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    In the last patch notes This change removes many fun game play aspects including being able to play a priest on pvp and craft on pve. It also forces all pvp hots players to be lib on pve preventing them being vyn for the skill gain bonus for example. I am suggesting to NOT make this change and leave things as they are, If you agree to keep things the way they are +1 this post if you want the change please post why,
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    +1 Forcing someone to play on PVE in a specific way due to their choices on PVP which is separate cluster is down right stupid.
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    +1. I went over my reasons in the Patch Notes thread already, but I'll re-iterate what many others have stated above. This change is unfair to all those who decided to play on the new cluster with the assumption that Faith between PvE and PvP would be separated entirely, including alignment. It was asked how exactly that would work, with the explanation being that the systems would be entirely independent of each other, with the ability to be a priest on one, and not the other. People asked about skilling on PvE while being priest on PvP, and it was apparent the team was aware of this and fine with it. Many players, such as myself, have decided from the beginning to have a single character who would craft on the PvE server and PvP on the other as a priest. Now with this change, we have to decide what we want to do, and unfortunately NONE of the options are easy to swallow. Also as stated in some of the above posts, many players decided to join certain Kingdoms (namely HoTS) because they would be able to hop back over to PvE to craft with Vynora's skill-gain bonuses, even as a normal Libila non-priest follower on the PvP server. Now, that option is no longer a thing because they will be forced to be Libila (or whatever god they are if not HoTS) on the PvE servers. To reverse faith separation three weeks into the new servers sets up a bad precedent, because you will have players wondering what's next. Will Meditation be linked across the two servers as it was explicitly stated not to be? You will of course say no, or never, but how can the player base be certain when an unfair change like this one is taking place? Keep in mind that many players saw the new cluster as a fresh start, to get away from all the previous windows of opportunities, old bugs, exploits, etc, but it seems the new cluster isn't turning out to be all that different from the old in that regard. Please reconsider your decision on this.
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    The two binary colors makes things a little confusing at times, especially if you don't know how they're set up. Most groups tend to know who what part of which kingdom on death tabs, but for the situation where that information is (for some reason) decided to be kept secret, I have two suggestions: First, is simply to color text in a simple pattern: Names, kingdoms and so forth would be colored by their faction colors (Purple HoTS, Red MR, Blue JK) with the rest of everything being normal text. Example: As this version means the text is the same for everyone, everyone would see it in the following colors: Alternatively, to keep the individual kingdom of each player named, simply change the system to be as follows: "Good" events (Friendly captured camps, friendlies killing an enemy, etc.) to be green, "bad" events (Enemies capturing camps, allies dying to enemies/allies(?) to red, and neutral events (Enemies dying to other enemies or possibly allies dying to allies) as yellow. Example: As JKlover, the above text would look as follows: As MRMan, as follows: And as either of the HOTS fellas, as follows: I much more prefer the first, and while it gives a lot of information (who's on what faction, namely) it's not exactly like it's information that's hard to get/abuseable anyhow. Most people can either whisper enemies to check their faction, or if they have cross-kingdom PM's enabled they can check /lotime to see if it's set to 300 to know if an enemy is nearby. Organized groups will likely know any relevant names in pvp anyhow, and it just helps to know what's going on when death tab pops out announcing things. But either ways, seeing enemy kingdoms fighting and having it all show up as red can get confusing. PMK's would either have it set off their template, or maybe have an option to choose one of some pre-selected colors to pick as their death tab color.
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    The suggestion is simple. Increase early-game bow/archery gains vs living targets. Comparable to other weapon skills archery is super slow to grind past 45. New people shouldn't need 70ql bows with 70ql strings with 70ql arrows with 70ql learning enchants and 70ql nimbleness to get "okay" gains. It's an important skill for pvp and shouldn't be this hard to get.
