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    MailMerchants allows you to list and trade with player merchants from afar via enchanted mailboxes. Merchants must be connected to the network by having an enchanted mailbox somewhere on their tile. Merchants on permanent deeds will be added to the network regardless of mailboxes on their tile. Players will get a 'View Merchants' option on any enchanted mailbox that will list any merchant connected to the network allowing them to select one to trade with. Notes: This doesn't override the one-at-a-time trading that already exists for merchants, and due to distances the trade window will be cancelled out of if you move at all with it open. Source: https://github.com/BuddaT/MailMerchants Latest Release: https://github.com/BuddaT/MailMerchants/releases/latest
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    Hi guys, I am Demona Nightshade. I am a 4 year player, and community assistant in Wurm Online. You may have seen me answering questions in CA Help recently, if you are on the Southern Freedom servers. Everyone who has played knows it can be a bit of a complicated game to start off in, and I want to help with that so that newer players can fully enjoy the wonderful world of Wurm. I am planning on making some new player focused tutorial streams, where I will be talking wurm basics, explaining some of the different things you can do in Wurm Online, and showing players how to get started in this amazing world. I thought a forum post might help get the word out for newer players, to join me live as I talk all things Wurm and answer questions. I am a baby streamer, though, and this will be my very first stream so please be patient with me as I figure out streaming This first stream will be fairly basic, for players just dipping their toes into the game for the first time. But please, don't feel like you can't join in if you have played for awhile, you may have some tips that new players would love to learn! twitch.tv/demonanightshade/
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    Whane has probably already mentioned these videos many many times before and I missed seeing them, but i stumbled today across his YouTube videos spotlighting great deeding locations on the southern cluster, and this is a GREAT idea for those people who would like to encourage new players to consider the southern cluster. Whane calls them "RDO's" (redeeding opportunies) and they do look a lot nicer than places new players might stumble across without any hints. Yes, everyone knows there is "lots of room open" on the southern cluster, but it sure helps a lot if you know the area, and can help show people where these places are! I had spent hours on Xanadu without finding anything I really liked, I did a little better on indy only because i was more familiar with the server and where exactly to look, and now here is Whane showing new players exactly where to find great spots (which probably all the locales know about). Wurm Online: Xanadu Mountain Top RDO Wurm Online: Xanadu RDO's I would strongly suggest others who want to lure new players to the southern cluster, join in Whane's work. Videos and maybe a website that showcases 'real estate opportunities'. Maybe even have one regular day a week or month when veteran players offer a wagon ride starting from a server starting spawn, to escort new players to great deeding locations on their own server, possibly even helping them put in a guard tower or a mine if the new players need some help doing those. PS: His playthrough on a new fresh start on harmony is also a great educational series for new players, but i thought the RDO series for the southern cluster is especially brilliant
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    Starting yesterday, when I've read the news about the new NFI server, I've thought quite a lot about this and, apparently, we're in a lose-lose situation. On one side, as the devs said, deed wise, Harmony and Melody are already cramped and finding a good spot can be hard, which may turn away many new (or returning players) who otherwise might stay. On the other side, player wise, the numbers are already starting to go down and even in my alliance are people that (probably) already quit the game, so while opening a new server would solve the current problem, but other time will lead to population thinning and generally a barren feeling. That's why I thought at an idea - give the players from the NFI a one-way portal (just like the one from Harmony to Melody - which means the technology already exists) towards the SFI... this way, if they can't find a spot here they'll could at lest go and find one on the old, deserted (sorry to say it) servers; this way they won't feel trapped on a server that feels like is completely deeded, the old servers might receive some of the love from the new servers players, while we would also potentially mitigate the downside of spreading too thin on yet another server so fast. You can easily say that there may not be enough people interested and that the problem would not be mitigated this way, and, indeed, that's very possible. Still, I think there are hardly any cons so it's worth to give it a try - do it for one or two weeks and if the problem persists then you can always still open the new server if the (remaining) population justifies it.
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    We have zero intentions on closing any servers. I specifically traveled Xanadu and Independence in today's dev streams to cover just what is good about the older servers, space, cheaper grinding, and player history. Ultimately it's player choice and should not be dictated by us, if players feel they want new land then they should feel free to go there, I don't believe we should be forcing them one way or another. It's the game game on both clusters, but it's not the same environment, and we all know that. Also, for those commenting about "spreading the population too thin" please remember, this is for incoming players, not existing players.
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    RMT is now gone, and the old accounts are locked at the actual holders. Some of the money making players and player groups have left Wurm since. And the advantage of those old accounts is overestimated. Feel free to check my stats on Niarja, I am only on since December, 2017, and premed in January, 2018. My account is not old nor bought, I trained all my skills on my own, long time even without any enchants and ignorant of the advanced grinding tricks and ruses. A significant number of players will come equally far, even much further in single skills when specializing more than I did (I concentrated on being independent, so developped a broad range of skills). And few old players, RMT traded account or not, are much better than me in a number of skills. Of those who are better, it is not their level, but their more intricate knowledge of the game and its mechanics compared to a relative noob like me that counts. This means, in a year, maybe bit more, the field will be evened out between north and south. Then, there is not much of a point to keep the clusters separate. Not that I care a lot about. Maybe it is even more pleasant to never meet the "never merge" fanatics.
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    I didn't like real money trading either. I didn't now anything about it when I started playing Wurm, and I had nothing to do with it in all the years of developing my main character and the various deeds i was a part of. So to be told now that my character can never join the new islands, because of some "taint" that I can neither see nor understand, doesn't seem fair.
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    Apparently if you lead a unique into a cave, then shaker orb the entrance, and cover it with dirt, you can still trap uniques... Someone has already trapped the white hatching that way, and are planning to deed over another... This should be fixed. Uniques should, never, under any circumstances be allowed to enter into caves, or they should respawn after being underground for too long
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    Wurm is at least 50% soap opera, I can guarantee you that even if Wurm devs released 100% of changes in patch notes someone would still create a conspiracy theory about secret nerfs.
