties down the road, but honestly? I'll do a lot of different labor to ensure things get done, and also gain the skills needed to do much more. I'm 18+, I live in the US (CST time), and can be pretty active when I'm able outside of required RL hours for work and the like. Feel free to contact me here, or preferably at my Discord: Dinosaur#1100 EDIT: I'm currently on the tutorial island, but I'll be hopping to Cadence once it opens up!
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    When hovering mouse over the map, the corresponding row/column letter/number should bold/highlight so it would be so much easier to spot the "S26" youre being told. Might seem like "Why? You can just look up the column, then carefully look up the row" etc... but when seeing streamers look at the map for coord annotation, its just like with myself, constantly going up/down and left/right to try to desperately keep the mouse going straight up/down and left/right, and it never really does. Ending up wanting to use the world map less because its tedious like that. Slight un-game-breaking thing to highlight the letter/number so we can more easily to see what tile on map we're on or where is the given annotation of a tile on map is.
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    Lets see how steam is still doing in 6 months or a year. To all the people who want to shut down the old servers why do you care? Just play on the new ones and dont worry about us on the old ones. Think if they shut down everybody would just run right over to steam and join your little deeds? Lets see lose toons, deeds and all the stuff they have grinded / accumulated and paid for over the years (12 years for me) yeah they would never get another penny from me.
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    This isn't for a specific village or kingdom recruitment. This is for encouraging new and older players to come try PvP and the Defiance server. Defiance is the newest PvP server in the Northern islands cluster connected to Harmony/Melody. If you are on Harmony or Melody you can portal over with your character, select a kingdom, join a whole different village here, and portal back whenever you want! It's common that people often play on both Defiance + Harmony/Melody, and portal back and forth. Defiance is in a great state. It's in my opinion one of the most balanced PvP servers in terms of game features, and all three kingdoms are actively PvPing, and have both new and old players. Whatever kingdom you choose, you will likely find villages recruiting, and get into the PvP quickly. If you have any questions about PvP, Defiance, or specific kingdoms feel free to ask here. If unsure what kingdom to join, it could be a good idea to post a reply here, express your interest, and time-zone so you find a group playing during your hours. Hope to see some new faces in local soon! I've been creating some Youtube videos recently to help introduce players into PvP and answer some popular questions: Check out some of the big fights here:
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    If you want 100 tiles between your deed and someone else's, there is nothing stopping you from paying for 100 tiles of perimeter. People are allowed to cut trees in your perimeter as perimeter is only a buffer between deeds. If you don't want people cutting trees in "your" forest, deed it. Deed guards attack everything on your deed. Guard Towers are meant for general protection and aren't "owned". They are built for the better good. If you want to tax your villagers, feel free. Just say "Hey, pay me x per month or you're getting booted and I'm bashing your house" Back to "We should be able to do PvP on PvE servers". If you want to pick locks and steal stuff, go to PvP where you can pick locks and steal stuff. By your reasoning, I would also like settlement tokens on PvE servers to be either stone or electrum. If they're stone, I can "bash" it and steal all of your upkeep. If you want your upkeep safe, go out and make electrum.
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    +1 for not only language specific chat, but CUSTOM chat channels in general. For too long has the game been bound to only the "official" chats. Team chat is already possible, just expand that function: cross server, remote invite (or self join), save on client reboot.
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    I am a fairly experienced player, and in this channel, I think I answer game questions much more often than all CAs combined. I think many players will confirm my words (my nicknames: Javascript, Solomeya, Ashbringer). Many newcomers stayed in the game only thanks to my answers and the answers of people with similar motives. But I find answering these questions not only fun, but work. And any work must be paid. Free communication on any topic is my pay. I talk a lot, and nevertheless find time to give a huge number of answers. I beg you very much - let us communicate. Russian people are very sociable and it is really difficult for us to play without talking. There is no need to make a simulator of a silent redneck out of an MMO game.
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    According to my niarja i belive net and vest and shoes where all imped during my grinding 2 months ago and left with zero damage inside large chest inside house on deed. If i havent checked it would probaby soon poofed which is ridiculous, nothing of tools decays so fast. It's rare and 80ql ffs and i have to be constantly looking over for it and store it on merchant when not using because it decays at insane rate. Please fix it so it receives damage like other items. I really dont understand why it receives so much dmg
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    Priest penalties are a relict of the past, it would be more than time to remove all penalties, so every character can also be a priest.