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    I know we're not really meant to repost already existing suggestions, but the ones I've seen from a quick keyword search are either one sentence wonders or a decade old. I thought it'd be a good idea to create a fresh thread with a more fleshed-out version of the idea. Overview: I think a Hairdressing/Barbering skill would be a great addition to the game. It would allow players the freedom to customise their hair without completely removing the use of the Hand Mirror. Hairdressing/Barbering would also open up a lot of potential for player interaction and roleplay depending on how it's setup. I also think the random appearance when you first spawn and the Hand Mirror should remain the same, not adding any of the new haircuts or colours to them, to incentivise the training and use of the new skill. Apart from adding new hair/facial hair styles, I think a lot of the things that would be involved in making this a skill are already in the game. I'm not saying this would be easy, there's obviously going to be a lot of back end work to make it happen, but it'll surely lighten the load if this skill does go into development. How it could work: You would use a pair of scissors on another player, this would open up a prompt for the other player which they would have to accept/deny (similar to dueling), if they do accept then a window (similar to the Hand Mirror window) would appear for the person who used the scissors allowing them to customise the other player's hair. When the hairdresser completes the haircut there could also be a further window that appears for the player receiving the haircut where they consent to the changes (to avoid griefing). There is also the potential for dyes to be used to change the hair colour which would open up a much wider variety of options for customisation. For those who want to cut their own hair, a mirror would need to be added to the game which they would use scissors on to open the Hand Mirror-esque window allowing them to customise their hair. Since cutting your own hair is arguably harder to do, it should require a higher skill to perform that specific haircut on yourself than it would to perform it on another player. Finally, so the skill doesn't solely rely on player interaction or spam cutting your own hair, there would also need to be some sort of training dummy-esque item added to the game that allows you to train your skill on it. This could simply be made by combining thatch or strings of cloth with a training dummy, which would add 'hair' to it. As your Hairdressing/Barbering skill increases you would unlock a wider variety of styles and possibly a broader RGB spectrum for dyes. Scuffed mockup: Please avoid responding with +1/-1 as the devs ignore those kinds of comments. Instead give feedback or possible additions to the idea, thanks
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    Path of powers eruption/freeze abilities are heavily tied into faith despite being from a skill that otherwise is completely independent of faith. I suggest the removal of the faith conditions and make all meditation paths "neutral" to all kingdoms. The current faith limitations are... ERUPT: Can't be used on a tile too close (less than 2 tiles) to a Magranon altar. Only usable inside Magranon's domain, and in areas with no domain of any deity. FREEZE: Only usable inside Magranon's domain, and in areas with no domain of any deity.
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    +1 The server was originally pitched with the idea that faith would not transfer. Players have built their characters around the idea that this would remain the case. All of a sudden, this mechanic is getting removed, causing the players to scramble to figure out how to adapt their character. This is causing players to switch kingdoms, switch faiths, priest or depriest. This change is incredibly anti-player (anti-consumer) and I can't see a reason why it can't be cancelled before it's too late.
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    tytytytytyttytytytytytytytytty 🙂 😄 I'm in wurm now.. PLEASE, next time do what ever you just now did, do it b4 I try to log on (lol) Thanks o/
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    Kain is very nice. When she shattered my drake glove she sent me the rest of the set without a fee. I refused because it wasn't her fault, but it was a nice gesture that she decided to give up her profit to cheer me up, and much appreciated. 🙂
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    That's not really an argument against the suggestion as you cannot bring items back and forth between the PvE and PvP clusters. It wouldn't matter what I could do on Harmony versus what I could do on Defiance because of the nature in which they are separated. Channeling skill is already tied between the clusters, so it's not as if it's a skill related thing either. The only thing this change does is harm those who wanted to play as priest on PvP, with all of its bonuses and benefits, while at the same time being able to play as a crafter on PvE. This is actually a very big part of the reason I found the new cluster so intriguing, and I'm certain I'm not the only one with that same feeling. There's plenty of people who play as a priest currently on PvP who also put down a chunk of change to have their crafting/fun PvE deeds on Harmony/Melody without requiring an alt to maintain the deed and craft needed items. Now they must make a choice whether to lose their PvP bonuses, disband their deed, or create a secondary account for PvE. Also, as you know, it is a huge nerf to anybody in HoTS as even simply a follower who had no plans on priesting on PvP cannot play on PvE and get the skill bonuses that other kingdoms can. If this change must go through, I would certainly hope that skill gain bonuses for all deities get looked into so that they are a bit more balanced across the board in general.