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    I spent the better part of 5 years on Epic, and the reasons it was dying even before the skills transfer and later Elevation reset was mostly down to PvP fatigue, sure a few tweaks and changes may have contributed somewhat, but by and large it was suffering the same fate that seems to dog all pvp servers since I joined when Wild was declining to low player levels. Epic is a unique set of issues, and very little can be done at this stage to revive it, other than scrapping the whole pvp system and allowing freedom players to settle, because right now it's an amazing hunting server, if one can dodge the dragons, drakes and assorted other uniques. It's nowhere close to the same situation as SFI, although i do agree with older players being spooked, i recall the upset caused way back when we got new bed model and older players were threatening to quit over that ... Some players simply don't like changes.
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    Correct! I mean our plans are adapting to accommodate new people coming in rather than focusing on the existing population. We still have plenty of new players every day and we intend to keep that going!
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    I wonder if all the people complaining about the new server, saying that new players should be forced onto existing deeds would be willing to give up their deeds and live that kind of life? Or maybe they're just upset that all their indentured servants will get their own place and they'll be stuck chiseling their own bricks.
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    Why all this crying about and 'please reconsider the map'? You don't have to go there!
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    Its simple, RMT kept accounts alive that should have died, that is and was a long term problem, northern servers will never have that problem. I would vote in a heart beat to never merge the cluster's and I don't mind one bit losing whet I have on the old servers
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    What concerns me are the signs that the devs are aware of serious, systemic problems within Wurm, and that they are walling those problems off because they don't have a good solution. I don't see signs of any of these being investigated, much less of a solution being developed. Players and goods from Freedom servers won't be allowed on the Northern servers, for years, possibly never. Why is this? Because established players are detrimental to a balanced game somehow? Has anyone got to the bottom of this? (Please don't say "it would destroy the economy" because right now the economy is only good for the players who lost the most sleep in order to be able to price gouge items that are temporarily scarce.) Various mechanisms that work on Freedom servers are disabled on the Northern servers. For example, you can't buy gift boxes or moon metals as a subscriber reward (although some people have, and are now selling moon metals at price gouging profits). Why is this? Is something broken with moon metals or gift boxes? Or did the devs recognize that the subscription rewards system was a mistake? Will we ever be able to spend the Marks on the rewards we were led to believe were available? Are we going to go through the same process in a year or two, or five, when established Northern Isles players are selling high quality enchanted tools and weapons for a few silvers? Is there going to be a mechanism to allow new players an informed choice when picking a server to play on? For example, information about size, age, recent population levels, and where new players are going. Is there going to be a mechanism to reclaim, naturalize, erode, weather, or otherwise restore long-abandoned deeds? Will there be any incentive for players to do this work manually?
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    Concerned: All this talk about deleting the old servers and Retro specifically saying they don't want to encourage new players going there is worrying. He's not exactly discounting the idea.
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    PLEASE NOTE That for the next weeks (until further notice) we will not be playing almost at all, we might still occasionally log in and check orders, but it's just as likely that we won't so don't consider this thread as "active" sorry about any disservice we have caused in the past months, we hope to be back at playing soon We have a deed Just East of Harmony Bay (~60 tiles) We plan on have a big physical market there, we will accept other player's merchants in there, right now it's still under construction, and this thread is a list of things that i have still no space to put for sale or will have better visibility being listed here. All Items will be mailed from a 97 courier mailbox! pm Davihh or Luttuosaa for any question If the item is a tool blade or a head, the properties (coc/woa/rarity) will automatically transfer to the combined tool, if you specifically need for me to combine it for you, please ask me to, If you do it yourself, the tool will have your signature. [Why no spoilers in this list? Because you can CTRL+F (search) and just type the item you are searching for, since there will be a bit of everything :D] New player? what does c / w / QL / N / SP / anything stands for? check here Custom casting Available (see spoiler): Supreme Mallet, Oak (60s) QL 66 Supreme