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    You should put a countdown timer into the OP like the auction timers we use. Would really simplify needing to go look up precisely what time you mean and risking a miscalculation. @DevBlog - Feel free to cut and paste the code from this one if it's accurate.
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    Fortune favors the bold. I think it's a good move. This is exactly the time to be adding servers. While the hype hasn't died down yet.
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    thank you for the nice post. i listened to the Gm and deeded the area so i have a cool spot to forest. It's all good now. Added them to ignore, finished the fence. Washed hands of it all. This post merely started as a thought just to discuss what people thought regarding land hoarding, but after the post went down it literally happened exactly in game. Right now I am having fun away from that area with a new guy i met doing digging jobs, exploring, and now we're getting the cart packed up to move to the next area... like migrant laborers.
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    More white dyeable options (stolen ideas from online paper doll coloring books): And of course, a KILT in honor of the thread starter (in white+black or white+grey so we can dye it GREEN RED BLUE etc) <<** WANTS A BODICE
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    Right now you can embark and disembark from 3 tiles away, It removes you as a target also, and you can just keep doing this as long as your horse or cart was the last thing you click. Or MAYBE JUST LIKE A LIL TIMER **mounting** 2-3 seconds, quicker if you have a saddle dependent on ql?
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    +1, more horses = more kill = more fun and more number go up
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    I'm against a deterministic process for kings, such as the person with the most rank becoming king. It should not be a mechanic to keep the strongest players ahead of everyone. "Ordinary" people should have an opportunity too. For example, a random person from your kingdom with >1000 rank would work too. Definitely agree with limited terms and generally a quicker way of getting kings.
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    I have no problem with language specific channels being in by default and think its a good idea, but you can always make an IRC channel and have it auto-connect to the IRC channel every time you launch the game if you want a custom chat channel.
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    there's almost no restrictions on priests as it is compared to the past, you just can't imp and do like 2-3 other things depending on the priest, just play a priest main if you like it, i've been playing one for nearly 2 years now and its pretty nice now that you can build and stuff, imping is lame anyway they won't ever remove the no imping because then there'd be 0 reason not to be a priest.
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    This might have been said one way or another before but calm the hell down already The south isnt dying the tiny bit lower then normal player count is purely because just like with jackal and challenge and any big event(even epic relaunches) players make new toons or take over existing toons(jackal) and play there for a month or 2 before they get bored and want to do big projects again or go back to a toon that feels good to their history, this happens every god dam time and every time someone is yelling doom and gloom but they fail to realize that wurm is a long term game they look at month 2 of new server player counts and that same month on the old servers and go "oh old servers are dying we must do something to make changes force players together or something we must do something" and start freaking out and over what? a tiny dip in an already lower player count? Like so what they will come back they will most likely let their new toon die off sooner then later once the new feeling is over and they will run back to their existing toons and pick up a project again and feel happy its just how we wurmians are in general Looking at my cele alliance there is an actual 10% increase(4 players but still) of players who are now back to wurm who had quit before and are playing on cele that number might not be big especially not compared to the new servers but we are active we talk in alliance we talk in freedom chat and we enjoy the peace and quiet while we can talk about whatever without worry(and i do mean whatever freedom chat sometimes gets really really really weird with its idea's(nothing rule breaking)) about scaring of players or anything like that Given time the servers will balance out a lot of the new players will loose interest when the flavor of the month game changes again and when streamers and yt content creators move on and when they themselves get bored of wurm some will let their deeds decay others will put in money for a year of upkeep and just disappear and check up after a few months to see if they feel like playing again and some might even be interested in going to the old servers to have a look there as why not? Something that i think a lot of people here on the forums seem to forget is that new players start out with 7s and 100% creation on bricks and planks and nails and such they start out in relatively mob free area's(sadly) their biggest concern is not making money in playing in the economy their biggest concern is making their own little place in the spot they picked and hunting for resources to try and find what they need and in the end a lof of them quit after planting their tent and making the start of a house(both decay really quickly as ql 1-10) or make a deed and forget to throw silver into it(as its never explained) and log of for the day and forget to log back into wurm but those who stick around and build that small percentage they will be the ones making their beautiful deeds and infrastructure to support future new players Just like we have done in the south But is the south dying? no. why? its simple no one is doing a mad dash to abandon ship on the south sure some are playing a new toon for the time being but almost everyone isnt going to restart and throw away years of playing just to start from the start again and never touch their old toon ever again(like hell id throw away 16k usd just to make my wurm time hard) Is there a dip in players on the south currently? im sure there is a small one but it wont be a long term one that will lead to the south becoming epic where no one plays on it at all as epics main issue was resets coupled with stupid mechanics and broken features and bad ideas In the end be happy that all those new players are living on the new servers where they can build away to their hearts content and not destroy your precious tree farms and off deed animal pens So please stop spreading doom and gloom about how the south is dying if anything here let me leave a quote for you "South shall rise again" retrograde -2020 and i agree with that statement southern freedom isles will rise to become more popular as the new servers mature and people learn more about the game and some realize that playing on an established server with a lot of player lore is more fun for them and some will make the switch permanently and some temp just like we made the switch temp to play on the new ones and help out the newbies
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    +1 New clothing options are sorely needed. The last time we got new clothes were ages ago. Even if we never get to craft CAPES, let us at least craft some new skirts, hats, something!