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    Most modern day gaming customers expect that nerfs and buffs are all disclosed in patch notes for player information. If not disclosed, at least an official "yay" or "nay" after the fact if someone asks, given the amount of rumour and paranoia which can ensue if it is left to customers themselves to debate what is going on.
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    fountain pans allowed you to expand lmc's well beyond their capacity, dye things you shouldn't have been able to and carry an entire wardeed worth of mats in a large cart, they were far from the same level as "you dont need to spend 30 minutes crafting on a alt for every week of grinding" if they're the same thinking we'll have to give the players with seryll a few months notice before we remove them 😂
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    Most Wurmians know the icon for the different tools on the toolbelt. The tooltip tells the user what each tool it, the QL and the damage. However, it obscures the other tools below the mousetip when hovering over an item above, so please allow us to switch it off if we want to clean up the UI. Thanks
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    Hi!:0 I wonder if you could give Libila priests a spell that would set normal horses on fire burn them a bit and turn them into hell horses:) Ofcourse these domesticated hell horses would be able to carry gear be branded and cared for and not unhitch after Aged Fo can Genesis and Humid Drizzle normal horses why not have Libila be able to Hellnesis some of them into these domesticated hellhorses? Would they be the best mount in game by far? Yes. But if you are objective how many really strong spell options are in the WL priests arsenal that lack in BL one? It would add more flavor and super utility to being BL and keep with the theme. Can make it so they can only be used by BL followers/priests or let everyone be able to use them but keep it away from pve servers if you think it would crash the mounts market there. If Libila's domesticated hell horses that can use gear and wont unhitch regardless of Age are still too much then how about...drumroll... same spell but not usable on horses ... usable on bisons!:) Libila's Hell Bisons! that could be same functionality as hell horses: full traits uptime no gear hostile ayda yada can unhitch after aged but i guess it would still be a super pvp mount: no gear needed can tank more hits from the enemy trying to dismount you. Also how cool a Hell Bison would look? Kats would love to make the model for a Hell Bison!! it's true!!!!
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    +1 This change amounts to false advertising. Many people bought premium and planned alts based on the ability to move between PvE and PvP servers without restrictions. Changing now is an unnecessary and punitive restriction.
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    Huge +1. An advertised aspect of the game that brought a lot of players, new and old, to the game will be removed with this patch. Many of us PvPers planned to play PvP as priests, whilst taking breaks on Freedom and having the freedom to do as we pleased without being tied down by our choices on an unlinked PvP server. Skip this patch, you'll be better off for it.
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    +1 - otherwise you better change the name Freedom to something less ironic....
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    Agree I quite often see people say they think priests and non priest should be somewhat merged. This was a middle ground allowing for people to be a bit of both and was a boost to people to convince them to play on the pvp server
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    I love it! I could totally see myself doing this! Perhaps there could also be a slot for either: 1) paying for the service, that by default could be set for 0 coins if you want to cut their hair for free, but could set it to say 5 copper as your fee or 2) A possibility to leave a tip from the receiver's end Definitely something to keep in mind for any possible future character system overhauls!
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    Should be fixed now if you just restart the game.
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    7s!!!! Stick to making compasses Madnath
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    I think it would be funny if you could get a Bowl Cut if you fail or have very low Barber skill? I think the developers could have quite the bit of fun with this one if they decide to try and implement it...
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    adding onto the combat things, you're not shown when you're stunned (old ui locks itself and shows red, this one just doesn't let you do anything with no indication that you can't), and you're not shown chance to change stance
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    Archery could do with help early on, but buffing skillgain entirely i don't agree with, as archery skillgain ramps up hard once you're able to hit mobs reliably (medium bow is much better than long bow for grinding archery pre-70 btw). I did always feel that bow/arrow/string ql should be ql curved like weapons and armor are to help the pit that is starting out archery, and reduce the need to imp arrows to absurd ql's to be remotely useful
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    More domestic "hell animals" would be awesome to be honest.
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    [18:19:08] Viremental gets two small small mauls. seems to be an additional small
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    Unsure if its been suggested but a simple /balance that then displays your bank funds would be enormously useful
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    This is obviously the best decision for the server. In order to help you achieve your goal, may I suggest you start in the middle? That way, if by some chance you fail, you at least got half way.