Spatula, Oak (50s) QL 79.8 Rare pickaxe, iron w96 c61 (30s) QL 79.8 Rare pickaxe, iron w74 c76 (22s) QL74 Rare Shovel, Iron c75 w61 (26s) QL76 Rare mallet, oak c83 w72 (22s) QL 77 Rare Mallet, Oak w70 c72 (20s) QL74 Rare Sickle, iron c91 (22s) QL74 Rare Sickle, iron c81 (18s) QL80 Needle, iron w84 c77 (23s) QL78 Rare Rope Tool, Oak c88 w80 (32s) QL61 Rare Rope Tool, Oak c46 (16s) Rare Rope Tool, Oak (12s) Rare Fruit press, Oak (12s) Rare Spindle, Oak (10s) Rare Mallet, Oak (10s) Rare Spatula, Oak (10s) Rare Clay Shaper, Oak (10s) Rare Awl, iron (18s) 10ql Rare Toolbelt (10s) Rare Unfinished Forge (20s) [pickup harmony bay] [Ropes - min 1s order] ropes / mooring / 15+ql cordage = 3c each (35+ql cordage 5c / 57+ql cordage 10c) thick - 35c / Halter rope: 50c 64x cordage combined = 80c cod included Weapons QL 64 Large Maul, silver N81 LT54 C94 MS57 (18s) QL 65 Staff, silver N53 LT55 C65 MS59 (8.5s) QL 65 Staff, iron N90 LT43 C65 (10s) QL 65 Staff, iron C90 N60 FB56 MS34 (8.8s) QL 69.98 Longsword, Iron N88 C67 FB52 MS55 (10.6s) QL 70 Longsword, Iron FB80 N53 C52 (7.2s) QL 64 Longsword, iron N88 LT47 C70 (10s) QL 65, Longsword, silver N58 LT59 C75 MS69 (9.5s) QL 71 Sickle, iron N55 C65 LT55 (8s) QL 71 Sickle, iron N59 C68 LT47 (7s) QL 60 Sickle, iron N58 C71 FB67 (6.5s) QL 69.88 Huge axe, Iron FB86 C72 N70 (11s) QL 70 Huge axe, Iron FB70 C64 N59 (6.35s) QL 64 Huge axe, silver N77 LT54 C86 MS37 (15s) QL 64 Huge axe, silver N62 LT46 C69 (9s) QL 65 Huge axe, silver N58 LT44 C51 (6.5s) QL 70 Maul, Iron FB63 N58 C55 (5s) Tools QL 80 Pickaxe, iron w93 c48 (10.4s) QL 70 Pickaxe, iron w73 c52 (4.2s) QL 70 Pickaxe, iron w69 c49 (3.35s) QL 70 Pickaxe, iron w62 c51 (2.75s) QL 70 Pickaxe, iron w59 c40 (2.25s) QL 70 Pickaxe, iron w55 c50 (2.25s) QL 70 Pickaxe, iron w50 c40 (1.8s) QL 71 Pickaxe, iron w56 c47 (2.24s) QL 71 Pickaxe, iron w60 c35 (2.15s) QL 65 Pickaxe, iron w48 c41 (1.2s) QL 1 Pickaxe, iron c104 (35s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c93 (7.5s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c81 (4.2ss) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c78 (3.6s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c77 (3.4s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c76 (3.2s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c75 (3s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c74 (2.8s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c73 (2.6s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c72 (2.4s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c68 (1.8s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c64 (1.4s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c61 (1.1s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c62 (1.2s) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c59 (95c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c58 (90c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c57 (85c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c56 (80c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c52 (60c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c51 (55c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c50 (50c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c49 (48c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c48 (46c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c47 (44c) QL ~1 Pickaxe Head, Iron c45 (40c) QL 72 hatchet, iron w88 c44 (7s) QL 75 hatchet, iron w71 c45 (4.1s) QL 72 hatchet, iron w72 c39 (3.7s) QL 72 hatchet, iron w70 c41 (3.4s) QL 71 hatchet, iron w63 c43 (2.65s) QL 71 hatchet, iron w62 c47 (2.65s) QL 72 hatchet, iron w60 c40 (2.30s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c84 (4.8s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c78 (3.6s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c77 (3.4s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c74 (2.8s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c74 (2.8s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c72 (2.4s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c71 (2.2s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c71 (2.2s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c67 (1.7s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c66 (1.6s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c65 (1.5s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c62 (1.2s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c61 (1.1s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c60 (1s) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c57 (85c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c56 (80c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c55 (75c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c54 (70c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c49( 48c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c47 (44c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c46 (42c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c45 (40c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c43 (36c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c41 (32c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c40 (30c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c39 (28c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c37 (24c) QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c32 (14c) QL 71 shovel, iron w74 c55 (4.6s) QL 71 shovel, iron w73 c55 (4.4s) QL 1 Shovel Blade, iron c83 (4.6s) QL 4 Shovel Blade, iron c82 (4.4s) QL 1 Shovel Blade, iron c76 (3.2s) QL 1 Shovel Blade, iron c63 (1.3s) QL 1 Shovel Blade, iron c60 (1s) QL 4 Shovel Blade, iron c55 (75c) QL 1 Shovel Blade, iron c57 (85c) QL 1 Shovel Blade, iron c51 (55c) QL 1 Shovel Blade, iron c50 (50c) QL 4 Shovel Blade, iron c48 (46c) QL 4 Shovel Blade, iron c45 (40c) QL ~3 Shovel Blade, iron c44 (38c) QL ~6 Meditation rug c101 (18s) QL ~14 Meditation rug c98 (12s) QL ~4 Meditation rug c91 (6.5s) QL ~4 Meditation rug c82 (4.4s) QL ~8 Meditation rug c70 (2s) QL ~14 Meditation rug c67 (1.7s) QL ~10 Meditation rug c65 (1.5s) QL ~10 Meditation rug c64 (1.4s) QL ~14 Meditation rug c61 (1.1s) QL ~11 Meditation rug c59 (95c) QL ~9 Meditation rug c57 (85c) QL ~11 Meditation rug c55 (75c) QL ~4 Meditation rug c53 (65c) QL ~10 Meditation rug c49 (48c) QL ~10 Meditation rug c47 (44c) QL ~14 Meditation rug c46 (46c) QL ~14 Meditation rug c48 (42c) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c81 (4.2s) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c70 (2s) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c67 (1.7s) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c65 (1.5s) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c58 (90c) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c55 (75c) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c53 (65c) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c49 (48c) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c47 (44c) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c44 (40c) QL 4 Hammer head, iron c44 (38c) QL 96 Wild cat pelt c101 w72 (21s) QL 90 Wild cat pelt w76 c71 (5.8s) QL 99 Mountain lion pelt w72 c79 (8.5s) QL 75 Wild cat pelt w78 c72 (6s) QL 71 Dog pelt c84 (4.8s) QL 70 Dog pelt c64 (1.6s) QL 75 Dog pelt c54 (1s) QL 95 Wild cat pelt c62 (2.7s) QL 82 Wild Cat pelt w67 c68 (4s) QL 91 Wild cat pelt w67 c57 (3.5s) QL 39 (1.33dmg) Mountain lion Pelt c49 (45c) QL 88 Whetstone w94 c77 (11.4s) QL 90 Whetstone w78 c71 (6s) QL 90 Whetstone w75 c63 (4.5s) QL 90 Whetstone w62 c76 (4.6s) QL 84 Whetstone c85 (5s) QL 89 Whetstone c79 (3.9s) QL 90 Whetstone c69 (2.1s) QL 90 Whetstone c63 (1.6s) QL 86 Whetstone c60 (1.1s) QL 90 Whetstone c59 (1.3s) QL 90 Whetstone c57 (1.2s) QL 86 Whetstone w78 c70 (5.6s) QL 82 Whetstone c73 (2.6s) QL 90 Whetstone c72 (2.7s) QL 90 Whetstone c68 (2.1s) QL 86 Whetstone c65 (1.6s) QL 86 Whetstone w64 c30 (1.7s) QL 85 Whetstone c55 (1s) QL 86 Whetstone c54 (1s) QL 80 Whetstone c49 (48c) QL 80 Whetstone c48 (46c) QL 86 Whetstone c45 (46c) QL 83 Mallet, Oak w101 c80 (22s) QL 79.98 Mallet, walnut c99 (12s) QL 83 Mallet, oak w95 c65 (11s) QL 70 Mallet, oak w79 c60 (5.2s) QL 70 Mallet, oak w64 c65 (3.3s) QL 75 Mallet, oak w56 c53 (2.45s) QL 75 Mallet, oak c73 (3.6s) QL 70 Mallet, oak c69 (2.6s) QL 71 Mallet, oak c67 (2.4s) QL 72 Mallet, oak c65 (2.1s) QL 71 Mallet, oak c59 (1.55s) QL 69 Mallet, oak c56 (1s) QL 64 Mallet, oak w80 c34 (4.5s) QL 70 Mallet, oak w64 c44 (2.4s) QL 68 Mallet, oak c60 (1.4s) QL 67 Mallet, oak c59 (1.2s) QL 71 Mallet, oak c56 (1.2s) QL 74 File, Iron w86 c63 (7.5s) QL 74 File, Iron w75 c67 (5.7s) QL 74 File, Iron w60 c56 (3.2s) QL 64 File, Iron w66 c64 (3.5s) QL 68 File, Iron c72 (3s) QL 61 File, Iron c64 (1.8s) QL 61 File, Iron c59 (1,35s) QL 69 File, Iron c55 (1.35s) QL 61 File, iron c70 (2.5s) QL 25 File, Iron c68 (1.8s) QL 80 Saw, iron w83 c63 (8.4s) QL70 Saw, iron w75 c51 (4.5s) QL69 Saw, iron w76 c45 (4.3s) QL70 Saw, iron w72 c52 (4s) QL70 Saw, iron w65 c59 (3.45s) QL70 Saw, iron 61 c61 (3.2s) QL70 Saw, iron w60 c71 (4.2s) QL70 Saw, iron w55 c29 (1.6s) QL70 Saw, iron w53 c40(1.6s) QL70 Saw, iron w c (s) QL 6 Saw, Iron c59 (95c) QL 65 Stone chisel, iron w97 c45 (11.8s) QL 1 Stone chisel, Iron c66 (1.6s) QL 1 Stone chisel, Iron c57 (85c) QL 1 Stone chisel, Iron c46 (42c) QL 1 Stone chisel, Iron c45 (40c) QL 1 Stone chisel, Iron c43 (36c) QL 1 Stone chisel, Iron c36 (22c) QL 1 Stone chisel, Iron w38 (26C) QL ~9 Grooming Brush, Oak c100 (15s) QL ~1 Grooming Brush, Oak c90 (6s) QL 9 Grooming Brush, Oak c67 (1.7s) QL ~9 Grooming Brush, Oak, c55 (75c) QL ~9 Grooming Brush, Oak, c54 (70c) QL ~4 Grooming Brush, Oak, c52 (60c) QL ~9 Grooming Brush, Oak, c51 (55c) QL ~9 Grooming Brush, Oak, c48 (46c) QL ~9 Grooming Brush, Oak, c47 (44c) QL 9 Grooming Brush, Oak c44 (38c) QL 6 Grooming Brush, Oak c42 (34c) QL 4 Grooming Brush, Oak c33 (16c) QL 75 Spindle, oak w88 c43 (7s) QL 75 Spindle, oak w54 c74 (4.5s) QL 75 Spindle, oak w64 c48 (2.85s) QL 75 Spindle, oak w57 c41 (2.15s) QL 75 Spindle, oak w50 c42 (1.8s) QL 6 Spindle, oak c86 (5.2s) QL 6 Spindle, oak c77 (3.4s) QL 6 Spindle, oak c73 (2.6s) QL 4 Spindle, Oak c34 (18c) QL 5 Spatula, Oak c73 (2.6s) QL 6 Clay shaper, Oak w58 c27 (90c) QL 6 Clay shaper, Oak c34 (16c) QL 6 Clay shaper, Oak c31 (10c) QL 78 Butchering knife, Iron c96 w84 (16.5s) QL 61 Butchering knife, Iron c77 w54 (4.6s) QL 61 Butchering knife, Iron c72 w57 (3.75s) QL 61 Butchering knife, Iron c70 w58 (3.4s) QL 61 Butchering knife, Iron c67 w63 (3.5s) QL 61 Butchering knife, iron c76 (4.2s) QL 70 Butchering knife, iron c62 (3.2s) QL 62 Butchering knife, iron c69 (2.9s) QL 63 Butchering knife, iron c65 (2.5s) QL 61 Butchering knife, iron c60 (2s) QL 62 Butchering knife, iron c55 (1.75s) QL ~5 Butchering knife blade, iron c49 (48c) QL ~9 Butchering knife blade, iron c44 (38c) QL ~6 Butchering knife blade, iron c39 (28c) QL ~2 Butchering knife blade, iron c35 (20c) QL ~5 Butchering knife blade, iron c34 (18c) QL 91.5 Carving Knife, Iron c102 (30s) QL 83 Carving Knife, Iron c94 w79 (13.8s) QL 81 Carving Knife, Iron c95 w65 (12.5s) QL 83 Carving Knife, Iron c75 w53 (5.65s) QL 83 Carving Knife, Iron c66 w64 (5s) QL 79 Carving Knife, Iron c63 w69 (5s) QL 81 Carving Knife, Iron c68 (3.8s) QL 80 Carving Knife, Iron c66 (3.5s) QL 80 Carving Knife, iron w91 c79 (13s) QL 64 Carving knife, iron c84 (5.8s) QL 57 Carving Knife, iron w78 c53 (5.2s)5 QL 53 Carving knife, iron w81 c37 (4.7s) QL 57 Carving Knife, iron c73 (3s) QL 67 Carving Knife, iron w53 c40 (1.8s) QL 39 Carving Knife, iron w75 c29 (3.1s) QL 11 Rake Blade , Iron c68 (1.8s) QL 1 Rake Blade , Iron c68 (1.8s) QL 11 Rake Blade , Iron c61 (1.1s) QL 11 Rake Blade , Iron c53 (65c) QL 11 Rake Blade , Iron c53 (65c) QL 1 Rake Blade , Iron c53 (65c) QL 11 Rake Blade , Iron c51 (55c) QL 1 Rake Blade , Iron c50 (50c) QL 11 Rake Blade , Iron c46 (42c) QL 11 Rake Blade , Iron c44 (38c) QL 11 Rake Blade , Iron c43 (36c) QL 11 Rake Blade , Iron c41 (32c) QL 70 Trowel, iron w95 c64 (11.4s) QL 70 Trowel, iron w76 c50 (4.7s) QL 68 Trowel, iron w74 c59 (4.7s) QL 70 Trowel, iron c84 (5.8s) QL 70 Trowel, iron c66 (2.6s) QL 5 Trowel, iron w94 (8s) QL 5 Trowel blade, iron c82 (4.4s) QL 4 Trowel blade, iron c75 (3s) QL 5 Trowel blade, iron c60 (1s) QL 5 Trowel blade, iron w36 c37 (42c) QL 5 Trowel blade, iron c46 (42c) QL 5 Trowel blade, iron c40 (30c) QL 80 Needle, iron w102 c65 (22s) QL 80 Needle, iron w85 c70 (9.5s) QL 70 Needle, iron c79 w52 (5.4s) QL 70 Needle, iron w70 c57 (3.85s) QL 1 Needle, iron c83 (4.6s) QL 11 Needle, iron c65 (1.5s) QL 1 Needle, iron c62 (1.2s) QL 1 Needle, iron c59 (95c) QL 11 Needle, iron c47 (44c) QL 1 Needle, iron c45 (40c) QL 1 Needle, iron c43 (36c) QL 10 Needle, iron c43 (30c) QL 10 Needle, iron c34 (18c) QL 16 Leather Knife, iron c86 (5.2s) QL 2 Leather knife blade, iron c76 (3.2s) QL 2 Leather knife blade, iron c49 (48c) QL 2 Leather knife blade, iron c35 (20c) QL 2 Scissor blade, iron c61 (1.1s) QL 2 Scissor blade, iron c60 (1s) QL 2 Scissor blade, iron c58 (90c) QL 2 Scissor blade, iron c52 (60c) (keep casted blade active when combining) QL 2 Scissor blade, iron c49 (45c) QL 2 Scissor blade, iron c32 (14c) QL 1 Scissor blade, iron c31 (12c) QL 5 Awl Blade, iron c74 (2.8s) QL 5 Awl Blade, iron c73 (2.6s) QL 5 Awl Blade, iron c73 (2.6s) QL 5 Awl Blade, iron c67 (1.7s) QL 3 Awl Blade, iron c64 (1.4s) QL 5 Awl Blade, iron c56 (80c) QL 5 Awl Blade, iron c55 (75c) QL 5 Awl Blade, iron c54 (70c) QL 5 Awl Blade, iron c51 (55c) QL 2 Awl Blade, iron c49 (45c) QL 5 Awl Blade, iron c49 (45c) QL 60 Sickle w96 c64 (12.2s) QL 60 Sickle w55 c49 (2.05s) QL 60 Sickle c63 (2.1s) QL 60 Sickle c55 (1.55s) QL 57 Sickle c56 (1.6s) QL 2 sickle blade, Iron c68 (1.8s) QL 2 sickle blade, Iron c67 (1.7s) QL 1 sickle blade, Iron c67 (1.7s) QL 2 sickle blade, Iron c58 (90c) QL 2 sickle blade, Iron c53 (65c) QL 2 sickle blade, Iron c47 (44c) QL 2 sickle blade, Iron c31 (12c) QL 70 Knife, iron w90 c47 (7.4s) QL 70 Knife, iron w57 c65 (3.35s) QL 70 Knife, iron w63 c47 (2.7s) QL 70 Knife, iron w62 c50 (2.7s) QL 60 Knife, Iron w58 c58 (2s) QL 1 Knife, Iron c61 (1.1s) QL 3 Knife, Iron c58 (90c) QL 1 Knife, Iron c50 (50c) QL 1 Knife, Iron c48 (46c) QL 1 Knife, Iron c47 (44c) QL 80 Small Anvil, Iron w83 c51 (7.6s) QL 70 Small Anvil, Iron w67 c69 (4.8s) QL 70 Small Anvil, Iron w57 c65 (3.35s) QL 70 Small Anvil, Iron w63 c47 (2.75s) QL 70 Small Anvil, Iron w54 c50 (2.2s) QL 4 Small Anvil, Iron c36 (22c) QL 4 Small Anvil, Iron c34 (18c) QL ~8 Large Anvil, Iron c32 (90c) QL 82 Rope Tool, Oak c89 w62 (8.5s) QL 82 Rope Tool, Oak c71 w55 (6.45s) QL 82 Rope Tool, Oak c62 w67 (4.4s) QL 82 Rope Tool, Oak c61 w69 (4.5s) QL 82 Rope Tool, Oak c52 w69 (4s) QL 82 Rope Tool, Oak c89 (7.3s) QL 82 Rope Tool, Oak c74 (4.3s) QL 82 Rope Tool, Oak c64 (2.9s) QL 82 Rope Tool, Oak c62 (2.7s) QL 82 Rope Tool, Oak c58 (2.4s) QL 66 Rope tool, Oak w48 c41 (1.2s) QL 64 Rope tool, Oak w48 c33 (80c) QL 60 Rope Tool, cedar c64 (1.4s) QL 58 Rope Tool, cedar c56 (80c) QL 23 Rope tool, Oak c63 (1.3s) QL ~8 Small Bucket, Oak c51 (60c) QL ~18 cheese drill, Oak c62(1.4s) QL ~18 cheese drill, Oak c57(1.05s) QL ~72 Press, cedar c75 (4s) QL ~72 Press, cedar c66 (2.7s) QL ~72 Fruit Press, cedar c76 (4.2s) QL ~72 Fruit Press, cedar c66 (2.7s) QL ~72 Fruit Press, cedar c66 (2.7s) QL ~72 Fruit Press, cedar c58 (1.9s) QL ~72 Fruit Press, cedar c56 (1.8s) QL ~72 Fruit Press, cedar c53 (1.65s) QL ~1 Spear Tip, iron c85 (5s) QL ~1 Spear Tip, iron c53 (65c) QL ~1 Spear Tip, iron c52 (60c) QL ~1 Spear Tip, iron c50 (50c QL 2 Grindstone c44 (60c) QL 33 Large Shield, Oak c59 (1s) QL 33 Large Shield, Oak c53 (75c) QL 33 Large Shield, Oak c49 (55c) QL 33 Large Shield, Oak c37 (30c) Combinables (PM me for instructions if not sure how to use them) Iron Lump c102 (20s) Iron Lump c92 (7s) Iron Lump c83 (4.6s) Iron Lump c77 (3.4s) Iron Lump c70 (2s) Iron Lump c68 (1.8s) Iron Lump c62 (1.2s) Iron Lump c54 (70c) Iron Lump c51 (55c) Iron Lump c42 (34c) Iron Lump c39 (28c) Iron Lump w80 c78 (7.6s) Iron Lump c83 w59 (5.5s) Iron Lump w71 c65 (3.7s) Iron Lump w58 c64 (2.3s) Iron Lump w52 c60 (1.6s) Clay c71 (2.2s) Clay c68 (1.8s) Clay c54 (70c) Clay c48 (46c) Clay c47 (44c) Clay c41 (32c) Clay w48 c48 (92c) Clay w74 (2.8s) Clay w65 (1.5s) Charcoal c71 (2.2s) Charcoal c67 (1.7s) Charcoal c64 (1.4s) Charcoal c57 (85c) Kindling c60 (1s) Kindling c50 (50c Kindling c44 (38c) Steel Lump c87 (5.4s) Steel Lump c71 (2.2s) Steel Lump c56 (80c) Steel Lump c53 (65c) Horse stuff QL 74.6 Saddle w85 (8.8s) QL 75 Saddle w80 (8s) QL 75 Saddle