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    actually having more fun in this game then i ever have. Defiance is actually super fun! Everything dies at some point, the biggest decision is what to do with whats dead once its obvious? Them older servers probably wont see new life ever again. (change my mind)
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    Pm price, 99+ is gucci but 98 is fine
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    I'm not sure if this has been suggested before but I was talking to some people in game about how awesome it would be to mount heads of animals on your wall as trophies and thought it would make for a great new skill Taxidermy. It could also tie in with other suggestions like animal skin rugs and preserving corpses. Either when you butcher an corpse you could get more parts.. like a head. or an new option along with butchering. Wall mounts could be made out of a wood/stone/metal ect. base and the head of an animal. (wall mounts can be moved up down left or right) Floor mounts could be made out of a wood/stone/metal ect. base and a corpse of an animal. Mummies could be made from the corpse of a player with salt and sheets to be preserved in a coffin. (limit 1 mummy per coffin) Maybe a skeleton can be made from a player corpse and be used as a floor mount or preserved in a coffin. (also 1 per coffin) Animal skin carpets can be made from furs or pelts of different animals. What do you think any more ideas to add to it?
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    That 25 horses may easily be lost in a single fight if 15 people commit to it. Luckily currently we see those numbers from time to time. Having horses as a shortage reduces intention to PVP - you usually cannot loot horses from a fight unlike the rest of the gear. So horses are the resources that don't cycle around between parties like say armours and horsegear. EDIT: if I worry to enter a fight it is not because I can die or lose my stuff, it is the fear of losing the horse. That should not be more a problem than other stuff to regear.
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    I think I would need some help how to handle it, I think I am too noob to lure it anywhere. It is West/Southwest of Nysa deed on Ind, on the highway. Anyone up for some slaying?
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    Thanks for completing my order fats and quality service!
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    So you think mining is the most boring, yet you want it to make even more boring.. Logic
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    that will never happen, they removed all the player made god priests.....the point of a priest is to trade up something for bonuses.....imping is the chosen thing you wont get....no point in continuing to try make game easier for urself. maybe thats how you see it but thousands of players see it differently. they wont be removed and ill be one of those who fight against it.
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    First, I like that you have fun, and hope for much of it for all on the new cluster. As to "the older servers", I live on Xanadu, and find it alive as ever, same with the rest of the cluster. Right yesterday. we had a slaying of a red dragon on Independence, accidential find by a roadbuilder, real fun (I got killed once lol). With Mark Twain, the reports of our death are highly exaggerated. Have fun, and keep on wurming.
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    It would have to be some made up or unaffiliated tartan, for certain, even my black watch kilts get a bit of stick now and then from certain highland clans. Wurm Tartan, I like that, a mix of red, blue, green and purple to represent the kingdoms, should be doable.
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    +1 lets give the girl some pretty things to dress up in
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    Map looks good. So many Islands to claim and so many canals to plan! You could make a fortune selling boats there!
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    Please repost any information posted on Discord into the forums. I do not want to make a 3rd party account to get up to date Wurm information.
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    Also a good thing to keep in mind, is that some players may not be able to spend the 40s in one go for a chest, and may save up through premium to eventually get that reward. I think it's great that even if you can't pay real money for one, you can still earn one in game just through premium.
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    QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c72 (8s) Iron Lump c41 (1.5s) COD to Vedalkin please!
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    50s - would make a nice compass!