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    I may of missed a statement on this matter as I do not know to read but is there any plans on getting some of those lovely lovely lovely pvp changes over on Chaos? Like the no war bonus, med cap, possibly raid window, take hh throw em in the trash, ect? I just want to make sure Chaos isn't going to be turned into the red head step child where Defiance gets the cool new lego millennium falcon and chaos gets like a megablock assorted set not even a cool design just some random blocks.
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    ------------------------ About the little break As some of you already know I am currently working on a massive community event project (noo, not an Impalong), and I am not only taking this as a "vacation" from my store after almost two months of intense Tailoring, but I am also having a lot of fun (AND WORK) to do in there. I highly recommend Arno if you need Cloth Items, and I am sorry to not be able to help for a little while. More info on this event will be coming as we reach 40% completion or even more, so we can have a big chunk of it to show the world. Thank you for understanding ♥ Welcome, traveler! The world is growing and Cloth is our friend in these first steps of Wurm. We all need beds, meditation rugs, and a lot of items to help on our journey, at a fair price! My name is Donamarlene and I'm going to help you with my cloth products on Harmony and Melody. This post will be constantly updated with my recent products, sellings, and prices. Feel free to Whisper me ingame, or make a request in this post, I'll be happy to help! Thank you ♥ Welcome to the biggest Cloth shop in Harmony & Melody, yayy! Blue = New on the shop Green = Temporary events Current active event: Satchels Any QL - 6 C 20's QL - 15 C 40's QL - 35 C Normal Meditation Rugs Any QL - 15 C 25's QL - 25 C 40's QL - 80 C 50's QL - 1,3 S 60's QL - 2 S Fine Meditation Rugs Any QL - 35 C 25's QL - 50 C 40's QL - 1 S 50's QL - 1,5 S 60's QL - 2,2 S Beautiful Meditation Rugs Any QL - 70 C 25's QL - 90 C 40's QL - 1,2 S 50's QL - 2 S 60's QL - 2,7 S Sails Corbita sail kit - 2,4 S Knarr sail kit - 6,5 S Caravel sail kit - 13 S • Small Square sail - 90 C Triangular Sail - 1,2 S Square Sail (big) - 1,7 S Cotton Sheets Any QL - 20 C 30+ QL - 30 C Bedroll (portable bed) Any QL - 5 s 25's QL - 5,5 S Fishing nets any QL - 15 C 25's QL - 30 C 40's QL - 80 C 50's QL - 1,5 S Medium Fishing lines any QL - 20 C 25's QL - 20 C Heavy Fishing lines any QL - 25 C 25's QL - 25 C Complete Cloth armor sets any QL - 40 C 25's QL - 85 C 40's QL - 2 S 50's QL - 3,5 S Horse Barding (The regular cant be COD without Woad and Cochineal) (You can send me them if you want it COD'd) Regular - 3 S Dyeable - 4 S Wool clothes PM me to check prices, but I can make everything • Any Item above with custom QL's or Non listed Items = Comment/PM Donamarlene ingame for price checkings Currently I deliver 99% of my items through COD (as most of them fit into) • [08/28/2020] The big discount event waaaaaaas here Thanks to everybody who participated, it was a massive killing spree on the cottons >:D The will be some more events in the near future, but for now we are back to normal prices. Thank you all ♥ I often get asked If I buy Cottons, and well, at the moment... Noop - My stocks are ok for now, maybe in some days PM me ingame or on forums for more info. I do buy RARE AND SUPREME Cottons and Strings! Rares for 30c Supremes for 60c Just COD me them, please!
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    Own one of the first (If not THE FIRST) 95+ enchanted Tools in the northern islands! Start 15s Increase 1s No Buyout 20 minute sniper protection [19:39:44] Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [98]
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    How did I miss that one? Thank you Oblivionnreaver; I will remove the entry from the wiki.
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    Right on time when I did it, this is why you add snipe protection to auctions.
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    The toolbelt is also not showing satchel contents like seeds, so sowing fields with it is no fun.