w68 (5.8s) QL 75 Saddle w63 (5.3s) QL 70 Saddle w83 (7.6s) QL 70 Saddle w61 (4.1s) QL 70 Saddle w60 (4s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w87 (6.4s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w86 (6.2s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w82 (5.4s) QL 71 Horse shoe, Iron w79 (4.8s) QL 71 Horse shoe, Iron w76 (4.2s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w73 (3.6s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w70 (3s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w67 (2.7s) QL 73 Horse shoe, Iron w65 (2.5s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w63 (2.3s) QL 73 Horse shoe, Iron w61 (2.1s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w61 (2.1s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w61 (2.1s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w59 (1.95s) QL 73 Horse shoe, Iron w57 (1.85s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w56 (1.8s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w55 (1.75s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w53 (1.65s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w53 (1.6s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w51 (1.55s) QL 71.9 Horse shoe, Iron w51 (1.55s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w50 (1.5s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w50 (1.5s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w49 (1.45s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w49 (1.45s)
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    can we have the ability to locate uniques with a pendulum back on EPIC only? This change was implemented for freedom due to slaying rules, but there are no such rules on epic. also given the fact there are few ppl playing, locating them is nearly impossible (no deeds covering half the map where they dont spawn, not many ppl looking, some are imprisoned in caves years ago and noone else know where they are etc) Im sure noone who still plays on epic would be against this revert change. Also, it would be a nice gesture from the dev team to the few players that were always left behind
  20. 2 points
    Somebody probably already thought of this, but just in case, it would be great to be able to trade affinities with others. Say I have animal husbandry and don't care much, but somebody has smiting and I would love that. A possible mechanic would be similar to studying trees at harvest time. Right click skill with affinity, with a pen filled with ink equipped and a papyrus sheet in inventory, then click "study". This would result in the Papyrus sheet having that affinity as a name possibly and a brief description even as simple as "Animal Husbandry Affinity". It could then be traded with another player for another affinity or sold on a merchant even. The person who buys or receives the affinity papyrus sheet or "affinity scroll" could then right click it and choose "learn" as an action. This would add the affinity to the character's skill, and the papyrus sheet would poof. It would provide a way to make many people with affinities they do not care about with a way to either make a little money, or get an affinity they find exciting. It would bring another way for characters to interact. The guy with the yoyo affinity would still be bumming but lots of others may benefit from this mechanism.
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    Verdant Bay is recruiting new and experienced players to add to a thriving village on the Harmony map. We are focused on our deed on Harmony, with possible plans to expand to PVP in the future. However, we will not lose sight of our plans on Harmony. We are located at N19, on the coast east of Harmony Bay, and our deed is among the largest on the server. We want to build a community where you are free to do what you like, but also to pitch in for group projects. No task is mandatory, though we are looking for team players who put others before their own profit. Our upkeep is paid for over six months, and contributions of silver are not mandatory for upkeep. We ask that any prospective villagers join our Discord and have a sincere discussion with our leadership over text or voice. Voice chat is not mandatory and we have organised text channels that keep our deed running well. Verdant Bay is in the initial stages of planning an impalong and was proud to cast the first Rite of Spring on Harmony! Hope all the Vyns enjoyed the sleep bonus! We want to give back to the server as we foster a friendly environment, whether you are on our deed or not. Feel free to join our “Friends of Verdant Bay” Discord here: https://discord.gg/YxGDwCK By joining the above Discord, you will receive updates on upcoming events, be able to stay in touch with us, or you can contact one of our friendly recruiters if you are considering joining our village. Hope to see you there! - Wyncote, new mayor of Verdant Bay Notice: Our former mayor, Phennexion aka Phenne, has taken a step back to spend more time IRL. Our village has over one hundred citizens, and it is a lot to manage. He’s still an officer on the deed, and we’re glad of that. Message Wyncote, Phenne or any other officer listed on the Discord with questions. Welcome to Verdant Bay Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxWNB8l7ZuY
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    Retrograde referred to the quote from the edit being correct - Cadence will be connected to Harmony and Melody from the start.
  24. 2 points
    This is a cool idea. However what would stop a player from abusing this with alts?
  25. 2 points
    I'm sure it is not intended, but that actually sounds rather ominous... I think a lot of older players are spooked by the incoming changes, and not in the "change is bad" kind of way, more the "they're literally kicking us to the curb like epic" kind of way.
  26. 2 points
    oh, that's a neat one... i wish we had that kind of option on WO too.
  27. 2 points
    Lol, how convenient to go get a faith just to get the 5hrs SB after a Rite and then immediately change again ! Doubt that will happen.
  28. 2 points
    It is the half-full graphic. Due to food's low size, it generally is not seen that often unless you have a huge stock of food for generally priests, or are a large farmer. It is the same as the bsb getting another small crate on the top of it when it is half full.
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    Just to point out, people pay three months advance upkeep, maybe 45 days if they had a guard, and any vanished tokens/rotting buildings at this early stage, especially right close to the starter town, suggest people who disbanded because they found a much better location. I doubt that qualifies as "much of the server".
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    When I see unconnected lakes I see a tunnel or canal project waiting to be done, why do you wanna ruin the fun?
  31. 2 points
    There is a Wurm Unlimited mod that allows taxidermy, so it is possible, we just have to hope that one day something similar is implemented in Online as well. It is an often requested addition, with good reason.
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    Oh, so you're the problem! Actually, if the South is not leveraged to take some pressure off the North, new players will not stop in the North, either. Landrushes are all excitement and bustle, but not sustainable. Early addition of new large servers will result in a lot of existing people leaving Har and Mel, but leaving behind their deeds. New players will either go to one of those, find a moderate population but nowhere to put their own deed, forcing them into joining a village rather than it simply being a choice among several, or they will go to Cad where there will be room for deeds if they travel far enough away from the boom-town spawn points. I get the need for devs to do something about opening up undeeded land. After all, one cannot to promise an ability to "claim" a portion of Wurm and then plonk new players on a server with nothing left to claim. A new large server, though... probably not the best approach (but let's also acknowledge that devs are trying to keep up and maybe get a bit ahead - as much as people say this stuff should have been planned, I think the response is actually well beyond what was predicted or even hoped). A one-way move to the South could be a good option to have amongst the others. Maybe instead of a full teleport, make it a clone, taking only non-drops and skills/attributes. Leave behind a toon in the north for the player to use if they choose, and a new one in the south to try on.
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    You, like me, are part of the group that helped keep Wurm alive through all the years and I'm sure Wurm appreciates your service but our time has passed. RMT or no, the old servers are dead and are an inconvenient anchor around the devs neck now. If they starve the old servers of new players, the hope would be that most old players will either leave or start new toons on the 'money making' servers. I just hope they give us the option later to relocated to the new servers when they close the old ones. I really don't mind starting a new deed just hate the idea of grinding the skills again. I'm just speculating though
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    You heard it here first folks, new players are snowflakes and should recognize the magic of the land that the 1400 other people who placed deeds on harmony and melody before them didn't want. Brand new to the game? Not a fan of getting run down by hellhounds, trolls, or even wolves and bears because you can't ride a horse, and practically anything but a tortoise can chase you down on a cart and kill you? Snowflake. Enjoy the idea of building a little harbour or port with a view over the water? Learn the magic of inland. Want quick access to water trade, which almost every other deed on the map is set up well for? Snowflake. I do not give Zander permission to repost this message elsewhere as his own.
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    I agree with Arronicus. I remember when I was a brand new Wurm player, a decade ago, living in a small remote village up in the mountains of western Indy. The deed mayor took me out on an exploration adventure, and we ended up trapped up in the mountains and hopelessly lost for hours, wandering blindly through old mines that connected to drop shafts that lead to other honeycombed old mines. I was new, but Indy by then was at least a year old, and to me as a new player it felt ancient. We kept going in circles trying to find a way home, and kept coming back to this one large finely built village buried deep in the heart of the mountains, Valley of the Gods, although we did not see anyone there at the time. It stood there by itself, proudly in the middle of nowhere. Five years later, I was looking for a place to start a deed and found a nice location that apparently used to be Dannyiron's old Wurm Academy. One day I went exploring out to the west, and was surprised to find myself eventually, right back at the Valley of the Gods again. I still saw no one there. It made me happy to see that deed was still there five years later. It felt like Wurm had real historical roots. Then, barely a month ago, just before the opening of Harmony, I was out in the Samling area again, getting familiar with old haunts. I had a little shack along the bay and was putting in some crops to stay fed. And who passed by and introduced himself but a neighbor, a player named Tronn, who was the actual mayor of Valley of the Gods! Tronn offered me a couple of nice horses and a decent hatchet, and wanted to make sure that as an apparent "new" player, I was surviving ok. And he was not just visiting, he was planning out a large new structure on his deed. We went up there to get the horses. For over ten years, he kept coming back to that deed whenever he could. Maybe not daily, maybe sometimes with long breaks. But he paid for that deed every month, and paid his monthly subscriptions, and it would not surprise me if he continued to pay for deed and subscriptions for another ten years. There are deeds like that all over the southern servers, deeds full of memories where people keep paying the upkeep, logging in when their real lives give them a chance, making a little more progress long after others complain there is nothing left to do. Maybe not every day anymore. Life got busy, but when they had the time -- Wurm was still waiting. And their homes there waiting for them. A restful respite from the real world. And they kept Wurm financially afloat long after other players came and went in surging tides. Rolf said those servers will stay up as long as those people want to keep playing there. Good for Rolf! Worst possible move the current dev team could ever make, would be to close the old servers because a few players wanted to force everyone into smaller, denser areas.
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    Forges or ovens inside a boat, lets you see the imp icon. Plus if you roll a rare its a win. Else just imp a handful of grindstones.
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    Hi guys, just to update I am running about 30 minutes behind! Hectic morning
  38. 1 point
    Hey guys! Good to hear you are doing so well, I love watching your deed getting more established everyday. I was wondering, did you have any plans on building a bridge south of you, to connect the beach line? I represent SHA, Southern Harmony Alliance, a local alliance living just south of Verdant Bay. We have multiple deeds connected already and we would like to participate on bridge project, if that is something you wish to do. We certainly do!
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    I haven't commented anything since my original post, but now, that a lot of things were said, I'd like too add a few things. 1) I always thought that, as long this doesn't adversely affect someone, is good for people to have options, and that's exactly what my idea was - an option. It may suit some, it may not suit others, and that's perfectly fine - those who will like it could take advantage of it and those who don't like it can simply ignore it. 2) Some people may argue that we already had this option on the tutorial portal, but i heavily disagree with this - the information provided at that point was minimal and definitely not enough to allow someone to make an informed decision. Considering that the huge afflux of people was a surprise even for devs (hence the apparition of the second and now third server), it's very logical that it was a similar surprise for players too; at least I know that it was for me. So giving them a second chance to change their mind could only help. And please don't say "just reroll another character"... some people really care for their username and some players (especially new players) may not afford or be willing to spend money for a second premium account on the other cluster. 3) Even after careful consideration I can't see who would suffer from this... players would have a choice, old servers would benefit from the fresh blood and the new servers would get a bit of breath... so it really sounds like a win-win situation for everyone. 4) Don't forget that different people have different preferences and whatever feels right for you may feel wrong for someone else and viceversa. Some people like to live in a village, while some other people like to have their own deed. Some want it small, others want it large. Similarly, why not admit that some people may want an active, crowded server that feels "alive", while others may want a quiet server where they don't need to invest 100 silvers in a deed to avoid having neighbors in local. Giving them all option can only help.
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    Issue with rare items in the game is that they aren't that rare. If you're grinding any skill to 90 you're more or less guaranteed to turn 2-3 items rare in the process. It's how I made a rare horse gear set. Also keep in mind some people spam 100s of horseshoes just to get that rare set. Rarity just isn't that rare in Wurm. Supremes or fantastic, that's another matter. I would however be supportive of the idea that "Rares" actually show in game descriptions on what they do. Show me what my rare longsword does : 5% more dmg? What about my rare hammer? 5% on imping quality? Etc. Many rares are vague or just useless.
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    Hi guys, I am going to be doing a stream to help new players learn the basics. See my original forum post for more information!
  45. 1 point
    It's really simple. If a player regrets their choice of going north after some time and wants to go south then he/she can't. The sunk cost fallacy will also prevent them from making a new character for that most of the time.
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    If there was 0 plan to bring them ever they would have removed them from everyones inventory.
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    This is Quality of Life (QOL) request, is not urgent, and can go on the back burner so to speak. I am currently clearing some dirt away from the underlying rock to redesign my orchard. As a result I frequently have to remove a tree (or bush) because I am unable to dig one or more corners. With the shovel active, and mousing over the tree tile, I can not see if the tree has a sprout (or indeed any fruit) unless I activate either my sickle or my hatchet - as it says "A shovel just won't do" It's very frustrating for me, because, if I then activate my sickle ready to sprout the tree, a large percentage of the time the tree doesn't even have a sprout, OR if I activate my hatchet instead, you can bet the tree has one. It's like tossing a coin every time! I guess I should have gone through the whole area sprouting and harvesting beforehand, but projects tend to evolve this way... So, I am wondering if it would be possible to fix it sometime, so that I can activate ANY item, mouse over the tree tile and then be able see whether or not the tree has a sprout or fruit. It seems petty, but it would allow players to immediately pick out the correct tool after using a shovel, saving a few clicks - especially if like me, they left their tool belt at home. Please at least allow me to see if a tree is harvest-able with my shovel activated, so I know which tool to use next! Thanks!
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    I'm wondering what the devs intend to do with the southern servers. Not least because I've got a lot of money there, in terms of silver bought, deed upkeep paid, and goods purchased. If it's never going to be connected to the northern isles, I am not going to want to continue to pay rent on Xanadu and Harmony. I need to decide where to stay permanently. If the intent is to push new players onto the southern servers, perhaps incentives like reduced deed costs would help — although I think the problem is that deeds are too cheap in the north, not too expensive in the south. As it stands, though, nobody is going to go south, because nobody wants to wander through other peoples' ruins... unless the devs can implement some processes of naturalization / erosion / decay that transform old deeds back into natural landscapes. That means that paving has to decay and terraformed land needs to exhibit some signs of soil erosion/deposition.
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    Launching another 16x16 map is so incredibly shortsighted. While it's fine that some people want land of their own, it shouldn't be encouraged. Players should be encouraged to join active villages and be a part of the community. Beyond that, it's foolish to think that the current population will remain after another month or two. When the servers first launched, I consistently saw 5-10 players in my village online concurrently. Recently? It's more like 2-3. Local players has gone from ~20 to ~5. Combine that with the map presented, and the fact that quite a few people are already established on Harmony and Melody, you're launching a ghost town. I predict the new server will be very, very sparsely populated with less than 100 concurrent playing after the first week. This is a bad call.