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    The problem with shield skill isn't even speed; once you can block reliably, grinding at 50+ skill is extremely fast. The problem is that 1. Tick frequency is based off how difficult it is to block a creature and 2. Tick size is based off the actual damage blocked and 3. Pen training is specifically limited to only work for 15 minutes or so out of every (2?) hours. This means that early on, even with good fightskill, you can only reliably blocks creatures with low FS, of which almost all of them don't actually hit very hard (i'm talking ticks of .02 at 1 skill). Even if you block a creature that hits hard, you will only rarely gain ticks while also suffering a beating since you're blocking a creature that, well, hits hard. It picks up once you can block hardhitting creatures often, but the start of it is slow. Kind of agree actually; it feels like the problem for both skills are that early skillgain (aside from target practice for archery ofc) is extremely slow until it just picks up suddenly. I bet i could gamble that this is a result of a snap decision nerf on the skillgain for both of these skills made at some point during epic's history to stop people from using certain strategies, and the birth of a new server is exposing how awful it is early
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    What i am suggesting is better structure that would help support the speediness of results. The problem that I and some have is that it feels like there is no structure and no wiliness to correct issues with a sense of urgency. I was on during the last Epic reset and the biggest issue that turn many away from the game in less then 2-3 weeks was the lack of structure and the appearance of issues not getting resolved with a sense of urgency. Nothing boils a veteran player more in the game then the words "its a known bug/issue" and I feel that items are taken less seriously when posted on forum format. Furthermore, i feel that the fact that players do not have an ingame option or are turn to the forum to report bugs are the very reason you do not hear of more bugs and issues. I myself are a fan of forums because they are as one player said to me "forums are for Memes". Moreover, players might not want to put information on a public format, that other player may take advantage of, especially on pvp servers. The reason that the post would be ignore is the fact that this post has received a faster respond then my actual bug post which i posted on the report bug forum an hour before i posted this one.
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    Wish they would just fix this already...
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    Congratulations! LOL I also did something similar, when entirely new, for a mailbox. Pushed it across Newspring Island on Xan for a week by myself, hiding it inside trees along the way jealously for logouts, etc. Then I got home and saw someone making them and enchanting for like 1s on-site in trade chat after the grueling week thinking I'd scored so big. Grats again, and there should definitely be an annual Push-Off 5000 event of some sort 🤣 I want in as a champ pusher! Edit: omg the more i recall, the more funny it is 😆 i remember now people passing on occasion and stopping to gawk and ask what i was doing and me trying to stop and act like im doing nothing or some such.. and me wondering why the hell everyone is so curious at what im doing pushing a mailbox down the road so to take this to the next level, can you manage to push and not be seen? 😏👻 pushing should be a skill and have titles! 😊 again, grats, I was more than eager to welcome you to Club Push and share my own self-imposed hazing experience to club entry upon reading this post hahaa 😀 @MootRedgreat one! Is it 2020 already?
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    Something like naming cairns or modified waystones would be good, but how to make them work for things other than highways I don't know. For a highway, instead of renaming all the waystones and catseyes, maybe have a cairn at each end of the named section (which also includes waystone functions) and everything between has the name from the cairns. A bit like a deed token applies a name to all the tiles in the deed, as you can see when you examine. You examine a road that falls between the two ends of cairns named "The Devil's Humph" and it tells you "This is a part of The Devils's Humph". Maybe for other features, make them basically rectilinear and use 4 corner markers to designate the name. Actually, you could implement four as the basic system, and you put one on each side of each end of the road. The pair at the end would serve as a pretty good visual marker, too.
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    Ive heard people say that its been nerfed... But the things is, Last year I imped (successfully) around 25-27 times in a row on rare rolls, that were unsuccessful in making a rare or better. As far as I have seen, it's just the same as it was before the steam launch. Without Dev confirmation though, its all speculation.
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    I know the odds, i used to make supreme items on demand in a matter of 1-2 days You may just have pointed out why this change (if intended) was a good idea
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    So archery was roll back to 45 after 1 day of use*exploit* 1 day. Where roll back channeling????
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    But .... Xanadu is already flat. Period. Join the flatxana believers now Proof:
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    Ok if you can I guess I can too. Many many years later, here I am with the love of my life: